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Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Fifteen

by Terrance MacDonald

Tyler and Melissa were still sitting in the airport coffee shop talking. Tyler didn't open up completely to Melissa about the true nature of his relationship with Oliver; he'd seen enough homophobia in his eighteen years to know that not everyone is willing to accept someone who is gay, bi or whatever - solely because of their sexual orientation. But he liked this girl and enjoyed talking to her, so he didn't want to scare her away in case she wasn't willing to accept his sexuality. She did seem to be genuinely interested in what he had to say, keeping eye contact with him during most of their conversation, and there weren't a lot of people he'd known who he was able to say that about.

She listened as he told her about Oliver, the friendship they'd had and how much he missed him now that he was gone. Every so often she would interrupt with a question about some little detail, but mainly she just listened. Tyler had left a lot out of the story, but that was necessary to disguise his sexuality. When he'd finished telling her about Oliver, she got a sort of strange expression on her face and asked, "You were lovers, weren't you?"

Tyler was astounded. She'd seen right through his attempts to cover up the true nature of the relationship he'd had with Oliver, and he had thought he had done a pretty good job. He sat silently for a moment, his mouth hanging open in disbelief before he finally asked, "How did you know?"

"It was your eyes," she told him. "I could see it in when you were telling me about him. There was a softness that came into them when you talked about the two of you. In fact, I think it's really sweet."

Tyler looked down for a moment, staring at his hands, which lay folded together in his lap. When he looked back up at her, he smiled. "Thanks," was all he said.

"So what happened to him?" she asked. "How did he die?"

"He was killed..." Tyler started, but couldn't quite finish his statement.

"Someone murdered him?" she guessed.

"Not exactly," he answered. "It was drugs. It might as well have been murder though. I didn't realize it at the time, and it took another good friend to help me understand that. The truth is that I was pretty hooked myself when Ollie died, and it took his death and my other friend to help me realize that - once I did, I saw that he had been right about drugs all along. That was when I was finally able to stop using."

"That's so sad," Melissa said as she took his hand in hers. "I'm glad that there was someone there for you to help you through this ordeal," she added.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I'd never met him in person before." Tyler admitted. "I still haven't. In fact, I'm on my way to see him now for the first time... And I'm really nervous about it."

Melissa squeezed Tyler's hand. "Do you want to talk some more?" she asked. "I'd be happy to listen if you do, and there's still time before I have to catch my flight."

"Yeah, there's still a couple hours left until my flight leaves too, and I think I would like to talk to someone - it's definitely better than sitting here all by myself. It's just... I don't know - I can't help thinking... What if I get there and he doesn't meet me like he's supposed to? I won't have anywhere to go; I'll have no place to stay... And I've come too far to turn back. Or what if I get there and he doesn't like me? What do I do then? I'm just sort of stuck."

And that's when it hit him - he might be putting himself into the same situation he had been with Drake - only worse this time because he would be so far from home. Thomas had sworn to him that there was no sexual interest, but what if... Tyler shook his head as if that would make the thought go away. Thomas had always been so kind to him, so loving and caring - even if it had only been online - he couldn't possibly be anything like Drake had been.

"Well, I'm a good listener. Why don't you tell me about it? Or maybe it will help take your mind off things if you tell me more about Oliver - whatever makes you feel better."

Melissa's interest in his problems, whether it was real or imagined, spurred him on to tell her more about him; past and present. This time he opened up more about Oliver and his relationship.

Once Oliver had worked the entire length of his penis into Tyler, he paused and reached down to take a hit from the popper bottle himself. After it had been recapped and dropped into the grass next to them Oliver began drawing back, then pushing in, establishing a rhythm with Tyler. It only took a moment or two for them to begin working together as one, thrusting, pushing, pulling, rotating some, and then repeating the whole thing over and over again.

The temperature was in the middle seventies that day, and even with the cool breeze blowing through the backyard garden Tyler and Oliver has soon worked up a sweat. A light sheen covered both their bodies, and it would have looked almost as if they were glowing in the sunlight had anyone been able to see them. And with their inhibitions lowered by the poppers neither would have cared if someone were watching just at that moment.

Tyler sensed a change in the pattern as Oliver began to edge closer and closer to orgasm. He wrapped his legs around Oliver's back and hooked his ankles together. He used his legs to pull Oliver in, closer and tighter as the intensity of their coupling increased. If Oliver was anything like Corey had been, he was going to start pulling back farther, and then slamming back into him with each thrust as his climax neared. That style of Corey's had often left him quite sore, and he wanted to be able to prevent that this time if he could. He knew he was going to have some walking to do in a little while, getting from Oliver's house to a place where he could hopefully get Drake to pick him up, and he didn't want to be struggling his way bowlegged through downtown.

He hoped he could get Drake to pick him up. It would really suck if he had to walk all the way to Drake's apartment. It had to be at least three or four miles. There was probably a bus he could catch, but he wasn't familiar with the routes in this area, and he didn't want to waste any of his money on a taxi. Sure, Drake had said that he would take him in and not make him pay any rent until he could afford it, but Tyler wasn't sure how long that would last, or whether there would be other expenses he would have to deal with - like food for instance. He was going to have to eat, and even if Drake was going to let him stay rent-free, he didn't think for a minute that the guy was going to pay his way for everything.

Tyler's momentary lapse into thought had caused him to loosen his legs from around Ollie for a moment. It was a particularly forceful thrust from Oliver that snapped Tyler's mind back to reality, and he tightened his leg muscles back up. It wasn't intentional, but when Tyler did that, his sphincter squeezed around Oliver's shaft, providing a little more stimulation. That was all Oliver needed to send him over the edge, and on his next down-stroke began to pump Tyler's bowels full of his seed.

Oliver shot at least four times that Tyler was actually able to tell. He was sure more cum leaked out during the few last gentle back and forth movements they made together. Tyler knew Oliver had cum quite a lot, as he could feel the warm, sticky liquid oozing out of his butt-hole even as he and Oliver were still doing their horizontal dance.

