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Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Thirty Three

by Terrance MacDonald

When Kevin woke, Luke was wrapped completely around him.

Kevin needed to pee. Disengaging from Luke seemed an impossible task without waking him, but Kevin really needed to get to the bathroom. 'Oh well, this has got to be done. Otherwise I'm going to have a curious smell to explain, instead of just laundry to do...'

Kevin lifted one of Luke's arms and rolled him over onto his back. Luke was apparently a very deep sleeper, as he managed this without waking him. Kevin was now able to slip free of Luke's legs, which had also been wrapped around him.

When Kevin returned from the bathroom, he stood for a moment and ran his eyes over Luke's naked body. It had a nice, deep tan, and the small area around Luke's groin where his skin remained pure white was minimal. Whatever Luke wore when he was out in the sun must be very, very tiny. Luke's nipples were extended, as if in a state of arousal. The areolas surrounding them were about the size of quarters and colored a deep brown. Luke's blonde bangs hung over his forehead, nearly covering his eyes. His ears, normally covered by his shoulder length hair seemed almost elven the way his head was positioned. 'Damn he is cute!' Kevin thought.

His stomach growled at him, reminding him that it had been quite a while since he had eaten. He didn't know what he would find in Thomas' kitchen that he could make for them to eat for breakfast, but he was sure there would be something. Kevin opened the refrigerator and looked inside. He found eggs and a large slab of ham. That would be perfect. Now he just needed to rouse his sleeping beauty so they could eat.

When Kevin walked back into Thomas's bedroom, the bed was empty. It didn't take but a moment to figure out where Luke had gone as the sound of his urine flowing into the toilet bowl came from the bathroom. Kevin walked to the bathroom door just as Luke finished up and flushed. When Luke saw him he motioned back at the shower. It was a large glass enclosure with four showerheads. "Have you seen this thing?" he exclaimed. "There's room for like eight or ten people in there!" The gleam in Luke's eyes as he said that made Kevin think that he was suggesting they invite some others over to try to fill it.

Kevin put his hand on the back of Luke's neck and pulled him in for a kiss. "No parties while we're here this weekend," Kevin told him when they broke apart.

"We? This weekend?" Luke asked.

"Yeah..." Kevin replied, realizing that he had just asked Luke to stay with him at Thomas' house.

Neither Tyler nor Chris knew exactly what Andy had in mind when he ran upstairs. The idea he'd just suggested that they make their own porn didn't sit very well with either of them. Tyler just wasn't comfortable with the added dynamic of Andy coming into the relationship he had hoped was forming between Chris and himself. To a degree this also concerned Chris, but he was more concerned about committing something of that nature to film, and the possibility that if they did it might somehow fall into the wrong hands - that being absolutely anyone else.

Andy came bounding back down the stairs a few minutes later, his now nearly hard dick swinging back and forth with the movement of his legs. He was carrying a video camera that had been on a shelf above Chris' desk. Tyler had not even noticed it there and Chris had all but forgotten about it. The camera belonged to his father, but he had borrowed it during the last school term for a video documentary project for a political science class. When he saw it in Andy's hands he regretted forgetting to return it when he'd finished the assignment.

Andy already had the small view screen flipped open and was panning the lens back and forth between Chris and Tyler. "This is going to be sooo cool," he said. "We'll take turns filming. Since I already have the cam, I'll go first."

Chris spoke for himself and Tyler, "We don't think this is a very good idea, Andy." His tone was careful and deliberate. He wanted to impress on Andy that he and Tyler were united in opposition to his plan.

Andy stopped filming for a moment to plead his case. "Dude, come on - this will be totally hot. And it's just for us; no one else will ever see it or know anything about it. Christ - would I want a tape of me doing shit with dudes getting out? We won't even take copies out of your house... We'll just leave it on your computer, so as long as you don't show it to anyone, no one else will ever know."

The debate went back and forth between the three for several minutes. Andy's pleading and whining was starting to get annoying, but at the same time it was beginning to wear the other two boys down. It started to seem like it might be easier to go along with what he wanted to just get him to shut up.

Andy was able to tell that he was getting to them. His final ploy was to bring the camera back up and start filming again. "Come on; sit on the sofa next to each other." When Chris and Tyler reluctantly followed his direction and both moved to the sofa, Andy knew he had won. "No, sit right next to each other, legs touching," he instructed as they weren't close enough together to suit him. Tyler glanced at Chris. His eyes seemed to indicate that they did as Andy wanted, so he scooted closer. Chris did the same. "That's better," Andy breathed out, lustily. "Now Chris, lift his shirt off..."

