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Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Fourteen

by Terrance MacDonald

Tyler's layover in Toronto was nearly four and a half hours. He was on his third cup of coffee, and still reflecting on what had to have been the worst part of his life. Fifteen years old, a runaway from home, living with a twenty six year old man, and having sex with him. Thomas had been worried about him, and told him so in every e-mail message, though they weren't able to talk in MSN chat. There wasn't a computer at Drake's apartment, not that he would have used it to chat with Thomas if there had been. He hadn't wanted to risk angering Drake and getting kicked out. If that happened, Tyler didn't think he would have had any place to go. Thomas still encouraged him to reconcile with his parents, but Tyler hadn't thought he could do that.

Then there had been his 'friends' at school. Well, Tyler had thought they were his friends, but the way they had treated him... Word had spread of his living arrangements, and even though he hadn't let any of them know that he was sleeping in Drake's bed, and in fact had even denied that part of it, they still called him names because of it. The most hurtful to him was 'slut.' When they called him that, Tyler denied it of course - but even though he could lie to them, he couldn't lie to himself. That was the worst part of all, knowing that what they were saying was true - and as much as he tried to block it out of his mind, he did feel that he was whoring himself out.

The only person Tyler had considered a friend before this troubled time in his life who hadn't treated him this way was Corey. It wasn't any better though, as Corey didn't talk to him at all. When they saw each other, Corey would simply hang his head, turn and walk another way to avoid Tyler, and that hurt him even more. He had really thought they had a special connection, especially after he had saved Corey's life after his suicide attempt.

He had made a friend in Ollie - sort of, and that was about the only good thing that had happened to him during that time of his life. And Ollie knew the whole truth about Tyler's situation. He could certainly sympathize with it as well, since he himself had been in very nearly the same situation. It had been good for him to have Ollie to talk to, especially since his communication with Thomas had been made so sporadic by his living situation with Drake.

Thinking of Ollie now and remembering how helpful the boy was to him brought a tear to Tyler's eye. He really missed the one person who had been there in person for him back then. Thomas had been there when he was able to access his e-mail, but that was different, far different from the nearly daily MSN chat sessions they had before all the proverbial shit had hit the fan. Tyler wiped the tear away, bowed his head and said a short, silent prayer for Ollie.

Across the restaurant, someone had noticed Tyler. Most compelling was the look on his face - at first it was obvious that the boy was deep in thought. Then there was the look of sadness that appeared on his face and the single tear that rolled down his cheek, only to be wiped away a moment later. When he closed his eyes and bowed his head, this brought forward a real feeling of compassion in the heart of the person who was observing Tyler from a short distance away. 'He looks so troubled, I wonder if there's anything I can do to help - to make him feel any better. And he is sooo cute too...'

Tyler felt a hand on his shoulder just before a soft voice asked, "Do you mind if I join you?"

He looked up to see a girl about his age standing next to him. She had long blonde hair and soft, light brown eyes. Tyler looked around the restaurant. It wasn't very busy, so Tyler was curious why the girl would want to share his table. He looked back up at her and she smiled at him. "Please?" she asked.

Tyler nodded his head and motioned for her to sit down. Rather than take the chair across from him, as he had indicated, she sat next to him. She put her hand on his arm, looked him directly in the eye and said, "You just looked so troubled and sad sitting here by yourself, and I just couldn't resist coming over to, um... To, well, just to see if there was anything I could do." She flashed him a smile as she said this, and Tyler couldn't help but recognize that she was a very cute girl. He figured that she was maybe a year older than him at the most.

Tyler returned her smile, shyly. This made him seem all the more cute to her. She held out her hand, offering it as if to shake hands and said, "My name is Melissa."

Tyler took her hand, performed a gentle handshake and introduced himself. "Hey," he said. "I'm Tyler."

"It's nice to meet you Tyler," she said, now placing her hand on his knee. "I have a while before my flight leaves. Do you want to talk?"

Tyler's emotions were conflicted at the moment. He did want to talk to someone, and at the same time he didn't. In the end he admitted it. "I suppose so..." he said. "I was just thinking about a friend I used to have. He died a couple years ago..."

Oliver had Drake drop him off back at The Cavern, saying that he had some things to do downtown and that was the best place for him to be let off. After Drake dropped Oliver off, Tyler gave Drake directions to his neighborhood, even though they weren't really necessary. Drake had committed the location of the boy's house to memory. He certainly didn't want to admit that to him though.

Tyler had Drake drop him off at the end of his street. He still needed to sneak back into his house. He didn't want his parents to know that he had snuck out the night before, so it wouldn't do to be dropped off right at his front door. After Tyler got out of the van and started walking down the street, Drake sat and watched, admiring the boy's lithe young form. Fortunately, there didn't seem to be a lot of obvious discomfort as he walked away. Finally when Tyler ducked into the side yard to climb back up to his window and was no longer in view, Drake drove away. The boy hadn't looked back once after he left the van. Still, Drake was somehow sure he would be seeing this boy again.

When Tyler climbed in his window, he was rather dismayed to see that the door to his room was standing open. He was sure he had locked it last night before he went out through the window. If it hadn't been locked, his father would have been able to get into his room after their fight instead of just pounding on the door. The drugs he had been taking made that part of the evening a little hazy in his mind, but he was sure he hadn't imagined the whole thing. Then he noticed the door frame - the door had been forced open. It was all true - he hadn't imagined any of what he thought he had remembered about the previous evening, as much as he wished that he had.

