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Emo Boi Finds Love

by Terrance MacDonald

Chapter 43

Thanks as always go to my friends Mike, John and Aaron who continue to proofread and edit for me. Their help and assistance are essential to the quality of what you are reading.

This story contains graphic depictions of sex between consenting teen males and an occasional adult, so if you're some sort of puritan or prude, you ought not to be at this site to begin with, and you certainly shouldn't read any farther into this text. Likewise, if you aren't old enough to read this garbage according to the laws, local ordinances, etc. wherever you happen to be - Shoo, go away.

I hope you enjoy this story, but please remember that it is set in a world where there are no such things as STDs or deity-of-your-choice forbid HIV or AIDS, so you won't be reading very much, if any, about condoms except in this paragraph. This should not in any way be construed as advocating unsafe sex. Quite the contrary - protect yourself as much as you can, no one else is going to do it for you.

Do not modify or redistribute this text, or show it to any religious zealots or anyone else who will be horribly offended by it without my express written consent.

Kevin went through the cabinets at the bar Thomas had built on the patio by the pool. He didn't want to deplete the liquor supply inside the house so much that it would be obvious there had been some partying going on while he was house-sitting, especially since all he was really supposed to be doing was coming over to feed the dog. He found an unopened bottle of Captain Morgan that looked a little dusty. 'He obviously doesn't use this stuff very much,' Kevin thought. 'This will be just the thing, he'll never notice; looks pretty potent too.'

Kevin poured them each a very strong rum and Coke and brought them over to where Luke was relaxing on a lounge by the pool. He handed one to Luke and sat on the chair next to him. They each took a healthy pull from the thick plastic, pool-safe glasses Thomas kept at the outside bar and set them down on a table between them.

There wasn't much small talk to be made after all the time they had spent together over the weekend so the first round of drinks ended up going down fairly quickly. There was something Kevin wanted to bring up, he just wasn't sure quite how to do it. He considered how to broach the subject with Luke as he walked back to the bar and mixed them a second round.

Finally he decided. 'Nothing like just blurting it out,' he thought.

He handed Luke his drink and sat down on the lounge next to him. With his free hand he started tracing the tips of his fingers across Luke's chest and stomach – but studiously not straying any farther down, at least for the time being. "So," he started before pausing for a moment. "What are you going to tell your mom and Bill about staying out all weekend?" he asked.

Luke looked up at him, already a little bleary-eyed already from the alcohol. "Fuck 'em," he replied. "I left a note." Luke suddenly got a studious look on his face, then he continued, "Besides, I don't like the way that son of a bitch stares at me anyway. It's like he's sizing me up. Sometimes I think he rather be fucking me than my Mom."

After Luke had said that they both went very quiet. Each of them for very nearly the same reason; Luke, because he had finally admitted his suspicions about his step-father's prurient interest in him to someone else; Kevin because he was the one Luke had confided this information to. Both boys, somewhere in the backs of their minds realized they had just crossed a bridge in their relationship. Neither was quite sure exactly what it meant or where it would lead them; and that prolonged the silence between them.

Kevin half lay and half sat on the lounge chair so that his feet were still on the pool deck but his and Luke's torsos were also touching completely as he embraced his newly found lover. He shifted his head slightly so that his mouth was next to Luke's ear; "No matter what happens, I'll stick by you. I want you to remember that. You mean more to me than anyone else ever has and I'll do anything for you that I ever possibly can."

"I'll do that," Luke whispered back as he hugged Kevin a little tighter. And he meant it – he was fairly sure that somehow he was going to have to rely on this boy he'd just spent the weekend with at some time in the future. He just wasn't quite sure how that would play out yet.

Tyler woke from his nap as they were passing through Old Town Savannah on US-80. He pushed the button to bring his seat back up to a fully inclined position and looked around. "Where are we?" he asked.

"Almost home," Thomas replied. "Just a little farther to go..."

A few minutes later they were off that road and heading into a residential area. Tyler became a little concerned because Thomas was still keeping up highway speed. "Aren't you going a little fast for this road?" he asked.

"The traffic will bear it," Thomas answered. "Besides, I have electronic warfare gear in the car," he added as he pointed to the RADAR detector mounted on the dash next to the GPS. "There are two others mounted on the front of the car."

