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Brothers - A fantasy

Chapter 3

Originally penned in 2002, Re-written 2011
By and © Lee Mariner

The day was overcast; and Gramps was right, my car would not have been able to navigate the rough unpaved road that led back in the hills to the family cemetery. There were many bone jarring bumps in the road and the heavy overnight rains had filled vehicle swallowing holes with water. Crossing the creek at the bottom of the holler meant I was halfway to the cemetery and it was an up hill pull from there on. The song about "going to Grandma's house" flashed through my mind; but it didn't help make the ride any more comfortable. Topping the last ridge, I could see a flatbed truck parked on the side of the road by the entrance to the cemetery, and two men working inside.

Pulling ahead of the truck on the left side of the roadway, I parked in the old entrance to what had once been the roadway to the family homestead when the family had first migrated to Kentucky. The stone chimney of the long gone home stood upright against the gray sky, and there were gaps in the foundation where stones had been removed by scavengers.

I recognized Billy Williams and he called out to me as I picked my way through the headstones to where he and his helper were working over Matt's grave. I didn't recognize the other man but, I could see he was about the same age as Billy and me.

"Hey Luke, how you doing?" Billy asked as he continued to work. "It's a nasty day and I wasn't sure we would make it but my Dad promised your Granddad we would get Matt's marker in today, so here we are. I was worried it was going to be so cold the concrete wouldn't set up, but the snow didn't set in last night, and we lucked out. I'm sorry as hell about Matt, Luke. If there is anything I can do, just let me know."

"You are doing it right now Billy," I replied softly, glancing in the direction of the young man who had moved off to the side and was leaning on his shovel while Billy and I spoke to each other with Billy doing most of the talking. "Gramps asked me to drive out and check but I think it was more to give me something to do than checking on your Dad."

"That sounds about like Uncle Walter," Billy replied, glancing at me and nodding his head.

Billy hadn't introduced the young man that was with him, but he looked like he was about eighteen or maybe nineteen years old. He was dressed in loose fitting denim overalls, and a heavy fleece lined denim jacket, but you could see there was a powerful body under his clothing. He was wearing an old locomotive engineer's cap pulled tight over his sandy hair and piercing, steel gray eyes peered out from under the floppy bill of the cap.

"Hi, I'm Luke Lawrence," I said, removing one glove and extending my hand to him as I spoke. "I don't believe we know each other; do you live around here?"

"We don't really know each other but, I've seen you around and heard Billy and his dad speaking about you and your Grandfather," he replied softly. "I live with my mother over Owenton way, names' Josh Edwards, I do odd jobs for Billy and his Dad when ever they need me," he said. Our eyes locked as we shook hands and I was immediately struck at how much his eyes were like Matt's. His grip was firm, and his gaze didn't waver.

"Only good things, I hope," I replied, grinning as we relaxed our grips.

"I'm sorry Luke, I wasn't thinking," Billy said, apologizing for his oversight. "I should have introduced Josh. His daddy works highway maintenance for the county, and sometimes when I need help putting in a heavy stone like this, Josh comes along."

"Edwards, Edwards," I mused for a few moments. "You wouldn't be related to the Lester Edwards that works on my Grandfathers farm would you?"

"Yep, sure would," he answered, a faint smile playing at the corners of his full succulent lips. "Lester is my Uncle on my Dad's side of the family."

"I didn't know Lester had a brother!" I said.

"Not many do, Luke. He lives in the mountains down Hazard way. I don't know all that much about him except he's supposed to be working in the Blue Diamond coal mines," Josh said, glancing quickly in the direction of Matt's grave where Billy had returned to work while we spoke. "Excuse me, Billy's going to need some help mixing and pouring that concrete. Sorry about your brother."

I smiled softly as Josh moved away. Billy wasn't really struggling with the mixing of the concrete, but he would need some help with the final setting of the granite stone. Billy was a second cousin on my Grandmothers side but, after she passed away, we didn't see that much of him or his family. His family owned a prominent stone cutting business, and when school was out for the summer, he would spend part of his summer vacation on Gramps farm or working for his father.

I had showered with Billy after gym classes when we were in school, and I knew from football and wrestling, he was built as solid as the stone he was setting, and hung almost as big as some of Gramps horses. Very likely Billy could have put the stone in without help.

I leaned up against the marker of some distant relative, watching as they wrestled the stone with Matt's name etched on its smooth gray, granite surface:


Born-28 March 1975

Died-18 February 1997

He rests in God's hands

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"He rests in God's hands, but lives in our hearts and memories," I mused silently, thinking back over the short time we had been together and the things that we had learned that had formed the insoluble bond that would always bind us to each other.

It was during our early adolescent years that strange but exciting changes in our developing bodies started occurring. Matt and I had looked through Gramps book about how men and women were built, and we saw the pictures of the differences in the bodies of men and women. We had tried exploring our own and each other's bodies and had managed to get our small dicks hard pulling on them. It always felt great, and it was fun. We felt the urge often and, we didn't know what it meant but the lack of knowledge didn't stop us from playing and fondling each other whenever we were alone. Matt was worse than me. Sometimes when we were working with Gramps in the barn when he and Lester were setting up to bread a mare, Matt would run his hand inside of my baggy overalls and grab my cock. Squeezing it and my balls, he would look at me and lick his lips. Before I could retaliate, he would move away laughing. Gramps would look at us and shake his head.