Tyler pushed the door shut and shucked off his clothes. He stood in his room naked for a moment contemplating what to put on as he scanned the various piles of clothing strewn about his floor. He picked up a pair of worn, green and yellow plaid boxers that looked clean and sniffed them. 'Yep, they'll do,' he thought and stepped into them. He found a fresh pair of socks, jeans and a t-shirt and put them on. He pulled the t-shirt over his head. It had the arms cut off and the sides slit from the underarms to about halfway to the hem. As he did so, he heard his father clearing his throat at the doorway to his room. Tyler turned to face him, and it was plain by the look on his face that he was quite angry.

"Where were you all night?" his father asked, his tone amplifying his enraged expression, and it certainly sounded more like a challenge than a question. "Your mother and I were worried sick," he continued, but his tone and demeanor belied his words.

"It's none of your business where I was!" Tyler countered angrily, not expecting that argument to work at all, and regretting having said it as soon as it left his lips. He knew it was only going to start more trouble between his father and himself. And that is exactly what it did.

"It most certainly is my business where you go and what you do!" his father shouted. "You are just barely fifteen years old, that's a long way from being an adult." Then he followed up with the line he had started using recently, one that Tyler hated hearing, but that had lately been giving him some ideas... "And as long as you live under my roof, you will abide by my rules!"

Tyler didn't respond, but crossed his arms over his chest in a gesture of defiance, the scowl on his face let his father know exactly how he was feeling.

"You are also grounded young man. Other than school, you are not to leave this house," his father continued.

"You can't keep me locked up here!" Tyler burst out.

His father looked over at the window, then turned back to face his son. "We'll see about that. The first thing we'll take care of is bolting shut that 'emergency exit' you have there. That should solve that problem." And with that Tyler's father stormed out of the room and down the stairs. Tyler heard his mother asking his father if he was alright as his father walked through the downstairs. He was able to tell that his father's reply was loud, but whatever it was, he couldn't make out. And whatever it was, he was sure it wasn't going to be good. He was equally sure that his father was serious about bolting his window closed. He began packing a bag.

When Tyler came down the stairs into the front entry hall a few minutes later, he could hear his parents in the garage arguing. All he was able to make out was his father yelling at his mother, "I told him I was going to bolt the window shut, and that's exactly what I am going to do. I will not have him disobeying us and sneaking out of this house! Now where is my drill? Have you seen it?"

Tyler was certain he had made the right decision. He walked to the front door and slipped through, closing it behind him as quietly as he could. He didn't want to attract their attention, and wanted to be as far away from the house as he could before his parents noticed he was missing. His first thought of where to go was the arcade to see if Bryan was working. He didn't usually work in the morning, but Tyler was going to take a chance that he might be there. He felt he needed something to kill the pain in his head from the fight with his father, and he had a little more than a hundred and fifty dollars in his pocket from dancing with Oliver at The Cavern the night before. It wasn't a physical pain though - it was an emotional one. He was craving the numbness the marijuana and Percocet capsules gave him.

Bryan wasn't there when Tyler got to the arcade, but the attendant told him that he expected him to come by that morning to pick up his paycheck. Tyler decided to wait for a while to see if Bryan would show up, so be bought some game tokens to occupy his time while he waited. Tyler had played several games, and didn't want to waste any more of his money on them, so he decided to wait outside. Tyler sat on the curb next to the building for about a half an hour and was about to give up when he saw Bryan's car pulling into the parking lot.

Tyler waited for Bryan to get out of his car before he approached him. As the boy walked up, Bryan looked him over. "You going on a trip?" he asked, referring to the over-stuffed duffel bag Tyler had slung over his shoulder.

"Sort of," Tyler answered. "I need some pain killers and a few joints, you got any?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm holding a little, you got cash?" Bryan came straight to the point.

"Yeah, I can pay. Fifty for ten pills and throw in a few joints?" Tyler responded.

"Sixty," Bryan countered.

They ended up settling on fifty five, and Bryan would give Tyler a ride after he collected his paycheck. While Tyler waited in the car for Bryan to come back out, he saw his parents' car coming down the block. His father was driving and his mother was in the passenger seat. Tyler slumped down in the seat so as not to be noticed as they drove by. He was still slumped down like that a moment later when Bryan opened the door to his car and slid into the driver's seat.

He gave Tyler a sly look and asked, "So who is it you're hiding from?"

"None of your business," Tyler answered, "Just drive, okay?"

Bryan had a smirk on his face as he pulled out of the parking lot and drove away from the arcade. There was something Tyler was hiding, and Bryan's senses were tingling. He had a feeling that this situation was somehow going to work out to his advantage. As they drove away he finally asked Tyler where it was that he wanted to go.

Tyler thought for a moment before he answered. "The Cavern, downtown," he finally answered. "You know where that is, right?"

"I didn't know you were hanging out there," Bryan said nonchalantly. This definitely got Bryan's attention, as he knew the reputation the club had.

"I didn't say that I was. I know someone that lives near there, so that's just a good way to tell you where to drop me off, not that it's really any of your business." Tyler pulled the scrap of paper with Oliver's phone number written on it from his pocket and looked at it, admiring the neat, precise penmanship. Then he slipped it back into his pocket. He would call Ollie after Bryan dropped him off.

