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Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Thirteen

by Terrance MacDonald

Tyler sat in the Starbucks nearest to the gate from where his connecting flight to Atlanta would depart. As he sipped on an overpriced, foul-tasting coffee, he thought more about his initial meeting with Drake and the things that had come of it. It seemed like a lifetime ago now, but it had only been two years. Tyler hoped that some day he would be able to block that troubled time completely out of his mind. Not that he remembered all of it now. The drugs he had been taking at the time had seen to that. Still, there were some painful memories despite the toxic clouds that obscured his memories.

Throughout that period, whenever he could get to a computer to access his e-mail account, at least one message from Thomas had been there for him, often more. The messages from Thomas were always encouraging, loving and comforting – qualities in which he had been severely lacking in those dark days. Thomas had not been judgmental, but he did make it clear that he didn't trust Drake's motives once Tyler had finally admitted to him what was going on in his life, even though Tyler hadn't told him everything.

Thomas had also urged him in every message to kick the drug habit he had picked up and to reconcile with his parents, once he knew what had happened. 'They love you Ty,' Thomas had written on more than one occasion. 'They want what's best for you, just like I do. Please talk to them. I bet you'll be surprised how understanding they are and how much they really want to help you.'

It was partly because of the reaction to his situation from some of his friends and classmates that Tyler had put off taking Thomas' advice at first. If his closest friends had turned on him, why shouldn't he expect the same thing from everyone else, including his family and this guy who he knew solely from online messages?

If he had only listened to Thomas - the man he had just met online, yet still looked upon as a confidante - things certainly wouldn't have spun out of control so badly for him. He missed their frequent and often lengthy chat sessions, but always looked forward to seeing what Thomas had written to him in his e-mail. He was somehow able to tell that this man, some 3000 miles away was worried about what was happening to him and cared about him very deeply.

Tyler had wished at the time that he could just go live with Thomas, but he recognized that this wasn't possible until he turned eighteen, and Thomas had explained that to him then. He always ended that part of their 'conversations' with a plea for Tyler to make up with his parents.

(The first night at Drake's apartment, this time from Drake's perspective...)

After he drew the curtains over the sliding glass doors at the back of his apartment, Drake turned to look at the two boys on his sofa. The giggling had stopped, and the reason was obvious: Tyler and Oliver were lip-locked. At some point, both boys had managed to kick off their shoes and socks. Tyler was still on the bottom, with Oliver lying on top of him. Oliver's legs were bent at the knees, his bare feet wiggling about in the air.

Drake knew that things were bound to get messy soon. Rather than have to get his upholstery cleaned again, Drake had learned to put a couple over-large beach towels on his living room furniture when sex was going to occur outside the bedroom. He recalled the amused looks on the faces of the two men who had come to pick up one of his sofas to take it away to be cleaned after one such occurrence. He wasn't going to go through that again.

Drake slapped Oliver lightly on his butt when he had returned with the towels and told the boys to get up for a moment. Tyler reminded him about the drugs that he had offered them to lure them back to his apartment, but Drake didn't respond directly. He knew the ecstasy he had slipped them earlier was hitting, and soon they wouldn't even remember his promise. Oliver managed to distract Tyler for him just at that moment, and as Tyler knelt in front of Oliver and slipped his dick into his mouth it allowed Drake the opportunity he needed to cover his sofa. He intended to have his way with both of them that night and things were off to a good start.

Once he had the towels spread out, Drake quickly stripped off his clothes. His hard shaft stuck out and upward with a slight glint of pre-cum at the tip. He was definitely ready to get involved in the action that had already started in his living room. Drake stepped forward and pressed the head of his dick into Tyler's face even as he sucked on his friend. Tyler took the hint and switched off, taking Drake's larger penis into his mouth. Oliver took this chance to step out of his jeans and underwear, which had gathered around his ankles.

Oliver's dick had been a good fit for Tyler, and he hadn't had difficulty getting it into his mouth. This was not the case with Drake's. His shaft was close to an inch longer than Oliver's and had a greater girth. Drake was holding his head in position and pushing forward though, forcing himself in farther until finally Tyler began to gag. It was only then that Drake relented. 'That's okay,' Drake thought. 'His mouth isn't my real target anyway; it's that cute little ass I've been watching all day.' With the unintentional addition of Oliver to his plan, Drake now had two boys instead of just the one he really wanted, and he knew that he was going to use them both to the maximum extent he could.

