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Something Wicked This Way Comes

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 1

"There are known and known; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns. That is to say, we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know."

(Donald Rumsfeld)

Standing on the deck of their new "cabin," luxuriating in the warmth and light of the rising sun as it cast ever shortening shadows from the forest trees surrounding the large clearing where the cabin's situated, as it slowly diminished the crispness of the night brought on by the changing of the seasons on this early September morning, listening carefully for any strange or threatening sounds, testing the air with his sensitive nose for the scents put forth by those who might bring danger to him and his own, and scanning the forest edge seeking the same and finding none, Jessie Sutton stretched, reaching as high into the air as his arms would reach, relaxed, stepped off of the porch, and walked a short distance to relieve the pressure causing his fairly large penis to achieve a full and prominent erection curving upward from his crotch and pointing upwards toward his chest, but not reaching by a long shot!

Pressing down on his stiffness so he wouldn't piss on his chest or face, perish the thought as fastidious as he could be at times, the muscles in his abdomen responded and the pressure in his bladder was relieved with a geyser of urine out and up before arching and falling to the grass. Slowly, as the liquid drained, his penis deflated as he finished, until only the helmet shaped head remained partially exposed from the smooth, velvety soft foreskin, dripping the remnants of his evacuation! He scratched his balls, jiggled his cock, and slipped the foreskin back and forth over the tip to clear any liquid remaining.

His very acute sense of smell could detect the faint, lingering acrid smell of smoke still present in the ground, surrounding trees, and shrubbery from the devastating fire destroying the original cabin he inherited from his Grandfather (Poppa) George Sutton a few years before and enjoyed by Jessie and his pack mates. Although the insurance didn't cover the entire replacement costs, it was enough, through the use of one of his trust accounts, to build a very modern four bedroom cottage or cabin with a loft holding two of the bedrooms with the other two on the main floor, a "great room" used as a combination living and dining room with a stone fireplace, a full kitchen, a large full bathroom, storage closets, a full basement, and a three-season porch. All in all, it was much nicer and more modern than the original cabin and he soon grew to like it as much, but still missed the nostalgia of the old one!

There was also a new, extremely faint and unrecognizable scent wafting from somewhere, close, but not close. The scent was strange, not human, not wild animal, not shifter, but "unrecognizable," in the sense it triggered some distant memory in Jessie's keen and un-forgetting mind!

Shrugging off any thoughts of danger or ill-will toward the Pack, for the moment, he let his thoughts drift as he stepped further from the porch and into the yard in front of the cottage. It seemed as if such a long time passed since the cabin burned and the new structure was built, but it actually wasn't! The memories of his, and the Pack's, encounter with John Peters flooded Jessie's mind, causing him to shudder in disgust and anger over the numerous shallow graves discovered on the Peter's property and the young boys and teens sexually abused, murdered when Peter's pleasure with each one of them was satiated, and buried, joining the others in their shallow graves.

Not only had John Peters been active in committing the horrifying crimes, but his now deceased uncle committed them as well, before he'd began regularly fucking young John, finally introducing him and encouraging young John's participation in his macabre life of crime! Once introduced and actively participating in the sexual acts, John made a special effort, over the years, to detail each of his molestations and rapes by recording each and every sexual act committed on each boy through the use of a sophisticated video system, first with the use of a VCR and later, as technology evolved, on DVD's. The room he used was equipped with multiple cameras and a modern recording booth.

When he didn't have a boy to fuck, or even when he did, he'd replay episodes from his collection and masturbate himself or use them to stimulate the boy and bring him into submission!

Jessie often pondered how long this nightmare might've continued if he'd not become suspicious of the scents he picked up during the Pack's run across the property and the trap they eventually set for Peter's. It was the smell, the smell of death, emanating from the decaying corpses' of the boys tucked away so carelessly and irreverently beneath the forest soil which first alerted him. For some reason, after he was "turned" by Jase and Tyler, his senses of smell, taste, hearing, and eyesight were greatly enhanced, even more so than those of Jase and Tyler Campbell, the identical twins he was forever mated to and Alpha's of the Averill Creek Pack.

