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Brothers - A fantasy

Chapter 4

Originally penned in 2002, Re-written 2011
By and © Lee Mariner

The rain increased in intensity as I sat in the truck with Josh, looking at Matt's headstone. The outside temperature had dropped considerably, and the truck windows were fogging up from our breath. I could hear, Josh talking in a soft conciliatory voice; but, I was thousands of miles away, my head filled with the many memories of the last time when Matt and I had been in Mannheim, Germany.

* * * * * * * * *

Matt was the more aggressive and less patient of the two of us. When we were on holiday in the Bavarian Mountains, he took to skiing like a duck takes to water. As if the beginner's slopes were not good enough, he wanted to go on the higher slopes, and chafed at the restrictions preventing this. Our parents insisted that we take it one step at a time, and unlike Matt, I was more determined to learn the finer points of skiing instead of barreling down the hillside like a bat out of hell.

This period of instruction by a qualified instructor helped Matt even though he would not admit it did. Matt never admitted that he could not do anything. Dad knew early on that we were very competitive, as most brothers are, but we would not try and out-do or embarrass the other. He relied on my less adventurous nature to rein Matt in - and for the most part it worked.

Matt may or may not have realized this as we were growing up, but I don't think it would have made any difference even if he had. We were seldom very far apart, and did almost everything together, helping each other along the way.

The really big difference during our teen years while we were in Mannheim was how fast we developed physically. The development of, and the growing of hair in my armpits and loins as I entered puberty fascinated Matt and he was impatient for his body to start growing hair. When he finally started to grow pre-pubescent body hair it was like someone had fed him a fertilizer. His pubic hair grew thick and silky almost overnight, closely matching mine. We both had thick hair in our armpits and to avoid it showing when we were shirtless, we started trimming it. The length and thickness of our cocks grew in proportion with the development of our bodies. Matt and I eventually topped out at almost eight inches but Matt's cock was a little thicker, and looked longer even though we always measured out at the same length. I think he was bigger but he just didn't want to show his older brother up, and sort of fudged when we used our mother's dress measuring tape.

Outwardly, many people thought we were twins and that made Matt puff up with pride, even though mom and dad always did their best to correct the misunderstanding. We seemed to have been infused with the best of our parent's genes. Dad was just over six feet tall, had thick wavy dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and a heavy muscular gladiator's physique. Our mother was about five foot seven inches tall, and had light brown hair with azure blue eyes and a slender willowy figure. She was beautiful, well proportioned, and she moved with an athletic grace probably acquired from her involvement in girl's sports while she was in school. I guess that is why Matt and I stopped growing any taller after we reached six foot.

* * * * * * * * * *

During our formative teen-age years in Germany, we played basketball, baseball, and we learned snow skiing, soccer, and advanced swimming. We did not, as a rule, compete directly against each other but, when competing another swimmer, it was doubtful that we could have found more avid supporters then we were for each other.

Sexually we stayed within ourselves, and beyond being involved in school athletics, we avoided forming personal attachments with other boys other than what was expected of normal school-boys. We did a lot of grab-assing in the showers like most boys do, and like most, we managed to become aroused like other healthy boys. There were a few older guys in my classes that were physically exciting, and from the way they seemed to be checking out some of the other kids, I suspected that there might be an underlying motive for the way they would show off in the showers. Matt would tell me stories about some of the kids in his P/E classes, and how they would mock play with each other. Some would get hard while playing with their cocks but mostly they would wave their cocks at the other boys bragging and showing off their still developing equipment.

There were a few that we thought were pretty nice, and we would make salacious remarks about sex with them, but we knew better than get involved, even if we had wanted too. Our Dad had been promoted to full Colonel, and if it were found out that he had two gay sons it would have ruined his career.

* * * * * * * * * *

If enlisted personnel or civil service employees were caught in a compromising

situation, they and their dependents were sent home as quickly and discreetly as possible. It was a little different for officers; they, along with their families were quietly transferred under the guise of being reassigned.

