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Something Wicked This Way Comes

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 5

"The strangest things are there for me,
both things to eat and things to see,
and many frightening sights abroad
'till morning in the land of Nod."

(Robert Louis Stevenson)

Eric sort of stumbled toward the front door, tying the robe he'd hastily tossed on to cover his nudity, wondering what emergency required waking him from such a deep sleep, as Jessie continued to pound on the door, and crying for help! Unlocking and opening the door, expecting to find Jessie standing there waiting patiently for him to open it, instead encountered a very naked, weeping, distraught Jessie who, before Eric could say "come in," launched himself, blubbering, sobbing almost incoherently into Eric's quickly opened arms!

Over and over again, Jessie sobbed, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!"

If Evan hadn't been standing behind Eric, the impact of Jessie's body slamming into his, would've toppled him over, but was rescued from the embarrassment by Evan's steady and firm hand against his back!

Slowly rocking Jessie, holding him securely in embrace, from side to side, Eric was unable to ascertain what the problem was, since Jessie continued to keen his apparent grief, prattling on with apology after apology, inserting, "I didn't mean any harm" and "I didn't mean to insult you!"

Eric continued to stand, holding Jessie close to him, until the young teen slowed enough, looked at him and choked out, "I don't anyone else as my attorney, I want you! And I want you as my friend, please? Don't leave, Uncle Eric – please don't be mad and reject me for what I am now! I'm sorry I'm not the human boy you once loved, but I can't change back!" and began crying again!

"Whoa," countered Eric sympathetically, hugging Jessie tighter, "That's an awful lot for someone so young to carry around!" and, separating from Jessie although keeping one arm around him, ushered him to the couch, where they both sat down.

There was no way Jessie was going to part from contact with him, so Eric, clad only in his robe to cover his nakedness, and Jessie clad only in his birthday suit, sat together, or rather Eric sat and Jessie wrapped his arms around his neck and lay up against him, head on Eric's neck, face pressed tight against Eric's cheek, and naked body on robe-covered body.

Evan judiciously announced he was going to make some coffee for Eric and him and hot chocolate for Jessie. As a gay man who appreciated the beauty of the naked male, he couldn't resist scanning Jessie's nakedness, focusing in on his crotch and when he turned to embrace Eric, the nice firm, smooth melon halves of his butt!

Muttering to himself as he walked to the kitchen, "I can see why those Campbell Twins fell in love with him; damn fine package that boy is blessed with!"

Jessie was only six inches or so shorter than Eric, but in the recent year, especially since he was turned, matured physically to almost his mature weight and height. Although he was still slight, he'd strengthened and became toned. Having a naked, handsome, naked teen in his arms, presented certain problems for Eric; for example when holding Jessie, where did he place his arms and hands? Jessie's face was nuzzled up tightly against his own, his arms wrapped round Eric's neck, so holding him tightly to him caused Eric concern where his hands might touch; too high and he'd lose his ability to hold him and perhaps Jessie would slip to the floor; too low and he'd encounter Jessie's firm, smooth ass-cheeks which might cause Jessie to think he was "copping a feel" and "perving" on him!

Pondering his predicament, Jessie said softly, "It's okay to wrap your arms around me anywhere Uncle Eric, I don't mind. Don't worry about letting me slip to the floor!"

"You heard me!" Eric said incredulously. "How?"

Jessie looked up and shrugged. "I don't know, it's just something I can do with some people."

"Can the rest of your friends do this?"

"I don't think so, just each other."

"Now you've calmed down some, Jessie, tell me what made you think I didn't love you anymore?"

"Because you found out what I was, a werewolf, and you said you didn't want to be my attorney anymore and said goodbye and drove away and left me and didn't answer any of my phone calls!"

He stopped, took another deep breath, declaring, "I can't change back to human, but if it means not having you love me anymore, I just don't know what I'll do!"

Eric nodded his understanding and kissed the head of the boy he loved as if he were his own. "First, Jessie, I'll always love you no matter what you are, even if you turn into a pumpkin with ugly, warty lumps all over it!" bringing a giggle from Jessie, loving the comforting words and the warmth of Eric's protecting embrace.

"Second, I thought you were upset with Evan and me for discovering your secret and were afraid we'd out you to your parents or the rest of the community and wanted us out of your lives!"

Jessie started to object and attempt to explain, but Eric shushed him with a gentle touch of a finger to Jessie's lips.