Tyler let his legs relax, releasing Oliver from their grip and the two boys finally broke apart. Oliver rolled off of Tyler and lay next to him on his side in the cool, lush grass. He traced his fingers lightly up and down Tyler's chest, relishing the feeling of the smooth, warm skin and wished that Tyler could stay here with him, instead of only staying the one night that Frank had reluctantly agreed to. He was glad Frank had finally relented and allowed that much, but he was sure there was no way that he was going to pull any extra time for them to be together out of his landlord.

Tyler broke the silence after a few minutes. "What the fuck have I done?" he asked. He meant it rhetorically, and didn't really expect an answer, but Oliver's reply made him smile.

"I think you've made me love you," Oliver responded. "If not, it's awful damn close. All I know is that I don't want you to leave me."

"And I don't ever want to leave you," Tyler told him back, rolling onto his side to face Oliver, then kissed him gently on the lips. "But can we convince Frank to let me stay?"

"I don't think so - not until he knows you better. I'll keep working on him, and you can come home with me sometimes, so he can get used to you and know that you're a good guy that won't rip him off. Just don't ever let on that you smoke, or do any other sort of drugs," Oliver cautioned.

"Yeah, I remember," Tyler sighed.

Oliver was still running his fingers over Tyler's chest and stomach, and every so often would pause to pay a little extra attention to one of Tyler's nipples, which were both pointed out stiffly, almost like miniature hard-ons due to the erotic stimulus Oliver's fingertips were providing. Tyler let out a little moan as his penis began to reawaken, and started to become hard again.

Tyler's sigh drew Oliver's attention back to his middle, and seeing his partner's dick thickening up, his hand traveled farther down the boy's body, eventually reaching the small, triangular patch of curly, black hairs that grew between his legs. Oliver ran his fingers through them, they felt soft and luxuriant to his touch, and he marveled in the sensory signals his fingers were sending to his brain. His thoughts were interrupted as Tyler's dick continued to straighten, and finally touched his hand.

When that happened, Oliver grasped it lightly and began stroking up and down the shaft. Not jacking it exactly, but not far from it either. When he did this, Tyler thought briefly about protesting, but instead he rolled over onto his back and allowed Oliver to do with his body what he wanted. When he felt the coolness of the KY jelly dripping onto his shaft a few moments later, he let out a gasp. He didn't know exactly what Oliver had in mind, but any doubts he had were cleared up when Oliver straddled him, holding his erect dick straight up and began to sit back on top of it.

Oliver sank down on him slowly, Tyler contemplated pressing up into him, but after all they had done, he was too spent, so he just lay there. He saw Oliver bring the little brown vial back to his nose and inhale deeply. Once he had done that, he sat all the way down, quickly ramming Tyler's shaft in all the way to the hilt. There was a look of pure ecstasy on his face as Tyler looked up at him. Oliver threw his head back and began to move on top of Tyler, pushing himself up on his knees, and then dropping back down. Tyler thought this sort of motion on Oliver's part was going to have the same effect on Oliver's hole that Tyler was trying to avoid when he'd been the bottom such a short time before. Oliver seemed to love it though, alternately grinning and gasping at the roughness of the ride. Tyler just threw his arms out above his head and spread his legs as wide as possible while he enjoyed Oliver's evident delight in his wild ride.

Once Tyler had cum, Oliver collapsed on top of him. It was only the gradual softening of Tyler's dick that caused it to eventually withdraw from the warm, slippery sleeve it had found in Ollie's butt. It was then that Oliver rolled off him and lay next to him in the grass. Both boys lay there, arms outstretched and legs spread enjoying the afternoon sun. They were exhausted from the workout the sex had given them, so it wasn't long before they were napping.

When they woke, it was the tinkling of a bell that had roused them from their sleep. Frank was standing on the patio ringing a small bell. When Oliver picked his head up to look toward the house, Frank called out to them. "If you two are hungry, I've got dinner almost ready. Get a shower and then come set the table if you want to eat!"

When Tyler heard the older man's voice, he suddenly became embarrassed, the effects of the poppers and marijuana long having left his system. His hands immediately went to cover his groin, and he refused to look up. Oliver giggled at his reaction, and finally poked him once Frank had gone back into the house. "He's gone inside, you can get up now," he said, still laughing slightly as he got up off the grass. He brushed himself off, and grabbed both pairs of underwear they had worn outside earlier.

Tyler was just sitting up when Oliver started toward the house, and that was when he saw that Ollie had taken his boxers with him. Looking over his shoulder, Ollie called back to him, "Race you to the shower!" and took off running toward the house.

"Ollie, my boxers!" Tyler shouted after him. "Come back here!"

"Come get them!" he hollered back, still heading toward the house.

Left with no choice, Tyler got up and ran after him. He never caught up with his friend, at least not until he stepped into the shower with him. "You dick!" he said as he entered the shower stall.

"What's the difference?" Oliver asked. "Frank already saw everything before he rang that damn bell at us, trust me," he then quite correctly pointed out.

"It was still a shitty thing to do!" Tyler replied, doing his best to look hurt, but in the end he couldn't help but grin widely at Oliver.

They kissed in the warm spray of the shower. As they did, Oliver began to grind his dick against Tyler's. "Oh no you don't!" Tyler said to him. "We've had enough of that today already. I'll be rubbed raw if we tried to do it again now!"

The dinner Frank had cooked for them was actually very good. They had broiled salmon, fried potatoes and green beans. Tyler even managed a second helping - fortunately he ate fish, so his semi-vegetarianism didn't put Frank off about the dinner he'd prepared. He was just finishing that up when his cell phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and hit the 'ignore' button. The call had been from his parents' phone number. But that did remind him that he still needed a place to stay. He knew he'd better call Drake soon.

Frank asked the boys if they wanted dessert, but both said they were too full. Besides, they were going to go out. Frank gave Oliver a look as if to say 'you know he already stayed one night, and that's all I agreed to.'