We learned later that a good-looking civilian boy in our biochemistry class, who was our age, had been caught behind the base movie theatre in the front seat of a young soldiers car sucking on his cock. The kid's family and the soldier he was caught with were transferred.

When in a foreign country and for public and political reasons, the Army did things discreetly and quietly to avoid unflattering articles in the press. When a foreign national was caught in an erotic sexual situation with an American serviceman or civilian, all hell would break loose in the local newspapers with articles about the Americans corrupting the local youngsters. Dad would always make it a point of reading and discussing these rare problems with us and our mother but, Matt and I had been around the army long enough to know that living in a foreign country was not like living in Kentucky on our grandfather's farm.

* * * * * * * * * *

Although we missed Gramps and the farm, Mom and Dad would take us on outings to Munich, Hamburg, Heidelberg, and several of the other historical areas ofGermany to broaden Matt's and my education. But, at the time, there was so much unrest in Germany, Dad was selective in where we went.

There was a Communist Red Brigade faction that was making things pretty nasty, and we worried every time he was required to attend an official off-base function.

On Matt's sixteenth birthday, Mom prepared his favorite dinner of hot-dogs, baked beans, baked potato and mixed green salad. To top it off, she baked a large Duncan Hines Black Forest cake with butter pecan icing and vanilla ice cream. After dinner, Dad took Matt and I to the base movies while Mom, who was President of the Mannheim Officer's Wives Club, attended a meeting.

The movie was Cecil B. De Mille epic title "The ten Commandments." The movie was exciting, and we had wanted to see it; but, every now and then, I caught Matt glancing at me with a devilish glint in his eyes. I had the suspicion that his real birthday party was yet to come as I found out later.

In the interim, neither of us knew that Mom had been talking with Dad, about our still sleeping together. We knew that she disliked it, and we really tried to respect her wishes but it was difficult; especially on school mornings when after a few days of compliance, she would enter our bedroom and we were in the same bed. In a fit of exasperation, she would scold us for disobeying her, and then storm out of the room declaring she was going to discuss it with our father.

Both Matt and I had long suspected that our Dad realized why we slept together; after all he was a man. Whenever Mom complained about our refusal to obey her, his corrective conversation was more hygienic than sexual.

* * * * * * * * *

As we left the theatre and were walking toward the car, Dad asked us if we would like to get a coke and play some shuffleboard at the "O" Club. The look in Matt's eye said no, and I chimed in with Matt, both of us replying we were tired after a long day.

"That's the first time I can remember you two telling me that you're tired," Dad replied, chuckling as he started the car.

"I shouldn't have eaten popcorn in the movies after Mom's cake and ice-cream," Matt complained.

"You did put quite a bit of it away, Sport," Dad replied, glancing at Matt in the rear-view mirror. "I hope you don't plan on swimming tomorrow, it's probably not a good idea after eating as much as you both did."

"No, Sir," I answered for both of us. "We don't have any athletics scheduled for tomorrow; do we Matt?"

"Nah, and I'm glad of it," he answered. "Right now all I want is to hit the sack."

As we pulled under the carport in front of our quarters, I was about to agree in support of Matt, when Dad said, "That brings me to another point that I've been meaning to discuss with you guys."

"Sir!" I replied nervously, glancing quickly at Matt sitting in the back seat wide-eyed, the look on his face reflecting the same nervousness that I was feeling.

Twisting around and facing, Matt and me, Dad pulled one leg up on the seat and placed one arm on the back of the seat with his other arm resting on top of the cars steering wheel. For several seconds, he looked at me, and then shifted his gaze to Matt. His face was emotionless, and I remember thinking - 'typically army.' I waited, quietly, with my insides churning.

"Luke," Dad said, breathing in deeply. "Matt is sixteen, and in two more months, you will be eighteen, right?"

"Yes, Sir," I answered, listening intently with an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach since he seldom called me by my given name. Usually it was Sport, Kiddo, or Luke Boy.

"Right, Matt," Dad said, turning his head to look at him.

"Yes...yes, Sir," Matt replied, glancing at me as he tried to hide his nervousness.