I was thirteen and Matt was eleven when he started playing around with both of our bodies that first time in the hayloft. I had a few dark hairs around my cock and under my arms, but he was still hairless. His cock was slender but almost as long as mine. Both of us were circumcised, but Matt had a little more fore skin than me. When we were jerking off, Matt would watch and do exactly what I did. He would grin and laugh when the head of his cock would pop out of its sheath like a jack-in-the-box. I could tell how good it felt by the way his body would tense up, and he would lean back on his legs, shuddering as he reached a dry orgasm.

After we had learned how good it felt when our cocks were hard, it was like we couldn't get enough of it. Matt would get those good feelings and sometimes they were so intense that his muscles would tighten and he would lean back on his heels moaning softly. A couple of times when this happened, it would scare me and I quit stroking my cock but, he would laugh and make fun of me. It scared the hell out of me but, whenever I did it, he seemed to enjoy touching and stroking my body when I reached a dry orgasm. Nothing seemed to ever really scare Matt, he was younger but he was a little more adventurous than I was. He was the one that dove off of the high rock into the pond, our swimming hole. We had both been told not to because it was not really deep enough for diving but, Matt had to do it just to show he could. He tried riding two horses Roman style and for that, Gramps was mad enough to spank him but he didn't. Matt didn't try riding roman style after that. He told me he thought Gramps was going to kill him. I told he would never do that but secretly, I was glad.


A few days before our Mom and Dad were supposed to arrive to pick us up we were in our favorite place, the hayloft, for the second or third time. Later on, I learned that the intensity of what Matt had been feeling was called a dry orgasm and he had one each time he played with himself but at the time, neither one of us knew what it was called. I didn't know that the intense feelings I was having, was an actual ejaculation building inside of me. When I stopped the feelings would subside, unless I had gone past a certain point and then nothing was going to stop it. Matt brought me to that point - and beyond.

We were lying next to each other naked except for our shirts. Matt was a lefty and I was a righty, so that made it perfect for us to jerk each other off. My cock was a little tender from already jerking off, but Matt was stroking it slow and I matched him stroke for stroke. The feelings were so intense that it felt as if something was taking control of my muscles and they were getting tighter and tighter as the intensity of the feelings in my loins increased.

"Matt, you better stop," I whispered huskily even though inside of me, I didn't want him to stop - it was feeling so good. Heated jolts like electricity were running through me and I could feel my nuts starting to draw up.

Matt must have sensed something was different and rolling sideways onto his side, he pulled his cock out of my hand, and he switched hands. Scooting up beside me, he leaned over my face, and I saw the intensity of the excitement he was feeling by the way his eyes gleamed. I was about to plead with him to stop when he lowered his lips to mine, kissing me softly and increased the piston movement of his hand.

"Mattie, please," I pleaded even though the feelings and the intensity of excitement he was creating filled me with an inexplicable desire to surrender completely to his ministrations. My cock felt like it was going to explode, and I weakly pleaded with him. "Mattie, I can't stand it much longer, please stop."

"Not this time Lukie, no, we don't stop this time" he whispered huskily, sexily, his eyes gleaming with the same ecstatic excitement that I was feeling. "We don't stop this time," he whispered again as he brushed my quivering lips with his.

"Mattie, Mattie," I moaned protesting weakly. He had taken me past the point of wanting to stop, but, I was still trying to act as if I wanted him to stop. I outweighed him, and probably could have flipped him off of me, but the feelings building in my loins were so intense that I couldn't resist. He held me down, squeezing and stroking my throbbing cock in a rapid, smooth piston motion. Later, I admitted that, I didn't want him to stop even though I really didn't know what he was going to do or what would happen - until he did it.

Matt grinned impishly at me, his eyes flashing as he suddenly twisted his body, taking my cock in his left hand again, and pulling on my balls with his right hand. He stroked my cock furiously, and I lay there groaning at the intense feelings he was causing inside of me when suddenly it felt like my cock was on fire as he put his mouth over its turgid four-inch length.

Stuffing my knuckles in my mouth, I managed to stifle a scream of sudden ecstasy at the unexpected feelings his sucking mouth created as he swallowed my cock. Sucking air deep into my lungs, I exhaled crying out, "Oh my God, Mattie," but he didn't stop, he continued sucking and pulling on my balls at the same time. Wave after wave of excitement filled my convulsing body and there was a feeling of being paralyzed to do anything except enjoy the pleasures Matt was creating. I grabbed the hair on his head as my hips drove upwards, driving my cock deeper into the hot recesses of his sucking mouth. It felt like my entire body was on fire and I could feel my cock swelling, getting harder just before my mind went blank at the uncontrollable intensity of something gushing from my turgid cock into Matt's hot mouth. My hips bucked and it was like Matt was riding a bucking horse holding my cock tightly between his lips, draining what ever it was that had shot from my cock. My heart was beating so fast it was scary, and I couldn't breathe for a few seconds, until the feelings started to slowly fade. My tight straining muscles slowly relaxed even with Matt holding my softening cock in his mouth rubbing the soft inside of my leg and massaging my balls.

