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Something Wicked This Way Comes

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 6

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unknown."

(Second Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy – 13-2)

Norm hustled from the locker room to his hall locker, knowing Dana Thomas would be waiting for him for the ride home on the school bus. Dana was new to the school district and to Minnesota. Two weeks previously, Dana, his dad, Dr. Paul Thomas, DVM, older brothers Steve, Dennis, and younger brother, Andre, moved to a forty acre small farm about four miles from his home on Myrtle Lake. Dana's mother was deceased and the remaining family members moved from Washington State to the area when Dr. Thomas purchased and took over a small private animal veterinary practice and clinic in Orr when the owner retired. Norm didn't know how much business a small animal vet would have, but with all of the summer people around, maybe enough!

Dana's older brother, Steve, taught at Bemidji State, while Dennis decided to sit out a semester and transfer to a Minnesota university. Norm didn't know what type of position Steve had or where Dennis was going to transfer to, but he really hadn't inquired yet. He figured all of that'd come in time as he and Dana became better acquainted- he hoped!

He'd grown curious when he heard his dad, Don, a St. Louis County Highway employee, tell his mom, Susan, a clerical employee with the DNR, the small farmstead down the road was sold to someone out of state and the new owner bought the vet clinic in town. His dad worked on road maintenance all summer and plowed snow during the winter (the plowing season just really getting underway) and his mom usually didn't get home until almost six every evening during the week, so he was generally home alone during the week after school. His older brothers and sisters were grown, moved away, and starting their own families. The last of the five, sort of "oops" according to his dad, the prospect of having new neighbors was exciting! He hoped there'd be someone his own age in the family. It did get rather lonely for him!

Oh, he had friends, like Bob Smith and Ted Goetz, but Bob was such a big bully and Ted just seemed to go along with whatever Bob decided to do. In the past year, he'd become friends, sort of, with Jessie Sutton and the Campbell Twins, but he was too shy to "really" become friends with them! Besides, they were handsome, outgoing, really fit looking, and he, well, when he looked in the mirror, all he saw was a short, skinny, geeky looking kid with glasses, when he didn't have his contacts in; a short, skinny, geeky looking kid who was gay! He was so far in the closet, it'd take two twelve packs of "D" batteries to supply the flashlight to find him!

He was even a couple of inches shorter than Jessie and Jessie wasn't all that tall! He hoped he could put on some weight and develop his body just as Jessie did over the past year. Every time he looked at him showering after physical education class, he did all he could to keep from popping a stiffy! He knew he didn't stand a chance with Jessie since everyone knew he and the Campbell Twins were "friends!" He knew they were closer than "friends" since he'd seen the Twins kiss Jessie on more than one occasion when they thought others weren't looking. Some of the kids talked, but behind their backs since they really didn't want to piss the Twins off; they were tough mother-fuckers!

Curiosity got the better of him on that Saturday morning two weeks previously, after he heard his mom and dad discussing the new neighbors, wondering if they'd moved in to the small farm yet, so he hopped on his ATV and rode down the road to check the place out. Much to his surprise and delight, the newcomers were just moving in! There were two U-Haul trucks, one larger than the other, parked in front of the house. The larger one was backed up to the front porch with a long ramp leading from the truck to the porch and two older, good-looking, strong men were carrying a couch, heading in the front door. Behind them came a man older than the first two, carrying an overstuffed chair, and behind him a much younger boy carried a table lamp.

But what really struck Norm's eye and captured his heart at the same time, was an absolutely, drop-dead, fucking-make-your-cock-hard, gorgeous, svelte looking, well-developed, teen boy about his age!

Norm remembered how the teen stopped suddenly, raised his head slightly, and as if testing the air or catching his breath, took several deep breaths! The teen suddenly swiveled his head, looked directly at Norm, locked his eyes on his, smiled broadly, and winked, sending shivery quivers of delight or expectation to Norm's small frame, tingling his balls, twitching his asshole, and tickling his cock!

