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Something Wicked This Way Comes

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 2

"Man is everywhere a disturbing agent. Wherever he plants his foot, the harmonies of nature are turned to discord."

(George Perkins Marsh)

"There's someone or something out here," Jessie said, alerting the other members of the Pack. "Shift and scour the forest edge to see if you can locate a scent or sighting!"

Jessie stood, not a muscle twitched except for his nose, his shifting, piercing eyes, and his ears perked up to detect any sounds! He heard the soft sounds of people exiting the back door of the cottage and the very faint padding of canine paws rocketing into the surrounding forest as the Pack began a methodical, intensive search for the danger or dangers alerting him, warning them of an interloper into their territory, dangerously close and threatening!

Counting himself, the only members of the Pack who'd spent the night was Jase, Tyler, Rick Hayes, Robbie Bowers, Mike Bowers, and Chad Coleman. Jessie waited patiently, listening, checking the air, and scanning the forest edge for anything or anyone trying to escape the hunting of the Pack! The only movements he spotted were members of the Pack moving silently through the trees and underbrush. Search complete, Jase was the first to enter the clearing and shifted back, walking over to Jessie as he did so. He was followed by his twin brother, Tyler, who shifted and stepped up to Jessie as well. The two of them were quickly followed by the others emerging from different locations of the forest into the clearing.

"Anything?" Jessie inquired.

"Nothing," replied a wary Tyler, still looking around.

"You certain?" and Jessie pointed at the paw print, "I looked and couldn't find any others. It's almost as if he or she wiped them out somehow just to keep from being discovered!"

Jase bent over, sniffed the print, trying to pick up the scent of the intruder. Puzzled, he sniffed again. "There's no scent to this track! That's impossible!"

"There's a slight scent I could detect," Jessie added knowing it'd be difficult for the others to smell it. "It's faint and something I find somewhat familiar, but I just don't recognize it."

"I did find an indentation in the leaves and moss," Rick said pointing in the direction Jessie first scanned after he saw the print. "It looks as if something was laying there, maybe watching us. Whatever it was, it was large, maybe an adult sized or larger!"

"Wolf?" Tyler asked,

"Don't know; no tracks, no scent!"

The others joined in acknowledging they found no evidence of an intruder either, confirming Rick's observation concerning physical or visible signs of an interloper.

"Odd," Jessie thought aloud. "There definitely was a wolf or perhaps a shifter here, yet tried to conceal its presence. Why?"

The gathering of teen boys, all naked, did as teen boys often do when contemplating something- scratched their crotches, fondled their balls, or gave a tug on their cocks. Robbie, however, quit his own contemplative activities and switched his attention to Rick and began stroking his mate's organ to an erection!

"Waste not, want not," he grinned, bending over and presenting his ready butt to his mate.

"Opportunity knocks," grinned Rick and with one thrust was deeply inserted as far as his long, thick penis would travel inside his younger mate. He hesitated for just a minute so Robbie could adjust and began a rhythmic forward and back gently thrusting, his stomach and chest resting on Robbie's back. Robbie, moaned his pleasure, twisted his head, and invite Rick to engage his lips with his!

"What a couple of horn-dogs," Chad laughed as the rest of the group headed for the cottage, leaving the copulating couple in full and complete coitus on the lawn!

Dressing, Jessie, Jase, and Tyler discussed who or what and why there was another creature creeping around them and the cottage.

"I hope we're not going to have another year like last one," growled Mike entering the bedroom, adding his opinion to the conversation.

Jessie shuddered, "I hope not. Thank god, Diondre and Annie and Brent and Cheri Hughes are away at college; especially Diondre and Annie!"

The annual Fourth of July celebration at Suttons the year before, which included the pig roast and fireworks display, was well attended, keeping the staff extremely busy accommodating guests. There were no major incidents, although a couple of times Jessie shivered remembering the creepy feelings he had that day a year ago. Later, it was revealed Peter's had been stalking him all along! Remembering this did raise his anxiety level somewhat but with Peters dead and buried, he really saw no cause for concern.

Just the same, his dad had all of the young staff work in pairs, except in Jessie's case, threes! There were plenty of strangers at events such as the Fourth of July celebration and he didn't really want to take any chances! The only "incident" the teens encountered, although Jessie was positive there were many more as the sun went down and the fireworks started, was when Mike and Chad were taking a garbage bags to the dumpster after the meal and glanced past the dumpsters into the woods.