"Finally, we were in Duluth on some business and just returned about an hour before you showed up. My cell phone needed charging so I was unable to either answer calls or check messages. It's in the charger now!"

"The hot chocolate's done," Jessie announced with a grin, "Uncle Evan is pouring your coffee and my hot chocolate!"

Eric quickly realized he had a great deal to learn about the new Jessie Sutton; the young man had many special skills and talents he could only imagine, not the least of which was the ability to shift from human to wolf and back again; something he had yet to witness but so dearly wanted to!

Evan appeared with hot chocolate, coffee, and a tray of cookies, reasoning young teens always liked or needed to eat.

Jessie untangled himself from Eric's arms, settled on the couch beside him, accepted the hot chocolate offered to him, and several cookies. A tentative sip on the hot chocolate was enough to convince him it was cool enough to drink and used it to "chase" the several cookies he ingested. Looking up at Evan, he smiled his delightful smile they knew so well; "Thanks Uncle Evan," and all was well again, but Eric and Evan were full of questions!

Hesitantly, almost guiltily, fearful Jessie would misunderstand his question, he commented, "Uh, you've, ah, changed, Jessie, in more ways than one!"

Jessie giggled, immediately thinking Eric was referring to his genitals only.

"Yeah, it was a surprise to me, but a happy one. Compared to what I was, I'm a real porn star now!"

Eric and Evan certainly couldn't disagree with him. He'd gone from a little below average, they thought, to well, well above average!

"You ought to see Jase and Tyler," Jessie said with eyes wide expressing his pleasure at his boyfriend's equipment. "They're really big," laughing at the look on Eric and Evan's face. "Patrick is the one it's really noticeable on since he's not into his teens yet. He matured early and is the youngest. Brent says he looks like a Chihuahua with a Great Dane cock! All the guys grew in the male department; why I don't know, but we did."

"Well, I was also referring to other things," Eric qualified, "your body is firmed and toned up, you appear to have grown in height some, and you seem so much more alert. Just how have you changed, Jessie, in ways that aren't so visible to Evan and me since we're humans?"

Before Jessie could answer, Evan quickly asked, "Can I get you a blanket, Jessie? You must be cold, sitting there as naked as the day you were born."

"No, not really; I'm used to it when we're all inside."

"Okay, this may sound stupid," Eric asked, "but why are you naked and where are your clothes?"

"Because if I had my clothes on when I shifted, they'd be ripped to shreds and Mom would get pissed, ask why, and if I told her, she'd freak out and tell Dad and I'd have a lot of explaining to do, that's why! I left my clothes back behind the motel at the Resort. I'll put them on when I get home!"

"Doesn't it embarrass you, you know, all being naked together?" Evan asked, wondering how the hell they did it without sprouting a woody.

Jessie shook his head no and went on to explain one way they all change is how their inhibitions and feelings of modesty seem to disappear and not be present even to the point of witnessing sexual arousal or intercourse.

"Do other creatures, other than man, hide naked bodies or their sexual acts, cloaking them as a "nasty" act, concealing their acts of love or desire from others? Not hardly; it's a fact of nature! Are we promiscuous? Yeah, until the actual mating, which is for life, but even then there are mated couples who fuck around with others. There's some of our pack that do, but not the hetro ones. In some packs, only the Alpha male mates with all of the females. It's not that way in our pack, however."

"Is everyone in your, uh, pack,uh, gay?" Eric asked, wondering since it appeared there just might be some hetro members.

"No," Jessie responded, "Diondre and Annie are mated, Brent has a girlfriend out west, and Patrick's been screwing Michelle Campbell for well over a year, so the rest of us are."

"Don't," Eric hesitated not quite knowing how to phrase it, "her parents or other adults object?"

"No, it's common for boys and girls to play naked and whatever happens, happens! Besides, it gives them experience and a chance try things out before they settle down!"

Evan raised his eyes in wonder, glanced at Eric, and noticed him roll his eyes as well! It certainly wasn't something that'd be tolerated in the normal human world!

Changing the subject, Evan inquired cautiously, "How were you changed or 'turned' as you put it?"

Jessie thought a moment, trying to figure out how to explain it, but thought he may as well put in words that'd be well understood even if vulgar and perhaps crass, but realistic!