I didn't realize that I had been biting on the knuckle of my index finger, until the pain of the pressure of my teeth registered and I pulled it out; deep teeth marks showed where I had bitten my knuckle so I would not cry out from the ecstatic, pleasant pain of my first orgasm. A huge sigh escaped from my throat as I exhaled explosively releasing the air from my lungs. Matt's head was resting on my stomach, his tongue playing with the head of my cock. Stroking his hair I softly cooed, "I love you, Mattie."

Nuzzling my navel with his nose, he mumbled something unintelligible, and then, we lay quietly. After several minutes, he twisted around, moving closer and looking deep into my eyes before pressing his lips on mine, his probing tongue forcing my lips open and sliding inside my mouth. I tasted something a little sweet but slightly salty and he mixed it and our saliva before we swallowed. I still didn't know what we had really done or what I had swallowed. I did know that I had never experienced such feelings as Mattie had caused when he took my cock into his mouth and played with my balls.

"Mattie, where did you learn how to do what you just did?"

Leaning on his elbow, his face close to mine, and in almost a whisper he said, "From the book Gramps was showing us, he replied innocently." You aren't mad at me are you, Lukie? The book explained about what is called an ejaculation that men and older boys have. It happens when you get so excited from what's called masturbation, and the good feelings you cause when you jerk off. You always wanted to stop when those feelings got so bad it scared you. When you did today, I wanted to see what would happen, and that's why I took your cock in my mouth and sucked on you. According to the book, it's called 'oral stimulation'," he said breathing in deeply before continuing. "Sucking your cock is almost like putting it in the hole that women piss through. It feels real good, and you get really excited, and you shoot out sticky stuff that is called sperm; the stuff that mixes with something inside of a woman and makes babies," he said, a big grin on his face. Breathing in deeply again, he thought for a moment as he exhaled. "It is called im-preg-nating," he said, sounding each syllable carefully. "I looked it up in dictionary to see what it meant. It means a girl will have a baby when a boy puts his dick inside her, and something he makes in his balls will mix with whatever is inside of her so she can have a baby. The book said it was mostly protein and wouldn't hurt anyone if they swallowed it when they did what I told you about, oral stimulation but, the book didn't say much about it, and that's why I looked it up. When I found out what it meant, I wanted to see what it tasted like, and don't get mad at me Lukie, but I want to feel what it would be like with your cock in my mouth. It was really awesome, when I felt your cock swelling, getting harder and then jerking just as that stuff begin shooting out. Not a whole lot of it, but I bet you get more as you get older and someday, I'll be able to do the same thing, Lukie."

Matt hesitated for a moment to breathe, his eyes beaming while one hand unconsciously moved caressingly over my chest as he spoke. My cock was still half hard, and there was no way that I could get mad at the innocence of Mattie, and the way he had explained what he wanted. He had that impish smile on his face and his eyes glowed with a deep love I knew was always there.

"I guess you will, someday soon, Mattie," I said, smiling and running my fingers through his thick hair. "I'm not mad at you, but you should have told me what you were going to do first. Was that sweet, salty stuff you put in my mouth when we kissed, the stuff from inside of me?"

"Yeah, Lukie, now we are really part of each other, aren't we?" He replied excitedly, his eyes shining brightly.

"Not quite, Mattie, when you can do it too, then we will really be part of each other. Of course since we are already brothers, it should make it even better."

We lay together a little longer enjoying the feelings that we did not fully understand. Mattie had his head on my shoulder, his arm hugging me, and his leg over my hips pressing down on my cock. His warm breath flowing over my chest created a tingling sensation that was comforting and exciting without being sexual. I didn't need to have sex with Mattie to know how much I really loved him far more than him being only my brother. Until that day, I hadn't realized how much I needed for him to be a part of me.

* * * * * * * *

Matt sucking on my cock, and the feelings that I had when he was in my arms and we were fondling each other confirmed that I liked boys more than girls. I didn't mind being around girls but ever since I was ten years old, I had been looking at boys differently than girls in school, and when I saw them naked in the showers my dick would get hard, and a feeling of excitement would spread over me. I liked the way it felt when, Mattie and I played with each other; but I was wondering if I would feel the same way with another boy.

Some of the older boys would laugh, and play with their cocks getting them hard and showing off for the younger boys. One or two of them would stand with their legs apart slowly stroking on their bigger cocks and look at the other boys grinning lecherously. I had heard some of the older guys whispering about "blowjobs" and wishing someone would suck on their cocks so they could get off or they would like to "Corn hole" someone. I didn't know any of that until after Matt sucked my cock giving me my first blowjob. Later on, we both learned that if you pushed your cock inside someone's asshole like you pushed it inside of a girl's cunt, it was called "corn holing."