Mike gave Chad a jab in the woods and pointed! Just on the edge of the woods, were a group of six young men, buck naked, and engaged in a variety of sex activities, mostly fucking!

"You wouldn't believe the moaning, groaning, and ass clenching going on as loads of cum were fired up willing asses!" Mike relayed to Jessie. As they described it, once one young man shot his load, his partner would turn on him and fuck him!

"Hell," grinned Chad, "at one time there was four guys all fucking each other; well not quite, one was bent over with a guy ramming him while another guy was porking him and the fourth guy mounting him. How they all came at once, I'll never know! I suggested to Mike we should give it a try, but we decided, if we were quiet we could have quickie before returning for more garbage!"

Which they did! Walking back to the food service area, Chad could feel Mike's cum running out of his ass and trickling down his legs.

The Campbell's, Hayes', Bowers', and Sutton's grew closer as friends and neighbors over the year, especially since Jessie and the Twins became so close, almost inseparable, and worked with the other young people in bringing about justice to John Peters, albeit their idea of justice was not a trial but death! Art Campbell, Ray Hayes, and Ted Bowers were the only ones, other than Averill Creek Pack, a sub-pack of the Kabetogama Pack, who really knew what happened at the Peter's house and how the Averill Creek Pack brought about his death, preferring to keep things pretty well concealed, as all shifters did. They couldn't risk exposure and the reaction of humans toward them. Although Diondre had pretty good idea at the time, it wasn't until later he heard the entire story from Jessie.

Shortly after the Fourth of July, Annie and Diondre "officially" mated; her bite to his shoulder near his neck while they were in the midst of mutual orgasm brought about by Diondre's brown, thick cock massaging and stimulating Annie's pink, moist convulsing sheath as she pushed back, mixed blood and saliva cementing them, one to another, for life!

The Averill Creek Pack gathered at the cabin the night of the full moon in August to prepare for and celebrate Diondre's transformation from human to werewolf at his first shift! He'd felt the draw of the moon all day while at work making him restless and slightly irritable!

"Don't worry," a sympathetic Jessie advised, "I was the same way the first time!"

Although he felt he'd been well prepared, Diondre was still apprehensive that night at the cabin. The Pack gathered around him on the porch, stripped themselves naked, and watched as Annie, naked now as well, lovingly began to disrobe Diondre, calming him with reassuring words and comforting him with her lips and hands as she touched and rubbed him lightly with her fingers and hands, bringing goose bumps to his flesh and hardness to his penis!

The moon rose full and she encouraged him to lay with her on a blanket Jessie spread out on the porch and, as his change began, urged him not to fight it since he'd be a beautiful wolf and they'd be together forever!

His body jerked and convulsed as arms became legs, face elongated, changing into the head of a wolf, canine teeth lengthened and became razor sharp, his body strengthened and smooth skin became covered with fur, and his penis and balls grew to over-sized canine organs! It took some time and when he started to say something, he suddenly discovered he couldn't speak! Diondre panicked, until he "heard" Jessie say,

"Not to worry, Diondre, we can still communicate this way. You'll find it most convenient and will always be able to contact one of us. You'll notice, however, you'll be most sensitive to Annie's speech, since she's your mate!"

If wolves could grin, Diondre did then, his panic subsided and he decided to try to stand on his new legs. It took several tries, but when he did, the Pack began howling in delight and celebration!

Chad looked at Diondre, a big, beautiful black wolf, commenting, "My, my, Mike, my love, he's a big one! And I mean a BIG one," as he looked at the equipment Diondre now carried between his hind legs.

Diondre jumped off of the porch and Annie joined him in the yard, where they pranced, leaped, and nuzzled each other in their joy! The Pack's run that night was more than fun; it included a new pack member and his mate, and they had much to show him!

The next morning, Jessie wandered over to the Pelican Café to have his usual hot chocolate with Uncles Evan and Eric. Seated at their usual table, he pulled up a chair, thanked the waitress for the hot chocolate and Danish, looked at Eric and Evan and grinned.

"We thought we heard wolves last night," Eric said smiling, "Quite a happy pack I'd say, like maybe they were welcoming in a new pack member!"

Jessie was about to reply, when Evan gave him a nudge with his foot under the table, and nodded his head in the direction of the parking lot. Ted Symthe, the local DNR warden was walking up the walk to the Pelican.

Ted walked in, pulled up a chair, and sat down.

