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Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Twenty Nine

by Terrance MacDonald

When Kevin and Luke broke their kiss, Luke asked him whose house they were in. "It's my neighbor's," he explained. "I live a couple houses down the street on the other side. I'm just house-sitting for him while he's out of town for the weekend."' He used the same embellishment for Luke that he had used with his parents. The truth was that he did have the run of the house for the long weekend, so he didn't see any reason he shouldn't use it. And of course, Thomas hadn't said that he couldn't and he did say that he should visit with the dog often. So because of that, Kevin felt perfectly justified with his plan for the long weekend. Still, Kevin didn't really plan to let Thomas find out exactly what he'd done during the weekend.

Kevin took Luke by the hand as they talked and led him out to the back patio. Apparently there was a motion detector, as floodlights had come on in the backyard when the dog had run outside. The rear of the house was a mixture of natural stone, with a redwood and concrete deck surrounding a rectangular swimming pool. At one corner of the pool closest to the house, there was a raised square stone structure about six feet wide from which water cascaded into the pool. The waterfall came into the pool from a portion of the structure where the top lip, which appeared to be made of smooth, polished white marble, was about three or four inches lower than the rest.

Luke asked about this, as it seemed like an odd method of filling the pool. Kevin wasn't even really sure, since he hadn't been out on the back patio area before. They walked over to the odd-looking stone block to discover that it was a hot tub. The jets weren't running, but the water was quite warm, so apparently the heating element was on. A small bank of controls was located on the side. It was well labeled, so it was easy to figure out how to operate it. Kevin flipped on the switch for the jets on and immediately the water started to churn and bubble.

"Want to get in for a while?" Kevin asked.

Luke shrugged. "I don't know, I don't like, have a bathing suitor anything."

"Neither do I," Kevin pointed out equably.

"Yeah, but you live right here, you could go get..." Luke started.

Kevin cut him off, "No I can't. I'm not explaining going back home at this time of night to my 'rents. It's after one, they'd shit!"

"So, you're saying you want to go in, like, in our underwear?" Luke asked.

"No, silly - then they'd be all wet."' Kevin was having trouble deciding if Luke was getting shy, really didn't understand what he was suggestingor was just being deliberately dense.

"Oh, so you mean you want us to go in nekkid," Luke said, his southern accent accentuating the last word.

"Yeah, what else would I mean?" Kevin asked, feigning impatience with Luke's obtuseness.

"I wasn't really sure," Luke replied. "I just thought, um, I thought you might mean in our under shorts, and I, um, I didn't want them to be all wet."

Luke's stuttering as he said that amused Kevin.He thought it was cute and it made him smile.

They both stripped their t-shirts off at the same time. They dropped the garments on a lounge and regarded each other's bodies.They both had slim builds, but were not exactly skinny. It could probably best be said that they were well-toned. Both boys' chests were nicely tanned, which was evident in the bright light shining from under the eaves of the house.

Kevin sat down on the lounge to take off his sneakers. Luke followed suit. They each stuffed their socks intotheir shoes. It was getting closer and closer to the moment of truth. Luke seemed to be growing more and more apprehensive. Kevin thought it was just because of the prospect of them getting into the hot tub naked together, so he didn't say anything about it.

Kevin was starting to stand to take off his jeans, when Luke suddenly grabbed himand pulled him into another kiss. This one ended up far longer than before, and ever so much more passionate. Just when Kevin thought they were breaking the kiss, but suddenly it seemed as if the entirety of Luke's tongue was in his mouth. Kevin did not find this an unwelcome intrusion.

When Luke finally pulled away from him, Kevin fell back and lay sideways across the lounge. He stayed there for a moment, catching his breath. Finally, he pushed himself up and stood. He wasn't wearing a belt, sohe undid the button on the waistband of his jeans and pulled his zipper down. A moment later his tight, white boxer-briefs were revealed to Luke. His nearly erect penis was pushed to the side and clearly outlined beneath the tight cloth. An obvious wet spot had formed on the fabric near the tip.