* * * * * * * * * *

I don't remember how long we lay asleep in the loft. Gramps calling us woke me, and for a moment I felt a jolt of panic until I remembered Matt lying next to me, and what we had done. Quickly rolling over and getting up on my knees, I shook Matt whispering hoarsely, "Mattie, wake up, Gramps is looking for us." He woke up and we dressed quickly climbing down the hayloft ladder and running out the back door of the barn and over to the path that ran alongside the fence. Gramps was still calling when I hollered to him as we ran to where he was standing by the barnyard fence.

"Where've you boys been?" He said in a worried tone as we ran up to him. "I've been calling and calling."

"We were over by that pasture where you put the new foals, Gramps. Their cute playing around like they do." I answered.

"That's okay just so long as you don't go getting between them and their mothers." he said in a mild rebuke as he put his arms around our shoulders and squeezed us to him. "Let's get some supper, ham and beans with cornbread and buttermilk if you want it."

"Buttermilk, yuck. How can you drink that stuff, Gramps?" Mattie asked, spitting on the ground and pretending to throw-up.

"Been drinking it long before your daddy was born Matt and, I reckon I probably will until the Lord calls me. Now scat and get cleaned up," he said playfully.

Regardless of the buttermilk, supper was good and when we were finished, we helped Gramps with the dishes and cleaning up.

Sitting on the couch we were watching some silly television program and Matt was almost sitting in my lap. He was holding onto my arm with his head on my shoulder and his right arm behind my back squeezing me with his left leg hooked over mine.

"What's the matter, Matt?" Gramps asked. "You're going to strangle Luke if you get any closer to him. Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing is wrong, Gramps, I was just thinking that in three days it'll all be - over and Luke and I will be going to Germany. I hate it over there, Gramp's; can't you get Mom and Dad to let us stay here with you? We don't want to go back there again do we Luke." Matt said without stopping to breathe. "It'll probably be three or four years before we see you again."

"Come here Mattie, come sit with old Gramps," he said, glancing at me with a twinkle in his eyes. "You're still young enough to sit in my lap but, Luke is getting a little old for that kind of kid stuff."

What Gramps didn't know was that I would have loved to sit in his lap with his big strong arms around me. I really wasn't that much bigger than Matt, and I would have loved to crawl up in his chair but I just watched as Matt snuggled close to our grandfather.

For several minutes we watched a news program on WCPO-TV in Cincinnati, Gramps favorite station. The commentator was reporting on the Cold War and North Atlantic Treaty armed forces being shifted from one area to another to off set the movements of Warsaw Pact forces behind the Iron Curtain. Our dad was being transferred to Germany, and I couldn't help but wonder if that might be the reason.

I was deep in thought when Gramps shifted his position as the news program ended, and he said, "Now then, I'm not fussing but I want you boys to listen close. There is nothing I would like more then having you boys with me, but I'm only your grandfather. Your Mom and Dad have the say in where you live ... at least until you are eighteen years old."

"What happens then Gramps?" I asked. "I still have seven years before I'm that old."

"When you turn that age, your schooling should be finished unless you go on to college which, I reckon you will. The law considers you to be adults, and you can live anywhere you wish. I know that sounds exciting and you're looking forward to it but, there is a lot more to it then just picking up and leaving home for some place else. The big thing when you get to thinking going out on your own is the need to find a job so you can support yourself."

With his typical child like innocence Matt looked at Gramps and sincerely said, "But you'd take care of us wouldn't you Gramps?"

Gramps took Matt's face in his big rough farmer's hands and kissed him on the forehead. "Son, it'll be awhile before we start thinking about those things but, as long as the Lord allows, your old gramps will always be here if you ever need him; but, who knows," he said looking at me and smiling as he kissed Matt. "One day this place might be yours unless your Daddy sells it before then. So you got a little something to think about, and look forward to, but there's no need to be thinking about it now though. Right now, it's late and you guys better be getting up to bed."

Matt and I gave Gramps a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. With a good night, we clambered up the stairs to our bedroom, quickly stripping our clothes off for a shower.

The water was warm and we washed each other with shower herbal gel and soft sponges. Even for nine, Matt was developing a smooth muscular body. His satiny smooth chest muscles were thickening, and beautifully sculpted, and his nipples were surrounded by large pinkish areoles. His breast muscles merged at the sternum above his hard flat stomach muscles.

Strong arms and legs were filling out from wrestling at school, running in track races with other students, and working on the farm. Usually he would turn around so I could wash his back and buttocks but this time, he moved in closer pulling my arms around him, his head resting on my shoulder. The warm water beat down on the both of us and I could feel the beat of his heart and his slow even breathing. The warm erotic feeling of being close with him started flowing in my veins, and my cock was slowly hardening at the feeling of his strong smooth body touching mine. My breathing was becoming more labored, and the beat of my heart was increasing rapidly. Lifting his head from my chest, his soft yielding eyes looked into mine. Running his fingers over my chest, he tweaked one of my rigid nipples, and then slipped his arms around me, pulling us tightly together. Brushing my lips with his he whispered softly, "Do you love me Luke?"

There was a serious tone in his voice, and surprised, I spluttered, "What do you mean, do I love you, Mattie? Of course I do, I always will. You're being silly asking me that."

Matt held me tightly, our raging hardons pressed tightly between us; his glistening eyes boring into mine. His breathing was slow and even, his heart beat slowly.