They went up to Oliver's room to get ready to leave for the evening. It pretty much went without saying that they were going back to The Cavern again that night. This was so much so that Oliver cautioned Tyler not to be very optimistic about getting tips on a Sunday night since it wasn't likely to be busy.

Tyler sat on the bed, pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and looked at the display. There were several voice messages, but he didn't bother to check them. When he looked at missed calls, Tyler was able to see that they were nearly all from his parents, probably his mother. There was no way his father would have called, much less left a message - at least that was Tyler's opinion. The only other number in his missed call log that had called his phone since he'd run away from home was Corey.

And right now he didn't think he wanted to talk to Corey either. He correctly assumed that Corey had been put up to calling him by his parents, and even though he was still having second thoughts about running away, he still felt that he was committed to the course of action he'd chosen. If he were to go home now, he knew that the only result would be that he was in even more trouble, grounded - probably for life - and more fucked than he already was. At least that was how he saw things.

"What's up?" Oliver asked him, noticing the troubled look on Tyler's face.

"The 'rents have been calling," Tyler answered. "Probably my mom, I don't think there's any way my dad would have called. There's a bunch of voice messages too."

"So are you going to call them?" Oliver asked.

"Nope," Tyler answered matter-of-factly.

"They're probably worried," Oliver advised him.

"Fat chance," Tyler shot back. "I don't think they really care much one way or the other."

"If they didn't care, they wouldn't have called," Oliver suggested.

Tyler screwed up his face and considered this for a moment. "Maybe," he muttered quietly.

He flipped the phone open and started to dial. Ollie hoped that Tyler was going to call his parents, but that wasn't the case.

"Drake?" he heard Tyler say. "This is Tyler, we met the other night. You remember? Cool! Is that offer of a place to stay still open?" This worried Ollie. He wasn't sure if he really trusted this guy or not. He didn't seem too bad on the one hand, but on the other, it wasn't like him to black out and not remember anything like he had done the night they had spent at Drake's apartment. And that strange incident was the basis for his concern.

He didn't pay any more attention to the conversation Tyler was having with Drake on the phone, but after Tyler hung up he told Oliver that Drake was going to meet them at The Cavern and give him a ride later that night. At this news Ollie just shrugged.

When they got to The Cavern, Ollie and Tyler headed straight for the back room, where they dropped off Tyler's duffel bag and stripped down, Oliver thought it would be better if they wore the little bikini type briefs that they had a few nights before. Tyler succumbed easily to Oliver's experience, and once they had found the appropriate choices and put them on, they settled into the bean bag chair to smoke a joint before putting the rest of their clothes back on and going out into the main room of the bar.

This time, no one disturbed them. It wasn't likely to be very busy on a Sunday night, something Oliver had cautioned Tyler about on their way to the club. "Don't expect much tonight," he had warned, "there probably won't be many people out on a Sunday."

When they had finished smoking, Tyler and Oliver finished redressing and went back out to the main room in the bar. They were surprised to see two uniformed RCMP officers at the bar passing a photo around. As they came out of the back, one of the uniformed officers turned around, saw them and began walking in their direction. There was no way they could get away; besides, Tyler's bag was still back in the dressing room. Ollie, being more seasoned, gripped Tyler's arm and led him straight toward the policeman.

Tyler was freaking out. "What the hell are you doing?" Tyler asked, just barely loud enough for Ollie to hear. "We just finished smoking; he'll smell it and bust us for sure."

"Shut up and follow my lead, I know what I'm doing," Ollie reassured him.

Tyler was very nervous. He was in a bar, underage, stoned, shirtless and in stocking feet. He'd heard that marijuana caused paranoia, and it was sure working on him. Oliver seemed quite fearless to him at that moment though - fearless to the point of foolishness in Tyler's opinion.

The RCMP officer stepped up to them and extended a picture toward them. "Do either of you know this boy?" he asked. They looked at the picture. The boy had been horribly beaten, and appeared to be lying in a grassy area.

"What happened to him? He looks awful," Tyler exclaimed.

"He looks dead," Ollie added.

"He is dead. He was murdered last night," the cop told them. "Do you know him?"

Tyler was horrified. Oliver just stood dumbly, his mouth agape. "Well?" the policeman asked.

"I... I... I don't know who he was," Tyler stammered. "I saw him last night though..." It was the cute Emo boy they had seen the night before who had been wearing the blue and red briefs.

"Where did you see him?" the officer asked.

Oliver finally spoke up. "He was here, dancing."

"Was he with anyone?" the officer continued quizzing them.

"The creepy guy..." Tyler muttered. Then more clearly, and directed toward Ollie, "I saw him with that creepy guy, you remember?"

"Creepy guy?" the cop asked.

"Yeah, I remember that dude," Oliver replied, not to the officer but to Tyler. "You sure that's the dude he was talking to though? That kid was pretty messed up, it may not be the same guy."

"Oh I'm sure," Tyler replied, again ignoring the cop who had been trying to question them. "That's the same kid. No doubt about it at all."

"Excuse me boys," the officer broke in. "I need you to tell me about this 'creepy guy' you saw this boy with. Do you know who he was?"

"I never saw him before, but Jesse and Trevor seemed to know who he was," Tyler replied. He was rewarded with a kick in the ankle and a look from Oliver that seemed to say 'what the hell are you telling him that for?'

"Okay, where do we find Jesse and Trevor?" the cop asked.

"I don't know," Tyler told him. "I just met them last night."

"Do you know?" the policeman asked Oliver.

"Uh, no. I don't know them," Oliver lied.

Tyler gave him a quizzical look when he lied, but didn't say anything to give him away. The policeman seemed satisfied that he had learned all he was going to from them, so he handed them each a card and asked them to call if they remembered anything else, and to have Jesse and Trevor contact him if either Tyler or Oliver saw them.

As soon as he was out of earshot, Tyler asked Ollie why he had lied. "Dude, you gotta learn. You never send the cops after any of the hustlers around here."

"But someone killed that kid," Tyler protested. "They might be able to help find the guy who did it. You remember what they said about him, don't you?" He didn't even seem to pick up on Ollie's 'hustler' comment.

