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Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Thirty Four

by Terrance MacDonald

It was evident from the boy's reaction to the photo Thomas had opened on his phone that he was gay. A straight boy would surely have been deeply shocked and offended seeing such an image. He also would not have asked to have a copy of the image sent to him.

Thomas had been a mentor of sorts for several young gays coming to grips with their sexuality. In this case though, he knew nothing about the boy sitting next to him. While on one hand Thomas wanted to reach out to the boy, he thought it better to err on the side of caution. As it turned out, it was Jayson who broke the ice on that topic. "So, you're gay, right?" the young man sitting next to him asked.

Thomas nodded. "Yeah, I am. And unless I'm really off my mark, you are too."

The blonde boy sitting next to him nodded. "Yeah, I am," he admitted softly. He sort of hung his head, seeming to indicate that this had somehow become a problem for him.

Thomas felt sorry for him - there was a lot more to this kid's story that he wasn't telling. But Thomas was not going to pry. If Jayson wanted to tell him about that, it would have to be his decision. Thomas did feel that he should at least open the door to the discussion. It was Thomas' impression that this boy didn't have anyone he felt comfortable talking with, and that he had some problems that ought to be addressed.

Thomas took out his wallet and withdrew a card. He handed it to Jayson and told him, "Look, if you ever feel like you need to talk to someone that might understand what you're going through, here's my phone number and e-mail address."

Jayson took the card, looked at it, then he looked back at Thomas. It seemed the man was sincere in his offer. Jayson offered a smile in return as he slid the card into his pocket. "Thanks," he offered in return. "I may just call sometime."

On Thursday of that week, Tyler finally connected with Thomas in chat. He typed like mad, hitting the 'enter' key way too many times during his sentences as he tried to explain the situation he and Chris found themselves in. This was annoying to Thomas as it made what Tyler was trying to tell him difficult to read. Finally he told Tyler to just send him an e-mail as it would be easier for him to understand.

Tyler sent the message and waited impatiently for a response. It came a few minutes later. Thomas gave him instructions on how to obtain the information about Andy's computer that he would need to help him and Chris out of their predicament. Tyler saved the message and printed it so he would have the instructions available. Tyler just needed to get Andy into a chat session for a few minutes, so he could get the information Thomas required to extract them from their mess.

There was little time left before the weekend, so Tyler knew he needed to get the information quickly if he was to put a stop to the plan Andy had set in motion. 'Damn,' Tyler thought, 'why won't the bastard come up in chat?' Just as that thought ran through Tyler's mind, Andy's ID popped up saying that he was online.

Tyler only had to keep him in a chat session for a few moments, so he sent Andy a nudge and hoped he would join. After a few minutes with no response he sent another. Finally, his efforts were rewarded:

MillerAM18: What???

Ty1600: I think we should talk

MillerAM18: ?? About what

There was no immediate reply from Tyler. He was busy following the instructions Thomas had given him to find Andy's IP address.

Ty1600: You're being a shit, why?

MillerAm18: What are you babbling about?

Ty1600: Chris doesn't want to do it. Why are you trying to make him?

MillerAM18: He's done it before, he'll do it again. So will you.

Ty1600: You're blackmailing him, that's wrong.

MillerAM18: Hey, you two are the homos, you deserve what you get.

Tyler was astounded at the way Andy was acting. Like Chris, he had thought Andy was his friend. He could not fathom why Andy would be acting this way toward them. There was also the fact that Andy had done sexual things with the both of them. The first time could possibly be written off as him being drunk at the party, but the next day, and now... He was trying to arrange another... orgy. That was the only word that popped into Tyler's mind about what Andy was trying to get them into once again. These did not seem to be the actions of the straight boy Andy claimed to be.

Disgusted at the way the boy he thought was their friend was acting, and having obtained the information he needed, Tyler closed the chat window and send a quick message to Thomas. All it contained was the IP address of Andy's computer.

Thomas received Tyler's message a few minutes after he'd sent it. Tyler had been very vague about what damaging files were there, so not knowing all the details of what he needed to get rid of, Thomas decided to do a little exploring once he hacked into the connection Tyler directed him to.

Whoever the target was had amassed a serious collection of porn. Some of it was straight, some bi, but the vast majority - and the most recently saved - was gay. Before starting the destruction of the material, Thomas made a mirror image of the target's hard drive. While Thomas had a lightning quick internet connection at his home, his victim did not. This made the mirroring process take nearly eight hours. Once that was complete, Thomas started the process that would wipe all the information from the target computer.

When the operation was done, it was Friday afternoon. Thomas sent a text to let Tyler know that the deed had been done. It was a single word: Wiped.

Tyler was worried that Thomas would not be able to come through for him, whatever the reason. Mainly he doubted the ability of someone 3000 miles away to hack into a computer and destroy the damning evidence that it contained. Then the text arrived. Thomas claimed to have accomplished what Tyler had asked him to do. Unfortunately, there was only one way to find out - deny Andy what he had demanded and see if he could make good on his threats to provide proof that would expose Chris and himself as boyfriends. This weighed on Tyler's mind for over an hour as he waited for the bell that would dismiss the students of St. Ignatius for the weekend.

Chris was waiting by his car when Tyler came down the hill into the student parking area. The top was already down as the day was quite nice. Tyler seemed a bit pensive as they got into the car. As they drove away from the school, Tyler told Chris that his friend claimed to have wiped the damning material from Andy's computer.

Chris was skeptical. "Can we be sure?" he asked.

Tyler shrugged. "There's only one way to find out," he replied.

"I'm not sure I want to chance it," Chris commented. Not knowing anything about this friend of Tyler's, Chris was very unsure about testing Andy on his threat to make the relationship between Tyler and himself public.

They arrived at Tyler's home a few minutes later and went into Tyler's room. There was a message waiting when Tyler logged in to check his e-mail. It was from Thomas. It took forever to download as there was a large attachment. Chris was amazed when he saw what it was. "How in the Hell did he do that?" Chris asked.

"I told you, he's a computer geek," Tyler answered. "I really don't have any idea how he did it, but I think we can trust that it's been done."

Tyler closed the video clip that showed Andy being impaled by none other than himself. Tyler's face wasn't shown, but it was apparent to both he and Chris that it was his body. "I think we can trust that he's done what we needed," Tyler said as he draped his arm around Chris' shoulder and brought him in for a long, deep kiss.

Monday morning at school, Andy was visibly angry. "You didn't come to the lake house," he spat out as Tyler and Chris walked up to the school from the parking area. Tyler and Chris looked back and forth at each other. It was Tyler who made the reply. "We had something better to do."

"I hope it was worth it." Andy spoke in little more than a whisper, making his threat to expose them seem more real than it really was.

"I had to iron my socks," Chris said as he pushed Andy aside and walked into the school with Tyler, laughing.

Andy followed after them. "You know what this means..." he started.

Chris stopped abruptly and turned to face him. "It means you're a conniving shithead!" he spat back. "I thought you were my friend, and you then tried to pull something like this on us!" Chris pushed Andy away. It was a rough shove that sent Andy sprawling back, landing him on his ass in the small entryway, his books scattering across the floor as he fell.

"You're done!" Andy spat out. "Everyone will know all about you two by the end of the day!"

Tyler stopped and turned around. He tossed a USB flash drive onto Andy's stomach. "Sure they will," he said confidently. Then he turned to rejoin Chris as they headed to their homeroom class.

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