"Why don't you pull up a chair and join us?" Evan quipped sarcastically.

Ted didn't respond, just turned to the waitress and ordered a cup of coffee.

"Picking up our tab, too?" bantered Eric, mocking Evan's approach.

Brusquely, instead of responding to Eric, Ted directed his attention to Jessie!

"Are the feds and others all done with their questioning?"

"Are you questioning Jessie on some official basis, Warden Symthe?" Eric intervened, with a lawyer's aplomb, "if so, I'd advise him to answer nothing until I know the purpose of your encounter and then only in my presence and with my advice!"

"For crap's sake, Trempealeau," complained Symthe, "must you always be the attorney?"

"When it comes to my clients, yes! Now, what is it; official or just being neighborly?"

Exasperated, Symthe snorted, "Look, Eric, I've been on vacation for two weeks and just wanted to see if they were done with Jessie. They haven't notified me and I want to close my portion of the case!"

"Where?" inquired Jessie.

"Where what?"

"Where did you spend your vacation?"

"Down south! Why?"

"Just being neighborly," Jessie smiled, tongue-in-cheek.

"They completed their investigation three days ago," Eric finally conceded. "Check with your legal beagles at the State Capitol and they'll confirm it. Probably have a letter either on your desk or in the mail."

Ted Symthe finished his coffee and left the table, his displeasure concerning the reception he'd received clearly evident. Eric, Evan, and Jessie really weren't sorry to see him leave.

"I don't know why he has to be so, you know, disagreeable, suspicious, snooping into my business all the time," Jessie complained.

"Just doing his job," spoke up Evan.

"Well, it doesn't take much to be nice about it!"

Ted Symthe was fuming as he left the "Pelican Café." Eric Trempealeau was definitely shielding young Jessie Sutton and his group of friends for some reason. Ted surmised they knew more than they were saying concerning what happened at the Peter's house and the increased wolf activity. He'd heard the howling of a wolf pack during the night after he arrive home late from his trip. By the time he was able to investigate, the pack was gone, but he did see tracks in a muddy patch they'd run through and a fresh deer kill they'd been feasting on. By the looks of the number of tracks, he estimated about five or so large animals in the pack.

This wolf population was increasing and he was growing more and more uneasy concerning it! Ted had a couple of more stops to make before he began his patrol of his district and checking in with his counterparts in the state forest and the national forest. The rangers in both of those jurisdiction had enforcement powers as well. It never hurt to keep each other appraised and continually seek cooperation. Besides, it also provided him with information, when speaking one-on-one, he might not otherwise to obtain through written reports.

He learned a great deal while on his "vacation" down south and decided there was no time like the present to put words into action. First, however, he wanted to make a stop at "The Pines" where Campbell and Associates had their business. Many times he thought it was more of a "compound" rather than a business and damned hard to enter without being detected, unless it was in the daylight and he entered through the front gate.

There were those who viewed the "delisting" of grey wolves from protected status as a positive since they believed the wolves were a danger to man, livestock, their dogs, small children, and deer and moose! The wolves, as a predator, killed deer and moose for food and there were men who thought the deer and moose belonged to humans to shoot and eat, if they so desired, or for trophies. The illegality of killing wolves seemed not to bother them at all, using the red-neck philosophy of "shoot, shovel, and shut-up," by taking wolves whenever the opportunity arose during or out of deer season!

There were those who participated in these activities as "law abiding citizens" doing what was right and fuck the government and the "tree huggers." The same individuals would never think of shooting off fireworks in their city homes for fear of being arrested or trespass on someone else's property, hunting, fishing, or entering cabins, but in the woods, well that was different! As far as they are concerned, there were no limits on fish, grouse, ducks, squirrels, or any other wild game as long as they didn't get caught!

The first day of school, while waiting for the bus to arrive, Diondre joined Jessie in their morning ritual of hot chocolate and a roll with Eric and Evan. Diondre confessed he preferred coffee instead, so Jessie had two hot chocolates, but not two rolls!

Jessie jabbered on with Eric and Evan about the upcoming school year, who might be there and who wouldn't, and what his classes should be like. Diondre was a little more apprehensive. His records transferred from Illinois and if everything went well he'd finish high school this year. His grades were excellent and teacher written reports indicated he was a hard worker and should succeed in post-high school programs should he choose to do so.