Drake stepped back, giving Tyler a reprieve. "Get the rest of your clothes off," he instructed as he positioned a very compliant Oliver on the sofa, kneeling on the cushions with his elbows resting on the back and his knees spread apart on the seat cushions. When he had Oliver arranged as he wanted, Drake turned back to Tyler, who now had also kicked off his jeans and stood naked, looking expectantly back and forth between Oliver and Drake. The boy was slowly running his hand up and down the length of his shaft, the look in his eyes clearly telling Drake that he wondered what was to happen next.

"Get up here on the sofa next to your friend," Drake told him. Just as obediently as Oliver had done, Tyler got on the couch, mimicking Oliver's position. 'Now the fun really starts,' Drake thought. He had been waiting and hoping all day to get his hands on this young, tight, cute ass and now the moment was upon him.

Drake opened the top of a small decoupage box on the coffee table in front of the sofa and removed a tube of KY from inside. Drake kicked the boys' clothes under the table as he flipped the cap of the little tube open. He would deal with the clothing later, but right now there were more important issues. Drake squeezed some of the cool gel out onto his finger and pressed it up into Tyler's crack, right onto the little rosy pucker in the center. When he felt the coolness touch him, the boy jumped a little, startled. Drake wondered if he was still a virgin back there before thinking, 'No matter, he won't be in a little while in any case.'

Oliver's reaction when Drake moved to him and applied the first dab of lubricant left no doubt in his mind that this boy had plenty of experience with anal sex. Rather than jumping forward as Tyler had done, Oliver pressed back gently against his finger, enjoying the sensation of the lubricant being massaged into his most private place. "Watch how Oliver does it Tyler," Drake said. "You can really enjoy this if you go with it."

The next approach Drake made to Tyler's rump met more with the reaction he was hoping for. This time Tyler pressed back onto his finger as he had watched Oliver do a moment before. The lubricated digit didn't hurt Tyler, and its penetration brought up images, somewhere in his drug-clouded mind of the relationship he'd had with Corey, and the love he still felt for his longtime friend - and once boyfriend. Drake watched as Tyler put his head back and sighed deeply as his finger went in a little farther. Time for more lubricant, Drake removed his finger, which brought another sigh from Tyler as his head went back down, his chin nearly to his chest.

Rather than shifting his attention back to Oliver as was his original intention, Drake continued with Tyler once he had applied more of the KY to his finger. Tyler began moving enthusiastically with Drake's finger, and as he did, Drake could tell the boy's hole was opening and stretching. Oliver was looking back over his shoulder, watching what Drake was doing to Tyler and wiggling his cute little buns around as if to demand some of the same attention. Drake wasn't going to disappoint him.

Tyler let out a little sigh as Drake withdrew his hand to apply some of the gel to the fingers on his other hand so he could work on both of his night's conquests at the same time. As he started probing Oliver again, this time with his left hand, he slid his slightly larger middle finger up into Tyler. This prompted a slight squeal from the boy, but it seemed to be one of ecstasy. He was sure the boy was enjoying his ministrations. He was so sure that he began to slip a second finger up to the boy's hole, teasing and testing, waiting to see the reaction.

In his drug-induced haze, Tyler responded by pushing back against Drake's fingers once more. He wasn't thinking about the man behind him though - he was thinking about the boy next to him. Imagining that it was Oliver penetrating him from behind, getting him ready for sex, much in the same way Corey had done at one time. This caused Tyler to start thinking more about Corey, his best and oldest friend. His former boyfriend, the boy whose life he had saved. The only boy he had ever had anal sex with. Then Tyler looked quizzically around Drake's living room. He knew it wasn't a place he had been before. Something didn't seem right about this, but the fog in his brain was keeping him from doing anything about it. Tyler closed his eyes, tilted his head forward and just enjoyed the feeling of penetration in his behind that he hadn't felt for so long.

Drake had been using two fingers on both the boys long enough that he thought they were both ready for him to move on. He backed away from them for a moment - just long enough to squirt some of the gel onto his shaft and jack himself a few times to spread it around and make sure there was an even coating all the way around and along the entire length of his penis. Once done with that, he applied just one more drop to the head for good measure.