Luke stood and turned so that his back was to Kevin. Kevin could tell that he was unfastening his pants. Luke hooked his thumbs in the waistband, pushed his jeans down and stepped out of them. Kevin thought he now understood Luke's initial shyness at the thought of getting into the hot tub in his underwear - it seemed that he hadn't been wearing any, as he was now quite naked. Luke looked over his shoulder toward Kevin as he started walking slowly toward the hot tub. His eyes seemed to say "follow me."

This seemed an abrupt change in Luke's behavior to Kevin, but he saw no reason not to go along with it. He stripped off his underwear, dropped them on top of his other clothes and trailed along after Luke toward the hot tub. He had no problem following after the cute, tight little buns that preceded him. He was particularly entranced by the way they seemed to wiggle as Luke walked.

By the time Kevin caught up, Luke had already eased over the rounded marble trim that topped the low stone walls which formed the hot tub and into the swirling jets of water. Kevin slid over the marble - it was cold and smooth on the back of his legs. He settled in next to Luke and draped an arm around his shoulders. Luke was comfortable with this and snuggled up next to him.

A few minutes later, Kevin felt Luke's hand slide over into his lap. Kevin felt Luke's fingers close around his shaft. He was fully hard and had been since before he got into the tub with Luke. Kevin took his arm from Luke's shoulders and let it drop into his lap.He found that Luke was as hard as he was. Things were working out even better, and much more quickly than he'd hoped.

The two boys kissed deeply and passionately once more as they continued to grope and fondle each other. Luke's horniness easily matched Kevin's.He stood, and taking Kevin by the hand pulled him up too. The water came to just above their knees. This was actually the first time Kevin had the opportunity to actually see Luke's penis. Like the hair on his head, Luke's pubes were blonde, though a slightly darker shade. The shaft was a little bigger around than his own,and slightly longer at about six and a half inches. Like Kevin, Luke was circumcised.

Luke turned and took a step forward so that he was right next to the edge of the tub. He leaned over the edge and reached back, spreading his cheeks apart, exposing his most intimate and private place to Kevin. Therewas no mistaking the invitation he now offered - this was more than Kevinhad even hoped to dream. He'd presumed that he would be able to get Luke naked - maybe for mutual masturbation, at best maybe trading blow jobs. Even if it was just him giving Luke a blow job, Kevin would have been satisfied with that. Where Luke apparently intended to take things with him this evening was going to be oh, so much better.

Kevin dropped to his knees behind him. He knew he had to give Luke some sort of preparation. He didn't know how much experience Luke had as a bottom, but regardless of how much or how little, Kevin knew that trying to enter him without something for lubricant or stretching his opening some first would be a painful experience for his friend.

But they had no lubricant, so Kevin was going to have to do the best he could. He worked up as much saliva as he could in his mouth, leaned forward and extended his tongue. Luke was still holding his cheeks apart, so it was easier for Kevin's tongue to make contact with the little pink bud being exposed to him. After a couple minutes of licking and probing with his tongue, he added his thumbs to the mix as he kneaded Luke's butt cheeks with his hands. First one thumb prodded its way into the hole, then the other and finally both.He expanded the opening as much as he could, working his tongue in as far as he could, depositing as much saliva as he could, and as far inside as possible.

Luke whimpered and moaned in ecstasy as Kevin's oral muscle worked at his hole. Finally, he could take it no longer. He wanted Kevin's dick and pleaded with him to put it in.By this point, Kevin was well ready himself and was also certain that Luke was ready enough so that anal penetration wouldn't be all too painful.

He stood behind Luke, and holding his erection down so that it jutted straight out, more or less perpendicular to his body. Finally he began to press forward. Kevin entered slowly, pulling backa little every half inch or so. This seemed to make the penetration seemed to go more easily. Kevin had inserted nearly his entire length when Luke began to push back against him.

Luke stood up straight and pressed back against Kevin. This was not at all what Kevin expected. Luke continued to press back against him, and before he knew it, Kevin was again seated on one of the contoured seats built into the tub. Luke braced himself, with his hands resting on the smooth interior surface of the tub, one on either side of Kevin's butt. Kevin tried to keep up, but Luke was attempting an absolutely frenetic pace.