When Tyler got out of Bryan's car in front of The Cavern, he turned and walked in the opposite direction as Bryan drove away. He didn't know where Ollie lived, but he hoped it was close by. He couldn't think of any other reason why he would have wanted to be dropped off here, but he suspected the story Ollie had told Drake was a ruse to keep him from knowing exactly where he lived. He pulled the paper back out and punched the number into his cell phone. Ollie answered on the third ring. "Hello?"

"Ollie? It's Tyler..."

"Hey Ty, what's up? I didn't expect to hear from you so soon."

"Um, I sort of had a big fight with my parents, and was wondering... Um, I was just wondering if there was any way that um..." Tyler was having a hard time getting the question he wanted to ask out. It was not easy to ask someone to do something as big as this for him, especially someone he had just met. He did feel an incredible connection with Ollie though, so he hoped against all odds that Ollie would say yes.

"Wondering what Ty?" Ollie prompted him.

"I was wondering if... Well, I was wondering if I might be able to stay with you for a couple days, just until things blow over," he finally got out.

Now it was Oliver's turn to stammer and hesitate in his speech. "I um... I don't know Ty. Um, the guy that I'm staying with might um, I don't know. He might not like it."

"Oh shit," Tyler sighed, just barely loud enough for Oliver to hear him. If Oliver could have seen him, he would have also noticed a single tear slowly making its way down Tyler's cheek. "I don't have any idea where I'm going to go or what I'm going to do." Tyler said.

This really tugged at Oliver's heartstrings. "Hey, Ty, don't worry. I'll help you figure something out. Where are you?"

"I'm sitting at a bus stop around the corner from The Cavern. I got a ride down here from, uh..." Tyler paused, thinking about how to describe Bryan to Oliver. "I got a ride from this guy I know after the fight with my 'rents."

"Okay, stay there. I'll be there in about fifteen minutes," Oliver said, then flipped his phone closed. Oliver had known his new friend for less than a day, but there was a sort of appealing vulnerability about his demeanor that inspired Oliver to help if he could. Still, he didn't think that Frank, the man he was living with, would appreciate him inviting the boy to stay over in his house, and it might cost him his place to live. Frank was sort of funny about Oliver bringing friends over. Oliver understood that though, some of the people he hung around with didn't fit in well with Frank's lifestyle. In fact, Frank was so concerned with what his neighbors would think about Oliver living with him that they had concocted a cover story about Oliver being his nephew, even though the neighborhood was comprised predominantly of gay men.

It was a warm day in Thunder Bay, so Oliver had been lounging in the front room wearing only a pair of tattered, white briefs while he watched TV. His body stretched as he reached up to slide each of the four, tall windows on the front of the house closed, giving one of the neighbors across the street four good, long, teasing looks at his lean body. Then went to his room and pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He slipped his feet into a pair of sneakers on his way out the door and was on his way to find Tyler. The neighbor across the street was still working in his yard as Oliver left, and gave a friendly wave which Oliver returned with a smile.

It took Oliver twenty minutes to reach Tyler. He had checked the wrong side-street by The Cavern first, and had to circle the block. Tyler was seated on the bench at the bus stop, fidgeting when Oliver finally walked up. "Sorry I took so long," he offered as he approached. Tyler looked up at him and smiled. 'Damn, but that smile could brighten anyone's day,' Oliver thought.

"Hey," Tyler said, "I was starting to get worried." Tyler wasn't wearing a watch, so he didn't know how long it had taken Oliver to arrive, but it had seemed like quite a bit longer than twenty minutes.

Oliver sat down on the bench next to Tyler. Tyler seemed nervous, but Oliver hadn't known him long enough to realize that this was out of character for him. Tyler was often very shy - something Oliver would never have deduced from his performances either at The Cavern or at Drake's apartment the previous evening - but in contrast to this he was usually also very self-assured when he did speak up.

Finally, after a few moments, Tyler spoke again. "Listen, I don't think they'd really be looking for me down here, but I know my 'rents are driving around looking for me. I saw them while I was waiting for the guy that gave me a ride. Do you think we could go over to your place for a little while? Just until I can figure out what to do... Maybe find a place to stay?"

Oliver looked over at Tyler, who seemed to be intently studying his shoes while he waited for an answer. Oliver knew Frank would probably get a little upset with him for bringing Tyler over to the house, but he wanted to help. He put his hand on Tyler's shoulder and said "Sure, let's go."

They got up, and Tyler slung his duffel bag over his shoulder, then he turned and followed Oliver down the street. Tyler hurried to catch up, and they walked side-by-side the few blocks to the house where Oliver lived with Frank. When they arrived, Oliver breathed a quiet sigh of relief as the neighbor across the street was no longer in his front yard. Maybe he could avoid questions from Frank about bringing Tyler over. Tyler admired the house and the yard as they made their way up the front walk. "This is a nice house," he commented. "Are your parents at home?" he asked, forgetting that Oliver had told him that he was living with 'a guy.'

"I don't know, this isn't my parents' house," Oliver told him as he inserted the key into the lock and opened the front door. "This is my friend Frank's house, but it's where I live."

"Yeah, I forgot you said that," Tyler responded. "I hope you aren't going to get in any trouble with him for bringing me over."

"I'm sure he'll get over it, once he understands it's for a good cause. If he finds out that is," Oliver said.

"So I take it he isn't home?" Tyler asked.

"No, he's working today. He owns an art gallery a few blocks over," Oliver told him. "He'll probably not be back until early this evening."

Tyler didn't respond further, but assumed that he was expected to leave before Frank returned home. He was going to have to figure out a place to stay, and do so quickly.

