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Swimming with Parker

by (and ©) Matthew Oswald

Chapter 4

We had agreed to meet the following morning, bright and early at 6 again. I told Parker this would have to be the last time for awhile - our parents would no doubt begin to get very suspicious of something.

I know mine were, and if Parker's extremely devout parents met the typical overly religious clichés, I'd be surprised if they didn't wire him with a GPS after taking off early in the morning a second time.

I know I wanted to see him every day. Hell, I'd spend every minute with him if I could... but we would have to find a new way to see each other.

I trusted Jason would keep our secret. I really hadn't given him much credit up to this point. I guess I'd always been offended by his lack of booksmarts, like it was somehow a reflection on me that math and reading came hard to him.

But he had many admirable qualities, I had begun to learn. Above all, a fierce protective streak. He hadn't even mentioned how he felt about his best friend coming out of the closet. He couldn't have known before... it's not something Parker would say.

It had just gone without saying that Jason would keep protecting Parker. He was Jason's best friend... his quarterback. I had to admit, very few other boys would have handled it so well - it spoke very highly of Jason's character. Nothing was going to hurt Parker on Jason's watch, even if he had to match wits with me... and somehow win... to do it.

Talk about David slaying Goliath for damn sure.

Jason didn't speak to me that night, nor did my father seem to have anything on his mind when he watched a Star Trek Voyager with me that night after seeing Parker. Jason must have not told them.

Thus I was up bright and early, heading toward the beach... only to find Parker waiting there, holding two backpacks.

He dropped both of them, mock anger on his face. "You have no idea how hard it is to bike with two of these!"

I smirked. "Sorry."

"Next time you storm off in a furious fit, at least take your shit with you," He smiled, and rushed over to me, hooking his arms around my neck.

We both initiated the kiss at the same time, and nearly swallowed each other's heads.

"So what's on the menu for today?" Parker asked, gently rubbing my chest.

I grinned. "You may not be taking this modeling thing seriously... but I've started to." I broke away from him, slyly putting my arms behind my back. "I've gone through all the shots we've taken... and I gotta tell you... they're good, if I don't mind saying so myself." I breathed on my fingernails, and shined them on my shirt. "I'm a hell of a photographer.

Parker put a hand to his hip, and glared. I raised my camera and snapped his picture.

"Ooof, that's hot," I said, inspecting the preview. Today, Parker was wearing a vibrant orange sleeveless t-shirt and a black bathing suit. While his color scheme screamed Halloween, I have to say, combined with his blue eyes and short blond hair... it had a festive beauty to it.

"Okay, seriously..." Parker said. "Do you just piss me off to get my good angle?"

"Uh uh... do not question ze artiste..."

Parker came at me, and I laughed taking up a fake fighting form. He copied me, and made a few jabs at my chest, dancing around.

"Okay, I gotta know one thing..." Parker began. "What did you have in mind with the sweatshirt and jeans?"

I relaxed my pose and laughed. "Oh yeeeah... I nearly forgot." My eyebrows went up. "Wanna find out?"

"I dunno," Parker said slyly. "You have that look on your face."

"I have a look?"

"Yes... it kinda reminds me of a hyena staring at antelope."

I shrugged. "I can eat you if you want, but I was going to surprise you on your birthday with that one."

Parker rolled his eyes.

"Sorry - forgot. You're a sweet, innocent altar boy."

Parker laughed, and - to my surprise - he cast his arms out and began to sing. "Like fire... Hellfire... This fire in my skin... this burning... desire... is turning me to sin."

Ouch. Well, I finally found something Parker can't do well. Love him to pieces, but he couldn't sing for shit.

I wiggled my finger in my ear. "That was lovely. Warn me next time... I'll make sure the neighborhood dogs are inside."

"That was Hunchback of Notre Dame," Parker protested. "Y'know... the part where Minister Frollo falls in love with Esmeralda and questions his faith."

"Are you comparing me to a gypsy girl?" I asked.

"You have long black hair," he pointed out.

I considered that and nodded. "But my belly dance totally sucks ass."

"Ooh, I'll be the judge of that." Parker said, strutting toward me.

I laughed.

"Anyway, get dressed," I said. "I'll tell you exactly what I had in mind."

Parker looked at me skeptically. "So, let me get this straight - you want me to put on *more* clothes?" He arched a brow. "Should I be taking this personally?"