"Dude, do yourself a big favor and just keep your mouth shut around the cops. That's just the way it is here. We all just have to look out for ourselves, and each other."

Tyler didn't understand, but saw it was going to be pointless to argue the issue any further. It wasn't like he'd been telling the cops they were dealing, or doing anything that would get them busted - and after all, someone had beaten that poor, cute boy to death.

The crowd that night was light, as Oliver had predicted. There wasn't going to be much opportunity for them to dance in any case, as there was a drag show starting at nine that evening - Tyler didn't feel much like it anyway, not having seen the gruesome photograph of the boy who had been beaten to death the night before. Jokingly, Oliver asked Tyler if he wanted to be in the drag show. "I'm not dressing up like a fucking woman!" Tyler responded, thinking his friend had been serious.

"Chill out dude, I was just kidding," Oliver scolded, and gave him a fake frown.

Tyler smiled, leaned over and kissed Oliver quickly and chastely on the lips. He got a little giggle in return.

The earlier visit from the police dominated the topics of most of the conversations in the bar that night. As a result, the consensus was that it was likely as not that there would be plainclothes officers around for the next few days, so the drinks for the underage customers were not flowing like they had before. It was only every so often that one of the younger boys was able to sneak a quick shot, passed to them on the sly from another customer.

It was about 8:30 when Drake walked through the front door of The Cavern. He spotted Oliver and Tyler sitting together at a table and headed toward them. "Mind if I join you?" he asked as he pulled out a chair and sat, not waiting for an answer. The boys looked over at him. Oliver's expression was blank - he still didn't trust this guy. Tyler smiled at him as he leaned forward, elbows on the edge of the table.

"Not dancing tonight?" Drake asked.

"No, we were going to up until the time the drag show starts, but then the cops were in here asking about some kid that got murdered last night," Tyler answered. "They were showing a picture around, asking if anyone knew who he was," he continued. "It was terrible, somebody really beat the shit out of him, and he was in here last night too."

"Did you know him?" Drake asked, curious.

"Nope, I just saw him in here dancing. He was cute too. I never talked to him though." Tyler was feeling sort of bad that he hadn't said anything to the boy, not that it would have probably changed anything if he had. But it would have been at least an acknowledgement of the dead boy's existence, a sign that someone had cared about him whom no one could care about or talk to now.

Some of the performers that were going to be in the show were starting to come in and head for the dressing room where Tyler had left his bag, so Oliver pulled him up from the table. "Come on," he said, "we better go get changed before the queens have their shit all over the dressing room."

Tyler didn't want to strip down in front of them. "I'm not getting undressed in front of those trannies," he told Oliver as they skirted the stage on their way into the back room.

"You gotta leave the briefs," Oliver reminded him of the rules about using the prop clothing in the back.

"I'm not stripping in front of them!" Tyler insisted. "I'll wash them myself and bring them back later."

Oliver relented at that point - at least that meant that he'd keep seeing Tyler, if he intended to keep coming here once he'd moved in with 'the evil Drake' - this was the least and best description Oliver thought of for Drake.

As they entered the dressing room, a rather effeminate man who was standing there in only a skimpy pair of ladies' panties spotted them. "Oooo, fresh meat for the show tonight girls!" he squeaked out in a lisping voice.

Tyler grabbed his duffel. His shoes and shirt were already inside. "Fuck off," he said to the man as he and Oliver turned and left the dressing room. "I'm not some freak case that dresses up like a bitch."

"Oooo, this one's a little butch boi," the cross-dresser crooned as they walked away.

"That was rude," Oliver observed. "I can't believe you said that."

"Sorry," Tyler apologized. "I guess all the shit that's happened the last couple days has been getting to me a little."

"Don't worry, she'll get over it," Oliver said reassuringly as he reached over and gave one of Tyler's butt-cheeks a squeeze. Tyler lightly and playfully punched him in the arm in response.

They had only rejoined Drake at the table for a few minutes when Drake suggested that he needed to leave, and it was obvious that Tyler was supposed to accompany him when he did. This was fine with Tyler in one respect - he didn't want to stay for the drag show - but on the other hand, he really didn't want to leave Oliver. He really didn't have a choice right now - if Drake was leaving, Tyler had to catch a ride to his new home - such as it was.

Drake hadn't driven the van from his store this time. He had his car, it was an older Buick Le Sabre, but it was still in good shape. The leather seat was comfortable and Tyler leaned back into it as they drove away from the bar. Drake drove quickly, and made what seemed like more than a few unnecessary turns before they got back to the apartment. As they pulled into the parking lot, Tyler mentioned something he had not previously brought up.

"Um, will you like, maybe give me a ride to school in the morning?"

"School?" Drake asked. He hadn't expected that.

"Yeah, school. I don't want to drop out. I need to keep going." Tyler was worried for a moment that Drake wouldn't be willing to get him to school. He was also worried that his parents might look for him there.

"What time do you have to be there?" Drake inquired.

"By eight, that's when the late bell rings," Tyler told him.

Drake was actually surprised this kid was still in school. Most of the kids that hung out dancing or hustling at The Cavern were dropouts, so he had expected no less from Tyler. "Sure, don't worry about it," Drake answered. "I'll make sure you get there on time." He smiled when Tyler told him about needing to get to school. Not only was this kid incredibly cute, he was also smart. This wouldn't necessarily play into the relationship that he wanted to see develop, but in a way he was still glad this kid was intelligent enough to want to stay in school.

"Cool, thanks," Tyler replied, relieved. He did understand the importance of getting an education, if nowhere else from the online conversations he'd had with Thomas. One thing he appreciated about those conversations with Thomas was that the older man treated him with the sort of respect that adults normally reserved for other adults, rather than like a kid. He had been adamant about the need for Tyler to finish school, but had made the point in such a way that didn't make Tyler feel as if he was being talked down to.