"The both of you are almost grown men, and your Mother and I think it is high time you started sleeping in separate beds," he said, hesitating and shifting his eyes between us. "When you were quite a bit younger, there really wasn't anything to be concerned about, but you are not kids anymore, and it is really not healthy for two teenagers to be sleeping in the same bed. Girls may sleep together and very little is ever said about it, but two healthy teenage boys entering the prime of their young lives and still sleeping together is a horse of another color. There are some people that make a big deal about it, and rumors are started that can be difficult to suppress, if you understand what I am saying, and I believe you do. Your Mother does not want that to happen, I certainly do not, and I'm sure you don't want it to happen either. about doing your old man and your mother a favor and start sleeping in your own beds...okay?"

"Yes, Sir," I answered quickly. "We've been meaning too but every now and then we sort of slip," I said, looking at Matt who had his hand over his mouth trying to cover a broad grin.

"I know you boys have been sleeping together ever since you were babies but, how about we stop the slipping, okay?" he said, winking and grinning at us as we got out of the car.

* * * * * * * * *

I had always thought that Dad had suspected that Matt and I sleeping together was probably more than a sibling relationship between two brothers. That was what I suspected up until that evening after he had discussed our sleeping together - I was sure that he knew.

When, after entering the house, we excused ourselves to go to our room, he did something he had never done before, and it was thoroughly confusing. He had always hugged us, and after a quick peck on the cheek or forehead, he would slap us on the butt with a cheerful 'good-night, sleep-tight.' This particular evening after hugging Matt as he always did, he slipped his arms around my chest hugging me tightly, and instead of a quick peck on the cheek or forehead, he pushed me back a little and ran his hands over my ribs and up under my arms, embedding his thumbs in my armpits. Squeezing my lateral muscles gently, and looking into my eyes, he said, "Luke, I'm really proud of you. You are going to be quite a young man, and it's going to be your job to look after your younger brother. Think you can handle it?"

"Yes, Sir, I will," I replied, a little bewildered as I moved out of his arms toward the upstairs stairway.

"Good boy, I never doubted it," he said, clinching his pipe between his teeth as he turned and went into his office.

I could still feel my dad's arms around me as I slowly went upstairs, his words ringing in my ears. Even if he did or did not suspect, I felt that he knew Matt and I were gay, and he was telling me to take care of Matt. I was a little confused as to why he would tell me that, but in hindsight, his saying it may have been a little more prophetic than any of us knew at the time.

When I walked into our partially darkened room, Matt was standing, partially undressed, between the twin beds. His muscular upper body was accentuated in darks and lights by the dim silver light reflecting from the two dormer-style windows, and by the faint blue bathroom night-lights. Dark areoles surrounded the darker protruding nipples of his hard breast muscles, and the brilliant white of his briefs revealed a large bulge stretching over his hip joint. His eyes glistened as, running has hands over the sharply defined muscles of his chest and abdomen; he turned toward me, and said softly, "I guess we'll have to start sleeping separately, won't we?"

Moving toward the outside bed where we usually slept, and before answering him, I removed my shirt, throwing it in the general direction of a chair. Standing beside the bed, I unzipped my shorts and let them fall around my ankles. Stepping out of them, I left them on the floor and sat on the edge of the bed. Breathing in deeply, I said, "I guess so, Matt but, I think we both knew it was going to happen sooner or later."

"Yeah," he replied dejectedly, turning toward the bathroom.

After removing my sneakers and socks, I sat on the edge of the bed in my briefs, listening to the water running while Matt brushed his teeth. Thoughts of Kentucky and Gramps farm filling my head, and I was wishing we were there rather than in Germany.

"Wish all you want, Luke, there are a lot of miles between us and Kentucky," I said to myself, stretching my arms over my head, and thinking about how far it was from Germany to Kentucky, when destroying my thoughts, Matt called from the bathroom. "Are you ready, Luke?"

"Yeah," I answered, dejectedly throwing the bed covers back as I stood up.