As the horrific crime scene unfolded, Jessie and all of the Pack members present the day Peters died and Diondre Carlson was set free, were questioned by the local, state, and federal authorities over and over again, making certain the information they gave was accurate and consistent. During all of this, the Pack remained true and honest, to a point! They couldn't, wouldn't reveal how or why they discovered Peter's crimes, how they confronted him, or what caused his death! As "shifters," teen Werewolves, they couldn't reveal themselves to a world which wouldn't understand and do everything to exterminate them!

In the midst of all the interrogation, the only law enforcement officers to step back, listen, and watch the proceedings was Ted Symthe, the local state game warden and Jerry Haven, County Deputy Sheriff!

Local and national media however, didn't step back and observe, not by a long shot! This was one hot story and the media intended to report on it fully and, if marketing was on their side, increase their revenues and readership or viewers! The media representatives really hadn't planned on encountering Eric Trempealeau, Jessie's attorney and trustee of his financial concerns, but also attorney for the teens present at the Peter's home. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to stop or guide the interview with Diondre Carlson before it was completed and sent out to the networks and wire services, pictures and all.

It didn't take Eric long to inform the media present they were interviewing a minor and would cease to do so unless he was present. When asked if they could interview Diondre again, he denied the request, instead offering Jessie as one of the group they could interview with him present.

Eric had no compunction with Jessie being interviewed. As sharp as the young man was and as closed mouth as he could be, Eric figured most of the people there'd be hard pressed to outwit or snooker him into giving away information he didn't think they needed to know. There are some things others just don't need to know and if they don't know they don't know it, all the better!

Once the parents of the teens arrived, Eric delivered them into their custody with strict instructions to allow them to talk to no one, not even law enforcement, without him being present. Art Campbell, Ray Hayes, and Ted Bowers were almost certain why Eric made such a demand and were pleased he did. Any questions concerning their strange abilities were answered by his actions and they were confident Eric wouldn't reveal anything to anybody. It was clear he was a friend of the "Pack." Strange as it may seem, Jim and Evelyn Sutton didn't have a clue and Eric and Jessie preferred keeping it that way!

Jessie met with the media representatives, answered their questions, and delivered the same information to them the other teens delivered to law enforcement in their statements. His interaction with the media did give him extensive exposure nationwide, but it was something Eric felt he couldn't avoid and it'd keep the media from hounding the others, he hoped!

Jessie, as he answered questions, artfully dodged those he didn't wish to answer, and flashing a bright shining smile, was every teen-boy lover's dream; dark haired, blue eyed, small framed lad, a little over five feet eight inches tall, and weighing no more than one hundred thirty to forty pounds, appeared just deliciously fuckable or getting fucked by, both straight and gays alike, not to mention the number of wet panties he caused by those young teen girls dreaming about taking a ride on his pony!

The hoopla and crowds of media representatives and reporters shifted abruptly to Florida when the stash of video tapes and DVD's indicated major abductions and crimes were committed there as well. The few investigators left at the Peter's home were able to complete their investigations with little bother from reporters. The only problem they had was keeping the sight-seeing public from blocking the drive or roadway as they "gawked" at the activities, wondering, fearful of, yet wanting to know what grisly deeds were committed on the property. It wasn't long until the investigation was complete and the property turned over to the courts to dispose of since there were no apparent heirs to the Peter's estate.

In the aftermath, as everything seemed to quiet down, there was some good to come of it. Diondre, represented by Eric Trempealeau, was brought to Social Services for disposition of his placement. At issue bade the question, should he be returned to Illinois and foster care there or should he be fostered to Jim and Evelyn Sutton who stepped forward offering at Eric's urging to, make a home for him in Kabetogama, specifically at Sutton's Lodge and Resort?

Waiting for the results of the hearing, Jessie, puzzled by one of Diondre's answer to a question by Eric concerning where he was from originally, answered "from Rockford, Illinois."

"I thought you were from Atlanta?" Jessie asked, somewhat confused.

Diondre laughed softly, "Illinois! I hitched a ride out on Interstate 39 from a friendly trucker hauling a load straight through to Atlanta. Two days after I arrived there, Peter's grabbed me, doped my ass, and hauled me up here!"