Norm's admirer was struck with the scent of the boy he was viewing, knowing, wanting, desirous of all things erotic and beautiful, as the very essence of the boy he looked upon swept into his mind and heart, recognizing him as his mate, his forever love and helpmate, one he would do anything for, even to the point of death!

The boy carried the table inside and quickly returned, walked over to Norm, extending his hand, said softly in an alluring voice, "Hi, my name's Dana Thomas! Who's the good-looking guy I'm talking to?"

Norm, face reddened with embarrassment, head slightly down, shyly replied, "Norm Haas; I just live down the road," sort of tossing a thumb over in shoulder in the direction of his house before clasping the offered hand!

If he hadn't been smitten before, Norm was absolutely gob-smacked when the warmth of Dana's hand enveloped his! His body reacted as if an electric shock, followed by warmth and attachment, was transmitted from Dana's hand to his inner being, settling deeply in his soul, but especially in his cock!

Dana stepped forward, closing the gap between them, drawing him tight against his own body, and breathed softly in his ear, "Come let me introduce you to the rest of my family!"

Norm felt his cock swell even more than he thought possible and knew at that moment, he and Dana Thomas just might become more than "friends!"

Walking up the steps where the rest of Dana's family waited, Norm noticed Dana was considerably taller than he was; his own head just reached Dana's chin, and Dana was much more physically developed, but it didn't seem to bother him. Dana kept touching him on the shoulder, his arm, side, and neck as while introducing him to his father, two older brothers, and the younger brother. It was almost like a cat or dog does to a human, trying to either seek comfort or leave its scent!

Norm remembered vividly how Dana introduced him; "Dad, this is Norm Haas and he's my special friend and our neighbor!"

Saddened when he learned of Dana's mother's death, his melancholy soon was overcome when Dana, arm still around him, offered, "Let me show which room will be mine," and ushered him into the two story home. There were two big bedrooms downstairs and two upstairs; one of the two upstairs was Dana's and the other was Andre's, his younger brother.

The short hall dividing the upstairs into the two rooms had the stairs leading to the downstairs of the house at one end and a door leading to an outside stairway to the ground at the other end. Dana led Norm into one of the large bedrooms, a room with windows on three of the walls, announcing, "Neat isn't it? With the outside staircase you could come up here, unnoticed, at night and we could cuddle and stuff!"

Norm surprised at Dana's words, looked up, and was confronted by a pair of sweet, warm, moist lips which quickly engaged his while an errant hand slid down the front of his winter coat, cupped his crotch, massaging his balls and cock through the jeans, while Dana's tongue sought entrance into his mouth!

Norm surrendered to the intensity and passion of the kiss, the warmth of Dana's hand on his treasures, and arm around his back pulling him closer, pressing their bodies together as if they were one, and uttered a low, encouraging moan while opening his mouth to accept what Dana was offering!

Never in his short life had he experienced or anticipated, such pleasure, not only in the deepening kiss, but the feeling of ecstasy, warmth, and intensity of Dana's sudden passion for him! It was all he could do to keep from spooging in his underwear, so erotic was the moment!

"My god," he thought at the time, "I've just met Dana Thomas and look what he's doing to me!"

Norm literally began to weaken in the knees from the passion he was feeling, but suddenly stiffened, as did his resolve, thinking, "Am I so easy, so obvious in my desire for male sex, so gullible, I'd allow this to happen to me?" and started to pull his mouth away.

Dana looked at him, disengaged his lips, and as if reading his mind, whispered delicately and erotically in his ear, "Norm, you're not easy or gullible, but you and I are so much alike in what we want. I think I've found the most beautiful boy in the world and I'm not going to let you go!"

Smiling, Dana quickly added apologetically, "As much as I'd like to do more to show you how I really feel, I have to help unload the rest of our stuff!"

"I'll help," squeaked Norm, still reeling from the encounter and with the knowledge someone thought he was beautiful and not some ugly, geeky, looking kid, now with a hardon!