Matt was in his bed when I returned from brushing my teeth. He was lying with the sheet and light coverlet under his arm, his back toward the bed I would be sleeping in - alone. After pulling my briefs off and dropping them on the floor with my shorts, I sat on the edge if the bed, and waited for a moment to see if Matt would say anything or make a move, before I slid under the light covers - he didn't.

"G'night, Mattie," I said softly.

His response was muffled, and as I slipped into bed thinking, "He's probably upset."

After tossing and turning for a few minutes, I lay sleepless on my back staring out the window, my rigid cock resting on my pelvis. Clasping my hands behind my head, I breathed deeply in an effort to cleanse my head of the flurry of thoughts that were interfering with falling asleep. As my body started to relax from the effects of the deep breathing, and as I was slipping off to sleep, I felt Matt's hard cock rubbing across my lips, and I heard his soft husky voice whispering, "You didn't forget your Little Brother's birthday present did you, Lukie?"

Opening my eyes, I turned my head slightly and looked up at Matt's grinning face gazing down at me, his eyes gleaming with excitement. As I opened my mouth, Matt slowly fed me his thick cock. His pre-seminal fluid tasted milky sweet, but with him standing and me laying down it was a little awkward trying to swallow all of his turgid length. Gripping his cock tightly with my lips, I swung my legs off of the bed, sitting up so that I was facing him. He put his hands on the back of my head and slowly, rhythmically, started pumping his hips, pushing his cock deeper with each thrust. My pre-seminal oozing cock was rock hard, and exquisite feelings of ecstasy flowed over and through my straining muscles. When I started stroking the throbbing length of my cock, Matt leaned down over me, and knocked my hand away, growling softly, his voice filled with emotion. "Suck me off first Lukie, and then I have a surprise for you."

It did not take but a few seconds and Matt was thrusting his cock as deep as he could - and then a hot stream of fluid filled my throat. Holding my head tightly, his cock pumped thick streams of his sweet ball-nectar down my throat, and I heard him moaning, "Lukie, hold it tight, don't lose it." Gripping his thickly muscled thighs, and clamping my lips tightly around his pulsing cock, his hips short stroked, driving it's spewing head against the back of my mouth at the entrance to my throat, and I greedily drank his life giving nectar. Gently kneading his tight testicles, and squeezing my throbbing cock, I suppressed the desire to jerk off as Mattie was filling my quivering gullet with the aphrodisiac that I so desperately craved.

Waves of euphoric excitement swept over me, and I heard myself moaning as I greedily suckled like a newborn calf, wanting every drop of the nectar his pulsing cock disgorged. In an erotic state of euphoric excitement, all I heard was Mattie softly exhorting me to drain his nuts. "Suck it Lukie, suck you're Little Brother's cock." As his hips began to lose their power, and his softening cock slowly slipped from my lips, I fell back on the bed, and Mattie dropped beside me. Gasping for air, we stretched out on the bed holding hands as the golden afterglow of sexual pleasure subsided.

As the lingering afterglow slowly faded, Mattie rolled onto his side, facing me, his head resting on his uplifted hand. Running his fingers over my chest, and down into the thick silky hair surrounding the base of my still rock hard cock, he looked down at me. We gazed at each other, the glow in our eyes replacing the need for words. This was our world, our time to be as one with the other, giving and absorbing the untainted, deeply abiding love that abided in the mystical depths of our living inner selves.

Mattie's eyes never left mine, as he teased me, the nails of his fingers gently scraping over the rigid nipples jutting from the hard muscles of my chest. My steel hard cock ached, and when, gazing into my eyes, he wrapped his fingers around its sensitive length. I gasped, my muscles tightening, my back arching slightly at the sensation.

Lowering his head, he brushed my lips with his, and nuzzled my nose with his, and while he gently squeezed and stroked my throbbing cock, he whispered, "Are ready for your surprise, Lukie?"

"Mattie, what are you up too?" I replied, squirming from the exquisite effects of his ministrations, nervous, anxious, and excited. "It's your birthday but, from the way you were acting in the theatre, I had a hunch that you were up to something."

