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Emo Boi Finds Love

by Terrance MacDonald

Chapter 42

Thanks as always go to my friends Mike, John and Aaron who continue to proofread and edit for me. Their help and assistance are essential to the quality of what you are reading.

This story contains graphic depictions of sex between consenting teen males and an occasional adult, so if you're some sort of puritan or prude, you ought not to be at this site to begin with, and you certainly shouldn't read any farther into this text. Likewise, if you aren't old enough to read this garbage according to the laws, local ordinances, etc. wherever you happen to be - Shoo, go away.

I hope you enjoy this story, but please remember that it is set in a world where there are no such things as STDs or deity-of-your-choice forbid HIV or AIDS, so you won't be reading very much, if any, about condoms except in this paragraph. This should not in any way be construed as advocating unsafe sex. Quite the contrary - protect yourself as much as you can, no one else is going to do it for you.

Do not modify or redistribute this text, or show it to any religious zealots or anyone else who will be horribly offended by it without my express written consent.

Tyler woke in the morning to the smells of breakfast cooking. He glanced over at the clock-radio on the nightstand beside the bed – it was just after seven in the morning. 'Oh God,' Tyler thought. 'He's a fucking morning person.' Tyler was certainly not a morning person. Whenever he could get away with it, he preferred to stay up late and sleep in until at least noon every day.

Grudgingly Tyler tossed the covers back and eased out of bed. He trudged sleepily across the hall into the bathroom and pushed the door almost closed behind him. Groggy as he was, Tyler sat down to pee, resting his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands as he did.

When he'd finished, figuring that since he was already up, and breakfast was obviously almost ready, he brushed his teeth and walked slowly down the hall into the sitting room, still rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "What's for breakfast?" he asked as he plopped down on one of the dining table chairs. Thomas was wearing a t-shirt and dark blue boxers, with a full length apron covering his front.

Thomas glanced over at him. "Do you always run around the house naked?" he asked.

"No, not always," Tyler answered. "Does it really bother you that much?"

"No, I can't say it bothers me, but it is a little disconcerting first thing in the morning. Want some coffee?" Thomas asked, holding up a half-full pot.

"Wait a few minutes before you pour me a cup," Tyler answered. "I'm going to take a shower first, then I'll put something on so you'll stop complaining."

"I wasn't complaining," Thomas countered. "It was just a question."

"So it doesn't bother you?" Tyler asked.

"No, I told you last night that it doesn't bother me – unless it's likely to get you arrested and I have to come bail you out of jail. I'm sure I'll get used to a cute young man running amuck without benefit of clothing soon enough."

"Running what?"

"Don't worry about it, just go get a shower."

Tyler returned about fifteen minutes later, freshly showered and wearing a pair of old, white boxer shorts that were worn so thin that they were practically see-through. "Better?" he asked as he poured a cup of coffee, stirring in some milk and sugar.

Thomas looked him up and down. "Well, I suppose you wouldn't get arrested in most places…" he replied.

Tyler plopped down in a chair at the dining table and started to dig into the plate of eggs and bacon that Thomas set down in the middle of the table. Thomas went around to the other side of the table, sat down and started to serve himself. Tyler had filled his plate. "You didn't eat already?" Tyler mumbled between bites as he reached for a piece of toast.

"Nope, scrambled eggs are easy enough to keep warm, so I thought I'd be polite and wait for you," Thomas answered.

Tyler studied the breakfast foods Thomas had put out on the table. "No grits?" he asked with a perfectly straight face.

Thomas feigned a dirty look across the table and they both started laughing.

After the breakfast dishes had been cleared and washed, Thomas asked Tyler if there was anything in particular that he wanted to do. "Well, I could lie out in the sun; relax in the hot tub… There's all sorts of possibilities."

"So you don't want to go hiking and savor the natural beauty of the mountains?" Thomas prompted him.

"Isn't that something like going for a long walk in the woods?"

"Yeah, that's probably about the closest definition I could come up with," Thomas answered. "There really is some beautiful scenery up here."

"Do I need hiking boots or anything?"

"Nah, not really," Thomas answered.

A huge grin came to Tyler's face. "Cool, naked hiking!" he exclaimed.

"No," Thomas scolded. "I just meant that you didn't need any special hiking boots. I certainly didn't say you wouldn't need clothes. What is it with you that you want to run around nude in public all the time anyway?" Thomas asked.

"I don't really want to all the time, but I love seeing your reaction when I bring it up," Tyler replied, grinning.