Help, he did for a couple of hours until he knew he had to leave before his folks arrived home from work. They'd wonder where he was and worry if he didn't greet them. Norm's spirits were high and his heart was jubilant, so deeply smitten with Dana Thomas. He knew, no matter what Dana asked of him, he'd submit to because of what he felt was his "boyfriend!"

Over the dinner table, the normally shy and retiring Norman, happily chattered continually and excitedly with his parents about his wonderful new friend and their now new neighbors. His parents, unaccustomed to such exuberance, let him talk, clearly pleased at his happiness and willingness to talk to them of it. They'd often thought his friendship with Bob Smith wasn't good, but their youngest child had so few friends, none of whom were "best" friends, and such a loner, they weren't about to be critical of Dana Thomas, although they still knew very little about the boy and his family. Norm's parents would easily find out about them, however, since both were in a position to do so!

Norm was back at the Thomas house on Sunday, helping again. He found the entire family fun to be around, not a bit concerned about his smaller size, glasses (he wore them that day), or geeky looks. Dana was always by his side, behind him, in front of him, acting as his guide, protector, and almost part of him. Even in such a short time, he felt something was missing if he couldn't see or touch Dana. Dana's dad and brothers accepted him as someone Dana treasured and wanted around all of the time, although it was impossible no matter how much Norm or Dana desired it!

Before Norm left to go home on that particular Sunday, Dana, while saying "goodbye" in the privacy of his bedroom, pulled him tight to his body, his lips and tongue sending chills through his body, raised Norm's jacket above his beltline, and with one hand, slowly unzipped his jeans, unclipped his belt, and with Norm's help, slipped his jeans and underwear down around his ankles!

Stepping back, releasing Norm, Dana smiled a most satisfying smile of admiration; "Nice, so very nice; so lovely, so perfect!" viewing Norm's stiff cock for the first time!

"I'm not very big!" Norm lamented sadly wishing he had a bigger cock to offer Dana, a small tear appearing in one eye and slowly sliding under the glasses frame and stopping on his cheek!

Brushing the tear away with one finger, Dana shushed him, "You are most perfect, the very one I've been seeking; the one I'll love and protect forever," and kneeling on the floor, facing Norm and with a slow, loving mouth and tongue, tasted Norm's weeping cock, enveloping first the head before slipping his lips and mouth down the shaft until his nose was buried in Norm's soft curly bush of pubic hair!

"Oh, my god," Norm wheezed having never experienced such pleasure as Dana's warm, moist mouth, softly suckled, tickled, and massaged his throbbing, trembling teen sex organ, almost begging for immediate release! Norm shivered, placing his hands gently on Dana's head encouraging him and using him for balance since his own legs were beginning to weaken as his balls began to tighten and his cock head began to swell! It wouldn't be long before Norm would succumb to the excellence of his very first blow-job and marvel at the experience!

Dana felt the impending climax too, using his tongue to gently probe the piss-slit on the head of Norm's circumcised cock as he slipped a hand between Norm's leg and with his middle finger found and began rubbing softly the wrinkled, twitching portal he sought to Norm's inner world where delights unknown previously by Norm would be unleashed! With a slow push, inserted his digit to the last knuckle, Dana began flicking the walnut-sized prostate or "sex gland" located there, bringing about a sudden thrust forward by Norm, sucking his stomach in, speechless, and firing huge globs of white, thick, teen spunk into Dana's mouth, followed rapidly by three, four, six more until his cock oozed the last as Dana continued to nurse on his deflating man-stick on the smaller teen boy!

Dana stood, remnants of Norm's cum lingering in his mouth, offered, "Taste yourself and me, mixed as lovers should be!" and kissed the willing lips awaiting him.

Norm offered to return the favor but Dana responded, "Another time when we have more time!" and winked at his lover.

Dana didn't ride the bus on Monday since his Dad had to enroll Andre and him in school first, but Tuesday, when Norm boarded the bus, a wave from Dana's hand beckoned him to a rear seat, bringing a quickness to his step, a throb in his jeans, and a smile to his face! Seated next to Dana, now pressing tight up against him, hands touching, arm around his shoulder, Norm felt more relaxed, safe, and certain of himself than ever before!