I didn't know what to expect, his eyes glistened with devilment as he slid an arm under the small of my back. Placing his other arm across my chest and with his hand in the small of my back, he moved a little closer. I felt his bicep tightening, swelling as he flexed, rolling me over his other arm, pulling us tightly together, our chests and hard cocks pressed tightly together. "Mattie," I squeaked softly, nervously unsure of what he was up to but still excited in anticipation of what it could be.

His hot breath wafted over my ear and, I shivered when his tongue licked my ear lobe. Squirming, I tried to turn my lips to his when he whispered, "Fuck me, Lukie. I want to feel your cock inside of me."

It took a moment or two before the shock of his words subsided, and the reality of what he had asked slowly sank in. When I felt his arms slacken their hold around me, I rolled my head toward his and said, "Is that what you've been calling my surprise, Mattie?" I asked softly as waves of surprise and excitement washed over me from hearing his request. "We've never done that."

"It's a present for both of us, Lukie," he said softly. I know we haven't done it, but I've been thinking about it for a long time, and wondering how it feels. I know how you act every time we suck each other off, and I play with your asshole. Your muscles get real tight, and you breathe real heavy. I know we both get the same feelings, Lukie, and I've wanted to try it. It's the only thing we haven't done - I think, and I want to try it and see if it feels as good as I've read it does."

"Your crazy, Matt," I exclaimed incredulously. "I might hurt or you might make noise and then what will we tell Mom and Dad?" I said, my ever-cautious streak showing even though, I had had the same thoughts but hadn't said anything to him. I had to admit to myself that the thought of immersing my cock inside of a man, especially Matt had at first been somewhat repugnant, but not so repulsive that when Mattie said he wanted me to fuck him, an erotically electrifying feeling of excitement stirred in my loins. Deep inside of me, I secretly wanted to try it, and my steel hard cock throbbed with anticipation.

"Come over here, Luke." Matt said as he pulled me up off the bed taking the pillows and blankets from his bed and mine with us.

I could see how excited Mattie was, and his excitement was infectious, I could feel the pre-seminal fluid oozing from my cock. He rapidly spread the blankets on the floor under the open window, and with the two thick pillows, made a makeshift bed.

"Remember when we went camping at Camp Perry, and how hard the ground was the first time we sucked each other off in that small pup-tent?" He whispered as he knelt and stretched out on the bedding material. "This will be almost like that."

The floor was hard but it wouldn't make any noise like the springs of our beds. Matt lay on his back looking up at me, his fingers teasingly playing with the hard nipples on the magnificently developed muscles chest. His thick cock dribbled pre-seminal fluid, lifting his legs, he filling the inny navel in his hard flat abdomen. Arching his back, he thrust his pelvis upward, and rotated his hips, rolling his cock from side to side over his seminal slick abdomen. I could see his eyes glistening with desire in the silvery moonlight filtering through the open window.

Kneeling behind him, I slipped my arms under his legs lifting them and scooting towards him. His legs slid up onto my shoulders, and as I leaned forward, I sucked my breath in when I felt the warn sensation of my cock sliding along side of his and the touch of my sperm filled balls touching his. Unlike lust, his eyes burned with deep-seated passion. He licked his lips suggestively as I leaned over him, whispering softly, "You've been planning this haven't you, Mattie?"

"I told you I have been thinking about it Lukie," he replied, his lust filled eyes glistening with excitement. "When we jerk off or make love, I was wishing you were fucking me, Lukie, just you; no one else. I want this as bad as the first time I sucked your cock in the hay loft at Gramps, remember?"

"Yeah, how could I ever forget it," I said, my voice filling with emotion as my thoughts quickly recalled the thrill of that moment. "And", I whispered, "I remember how you tricked me into sucking you off, and you had your first orgasm. We were only kids then, Mattie, but this is different, we aren't little anymore, and I might really hurt you."