"You're incorrigible," Thomas muttered, shaking his head. "So, do you want to go or not? Or would you rather figure out something else to do?"

"Nah, we came to the mountains to see the mountains, so we might as well go hiking and see the mountains. Besides, we can't spend all day in the hot tub; we'd look like prunes all over!"

"Okay, there's a couple possibilities that are scenic attractions around here. How do you feel about climbing Pickens' Nose?" Thomas asked.

"I'm not picking anyone's nose!" Tyler stated flatly.

"No, no, no," Thomas said, putting his hand on Tyler's back and guiding him out onto the deck. Thomas pointed at a rock formation at the top of a mountain on the opposite side of a shallow valley. "That's called Pickens' Nose. It's named for a revolutionary war General who lived in the area; supposedly because it bears a striking resemblance to his actual nose."

"He must have had a damned funny looking nose," Tyler observed.

"I brought my laptop out to the living room so I can check my e-mail, you can go look him up on Google if you want," Thomas told him.

Tyler turned and scampered back inside to do just that. A couple minutes later, he called out to Thomas, "Geez, what a beak that guy had!"

Thomas came and looked over Tyler's shoulder at the computer's screen. Thomas had to admit that Tyler's description was pretty accurate. The man's nose in the picture definitely resembled the hooked beak of a bird of prey. While the rock formation was prominent on the top of the mountain, it did not very closely resemble the General's nose.

"So, do you want to climb up there today?" Thomas asked.

Tyler perused the information about the trail leading up to the peak, shrugged and replied, "Sure, why not?"

Thomas drove them to the parking area at the bottom of the trail after they'd eaten lunch. A couple hours later they had completed the walk up the trail. Tyler had Thomas take a picture of him standing at the top of the rock formation so he could send back to his mother and some of his friends in Thunder Bay. "They're not going to believe I climbed all the way up here without a picture to prove it," Tyler explained.

The walk back down the mountain to the car went a lot quicker than the walk up, but then downhill always does. Thomas stopped at a trout farm on the way back to the cabin and picked up some trout for their dinner. Tyler was curious why they didn't take the time to try to catch the fish themselves. "There isn't any point really," Thomas answered. "You can pretty much throw a hook in the water with no bait and pull them out. This way saves us about 5 minutes and they've already cleaned the fish for us so they're ready to cook."

Back at the cabin, Tyler watched as Thomas seasoned the fish, sliced some lemon and placed on top of them, then wrapped them in aluminum foil and made sure that they were tightly sealed. "You want me to start the grill?" Tyler asked.

"Nope," Thomas answered. "We won't be using the grill tonight." Then he opened the dishwasher and dropped the fish into the top rack.

"I thought you said they were already clean?" Tyler observed with a joking grin.

Thomas looked at Tyler and noted the grin. He lightly slapped the back of Tyler's head. "The heat from the dishwasher will cook them perfectly. Now, help me start getting the rest of the stuff ready."

After dinner, Thomas and Tyler were relaxing in rocking chairs on the deck of Chalet Number Ten. "So, Tyler asked, "why did you tell me you couldn't cook?"

"I didn't say I couldn't cook, just that I normally don't," Thomas corrected him.

After dinner, Tyler wanted to relax in the hot tub again. Thomas didn't join him however, saying that he had some work he needed to get done. He did bring his laptop out onto the deck and put his feet up on a table in front of his chair to mix business and pleasure at least to some extent.

Every so often he would take a short break to sip on the hard cider he'd brought along with him, or to go get another. Tyler joined him having a cider and asked what he was working on. "Just catching up on e-mail," Thomas replied. "If I let it go too long I'll never catch up."

"Sucks to have to work all the time and never get a real vacation," Tyler observed.

"Yes, but it does pay well," Thomas countered. "And this time away from my normal routine is very relaxing and rejuvenating."

They sat and talked for a while, Tyler mainly questioning Thomas about what his job involved. All Tyler had really been aware of to this point was that it had something to do with computers. Past the fact that Thomas did something involving installing networks and computer security, Tyler didn't understand any of what Thomas was talking about as he described his job. He just nodded knowingly and made a lot of "Mhmm" and "uh-huh" noises.

Finally, as the sun started going down, they went inside to relax in the living room. Thomas had brought a couple DVDs with him, should they feel the need for entertainment, and while Tyler dried off and put on a pair of boxers, Thomas got one ready. As the movie started, Thomas poured them each a glass of wine and set a large bowl of popcorn between them on the over-stuffed leather sofa.