"Just... trust me."

"All right," he said. He went to his backpack and removed a grey sweatshirt, and a pair of jeans. He pulled the jeans up over his bathingsuit and slipped the sweatshirt on.

Maybe it was just that I'd find Parker looked good in anything, but light grey was definitely his color. It was one of the few colors that faded into the background enough that his beautiful blue eyes and blond hair really stood out.

"Okay, I give myself five minutes before my balls sweat off," Parker said.

"Don't worry about that," I said, reaching into my backpack and pulling out the diving belt. "Where you're going, you won't be hot."

Now Parker looked truly confused. "Okay, I'm lost. You want me to go underwater in... this?"

I laughed. "Third generation photographer here... trust me. This is going to work."

He raised his hands to his side, and turned around. "You're insane."

I reached around him, and secured the belt into place. I then lifted his sweatshirt and put it back over it, to hide any trace of it.

I wrapped my hands around his chest, and put my chin on his shoulder. "I like this. You're like a teddy bear now."

He looked back over at me, and kissed my lips. "I think I'm starting to hate you."

We walked to the end of the dock, for the first time. It was approximately ten, maybe twelve feet down at the end here.

"You can hold your breath for like two minutes, right?" I asked. I had put my mask on and was prepping the camera.

Parker nodded. He had begun to get into the spirit of this, I think.

"Okay, only stay down for about a minute," I said. "I don't want you looking uncomfortable."

"What, exactly, am I supposed to do...?" he asked.

I shrugged. "Be relaxed. I'll know it when I see it."

"Oh yeah... no sweat... I'll be totally relaxed weighed down with thick clothes in a diving belt under twelve feet of water."

I took his hands. "What have I told you from the start?"

He smiled. "You won't let me drown."

"The question is... do you trust me?"

Parker nodded. "I do."

With that, I jumped into the water. I surfaced and looked up at Parker. "Jump in when you're ready, and when you go down, put your back to the dock pillar."

Parker took several deep breaths, his eyes becoming focused, his face becoming calm.

He breathed in, and out... once more, and then stepped off the dock and vanished underwater.

I took a deep breath as well, and followed him down.

Parker landed on the lake floor, pausing for a moment to pinch his nose and exhale gently to regulate the pressure in his ears. I had to do the same.

He blinked a few times, and looked toward me. He then reached out and felt the wet wood pillar of the docking mooring and stepped toward it. He looked toward me for approval.

I raised my thumb toward him, and zoomed out, so I saw most of his body in the shot.

And then, some rare magic began to happen. Up to this point, Parker had always kinda choked when he knew the camera was on him, but I think he was starting to get a feel for it... or this idea kinda inspired him.

He looked toward me, his face set into a somber expression and rested against the pillar, his arm wrapped around his head.

I snapped a flurry of pictures, feeling my cock engorging.

He turned slightly, and bent a leg, placing a bare foot up the pillar. He crossed his arms and smiled, amusement gleaming in his eyes.

I was going to run out of air before him, I knew, having to swim and fight to stay under... but I could hold my breath for awhile... and I was very motivated to stick around.

Slowly, he let his legs go out from under him, and he sat down on the bottom, his back to the pillar. He looked at me with a look of doubt, and concern, his arms wrapped around his jeans.

My god... he's fucking beautiful...

More snapping.

He tucked himself into almost a ball, and grabbed his feet. I couldn't believe how well he was doing.

Then he pulled one leg close to his chest, and let his other leg lay flat on the bottom, his toes pointed to the surface. He smirked, seeming on the verge of laughing as he looked at me slyly. He winked.

My cock felt like it was going to rip through my bathing suit.

We had been down for almost a minute and the air in my lungs was getting pretty thin, but I continued swimming, and finding new angles.

Parker slowly stood again and opened his mouth slightly, leaning his head back, and ran one hand over his short, spiky hair. He then grabbed the side of his head, as though he were in agony and blew a bubble.

I was half inclined to go over to him, after snapping that picture, but he dropped the pose, and smiled my way. He gave me an okay sign with his hand. I felt my chest constrict once, and knew I'd have to head up soon.

He then looked straight up at the surface, bubbles leaking from his nose. He blew a bubble ring then... it steadily expanded, growing to be almost five feet in diameter before reaching the top.