"Not if you go slow and use this stuff," he said, his eyes twinkling as he pulled a bottle containing a white liquid from under the pillows. "I heard a couple of guys at school talking about how they were horny enough to fuck a cow or corn hole some guy," he said, the excitement increasing as he spoke. "I checked in the school library and I found a book called 'The Kinsey Report' that explained what they were talking about. It isn't called 'corn holing,' its called 'anal intercourse', and men do it to women and to other men. There is a long canal called the rectum with a sort of hump that tightens up and stops the crap from running out from inside of you until you need to take a dump. There is a muscle around your asshole called a sphincter that opens when you need to take a dump, and then closes tightly after your finished so nothing dribbles out. That muscle has to relax as you push your cock against it and then with this slick stuff, it's easier for your cock to slide inside me. Come on, let's try it," he exclaimed a little to loudly.

I still wasn't sure but, with Matt laying on his back with his cute ass pushed up at me, the erotic excitement of anticipation building in my groin was uncontrollable. The bottle that he had handed me was probably the Jergen's Hand Lotion that Mom used. Grinning at the irony of using her hand lotion, I uncapped the bottle, and spreading Matt's cheeks, I let a small amount trickle from the bottle onto the soft perineum allowing it to flow downward to cover his anus. He gasped, commenting at how cold it was but in my excitement, I didn't respond. Inserting my fingers between his cheeks, I spread the lotion around his anus before pushing my fingers against it. He grunted a little and I hesitated, instinctively waiting for his ass to relax. After massaging his anus a few more times, I pressed my index finger against his rosebud and inserted my finger. His asshole relaxed completely and, I heard a deep sigh slowly escaping from deep within Matt's chest as I rotated and continued inserting my finger, adding another digit until I had three fingers inside his quivering anus.

Matt moaned softly as I removed my fingers and filled the palm of my hand with lotion. I spread it over the thick length of my throbbing cock. I was so excited that my muscles quivered and, there was a steady flow of pre-seminal fluid oozing from the urethral aperture.

Inhaling deeply, and attempting to calm my excitement, I exhaled softly as I spread Matt's legs before moving up between them. I could see his eyes were closed and his rib cage expanding and contracting as he breathed. Placing both hands on either side of his chest, I leaned forward and probed the crack of his ass with my lotion slick cock trying unsuccessfully to find his anus. Holding myself in position with my cock inside his ass crack, I tried to hitch my knees forward to get a little closer when, he reached behind with his hands and spread his cheeks revealing his tight pulsing rosebud. Holding myself aloft with one hand, I guided my cock to his hole. When the slick head of my cock touched his asshole, I felt it quiver but, I pushed my hips forward. He was so tight, my cock bent from the pressure of resistance. Placing my free hand back beside his chest, I held my cock in place and breathed deeply several times before lowering my head and whispering in his ear, "Mattie, you tightened your asshole, and my cock won't go inside unless you relax like you said."

Matt's muscles were tight, and he was breathing really heavy and for a brief moment, I hesitated on the verge of stopping until I heard his muffled whisper, "Give me a minute."

Leaning back on my legs, I massaged the satiny soft muscles of his thighs, and gently kneaded the muscles of his buttocks with my knuckles. After a few minutes, I felt his muscles relaxing, and he was breathing almost normally. Leaning forward, I inserted my cock between his ass cheeks, and let my weight push my cock against his asshole. As the head of my cock pressed against his asshole, I felt his muscles tense and then relax. His sphincter muscle opened slowly and my cock slipped into Matt's relaxing body. The sensation was inexplicable but, just as quickly as muscles relaxed, they quickly tightened, clamping down tightly behind the head of my cock. I heard Matt groan loudly into his pillow.

His groaning scared me, and I started to move my hips back to pull my cock from inside of him, but he tightened his asshole holding my cock in a vice like grip. Removing the pillow, he looked up at me and grinned impishly saying, "Stay there, Lukie, don't move. It doesn't really hurt that much, but take it easy and let me get used to it."

With my arms on either side of Matt's body, I locked my elbows and breathed deeply, waiting until I felt his asshole muscle relaxing. Without pushing, I allowed my weight to slowly, very slowly drive my cock inexorably deeper. Matt was moaning softly into the pillow as my cock sank deeper inside of him, until I felt the thick silky cushion of my pubic hair pushing against his ass, and a feeling of exaltation swept over me.