Drake dropped Tyler off in front of the school at about seven forty five on Monday morning. As Tyler stepped out of the car, he saw Corey waiting for him in front of the school. He appeared anxious about something as they pulled up, pacing nervously on the sidewalk. Corey rushed over to Tyler as he made his way up the sidewalk toward the front door of the school. "Where have you been dude?" he asked. "Your 'rents are freaking out, and they keep calling my house wanting to know if anyone has seen you."

This was a little surprising to Tyler, since his parents were aware of the rift that had developed between them after Tyler broke off their sexual relationship. They just didn't know the real reason behind it. "I'm staying with a friend for a while," Tyler told him, noncommittally. He was intentionally being vague, as he wasn't sure what sort of reaction he would get if it were to get out among his friends that he was staying with an older man whom he had just met.

"So who was that guy that dropped you off?" Corey questioned, trying to get some information out of Tyler. There was still a strong bond between the two boys, especially the way Corey saw it, since he would be alive now if not for Tyler. Corey was about to ask if the man who dropped Tyler off was the father of whatever 'friend' he was staying with, but the guy hadn't looked nearly old enough to have any kids that were their age.

"That was Drake," was Tyler's terse reply. He wasn't about to volunteer any information.

"So, how do you know him?" Corey persisted. He wasn't going to let the subject pass as easily as Tyler wanted him to. Tyler had walked past Corey now, so he had to turn around to follow. Tyler offered no response to his question, so Corey stepped up behind him and grabbed Tyler's elbow, spinning him around as he did. "Answer me!" he blurted out when Tyler was facing him once more. "Who is that guy that dropped you off?!"

"I told you, it was Drake," Tyler shot back at him, annoyed at the interrogation he was getting. "Look, we aren't together anymore, what does it matter to you?" he hissed, just loud enough so only Corey would be able to hear him.

Tyler was going to turn and walk away, but Corey maintained a grip on his elbow, and not only did he not let go when Tyler tried to jerk away from him, but he strengthened his grasp on his friend's arm. "Ty, talk to me - please!" he pleaded.

"It's none of your business!" Tyler suddenly exploded, turning back and stepping right up into the face of his former boyfriend. Still, despite his protestation that it was none of Corey's business, he continued. "Yeah, I ran away from home, and yeah, I'm staying with that guy that dropped me off! Are you fucking satisfied now?!"

Suddenly it was very quiet all around them. And the silence was loud, especially when it was in the front hall of a high school. Tyler looked around, and everyone was standing still, staring at him and Corey. Tyler realized only now that he had been shouting at Corey during the final part of their exchange. He looked around - it was as if all the eyes in the entry hall of the school were focused only on the two boys. Corey's mouth hung open in surprise. He had never expected a reaction like this from Tyler. More surprising still was the look in Tyler's eyes at that moment. Until now, all Corey had ever seen in them was softness and love. Now there was anger - and it scared him.

Corey offered no resistance now when Tyler jerked away from him, so the effect ended up seeming a little exaggerated to the other students who were watching the exchange. There were a few there in the hall who knew Tyler, and they were equally shocked by the way he was acting this morning as Corey. The majority of the students in the hallway didn't have any idea who either Tyler or Corey were, but from the sound of things assumed that it was just a couple of fags having a lover's quarrel. A couple of the jocks taunted them by making exaggerated kissing noises as they passed by.

Life seemed to become hell for Tyler from that moment on. He had alienated himself from the best friend he'd ever had in school. Word had spread quickly among the rest of the students who knew him far more quickly than he imagined was possible - Tyler had run away from home and was living with some older guy, the one that was dropping him off for school every morning. Even people Tyler didn't know seemed to be noticing him in the hallways. It was almost as if they were pointing and laughing.

Corey had stopped talking to Tyler. Worse yet, Tyler was not even able to get Corey to look him in the eye. As Tyler would walk down the hallways in his school, he would hear whispered comments from all around him:

'There's the little fag.'

'That's the kid that ran away from home and is whoring himself out.'

'He's letting some old dude fuck him.'

Tyler heard the comments whether he had been meant to or not. And they stung - no, they hurt him - they hurt him deeply. There were even times he would lock himself in a stall in one of the bathrooms and cry for a while. It had been only a week since he'd left home, and despite the rumors, he hadn't been sleeping with Drake, or having sex with him - well, with the exception of that first night with Oliver.

He had expected his mother to show up at his school looking for him, but she hadn't. She was only calling his cell phone every other day now. He was disappointed, even though he hadn't been answering her calls. It seemed like she was starting to give up on him too. It was starting to feel as if his entire world was crashing down around him. So he took more pills or smoked more pot to dull the pain. At least Drake didn't care if he was using drugs around the apartment, so he didn't have to worry about getting thrown out of the place he was living for that reason like his new friend, Oliver.

Tyler logged on to the computer in the school library. He checked over his shoulder, then logged into his Hotmail account. He wasn't supposed to check his e-mail at school, and would get into real trouble if he were caught. He hadn't been able to check his e-mail for several days at this point since Drake didn't have a computer at his apartment, and he was desperate to see what was going on with his electronic friends. There were a few he had been talking to, and from all over the world. One boy, Seth, from as far away as Australia - and that was about as far away as you could possibly get - geographically speaking anyway.

There were a few messages there from people he knew from school.

'What's going on?'

'Who's the guy you're staying with?'

'Are you really letting him fuck you up the pooper?'

Then there were three from Thomas. They all said essentially the same thing: 'Tyler is something wrong? Where are you? I'm worried about you, please get in touch.' And he had left both his cellular and home phone numbers in case Tyler was able to call him. But he wasn't.

Tyler clicked the reply button, and then left a cryptic message:

'Look, I'm not going to be able to talk much for a while. I can't really say what's going on right now, but please trust me.' He hoped Thomas would understand. There weren't many people Tyler could think of as a friend at the moment, but Thomas was one of them. Drake and Oliver were the others. Outside of them there didn't really seem to be anyone else at the moment. He wiped a tear from his cheek and shut down the computer.