I pointed up toward him, feeling the need to breath. I went up to the surface, and took several deep breaths. I realized Parker hadn't followed. I looked back down, and saw him looking up at me, tapping his bare foot on the weedy floor. He then raised his wrist and tapped an invisible watch.

I took more pictures as I went back down, shocked by how comfortable he still looked. I was swimming around and fighting to keep myself down, I admit... it gave me a big disadvantage... but we were easily approaching two minutes now, and he looked as comfortable as he had when he first made it down.

Parker wrapped his legs around the pillar and hugged it, resting his cheek against the side, looking toward me.

Then, still holding the pillar with his legs, he hung upside down, back attached to it, hands planted on the lake floor. His sweatshirt rode down toward his shoulders, revealing his naval. He looked at me, upside down, and smirked.

I began to think I was going to come right then and there.

He posed several more times... to the point where I began to feel the need to breathe, yet again.

Before yielding however, I finally saw a big bubble escape Parker's lips... and his eyes flickered with panic. He pushed off the floor and, with a few strokes, broke the surface, holding onto the dock.

I followed him up.

When I surfaced, he was gasping... taking deep, shuttering breaths. He somehow had managed to look calm all the way to the end. We had passed two minutes for sure. By how long, I couldn't be certain.

"Jesus," I said. "You were really pushing it there."

Parker looked to me, and I could see something in his eyes. "I... felt something. I just... everything just felt right." He blinked. "I didn't want to stop. I was in the zone."

I smirked. "I agree... these shots I got are amazing."

"I want to go again," Parker said.

"Take at least five..." I told him. "Catch your breath. Otherwise, you'll be back up in a few seconds."

He listened to me, and rested for a few minutes, taking several deep breaths. Once he was composed, he smiled and leaned forward. "Trust me... this time, it won't be my breath you'll need to worry about."

He then released the dock and slipped back under.

I took a few more breaths and followed.

Parker landed on the floor again, and stepped a little away from the pillar. He gently reached toward me with one arm, and pulled with his other, removing that sleeve of the sweatshirt.

He then pulled up, shedding it completely.

He put his hands to his back and flexed forward, pushing his chest out. In his orange t-shirt and jeans, I felt my heart racing. His eyes, wide open, were filled with confidence and glowed in the reflected light from the surface.

One hand still on the camera, steadying it, I switched to video... and had no choice. I slipped my free hand into my bathing suit, grabbing myself.

He then did as he had on the first day I saw him, and tucked his arms into his t-shirt, and pulled it up, shedding it, in a single motion, leaving himself bare-chested with just his jeans. The diving belt was mostly invisible, the weights on his back. Just an inch long black strap could be seen.

Holy... fucking shit... I grabbed myself harder, suddenly very concerned that he would be the first person to make me cum without me even jerking myself off.

He pulled his arms up over his head, flexing his shoulders, a few bubbles leaking from his nose. While I wasn't sure I'd be able to use this... this had clearly passed from fashion to sexual to me, but like hell if I was going to stop him.

He turned around, so I saw his rear... and he slowly began taking off the jeans, leaving only his bathing suit. He stepped out of them casually.

Fuck me... I began pulling on my own cock, unable to help it.

He turned back toward me, and put a finger to his mouth. He blinked several times, adorably. He seemed to be considering something.

If I could have begged, I would have.

Fortunately, I didn't have to. He ran his hands down the side of his bathing suit, hooking his thumbs into it. He pushed them down to his ankles, and got out of them... totally naked, save for the black belt just beneath his naval.

While I had felt him, I had never actually seen him.

His penis was just as large as mine, the erect head just passing his belly button slightly. His bush was light brown and covered a good patch of territory. His nutsack, while not as big as mine, was still well defined and tight to his shaft. He had no visible veins and a perfectly formed purple mushroom head.

He gently ran his hands behind him, grabbing his own ass. He turned and showed me. A perfect round, pale, bubble butt. Firm enough that I could probably crack walnuts on it.

He smiled, and I could see the confidence in his eyes. He beckoned toward me with his hand. He looked like some sort of beautiful water-bound faerie from a fantasy tale.

I dropped the fucking camera and swam down to him. This shoot was fucking over. And if I drowned, I would drown happy.

He gently wrapped his arms around my neck, staring into my mask. He blew me a kiss, costing a slight bubble from his puckered lips. The weights on Parker's belt made it less work for me to stay down. He gently took my hand, and guided it to his cock.

