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Seed Brothers

by Michael Stevens

Chapter 2

The touch of Pastor Smith's hand on his shoulder brought Jonathan back to the present. With his second showing, he would become a full-fledged Brother of the Seed. He would be valued for his youth and energy now, and as he grew older, he could become an important person in the community, perhaps even it's leader. For now, though, he just needed to stand before the assembled community as he had before, naked.

Jonathan had prepared for this moment, and his future role, in many counseling sessions with Pastor Smith. As their leader, the pastor was a mentor to all of the novice seed brothers. They each had a regular appointment with him when they could talk out the hopes and fears that ran through most adolescent brains. There was practice, too, for the duty that they would have when the reached manhood.

When the talking part of his session was over, the Pastor would say "Jon, let's see how we're doing." and that was the cue for Jonathan to remove his clothes. It was awkward at first. Jonathan was rarely naked in front of anyone, except possibly in the locker room with his pals. Early on, the Pastor just measured his height and weight on the doctor's scale. But then one day he took more interest in Jonathan's body. Sliding his hand down Jonathan's belly he stopped just above his penis and tugged at the few pubic hairs that had started growing there. He smiled. "Nice growth here."

The Pastor had touched him before, of course, that was part of every session. But this time he was not so clinical. As he reached a little lower and cupped Jon's pouch he commented that he was glad to see such fullness. "You are on your way" he said . HIs other hand, which had been resting on Jonathan's shoulder, eased down to a nipple, and rubbed over it lightly. "You have some hair growing here too, Jonathan. I think you will have a broad chest with a light covering of fine dark hair.

The hand that cupped his testicles had begun a gentle massage. The first time the Pastor had done that he had told Jonathan that it was important to make sure that there were two balls inside, and that they must always be treated carefully. Jonathan's soccer coach was a full Seed Brother, and had carefully fitted him with a custom-made jock strap that would protect him. Jonathan often wore it under his regular clothes. The Pastor pulled down on his scrotum just a bit. "You have some good distance here. You must be doing your exercises."

"Yes Pastor" muttered Jonathan, and he thought about how he had worked so carefully to stretch his scrotum down. When he had started he could barely circle it with one finger, but now he could almost fit three fingers around it. "Every day. Sometimes twice"

"Don't be in a rush, son." Now the Pastor's middle finger was massaging the area just behind his testicles. In one of the counseling sessions he had explained to Jonathan that it was important to exercise all the different parts of his equipment. He had demonstrated to Jonathan that when a penis was fully erect, this area became swollen, too. When Jonathan had massaged that area on the Pastor he had felt it get hard along with his penis.

He had also prepared physically, working out in the gym to make sure that his body would be appealing to the congregation. He was glad that he had decided to get a tan. One of his chores was tending the pond out in the back pasture, and he often stripped down to his jockeys to go for a quick swim. One morning, he decided not to get dressed after his swim, and just went about his work wearing his sneakers andthe skimpy underwear. After that it became a habit whenever he worked at the pond. The result was a striking all-over tan except for the perfect pink ass and, of course, his equipment. His dark bush was in stark contrast to the white skin, and formed a perfect frame for the dark pink of his penis.

He smiled when he though about the reaction of the congregation when they saw him, but a little tingle down below reminded him that this would not be a good time for an erection. There was no time to think it away now because the Pastor had finally finished and was lifting the cloak away. He knew all eyes were on him; he could hear the hushed buzz of excitement as women and men alike commented on his appearance. Just wait, he thought. The Pastor had said to count to ten but it felt like a thousand.

When he finally turned around, the room fell silent. He had practiced this moment many times with the Pastor, and he had also practiced in front of his mirror. He smiled a little, and with a studied gesture put one hand on his hip while he cocked his hips a little to the side. "Like the Davis statue, he thought." His eyes swept the congregation to find his other Brothers. Their reactions would tell him much. When he found Steven, who would be the next showing, he saw that his friend's jaw had dropped and his eyes were wide. He was staring at Jonathan's penis.

Steven sensed Jonathan's gaze on him and he broke away from his stare to make eye contact. He was standing in the back, so no one saw him when he put his hands quietly in front of his crotch, holding them about ten inches apart. When he mouthed the work WOW, Jonathan realized that the little tingle he had felt a few moments ago might have been more substantial than he thought. He couldn't look down now, though. He glance around for his pals one more time, but a boy in the front row caught his eye. He was transfixed by the sight of Jonathan.

Pastor Smith said a few more blah blah words about him and returned the cloak to his shoulders and drew it around him. Then turning Jonathan around, directed him to the curtain which was just about to open as it had for his first Showing. Only them did he get a moment to look down, and he discovered that the cloak had covered most of him, but his fully erect penis was pointing out between the flaps of the cloak. "Spectacular!" whispered the Pastor. "Most boys are too nervous to do that. You will be in demand very soon." And with that, he ushered Jonathan through the opening for the rest of the ceremony with his fellow Brothers of the Seed.