"I know you love me like a brother, Luke, and I love you but deep in your heart do you really love me for me, not just because we are brothers!"

The intensity of Matt's words sank slowly into my brain as he looked at me, and it dawned on me what he was asking. Matt's eyes flashed, burning into mine as he squeezed me tighter, our hard cocks squeezed between us. Placing my hands on either side of his face, I brushed his lips with mine, and asked, "Mattie, are you trying to tell me what I think you are?"

"That we both love each other more then just as brothers?" he replied quickly. "I've known that since last year, Luke. Does it excite me when you touch me, yes it does. Do I like boys more than girls, yes, I do, Luke and after today, I want only you and, I want, I need you to want me and only me."

"You little devil," I exclaimed, excitedly. "Is that why you did what you did earlier?"

"Not entirely, Lukie, I did it mostly because I love you, and I wanted you to know how much I do love you. When I read about oral stimulation, I looked it up in the dictionary to see what it meant. All it means is someone sucking your dick, and from the way you acted when we were jerking each other off or when we were kissing and touching each other, I had a hunch you would go all the way if I didn't let you stop me. Afterwards, I was sure that you would like it as much as I enjoyed sucking your cock. We both are hard right now and, I bet you are feeling the same way I am," he said passionately, his eyes gleaming. "Suck me Lukie, please," he pleaded. "Let me feel the way I made you feel."

Matt nuzzled his head under my chin and rotated his body against mine. He was right about one thing, my body felt as if it was going to explode.

Turning the water off I lifted is face to mine, and kissed him deeply passionately, his arms around my neck and my arms squeezing his tight hard body too me. "In the bed, Mattie."

* * * * * * * *

We dried each other off and slipped between the sheets melting into each other's arms. Our bodies molded one to the other as his lips meet mine, our tongues twisted and turned, probing as we explored the nooks and crannies of each other's mouth.

The passion built quickly, and burned with fiery intensity in my loins. As I threw the sheet back, Mattie stretched out on his back, his throbbing cock lying on his hard flat stomach. In the dim glow of the night-light his smooth muscled body appeared almost alabaster and I ran my fingers over his satiny skin following the sculpted outline of his growing chest and abdominal muscles. His supple body writhed gently, his muscles rippling under the light touch of my fingers. His hard beautifully tapered cock rested on his almost hairless pelvis, and I could see his developing but still empty ball sac. As I ran my hand over his cock and ball sac he winced, and his muscles tightened. Gripping his cock tightly with one hand, I felt two pea-sized balls, waiting to fall, and the beat of his heart resonated in the pulsating length of his still growing but already impressive cock. I was about to lower my lips to its glistening, ruby red crown, when he placed his hand on my bicep, and I hesitated.

"Lukie turn around," he said huskily, gently squeezing my bicep. "I want to suck on your cock while you suck mine."

The thought of Matt sucking my cock while I sucked his was exciting, and I felt my nuts tighten in anticipation of his hot mouth sucking my cock. Turning around and stretching out on my side beside Mattie, I pushed my hips forward, and he took my cock in his hand, and skinned it back. I felt his hot breath being blown on the exposed crown of my cock, and my muscles tensed briefly before, I put my mouth over Mattie's hard cock. His muscles tightened, and he sucked his breath in sharply. Running my tongue over its smooth hard length, I used my thumb to massage his small ball sac, his little nuts moving around.

Matt sucked my cock voraciously, pulling my nuts and skinning my foreskin back with his tongue every time he plunged his mouth down over its turgid length. His hips worked furiously driving his cock into my mouth, his pelvis pressing against my lips with each thrust. Moving my free hand over the velvety soft flesh of his back, his muscles rippled under my fingers and, I gripped the base of his cock with my lips. Groaning deeply I could feel the sperm rushing up my throbbing shaft exploding into Matt's greedy mouth, gushing down his throat. He continued sucking my cock with the force of a vacuum while he drove his cock into my mouth. His moans of ecstasy sent phonic shocks through me, and I felt as if every nerve in my body was vibrating from the excruciatingly pleasant pain as my cock pumped sperm down Matt's throat.

As the intensity of my exploding cock slowly subsided, Matt didn't stop sucking even though my cock was softening in his mouth. He was greedily stripping the remnants of sperm with the pressure of his lips when he suddenly arched his back gripping my wilting cock. Groaning loudly, he grabbed my head, and as my cock fell from his lips, he drove his cock as deeply into my mouth as he could, muffling his screams of, "Oh, oh, Lukie," with a pillow.

His cock swelled and felt like a steel rod between my lips. We had felt the excitement of dry orgasms but this was the first time that we had sucked each other off, and the intensity must have been a catalyst that prompted the experience of ejaculation. I tasted a drop of fluid that was sweet and a little salty. Matt had just ejaculated a very small amount of sperm.

Matt had given me his virgin load, and a sudden feeling of elation mixed with the intense love that filled every fiber of my being washed over me. Matt thrashed about gently, moaning, and I held his hard cock tightly with my lips, sucking and trying to drain more of his balls delicious nectar of life. When he fell back gasping for air, his body shaking, I reluctantly released his softening cock.