He shook his head, "I never been this far north before. Shit, I've never been out of the city! All I see around here are trees and lakes, plus some of the biggest fucking mosquitoes I've ever seen!"

"Wait until the black flies and no-seeums start pestering you!" commented Jessie with a knowing smile.

In his testimony before Judge Halverson, Diondre provided a clear and unexaggerated description of the abuse he'd suffered at the hands of the foster home people and emphatically expressed his desire to remain in Kabetogama to live with the Sutton Family, adding if sent back to Illinois, "no disrespect your Honor, but I wouldn't stay!"

What he didn't tell the judge was how he witnessed a beautiful wolf turn into an extremely attractive, sexually stimulating, naked and inviting young teen female he was boning on a regular basis, pushing his length into her inviting and welcoming sheath since their first encounter in the Peter's house or how he'd watched a group of young wolves change into young teen boys who, through their efforts, rescued him and brought about Peter's death through fear! No, he just kept quiet about those things, not wanting to be separated from Annie Bowers and the others. For some reason, he just couldn't risk or endure the possibility he'd be apart from someone he loved so dearly!

Eric Trempealeau pointed out, in his verbal argument before the bench, the benefits Diondre would receive, should the court act in placing him with the Suttons rather than returning him to Illinois, a stable home, a loving family who really wanted him, employment opportunities, educational opportunities, and association with a group of young people who not only accepted him, but supported and wanted him as a peer!

"Illinois," offered Eric, "offers little except further abuse for Diondre Carlson and an uncertain future. I'm certain, as a young, impressionable, and vulnerable boy, he's witnessed and been subjected to more than we can imagine or that he even cares to recall."

Judge Halverson agreed and placed Diondre with the Sutton Family. Jim and Evelyn Sutton didn't waste much time getting him settled into his own room in the Sutton home, making certain he had the clothing and all other essentials he'd need for a life in the north and at the Resort. After spending a couple of days introducing him to the rest of the family, the staff at the Resort, and how the Resort and Lodge operated, Jim posed the question and proposition he made to all of his new employees,

"Diondre, as you know, we're in the summer season and we all work. It takes all of us working together to make this place the best experience our guests will ever have. Everything you earn, even though I require you to set aside much of it in savings to help with your future education, is yours. Sutton's provides all of your uniforms or clothing for work and, at home, we will do the same for you as we would for Jessie and did for his older brothers."

Diondre nodded his understanding and his smile was a satisfying reward to Jim Sutton.

"Jessie has spent time showing you the various operations from kitchen to dining room, to housekeeping, to maintenance, just to name some of the major departments. Are there any particular areas you might be interested in trying? We'd like you to be trained in all areas, should we need you during busy times or when we are short of staff. For example, although Jessie, Jase, and Tyler are predominately assigned to the 'Birchwood' dining area, jobs they really enjoy, we also expect them to work in other areas as needed."

Jase and Tyler were hired at Sutton's just a couple of weeks before the opening of the summer season not only because of the close association they shared with Jessie, but because they were hard workers, with a solid work ethic gained from their own family experiences and examples, worked well with guests and other staff, were very familiar with the operation, and never hesitated to volunteer to help out.

Annie Bowers, Diondre's girlfriend, was a part-time employee, splitting her time between Sutton's and Campbell and Associates at the Pines. She worked in the office there and assisted visitors and clients during their stay. Housekeeping for the few rooms in the Lodge where guests stayed fell under her area of work as well. When Sutton's hosted special events or dinner parties, or there was a need for someone to fill in when an employee was not at work, she was Sutton's "go to girl." Between the two places, she was busy!

Diondre, thoughtfully and carefully, responded, "I think I'd like working outdoors and doing things with my hands, if that's at all possible."

Jessie, listening to Diondre's response, thought to himself, "I like to do things with my hands too, but Jase and Tyler like to do things with my butt!" and smiled knowingly.

Diondre twisted his head in Jessie's direction, a puzzled look crossed his face wondering why he could hear what Jessie said when Jessie never opened his mouth!