Tyler looked around as they entered. The house wasn't big, but it was comfortably furnished and nicely decorated. There was a large plasma screen television in the living room, along with two over-stuffed sofas, a couple small tables and a large, leather recliner. On one side of the room was a fireplace, with a few oak logs next to it in a bin. There were a few pictures in silver frames of an older man, probably nearly fifty on the mantle.

"Who's this?" Tyler asked, picking up one of the pictures.

"That's Frank, the guy who owns the house," Oliver answered.

Tyler was surprised, and he wondered what sort of relationship Frank and Oliver had. Oliver was easily able to read the expression on his face. "No, it's nothing like that," Oliver explained without even being asked. "We tell the neighbors that he's my uncle, just because he doesn't care to answer awkward questions. All I do is rent a room from him though; it isn't like we're sleeping together or anything."

A look of relief crossed Tyler's face as Oliver explained his living situation with Frank. Tyler still didn't really understand why, if Oliver was renting a room, he wasn't supposed to have guests over, but he let it pass. They sat and talked for a few minutes, but Tyler was distracted. Mainly it was the fight he'd had with his father and the decision he'd made to run away from home. He had no idea what he was going to do or where he was going to go. He needed to get high - to find a temporary refuge from his problems.

Tyler pulled out the little baggie he'd gotten from Bryan and removed one of the joints. He was surprised to see that Bryan had given him several, rather than the 'few' they had bargained for. "Wanna smoke some with me?" he asked Oliver, who nodded affirmatively.

"Come with me," Oliver said as he got up from the sofa they were sitting on. "We have to go out back to smoke." When they walked out onto the back patio, Tyler was amazed yet again. The patio was cobblestone, and surrounded by lush plants and grass that formed a large garden of the backyard. There was a small pond with a fountain in its center. A stream of water was shooting out from the mouth of a Cherub statue in the center of the pond.

Tyler and Oliver sat down on a curved concrete bench, one of four that surrounded the fountain. Tyler lit the joint, inhaled deeply and passed it over to Oliver. Oliver took it from him and drew in some of the smoke. He didn't pass it back though. He held onto it until Tyler had exhaled, then he reversed it, putting the cherry end into his mouth and leaned in to blow Tyler a 'shotgun' hit. Their lips were very close as Oliver blew the smoke into his mouth, almost touching.

If they had been able to read each other's minds they would have known that they were thinking exactly the same thing - they both were wishing that they were really drawing in for a kiss. Tyler even put a hand up to the side of Oliver's face as if they were actually sharing a kiss, and when his lungs finally filled with the smoke and he backed away, Tyler left his hand there. He found the smooth feel of Oliver's skin against his palm very pleasing.

Tyler and Oliver were lying on one of the sofas in the living room watching television. Oliver was behind Tyler, with his arms wrapped around him, his hands under Tyler's shirt. His hands were stationary though, rather than exploring Tyler's upper body - but then they were both already familiar with each other's bodies from the night before. Oliver had reopened the windows on the front of the house, and a cool breeze was blowing in. Tyler heard a car door closing outside, but paid it no mind. The sound escaped Oliver's notice.

A moment later the front door opened, and the man Tyler had seen in the pictures in the living room entered. When he came in, Oliver sat up so fast that it almost knocked Tyler off the sofa. He didn't say a word though.

Frank surveyed the room for a moment, and then he asked, "Who's your friend, Oliver?"

"Um, this is Tyler," Oliver replied, a little embarrassed. "He's a friend of mine and he had a fight with his 'rents, and I'm trying to, uh... I'm just trying to help him out a little.

"Hello Tyler," Frank said, still not smiling. "Tyler, would you excuse us for a moment please? Oliver, would you join me in the kitchen?" he asked cordially. Still, the look on his face was like stone and Tyler could read nothing from his expression at all. Tyler glanced at Oliver, and was able to read his expression clearly - he was concerned and worried, but he got up and followed Frank into the kitchen.

Tyler couldn't make out what was being said in the kitchen, but he could tell the discussion was getting heated between the two. Finally Oliver came back alone and gestured for Tyler to follow him. Tyler picked up his duffel bag, expecting that they were leaving the house, but instead Oliver led him upstairs. They entered a bedroom that was obviously that of a teen boy and Oliver closed the door behind them. "I told you that Frank doesn't like me bringing people over unless he knows them," he explained. "So we argued about it a little. Don't worry, he'll get used to you soon and it won't bother him so much when you come over."

On the one hand, Tyler liked the idea that Oliver was planning to have him back over as a regular guest. On the other, it reminded Tyler that he couldn't stay here, and still had to try to find a place to stay now that he'd run away from home. "Well, I guess I really need to figure out a place where I can stay though. It's going to be getting dark soon, so I better stop wasting time. I really don't want to get stuck out in town after dark with no place to go."

"You're staying here tonight," Oliver told him. "We'll find you something more permanent tomorrow."

"Really, are you sure that's okay?" Tyler asked, surprised that Frank was going to allow this. "I don't want to get you into any trouble with Frank."

"Yes, really, but just for tonight though," Oliver replied. "Leave your bag here, and we'll go get something to eat, then we'll run by The Cavern later and see if we can make a little more cash. Don't always expect to do as well as we did last night though."

Tyler smiled at Oliver and thanked him. He leaned in to kiss Ollie on the cheek, but Oliver had other ideas. He reached up and caught Tyler's face with his hands, and guided it toward him so that their lips met. Both boys parted their lips as they began to touch. A moment later their tongues seemed almost to intertwine and they shared a quick moment of passion before returning to the living room to get their shoes so they could go out for the evening.