By the time they were finished taking turns filming each other in various pairs and in countless sexual positions, all three boys were all sweaty and exhausted. Andy directed that the last scene should be Tyler and Chris getting into the shower together to wash up. By this time, they were well beyond arguing with him. Chris started the water running, while Andy panned the camera over both their bodies, zooming in for an occasional close-up shot of semen in various places on their bodies. He finally stopped filming when Tyler closed the frosted glass door to the shower enclosure.

Andy had considered perhaps trying to film them washing each other, but if he did that, he didn't think he would get the time or opportunity to save the movie they had just made to the hard drive on Chris' computer and secretly send it to his own e-mail account. There was no way Andy wasn't keeping a copy of this for himself.

Once the file transfer had started, Andy grinned to himself and then joined his two friends in the shower to wash the remnants of their sex from his body as well.

The relationship between Tyler and Chris continued to grow, but without Andy joining into it again, the bond between them seeming to grow stronger and stronger. They had put the incident with Andy joining them in the back of their minds, neither of them particularly wanting to think about it. It was nearly three months later when Andy suggested they should 'help each other out' again. This suggestion was made by Andy to Tyler, and it brought the memory of what they had done flooding back to him. Andy told him to fill Chris in on the plan that they should get together that weekend at the vacation cabin his family owned.

Tyler was a regular passenger in Chris' car now on the way to and from school, and it was there that a very uneasy Tyler told Chris what Andy had proposed. After he told Chris what Andy wanted, Tyler told him. "I really don't want to do this with him again. You're the one I love, and the only one I want to be with."

Chris placed his hand on Tyler's thigh. "Then I'll tell him we won't do it. Don't worry babe, he'll understand." And Chris did fully believe that Andy would accept his refusal. Tyler somehow wasn't as sure.

After dropping Tyler off at his home, Chris drove to Andy's house. He was going to have this out with him right away. It was clear to him that Tyler was upset by what Andy had proposed, and Chris was quite put off by it as well.

Andy led Chris downstairs to his room in the home's basement level. The way it was set up was almost like having his own little apartment, still inside the family home, yet secluded away enough so that there was maximum privacy for him. When Chris told Andy that he and Tyler wanted nothing to do with what he had suggested to Tyler earlier that day, it was clear that Andy wasn't pleased.

"You might want to rethink your position, Chris," Andy breathed out quietly as he sat down in front of his computer.

"Why would I want to do that?" Chris asked, a rare confrontational tone forming in his voice.

"Because you don't want anyone to see this..." Andy opened a short video clip that was clearly an excerpt from the longer video filmed in his house the morning after his party. It was only about twenty seconds long, and the sound of Andy's voice directing the action had been removed. It showed Chris pushing up the leg of Tyler's shorts, exposing his cock, then leaning over to take it into his mouth.

Andy saw Chris pull back his arm and form a fist. The anger burning in his face was clearly evident.

"I wouldn't do that," Andy suggested quietly. "Not if you don't want everyone to find out that you and Tyler are more than just friends." The way Andy put emphasis on the end of his sentence chilled Chris to the bone. Andy, who Chris had always considered his friend - his best friend even - was now blackmailing him into another sexual encounter with him and his boyfriend.

Chris was left speechless - he had thought Andy was a friend, his best friend. But this was a supreme act of betrayal. How could Andy be doing this to him? It seemed that he was completely trapped. He was going to have to tell Tyler that they had no choice but to do what Andy wanted. There was one thing that Chris understood fully well about blackmail - once it started; there was very likely no end to it.

It was a slow drive for Chris back to Tyler's house. He didn't want to give Tyler the bad news, and he kept playing the scenario over in his mind, trying to work out how best to tell him.

Once alone with Tyler in his bedroom, all the tactful maneuvers Chris had tried to plan went completely out of his head. When the door shut behind him, he just blurted out what had transpired at Andy's house when he'd confronted him, tears forming in his eyes as he explained what had happened.

Tyler took Chris into his arms. This was the first time he'd seen Chris cry. Up until now, Tyler hadn't even considered that his lover was even capable of that level of emotion or weakness. He lowered Chris onto his bed and just held him. Tyler knew there was one person who might be able to help them out of this situation - if he was willing to do it.

"Don't worry," he whispered into Chris' ear. "I think I may know a way out of this." All the while, Tyler kept praying that his faraway friend would agree to help them, and that he would truly be capable of pulling it off.

Once Tyler had dried Chris' tears and sent him on his way, he sat down at his computer. He started his Messenger application and hoped that Thomas would soon be online. To his disappointment, Thomas never logged on that evening. As Tyler drifted off to sleep, his mind was filled with worry that they might have to succumb to Andy's obsessional desires.

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