"Mattie, Mattie, baby, you took it all," I whispered excitedly, sliding my hands and arms under his shoulders as, I lowered my body on top of his. "It feels fantastic, I'm all the way inside of you, but are you alright?" I asked excitedly, inhaling deeply as the initial excitement of my cock being devoured by Matt's ass was replaced with an intense concern.

"I feel great, Big Brother, didn't you know I was the champ!" He exclaimed cockily. "Hold it there for a few seconds until I get used to it. God, Lukie, it really feels great. Your cock is big, but it feels twice as big inside me. Wait until I fuck you, and then you'll know what I mean."

"Oh," I said softly, kissing his cheek, as slid my hands over his chest, cupping his nipples in the palms of my hands and squeezing them gently. "The first time you've been fucked and not only are you the champ, you've decided that you are going to fuck me," I said, pressing my pelvis tightly against his buttocks and rotating my hips. "What if I don't want to be fucked, Little Brother?"

"Oh, believe me, you will Luke, you will," he hissed, answering the rotation of my hips by squeezing and relaxing his sphincter muscle to accentuate the feelings that stirred the fire in my loins. My cock was throbbing with anticipation, and the excitement stirred violently in my loins when he growled, "Fuck me, Big Brother; drive your cock in and out of my ass. It feels like any minute my whole body is going to explode. Fuck me Lukie, drive your cock into me."

A euphoric fog of wanton lust seemed to envelope the both of us, and an intense fire was burning in my loins, spreading over me. My hip's moved with the intense force of a run-away piston engine, driving my cock in and out of Matt's ass. He started pushing his ass upward, meeting my downward thrusts, moaning, cooing like a baby as my cock filled his hot tight ass. There was a feeling of animal power in every thrust of my burgeoning cock, a feeling that we truly belonged to each other.

Twisting my hips and brushing his prostate gland with each downward thrust, I felt his reverse reaction and I tried to drive my cock deeper into the hot crucible of his rectum. Several times as I brushed his prostrate, Matt's body would jerk convulsively pushing his ass upward, and he would moan softly into the pillow. Pushing his ass tightly up against my groin a brilliant lightening bolt would explode within my head. My hips reacted automatically, violently, savagely driving my cock into the depths of his ass. I felt my nuts slapping violently against his cheeks, and an exquisite pain would explode at the base of my cock, spreading through my loins. From the intensity of his moans and the tightening of his muscles, he may have felt the same effects that I did from the contact of sensitive testicles against soft muscle.

The growing forces of unrestrained sexual emotion and passion seemed to commandeer the movement of my muscles changing the motion of my hips, prolonging the exquisite sensations of hot sperm rising within the pulsing, aching length of my cock, and then, just as quickly recede. An intense but gentle rage assumed control of my tightening muscles and hips as my cock swelled and hardened with each thrust, the prelude that preceded the moment when man reached the pinnacle of sexual mastery. I the hot streams of Matt's sperm covering our chest's, and I slammed the pulsing, turgid length of my cock into his ass at the moment my life's seed spilled into his bowels. We moaned softly, as the pent up pressures of our mutual needs and desire to consecrate the final act of animal copulation that would merge our souls, our very beings. My hips bucked violently with each spasm, driving Matt flat onto the floor as my muscles tightened and a deep, low growl of intense pleasure rolled up from deep inside of me. I collapsed on top of my lover gasping and whispering, "Mattie, Mattie, Mattie, I love you more than my life."

We both lay quietly, his anus gripping my softening cock, draining the remnants of sperm as it slowly slipped from within the warm cocoon it had so recently and very likely would invade again.

As my cock slipped from his ass, I felt his legs lowering, and I moved to stretch out beside him. "Mattie, it felt like my cock was in a blacksmith forge when I was fucking you but, when I started cumming inside of you, there was a feeling of power that is nothing like the feelings we experience when we have made love or jerked off. It was awesome."