Jessie definitely needed to have a confidential talk with Diondre, explaining to him how and why members of the Averill Creek Pack could communicate. Diondre's regular copulation and intimate and casual contacts with Annie was causing him to become acclimated and integrated with the Pack, the same way Jessie did with Jase and Tyler. He didn't think it'd be too long before Diondre would want to become an actual shifter and urge Annie to bite him, instead of just marking him with a hickey, when they were in the midst of a passionate fuck!

His first few days at Sutton's as an employee were both a learning experience and an adventure for Diondre! His bedroom was just across the hall from Jessie's, keeping them close not only at home but at work as well. The walk across the parking lot made work convenient for both of them. Diondre was strictly a city boy, accustomed to the conveniences of the city and the hustle and bustle of activity. The quietness of the north woods, other than the noise from the resort, was disconcerting to him at first, but he soon came to appreciate the quietness, away from work!

Jessie, Jase, and Tyler were patient, teaching, explaining, and demonstrating what needed to be done, albeit, Jessie was the individual who had the most knowledge and experience, so Jase and Tyler learned some new things as well! Diondre was thankful he had such good friends! Of course, there was Annie, who was able to calm and relax him after he had a busy day and they were able to get together, easing those tensions and his stiffness, using the massaging motion of her inner, warm, and moist female sheath, growing every more accustomed to his length and girth with repeated acquaintance!

The first time Diondre encountered a black bear meandering across the parking lot, waddling its way to the nearby forest, he looked it over carefully from a distance, inquiring of Jessie,

"Does it turn into people too?"

He was assured the bear did not, although Jessie had heard there were such creatures somewhere but he'd never seen one!

Mike Sutton, Jessie's older brother, was in charge of maintenance, which included lawn mowing, trimming, garbage hauling, boat and motor repair (motor repair was contracted out to a dealer in International Falls), repair of buildings, and any other maintenance items. Diondre decided he enjoyed mowing the best, garbage disposal the least, and everything else was just fine. Even though he'd had no experience, Mike was pleased to notice Diondre seemed to have a natural talent for working on machinery and operating them, including the ATV's and tractors.

Charlie Sutton, a brother older than Jessie, but between him and Mike, used Diondre on the waterfront in the bait shop, fueling boats, and on the beach area. Charlie's crew was also in charge of cleaning out the boats, pontoons, and sail boat, readying them for rental or use by cabin guests. He was just as pleased with Diondre's quick grasp of what needed to be done and his work ethic.

Jim Sutton paired Diondre with Jessie for several nights in the "Birchwood" dining hall working as a table waiter and busser and found him to be an excellent waiter, attentive to the needs of their guests, courteous, and friendly. His smile seemed to be infectious, Jim thought and certainly contributed to the guests dining experience and overall impression of "Sutton's."

One late Sunday evening, after he'd worked on the docks in the morning and waited tables in the evening, he was walking back home with Jessie, Jase, and Tyler and overheard them say they were staying overnight since the three of them had the next day off. Diondre had to work but had Tuesday off, but had no plans as yet.

Walking up the stairs to their rooms, Jessie noticed something seemed to be troubling Diondre. It was almost not necessary to speak aloud to Diondre since he could now communicate with them without verbalizing aloud. He was reacting no differently than Jessie had once he'd become intimate and close to Jase and Tyler.

"What's on your mind?" Jessie asked carefully, as he invited Diondre into his bedroom.

Diondre hesitated, uncertain how to begin, then spoke cautiously,

"Well, a number of things," watching the three of them strip off their clothes in preparation for a shower, and facing him, waiting for him to continue.

Jase and Tyler each gave Jessie a kiss, hugged him, and when they sat down on the bed, Tyler invited Jessie to sit between his legs, and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close so their bodies were pressed together. Jase lay down, stretched out on the bed, his head resting in Jessie's lap. Jessie's cock reacted accordingly, reaching up toward the ceiling! Jase and Tyler, more abundantly endowed, reacted as well, although Tyler's was concealed from view by Jessie's body.