"That was the problem," he thought, as they boarded the bus. He contemplated the upcoming year, visiting with Jim Sutton, Art Campbell, Eric, and Evan concerning his desire to go on to school, but lacking the financial resources to do so. It didn't take long for Jim to point out he and Evelyn were treating him like their own son and as a result, with what he earned at the Resort and their help, he could go on to school.

"What about Jessie? How can you afford both of us?"

Evelyn reassured him Jessie's education was already paid for through an educational trust left to him by his grandfather and not to worry. He just had to make a decision where he wanted to go and what he wanted to study.

It might be complicated, Diondre informed them, since Annie and he decided to marry right after high school and wherever he'd go, Annie would be with him. He'd already visited with Art Campbell and Art reassured them they'd help them out.

"I figured as much," Jim laughed, "Art and I talked about it and we agreed we'd both do all we could to help the two of you. You may not know, our oldest, Jim Jr. and his wife were married before they left high school and they did just fine, so don't worry!"

Jessie settled in between Jase and Tyler on the bus seat and Rick and Mike, accompanied by Chad and Robbie, sat in front of and behind them. Diondre and Annie sat across the aisle. The closer the bus came to the school, taking on students as it did, Diondre noticed a lack of diversity on the bus. A couple of kids boarded he thought looked Native American, but beyond that everyone except him was white.

"Not many black kids on the bus, is there Ann?"


"Any in school?"

Annie thought a moment and slowly shook her head in the negative, saying,

"Can't think of any!"

"Oh, great!"

The rest of the Pack on the bus, eavesdropping on the conversation, just laughed!

The first day of school wasn't too bad, although Diondre did get a few looks, nothing much was said. It didn't mean he'd go without a challenge, however!

The second day, the situation began to change. One high-schooler, Gordie Parks, deciding it was time to test the waters, became a little more brazen in his remarks and actions, "accidently" shoving into Diondre or stepping on the back of his shoes, pulling them off. Gordie quickly apologized and he and a couple of his friends would snigger about it as they walked away!

There were three other boys, Bob Smith, Tom Goetz, and Norm Haas who'd had a previous encounter with the boys from "The Pines" and "Suttons" and took it upon themselves to warn Gordie and his friends they were heading for trouble!

Gordie was defiant in his response; "Why? I'm bigger than he is and the looks of him, stronger. Besides it pisses me off knowing he's sticking his black cock into white pussy!"

Norm Haas, rather than argue, shrugged his shoulders and raised his eyebrows quizzically. "You'll be sorry!" and the three of them walked away, letting Gordie find out for himself what it's like to tangle with the likes of Diondre and his friends.

Gordie, emboldened by the lack of response from Diondre in previous encounters, on the fourth day of school, sauntered up to Diondre and Annie in the hall during class passing time, gave Diondre a shove, snarling,

"I don't know why a white girl would let a dumb nigger fuck her!"

He expected Diondre to quietly walk away and was completely taken by surprise, when Diondre, feigning a greeting to someone across the hall by swinging his arm around to wave, "accidently" connected with Gordie's nose with sufficient strength, speed, and accuracy to not only bloody the proboscis, but drop Gordie to the hallway floor!

Continuing the charade, Diondre quickly dropped to his knees, secured a handkerchief across Gordie's nose, twisting and yanking the broken nose the process, saying aloud, "Oh my god, I'm so, so sorry. Pressure will stop the bleeding so just lay still!"

Gordie really had no chance or strength to do anything! Unfortunately for him, when Diondre knelt down quickly his left knee slammed into Gordie's crotch, and rested firmly and painfully on his balls!

Continuing to apply pressure to the bleeding nose while twisting it and grinding his knee deeper into Gordie's nut sack, Diondre leaned forward, whispering,

"If you or your friends ever say anything about my fiancé or fuck with me and my friends, what my knee is presently crushing, you will be looking at contained in a bottle of formaldehyde and asking where the fuck did I go wrong! Understand?"

Gordie just rolled his eyes in pain, fully aware Diondre was one tough fucker and wouldn't hesitate to cut off his balls and present them to him to admire from arm's length!

The assistant principal, summoned because a teacher thought it looked like a fight in progress, was relieved when Tom Goetz, Bob Smith, and Norm Haas, standing nearby, quickly explained Gordon ran into something and Diondre was only trying to help!

The assistant principal relieved Diondre in his act of mercy and assisted Gordon to the nurse's office. As they walked by, Tom muttered softly to his companions,

"What a dumb fuck!"

