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Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Twenty Eight

by Terrance MacDonald

It was late when the boy entered Thomas' house - nearly midnight in fact. When he walked in through the kitchen door, what happened next took him quite by surprise. It seemed almost as if the dog had been waiting for him. It bounded forward and jumped, its front paws landing on his shoulders and knocking him backwards. Before he knew it he was on the ground, the large German Shepherd standing on top of him.

For a moment he was scared, but when the animal licked his face, he started to laugh. Thomas has warned him to come by often to play with the dog, after all at six months old Shakespeare was still but a puppy even though he weighed in at right around eighty pounds.

Kevin reached up and rubbed the dog's head, paying careful attention to scratch behind his ears, something which Thomas had told him the puppy was especially fond of. He finally managed to ease the dog off himself so that he could get up and perform the task he was there for. Shakespeare seemed to almost prance beside him; such was his excitement at having company. He had been alone in the house for over ten hours. Fortunately Thomas had installed an adequately sized doggy-door leading into the back yard so the puppy could relieve himself whenever he felt the need.

Kevin opened the door that led from the kitchen to the garage. Thomas had told him this was where he stored the dog's food. He was amazed at what he saw when he walked into the garage. Thomas had a garage which would hold three cars, although Kevin had only ever seen the black Cadillac Thomas drove. There was what seemed to be a miniature workshop set up in the center stall, but everything there was centered around working on computer equipment. Next to it were stacked several large sacks of dog food. This is what Kevin had come here looking for.

It was what was in the far stall of the garage that amazed Kevin most of all. There was a vintage cherry red Camaro convertible with a white top parked there. He had never seen it before and wondered if Thomas ever even drove it. The car had to have been at least thirty years old, but Kevin didn't know cars well enough to tell exactly what year it was made. He walked around the vehicle, running his hand over its smooth, polished finish. There wasn't a mark on the car, and the tires didn't even seem to have been used, even the tires seemed entirely unused, they were so clean and unblemished. The car looked as if it could have just rolled off the showroom floor.

The dog barked at him, reminding Kevin why he was there. He left the car, hefted the sack of food that had already been opened and carried it into the kitchen. The big dog stayed by his side as Kevin went to the food bowl and filled it from the bag. Shakespeare was well trained and waited patiently while Kevin poured out his food. While he was at it, Kevin took the opportunity to empty and refill the dog's water bowl, remembering another peculiarity Thomas had told him about Shakespeare, he filled the bowl about half full of crushed ice before adding the water.

While the dog ate, Kevin looked around the house. He'd never seen more than the kitchen and living room. He knew this was abusing the trust that Thomas had placed in him, but he'd embellished the job he'd been hired to do to his parents. He had told them that Thomas had hired him to house-sit for the weekend rather than to just take care of the dog. He wasn't planning on having a party, but he did intend to stay there all weekend - he thought of it as just taking a break from his parents, even if they were only a few houses away. That was another reason he didn't plan on throwing a party at Thomas' house, it was just too close. He knew he'd be busted by his parents almost immediately if he tried it.

Kevin climbed the stairs to the part of the house where the living quarters were located. He was looking for where to stake his claim for the weekend. There were apparently four bedrooms upstairs, the master and three others. There was also a computer room which contained a desk with two monitors and a tower underneath. Along another wall was a bench with a single monitor and three large towers. All the wires connected to the equipment were neatly tied. He'd use this room to get online during the weekend.

Kevin decided that he would use Thomas' master bedroom as his sleeping quarters for the weekend - the king sized bed there was the largest and most comfortable looking in the house. He was in charge now after all, so why not? He was about to turn and head back downstairs when he felt a nudge at his leg. Shakespeare had apparently finished his dinner and come looking for him. Kevin reached down and rubbed the dog's head, dutifully remembering to scratch behind his ears.

There was a vibration in Kevin's pocket, and a chirping noise. He'd just received a text message. He pulled his iPhone from his pocket and looked at the display. 'Where R U?' - The message was from Luke Adams, one of the boys Kevin had been partying with earlier. Luke was blonde, with bright blue eyes. Kevin had had a major crush on him for quite some time. It was only for that reason that he gave a truthful answer. A few text messages later, Kevin had agreed to let him come over, so long as he was by himself and did not tell anyone else where he was going. If Luke were to tell others where Kevin was - and that he had a house to himself - the word would quickly spread and with little doubt a party would spontaneously form.