"Actually, I was hoping to get a better view of the scenery, this town is really fucking beautiful."

"Well, if you put it like that…" Thomas answered and braked the car to slow it down.

"This place reminds me a lot of Abby's house," Tyler commented.

"Well, the buildings you're seeing now and her home were built around the same time. Architecture works that way," Thomas told him. "It's how trends happen."

"Yeah," Tyler replied in a tone heavy with sarcasm, "I think I understand what trends are."

They continued on through town and were soon driving down a two lane road lined with trees. There was little sign of civilization aside from power lines strung on poles next to the road. At one point they even passed a young deer grazing on grass by the side of the road.

"Just how far out in the country to you live anyway?" Tyler asked.

"The house is actually only about 20 minutes outside of town, but I wanted to be closer to the beach," Thomas replied.

"Is that 20 minutes the way you drive, or 20 minutes the way normal people drive?"

"What makes you think I'm not normal?" Thomas asked, glancing over at Tyler with a feigned hurt look.

Tyler didn't even pause before giving his response. "Well, you are queer aren't you? And that is the opposite of normal, right?"

Thomas just shook his head but couldn't think of anything to say that would refute Tyler's assertion. He did however press just slightly harder on the accelerator pedal.

About ten minutes later Thomas slowed the car and turned into a neighborhood. Brass letters on a brick wall on either corner of the side street proclaimed the name of the subdivision; Ashley Woods. They wound through a few curves before making a turn to drive down another street that curved and meandered before finally ending in a cul-de-sac. Thomas pulled into the driveway of a house just before the cul-de-sac began and touched a button on the car's ceiling to raise the garage door closest to the main house of the three that were there. Thomas eased the Cadillac into its stall and shut the engine off.

As they exited the car, Thomas reminded Tyler about his dog's usual greeting to newcomers and how to best avoid landing on his back. Tyler laughed, seeming to not believe what Thomas was telling him. "Okay, find out for yourself," Thomas muttered under his breath as he opened the trunk to retrieve their bags.

Tyler headed toward the door that lead from the garage to the kitchen and opened it, anxious to see his new home and also to spring the surprise they had planned on Thomas' house-sitter and his friend. Almost immediately after opening the door and stepping into the kitchen, Tyler found out the hard way that Thomas had not exaggerated the greeting he was to expect from Shakespeare. He was having a difficult time trying to get the dog off him when Thomas walked into the kitchen with the first load of luggage. Thomas let out a low whistle and the dog immediately stepped away from Tyler and pranced over to his master's side. Thomas scratched the dog behind his ears and reached over to a glass jar on the counter to get him a bacon treat.

Thomas looked over to where Tyler was recovering and getting to his feet. "I told you so…" he reminded Tyler.

Tyler grumbled something in reply that Thomas wasn't quite able to make out before moving over to a window that looked out over the backyard and pool. Kevin and Luke were lying face down on pool floats right next to each other, apparently snoozing the afternoon away. This played perfectly into the plan Tyler had in mind and that Thomas thought would be particularly humorous.

Tyler looked over to Thomas and got a nod of approval. He then stepped into the living room and began to strip off his clothes. Tyler stopped when he was down to a pair of white, cotton boxers and walked over to the sliding glass door to check where his targets were located.

Thomas found himself surprised by two things – the first that Tyler would actually own plain white boxer shorts and the second that he'd decided to leave them on for the task at hand given his lack of modesty thus far over the weekend.

Tyler saw that his targets were actually positioned perfectly for the evil plot he and Thomas had hatched. He slid the door open as quietly as he could and sprinted toward the pool. Thomas wanted to see this, so he went quickly out onto the patio to watch. When Tyler reached the edge of the pool he leapt out and balled up. He had calculated his trajectory perfectly and his cannonball landed precisely between the two pool floats Kevin and Luke had been lying on just inches apart. They had been just close enough to each other that when Tyler landed between them that both floats were upset and when Kevin and Luke were dumped into the water the rafts floated quickly away toward opposite sides of the pool.

Kevin and Luke both came up sputtering, having been caught completely by surprise. Kevin was actually cussing the dog as he surfaced, thinking that Shakespeare had once again joined them in the pool and that was what had knocked them off their rafts. Then he realized that Luke was too far away for the hand that had brushed against his genitals to be his. Luke was looking down into the water as the same thing had happened to him, so Kevin now followed suit. They now saw there was someone else in the pool with them, but being under water they were unable to tell who it was – one of their friends must have found out about their weekend love nest and decided to crash the party – but who, and how?