The movie he'd put in was "Latter Days," a love story of sorts. As with all love stories, there was of course the element of tragedy when the family and friends of a young Mormon missionary find out that he had been seduced by and fallen in love with a gay neighbor. As is typically the case with religious zealots, they all ostracized him, and in fact his father sent him to an asylum to attempt to have his 'insanity' cured. There was even one scene where the viewers were led to believe that the cute young missionary had committed suicide. In the end, his lover found him, and of course they lived happily ever after. The movie didn't have much impact on Thomas – he had seen the movie already three or four times, so he knew exactly what to expect. Tyler on the other hand had tears in his eyes through nearly the last half of the movie.

When it was over, Tyler looked over to Thomas and stated, "Well, now I know what to watch whenever I feel like I need a good cry."

Thomas laughed. "You aren't the first one to say that same exact thing about that movie," he told Tyler, thinking about what a friend who visited from out of town from time to time had once said.

The last thing they did before they retired to their bedrooms for the evening was clean up the kitchen and start the dishwasher – this time for its intended purpose. By now they felt familiar enough with each other that neither of them felt the need to close their bedroom door. As Thomas took note of this new confidence, he thought of something he would need to warn Tyler about when they returned home. Thomas didn't mind that Shakespeare, his over-sized puppy would wander in and out of his bedroom at night, sometimes choosing to sleep beside his bed, but he didn't know if Tyler would feel the same way about the dog wandering freely through the house.

When Tyler woke the next morning, he found Thomas sitting on the sofa in the living room. His laptop was on the table in front of him, a cup of coffee next to it. "No breakfast this morning?" Tyler asked as he came into the room.

"Morning?" Thomas asked as he glanced at his watch. "Yeah, I suppose it still is, just barely. I thought I'd wait for you to get up before doing anything more than making a pot of coffee." Thomas leaned forward and tapped a couple keys on the laptop. "So what do you think about going out for breakfast this morning instead of having it here?"

"That's okay I guess," Tyler replied. "Where are we going?"

"The only real restaurant to eat at around here is The Dillard House," Thomas told him. They do make a very good breakfast."

"Sure, the food was good there on the way up here. That sounds good."

"Okay then, go get a shower and dress, then we'll be on our way," Thomas said.

Tyler scratched himself through his boxers as he turned and walked back toward his bedroom. Thomas grinned and shook his head slightly. 'Ah, to be young again,' Thomas thought.

By the time Tyler returned, Thomas had rinsed out the coffee pot and was ready to leave. Thomas drove them back to The Dillard House, effortlessly whipping the Cadillac through the turns on the winding mountain road. The sleek sedan hugged the curves far better than one might have thought for the size of the car. It was only a few minutes after they had left Chalet Number Ten until they were seated at a table looking through the menu.

When Tyler ordered the country ham as his breakfast meat, the same as Thomas had, Thomas warned him that this dish was particularly salty. Thomas thought it best to warn him of this since Tyler had been showing an interest in going into medicine as a career.

"How salty?" Tyler asked.

"Just do yourself a favor," Thomas suggested, "If you want ham, just get the regular ham, not the country ham and I'll let you try a piece of mine to see if you like it. I just have a feeling you aren't going to."

Tyler took Thomas at his word and changed his order.

When their breakfast was served, Thomas cut off a piece of his ham and gave it to Tyler. The look on Tyler's face when he first tasted it was priceless to Thomas. Even though he obviously didn't enjoy it, Tyler chewed and swallowed the piece of meat. "I can feel my arteries already clogging from eating that!" he exclaimed once he had swallowed a couple gulps of water.

Thomas chuckled, "See, I told you."

Tyler's expression changed to one of concern. "You shouldn't eat like that. You're going to give yourself a heart attack," he cautioned.

Thomas cut another piece of ham and put it into his mouth. He chewed thoughtfully for a moment before swallowing and replying. "Eat well, stay fit and die anyway."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Tyler questioned.

"If we're all going to die anyway, I'm going to enjoy myself while I'm here," Thomas replied.

Tyler seemed a little put off by the somber nature of Thomas' answer and didn't talk much more until they were finishing their meal when Thomas asked if there was anything Tyler really wanted to do that day.

"Let's go home a day early," Tyler suggested. "I'm having withdrawal not being able to use my phone. I'm still not getting any reception."