Fortunately, Luke was good as his word. He arrived just under twenty minutes later - alone. He parked his car on the street and came in through the side door by the garage as Kevin had instructed. Shakespeare gave him the same sort of greeting that Kevin had received earlier. He shrieked. When the dog finished licking his face, Luke noticed that Kevin was standing there laughing.

"Bastard!" Luke exclaimed.

"Sorry dude, but I just couldn't help it. I thought you were going to piss yourself." Kevin was still chuckling as he pulled the dog away by his collar. Kevin gave the dog a friendly pat before he trotted off through his doggie-door to the backyard.

Luke got slowly to his feet, and as he did, Kevin pulled him into a kiss.

* * *

Chris followed Tyler's directions, and in about fifteen minutes they pulled into his driveway. "Want to come in for a soda or something?" Tyler asked. "I guess it's the least I can do to repay you for the ride home."

"You sure?" Chris questioned.

"Yeah, you saved my ass a couple times today. First in the locker room when I was about to get pounded, then by getting me home before the 'rents got here. They wouldn't be too happy about me getting detention, silly as that sounds."

Chris turned the engine off and pulled the handbrake. 'And a nice ass it is' ran through his mind, even while "How can I refuse then?" came out of his mouth as he grinned back at Tyler.

They went in through the side door, which brought them into the kitchen. Tyler took two glasses out of a cabinet and filled them with ice. "Coke okay?" he asked.

Chris nodded, so Tyler opened the refrigerator and took out two cans. He handed one to Chris and they filled their glasses. After a couple sips, Tyler spoke again. "Hey, listen, I'm sorry, but I really have to change. The bloody spot on my undershirt has dried and it's really bothering me. It's probably even stained my dress shirt by now, knowing my luck."

"No problem," Chris responded. "I understand."

Tyler went upstairs to his room to change clothes. He didn't bother to push the door shut behind him - there was no one else there but Chris, and he was downstairs in the kitchen. Tyler hung his school blazer on the back of his desk chair, loosened his tie and slipped it over his head without completely undoing the knot. When he stripped off his dress shirt, he saw there was a small blood stain on the back - the majority of the blood from his nose had ended up on the back of his undershirt.

When he pulled the t-shirt over his head he saw the large stain on the back. 'I'd better get this stuff in the washer before Mom gets home,' he thought. He only had a few of the dress shirts, so he couldn't afford to have one permanently stained and ruined.

He finished stripping down to his underwear, picked up the shirts and turned to go to the laundry room to wash them. Chris was in the doorway, leaning against the frame. Tyler watched as Chris ran his eyes up and down his body.

'I must be getting mixed signals," Tyler thought. 'Andy told me he's completely straight, but all his actions seem to say he's not.'

"Um, excuse me," Tyler said as he went to pass Chris in his bedroom doorway. "I really need to get this stuff in the washer.

Chris stepped aside, but followed once more as Tyler went downstairs to the laundry room. The boxer shorts Tyler was wearing were light blue, with a darker blue waistband. The way they were cut, they seemed to hang slightly lower in the front than in the rear. From behind in fact, they only came just barely below the firm, round globes of Tyler's ass cheeks. The leg holes were wide and loose, allowing plenty of 'breathing room.' A side effect of that, which Tyler didn't realize, was that unless he was standing they also tended to allow teasing glimpses of the parts which they were meant to cover.

Without realizing it, Tyler gave Chris just such a teasing peek as he bent at the waist to pick up the laundry detergent. The hem at the back rose up a little, and Tyler's equipment, which was hanging low, became just slightly visible. Chris started to reach forward, tempted to fondle the goodies, but he stopped himself.

Tyler started the washer and turned around to return to his room. He was startled when he bumped into Chris; once again he hadn't realized Chris had followed him. By reflex he reached out with his hands. They landed on Chris' sides, just above his hips. Their faces were close, little more than an inch apart.