Both of us were breathing rapidly, our hearts were beating in unison as we slowly returned to normal, our muscles relaxing as the warm sexual afterglow feeling spread over us.

Turning on his side and moving closer, Mattie slid one arm under my neck, and placed his other arm over my chest. Pulling us tightly together, he lifted his head and looking into my eyes, he brushed my lips with his and whispered, "Do you still love me, Lukie?"

I felt the beat of his heart as he spoke, and running my fingers through his thick hair, I said, "As long as I can breath Mattie, as long as I can breathe."

Kissing gently, I murmured, "Happy Birthday, Little Brother, I hope you enjoyed your present."

Still on the floor, we fell into a deep untroubled sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Matt finished his sophomore year and I graduated three days before my eighteenth birthday. The night of my birthday party was when Matt took me, as I had taken him, on the same blankets and pillows we had used when he wanted me to fuck him on his sixteenth birthday. My birthday party seemed to drag but it was probably because Matt had been teasing me all day about the special present he had for me. He would brag about it being a present that he knew I wanted, and he was the only one that could give it to me. Sometimes, Mom and Dad would look at him quizzically, and I thought his teasing hints were close to being to obvious, especially when he would smile at me and wink seductively, his beautiful blue eyes shining brightly.

After we were sure our parents were asleep, he slipped into my bed. His cock was as hard as steel and throwing his briefs into the corner where the dirty laundry basket was, he whispered, "I unwrapped your special present ahead of time."

We kissed and I stroked his cock while he gently caressed mine, our passions swelling, overwhelming us both. Moving from the bed over to the blankets I laid down waiting for him, my breath quickening while my heart raced, feeling like it was about to explode. Matt was very gentle, doing the same to me as I had done with him, but when he pushed his cock into my ass it felt bigger than the baseball bat he had compared my cock to, and I winced from the almost unnoticeable yet distinct pain of his cock spreading my sphincter muscle. Detecting my discomfort, he waited like I had, before pushing deeper and deeper until his throbbing cock filled my ass, and I felt like my body would explode. The feel of his testicles touching mine, and his soft pubic hair tickling my ass caused me to giggle involuntarily, and Matt's hips started to slowly drive his cock in and out of my ass as I had done to him. Each thrust became faster, and I surrendered my body to the fiery emotions that were consuming me, the same animal feelings that I had experienced when fucking Matt. With each deep thrust, I felt the same pressures building within the two of us, and when he slammed his cock deep, holding it in the depths of my bowels, and pressing it's swelling length against my prostrate, my cock exploded in unison with his volcanic eruption. I felt the pulsing beat of his hard cock spewing his hot sperm into the depths of my rectum, filling my ass. It felt so good that I didn't want him to stop then or ever, and as he had done, I tried to hold his cock deep inside my ass.

He collapsed on my back, and I whispered softly, "Now I know how you felt, Mattie, your cock felt huge and seemed to fill me. I didn't want you to pull out it felt so good."

"I know, Lukie, I felt the same way and that's why I waited until your birthday. Did you like my present?"

"Mmmmmmmmm," I whispered, enjoying the feelings of ecstasy that flowed over me as I answered, "you knew I would."

"Do you still love me Lukie?" he asked softly, nudging my nose with his.

"As long as I can breathe, Mattie," I whispered softly. "As long as I can breath."

We slept in each other's arms on the floor that night. Not knowing at the time, the following days would bring many changes in our lives.

* * * * * * * * * *

Matt and I really learned how much we loved each other after the excitement of the initial mutual experiences of anal coupling. The bond between us grew, and even our parents did not understand how we could be so close, with little or no sibling rivalry as was usually normal between brothers.

They didn't understand that we were not brothers who loved each other as brothers do, but brothers in love, soul mates bound together, forever in an unshakable bond that we would share forever; but which they or others would ever understand.

We didn't know it then but within six months Dad would be transferred to the American Embassy in Zurich, Switzerland. Mom would go with Dad to his new duty station, and Matt and I would be returning to Kentucky and our Gramps.

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