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Swimming with Parker

by (and ©) Matthew Oswald

Chapter 5

Parker, too horny to backtalk, put his hand on the dock, steadying us. This freed up both my hands. My mask still off, I took a deep breath and slid underwater. I opened my eyes - I couldn't see much, but I could make out Parker's cock.

I gently took it and actually needed some effort to pry it from his belly button. I continued massaging his asshole with one hand and, while holding his penis, I gave the tip of it a kiss.

At once, Parker's other hand came to my shoulder... but instead of pulling me up, he was keeping me down. Not forcefully, but making it easier for me to stay down. I took that as his hell yes to proceed.

I took his cock into my mouth.

The hand on my shoulder began to grip me firmly, his nails digging in. I still had marks on my neck from the other day: if my folks saw, they might think I was in an abusive relationship.

I went all the way to the base of his shaft, feeling his cock head touch the back of my throat. I was rewarded with a little glob of precum. I was surprised by how good it tasted.

With Parker holding my shoulder, both my hands were free. His sphincter had sufficiently loosened, so I was able to slid one of my fingers up. At the same time, I worked his cock with my mouth and gently rolled one of his testicles in my hand.

I could feel him shaking, and I doubled my efforts on all fronts. This wouldn't last long, I knew. He complimented my motions with his hips, thrusting himself into my mouth.

I wiggled my finger up his sphincter and began working a second and a third one, as he relaxed back there. I had to admit, I had no idea where his prostate was... but I'd heard rubbing it from there was amazing, so I tried to find it.

I don't know if I succeeded, but before I knew it, I tasted my mouth beginning to fill with Parker's nectar. It wasn't quite as good as his precum, maybe just due to sheer quantity... but that didn't stop me from swallowing it. I gently pumped his shaft, making sure it was all out.

I had begun to need air, but it wasn't too bad. I hadn't even been down a minute, I don't think. We'd have to work on Parker's endurance, I knew... but since it was his first blowjob, I decided I'd be lenient. I made sure to give his head a few licks, a final kiss, and then I surfaced.

Parker simply reclined against the dock, arms both keeping him up. His entire face was flushed and he was breathing as though he'd just run a marathon.

"I... I thought... you were saving that for my birthday..." He panted.

I smiled. "Happy birthday!"

"My birthday... isn't until... September."

"Oh... my mistake," I said, leaning forward and kissing him deeply.

* * * *

It was a beautiful day at the lake... which was unfortunate, because I knew we had to leave. People would be showing up soon, and if they people saw me and Parker here, this early, there would probably be talk.

While we'd begun fast, I knew we had to start taking this slower... and being more careful, at least until we got our story straight and let our feet return to the ground.

Parker walked his bike along the trail back to my house with me. Most of his clothes were still wet, which only added to his cuteness.

"When can I see you again?" he asked.

I sighed. "Hopefully as soon as possible... I just need to figure some stuff out."

Parker looked at me with concern, and immediately I laughed and regretted my choice of words.

"Not about us," I quickly corrected. "About them..." I pointed all around me, indicating... well... the rest of the fucking world.

"Phew... don't scare me like that," He punched me in the shoulder.

I thought for a moment. "Tell me about Skateman847..."

Parker's smile returned. "You haven't stalked me on YouTube yet? What gives?"

"Hasn't been a lot of free time these last few days," I said.

Parker grinned. "Guess not."

"So tell me."

Parker shrugged. "I like skateboarding a lot... doing some tricks. I'm pretty good, so I post some of them online. Show folks how to do them. I also do tricking."

"Tricking?" I asked. "Isn't that what prostitutes do?"

"Oh fuck you..." he laughed. "No. Martial arts tricking... here..." He leaned his bike into me. "I'll give you an example."

He walked down the path a bit, feeling the ground, trying to find something solid. After a moment, he was satisfied. He kicked off his shoes and removed his socks.

I guess it's a tribute to how beautiful I thought he was... just him barefooted was enough to start my blood flow from my head to my crotch.

He bounced on his feet, a few times, and then leapt into the air, flipping backwards. He tumbled through the air once, and then landed back on his feet, low to the ground.

I blinked. "Wow..."

He smiled, and gently jogged toward a tree. He put one foot up on it, and pushed off it, flipping up and over backwards, landing on his feet. It was like a Matrix move.

"Okay," I said crossing my arms slyly. "You're new nickname is the Presbyterian Ninja."

Parker laughed. "Kinda has a ring to it." He smiled. "You should see me on a trampoline or a diving board, when you can get like a five foot launch."