"In our world, when a male mates with a female with every intention of marking her as his mate, he mounts her, thrusts in, and while he pumps, he bites her neck, and keeps ahold while he starts filling her with semen. He lets go of his bite when his knot swells, locking them together, and they stay attached cock to cunt, until his knot deflates. It wasn't all that different when Jase and Tyler took me as their mate; at my request I might add."

Jessie explained he asked Jase and Tyler to turn him; they'd already been marking him with deep bruises on his neck whenever they fucked him, rubbing their scent on him, warning others to keep away; he belonged to them! After he asked them to make him their wolf and mate, while fucking him, one at a time, each one bit him in the same place, mixing their saliva with his blood, marking him as their mate for life and injecting him with the bodily fluids which would create a new "shifter" at the next full moon!

"Was it hard to do?" a concerned Eric inquired.

"It was the first time, but after that it got much easier. Would you like to see?"

Of course they would! Eric and Evan were curious what his wolf looked like and how the transformation was made!

Jessie hoped off of the couch, stood in the middle of the living room, winked at his "uncles" and quickly shifted from human to wolf before their eyes. They watched, wide-eyed and amazed, as arms and legs, nose, eyes, ears, the entire of a human being form became those of a wolf, bigger than the average timber wolf and covered with a beautiful fur coat. Jessie was a beautiful creature. The large wolf walked over to Eric and Evan, licked them both across the face, stepped back into the center of the living room and shifted back to the naked teen they saw previously!

"Amazing!" Eric stated, noting he'd just seen something few other humans ever had or ever would.

Evan just shook his head in wonder before commenting, "You certainly are much bigger than the average wolf- all over!"

Laughing, Jessie returned to the couch, prepared to answer all of the questions they asked and many they hadn't even thought of. He spent time explaining how the Averill Creek Pack, as they were known, was really a sub-pack of the Kabetogama Pack where Art Campbell was the Alpha. Tyler and Jase were the Alpha's of the Averill Creek Pack and Rick and Mike were their Beta and Enforcer. Both Rick and Mike would sacrifice their lives for Jase, Tyler, and him, they were that loyal.

The longer Jessie was a shifter, he explained, he found his sense of hearing, smell, eyesight, touch, and thought processes became more and more acute until he exceeded all of the other members of the Averill Creek Pack!

"Almost as if when Jase and Tyler mated with me, I doubled or tripled everything they had as well as adding all of my own. I even heal faster than the rest of them!"

Seeing their eyebrows raise in question, he told them how, when injured, they heal within minutes, usually with no scar. He turned his head exposing his neck, pointing at the spot he was bitten, "This is about the only small scar I have on my body. It's a symbol of my mating to Jase and Tyler and notifies everyone else I'm off limits. Jase and Tyler would kill any other wolf or human that tried to take me away from them, do me harm such as rape, or try to kill me!"

Communication with each other while a wolf would be difficult without being able to "talk" through thought processes or mental telepathy! It also worked while they were in human form, allowing them to hide their conversations from others. For some reason, every member of their pack was able to hide their thoughts and conversations from the Kabetogama Pack if they chose to do so. Jessie, for some reason unexplainable to him, was able to block out his own Pack if he decided to do so, which he'd done prior to coming over to Eric and Evan's. He was learning more about himself every day and it was great!

Jessie really emphasized how important it was for Eric and Evan to keep their secret, noting there were people who'd do everything they could to eradicate them from the face of the earth, for whatever reason, whether religious, fear of the unknown, or belief in all of the old tales of werewolves killing and eating babies, adults, whatever!

"How can you be killed or harmed by wolves or humans," Eric asked wanting to know ever since Jessie had mentioned Jase or Tyler would kill others who'd try to hurt him.

"Werewolves can kill each other by breaking their opponents' necks; otherwise I think it's more difficult. Jase and Tyler haven't said how, though. We're all deathly allergic to silver in any form, so a silver bullet can kill us. If I touch a silver coin for example, it really burns to beat hell so I have to get rid of it as fast as I can!"

Eric and Evan both thought of any silver they might have around which accidently would put Jessie or the others in jeopardy and resolved to put it out of sight and out of touch.

Evan stood, stretching since he was growing uncomfortable sitting, and looked out the window.

"There's a rather large pack of wolves out there, just sitting looking at the house."

"Yeah, I know," acknowledged Jessie, "I told them where I was. They're waiting to be invited in."