Their eyes met. They did not break contact. There was something they each saw in the other's eyes. It was desire. The movement toward each other was mutual. Their lips simply brushed at first, then sealed together in a kiss. Their arms wrapped around each other. Chris was still holding the glass of Coke in one hand; the other dropped and cupped one of Tyler's ass cheeks. Tyler's wrapped his arms tightly around Chris' back.

It only took a slight movement for Chris' hand to move the fabric aside and be skin-on-skin with Tyler's butt. It was warm and smooth to his touch. Both boys were beginning to erect. It was more apparent in Tyler's case as his stiffening shaft began to push out the front of his boxers. They finally broke the kiss after ninety seconds that had seemed an eternity to them both. While their faces had parted somewhat, their arms remained around each other, keeping their midsections pressed together.

"Sorry," Chris said quietly, trying to back away from Tyler. "I don't know what came over me. I just, um�"

Tyler tightened his grip. "No, it's quite alright really. I enjoyed it." He could see through the fear in Chris' eyes that he had too.

This was the closest Chris had ever come to sex with anyone, let alone another boy. He'd managed to keep his desires toward other boys carefully under wraps until today when he'd met Tyler. Now as he thought about it, he'd seemed to be making an ass of himself all day. He was going to give himself away - and he certainly had just done that just now with Tyler. He just hoped he'd be able to convince Tyler not to tell everyone at school what they'd just done. He also suddenly now felt like he needed to get away.

"You, you can't tell anyone, um ... I mean, you won't tell anyone� Will you?" Chris sputtered out nervously.

Tyler brought a hand up and touched Chris' cheek. "You have nothing to worry about from me." The look in Tyler's eyes as he spoke told Chris that he was telling the truth. Tyler smiled. "We'd better get back upstairs. My mom will probably be home from work soon, and she may think you're trying to take advantage of me if she finds us like this."

Tyler took his hand and led Chris back upstairs to his room. Tyler flopped down on his bed, while Chris took a seat in the chair at his desk. Tyler's penis was still partially aroused from their encounter downstairs. He seemed completely oblivious to the fact that in the position he was lying propped up on his bed, his legs slightly spread apart, that he was, to a degree exposing himself to Chris. It was just the tip of his dick, which was holding one of the leg openings on his boxers more open than the other and the better part of one of his balls, but it did draw Chris' attention.

Chris kept shifting his eyes from Tyler's groin to his face rather than outright staring at the bits Tyler was inadvertently exposing to him. To Tyler the effect seemed as if Chris kept looking down away from his face as a means of avoiding his gaze and making or keeping direct eye contact. He knew Chris was nervous and scared about what had just happened between them, so this seemed a natural reaction.

Tyler patted the mattress next to him, inviting Chris to join him on the bed. Chris got up to join him, dropping his school jacket on the chair as he rose. He removed his tie and opened the collar of his shirt as well. Tyler took his hand as he sat on the bed. Tyler sensed his nervousness and knew that at the point where they were now that he was going to need to take the initiative. He pulled Chris to him and began to fumble with his belt. "Andy was wrong about you, wasn't he?" Tyler whispered to Chris as he worked at the zipper on Chris' trousers.

"Wrong? How's that?" Chris breathed out lustily into Tyler's ear as he began to kiss Tyler's neck. His fingers found their way into the leg hole of Tyler's boxers. The loose fabric was soon pushed aside.

"About you being totally straight," Tyler replied quietly. "Are you bi or gay? I think it's safe to say that totally straight had been ruled out."

"Gay, I think," Chris admitted. "But I don't want anyone to know, I'm not ready for that, not yet." A few minutes later Chris had also admitted to Tyler that he was a virgin, and that he had never found any real physical attraction to females, even though he had dated a few briefly from time to time to maintain his straight persona.

Tyler drew Chris into another kiss. His hand slipped inside Chris' underwear and he got his first real feel of the fleshy tube hidden there. He pulled it into a more upward position as it began to stiffen in his grasp. He was pleased a moment later when Chris summoned the courage to return the favor instead of just fondling his testicles.