Quickly turning around, I gathered him to me holding him tightly, our racing hearts and breathing subsiding as we slowly relaxed, wrapped in the warm emotional cloak of love, we basked in the golden after glow of a shared pleasure.

Tears were in my eyes as I kissed the crown of his head, and whispered, "I love you Mattie, and I'll love you forever."

Mattie didn't say anything, he lay in my arms with his head buried into my neck, and, I felt his body quiver gently, the wet warmth of his tears on my neck. We lay quietly, holding each other close.

After several minutes, I reached down and pulled the sheet up over our nakedness letting my arm rest over his shoulders. Mattie moved slightly adjusting his position to be closer, with his head resting on my bicep with his eyes closed his breathing almost imperceptible. Moving my free hand under the sheet, I slowly stroked his back and sides hearing his breathing soften as he fell asleep. Holding my Mattie close, I fell into a deep comfortable sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Matt woke me in the morning laying on his side, and hovering over me with the sheet around our hips. He was running his fingers over my chest the same way I had touched his chest.

"Your beautiful, Lukie," he said in an adoring tone. "Your muscles are getting bigger, and the hair under your arms and around you dick is real soft and silky."

"I'm no more beautiful than you are Mattie, and it won't be long before your hair starts growing," I replied, reaching up and gently tweaking his nose.

"It won't be long, but, I'm almost as tall as you now and I bet my dick gets as big as yours someday," he exclaimed as he ran his fingers down over my stomach into the thickening silky hair around the base of my cock, gently scratching and sheepishly asking, "did you like what we did last night?"

"Of course I did, especially when a small drop of sperm oozed out of the aperture in the head of your cock," I replied. "I thought you would go crazy when you did that, and it was even more exciting for me when you did."

"I did do that, and you tasted and swallowed it didn't you, Lukie?" he said, a look of wonderment on his face as he squirmed around to sit up and look down at me, his eyes glistening with excitement. "I was afraid that I had peed in your mouth but it felt so good, and I couldn't stop it when you kept on sucking. I felt hot all over, and the way my cock was throbbing, it felt like it was going to explode. I didn't know what I should do, Luke, but it was so exciting that, I knew I didn't want you to stop."

"I didn't want to stop, Mattie, I wanted you to feel really good. It surprised me when I tasted the drop of sperm that oozed from your cock; but it was the real thing, Little Brother, your first climax," I exclaimed excitedly. It was only a drop, but it tasted sort of sweet and salty, the same as you told me my stuff tasted. The older you get the bigger your balls will grow, and the more we do it, the more will start coming out."

Matt sat beside me, his hands sort of aimlessly wandering over me when he lowered his head pressing his nose and forehead against mine. He was breathing slowly with his hands slowly moving over my breast muscles until my hard teats were under the palms of his hands.

Gently kneading my breast muscles, he whispered, "I heard you telling me you loved me Lukie, and that made me feel real good."

"You're my brother, Mattie, and what ever happens, I'll always love you; but when did you know that you felt the same way that, I did about other boys."

"I guess it was a couple of years ago, Luke. I'd get excited in the school showers watching the older boys stroking their cocks but it didn't really understand it, and it didn't mean anything to me. At first it was sort of embarrassing to see what they were doing, and I'd look away or turn my back. That's how I felt about them, but when you and I played with each other there was something special about it, if felt like it was natural for us to be doing it. I didn't know what the feelings meant Luke, except that I had a warm exciting feeling inside of me, and a sort of tingling feeling in between my legs, where my dick and that rough like skin hanging below it is. I figured that since we were brothers, you would feel the same way that I did but I was afraid you might think I was sort of quirky. I really wanted to hold you and kiss you and feel you against me and, I never wanted to let you go."

Matt was breathing real hard, and his eyes were gleaming. I pulled him to me kissing him softly, the tips of our tongues touching and sliding back and forth teasingly over our lips. Pulling him down on the bed, I rolled on top of him covering his body with mine, feeling the swelling of our hardening cocks pressed between us. Our lips touched in a passionate kiss, and ecstatic waves of rapture engulfed us in an erotic cocoon of lust. Only Gramps calling us from downstairs brought us back from the brink, his gruff voice dissipating the hot desire that had developed so quickly between us.

"Luke, Matt, are you guys awake? We gotta do some shopping before your Mom and Dad get here tomorrow."

"Be right down Gramps," I called out, as I rolled off of Matt and sat up on the edge of the bed. "Matt is in the shower, and as soon as we finish, we'll be down."

"Well," came Gramp's gruff reply. "Don't be all that long, breakfast is near about ready."

Grinning at my little white lie, Matt jumped out of bed kissing me quickly and pulling me with him. His gorgeous blue eyes twinkled brightly as we showered, and I could feel the bond that would be with us for the rest of our lives growing in my breast. Matt was more then my brother, he was my life, my lover.