"Yeah," added Bob, "did you see how wiggly his nose was? Bet that'll hurt for a while!"

"Not near as much as his balls do!" grimaced Norm, feeling the ache in his own as they hurried on to class.

The remainder of the morning and the rest of the school day, more than one person stepped aside to allow Diondre and Annie to pass unimpeded, in deference from what they'd heard or witnessed when the encounter between Diondre and Gordon occurred, on their way to class. More than one sexually frustrated freshman girl's twat twitched, tingled, and tickled with their imagined encounter with Diondre as they lay in their bedroom or sat on the toilet in the girls restroom, legs spread, then clenching together, shoving a middle finger or any appropriate object into their young cunts, trying to reach an orgasm with visions of Diondre's big cock doing the job. Of course, the same is true of those dreaming gay boys, of any grade level, who, again either in the boys restroom or at home, behind the barn, hiding behind a garbage can or anywhere they could whip their dick out, slowly flogging, gently caressing, rapidly ramming their fist up and down their erections while sticking a finger, cucumber, carrot, or mom's or sister's dildo up their pulsing, winking boy chute, fired thin liquid or thick, creamily tapioca like cum into hands, handkerchiefs, on chests, hips, or legs, imagining Diondre's prodigious prick was hitting all of the right buttons as it thrust in and out of their precious orifice!

Of course an actual encounter with the handsome, young African-American teen was out of the question, something that'd never be! Diondre was committed to and she to him, Ann Bowers, and everyone in the school knew it by the end of the school day. Well, many thought, it doesn't hurt to dream!

Sitting in the cafeteria at lunch, Jessie watched Diondre and Annie as they went through the food service line getting their lunch and walked toward the table, acknowledging comments from other students. He was proud of the way his "foster" brother established his place in the hierarchy of the school "pecking" order and confirming what other students may have forgotten; the teens from "The Pines" and "Suttons" were capable of exacting justice when action was called for and definitely not a group to get pissed off or fuck with!

Diondre sighed as he sat down at the table.

"I know how you feel," Tyler commented with a straight face, "I went through four ink pens the very first morning I was here signing autographs, tee shirts, and boys underwear. Three fellow freshman approached me in gym class asking me to sign my name on their dicks. Jase didn't have the same luck; kids thought I was the handsome one!"

Jessie, spotting Bob Smith, Tom Goetz, and Norm Haas at another table, left his seat, "Be right back," and leaned over saying quietly, "That might be so, Tyler, but Jase has the bigger cock!"

"No way, we're identical twins!" Tyler snorted.

"If so, then why did I have guys lining up to write their initials on mine?"

"Maybe just to hold it for a while, hoping theirs would grow to the same size?" quipped Robbie from across the table.

Bob, Ted, and Norm were more than a little apprehensive when they watched Jessie walk toward their table.

"I hope he's not heading this way to kick our asses or something!" Bob muttered.

"Don't worry, guys," Jessie said with a laugh overhearing Bob's comment, "I just want to thank you," reaching out a hand, "for sticking up for Diondre in the hall today. You didn't have to do it and I wanted you to know how much we," waving his hand in the direction of the table where the rest of the group sat, "appreciate it and want you to know if you should ever need help, give a shout and we'll be there! Okay?"

There were three happy and proud high school boys at the table as Jessie walked away and rejoined his table!

Jessie lay, contented and well satiated, nuzzling and kissing Tyler, resting face to face with him, Tyler's torso between Jessie's spread legs and hard, long cock still embedded in Jessie's warm sheath oozing the vestiges of his impassioned orgasm, mixing with the voluminous deposit made by his brother minutes before, ran the fingers of one hand lightly and delicately down Tyler's spine to his ass crack and back up, causing Tyler's cock to twitch in its hardness, while massaging Jase's stiff rod, although having once entered the gates of pleasure would do so again at least once more during their time together, pressed up against his thigh, confessing,

"I was wrong guys, you're both the same size! I'll probably have to measure you a couple of more times before you leave just to see if you both reach the same depth!" and laughed, causing his anal muscle to contract, urging Tyler to give another push or two.

The sale of the Peter's Property was announced in the International Falls paper with bids accepted until November first. Eric knew Jessie wanted the property; a logical purchase since it was contiguous to his, and although he didn't have to since he could act for Jessie as the Trustee of the trust accounts George, Jessie's grandfather established before he died, Eric thought it best to discuss it with Jim Sutton as well.