The curtains closed as soon as Jonathan was through, and the congregation was a buzz of excitement. Jonathan's other brothers were gathering and laughing in the back of the hall. "It was this big" laughed Steven, holding his hands about a foot apart.

"Oh my God" said another. "I've never seen him so big!"

"He better start making donations soon"

"Did you see the way it poked out of the cape?"

"He was huge! And did you see how he looked with that tan? What a body!" The boys fell quiet for a moment. They were all astounded by the showing of their friend, but were all worried that they might not measure up when their turn came.

As the hall emptied, the next part of the Showing was getting underway behind the curtain. It would a little more somber than it had been with the younger boys. As his eyes grew accustomed to the dimmer light, Jonathan looked around the room. He recognized his soccer coach and a couple of teachers from school. His barber was here too. As a rule, family members did not participate in a Showing, and some of the older Brothers didn't either. This was a strong group of men, and they were eager to welcome Jonathan.

The Pastor led Jonathan to the red chaise and eased the white cloak off his shoulders. As he gathered the white fabric he gently swirled his fingers around the swollen head of Jonathan's penis. It was a private moment between them, and Jonathan twitched in eager excitement. "Spectacular" whispered the Pastor. He sat Jonathan down on the recliner, spread his legs apart and gave his gonads a gentle hug. They were high and tight now, but the Pastor knew that they swung free and low when Jonathan was not so excited. "For the Seed"

The Pastor took his position at the top of the couch and gestured for the first man to step forward and welcome the new Brother. Alex was the youngest of the men here, and Jonathan remembered him from their times together as novice brothers. One time they had been together on a camping trip organized by the Pastor. There were six boys and the Pastor, with two-man tents for the boys and a big single for the Pastor. The campsite was beside a lake, and after the tents were set up, everyone stripped down and headed for the water. Much roughhousing and carrying on happened until all were cold and tired. The Pastor called them over to the fire and they stood in a circle warming around it. "We are here for the olders to help bring the youngers into the circle of the Seed."

Each pair of naked boys went to their tent, the olders in the lead, the youngers not quite knowing what to expect. Once in and zipped up, Alex had invited Jonathan onto the double-sized bag with him and the two boys snuggled together for warmth. "We're here to practice, Jon, and I want to help you learn to be a productive as you can." Each boy respectfully cupped the other's gonads and together intoned "For the Seed." Alex led off by kneeling between Jonathan's spread legs and began a circular massage behind his scrotum. He held the fragile sac out of the way." You are doing a good job on stretching, Jonathan."

"Thank you" murmured Jonathan. " May I massage you, too?" he asked.

" I am the one who should be teaching you, Jon, but to be honest, that would be good. I have not made a donation this week and the pressure is building." Alex shifted himself so that Jonathan could reach him, and they began a mutual massage. When their erections pushed up against their bellies, both boys began the stroking that would bring them to the donation.

"Don't forget to tell me when you were almost there" reminded Alex. It was generally prohibited to waste the seed but this was an exception. Instead of making a donation into the chamber, a boy was allowed to make his donation into the mouth of his partner. Thus the seed was not totally wasted. When Alex said "Jon, I'm close" Jonathan quickly climbed on top of Alex and put his mouth around the head of the older boy's penis. In this position, Jonathan's penis hung directly over Alex's mouth. When Alex surrounded the head with his lips, Jonathan almost told him that he wasn't ready yet, but his friend's lips were so warm and his tongue so wet. He lowered his hips a little so that he could go further in and at the same time, put his lips further down Alex's penis. He imitated the actions of Alex's mouth on his penis and did the same back to his friend. Alex had not been as close as he thought so the boys continued this way until Alex confessed "OK, now I'm really close" and he started stroking himself quickly. Jonathan held on with his lips and he soon felt the sacred Seed pooling in his mouth. Sitting up a bit, he gulped once as the Seed slid down his throat and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. Then he lay down beside Alex and started stroking himself again. "Alex" he said, "I will be much closer if you do that to me again." And so the older boy took his place between Jonathan's legs and took his erection onto his mouth. Both boys knew this was technically a violation of the rules, but as Jonathan's erection slid in and out of Alex's mouth, neither was going to bring that up. "I'm close" whispered Jonathan, and he started the rapid stroking that would produce his donation.