Their nudity and physical signs of arousal, along with other pack members, bothered Diondre at first, especially as the others would often be present when he and Annie made love. Those members who were gay certainly had no hesitation to engage in sexual play when the others were present so he just sort of accepted it and treated it with no more embarrassment or concern than the others did!

"I've watched everyone since I came here and you, Jessie, seem to be the only one who was human before becoming a wolf! What happened, how did it happen, and what can I expect if it happens to me?"

Jessie looked at his "foster brother," nodded his head in understanding!

"First of all, it won't just happen to you! It's something you really have to want because once it's done, there's no 'do over;' it's permanent! If it's your desire to become one of us, then it's something you really need to discuss with Annie."

Puzzled, Diondre cast him a questioning look.

"Do you really love her?"

"With all of my heart. There's nothing I wouldn't do or sacrifice for her." Pausing, thinking more on how he felt, wondering how the others would react to what he was about to reveal.

"When I first saw her I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world when she shifted from wolf to human. For some reason, it didn't seem to bother me she could be both human and wolf; I just knew I wanted to be part of her! When I'm with her, I don't want to be any place else. When we're apart my heart aches and I worry about her; the very scent of her draws me to her like the two of us are one, meant to be mates and lovers forever!"

Jessie explained that's how he felt when he first meant Jase and Tyler, how he was empty without them near him, understanding how Diondre felt when he said he knew when Annie was in danger or upset or hurting without saying anything.

"I know she wants to run with the Pack when we're all together, but she doesn't want to leave me. If I could run with her, we'd really be members of the Pack –together."

"You really need to tell her this, Diondre!"


"Because she's your true mate and she's the one who needs to turn you. Once she does, you'll be mated for life, just as Jase and Tyler are to me."


Diondre listened carefully, storing away each bit of information, as Jessie, Jase, and Tyler explained how he'd enter a different world, one where he'd exist in two forms, and the second, most mysterious would be of a werewolf, feared and hunted by mortal man! It'd be imperative he never, unless absolutely no other way, to reveal himself to the humans, how his body would change physically, healing faster, deathly allergic to silver, his muscles would develop increasing his strength, his five senses would become super sensitive, how he could communicate with other shifters through mental telepathy, how his inhibitions to mate while in the presence of others would diminish, his penis would lengthen, thicken (which surprised him since he thought he was pretty well-endowed now) and a knot forming at the base when he was a wolf having intercourse, who the actual Alpha, Beta, and Enforcer of the Kabetogama Pack were since Averill Creek was only a sub-pack and how imperative it was to show subservience to him, the same as he would to Jase and Tyler, and finally the special communication skills the Averill Creek Pack possessed!

"The Averill Creek Pack," explained Tyler, "has the unique ability to communicate with each other without others listening in, even the Kabetogama Pack Alpha! Why this is we're not exactly certain but it happens."

"One other thing to remember," Jessie, "Eric Trempealeau, one of my unofficial uncles, knows who we are and what we are and is our attorney. If you need help, he's the one to call! He and Evan Troutman, my other unofficial uncle, his partner and lover, also knows; beyond that we don't think anyone else does and we want to keep it that way!"

"Now," asked Jase, "is this something you really wish to do?"

Diondre eagerly agreed!

"Werewolves aren't much different from actual wolves," Jessie explained. "The male marks the female with his scent and claims her as his mate when he fucks her. Werewolves do almost the same. You've probably noticed how Annie keeps making body contact with you, even when you're not fucking; it's to make certain her scent is on your body! We can recognize our true mates when we first scent them or come in contact. The male werewolf, once contact has been made and it's established the two of them are true mates, fucks her, driving his semen into her uniting the couple forever! His scent on her, and renewed by frequent contact, notifies all others she is his and vice versa. It also serves as a warning to others she's off limits!"

"With gays, like those of us in our Pack, it's the dominant male or the "top" who marks his mate or the "bottom" with his scent, warning all others to stay away. In my case, since I was human, both Tyler and Jase marked me, giving me the bruise or hickey on my shoulder near my neck such as you now have Diondre. They made certain their scent remained on me by frequent contact. The major difference when a werewolf mates with a human and turns them, while they are fucking, when they both reach a climax and the "top" floods his mates rectum and colon with semen, he bites his mate, mixing blood and saliva, not only cementing their relationship forever, but bringing about a change in his human mate at the next full moon!"