I jerked him off, hard. A few small bubbles dribbled from his mouth as he closed his eyes, leaning back against the dock pillar, arms around my neck. He turned his head, and found my mouth under my mask, kissing me.

I kissed him back, so hard... bubbles seeping out from our lips. The air in my lungs had begun to burn, but I wasn't about to head up now.

He shoved one of his hands into my bathing suit, grasping my cock desperately, and began to finish what I started. If I lived to a thousand years, I probably wouldn't have felt more turned on than I did at this moment.

Parker's display had made both of us so unbelievably horny that it didn't take long. Good thing to, because we were both about to drown.

I saw Parker's jizz pump out of his cock in several large bursts, floating up between us. It was beautiful in the water, like a continuing ribbon, floating ever upwards as he pumped more and more. I'll never forget the expression on his face - a look of sheer pleasure mixed with agony and panic.

His face set in a grimace, he shot up the surface, clawing his way to it.

He broke through at the same time I did. I threw off my mask and grasped the dock, panting desperately.

Parker, two feet away, coughed furiously. I realized then how much danger we could have gotten ourselves into, but Jesus... it had been worth it.

Once I was able to see straight, I made my way over to him and threw my arm around his naked shoulders, nestling my forehead into his temple.

"I love you... so fucking... much..." I said, in between pants. I didn't stammer much, but I was literally in awe of what just happened. "I... never imagined anything... anything like that."

He reached down and unclipped the belt from his waist. He tossed it up onto the dock, and looked to me. It was one of the few times I saw him absolutely dead serious.

It was clear the effort had taken a lot out of him. If he had pushed his endurance to the limit the first time, he had past it the second. Given how much he was coughing, he must have taken a big gulp of water before surfacing. Any longer, and he would have probably drowned.

"Do me a favor, okay?" he panted.

"Anything," I said.

"If I ever..." He wrapped his arms around my neck and I saw the boy inside come out again... the scared kid I had dubbed a coward. The one only I got to see. "If anything ever changes... if you feel different about me ever... don't forget this... please remember it, and ... the way I made you feel..."

I cocked my head and felt my throat constrict. "I don't understand."

Parker put his hands to my cheeks, and I kept us afloat by kicking. He looked on the verge of tears. "Just promise me this will always... count for you."

I think I began to understand, and I began to get angry... that temper of mine.

"Oh my God... are you serious?" I asked.

I regretted it. He winced, and lowered his head so his forehead touched mine. "Please. Just give me that much."

I looked squarely into his eyes. "Parker... you don't have to prove anything to me. You don't have to ... reward me for caring about you? Is that what you think?"

"I don't know what to think anymore," Parker said. "In just three days, you've turned my entire world upside down... and it scares me shitless. What will happen in three more days? In three weeks? Three months?"

He gently kissed my mouth, and I could taste tears on his lips. He broke away.

"What will happen when we go back to school at the end of summer? What will happen in two years... when you go to college, and I never get to see you?"

"Holy shit..." I said, unable to help but laugh.

"It's not funny," He said, sounding miserable. "I know how fast life can change now... and I don't know what we have. Are... you my boyfriend? Forget that... are we even *friends*? What... are we?"

I guided us over to the dock again, and put one hand on it to steady us. My other, wrapped around Parker's back. He had both his hands on my head, and kissed me again, softly... tenderly... fearfully, as if he were concerned he'd break me and I'd go away forever.

"Okay... let me deal with this a piece at a time," I said. "First... you're not my friend. That word is like describing the Grand Canyon as big... or the Sistine Chapel as colorful. Boyfriend doesn't do it justice either, but it's as close as we can get. Is that cool?"

Parker nodded. He slid down the dock a bit, and hugged me fiercely. I had almost forgotten he was still completely naked, and as he closed the rest of the distance, I could feel his bare penis on the skin of my gut. As much as I felt it wasn't the time, I was already starting to get hard again.

"I need to know..." Parker whispered. "Does this mean as much to you as it ... it does to me?" His voice was barely audible. "When I'm not with you... it hurts to fucking breathe. I can't... I can't think of anything else but you... even when I'm with you, or away from you..."

Tears ran down his cheeks.

I sighed. "I've not spent a single second these last few days... not thinking about you." I shrugged. "Right now, you're my entire world."