The Averill Creek Pack, led by Jase and Tyler, arrived some five minutes before. They could hear and smell Jessie inside and were waiting patiently. After Diondre's discovery Jessie was gone and lost track of his scent in the Resort parking lot, Jase led part of the Pack around the house and along the lake front while Tyler led the rest through the woods around the other side of the Resort. They didn't think it'd be wise to try to locate Jessie's scent in the parking lot while there were guests.

The two groups met again on the far side of the Resort in the woods behind the motel section and started searching for Jessie's scent. Robbie, ranging further afield than the rest, finally picked up Jessie's scent and the Pack began to track him. Jase figured Jessie had a good two hour start on them indicated by the strength of the scent trail and after following it a short distance quickly determined Jessie was headed toward Eric and Evan's house. The single howl Rick and the others heard earlier wasn't definitive enough to indicate any direction Jessie might have headed, but now they knew!

The entire pack heard Jessie tell Jase and Tyler where he was. The pack was about three mile distant from the house so they broke out into a flat-out run, nose to tail as they followed Jase and Tyler. Rather than risk detection by anyone, Jase warned the pack to keep quiet and not howl their joy at finding Jessie. Reaching the house, they settled back on their haunches, and waited!

"Please invite them in," Eric pleaded enthusiastically. "They have to understand they are as welcome and worthy of our trust as you are, Jessie!"

"Okay, but don't be shocked at anything they do once they're inside." He knew only too well how Jase and Tyler would react when they saw him!

Jessie shot a silent word outside and, as Eric and Evan watched through the window, the Averill Creek Pack, led by Jase and Tyler, walked toward the house, shifting from wolf form to human as they did.

Eric and Evan quickly scooted to the front door and welcomed them in. Naked teen after naked teen greeted them with a smile and "thanks." Jase and Tyler almost ran to Jessie, their excitement and joy on finding their mate, bubbling over into human whines and whimpers as they clutched him closely!

Jessie tipped his head, exposing his neck, submitting to their dominance, and let them explore his body as they wished. Jase and Tyler couldn't keep their hands, their lips, their tongues, in fact their entire bodies, from making contact with every bit of him as they explored, kissed, tasted, and smelled every part of his body, including every orifice and now not-so-dangling very important part gently pulling the engorged head into their lips, as they checked him out, making certain he wasn't injured or damaged in some way. Rubbing their bodies up against him, spreading their scent on him and his on them, making certain he carried it so all others would know; lips engaged with his, tasting his mouth, while hands massaged, kneaded, explored his valley of delight, while other hands fondled, hefted, stroked his erect, throbbing, penis; mouths suckling on small, pert nipples; tongues laving, washing, tasting his body from his rear crevice to his crotch and the jewels held there; a writhing, twisting, craving, lusting, hungry, of teen boy flesh, whimpering, gurgling, mewing cat-like their thirsting and desire for each other!

All three teens were hard as fence posts, "damned big fence posts," according to Evan.

The two older gentlemen, watching the interaction between the three boys, were taken aback when all of a sudden, his hard cock leaking, dripping, Jase bent Jessie over part way and mounted him, thrusting the long, thick shaft deep into Jessie's rear and began to fuck him with a passion the two older gentlemen only witnessed in their own sexual encounters, but more vigorous, passionate, and deeply given! It didn't take long for Jase to shoot his seed deep and while doing so, bit hard on Jessie's shoulder, locking his canines in Jessie's flesh, drawing blood, mixing it with his own drooling saliva!

Jase, thrust forward, waited just a moment, pulled out, and before Jessie could straighten up, Tyler mounted him, taking his twin's place, slipping easily into the well lubricated internal sleeve Jessie offered, pushing just as deep and pumping just as vigorously as his twin did just moments before, and with a long loud sigh of satisfaction, began spewing his semen deep into their mate's bowels, biting Jessie on the shoulder in the same spot Jase did earlier. Instead of pulling out quickly as Jase did, Tyler stayed embedded, his ass cheeks flexed as the thick conduit tube on the underside of his penis swelled with each spurt of his ejaculate! He stayed connected until he was expended of seminal fluids and pulled out. The twins immediately began kissing and hugging Jessie again, almost as if they were concerned he'd leave them.

Eric and Evan were speechless, almost embarrassed, witnessing the copulation of the gay teens in front of them!

Brent stepped forward explaining, "They're reclaiming him, marking him, expressing extreme, lifetime love and commitment for him, and how much they miss him when he's not with them! It also serves to warn any others away. Anyone or anything comes near him, they'll either kill it or die trying!"