"Okay, we can do that if you want," Thomas replied. "I'll call Kevin when we get back to the cabin and let him know we'll be back late this afternoon."

"No, let's surprise them," Tyler suggested. "His 'friend' is still there with him, right?"

"He was at three this morning," he answered. "There were messages in my e-mail from the security system when I checked this morning. Those two are going to learn a difficult lesson about sunburns in sensitive areas from the amount of time they're spending naked at the pool."

Tyler grinned. "And they don't expect us back until tomorrow?"

"That's right…" Thomas smiled back. He had picked up on what Tyler was thinking.

After breakfast Thomas and Tyler returned to Chalet Number Ten to pack up their things and load the car. The manager at the desk at The Dillard House was concerned that something had been wrong with the accommodations when Thomas stopped to turn in the keys to the chalet a day early. Thomas assured him that everything had been fine, but that something had come up that caused them to cut their vacation short.

It was about 65 miles south of Dillard when Tyler's cell phone reacquired a cell tower and a flood of text messages began to pour in. Tyler's attention turned immediately to them. Tyler's fingers started flying over the iPhone's virtual keyboard as he started composing replies. Then after reading one string of messages he muttered "Oh, shit!" and a dark look came over his face.

Thomas asked him what was wrong.

"It's Jayson, he thought I was ignoring him," Tyler replied as he started tapping out a message to explain that there had been no cell phone reception where they had been, so the messages had simply been waiting in queue.

Tyler's mood stayed gloomy until a reply from Jayson came to tell him that he understood about the cell reception and that he wasn't mad. As soon as Tyler read that, he cheered back up immediately. Thomas took note of this dramatic mood swing. 'Tyler seems quite smitten with that boy,' he thought.

Tyler continued to exchange text messages with Jayson as they drove, but he also made sure to let his mother know they were leaving the mountains and heading for his new home a day early. That he managed to do with a phone call between texts to and from Jayson. Thomas could only hear one side of that conversation, but he picked up on the excitement in Tyler's voice as clearly as Tyler's mother did. Thomas smiled silently. He was happy Tyler was looking forward to seeing the place where he would be living in Savannah.

Thomas pulled off the highway to get gas and lunch somewhere around one in the afternoon. After he topped off the gas tank, he pulled the car into a Waffle House restaurant next to the gas station. Thomas led the way in and they took a seat at a booth in the far corner away from the door. Tyler looked around the restaurant and seemed very unimpressed. "What's good in these places?" he asked, having noticed signs for Waffle Houses all along the highway during their trip.

"Despite the appearance, the burgers are fairly good," Thomas answered. "They don't have fries, but their hash browns aren't bad as a substitute."

Tyler followed Thomas' lead in ordering, getting a double bacon cheeseburger and hash browns. When the food was served, Tyler seemed a little less than impressed. "Sort of greasy," he commented.

"That's part of the charm of these places," he replied as the overweight waitress (who was also conspicuously missing a few teeth) refilled their glasses of iced tea. "That's why they call little places like these 'greasy spoon' restaurants."

Tyler nodded and put another forkful of hash browns into his mouth.

Kevin and Luke had been up late every night, so once again they had slept in. It was past two in the afternoon when they untangled themselves and trudged into the bathroom for a shower which they sorely needed after enjoying another night of passion in the master bedroom of Thomas' house. Kevin had not considered until now the ramifications of using Thomas' bedroom for his weekend tryst with Luke while Thomas was away and he was responsible for watching the house. Thomas would be back the following afternoon. That would give him plenty of time to wash the sheets, remake the bed and clean up the rest of the house.

He was pondering whether or not to have Luke stay over this one last night when Luke joined him in the shower. Luke stepped up behind Kevin and wrapped his arms around him. The feeling of Luke's hard body against him and the arms wrapped around his chest immediately dispelled any thought he'd had of Luke not staying as long as possible. Luke's hands slowly traced their way down Kevin's torso. When they reached Kevin's stiffening cock they stopped. "Feels like you're happy to see me this morning," Luke whispered into his ear.

Kevin responded by spreading his legs slightly apart and grinding his butt against Luke's groin, causing his dick to stiffen between his legs. It was only a moment before the tip of Luke's penis was tickling the bottom of Kevin's balls. This added stimulation caused Kevin's cock to begin twitching between Luke's fingers. Kevin closed his legs together, causing friction to be applied to Luke's hard-on as he worked it between them. They both knew they were close to the point of no return.