That night, he lay in bed for a while, unable to sleep. Then he went and knocked on the doorframe at Drake's bedroom. Drake was lying in his bed, awake and reading. The door was open and he looked over at Tyler, who was standing halfway inside the room. He was wearing only a pair of black boxer-briefs with little white skulls printed randomly all over them. He had a very sad look on his face, but there was something else - something which told Drake that Tyler had taken at least one of the pain pills he seemed to like so much. Drake looked up and down Tyler's lithe, smooth form, settling finally on the underwear Tyler was wearing. They clung tightly to him, outlining very clearly the lump between his legs. He couldn't help but smile.

Tyler mistook the lecherous grin on Drake's face for a smile of kindness, or perhaps compassion. That was actually the farthest thing from Drake's mind. 'This took longer than I expected, but it looks like my plan has finally worked its way to fruition,' is the thought that was playing itself out in Drake's head.

"I haven't been sleeping so good..." Tyler started, but didn't finish the thought.

Drake was a little surprised by this. With the pain killers Tyler had been taking, he thought sleeping would have been the least of his problems. "Can I do anything to help?" he asked.

"I was wondering..." Tyler paused for a moment, looking at Drake. "I was wondering if I could stay in here with you."

Drake's grin widened. He threw back the covers to reveal he was naked in bed. He slid over and patted the mattress next to him as an invitation for Tyler to join him. Tyler approached the bed nervously. He hadn't expected Drake to be naked, but after a moment of reflection decided it probably hadn't been all that unlikely. He watched Drake's eye's as he approached the bed. Even in the drug-induced fog clouding his mind, Tyler was aware that they didn't leave his middle. Tyler took this as a signal that Drake expected him to enter the bed naked as well. Drake certainly hoped that he would, but as the boy had finally come to him, asking to share his bed... He was certain somehow that they would come off. And they did.

Once Tyler was next to the bed he glanced down at his underwear. He stood for a moment, seeming to study the only material covering any part of his body. Then he pushed them down. They were tight enough that he had to bend over to push them down past his knees. Once he straightened and kicked them away, he looked back to Drake. His smile had widened considerably.

Tyler turned and eased down into the bed. As he swung his legs up onto the mattress and tucked his feet under the covers, he glanced over at Drake. His dick had thickened considerably. Tyler pulled the covers over himself, rolling to face away from Drake and reaching over to turn out the lamp on the little table next to the bed. As he eased back, Drake's arm circled around him, pulling him in close. Tyler just relaxed, letting his body go limp. 'I'm being accused by nearly everyone at school of having sex with Drake anyway, I might as well be doing it,' he thought as he raised his leg to make it easier for Drake's finger to begin working him, preparing him for the penis that would be following momentarily.

Tyler continued sleeping with Drake from that night forward. It was turning out to be very one-sided, sexually. Not at all like his relationship with Corey had been. Drake fucked Tyler most every night, but sometimes preferred to have Tyler suck him off instead. There wasn't ever a decision to be made about whether or not Tyler would swallow. Drake always held his head firmly in place as he unloaded into Tyler's throat. It seemed that it was always up to Tyler to get himself off though - while Corey had continued to at least suck his dick, right up to the end of their sexual relationship, Drake had never even done that. And Tyler certainly didn't feel the same passion with Drake that he had with Corey, and especially not with Oliver.

It had been two weeks since he'd last seen Oliver, but they had talked on the phone a few times in the afternoon before Drake came home from work. Tyler was worried that Drake would become jealous, and as a result he would end up on the street with no place to stay. He really wanted to see Ollie, and his cash was running low. His drug habit had eaten it up fairly quickly. So Friday morning he asked Drake to take him to The Cavern that evening. He explained that he needed to get some money, and the tips he got from dancing there was the best way he knew to go about getting it. Drake considered it for a moment before nodding that he would be willing to go along with what Tyler wanted.

"Will it be alright if I dance with Ollie? I mean, you know... if he's there?" Tyler asked. "I mean, it's just that we make better tips that way - both of us, I mean." When Tyler posed this question, he did it very nervously - not at all sure what Drake's reaction would be. That's why he tried not to let on that he knew Oliver would be there.

Drake wasn't fooled. He knew from Tyler's face that Oliver would be there, and that they had this rendezvous planned out in advance. Tyler wasn't very good at lying. Drake didn't have that problem - he was very good at it. There was a plot forming in his mind even as he answered. "Sure, why would that be a problem?"

He'd managed to keep his best poker face on, and Tyler had no idea that Drake knew what his plan was. There was certainly no inkling in Tyler's mind what Drake was plotting.

"Cool, thanks!" Tyler enthusiastically responded, smiling. "Meet you there when you get off work then?" Tyler did know that Drake had to stay a little later on Fridays to do the store's weekly reports. Drake had explained that the week before when he'd been late getting back to the apartment for dinner. It hadn't been a big deal really - Drake had given Tyler a key the night he had moved in.

"One thing," Drake said as he set his coffee cup down on the table. "Why don't you wear those cute boxer-briefs with the skull pattern on them? You looked really hot in those the other night, and I bet you'd get a lot of tips with those on."

'Hot? He said I looked hot in my underwear,' Tyler thought. "Cool!" he said, "yeah, I'll do that, thanks!"

Once Drake had dropped Tyler off for school that morning, he sent Ollie a text message letting him know that their plans for dancing that evening were on. He followed up immediately with another message asking if it was okay if he came over that morning. His plan was to cut classes that day and spend it with Ollie instead. Ollie messaged back that it would be better if he waited until after ten, that way Frank would have left for the day.

Tyler sat through his first two classes, anxiously waiting for the time to come where he could make a break from school and go meet Oliver. It was a nervous, giddy sort of anticipation, almost like a first date - of course it wasn't, but after not having seen his friend for two weeks, it still felt that way. He tossed his books into his locker after second period and headed for the school's exit. As he walked out the door and across the grounds, he thought about Thomas. He'd promised him that he would get a good education, and part of that had been about skipping school. Tyler had promised Thomas he would stop doing that. There was a guilty feeling in his mind, but he'd learned how to get rid of that... Something else he'd promised Thomas he wouldn't do. Tyler tossed a Percoset into his mouth and swallowed it without even benefit of water. 'Only two left,' he thought as he shook it out of the little bottle. 'Better stop and see Bryan tomorrow after I get some more cash...'

