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Seed Brothers

by Michael Stevens

Chapter 1

Jonathan stood on the platform with Pastor Smith. The older man droned on about the young man's sterling qualities, Jonathan was barely listening. His community service, his care for the poor, blah blah blah. Pastor Smith faced the assembly, but Jonathan was standing with his back to them, clad only in a long white cape. Naked underneath, he was ready for his second showing, but his mind wandered back to his first time on this stage.

Six years ago he had stood on this very spot, clad in his favorite tee shirt and shorts. Pastor Smith had presented him as a potential "Giver" and with his back to the assembly, he had stripped off his tee shirt and then paused as he unbuttoned his shorts. The pastor had rested his hand lightly on Jon's shoulder when he paused."Are you sure?" he asked. Jon unbuttoned the top button of his shorts and looked down inside. Then he looked up at Pastor Smith.

"Yes Pastor, I'm sure." Jon undid one more button. He looked down at his penis and then let his shorts drop to the floor. He kicked them away and turned to face the congregation. There was a chill of silence for a moment, and then a swelling of applause. The congregation liked what they saw.

With a flourish, Pastor Smith produced a white cape and swirled it around Jonathan's shoulders. The boy smiled, and as the cloth closed around him, he followed the pastor's lead towards the curtain at the back of the platform. As they got close, an opening appeared and they swept though it. A buzz of conversation surfaced behind them; the ceremony was over for the congregation, and they were leaving the hall. But behind the curtain, things were just beginning.

Pastor Smith led Jonathan towards a elegant red leather recliner. he settled the young man into the chair, gently slipping the white cape off his shoulders. Lying naked in the comfortable chair, Jonathan saw that the young men who stood at the edges of the room were also naked. At a signal from the pastor, they began to approach him. The first was Ned who was the oldest of this group, and the one who had brought Jonathan in.

The red chair was a simple, a gentle s-shape with no arms. Ned came forward and helped Jonathan into a comfortable position. He tucked a small pillow behind his head, lifted his knees a bit and then spread his legs. Finally reaching down, he cupped the boy's gonads in his hand and spoke the oath: "For the seed" Then he took his position at the top of the chair, just above Jonathan's head and began stroking himself. One by one the other boys came forward, cupped his gonads, repeated the oath, and took a position around the chair. As they stood around him, each boy was quietly stroking himself.

Jonathan was happy that Ned was the one to break the silence. "I'm ready to give the seed." he said quietly. It didn't really matter of course, but he had wanted Ned to be his first. Ned moved alongside Jonathan and lowered his penis so that it was close to the boy's face. As the oldest, his penis was considerably larger than the others, and he had a thick bush of curly dark pubic hair. He was stroking rapidly now, and his penis was twitching with the building pressure. Jonathan and Ned met each other's eyes and then at the exact moment of ejaculation, Jonathan did something unexpected. He lifted his head just a bit and put his lips around the swollen head of Ned's penis. As the spasms of his orgasm shook Ned, his hips pushed forward and his penis went deep into Jonathan's mouth. Jonathan caught every drop in his mouth.

The other boys murmured "The seed. The seed"and energized their stroking so that they might be the next to donate. This time, when a boy said "I am ready to give the seed" Jonathan did as he was expected; remained still with his eyes closed. The boy stood beside Jonathan and when the ejaculation came, shot creamy strands of semen across his face. "The seed. The seed" murmured all the boys. Each boy stood by Jonathan when he was ready, and each penis made its donation to the creamy frosting on Jonathan's face. Jamie was the last to make his donation, and he began the second part of the ceremony. "Welcome brother Jonathan" he said quietly. After kissing Jonathan lightly on the lips he took a lick of sperm off his face. Each boy did the same until it was Ned's turn. His kiss was lingering, and he did not withdraw until their tongues had touched and he had managed to taste some of his own seed that had remained in Jonathan's mouth. Finally, he took his lick of seed off Jonathan's face and spoke. "Are you ready Brother Jonathan?" he asked.

As each boy had taken their lick and welcomed Jonathan, they had also cupped his gonads in a warm embrace. Ned had taken longer with his kiss, and had started stroking Jonathan's penis. "Yes Ned, I am ready" murmured Jonathan.

"Then you may begin." Jonathan replaced Ned's hand with his own, and began stroking his penis, slowly at first, but with increasing speed. The boys were kneeling around him and were drumming their fingers on whatever part of Jonathan's body was in front of them. Ned was between his legs and was tapping his fingers along Jonathan's thighs. Jamie was drumming on a nipple while another boy did the other. Two other boys did his ribs and belly, and the last boy cradled Jonathan's head in a gentle massage.

It was not long before Jonathan grunted softly."I am ready" was all he could say, and with his belly rolling and hips pushing, drops of seed shot out of his penis."The Seed. The Seed" the boys said in unison, and each leaned forward to take a drop. The ceremony was over, and everyone relax. Ned produced a warm washcloth and gently wiped Jonathan's face. He ran the washcloth down the boys chest, scratching lightly over his nipples and down towards his softening penis. The warm cloth felt good as it rubbed over his gonads. "Welcome, Jonathan" said a smiling Ned. "We are seed brothers now."

The continuing story

This was submitted as a short story originally, and is being judged as such for the contest. However, the author is submitting further chapters. The completeness of this tale may be ascertained form the author's index page, where the status is made clear. ~ Webmaster


This story was submitted just too late to be a full part of the 2016 story challenge "Inspired by a Picture". The other stories may be found at the challenge home page. Please read them, too. The challenge period of 20 February 2016 to 14 March 2016 is when the voting is open, even for late comers. This story may be rated, below, against a set of criteria, but, because it was too late for the challenge itself, may not be rated against other stories on the challenge home page.

The challenge was to write a story inspired by this picture:

Of which nightmares are made
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