He wasn't certain how Jim might react, but if he was anything like his father, he wouldn't hesitate giving him the go-ahead on the purchase. George Sutton, Jim's father, seldom hesitated to add property or make and investment if he thought it'd improve his financial position.

Jim thought it was a good idea and encouraged Eric to "go for it!" He admitted to Eric he'd thought about bidding for the property himself, but if successful the purchase would tie up any needed capital for the improvements and expansions he and Jim Jr. were contemplating. Both Michael and Chuck indicated their desire to return to the resort to work once they completed college. In order to support four families, and possibly five, if Jessie decided to do the same, there'd have to be some improvements and expansion to enable an adequate cash flow and profit.

Jessie wasn't the only person interested in the Peter's Property!

There were several potential buyers, including Eric acting for Jessie, but there was one potential buyer who bothered Jessie the most. This particular buyer wanted to purchase the property in order to turn it into a tourist attraction, capitalizing on the grisly murders and macabre acts committed there! It didn't take long for his intentions to spread throughout the little community and surrounding area.

Eric, Evan, Jessie, and the entire community at large were just aghast and angry someone from "outside" would turn their area into a sideshow! It was inconceivable someone would want to capitalize on the depravation and deaths occurring there. Signs began appearing along the roadside and letters to the editor by locals proclaiming their resistance to the sale. The bidding was due to close November 1st and "The Pelican" as well as other restaurants were abuzz with gossip and what they might do to prevent the sale!

October 15, a day Jessie and many others would long remember, was a day, starting as a bright and sunny day, turned into a "dark and stormy" afternoon and night. Lightning flashed, thunder roared, and fear of "wildfires" or forest fires caused many to worry it might be a long night. Forests are susceptible to lightning strikes and many fires are started by them, terrifying both humans and wild critters! Fortunately, many thought, rain started, along with some wind, driving the heavy rain deep into the forest floor from above the forest canopy. The rain continued, ranging from hard to moderate most of the afternoon and into the night.

The rain came to an end sometime around midnight and the storm moved away, leaving a wet, soggy ground and forest in its wake. Around one in the morning, Jessie woke, sniffed the air, and caught the faint, distant smell of smoke!

He quickly alerted Diondre and they both dressed and raced down stairs to alert their parents. The telephone was ringing as they hit the bottom of the stairs and heard Jim Sutton answer it in his bedroom.

Stepping out, letting Evelyn dress in private, he saw the boys. "That was Ted Symthe; the Peter's property is on fire, evidently from a lightning strike. He doesn't think we're in any danger, but I think we'll get everything ready, just in case. The forest service, DNR, and local fire services are on the way."

Sutton's was protected by a fire suppression system George Sutton installed a couple of years before his death. He and Jim knew very well how long it might take for firefighters and their equipment to arrive in case of fire. The DNR Service Center and the Forest Service Ranger Station covered a great deal of territory and it took some time to get the equipment and personnel in place. Local fire departments were usually the first to respond. The volunteer department in Kabetogama would be the first on the scene, but it too would take some time. They were good, but time and distance, along with the vast amounts of combustible material on hand, made their job difficult. As a result, George Sutton installed his own system in every effort to not only protect his property, but to give the volunteers a "leg up" on fighting a fire there!

From a large gasoline engine pump in a small building on the lake shore, a suction intake line extended, on the bottom of the lake some two hundred feet out. The pump suctioned water from there through a three inch metal "main" pipe buried and surrounding the main buildings of the resort. There were several "lateral" lines extended from it to provide water to the houses and maintenance building. Strategically located fire nozzle deluge "guns" would spray water on the roofs of the buildings when the nozzles were opened and charged with water. In addition, there were several fire hydrants located on the property where the resort employees could hook up inch and a half fire hoses to hand fight the fires. The fire hoses, extra nozzles, two portable gasoline pumps, and about a dozen backpack or "piss cans" pumps were stored on two two-wheel trailers in the maintenance building. The system was tested a couple of times a year to make certain it worked properly. The lines were never kept "charged" or pressurized with water, but could be quickly once the main pump was started.

"The cabin!" screeched Jessie when he heard his dad announce where the fire was. He and Diondre were about to take off, worried about the cabin since, if the fire got out of control it could spread to the cabin, when his dad stopped him.

"There's nothing you can do about it now. Let the firefighters do their job. I need you two here!"

"Well, there's something I can do," thought Jessie to himself.

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