The sexual frenzy lasted only a few minutes.Kevin felt Luke's sphincter tighten on his shaft. He knew this was a sure sign that Luke was about to cum. The increased grip on his shaft ensured that Kevin wasn't far behind. Luke slumped back against him exhausted, and Kevin thrust only twice more into him before he came as well.

They had been at it for around twenty minutes and were both well drained. They rested for a few minutes, Luke still sitting in Kevin's lap - and Kevin still embedded inside him, though quickly softening. It took about three more minutes before Kevin's dick became flaccid enough to slip out of Luke of its own accord. Once it had, Luke moved away, but stayed shoulder deep in the shallow water of the hot tub. He wentto the side of the square pool where the water spilled over into the swimming pool. He turned to look back at Kevin.

"That was hot," Luke said, smiling. "Now let's cool off."' Then he sprang up and dove into the pool.

Neither of the two boys had noticed the tiny red LEDs that flashed near the flood lamps which illuminated the backyard of Thomas' home. Even if they had, they probably would have thought they were just indicators to show that the motion detectors which controlled the outdoor lighting were functioning.

* * *

Chris was punctual the next morning and showed up right at seven to pick Tyler upfor school. Tyler smiled brightlyat him as he got into the little sports car."Good morning," he said as he brushed his bangs away from his eyes. Chris returned the greeting, shifted the car into reverse and backed out of the driveway.

Mark and Claire Johnston watched from the kitchen window as their son drove away with his new friend. "That was the boy who was here yesterday afternoon?" Mark asked his wife.

She nodded and said that it was. "He seemed like a very nice boy," she added, "he was very polite."

"Nice little car the boy has," Tyler's father commented. "Do you know anything about him?" he asked.

"He's on the baseball team. I thinkhe said he's the pitcher," Claire said, "aside from that, not much. We only talked for a few minutes before he had to leave to get home for dinner."

"We'll have to invite him to dinner," Mark observed, "I'd like to get to know more of the friends Tyler is making at his new school."

"Why don't we ask him if he'd like to have a party?" Claire suggested.

"I think maybe we should just mention that it would be okay with us if he'd like to have one. I don't want to make it seem like we're trying to push him into it - that would be too much like a bad Leave it to Beaver episode."' Mark Johnston referred to an old television show he had watched as a child, set somewhere in middle America, where life always seemed as near to perfect asit could possibly be.

- - -

Tyler was surprised when Chris pulled off into a parking lot on the way to school. The lot he had chosen belonged to a strip mall, none of whose stores were open at that time of the morning. "Why are we stopping?" Tyler asked.

"I wanted a couple minutes to talk - privately - about what happened yesterday."

Tyler knew what was coming. Chris was going to tell him that everything had been a big mistake. He hadn't meant for any of the things that happened at his house to happen. Chris was going to tell him that he wasn't really gay, and they shouldn't see each other anymore. And he was probably going to be left here to walk the last mile to school. That would make him late, and he would end up with more detention - but that would mean he would see more of Chris�' Possibilities were racing through Tyler's mind at the speed of light.

"Tyler, are you alright?" Chris was shaking his arm.

"What?' Yeah, I'm okay. What did you want to talk about?” Tyler asked, somewhat overcome by all the thoughts running through his head.

"About yesterday�' I liked it. I just want you to know that�" Chris started.

'Here it comes,' Tyler thought, 'but it can't happen again.

"�and I'd like for it to happen again. I'll try not to be so nervous next time."

Tyler was stunned; he couldn't believe what he was hearing. He'd been sure he was about to get the brush-off from Chris.

"The thing is," Chris continued, "it's about the kiss in your driveway. That's a little too public. I'm not out, and I'm not ready to be. Sodo you think you can handle that?"

"Handle what?" Tyler asked.

"Having a boyfriend who's in the closet, and who wants to stay there. Do you think you can deal with that?' I know it won't be easy, but I'd like to try if you will."' Tyler could tell that Chris was being sincere.

"I'll try," Tyler told him. "But you know that sooner or later someone is going to figure it out."