As understandable as the explanation was, it was still, by far, the most erotic love encounter between others Eric and Evan ever witnessed up close and personal, until they heard a squeaky "yes" behind them, turned, and viewed Rick, hunched over Robbie's back, injecting the smaller, younger boy with his copious, thick essence!

All of the male members of the Pack had erections as did Eric and Evan. Diondre and Annie stood to the side; her hand wrapped around his massive brown erection, Diondre slowly thrusting into it, and Eric and Evan knew it wouldn't be long until that piece of man-meat was buried as well. They couldn't resist checking out Patrick and nodded their agreement with Jessie's description of his "equipment." It almost looked out of place on his smaller body, although both of them admitted as he grew physically, it wouldn't look so abnormal when compared to the rest of the male members of the Pack!

The sexual excitement seemed to wane, or at least take a temporary break, the air filled with the smell of sex, semen, teen odors primed with the pheromones associated with lust, and Eric commented adventitiously, "That was certainly exciting, wasn't it Evan?"

Evan, still somewhat taken aback by the lack of inhibition on the part of the teens lustily and energetically fucking, could only nod!

Inviting the group to make themselves comfortable, as if they weren't already, watching them spread out on the floor couple by triple, except for Diondre and Annie who chose to sit on a chair with Annie ensconced on Diondre's lap. From what Eric and Evan could observe, she was in no danger of slipping off easily since it appeared she was well secured, or as Evan stated later, "deeply and truly skewered."

"Anybody want anything to drink?" Evan asked, thinking they just might like some hot chocolate and glanced at Diondre and Annie, deciding she was already enjoying some, slowly but pleasantly quite full, to the brim, so to speak!

"Thanks, but no thanks," Jase replied. "We don't want to stay too late; it's after midnight now and we have school later this morning. Besides, we don't like to stay out too late; makes us too easy to spot and we don't want that, do we?"

Eric and Evan both nodded their agreement and understanding of the plight the young teens, as werewolves, had. It also occurred to them how careful the group must be during the day when they were around "normal" humans and how vulnerable they were to exposure if they weren't. It would not only put them personally in jeopardy but both Packs. As a result of their thinking, they begged a few minutes of the teen's time so they could better explain their position and how they really hoped they'd gained the trust of the teens.

Eric made it a point to emphasize his position as their attorney, his availability to them anytime for whatever assistance he could give them. Evan also added his concerns and how he'd do all he could to protect them and help them as well.

"Before you leave, if it's not too much to ask," Eric inquired, "could we see each of you shift, separately from your partner or mate, so we will recognize you when you're a wolf?"

Even though the teens considered it an unusual request, they wouldn't deny their friends their wish. It'd make it easier for Eric and Evan to recognize them. There'd be no problem differentiating them from regular wolves since they were a third to half again as large!

Tyler, Jase, and Jessie were the first to shift. Eric and Evan were immediately impressed how alike the twins were as wolves as they were as humans. They were, in every way, identical! Jessie's shift to wolf, something they'd witnessed previously, brought before their eyes the beautiful wolf they also knew as a beautiful and intelligent young man! Mike and Chad were next, followed by Rick and Robbie, and Diondre and Annie. Diondre's wolf was almost black, darker than his natural human skin color and was sleek and gorgeous to behold. Annie, his mate shifted into a lighter gray with mixed areas of black and white, not only contrasting with Diondre's color but complimenting it as well. They made a great couple!

Brent and Patrick, Patrick having made it extremely clear they were not mated to each other, were the last to shift. Patrick was definitely the youngest and smallest of the Pack, but by the way the others watched him, a favorite of them all.

Having eleven over-sized wolves in the living room definitely crowded it, but it was crowd Evan and Eric enjoyed having.

"You're all so beautiful," Eric commented proudly, bringing what could be considered a "blush" from all of their canine guests. He then noticed Jase's ears sort of flick and realized something was communicated to the rest of the Pack. Jase, Tyler, and Jessie walked toward the door, Jessie looked at Evan, and he immediately opened it for them so they might leave. The Averill Creek Pack padded regally out of the house and into the forest and night!

Several days later, after Physical Education class, Jessie stood under a shower head in the locker room showers, slowly, methodically soaping himself. Using his hands only, lathering the soap into his ass crack, suds beginning to bubble around and under his low-hanging balls, and slicking up his now larger than average, uncut cock, almost oblivious to anyone standing next to him, lost in thought, trying to sort through what he thought was an odd situation.