Tyler straddled Chris, resting on his haunches above his thighs. He quickly worked the buttons on the dress shirt Chris wore. In what seemed no time at all that and the white undershirt beneath it were off and lying on the floor next to the bed. His fingers caressed the smooth skin of Chris' chest. He let his fingertips trace the firm muscles and ran them occasionally into his armpits, the tickling feeling it caused made Chris giggle and squirm beneath him.

Tyler glanced at the alarm clock next to his bed. By his estimation, they had about half an hour before his mother would be home from her job. That would be plenty of time. He pulled Chris' pants and underwear down to his knees. He finally had a view of the steely hard, yet silky smooth rod of flesh he'd lusted after since that morning. Tyler moved down and holding the erection up and away from his body, took it slowly into his mouth. Chris was a little too afraid to take Tyler into his own mouth, but he did continue to stroke him.

They had just finished cleaning up and were getting their clothes back in order when Tyler's mother called out from downstairs. "Tyler, is one of your friends here with you?"

"Yes Mom," he shouted back. "He gave me a ride home from school. We'll be down in a moment."

When Tyler and Chris went back downstairs they went into the kitchen. Tyler's main motivation was to put the two shirts into the dryer. His mother was in the kitchen getting their dinner started, so he did the polite thing and introduced her and Chris before going into the laundry room. Tyler's mother was curious why he was doing laundry now, so he went as far as admitting that he'd gotten a stain on one of his dress shirts and wanted to wash it before it had time to set. He did check the fabric to make sure the blood had all come out of both garments as he transferred them from the washer to the dryer. Fortunately it had.

"Well, I'd better be getting home," Chris said. "My dinner will be ready soon too. It was nice meeting you, Mrs. Johnston."

Tyler walked out to the car with him. He leaned down to the window after Chris had gotten into the car. "Thanks again for the ride." He put a hand into the car, which Chris reached up and squeezed.

"It was my pleasure" he answered. "Hey, you know your house is kind of on my way, you want a ride to school in the morning?"

Tyler smiled. "That would be great!" he answered, then leaned into car and gave Chris a quick, chaste kiss on the cheek.

"See you around seven," Chris said as he started the little car's engine.

Tyler stood in the driveway and watched as Chris drove away. When he went back into the kitchen, his mother was still working on dinner. "He seems like a very nice boy," she commented, "very polite." You should bring him around more often. I'm sure your father would like to meet him too."

"Don't worry Mom; we'll be seeing more of him I'm sure." Tyler especially wanted to see a lot more of Chris.

When Tyler got back to his room, the smell of sex was unmistakable in the air. He hadn't noticed it before. He hurried to the linen closet for a can of air freshener to clear the odor away. Chris had made a good impression on his mother; Tyler didn't want anything to possibly spoil that.

Ian sat in front of his family's computer. His parents only allowed the one in their home and it was kept in the family room. He rubbed the bruise on his face as he stared at the monitor, as if that would make it feel better. He knew he would have a black eye when he next looked in the mirror. His father had not been pleased when he'd been summoned to the school to pick up his son following his suspension for fighting, and he'd received a sound beating from him as a result. Ian's father was skilled when it came to the beatings he gave his family, so there weren't normally visible marks left behind.

He'd already found some of the information he'd been looking for: Napalm is basically nothing more than gasoline that's been chemically altered to be sticky and easier to control.

The next page he found told him more about how to accomplish that task. It did not however mention some of the dangers involved in the process.

Ian made careful notes - at least as much as he was capable of. He made careful notes of the ingredients he would need, but forgot to be as cautious about the proportions. He was fairly sure most everything but the gasoline would be available in the school's chemistry lab. The gasoline - the main component - he could get anywhere.

Chris was in a blissful mood as he drove away from Tyler's house headed for home. He rubbed his hand on his cheek where Tyler had kissed him just before he left. That Tyler was willing to kiss him out in the open like that concerned him. What if someone had seen? And he had told Tyler that he wasn't ready for his sexuality to become even any small sort of public knowledge. He'd have to be sure to ask Tyler to be more restrained, even though he had enjoyed it immensely.

He felt he had made a real connection with Tyler. He wanted their relationship to grow, but he wondered if it could be strong enough to withstand his remaining in the closet, or if he would find the strength to come out. He knew neither would be easy for him.

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