Oliver and Tyler ate dinner at one of the many fast food places in the area. Oliver ate burgers, fries and Cokes - typical teen nutritional fare, while Tyler opted for one of the salads they offered. "I don't eat meat, except for fish," he offered as the only explanation, and no more was asked for by Ollie. It was still early when they finished eating, so they walked around in a park for a while, talking about anything but Tyler's problem of where he was going to stay after tonight with Oliver at Frank's house. They needed to figure something out, but for some reason neither of them wanted to broach that subject just yet.

Finally as dusk was settling in, they made their way to The Cavern. There wasn't a large crowd yet, but Oliver told Tyler that Saturdays were usually busy nights, so they would probably be able to make good tips by dancing that night. They had arrived before there was a cover charge at the door, and walked right in. Oliver waved at the bartender, who nodded in reply, before taking Tyler's hand and leading him back toward the changing room they had used the night before. "Let's see what you've got on," Oliver told Tyler.

Tyler looked quizzically at Oliver, held his arms out slightly from his sides and turned slowly around.

"That's not what I meant," Oliver sighed once Tyler was facing him again. The shirt, slit down the sides as it was would surely attract favorable attention, but that wouldn't be staying on the entire evening anyway. He reached out, unbuckled the belt that circled Tyler's waist solely for decoration, let it drop away and then unfastened and unzipped Tyler's jeans. He pushed Tyler's jeans down and once they had cleared the curve of his ass fell away, stopping at his knees. Oliver circled Tyler, considering the boxer shorts he was wearing. They were very obviously old, and although they were intact and had no holes in them, the material was noticeably thin with age. After walking slowly around Tyler not once but twice, Oliver stopped in front of him once more, crossing his left hand across his body and resting his right elbow in the palm. He tapped the fingers of his right hand against his lips considering what he saw. Finally he spoke again, saying "I think we can make this work."

Tyler was still unsure exactly what Oliver was up to, but stood and watched as he started to go through some of the clothing that was kept in the changing room. Oliver kicked off his shoes, then unfastened his pants and stepped out of them. His t-shirt had just reached the waistband of his jeans, but the tattered white briefs he was wearing rode lower on his hips. There were a few holes visible around the edges and where the elastic waistband was attached. Unfortunately for Tyler, the underwear didn't hug Ollie's form, but hung loose, the aging elastic barely providing enough cling to hold them up.

Oliver gave a gentle push and the briefs fell away, leaving Tyler with a far better view - an enticing view of Ollie's creamy white, smooth butt-cheeks. This didn't last long as Oliver picked up a pair of plain white boxers, easily as thin as the green and yellow plaid pair that Tyler had on. He slipped them on, and like Tyler's they hung loose, but the legs of the shorts didn't extend very far below where their respective equipment hung between their legs.

Ollie turned to face Tyler and asked, "So, what do you think?"

Tyler shuffled forward, his jeans still around his knees. He used his right hand to pull Oliver forward into him and his left to push the leg of Oliver's boxers up out of the way and grope Oliver's package. "Stunning," he breathed out huskily as he leaned in to kiss Oliver very passionately.

When they broke apart, there was tenting in both their shorts, slightly more in Oliver's case than in Tyler's, but he'd gotten more 'direct' stimulation. As Oliver pulled his jeans back on he told Tyler to go ahead and leave his shoes in the dressing room when they went back out into the main bar area, that way they'd be ready when the crowd started to arrive. "Wait until later to take your shirt off though, tease them a little," he advised. Once they had their 'costumes' ready for going back to the main bar area, Tyler pulled out one of the joints he'd gotten from Bryan that morning and held it up as if to ask "Want to?"

Oliver smiled and pulled out a lighter from his pants pocket, extended his hand and thumbed the wheel to produce a flame. Once the joint was lit, he stepped over and flipped an electrical switch that started an exhaust fan to suck the smoke out of the room. Neither boy considered that the fan vented directly into the alley behind the building rather than onto the roof. They had settled into one of two beanbag chairs together, and were passing the joint back and forth when they suddenly heard voices. And the voices seemed to be entering the dressing room where they were getting high. "See, I told you I smelled dope," one of them was saying.

"Dude, I didn't doubt you, I just didn't know how you could tell it was coming from back here."

"There's no other place it could be coming from, eh?" was the response.

Tyler was sure they were about to be busted for sure, but Oliver didn't make any move to try to get rid of the evidence, make a break for a get-away or anything. Instead, he reversed the joint so that the cherry was in his mouth and started to blow Tyler a shotgun hit. Tyler shrugged and leaned in to inhale the pungent smoke. 'Well, if we're busted, we're busted,' he thought as he began to fill his lungs.

"Oh, hey Ollie," one of the voices said a moment later, "We should have guessed it was you back here smoking."

Oliver pulled away from Tyler, removed the joint from his mouth and turned. Two blonde boys were now standing next to them. Oliver passed the joint to the closer of them and asked, "Are you dancing tonight?"

The boy he'd handed the joint to gave him a nod as he drew in a big hit.

Tyler nudged Oliver with his elbow to remind him that he was still there. Oliver took the hint and introduced him to the newcomers. "Ty, this is Jesse and Trevor. Jesse, Trevor, this is Tyler, he's a friend of mine."