Jessie went on to explain both Jase and Tyler had to bite him in the same place and both had to irrigate his bowels with their copious amounts of semen. Diondre listened carefully, learning the first full moon after he's bitten by Annie, he will "shift!" It is something that's going to happen and he can't really stop it the first time. After that, as he gains control, he can shift when and where he wants. Jessie made his first shift at the cabin with the rest of the Pack there and he advised Diondre to do the same.

It was only a week or so until the Fourth of July when the Resort had their big party and the day after the Fourth was the next full moon.

"Wait until after the tenth or so of July," advised Tyler. "The next full moon will be twenty-eight days after the fifth of July in August."

The Resort's celebration brought huge crowds and involved a great deal of work and everyone would be involved. Although August was still in the resort season, the workload tended to ease a bit and it would be a better time.

Satisfied, his mind was made up, Diondre bid the others goodnight and headed across the hall to his room. He stripped off his clothes, intending to take a shower when he heard Annie.

"I'm out behind the house at the edge of the clearing!"

Diondre quickly slipped his boxers back on, made his way quietly downstairs and outside, where pleasure awaited them both!

Jessie, still seated between Tyler's legs, rose, turned to face him, clasped Tyler's hard shaft in one hand, leaned forward and engaged Tyler's mouth to his with a deep, sexually charged kiss, using his tongue to persuade Tyler to open his mouth, and suck on his offering. A gentle nudge signaled Tyler to lay back on the bed and Jessie leaned forward, shifted back a little and positioned the tip of the hard monster he now held in his hand up against his eager, twitching rear opening. Pushing back until the uncapped head of Tyler's penis opened his anal opening and entered, Jessie raised up on his knees and slowly lowered himself until the length of Tyler's manhood was fully embedded, hairs of Tyler's pubic region dusting Jessie's ass cheeks, and offered a sigh of satisfaction and desire.

A soft tap of Jase's hand on Jessie's back signaled him to lean forward and present his rear for one more guest! Jase mounted behind Jessie, his knees on either side of his brother's legs, positioned his hard pole at the entrance where Tyler's cock had taken residence, and with the gentleness of a summer breeze, eased his shaft on top of his brother's, and pushed forward until both were lodged head to head, exhaust pipe to exhaust pipe in their mate's love tunnel.

Jase slowly began an easy thrusting forward and back, stimulating not only his own tumescence but his brother's as well. Tyler reacted in turn, meeting each push with one of his own. The dual action over and back Jessie's prostate and the massaging action of his rectal muscles on his lover's cock soon brought them to climax, Jessie's load spewing forth on Tyler's chest, while Jase and Tyler simultaneously gushed their copious amounts of semen deep into him!

Jessie slowly, absent-mindedly, slipped his foreskin back, exposing the large plum-shaped head of his penis, shook it several times to make certain the drops of urine were cleared and on the ground, while slowly, carefully continuing to scan the forest surrounding the cottage clearing. Nose up, eyes focused, seeking, yet finding nothing, Jessie couldn't help but to think something was not quite right. He just felt he knew there was something unknown out there, waiting, watching, but he couldn't detect any tell-tale signs of something amiss!

Wary, but still alert, he looked down at his cock for a visual inspection and saw, not three feet from where his piss puddled on the ground, a paw print – one, solitary, large wolf paw print! The hair on the back of his neck began to tingle and his sense became even more heightened as he again began an inspection of the surrounding forest!

The large, male wolf, carefully concealed, watched the teen and rolled his upper lip back in anger and disgust, silently rebuking his own carelessness, when Jessie spotted the track!

"One lousy print," he lamented to himself; "one lousy print the sweeping of my tail failed to obliterate. One fucking mistake and he spots it!"

The big wolf carefully, slowly, his tail sweeping away his tracks, crept away undetected! At a safe distance away from the cottage clearing and the sharp-eyed teen, the wolf began a steady, easy distance covering lope, carefully planning, plotting his next moves on how to achieve what he wanted and was driven to do!

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