"We'll deal with that when it happens, if it happens, I suppose. Just for now, nothing else in public, okay?' To the rest of the world, for now we're just friends, only we can know that we're boyfriends."

Tyler knew he had to agree to what Chris was asking of him; even though he knew how difficult it was going to be. "I'll try," Tyler said quietly. He understood why Chris didn't want anyone to know about him - about them. If word got out that Chris was gay, he would probably have to quit the baseball team, and he was sure this was something very important to Chris. He wanted Chris to be happy, so he thought this was perhaps the least he could do.

Chris smiled at him, put his hand over Tyler's and placed it on the gear shift knob. "This is the bestI can do for holding hands while we drive," he told Tyler as he eased the car into gear and headed out of the parking lot.

The day at school went fairly well for them both. During lunch Tyler and Chris managed a few minutes alone. Tyler agreed to wait for Chris to get out of detention; Chris would then give him a ride home. When their lunch period was over and it was time for them to split up, Tyler had a difficult time fighting the urgeto give Chris a goodbye kiss, but he managed.

In the locker room before their physical education class at the end of the day, Ian Phillips was conspicuously missing.Word of his suspension had spread quickly through the school that morning, so there was no question why he wasn't there. Without their leader, Ian's little band of thugs lacked direction. This did not stop them from being just general nuisances and bulliesin his absence.

' Showing Coach Alexander's usual lack of imagination, today's class was to be another volleyball game. This at least was a relief in thatit was one more day that Tyler wouldn't have to worry about going into the showers after class. He still didn't trust himself naked with Chris in a public setting - or rather he didn't trust the unpredictable and uncontrollable ways his penis would suddenly decide to stiffen.And Tyler was sure that a naked Chris would be just the stimulation it needed to spring to life.

Physical education class this day was uneventful, but at least this time he was on the same side of the net as Chris. Tyler managed to finish the game without any significant blunders like the day before. Their team even won the game. As was his custom, since showers were not going to be required, the coach released the class five minutes before the bell rang to signal the end of the school day so they could change. Tyler and Chris agreed that since the duration of Mr. Biggs' detention hall was somewhat unpredictable, that Chris would come to the library where Tyler would be studying and doing his homework while he waited.

- - -

It looked as if it was going to be a typical day in detention for Chris. Mr. Biggs had just finished checking his roster to make sure no one supposed to be there was missing. Then he turned his attention back to grading papers when the half full soda can hit him. The can glanced off the side of his head, the remaining drink inside spilling out as it did; some of the caramel colored beverage spilled out over the papers that he was looking over, as well as onto his suit.

The can had been thrown from somewhere behind where Chris was sitting. He was lucky that very little of the soda escaping from the can as it traveled toward the teacher landed on him or the papers he was studying. Still, when he saw the can hit the teacher, Chris could not help but laugh and found it difficult to stop. It was because of his laughter that Mr. Biggs thought that Chris must have been the one who threw the can at him.

"To the bench, Mr. Reynolds - get there now!"' It wasn't often that anyone managed to perturb Frank Biggs, but then he wasn't accustomed to being pelted with half full soda cans either.

Chris grumbled as he got up and headed across the hall from the cafeteria to the school office. He was being blamed for something he hadn't done. Chris thought this was nowhere near fair - he didn't mind being blamed for something he had done, but he wasn't willing to be punished for something he hadn't.

Chris had been on the bench only a few minutes when the assistant to the headmaster walked in. He was used to seeing Chris on the bench, the same as Father Robert was. "What brings you to us at this time of day?" Mr. Buchanan asked.

Chris explained what had just happened in detention. He showed Mr. Buchanan the drops of soda on his papers as proof that his story was truthful. "Really sir, I didn't throw the can. All I know is that it came from somewhere behind me. Theonly thing I'm guilty of is laughing."

Chris was sincere as he pleaded his case to the assistant headmaster. Mr. Buchanan believed the story Chris told him. While Chris was a frequent visitor for minor disciplinary infractions, Mr. Buchanan had never known him to lie. "Go on, young Mr. Reynolds," he said. "It's almost time for detention to end anyway. I'll smooth things over withMr. Biggs when he comes looking for you."