For several days, actually since Monday of this week, he'd been picking up a faint scent, almost "lycanthropic," indicating the possible presence of another "wolf" in the building or nearby! The actual presence or location of, individual or individuals, was difficult to determine or segregate from the myriad of other scents found in a school building filled with very active teenagers. The potpourri of odors, unwashed bodies, washed bodies, lingering smells of sex on both boys and girls, soap, cologne, aftershave, deodorant, engine oil and gas, chemicals, intestinal gas, hair spray, and all other scents resulting from the mixture of young people, wafted through the air, lingered on clothing, and in classrooms stimulated his olfactory nerves every day. In addition to all of the "human" smells, he encountered and was most stimulated by the scent of his mates and the other pack members. As developed as his mind was, as intelligent as he was thought to be, it just seemed confusing to him!

The particular scent would drift by him in the halls while passing to class or linger briefly in a classroom after one class left and the one he was in, entered. "Tis a puzzlement," he thought to himself as he stepped forward under the hot water to begin rinsing.

As a result of his deep thought processes while he showered, he was unaware he and one other person were the only ones left in the shower. Standing next to him, eyes glued to Jessie's cock, his own now at a healthy cock-stand of five inches, nestled in a bed of dark, soft curly pubic hair, was Norm Haas, one of the trio of guys who for years had been Jessie's nemeses', pestering, tormenting, and bullying him until Jase and Tyler stepped in and put a stop to it. In all truthfulness, Norm was always just a secondary figure in the bullying, usually being prodded, threatened, and shamed by the chief bully, Bob Smith!

A truce was established between the three of them, Norm, Bob, and Tom Goetz, with the teens from "The Pines" and "Suttons", especially after Jessie seemed to develop, not necessarily in height, but his muscles seemed to increase slightly in size, his reflexes became more acute and swift, and his friends always seemed to step in as if to protect him. Norm gave his cock a couple of strokes, mesmerized by the beauty of the young man next to him in the shower room.

Jessie felt rather than see, since his eyes were closed as the shampoo rinsed out of his hair and soap from his body, eyes of another person locked on him. Giving his head a shake, he quickly swiveled and observed Norm standing next to him, Norm's eyes glued to his cock, slowly stroking his twitching, extremely hard cock!

Norm suddenly realized he'd been caught, the "no no" of boys locker rooms leading to accusations of "queer," "homo," "rump ranger," and a plethora of derogatory terms used to denigrate and shame other boys. His face reddened, he quickly averted his eyes, and his cock began to deflate rapidly, while his eyes began filling with tears!

Jessie reached out, gently placed his hand on Norm's shoulder, turning him so they faced each other. Norm kept his head down until Jessie carefully lifted it and said softly,

"Its okay, Norm, I understand, if you know what I mean!"

Norm slowly nodded his head, knowing behind his back, other students sometimes commented about Jessie and his "boyfriends" with snickers concerning who the fucker was and who was the "fuckee!"

"I'm so sorry, Jessie, please don't tell anybody, please!"

"I won't! Tom and Bob don't know, do they?"

Norm just waggled his head from side to side.

"Do your folks?"

Again, the shaking of his head "no!"

"Anyone else in school?"

"One, maybe, I think!"

Coach shouted for them to hurry up so their conversation came to a close. Both boys left the shower room, headed to their lockers and quickly dressed, even though this was their last class of the day. The coach wanted them out of the locker room to make room for athletic teams, including the football and cross country track teams.

"Don't worry, Norm, you're secret is safe with me."

He thought a moment, adding, "Since its Saturday tomorrow, I don't go to work at The Birchwood until evening; give me a call if you want, okay?"

Norm nodded, smiled his relief, and finished dressing. Jessie's nose suddenly picked up the scent of another Lycan, faint but distinct, on Norm's clothing. It was the same scent troubling Jessie earlier!

"Could it be," he thought to himself, "Norm has encountered another wolf, one who apparently is marking him?" He hadn't noticed any bruises or "hickeys" on Norm while they showered, but he really hadn't looked, nor had he picked up any scent on his actual body, concluding no mating or casual fucking was taking place, as yet!

"Just what the hell is going on? Has another pack invaded the territories of the Averill Creek Pack and the Kabetogama Pack?" he wondered.

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