* * * * * * * * * *

A soft misty rain began falling as I was watching Billy and Josh setting the stone in place on the damp concrete but my mind was deep in thought, back eleven years in time. My hair was soaked from the steady drizzle, and it was mixing with my tears as I thought about Matt's first climax, and how it had affected him. I though about how he had tricked me into my first ejaculation with him, and all of the love we had made together since we had discovered how we felt about boys and, more importantly each other. My cock hardened as I thought of the time when Matt was eleven and I was thirteen, and he asked me to suck his cock for the first time, and how he later asked me fuck him. I ached inside thinking of that time in our lives, and I wanted to hold him in my arms but, he was gone forever and, I would never again feel his hard magnificently muscled body against mine.

I didn't realize that Billy and Josh had finished until Billy shook my shoulder rousing me from my thoughts of the past. I was glad that I was wearing a thick Mackinaw that covered my crotch as I roused around at the sound of his voice.

Without me realizing it, the drizzle had changed to a steady rain. "Luke, you're getting soaked out here in the rain," he said, spluttering because of the heavy rain. "If you come down sick, Uncle Walter will never forgive me," he complained good-naturedly. "We got the stone set properly but, there isn't much more we can do in this rain, so let's go on home before we catch pneumonia. When the weather is better, we can finish up what little is left."

"I reckon your right, Billy," I said glancing at Josh standing hunched up beside him. "I probably should have brought a cap with me but you know I don't wear caps that often, and it didn't look that bad when I left the house."

"Do you need a cap Luke? I got an extra in the truck if you want it," Josh said softly. "I'm pretty sure your grandfather or Matt wouldn't want you catching pneumonia."

"Thanks Josh, you're right, neither one would," I answered, a warm feeling spreading over me at his reference to Matt whom I was sure he didn't even know. "It is getting colder and from the looks of it, this rain isn't going to let up anytime soon."

The rain had increased to a steady downpour, and Josh and I broke into a trot toward his truck. We waved at Billy as he passed us in his pickup. Josh jumped inside through the drivers door, and he threw the other door open as I ran around to the passenger side. The rain was really coming down as I sat looking at the stark white marble marker that he and Billy had barely managed to place on its base before it started raining so hard. Josh handed me a towel he had under the seat with another jacket and the cap he had offered. When I looked at him, he grinned as he sheepishly said, "I plumb forgot the towel was with my jacket, Luke, but it should help dry your hair some."

"Help", I exclaimed, laughing softly as I took the towel from his hand. "That sounds like something Matt would say."

* * * * * * * * *

Matt and I were trying our best to seem happy the last couple of days we were on the farm. We had sex in the hayloft every chance we got, and in bed. Our sperm production seemed to be increasing but even that was not much fun.

Leaving Gramps and going with Mom and Dad to Germany was the last thing we wanted but there was nothing that we could do about it. As was their wont to do, they swooped in without calling, and the atmosphere changed. Orders had been given about Matt and me being all packed and ready to leave on the following morning since Dad was on a tight schedule. Mother fussed about everything, and Dad was his usual military self, giving orders and expecting immediate compliance. We could see the anguish on Gramps face but there was nothing he could do. Tears were shed when we ready to leave, and Dad was getting impatient with what he considered prolonging our departure.

Matt and I didn't realize it then but it would be almost five years before we would see Gramps again.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mannheim hadn't changed that much since we had been there before - most Army posts don't. Since Dad was a Lt. Colonel, the housing was a little better then when he was a Captain and a Major. We didn't know it at the time but Dad would become a full Colonel before we left Mannheim, and he would be assigned duty in the Pentagon.

Mannheim is almost like a small American city inside of Germany. There was everything on base that was normally found back home. The school was built like a fortress and handled kindergarten plus, grades one thru twelve. There was a commissary, army exchange mall, movie theatres, gyms, inside and outside swimming pools, bowling alleys, almost anything we needed.

Matt and I were registered in the school but it was like a layered concentration camp. Kids got a kick out of comparing whose father was higher in rank and used it to lord it over the kids that had lower ranked officer and enlisted men fathers. We were involved in several fights about that, and we would wind up being grounded because we had embarrassed our parents, at least that's what they thought.

We would go to school every morning and then Dad would allow us the use of the base gym afterwards since sports aren't that a big part of the school curriculum in Germany. The weight room is where we spent a lot of time working out with weights, and Matt was a natural. I had to work at it a little harder and it took me a little longer but, not Matt. Almost overnight his body started improving. We both developed at pretty much the same rate and, while our bodies improved, we learned more about the exclusively masculine power that we had inside of us.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mom still told us no sleeping together but we did anyway, even though we were sure she knew that we did. When we were younger, she would come unannounced into our room but as we grew older she started knocking, and would ask, "Are you guys decent?" She would wait for one of us to answer before coming in. Since we were both preferred being naked in our room, it was a good idea to avoid any of us being embarrassed. Our cocks had grown considerably along with the improvement in our physiques.

One evening when Matt was fifteen, he was lying beside me nonchalantly running his fingers over the sculpted muscles of my chest, and abdomen, following the outline we had worked so hard to improve. He was just as cut and defined as I was and, I loved touching the velvety softness of his body, and the feel of him rubbing me. I looked up at him and he seemed to be dreaming.

"Mattie, what are you thinking about?" I asked as I rolled to face him, gently moving my hand over the hard velvety smooth interior flesh of his thigh.