"Just be careful," I said. "I don't want you breaking your neck on me."

Parker pouted, and wrapped his arm around my neck. He leaned back, flirtingly. "Aw... okay mommy." He blinked his eyes sexily at me.

I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. "Brat."

He broke apart and gently put his hand on my chest. "So when?"

My mind raced. "Tonight... my house."

Parker looked nervous. "Um... how, exactly?"

"You seem to be forgetting... your best friend happens to live with me. You popping over probably won't be too earth shattering."

Parker blinked. "That's... not really fair to Jason, is it?"

I thought for a minute, and then it occurred to me. "Perhaps not... but it could be."

Parker looked at me with a stony expression. "I'm not gonna lie... that could be hot for me. But... he's your brother. Isn't that called incest for you?"

It took me a moment to see where he thought I was going with that, and I burst out laughing. "Oh that's horrible dude... no. I meant, he has a girlfriend, doesn't he? What if she came over too?"

Parker arched a brow and thought about it for a moment.

"My folks like to go out Saturday night to dinner and a movie. If Jason were to have his girlfriend over alone, they'd be inclined to stay home and chaperon. But... if he's with his best friend too, they'll figure there won't be any monkey business, especially if I'm around. I don't think they'll be suspicious."

Parker smiled. "So your parents will still go out and have their good time. Jason wins, because he gets to spend time with his girlfriend alone... and we win..." He kissed my mouth gently. "For the same reason?"


"You know..." He said. "You'd make a really sexy evil villain. You come up with the... corniest fucking plans that somehow WORK."

"You just wanna see me in one of those tight Star Trek villain outfits, don't you?" I asked.

Parker smiled and ran his finger across my mouth. "I think you're onto me."

I laughed and took Parker's finger into my mouth, sucking it gently.

"You just love sucking on me, don't you?" Parker said, smiling brightly.

"It's not my fault you taste as good as you look," I said. I leaned forward and gently licked his lips with a flick of my tongue.

Parker laughed and leaned forward, taking my tongue into his mouth. We were on a very well travelled trail between my neighborhood and the lake. We were probably playing with fire.

He realized it at the same time and slid back a bit.

"Yeeah, no. Probably bad idea," he said. "Once you get me started, I won't wanna stop."

We approached the backyard of my house, just off the trail. We stopped just before coming in view of the windows.

"Okay," I said. "You're the one who has to sell this to Jason, by the way..." He smirked. "If it's me, he'll be inclined to be stubborn."

"I don't know," Parker said. "It still kinda feels underhanded... y'know? It makes it seem like I don't want to spend time with him, just use him."

I frowned a bit. He had a point. "Set it up for this afternoon, then. While my folks are still here. We'll all spend time together... and that should make them even less suspicious, after they see us all getting along well together and acting like normal people and stuff. Just make them believe we don't know each other well."

"Won't you acting normal and hanging out with other kids be suspicious?" He teased, playfully.

"Hardy fucking har," I said, moving toward him. "No, what would be suspicious is if I did this..." I kissed him on the lips, then pulled back. "All the while doing this..." I gently ran my hand down, slipping it into his bathing suit. I gave his quickly inflating penis a squeeze... "While playing with this..." I then slipped my hand behind him and ran my finger down his asscrack, teasing his sphincter.

"Mmm," Parker considered, taking a deep breath, his face flushed. "Yeah, we'll probably have to ... not... do that. While they watch, at least."

I gently slid my hand back and gave his penis another tender stroke before removing my hand from his suit. "Just wanted to explain my position." I smiled.

"Very informative, you fucking cocktease," Parker laughed, gently rubbing himself and trying to hide his boner.

"Hey, if I finish you off again that'll be... what... 3 times in like two hours?" I smiled. "If you're bone dry tonight, I'm gonna be pissed. I expect my Parker juice... and it better be tangy."

Parker laughed. "Well then... I'll just have to save you some."

I kissed him once more. "See you soon."

"Bet on it," he replied.

* * * *

I spent the next few hours watching Parker's YouTube channel. In a weird way, it allowed me to pass the time comfortably... Parker had a real knack for making the viewer feel like they were there with him, and he cared greatly about them. In that respect, I was with Parker still.

In a way, though, it was sad. It was Parker's face, and Parker's voice... but I knew I wasn't really seeing Parker. I was seeing the carnival. The magic act he put on with the flair and talent of a top caliber magician.

His confidence around his friends, the way his fellow skaters all but lined up to model their own tricks for Parker's vlog... it was all part of his show. After seeing the real Parker these last few days... the tender... vulnerable side of him... I almost didn't recognize the public party animal I had initially fallen in love with.