Chris recounted the story of what had happened in and after detention for Tyler as they drove toward Tyler's home a few minutes later. Tyler couldn't help but laugh when Chris told him about the flying Coke can hitting Mr. Biggs. "It's a good thing you weren't there," Chris said when Tyler's laughter subsided. "Mr. Biggs would have had a hard time deciding who to send to the bench."

When they got to Tyler's house, his mother's car was already in the carport. Chris pulled into the driveway and parked behind it. "You want to come inside?" Tyler asked.

"What, with your mom here?" Chris was a little surprised.

"Well I didn't necessarily mean so I could get in your pants," Tyler laughed. "Besides, she likes you.She even said she'd like to see more of you."

"If she'd come home a few minutes earlier yesterday, she might have seen a little more of me than either of us would have liked," Chris joked.

Tyler gave him a playful punch on his arm. "Just come in and say hi?" he asked. He didn't think that now wasquite the right time to inform Chris that both his parents knew he was gay.

Chris answered by turning the car's engine off and unfastening his seat belt.

The smell of fresh baking and a smile from Tyler's mother greeted them as Tyler opened the door to let them into the house. "Good afternoon boys,"she greeted them.

"Something smells good!" Tyler told his mother.

"I just took a batch of cookies out of the oven," she told them. "Do you two feel like havinga snack?" she asked.

Tyler glanced at Chris, who nodded. "They do smell good Mrs. Johnston, I'd love to have some," he answered.

"Well then it's settled. Chris, you sit down and get comfortable. Tyler, pour some milk for you and your friend while I get the cookies," Tyler's mother said.

Tyler did as his mother instructed, but also poured a glass for his mother.

While he was doing that, his mother cut the pan of Toll House cookies she'd made into squares and took them from the pan she had used to bake them in. She placed a plate with three squares each of the thick, gooey cookies on them in front of the boy's seats. Then she noticed that Tyler had poured her a glass of milk as well, so she served herself a single, square cookie.

Claire munched slowly on her cookie while the two boys seemed to wolf theirs down and drank deeply from the glasses of milk in front of them. She was about to bring up the subject of Tyler having a party for some of his friends as she and her husband had discussed when Chris stole her opportunity.

"Um, Tyler, I'm having a party Friday night at my house, would you like to come?" he asked.

Tyler looked to his mother, wondering whether or not she would give her approval. She nodded, indicating that it would be alright with her. Chris having Tyler over for a party was just as good as Tyler hosting one himself, she thought.

"Absolutely!" he answered excitedly - anything he could do to spend more time with Chris he was fully ready to do. Tyler was aching to see where Chris lived, so this was a golden opportunity for him.

Chris turned to look at Tyler's mother."It's liable to run late, maybe Tyler could stay over?" he suggested.

Claire nodded. "I suppose that's a good idea," she agreed, "just as long as it's okay with your parents."

"Oh, it will be," Chris assured her. "I have friends over all the time."

He had exaggerated that point more than just a little, but he was sure his parents wouldn't object to a friend staying over, especially since he knew they wouldn't be there. Theywould be leaving that morning for one of his father's business trips, and this time his mother was going to accompany him as she wanted the opportunity to shopin Manhattan, where they would be staying.

- - -

Ian lay on his bed most of the day. He only left his room a few times - just to use the bathroom and get something to eat. He didn't even bother to shower. He was formulating his plan. He knewthere was going to be a school-wide assembly that Friday afternoon. And that would be the perfect timeto put his plan into action. Allthe students and teachers would be in the school's gymnasium. That would give him the opportunity he needed to break into the chemistry lab to mix up his little concoction.

Then, after school he would confront Chris in the parking lot. Chris always parked his car in about the same place, and it was perfect for what Ian was planning. There was a good place to hide only fifteen or twenty feet away, and it was near enough to the exit that it would afford him a good departure route for his getaway.

He was sure that in the panic that was sure to follow the ignition of his homemade napalm mixture, no one would notice him slinking away.

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