Neither of them had yet noticed Thomas standing on the patio laughing quietly, which would have explained things immediately – at least to Kevin. However, Kevin and Luke were too intent on the figure swimming below them in the water to turn and look in that direction.

Tyler was finally able to hold his breath no longer and surfaced near the waterfall that flowed from the hot tub into the pool. The depth of the pool there was about 3½ feet deep, so the lower part of Tyler's body was still obscured by the water. Kevin was fuming for having his and Luke's relaxation in the pool interrupted. Luke was simply dumbfounded by the disturbance.

"Who the fuck are you and how did you get in here?" Kevin spat out as he started to move toward Tyler.

It isn't easy to walk through water in a swimming pool that is up to your chest, but Kevin's mind was being ruled more by anger than reason. He'd taken a couple steps when Tyler answered his question. "I'm Tyler, I live here; who the fuck are you?"

Tyler's answer startled Kevin – 'he lives here?' ran quickly through his mind. He stopped for a moment. Could he have miscalculated when Thomas said he was coming home? It didn't seem likely. It was only now that he thought to look around and saw Thomas, who by now had taken a seat in one of the pool chairs but was still chuckling quietly at the situation.

"Kevin, meet Tyler. Tyler, this is Kevin – my um, house-sitter I guess," Thomas stated then nodded toward Luke, who was still standing in the middle of the pool, looking very confused; "but I'm afraid I haven't had the pleasure of being introduced to this young man yet."

Tyler dove back under the water and swam quickly over to where Kevin was standing, chest high in the pool. He surfaced right in front of the other boy, brushed his hair back from his face and extended his hand underwater as if to shake hands. "Hi Kevin, nice to meet you," Tyler said, grinning widely.

Kevin still had a bit of a dumbfounded expression on his face, but he did reach out to shake hands with Tyler, albeit under the surface of the pool. "Aren't you going to introduce us to your friend?" Tyler asked, nodding toward Luke.

"Um, yeah, sure. This is um, well, uh…" Kevin stammered, not really sure what to say, especially since he himself wasn't even really supposed to be staying in the house other than to come over and feed Shakespeare. He certainly wasn't supposed to be having company over, and he and his company were damned sure not supposed to be spending the days skinny-dipping in the pool frolicking the nights away in Thomas' bedroom.

"I'm Luke," the blonde boy finally spoke up, helping take some of the attention away from Kevin who was trying desperately to think up a convincing lie about what they were doing at Thomas' house. He didn't think things through very far before blurting out his initial excuse for them being there.

"We uh, we just wanted to use the pool for a little while," Kevin finally said.

Thomas sat back and rubbed his chin. "So, when I go inside I'm not going to see which bedroom the two of you have been sleeping in?"

Kevin gulped hard but didn't say anything. He knew exactly what Thomas was going to find when he went into his own bedroom. He tried to think of a convincing lie to explain what they had been doing but was drawing a complete blank.

Tyler had moved to the side of the pool nearest to Thomas' chair and pulled himself up onto the brick that bordered the pool's edge from the patio so that he sat with his legs still dangling in the pool. "You gonna tell them about the cameras now?" he asked, looking over his shoulder.

"I was going to wait a while to bring that up actually, but since you mentioned it…" Thomas sighed and started to turn a little toward the house.

The same thought raced immediately through both Kevin and Luke's minds. 'Cameras, what cameras?'

Thomas pointed to a small box under the eaves at one corner of the house, then to another at the other end. There was a tiny red light on each of them. Thomas turned back to the boys in the pool. "Those are fiber optic cameras activated by motion detectors," Thomas stated flatly. "They have unbelievably high resolution for as tiny as they are."

Kevin and Luke glanced at each other nervously then looked back at Thomas and Tyler.

Thomas continued, "They snap pictures once a minute when the system is activated and movement by anything that weighs over about 100 pounds in their range will set them off. Then the system automatically e-mails the pictures to me." Thomas paused to pull out his smart phone and flipped through the controls for a moment. He opened a picture and turned the phone toward Kevin and Luke. They were too far away to be able to make out what the picture was, but Thomas' next statement gave them a pretty good idea. "Looks like you two have had a pretty full weekend, especially in the hot tub."