Kevin wanted things to last so he pulled away. He turned to face Luke. Both ran their eyes up and down the other's body. The sheen of the water accentuated the tans that covered most of their bodies. A slight burn covered their mid-sections that had not normally been exposed to the sun until this weekend. Luke dropped to his knees and reached out to gently grasp Kevin's balls with his left hand. He tugged gently, urging Kevin forward. As Kevin stepped toward him, Luke reached up with his right hand, grasped his shaft and guided it into his mouth.

He took it into his mouth slowly, guiding it with his hand as it entered his mouth. When the tip started to touch the back of his mouth Luke began to back off. Luke crept forward slowly on his knees, moving Kevin back until Kevin was backed against the shower wall. Once Luke had Kevin positioned where he wanted him, he settled into a rhythm pushing forward, pulling back and applying suction. Kevin relaxed against the cool tile wall, letting Luke take full control of the moment.

Three minutes later Kevin exploded into Luke's mouth. Luke tried to swallow it all, but a small bit of Kevin's semen managed to escape his lips. Luke stood and kissed Kevin passionately. Even though Luke had swallowed what all he could, as their tongues intertwined, Kevin was able to detect a taste of his own seed.

Luke's erection had deflated some while he was pleasuring Kevin, but was still proudly sticking out in front of him. Kevin started to go down to return the favor but Luke stopped him. "Wait until later," he urged. "Let's finish getting washed and go have breakfast."

After they finished breakfast they cleaned up the kitchen from the mess they had made there thus far. Kevin made sure to mention to Luke that he would also have to help clean up the bedroom the next morning. Luke didn't seem to mind the idea of helping clean up – he liked the idea that he would be staying this last night that Kevin would be in charge of the house. In his mind it was better than having to return home. He knew that when he did it was going to suck. He hadn't actually gotten permission to stay over for the weekend, and he knew that the note he'd left wasn't going to be sufficient, particularly since he'd been ignoring all the calls from his home since he'd come back to stay with Kevin for the weekend. And he knew that Bill, his evil step-father was going to make his life as hellish as possible as soon as he got home.

Luke washed that thought away quickly – it was something he didn't want to dwell on. He knew he would have to deal with the reality of it soon enough.

Kevin and Luke decided to once again spend the day out by the pool. As Kevin was rubbing sun tan lotion onto Luke, he had a thought. "You know what sucks about this weekend?" he mused as he massaged the lotion into Luke's back.

"It's going to end too soon?" Luke guessed.

"No, we've been naked the entire time. Half the fun is undressing each other."

Luke rolled over to face Kevin. He reached up and pulled Kevin down to meet him for a kiss. When they broke apart, Luke responded. "I suppose you have a point, but I haven't minded having you bare-ass nekkid the whole time."

Kevin smiled down at Luke. "I haven't minded either, but it seemed just so sexy to me when we first undressed together." With that thought having been voiced, Kevin started rubbing the lotion into Luke's chest, working his way slowly down.

Back on the road after their lunch, Thomas and Tyler started discussing the plan to surprise his house-sitter and his friend. Tyler's plan depended on catching them in the pool. Thomas wasn't altogether sure that it was a good idea, but Tyler finally convinced him to go along.

Thomas took the opportunity of the long, boring drive across Georgia's Interstate 16 to Savannah to talk to Tyler about Shakespeare. One of the first things he did was warn Tyler about the dog's typical greeting for new people, which typically ended up with them laying on the floor and the dog licking their face. He also told Tyler about the dog's wanderlust during the night. He told Tyler that if this was something that would make him uncomfortable that he would need to make sure he closed his door at night when he was sleeping. Fortunately, Shakespeare was normally very good about staying off of furniture, but that part of his training was still ongoing.

Tyler took all this in. "What if you have someone over for, um, you know?" he asked after a moment of thought.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I don't have someone over for 'well, you know' all that often," Thomas answered. "But when I do, Shakespeare just has to deal with being locked out of the bedroom. Usually I just stay out for the night."

"But it's okay if I have someone over, right?" Tyler asked apprehensively.

"Of course," Thomas answered, reaching over to tousle Tyler's hair just a little. "While you're living there it's your house too. Just remember to shut your door when you're 'you knowing' if you would please."

Tyler giggled a little. "I'll have to meet someone first."

"What about Jayson?" Thomas asked. "You two seem to be getting on very well so far. You could always invite him to come for a visit."

"I may just do that," Tyler mused quietly as he reclined his seat and settled back for a nap.

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