"Doesn't that... terrify you?" he asked.

I had to concede the point. "A little... but we'll adapt. It won't be like this forever. You want to hear my rationalization?"

Parker blinked. "You can rationalize... us?"

"Don't be so dramatic. Just shut up and listen."

Parker fell silent, looking a little hurt, but I was sick of this... in truth, maybe it was because his fears were hitting a little too close to home with me.

"We've both spent years believing this entire part of ourselves could never see the light of day. We did other things with it - I built up walls around it. And then castles... and then mountains... until every part of me was also surrounded by these barriers, and I locked myself away, never to trust anyone... or be close to anyone."

Parker lost his pout. He looked like he was on the verge of crying again, but this time, I thought it was for me. He embraced me so tightly, I could feel his heart beating over my own. "It must have been so lonely."

I forced the emotion out of my voice, and continued. "You... didn't do that, but what you did do was take who you really are... and disguise it as a carnival... clowns, fucking rides... games... even an annoying ass barker that said 'come one, come all'... you let everyone in, and you made everyone who took you up on that laugh, smile... and feel good about themselves."

Parker was smiling at this, though there was sadness in his eyes.

"But... all of it was just an illusion, right? This part of you was hidden in plain sight, and no one saw it. No one really knew you, because what you showed them is not who you are... underneath all the jokes and laughs, this... crying, deeply emotional boy floating in front of me is who you really are... isn't it?"

"Yeah," he whispered, wiping his eyes. "This is me."

"In that respect... we've both been so alone all our lives..."

I shook my head, and kissed him, breaking off so our mouths were only an inch or two apart. "And then suddenly, you came into my life... and, when I'm with you, I can take down all the walls... I can be who I am..."

"... and you... you don't have to spend all your energy keeping this amusement park going. You don't have to dazzle me. You don't have to constantly prove yourself to me, out of fear if I knew the truth, I wouldn't like you. You don't need to make me laugh to validate your existence. You don't have to hide who you are from me under your jokes, wit... fake displays of confidence... or any other smoke and mirror tactics you have perfected."

Parker remained silent, the water gently lapping both of us.

"If all that's true... my question is, how can we not be absolutely obsessed with each other? How can we not want to spend every minute with each other? We get to be who were meant to be with each other... and that..." I shook my head. "That's the kind of freedom people start wars for, and die for... in the millions. Hell, that's why 56 people signed the Declaration of Independence. Freedom."

Parker thought about that for a long moment. When he looked back into my eyes, I could tell he was already feeling a little better.

"You're so fucking smart," he said. Parker looked at me, and tears spilled out of his eyes. He embraced me fiercely. "I love you. So much."

I hugged him back, and we stayed like this for a long, long time. I was totally happy with this. We'd have to do more stuff like this... just spacing out, holding each other. Not thinking of ways it could end. If only to let ourselves catch up to what had happened these last three days.

Well, except for one realization... Parker was still very naked.

"Can I grab your ass now?"

Parker choked on a laugh. "Nice."

"Oh I'm quite serious," I said. "I think I've shown amazing restraint... I've had the most beautiful boy in the world... totally butt naked, in my arms... his cock slapping into my belly for the last ten minutes... and didn't even so much as pop a stiffy." I paused. "Well, okay. Not a raging stiffy."

"Mmm... I might be inclined to take offense..." Parker cooed.

I gently slipped my hand down his back, and gently ran my hand over his backside. His bubble butt was so smooth and firm.

"Taking advantage of me in my emotionally crippled state," Parker said, smiling. "Bad boy."

"Hey... I'm totally nasty and underhanded. I make no apologies."

I gently ran my finger down the crack of his ass, and eased my way into it, just a little, trying to find his sphincter. I could feel his penis going from flaccid to hard against my body. He was already to go again.

"Yeah," Parker said. "I think I like about you." He then had a thought. "Where's your camera, anyway?"

I shrugged. "Probably videotaping the bottom of the lake. We'll get it later... right now, I have to take advantage of you."

Parker laughed.

I gently eased my way into the crack of his ass and found his hole. I gently rubbed my finger around it, loosening it up just a bit. He relaxed, and gently moved himself against me, rubbing his cock on my chest. His sphincter loosened and I eased my finger in. He gasped.

"I have an idea," I said softly. "Put your hand on the dock. I think you'll like this."

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