It wasn't clear to Tyler which one was which, but he nodded toward them and gave a slight wave of his hand as a greeting. The two blonde boys looked very similar in build, wore their hair just off their shoulders and were probably around eighteen years old. They didn't look as if they were related though. One of them pulled the other beanbag chair over so that it was pressed against the one that Tyler and Ollie were already seated in, then they both sat down in it close to each other as Ollie and Tyler had done. They passed the joint until it needed to be clipped, and then it made another couple rounds before it was completely gone.

When they had finished smoking, the two blondes got up and left, stripping off their shirts and dropping them on a dressing table on the way out. Oliver turned to Tyler, telling him "Well, I guess that means they're staying to dance tonight."

"Are they friends of yours?" Tyler asked.

"Not friends exactly," Oliver answered. "I know them, yeah. And we do get along okay, but 'friends' isn't quite the right word I don't think." Oliver paused for a moment before he added "Be careful around them, Ty. They do a lot more than just dance here to pick up some cash though, and sometimes that makes it hard for the rest of us."

"What do you mean, 'do more than just dance'?" Tyler asked.

Oliver was surprised at Tyler's apparent naivety, and chuckled softly for a moment before answering. "They're hustlers, Ty."

Tyler's initial response was just a confused look, then he asked what Oliver meant by that.

"They have sex with guys for money, Ty."

"You mean they're prostitutes?" Tyler exclaimed, shocked.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that," Oliver responded. "Sometimes they get kicked out of here for a while when the manager catches on to what they're doing. He always lets them back in though, eventually. When they're around, it makes it harder for the guys that won't do that to make tips, because some of the guys start to expect the um, 'extra services'."

Tyler nodded his understanding, but didn't comment any further. He was glad that if some of the guys who hung out here did stuff like that, at least his new friend, Oliver wasn't one of them.

The crowd was building up well in The Cavern's main bar area when Tyler and Oliver came out of the dressing room. The music had already started, and there were several guys dancing on the stage and the dance floor directly in front of it. Only a few seats were left open at the bar. Oliver took Tyler's hand and led him off the stage and onto the main dance floor, where they started an erotic dance, grinding against each other. As they danced, Tyler recognized a few of the men seated at the bar from the night before, but Jesse and Trevor were nowhere to be seen. When the set ended, the dancers all headed toward the bar. Once again, as they made their way through the crowd, men tucked bills into their waistbands. There were also a few gropes as they made their way through the crowd. Likewise, once they had reached the bar, the regular patrons ordered them drinks, which they gratefully accepted and gulped down.

Sometime during the third set of songs, Drake, the guy Tyler and Ollie had gone home with the night before came in. Not being able to get a good seat at the bar, he took one of the small, round tables as close to it as was available. When the set ended and the dancers came back toward the bar, Drake waved them over to his table, where he had a couple of 'Sex on the Beach' drinks waiting for them.

Drake asked them how they were feeling, and unlike most of the regular patrons there, actually seemed as if he was listening to them when they answered. It was when Oliver had rejoined him at his table after the fourth set, while Tyler was using the bathroom, that Oliver mentioned Tyler's problem, about needing a place to stay. Tyler returned to the table just then and Oliver told Tyler that Drake had said he might be able to help him out with a place to stay.

Drake passed him a drink and said, "I do have that spare bedroom, you know. And if you need a place to stay for a while, you're welcome to use it."

"I don't know how much I can pay you," Tyler stammered out. He wished Oliver hadn't mentioned his problem of needing a place to stay while he wasn't there, but since it seemed to have worked out so well, he was also glad that he had.

"That's alright, and I won't hold you to anything. Here's my card, you call me if you can't find something else." Drake pulled a business card from his wallet and handed it to Tyler. It had his business and cellular phone numbers printed on it; along with his name and that he was the general manager of Wilson's Sporting Goods. Tyler stuck the card in his back pocket and thanked Drake for the offer.

When it was almost time for the next set to start, Oliver pulled Tyler up from his chair and back into the dressing room again. While there, they took the opportunity to take a couple hits from another joint, but the primary purpose of the trip was to strip down to their boxers for the remainder of the evening's dancing. When they heard the music starting up again a few minutes later, they put out the joint and returned to the stage. The spotlights the club used to light up the dancers on the stage made everything they had very apparent through the very thin cloth of the worn old boxers they were wearing, but neither Tyler nor Ollie was aware of it. Drake however took special note. Even though he knew full well from the night before what was beneath their shorts, there was something very erotic about only seeing the silhouette of what was hidden there when they were positioned, just so under the lights.

Tyler and Oliver were naturals together on the dance floor, as if they had been practicing together for ages rather than having just met the day before. Tyler was behind Oliver, and Oliver was making sure to grind his ass back into Tyler's groin as often as he could. This was causing Tyler's dick to begin to thicken and produce a slight tenting effect in the front of the boxers he was wearing. Every so often they moved apart, and when Tyler looked down during these occasions he saw each time that his growing tumescence was becoming a little more apparent. Each time after they moved apart again, Oliver would look back over his shoulder at Tyler and grin.

'He's doing this on purpose, trying to get me hard,' Tyler thought. 'Well two can play that game!'