It was sad, but it was great. I loved knowing him in a way no one else did. And I loved that he knew a side of me that wasn't all snoot and sarcasm. I loved that I didn't feel I needed those weapons with him.

He modeled all sorts of neat tricks, and while I suspected he wouldn't be turning pro anytime soon, I could see why he had hundreds of subscribers, and hundreds of thousands of channel hits. Folks didn't just come for the tricks. They came for him.

Adults came because he made them feel younger, speaking to them much like a kid would speak to another kid, without being overly immature. Teenage boys came for his easy-going manner, and how he explained the tricks he or his friends were doing, complete with slow-motion and words on the screen, giving a step by step how-to, as it was happening.

Most other boys just seemed to do the trick, and expect you to be in awe of them... but not Parker. He wanted you there with him. He wanted you to be able to do it, if you wanted to, and feel that awe yourself.

It was all part of the come-one-come-all, don't-be-shy carnival.

Many of his subscribers were teenage girls (or at least they pretended to be), many of who left comments on his videos saying he was so cute or asking him how old he was and where he lived... I admit, I began to get a little jealous. Back off, hookers... he's mine...

I almost laughed.

In addition to the tricking videos he had, one which involved him on a trampoline doing flips and tumbles I hadn't imagined seeing outside of an Olympic gymnastics competition, I noticed he did snowboarding in the winter. In those, he wore snow goggles and heavy winter clothing. I began to get modeling ideas.

My god, how'd a geek like me land someone like him?

I came upon one video in particular, taken about four months ago. It was unlike any of the others. It wasn't an action shot... it was him, at what I presumed, was his house.

Curious, I watched it.

"Hey guys - Skateman847 here... and I've been grounded!" Parker said. "So, while doing a two week prison sentence in my room, I thought I'd do something different... lots of folks have been sending me messages with all sorts of questions. I thought this would be a good time to answer some."

He ran down a list of questions. Favorite color is blue. Favorite TV show was The Shield. Favorite Actor Jim Carrey. I listened to the personal stuff, tuned out advice on gear, manufacturers and professional skateboarders.

Then, he read an interesting one.

"Tracy H asks... what's your favorite position?" Parker smiled. "That's easy, Tracy... quarterback." He flicked his eyes to the side, smiled... that mischievous twinkle in his eyes, and moved on.

I laughed.

"Jen from Burbank asks... 'describe your perfect date'."

This one I sat up for.

And, for just a moment, I saw the carnival flicker. I saw the Parker I knew appear, hidden beneath the illusion.

"My perfect date would be a special someone taking me somewhere that meant ... a real lot to them," He said, earnestly looking to the camera. "And, maybe over pizza, them telling me all about it... and letting me experience it with them."

He blinked, and smirked. The carnival was back. "Wait... I was still recording? Oh shit. I mean, my real answer is: A nude rock concert orgy. They have those, right? Of course they do! NEXT!"

I smiled, but didn't laugh. I would have to take Parker on his perfect date sometime. I just wasn't the most sentimental of people, so finding a place important to me that didn't involve a library was hard.

Just then, I heard a knock at my door. I minimized the browser. "Yeah?"

The door opened, and Jason stepped in. He had a smirk on his face, and just shook his head. He held up his phone. "I smell you all over this. Your schemes are so fucking transparent..."

"If it gets you what you want... do you care?" I pointed out.

Jason pressed his lips together in amusement. "I guess not. But you better not do any of that... homo shit... in front of us, okay?"

"As long as you don't do any of that... hetero shit... in front of us."

Jason snorted. "That's all natural, brother..."

"A girl who thinks you're attractive is not what I'd call natural," I smirked. "I'm curious to meet the poor, deluded child."

"Hey, as long as your hand stays on Parker's ass... and not mine... you can meet her. You can even talk to her."

At this, I laughed. "I dunno man... your ass is so damn big, it has its own gravitational pull. I may swing and miss."

Jason stormed into my room, intensely, but I could see the thin smile on his face. I tried to stand up from my chair, but wasn't up fast enough. He grabbed me, swung me around and threw me onto the bed.

"Interesting," I pointed out, patting the bed. "Something you trying to tell me, muffin?"

Jason laughed. "Oh, you just don't know when to shut the fuck up..."

He was suddenly hurtling for me again, and this time, I was able to roll aside. He landed on the bed, his flying elbow where my back had just been a moment ago.

I leapt behind him, and twisted his arm behind his back.

"Awwwu!" Jason laughed. "Lemme go!"