Drake alternated between the two boys, slowly and gently easing his dick into Tyler first, then just as he was about to cum, he pulled out and waited a few moments. Now it was Oliver's turn, and he drove into him deep and hard in one single thrust. Oliver was caught slightly off guard by the swift penetration and let out a startled gasp. He took it well though, and Drake ravaged his backside, hard and fast. Once again, just as he felt himself on the verge of orgasm, Drake pulled out and rested for a few moments.

He wanted to leave his seed in Tyler. That had been his desire since the moment he first saw him earlier that day. He couldn't believe his luck at actually getting the kid back to his apartment. He took a step to his right and once again lined himself up behind Tyler, holding his dick down as he stepped back in toward the boy. He could feel it throbbing in his hand. This time his entry wasn't slow and gentle like it had been before. As soon as he was in position, Drake pushed forward forcefully. Even though Drake had already penetrated Tyler previously, Tyler wasn't quite expecting the forcefulness of this new onslaught and cried out as Drake entered him.

When he felt Oliver place a hand over his, Tyler looked over at him. His new friend smiled at him, as if to reassure him that everything would be alright. Tyler tried to smile back, but wasn't quite able to do so. The forcefulness of Drake's sexual blitz was severe, and Tyler had to clench his teeth to keep from crying out again, despite the drugs and alcohol Drake had given him.

This time, as Drake felt the impending orgasm he didn't pull out. With one final thrust, Drake let loose, and filled Tyler's bowels. Once he was finished and his dick had begun to soften, Drake finally disengaged himself, wiped himself off with one of the towels he had brought downstairs with him and sat down on the sofa opposite the one where the boys were still kneeling. After a couple minutes they both turned and sat on the sofa, facing him. All three had a thin sheen of sweat on them, and after a moment of looking at the boys he had just had sex with, Drake got up and extended his hands to them. Each boy took one and he led them out to the hot tub on his patio.

Drake was a little disappointed at first when Oliver and Tyler sat opposite him in the hot tub. They were very close together, and apparently were still feeling a little frisky. It soon became apparent that they were groping each other under the water, but Drake's disappointment faded as he realized he might be about to get a little show. Oliver leaned his head over to Tyler and kissed him gently on the edge of his mouth. Tyler turned his head and reciprocated. Soon they were lip-locked, their hands now visible and at the sides of each other's faces as they kissed.

As they kissed, Oliver climbed over and straddled Tyler. His hands dropped down below the water again, and Drake wondered briefly what he was up to. It soon became obvious that he was positioning himself above Tyler's dick and making sure that it was aimed optimally for penetration. Oliver broke the kiss and leaned back, sinking down as he did. The look of elation on Tyler's face confirmed for Drake what was happening before him.

Oliver had a wild ride, there was a lot of thrashing about in the water on the other side of the hot tub as Drake sat and watched - from both boys. The action before him was so intense - passionate even - that Drake couldn't help but start stroking himself as he watched. It was clear that the boys were enjoying what they were doing, and it seemed that they also liked each other very much, even though they had only met hours before.

Drake was surprised to wake up alone in bed the next day. He was certain both boys would still be fast asleep next to him. He glanced at the clock-radio first and saw that it was nearly two in the afternoon; he had slept a lot longer than he thought he would have. Drake got out of bed, opened the accordion doors to his closet and saw that their clothes were still on the floor where he had left them after putting the boys to bed a few hours earlier.

Drake walked, naked to his bathroom. When he saw that the towels he expected to find hanging on the rack were missing, he correctly surmised that the boys must have used them. After he got a fresh towel from the linen closet, he took a quick shower. When he was finished, Drake wrapped his bathrobe around himself and headed downstairs. He was still tying the belt as he entered the living room and saw his 'trophies' from the previous night sitting at his dining room table, clad only in bath towels and sipping coffee. There was something about the sight of the two boys sitting there like that, and knowing the only thing covering them was the towels that Drake found intensely erotic.

"We made coffee," Oliver said as Drake approached them. "We hope you don't mind."

"Not as long as there's some left for me," Drake told them.

"Sure, there's plenty left," Oliver responded.

Tyler finally spoke up, "Do you have any aspirin? My head is killing me."

"Yeah, I could use some too," Oliver added.