So as Alex approached Jonathan, it was with a smile; both were recalling when they had broken the rules in the tent. He cupped Jonathan's gonads "For the Seed" he said quietly and took the first position beside Jonathan. And so it went with the rest of the men. Jonathan had never seen his soccer coach naked and was impressed with what a handsome and muscular body he had. Soon there were six erections around him, and he knew what to expect. The Pastor had explained to Jonathan that this part of the ceremony was a little different than with the novices.

"Son" he had said. "Just do two things. Close your eyes and open your mouth. We will do all the rest." He felt the Pastor leaning over him. He was guiding Alex's erection to a place just above his open mouth, so that no seed would be lost. Jonathan nervously licked his lips getting ready to receive the donation ​and in doing so touched the underside of Alex's erection with his tongue. It was just a little touch, but it was enough to trigger Alex's donation, and he shot thick steams of seed into Jonathan's waiting mouth.

"For the Seed. For the Seed" intoned the others. Alex did his best to disguise the incredible burst of pleasure that his donation had produced in him. It was much better than usual he thought, and wondered if Jonathan would be open to more "camping trips."

Coach was next, and Jonathan was astonished at the size of his erection. He was using his full fist to stroke himself, and there was plenty of shaft left to slide up and down. When he whispered that he was close, the Pastor had hardly any guiding to do. Coach just rested his erection on Jonathan's lower lip. The boy helped by sliding his tongue underneath the heavy head, and it had the same effect on Coach as it had on Alex. Coach was not as good at disguising his pleasure, and a long throaty moan grew from this throat as his donation of the sacred seed pulsed out of his penis and into Jonathan. Not a drop was wasted.

The last part of the ceremony was about to begin. The men around Jonathan lay their hands flat against whichever part of his body was nearest to them. Alex had control of a nipple and Coach had spread his fingers around Jonathan's thigh. Both were thinking about doing something special with their part, but the Pastor's watchful eye made that difficult. Coach new that the Pastor had disapproved of the guttural sound he had made during his donation, so he had to be extra careful.

The pastor had a specific task, though, and he had to leave his position to get ready. Alex took that opportunity to rub Jonathan's nipple between his thumb and index finger. Jonathan's eyes popped open at the stimulation, and his erection made a noticeable bounce from it. Coach took the same moment to slide his fingers up Jonathan's inner thigh and give the special spot a quick massage. That got a wink and a smile from Jonathan. Jonathan was thinking that his next interactions with these men might not be so ceremonial.

The other men seemed not to notice the inappropriate touching, and when the Pastor got back to them, the First Donation of Jonathan's seed entered its final phase. The pastor pulled back Jonathan's foreskin and with a quick swirl cleaned it with an alcohol pad. Then he slipped a snug cap around the head of. It was like a mini-condom. It was snug, but it would not constrict the flow of seed. It would capture all of Jonathan's first donation.

By now, Jonathan was glowing with the heat of his excitement. From the moment the Pastor had removed the cloak and he had turned to show his incredible erection to the people, he had been aching to start stroking. His gonads were ready to explode! His erection felt enormous, and when the Pastor gave the signal to begin, he eagerly grabbed it and began stroking.

It did not take long. He hardly needed the massaging help of the men around him. He tried to start slowly, but he quickly lost control and his hand became a blur as it went up and down his erection. The Pastor was inclined to overlook this youthful display of passion in younger men, but he expected more experienced men to be more reverential. He did remember being young.

Jonathan's breath shortened, and was coming in gasps when suddenly his body froze and then arched upward. One! Two! Three! Four spasms wracked his young body as the cap on his penis filled with seed. He collapsed down onto the couch. With a firm twist, the Pastor removed and pinched off the cap. It would go into cold storage shortly. The last bit of ceremony was for each man to symbolically clean the head of Jonathan's penis with a quick swipe of their tongue and then leave. The Pastor went first, and then the other men in turn. Alex was last, and he made sure that all of Jonathan's fading erection got a very good cleansing.

The Pastor returned with Jonathan's cloak and led him back to where they had prepared and where his clothes were. "Would you like a glass or water, son?" asked the Pastor and Jonathan weakly agreed. "How do you feel?"

"Good" Jonathan was quiet for a bit. "Tired" And then he remembered the young man in the front row. "Pastor, I saw a boy in the front row. He's young. He might be destined for the Brotherhood. May I talk to him?" Jonathan knew that the Pastor sometimes liked to bring boys in, as he had done with him, but sometimes he let Brothers do it.

"What's his name. I'll check on his genealogy."

"Andrew Weston" replied Jonathan. "I know his mom from school" In a few keystrokes, the Pastor had brought up the boy's history. It was good. His mother had brought him in as an infant. The father was gone, but of good stock, as the Pastor said.

"Talk to the boy, but take it slow."

"Yes Pastor" Jonathan did not think it would be difficult to bring the boy into the Brotherhood of the Seed.

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