I smiled, and... in a moment of nostalgia... I did. I realized we hadn't wrestled, or done anything like this in...


I had to go all the way back to when I was seven. That was the last time I remembered me and Jason really acting like brothers and having fun together. It had been a trip down to Cape Cod. We had swam, and we had laughed. He had been five, and had to wear the water wings in the moderate, but still noticeable Atlantic undertow.

I had picked him up and thrown him several times, and all the while he hadn't stopped laughing. And I laughed, because I enjoyed making him happy.

I rolled off his back, and onto my bed, looking up at the ceiling.

I shook my head.

What had I done to myself? Exactly when had that loving, bright seven year old died... and been replaced by the 15-year-old version of Dr. Gregory House I had become?

Jason seemed to realize then that our mock fight was over. He looked over at me. "I didn't actually expect you to let go... I was gonna earn that reversal."

I just rolled my eyes toward him and shrugged. "Next time."

He quirked a brow at me. "You all right?"

I looked at the ceiling, and folded my hands onto my chest.

"Yeah," I said... I looked back his way and smiled. "Yeah, bro... I really am."

* * * *

Liz arrived first, and then Parker followed... and Jason was the consummate host.

"Liz, this is my brother... Harry Potter..."

"No relation to the wizard," I grumbled, and elbowed Jason firmly in the gut.

I had to admit. I was impressed. I recognized Liz now that I saw her. She was actually a year older than Jason, being in the grade just before mine. She was a little on the portly side, but still quite cute. Given Jason had more than his share of extra pounds for his age, they made a proportionately good match.

She had a very girl-next-door look, with an easy going straight brunette haircut and a look that seemed mostly natural. Maybe a little too much eye-liner, but then again, I'm not the best judge of what makes women look hot... though I'm sure Jason was a fan of her breasts. They had already formed very nicely, and she was clearly proud of that, wearing a tanktop that her parents probably didn't buy for her.

"And, Parker ... I believe you've met my brother a few days ago," Jason said, barely able to keep a smirk off his face. It was for my parents, not for me, who had come into the room.

Parker removed his sunglasses. He was wearing a delicious yet conservative short-sleeved white t-shirt with athletic shorts down to his knees. I could see the top of his boxers going a bit higher than his regular shorts. That alone made me feel hot in the face.

"Of course I remember!" Carnival-Parker said, smiling. "You let me borrow your camera. Well, that practically makes us brothers, too!" He slapped my shoulders playfully, and then... as though I were just any old other boy... he moved past me and waved to my parents.

"Hey Mr. and Mrs. G! What's on the menu for tonight?"

My father smiled. "Hello Parker. It will be pizza for you four." He looked toward me. "The money is in the drawer."

"Oh pizza, my pizza!" Parker cried out. He threw his arms around both Jason and Liz, and called to my folks. "Thanks mom and dad!"

"You're welcome... son...?" My father stated, arching a brow. He still smiled.

My smile had faded. I knew it was just a disguise, a disguise I even told him to wear, but I didn't like this... I didn't like being treated like we didn't really know each other, simply for the sake of disguise. I knew it was necessary. I didn't blame Parker. I still hated it though.

He was a consummate actor and could totally separate himself from the illusion he was making. It wasn't a talent I had.

My own dourness worked to my advantage, however, as my folks thought it was business as usual. They more or less left us alone.

We began the afternoon watching a movie. Liz and Jason spent the time cuddling, him with his arm over her shoulders, both of them making jokes. Parker lay across the floor in front of us. He was actually laying against both of their shins, ontop of their feet... and they seemed to love it.

He was laughing with them... responding to them... and, true to his role, ignoring me completely.

I sat in the recliner behind, feeling extremely cold and alone.

It's odd, I had found Carnival-Parker to be so charming... it was what really hooked me in the beginning. But now that I'd seen how fake it was, it was like knowing a magicians trick while he was performing it. All the magic was gone, and I wasn't impressed anymore.

Now that I'd see the true Parker, I found I hated the fake one.

After the movie was mostly played out, my folks came in, dressed for a night in Boston.

"How do I look?" My mother asked, twirling around in a formal, tasteful dress.

"Mmm... MMM!" Parker said. "If only I were 5 years older... Mrs. G." He looked to my father. "No offense, sir... I really love your jacket... it screams good taste."

My mother laughed, and blushed. My father just shook his head, but was smiling.

"Please stop hitting on *both* my parents, Parker," Jason said. "It's kinda creepy."

"Excuse me," I said, finally, standing up. Everyone looked at me, including Parker. "I think... yeah..." I glared at Parker. "I think I'm gonna be sick."