Drake's back was to them as he walked into the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee, so they weren't able to see the smirk on his face. Drake knew the headaches they had were a side effect of the date-rape drug he had given them the night before. He opened a cabinet, retrieved a bottle of Tylenol and tossed it to Tyler. Tyler flipped the cap off and shook out four of the capsules before handing the bottle to Oliver. Oliver took four as well before following Tyler into the kitchen for some water to wash them down.

Tyler took a gulp of water from the glass Drake offered him and passed the glass to Oliver. After he had swallowed the pills, Tyler commented "I could sure use something stronger than those I think." Oliver gave him a funny look, so Tyler explained further. "Percosets - that's what I could really use this morning."

"You need to be careful about those things," Oliver warned him. "You can get hooked on them pretty easily."

Drake smiled. Now he knew what Tyler's drug of choice was, and surely that was what he had seen the boy taking at the water fountain in the park the day before. He knew where he could get them, and would make the offer to Tyler when Oliver was out of earshot. For now though he picked up a gold cigarette case from the breakfast bar, opened it and produced a joint. He handed it to Tyler and offered him a light. "Try to make do with this," Drake told him.

A smile brightened Tyler's face as he readily accepted Drake's offering. He inhaled deeply and handed the joint to Oliver. Oliver's admonition about the pills apparently didn't extend to marijuana as he took a big hit before passing it to Drake. They passed it around until it was too small to handle any longer, and Drake dropped it into an ashtray.

"Pretty good shit," Oliver commented when they had finished.

"Only the best," Drake replied, smiling. "You guys want to go in the hot tub again?" Drake asked.

"Hot tub?" both boys asked at the same time. They didn't remember the hot tub from the prior evening at all.

'What a shame they don't remember,' Drake thought to himself, recalling the energy and passion they had shown during the sex they had shared.

"Absolutely," Drake told them, moving to the kitchen door and pulling it open. Both boys followed Drake out onto the enclosed patio area. The towels they had used the night before were still lying on the ground next to the Jacuzzi. The jets were still running, circulating the water and keeping it hot enough for steam to be rising from the top.

Tyler glanced over at Oliver as if to ask, 'Do you want to?'

Oliver caught the meaning of his look and shook his head. "No," he said. "I really need to go." Then turning to Drake he asked if Drake knew where their clothes were.

Tyler decided to follow Oliver's lead, saying "Yeah, I should go too. It's getting sort of late and I'm probably in big trouble with the 'rents already." Then he added, a bit sheepishly, "I just need my clothes too..."

"I'm pretty sure that they're lying on the floor in my bedroom," Drake told them. "At least there was a pile of stuff there that I doubt any of would fit me."

"Come on," Oliver said, taking Tyler's hand and pulling him back inside. On the way up the stairs, Oliver looked back and saw that Drake was trailing behind them far enough that he could make a private comment to Tyler without being overheard. "I could swear I looked before and they weren't there," he whispered.

"Yeah, me too," Tyler replied.

Drake entered the room as the boys were both bent over the pile of clothes he had removed from his closet before going downstairs earlier that morning. They were just sorting through them, getting it straight what belonged to whom, as the garments were tangled up together. They still had the towels wrapped around their waists. There wasn't a lot for them to go through, and as they each finished retrieving their own clothes, they turned to look at Drake. His coffee cup was raised in front of his lips, and thus it hid the lecherous grin on his face as he waited for the boys to unwrap the towels from around their waists so they could get dressed.

Tyler turned his back to Drake before he dropped his towel and bent over to pick up his black denim jeans and pull them on. Oliver, more experienced and far bolder didn't turn his back, and tossed his towel to Drake as soon as he had taken it from around his waist. Oliver pulled his shirt on first, then his boxers, and finally his jeans. It seemed almost like he was intentionally being a tease at that moment to Tyler, who had his jeans up and had turned back around.

"Do you want me to give you a ride?" Drake asked them.

Tyler and Oliver looked at each other, nodded their agreement and turned to Drake, accepting his offer. While Drake dressed, Tyler and Oliver returned to the living room to reclaim their shoes and socks. Oliver went to the kitchen for a moment and when he came back, he handed Tyler a small scrap of paper. "That's my phone number," he said, smiling. "Call me some time, okay?"

Tyler smiled shyly and nodded that he would.

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