The next time Oliver backed against him, Tyler reached around him with both hands and forming a triangle with his thumbs and forefingers, encircled Oliver's genitals, drawing the cloth of his boxers tight across them. The time after that, he put his hands down the front of Ollie's boxers, fondling him. This was a more effective strategy, and after a couple of times, had achieved the desired effect. Of course it didn't help his excited state become any less excited, just the opposite in fact. When the set ended and the dancers came off the stage, Tyler's and Oliver's shorts were both tented out nicely in the front. Drake had managed to move to a seat at the bar, and his eyes did not leave their mid-sections as they walked toward him.

Jesse and Trevor came back into the bar in the company of an older man, in his middle to late thirties. He was between them and had an arm around each one, and they were both still without their shirts, having left them in the back room. Tyler wasn't absolutely sure, but thought that they had exchanged pants since they had been outside the bar. He mentioned this to Oliver, who agreed that they had. "Truth be told, they probably aren't wearing the same underwear they had on earlier either," he suggested. At first Tyler didn't get it, but then he remembered what Ollie had told him about them having sex with men for money - and the man they were with was probably a 'customer.'

Jesse and Trevor split apart from the man, going to talk to some of the other youths who had been dancing that evening. The man they'd been with approached the bar and took a seat near where Tyler and Oliver were sitting with Drake, giving them an appraising look as he did. Tyler glanced over in his direction a couple times, and each time he did, he saw that the man was staring at him and Ollie.

Tyler saw the DJ heading back toward the sound booth, and knew that this was going to be their cue to return to the stage. He and Ollie downed the last of their drinks and headed back toward the stage, arm in arm. As they walked, Tyler leaned into Oliver and quietly told him that the man who had been with Jesse and Trevor had been staring at them when he came back to the bar.

"That's okay," Ollie replied. "Maybe he'll be a good tipper."

"But he seems so creepy," Tyler retorted.

"That's okay," Ollie laughed. "We aren't going to do anything with him; not like Trevor and Jesse probably did."

Once back on the stage, Tyler and Oliver danced facing each other now, and grinding their middles together, with entirely predictable results. Jesse and Trevor had joined the group on the stage and were doing a sort of a strip-tease as they danced; alternating removing pieces of the other's clothing one at a time. They were definitely attracting the attention of the audience with their erotic display.

When they finally pulled each other's jeans off, they were wearing only thongs - and that brought cheers from the audience. Jesse's was a red glossy fabric that glowed when the spotlights hit it; Trevor's was black leather with silver studs around the crotch. Once they were down to nothing but the thongs and their socks, Jesse and Trevor started turning the backs toward the audience even more. It was clear that they were trying to attract more 'business.'

Tyler and Oliver returned to the bar for the next break, and were greeted with shots of some light brown liquor from 'the creepy guy' as Tyler thought of him. Oliver didn't seem bothered by it, so Tyler went along with him in accepting the drink. They downed them quickly, and there was a harsh bite to it that made Tyler gag slightly. "What was that?" he asked, shaking his head, trying to erase the effect the drink had on him.

"Sicilian Freebird," the man replied in an accent that made it clear that he wasn't a local, but was probably from somewhere in the southwest United States. "It's Jack Daniels with a little bit of Amaretto to help with the bite." As he said this, he tucked a bill into the waistbands of both their boxers.

"That was awful," Tyler exclaimed just before Oliver's mouth closed over his in a passionate kiss. When their lips parted, there was actually some cheering from the onlookers who were standing close by.

"Don't bitch," Oliver whispered in Tyler's ear. "The dude just stuck twenty bucks in each of our pants." Tyler looked down and saw hat it was true - there was a $20 U.S. note sticking out of both their shorts.

Tyler was about to reply when Trevor pulled them away and took them a few seats down the bar so they would be out of earshot of 'the creepy guy.' "Be careful of that one," he warned. "His idea of love is a big black bruise and a handful of hair." Then he quickly moved away to where his friend Jesse was talking with a man at a nearby table.

When they turned back toward where they had been standing a moment before, they saw that the man had pulled over one of the other boys, one with an Emo look very similar to Tyler's, who was wearing just a pair of light blue briefs with red trim. Tyler had noticed him there earlier, but he seemed to be on his own and didn't have a specific partner to dance with.

When Tyler and Oliver returned to the house where Oliver lived with Frank that night, the house was dark. Frank's car was in the driveway, so Oliver told Tyler that they had to be sure to be quiet when they went in. Try as they might though, between the pot they had smoked and the alcohol they had consumed, the boys couldn't help but bump into each other, walls and furniture as they made their way to Oliver's room. This caused a bit of inebriated laughter to erupt from both boys, followed by Oliver shushing Tyler as if he hadn't been laughing as well.

"Hey! I wasn't the only one laughing, you were too!" Tyler exclaimed, more loudly than he had meant to.

As they made their way down the hallway to Oliver's room, Frank opened his door, clad only in boxer shorts. "Would you two kindly keep the noise down please?" he asked, annoyed. "I need to sleep; I have to be up early to open the store."

"Sorry," Oliver mumbled as the boys staggered past and entered his room.

Oliver closed the door behind them and both boys flopped down on his bed.

"He seemed pretty pissed," Tyler commented.

"Yeah, but he'll get over it," Oliver whispered into his ear.

Tyler and Oliver woke the next morning at almost the same instant. Both were still fully clothed, exactly as they were when they collapsed onto Oliver's bed when they got back in the wee hours of the morning. After they showered, they went to the kitchen for some breakfast, Oliver in a pair of white briefs and Tyler in boxers. Oliver fixed them each a bowl of Cheerios and they ate in silence. When they were finished eating, Tyler pulled out a joint and held up to Oliver as if to ask 'Do you want to?"