My father and mother both psshed me, dismissing this as my snootiness at its best... but it wasn't. As soon as I was out of the room, I barely stopped myself from running up into my room and slamming the door.

* * * *

This really sucked, I realized. It sucked because I know I was being stupid. I was being irrational. I was being dumb.

Parker had been perfect. Absolutely perfect. There wasn't a single person in the room, other than me and Jason, that would have had a clue me and Parker even knew each other, much less loved each other.

It still didn't change how I felt about his little performance.

About five minutes later, I heard my parents car drive off... and a minute later, a knock at my door.

"Yeah..." I said.

The door opened and Parker came in. There were no more illusions, as he closed the door behind him.

"Like your room..." He said, looking around the library.

"Thanks," I mumbled.

He frowned and sat down on my bed. "What's going on?"

I sighed, and sat down next to him. "You were good... that's all. Very convincing. You were a little too convincing."

Parker cocked his head, and rested it on my shoulder. He knew exactly what I was talking about. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

I wiped my eyes. "How do you... do that? You just ... totally separate yourself from yourself. You become a completely different person."

Parker looked at me, a little fear in his eyes. "Years of practice," he whispered.

"How do I know... what..." I just shook my head. No, this was stupid. Again, I was being stupid. I had to be. But, it didn't matter.

"How do I know what you show me... isn't just another version of that carnival?" I asked. "Just what you think I want to see..."

Parker looked truly crestfallen now. "No... it's not..." He gently hugged me. "How can you even think that?"

"You're too good at making people believe you are someone you aren't," I said simply. "You play my parents like fiddles. You play Jason and Liz like freakin drums. At the end of the night, everyone is wrapped around your finger." I felt tears forming in my eyes. "How do I know I'm not just another instrument in Parker's band?"

For a long time, we sat there together. It was a question Parker didn't seem to have an easy answer for.

"What can I do to prove it to you... that you mean everything to me?" Parker asked, his voice shaking. "Tell me to do anything. Hell, I'll cut off a finger if you want..."

If he was lying, he was an amazing actor. Well, he *was* an amazing actor. Fuck.

I sighed, and threw my arm over his neck. "I can't be with you... when you're like that. I just can't." I shook my head. "Aw god, man... how is this going to work?"

Parker looked absolutely terrified. "No, you promised... remember, if I ever made you feel different, you'd remember how I made you feel at the lake? You promised..."

I sighed, and run my hands through my hair. "No. No, it's not that at all."

"You love me... right?" Parker asked, so meekly.

I looked at him. "Of course."

"And I love you, so damn much..." he said. "Do... do you want to come out then? We can tell everyone we know. I don't care anymore. Then, I wouldn't be that way around you..." He took my chin in his hand, and gently kissed my mouth. "... I'd be me."

I shook my head. "I appreciate it, but no..." I said. "This isn't..." I stood up and moved over to my bookshelf. "This isn't some faerietale world like Narnia, Parker. Kids our age that come out... do you have any idea what happens to them?"

Parker swallowed. He knew. "I'm not afraid, as long as you are with me."

"But I'm afraid for you," I snapped, glaring down at him. "Me? I'm no one. I'm the quiet kid who never talks to anyone. All I'll lose is a bit of blood when I get the shit kicked out of me." I reached down and took Parker's hand. "You've got friends... you've got teammates. You have such... a vast circle of people who care about you. You would lose all of them... overnight."

Parker looked angry. "You don't give people any credit."

"And neither do you," I retorted. "Or you'd have dropped the bullshit circus act and learned to be yourself."

Parker opened his mouth to speak, but came up with nothing.

"This has to end, man," I said. "I'm not going to let you ruin your life... over me."

Parker glared at me, and his face changed emotions so often... from terror, to anger, to fear... to confusion... and then outright determination.

"All right, then," Parker said, seething. "I call."

I cocked my head. "What... do you mean?"

"I'm calling your bluff."

I shook my head, confused. "What... bluff?"

"You hate everyone in this world," Parker said. "And I'm going to find out if it's justified."

Parker stood up. He shoved past me, and toward my desk. He grabbed my camera and began playing with it. "Annnnd... configure for livestream to YouTube... to my channel... username... passssword... deet doot deet..." He plugged it into my camera's virtual screen.

My face began to pale. "Oh fuck no..."

Parker looked at me, and suddenly... like someone had just painted over a chalkboard, the carnival was back. He looked back to the camera, and began to record.

"Hey guys, it's Skateman847 here... and I have some exciting news to tell you today!"

He smiled brightly.

"I'm gay!"

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