Tyler used his monthly bus pass to take the trip to Ollie's neighborhood. He'd had to get the pass after he'd run away, needing it to be able to get home to Drake's apartment after school as Drake wasn't able to take off work to come pick him up. It had cost him $57.00, but it was something he needed, so he'd reluctantly spent the money. Besides, he had gotten a ten dollar student discount. Tyler had to walk about two blocks from where the bus dropped him off to where Ollie lived with Frank. As he approached the house, he saw that Frank's car was gone - 'Good,' he thought, 'I won't have to walk around waiting to be able to see Ollie.'

Tyler knocked on the door. It was only a moment before Ollie opened it, dragged Tyler into the house and pulled him into a deep kiss. Once again, Ollie was dressed only in a pair of old, thin white briefs. 'God, can it get any better than this?' Tyler thought as their tongues intertwined. Then, as one of Oliver's hands gripped one of the firm globes of his butt, it sure seemed to.

"Hey babe," Oliver said once they broke the kiss. "I've missed you."

"Missed you too," Tyler told him. Then he drew Oliver into a kiss.

Once again, Tyler and Oliver lay in the cool, green grass in the backyard garden of Frank's house enjoying the feeling of the warm afternoon sun on their naked bodies. Tyler's clothes were scattered around them. The vial of poppers had been knocked over during their fourth round of sex. They had taken turns, first Oliver entering Tyler doggy-style, then Tyler lifting Oliver's legs over his shoulders as he lay on his back. Later, they reversed positions and did it all again. The poppers they had inhaled had made the sex rather voracious, so when they were done, they had collapsed, exhausted into the grass.

Tyler had been studying the clouds, and when he looked over at Oliver, he saw that Oliver had already been looking at him. "You seem lost in thought," Oliver stated quietly. "Something on your mind?"

"Yeah, a couple things," Tyler admitted. "First, there's how perfect this day has been. I wish every day could be like this."

Tyler paused, so Oliver asked, "Yeah, and what else?"

"I hope we can both still dance," he giggled. "I might be too sore!"

"You'll be fine, baby," Oliver laughed as he rolled over on top of Tyler and began to kiss him.

"Oh God, not again," Tyler laughed once their lips parted. "I'd never be able to dance then! Besides, we need to get something to eat before we go to the club."

Oliver got up, pulling Tyler with him. "Come on, I'll fix us some sandwiches."

Oliver bent over and grabbed both his and Tyler's underwear. Instead of tossing Tyler his boxer-briefs, he put them on himself and gave Tyler his thin, worn tightie-whiteys to put on. They went inside to eat, leaving the rest of Tyler's clothes lying in the backyard.

Being almost exactly the same size, the boxer-briefs clung tightly to Oliver's form just like they had his own as Tyler watched Oliver's butt during the short walk into the house and to the kitchen. 'Damn,' he thought, 'Drake was right - that IS hot!'

Tyler helped Oliver make their sandwiches. Oliver had ham and cheese, but ham didn't fit Tyler's fish and vegetable diet, so he opted for peanut butter and jelly. As Tyler sat and munched on the first of his sandwiches, Oliver pulled a bottle from the refrigerator and poured a glass of a golden looking wine for each of them. Tyler took a small sip from his and scrunched up his face.

"You don't like it?" Oliver questioned.

"It's really sweet, what is it?" Tyler asked.

"It's Meade," Oliver told him. "It's wine that's made from honey. You don't have to drink it if you don't like it."

"No," Tyler told him, "it's okay. I just didn't expect it to be so sweet."

After they ate, Tyler went to retrieve his clothes from the backyard, while Oliver went up to his room to get dressed. Tyler didn't even think about the fact that he was wearing Oliver's underwear and Oliver was wearing his. The day had just seemed so perfect to him that it was all he was thinking about. They met again a few minutes later in the living room, both now fully dressed. One last quick kiss and they were off to The Cavern.

As they walked, Tyler asked Oliver if anyone had found out what exactly had happened to the kid that was found beaten to death the last time they'd seen each other. He had thought about that kid several times over the past couple weeks. He had looked to be about the same age as he and Oliver were, and it seemed so sad that his life had been snuffed out so violently and prematurely.

"No," Oliver replied. "But Trevor and Jesse agreed that he'd left with that creepy guy we saw that night."

Tyler put his hand on Oliver's arm, stopping him for a moment. They turned to face each other. "Did you ever think that it could have been one of us that got killed like that kid did?" Tyler asked.

Oliver shook his head. "No, and I don't want to think about it either. Come on; let's just go make some money." Then he turned and started walking toward the club again.

Tyler stood for a moment, not able to believe that Ollie was so detached from what had happened to another one of the boys who had been dancing in the same club they had, and were about to go to again. It was almost as if he didn't care. Finally Tyler shook his head and trotted after him. "Hey, wait up Ollie!" he called after his friend.

Ollie turned to look over his shoulder and smiled, but didn't stop walking. When Tyler had caught up with him, he did take Tyler's hand in his for the rest of the short walk to The Cavern. This simple gesture was very comforting to Tyler, and he didn't care if anyone saw them walking hand in hand either.

As they entered the club, both boys waved to the bartender. After he had returned the gesture, they made their way to the back room. Oliver stepped up onto a chair and reached above his head into an exposed rafter. When he stepped back down, Tyler saw that he had a small tin in his hand. He smiled at Tyler. "It's about time I returned the favor," he stated matter-of-factly as he opened the container and pulled out a joint. "Flip the exhaust fan on, will ya," he instructed Tyler as he stripped off his shirt and walked over to one of the large bean-bag chairs.