"All kinds of things, Lukie. I think about being with Gramps, and wishing we were there instead of here. I miss the swimming hole where we could swim naked, the horses, and the hayloft where we learned about each other, and how much we like making love although we didn't call it that back then. Do you remember the first time I sucked you off and made you cum?" he asked in a way off melancholy tone as he pinched my hard teat.

"Of course I do, and," I said, wincing but enjoying the shock of his pinching fingers as I replied, "I sucked you off later that night and your cock dribbled just a little, and it was salty-sweet, but that made me feel good knowing I had made you do that."

"Yeah, we had little bitty dicks then but, look at us now. Thick and almost seven inches last time we measured but I like the way our hair grew, thick and silky. It took us a while before learning how we could take all of each other's cocks didn't it. That was a lot of fun experimenting, and I remember the first time you slid your cock all the way down my throat. I thought I was going to choke until I completely relaxed my throat muscles. When you shot your load that time I damned near drowned," he chuckled, gently kneading and pulling my balls.

"If you remember, Mattie, you did the same thing to me, the same way."

I could feel Mattie's cock hardening against my thick muscled thigh, his hand playing with my balls making my hard cock jump up and down when he pulled on them. Leaning down, he kissed me like he always did.

"You never taste the same way twice, Lukie; that's why I love kissing you."

"Me too, but right now you have me so damn hot, I'm going to burst."

"Little Brother has Big Brother all hot and horny? Do you want your big cock sucked or do you just want me to play with it." Matt teased, his gorgeous blue eyes flashing.

"What ever you do is okay, Little Brother, just stop teasing me," I replied, breathing heavily. "You love teasing and playing even though you know that I can't stand it for very long."

"It makes it more fun Big Brother," he answered, grinning. "I love watching your cock jerk, bouncing up and down and those beautiful muscles rippling as you squirm."

Matt's eyes had that gleam that meant he was having fun and would torture me the longer I complained. Sometimes he would lie on top of me moving his hips slowly as we kissed or he would wave his hard cock back and forth, brushing my lips with its blood-engorged head while his knees held my arms down. Sometimes, he would tease me and get me so hot that I would ejaculate without being touched.

I was close to shooting my load when, without warning he swung his body over mine and with his hands squeezing and pressing on my chest he straddled me his walnut sized balls hanging over mine, and for a flash I remembered the first time I felt his little pea-sized balls.

Grinning he lowered himself until his lips met mine and I felt our cocks being crushed between us. Matt suddenly sat up and taking both our cocks in one hand, he squeezed them tightly, and pre-cum oozed from the apertures. Licking the palm and fingers of his free hand he mixed the saliva and pre-cum using it as a lubricant on our cocks. I groaned gripping Matt's muscled thighs with both hands when I felt the sensation of my cock being lubricated. He moved up a little until both of our cocks were erect and his ball sac rested on mine. He started a slow pumping motion and, my body slowly relaxed as I succumbed to the erotic rhythm of his hand.

The feeling of our throbbing cocks being squeezed and pumped simultaneously together sent waves of ecstatic feelings rushing over me. I could tell from the way his eyes were closed and his soft moaning that he was feeling the surreal effects of mutual copulation. Reaching upward and running my hands over Matt's smooth hard muscled chest, the intense feeling of fire building in my groin was overpowering. A light sheen of sweat covered both of our straining bodies as Matt slowly increased the tempo. We were in an erotic state of passion, moaning softly, the pressure increasing as we raced to reach a cataclysmic explosion.

Matt had his eyes closed. I could see the hard ridges of his abdominal muscles tightening, and we both were breathing faster. The swelling and hardening of our cocks together with the euphoric feelings that were washing over us was that last little spark that sent us both over the edge. Mattie hissed between clinched teeth, "Yes, oh yesssss, Lukie, now." His body was hard and quivering like a taut bow string, and my back arched lifting us both upward as gushing streams of our sperm mixed and fell back over our gushing cocks like a waterfall of milky white cream. Matt held us tightly as our cock's spammed splashing thick streams of sperm over my heaving chest and abdominal muscles before flowing into the silky dark hair surrounding the thick base of my cock.

As we relaxed in the soft after glow of love making, our breathing and racing hearts slowly returned to normal. Matt had straightened his legs out, and lay on top of me with his head on the pillow beside mine. Nibbling my ear he whispered the same thing he did every time we made love, "Do you still love me Lukie?"

I answered as I always did, "As long as I can breathe, Mattie."

We cleaned each other up, hiding the towel so Mom wouldn't find it. Later when the coast was clear, one of us would put it in the whites only clothes hamper with the other laundry.

* * * * * * * * * *

Our sex lives didn't vary all that much, it was the foreplay that made it exciting. Mattie knew all of my tender love spots as I knew his, and we would tease and prolong our playing until we were horny and our cocks were leaking prodigious amounts of pre-seminal fluid.

Once when we were in the throws of passion, he rammed his cock between my legs touching my asshole, and my muscles tightened and then shivered from the shock of a new feeling permeating my body to the core.

We were on the verge of entering a new, passionately exciting but not unpleasant phase in our love making.

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