Oliver nodded and motioned for Tyler to follow him out onto the back patio. The back yard was a beautiful garden, made completely secluded by the high hedges and lush vegetation. "Frank would freak if I smoked in the house. He's sort of a Nazi about weed and shit," he explained.

"What do you mean?" Tyler asked.

"He's really serious about not wanting any drugs around here. It's probably about the only thing he'd really throw me out for. So I really have to make sure he doesn't find out if I smoke or anything. He's okay with me drinking though - says that's because booze isn't illegal to have around."

"That's cool," Tyler replied. "I don't mind, and it is a really nice day anyway, and this yard is so cool. It's like being in the Garden of Eden or something. Besides, I kind of like the feeling of being outside, nearly naked like this."

"Yeah, Frank really takes his gardening seriously," Oliver told him. "I'm sort of surprised he's running his shop this weekend, he normally spends all his time out here on the weekends doing the gardening. Sometimes I help him with it, it's kind of relaxing, and kind of fun really."

They sat back on the lush, green grass of the backyard and passed the joint back and forth, each inhaling deeply in turns, holding in the smoke as long as they could before breathing it out. As they did, Oliver reached out and stroked Tyler's thigh. Tyler enjoyed the feeling of Oliver's finger tips tracing their way up and down his leg and opened them farther apart as a way of inviting Ollie to continue.

Oliver let his fingers run farther and farther up Tyler's leg - finally starting to push the leg of Tyler's boxers up. Tyler snuffed out the half-smoked joint and lay back in the cool grass as Oliver continued his erotic touching. He reached into the leg-hole of Tyler's boxers, pulling out Tyler's half-hard penis. He cupped Tyler's balls in the palm of his hand and admired the thickening shaft above them. The soft, smooth skin of Tyler's scrotum felt so wonderful to him, resting in his hand. He wished that Tyler could stay here with him, but Frank had made it clear that he wasn't willing to take in any more boarders, even though he relented and agreed to let Oliver have Tyler stay over last night.

Tyler, for his part was also wishing their time together wouldn't ever have to end. He had managed to find a place that he could go to so that at least he wouldn't be sleeping out on the streets at least. He hoped that Drake wouldn't back out of the offer he'd made the night before. There was no way he thought he could go back to his parent's home after the fight he'd had with his father the day before. This thought was interrupted when Oliver started to tug at the waistband of his boxers.

He was now completely naked in the backyard garden, a cool breeze blew over his body, reminding him of the time he, Andy Christian and Rob had gone skinny-dipping at the lake near where they lived. This time he didn't need to concern himself with getting hard though, and Oliver was doing his best to make sure that he did just that.

Oliver had pushed his briefs down his legs and kicked them away. He rolled over on top of Tyler, bringing a hand to the back of Tyler's head and leaning in for a kiss. Tyler immediately opened his mouth and probed in Oliver's mouth with his tongue. Two stiff, fleshy poles were squished together between them now - and both boys felt the slippery wetness of pre-cum on their bellies. It seemed horrible to break the moment, but Tyler didn't think he could take Oliver's dick dry, and he wanted it inside him so badly - he had to do it - he had to ask, so when they broke apart from the kiss he asked, "Ollie, have you got any lube? I really want you in me, but I don't think I can do it without something to help you get in easier."

"Yes babe, I think I've got just the stuff," Oliver breathed out huskily. Then he got up and trotted back toward the house. As Tyler watched the cute backside of his friend as he made his way back indoors, he was once again reminded of the day at the lake with his friends. Things seemed so much simpler then, and at the same time more complicated since he had to hide his sexual feelings and arousal from them. He was happy that he was here with Oliver now - there was no need to pretend that he was someone he wasn't. Tyler lay back in the grass and closed his eyes, his arms and legs splayed out, enjoying the warm sun on his skin.

Oliver returned a few moments later, and hearing him approach, Tyler opened his eyes and pushed himself up onto his elbows. The slender brunette boy was grinning ear to ear as he walked across the grass. He was still completely erect, and Tyler admired the little patch of light brown hair that formed a small triangular patch at the base of his shaft. Tyler noticed that there was something in each hand as Oliver stopped next to him and knelt. In one hand there was a tube of KY lubricant, and in the other... The other hand held a small brown bottle that reminded Tyler of another experience from his past - his experiences with Corey. It was a bottle of Amyl Nitrate.

Oliver handed him the bottle and asked "Have you ever used this stuff before?"

Tyler smiled and nodded that he had as he extended his hand to accept the poppers from his friend.

Oliver flipped open the cap on the tube of KY and squirted a glob out onto his fingers. Tyler flipped over and raised his butt into the air, allowing Oliver access to work the gel into his hole. While Oliver was working on getting him ready, Tyler uncapped the little brown bottle and inhaled deeply from its contents. The nearly forgotten rush came back to him in an instant, and he felt his cock jerk in anticipation of what was soon to come.

Oliver moved behind him, positioning himself. This wasn't the way Tyler wanted it though. He told Oliver to wait, took another deep breath of the poppers and rolled over onto his back once more. Tyler drew his legs up, hooking his arms behind his knees and drawing them up onto his chest. He wanted to be facing Oliver as he gave himself to his friend. He was glad that he did, as the look of pleasure on Oliver's face as he slid inside was something that etched into Tyler's mind, to be stored there for all time, just as Oliver would remember the gasp of delight that Tyler let out once he had sunk all the way inside.

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