Tyler complied, then pulled his t-shirt off and joined Oliver in the chair. As they sat in the chair passing the joint back and forth, both boys kicked off their shoes. It was only a moment before Ollie was rubbing one of his feet against one of Tyler's. Tyler sank back in the chair, enjoying the familiar, yet non-sexual contact with his friend. Oliver leaned over him, and when he did, Oliver thought it was for a kiss, but no - Oliver was blowing him a shotgun hit from the joint.

Tyler inhaled deeply, sucking the smoke into his lungs, holding it as long as he possibly could before he exhaled. Then he looked over at Oliver, a dreamy look in his eyes. Or maybe it was just from being stoned, but he still admired Oliver's beauty - and he had to admit that Oliver really was gorgeous. He reached over and brushed the hair away from Oliver's forehead. "I don't know how you do that without burning yourself," he confessed.

Ollie was holding the remainder of the joint in his fingertips, and he turned as if to study it for a moment. Then he moved it to his lips and inhaled deeply. When he was done there was very little left, so he snuffed it out. Once he had exhaled the pungent smoke, he answered. "You just have to position it right on your lips, and keep your tongue out of the way. It's almost like sucking a dick, except for what you do with your tongue."

Tyler nodded as if he understood this explanation, but in truth he wasn't entirely sure what Oliver had meant. He may have been, had his mind not been clouded by the haze created by the drugs.

It was a little after nine when Drake arrived at The Cavern; his paperwork had taken longer than he'd expected. There was a fairly large crowd already as he made his way into the main room of the bar, and it was difficult for him to find a seat as a result. He finally managed to find a seat at the bar - but it was on the far side from the dance floor and stage. He was still able to see the dancers fairly well from where he was sitting, but his presence was fairly well hidden from them - so even though Tyler was watching for Drake to show up, he wasn't aware that his benefactor had arrived.

It was near the end of the set of music the DJ was playing when Tyler and Oliver pulled each other's jeans down before the other kicked them off and away. They put on their usual erotic show as they did. Drake was just a little surprised at what he saw when they did - Tyler wasn't wearing the skull-pattern boxer-briefs as he had asked, he was wearing a very thin pair of white briefs - and they were so nearly see-through that Drake was able to make out the triangle patch of Tyler's pubic hair when the boy was facing him. Oliver however - he was wearing the boxer-briefs Drake had expected to see on Tyler. When he saw this, Drake drew in a breath. Tyler's friend looked just as incredible in them as Tyler had, the way they hugged his form, showing off every curve, every nuance - they left almost nothing to the imagination. Drake tried his best to remember the rest of that body. He'd seen it only a of couple weeks earlier, and as the vision of Oliver's naked body came back into his mind, he smiled. He had intended to see that body in its full naked glory again tonight, and now he was sure that his new boarder was going to assist in that plan, albeit unwittingly.

When the set ended and the dancers came down from the stage headed for the bar, Drake got up and stepped around to the side of the bar where Tyler and Oliver would be able to see him easily. Oliver was the first to spot him standing there waiting for them as they approached. He and Tyler were holding hands as they approached the bar, and Oliver squeezed Tyler's to get his attention. When he did this, Tyler looked over at him, and Ollie nodded his head to indicate where Drake was standing. Once both the boys had acknowledged him, Drake moved back to where he had been sitting and waited for them to join him.

Oliver and Tyler made their way through the crowded bar-room toward where Drake was waiting. All the way, as they walked towards the bar, men were stuffing bills into their underwear, and often managing a quick grope as well. When they finally made it to where Drake was sitting, he pulled Tyler up onto his lap. While Tyler didn't catch on to it, Oliver interpreted this as a possessive maneuver on Drake's part, designed to show him and anyone else that might be watching that Tyler was 'his.'

Oliver didn't care for this. Tyler was his friend, perhaps even developing into something more and he'd been afraid something like this might happen when Tyler had told him of his decision to take up Drake's offer of a place to stay. He didn't know for sure, but he strongly suspected that Tyler had probably been having sex with the man, even though when he had made the offer of a place to stay it was supposed to have been without any strings attached. Oliver decided that he was going to have to ask Tyler about what was going on at Drake's apartment when they got some time alone.

That time came when the club was winding down for the evening and Tyler and Oliver were in the back room collecting their shirts and shoes. "So, um, er..." Oliver stammered. He wasn't really sure how to ask Tyler the question that had been preying on his mind - whether or not he had been having sex with Drake. It had all seemed so simple earlier when he was just thinking about it, but now that the time came to put his thoughts into words, Oliver was tongue-tied.

Tyler looked over at him. "What?" he asked. He wasn't used to Oliver being at a loss for words.

"Um, it's just... I don't really know how to say this," Oliver confessed.

Using a line that Thomas had once used on him, Tyler answered, "How about in English?"

Oliver frowned. He didn't share quite the same sense of humor that fortunately, Thomas and Tyler did. The fact that this comment didn't sit well with Oliver bothered Tyler. "Sorry," he apologized. "I was trying to make a joke."

Finally Oliver grinned as he put the palm of his right hand against Tyler's cheek. "It's okay babe, I just didn't get it. Sorry, I didn't want to make you feel bad." He had noticed the troubled look on Tyler's face, and didn't want him to feel bad because he had misinterpreted Tyler's comment.

It did encourage him to ask the question that he was hoping to find the answer to though... "So, um... You haven't been having sex with Drake have you?" he finally blurted out.

Tyler didn't say anything, but the look in his eyes gave Oliver the answer to his question. He extended his arms and pulled Tyler into him, hugging him hard, and Tyler reciprocated, hugging him back. They were still only in their underwear, so there was very little in the way to keep both friends from knowing that the other's cock was beginning to stiffen. As they broke apart, they looked at each other - a sheepish grin on both their faces.

It was Oliver who spoke. "Come on, let's get dressed and get out of here." He was disappointed that Tyler had been having sex with Drake, but he shrugged it off, supposing that he knew there was going to be some form of 'rent' involved when Tyler moved in with him - even if the man had denied it at the time.

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