Luke hadn't had much to say anyway, such was his embarrassment at having been caught at this man's house with his new boyfriend. And by now Luke was definitely thinking of Kevin as his boyfriend. But what had this new boyfriend of his gotten him into he wondered? Kevin seemed oblivious to the fact that they were standing in the pool, naked; but then Luke hadn't even really given it any thought himself until that very moment. But now, suddenly he started to feel self-conscious with these two people he didn't know who were now present even as casually as they were acting about the whole situation.

Thomas got up and started walking toward the house. When he was about halfway between the chair he had been sitting in and the sliding glass door he stopped and turned back toward the pool. He glanced at his watch before looking at the boys in the pool. "Well, it's getting close to dinner time. Tyler, come on inside and get dressed. We'll go pick up a few racks of ribs for dinner." Then Thomas directed his gaze directly at Kevin. "That will give you and your friend about forty minutes to clean up anything you might not want me to see. You are staying for dinner, right?"

Luke and Kevin both breathed a sigh of relief as Thomas turned back to the house and walked inside with Tyler tagging along behind. Neither could help but notice how the thin, white cotton cloth of the wet boxers he was wearing clung tightly to his skin. It was almost as if there was nothing covering him at all.

As soon as Thomas and Tyler had gone inside and the door slid shut behind them, Kevin was on his way out of the pool. Kevin looked back at him. "Aren't you coming?"

"Dude, we're naked," Luke reminded him. "What if they look out and see us?"

Kevin was already climbing out of the pool. "Yeah, they know that already. They saw us on the rafts, remember?" he replied without looking back. Then he grabbed a towel from one of the pool chairs to start drying off. Luke followed a moment later a bit reluctantly, and with his hands covering his groin until he made it to his own towel. Luke turned away from the house to dry off just in case anyone was watching from inside and made sure the towel was tucked in securely at his waist before turning back toward the house.

When Kevin and Luke went inside with their towels wrapped around their waists, Thomas and Tyler were already gone. They had left their bags in the living room, Tyler's was lying open on the sofa, looking as if it had been rummaged through, which of course it just had. Luke started to pause and look as they passed, but Kevin hurried him on. "Come on, we don't have very long before they get back. We'd better start with the bedroom."

When they entered the master bedroom, the scent of their sex still hung heavily in the air, even though they had left the door open. It had been that way all weekend, but neither of them had any reason to pay attention to it until now. Now though, it had become an emergency that they needed to deal with.

Kevin took charge. "Come on, let's get dressed and try to fix this shit," he urged. Luke followed his lead and pulled clothes out of his backpack as quickly as Kevin was doing. As soon as they had both pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, Kevin threw both their packs at Luke. "Take these downstairs and look for an air freshener or something, I'm going to get these sheets in the washer," he directed.

Luke did as he was told. After dropping their backpacks on the living room floor, he looked in cabinets in the kitchen trying to find some sort of air freshener, but wasn't able to locate one. Kevin brushed him by carrying the sheets they had been using and Luke reported his lack of success.

"Okay, just go back up and find the linen closet and get some new sheets on the bed," Kevin told him. "Try to find ones that look the same as these," he added as he stuffed the soiled linens into the washing machine.

"Those are never going to be done before they get back," Luke observed as Kevin started the washer.

"I know; that's why I said to find some that look the same and get them on the bed!" Kevin was getting frustrated and desperate, and Luke either didn't seem to be cooperating or was just moving too slow for his taste. There wasn't any time to spare before Thomas and Tyler returned and he wasn't sure that Luke was helping quite enough to suit him.

He changed his mind about that when he returned to the master bedroom a few minutes later. Not only had Luke found sheets that seemed to match what had been on the bed, and made it up, but he had also located a can of Febreze and sprayed the room with it. The difference amazed him.

He looked around, but didn't see Luke anywhere. Then he heard a noise in the bathroom. Luke was already cleaning up the mess they had left in there. Kevin joined him. "Damn you're quick with this cleaning shit," he observed.

"Call it 'motivated' – I don't really want to get sent home just yet," Luke replied. "I'm really hoping that we'll get to stay over this one last night like we planned."

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