Every day was a great day for both boys, enjoying each other's company as well as school! The days seemed much brighter, lessons more meaningful, and life pleasant beyond all expectations. They rode the bus together, walked each other to classes, and were oblivious to what others might be saying. The only rough spot in the road resulted from Bob Smith, at lunch on Friday, wondering why Norm spent so much time with Dana rather than with Ted and him. It would've been fine for him to say it, but it was the way he said, expressing his displeasure and implying it was "unnatural!"

Dana smiled, put his arm over the shoulder of the slightly smaller Bob Smith, gave it a rather hard squeeze causing Bob to flinch, and with his smile continuing, whispered something in Bob's ear, causing the bully's face to blanch! Bob and Ted walked quietly away, once Dana's arm was removed.

"What did you say to him?" Norm asked as Dana sat beside him, preparing to eat his lunch.

"Not much; I simply asked him if he thought it'd be easier to piss through his cock or through a plastic tube!" and began to eat, acting as though it was an everyday occurrence to threaten someone with emasculation!

The weekend found Norm and Dana together again at Dana's. So far their time together was only during the day, but both longed for the time they could spend a night together. On Sunday, after lunch, before Norm left for home, while in Dana's room, Norm couldn't wait any longer until he viewed the cock, free of all clothing, he'd felt more than once either pressed up against him or enveloped in his hand!

They stood, kissing, breaking the seal, Norm looked expectantly in Dana's eyes, who pleaded, "Go ahead, please!"

Norm knelt before his boyfriend, unzipped Dana's jeans, unloosed the belt and clasp, and slowly slid jeans and boxer briefs down to the floor, revealing to him, for the first time, Dana's cock, uncircumcised, foreskin barely covering the fat plum-shaped, pink head at the end of the shaft; fleshy, hard, velvety smooth, thick, long, and extending from a medium bush of soft pubic hair well away from Dana's crotch! Suspended, pendulously beneath Dana's cock, were two large, well-formed testicles encased in a smooth sack, wobbling as if inviting Norm to touch, to fondle, or taste!

Looking up at Dana, who nodded his approval, Norm reached forward, gently lifting, touching another male penis, amazed at the sight and feel in his hand, sighed, "It's so big," and cupping the balls in his other hand, "so soft; so big!" He'd seen plenty of uncut cocks in the locker room at school, well sort of since without his glasses or contacts everything was fuzzy, but never touched one, held one in his hands, or been this close up to such magnificence as the one adorning Dana's body!

He gently fondled the balls he thought were more the size a very large dog or even a small pony rather than a teen boy, feeling them move, responding to his touch, rolling around as he manipulated them; lowered his face, placing his nose next to those fine orbs, and breathed in deeply the intoxicating scent emanating from those producers of all things magical and the special scent of his boyfriend! Leaning back, he directed his attention to the extremely stiff penis twitching in his hand and continuing to hold it lovingly with one hand, ran a finger delicately up and down the length, top, bottom, and sides bringing goose bumps all over Dana's body and shivers of delight!

"So smooth," Norm said, with soft admiration in his voice, "so thick, so long!" as he explored and investigated the satiny warmth, the spongy hardness, as he encircled it with both hands, feeling, fondling, caressing, massaging, stroking up and down, slipping the foreskin back and then forward revealing, then concealing the large cock-head weeping with desire and throbbing with every touch of his hands!

Norm leaned forward, extended his tongue, and tentatively swiped the oozing droplets from the gaping slit in the now revealed cock-head, tasted it, found it quite delectable with a slightly nutty taste, thought moment, and decided he needed more, but postponed his desire momentarily, while he pulled the foreskin forward, covering the head forming sort of nozzle, inserted his tongue, swept it around inside, laving, wetting the tunnel sides. Opening his mouth, slipping the foreskin back over the head and securing it behind the crown, following Dana's example the several times he'd sucked him during the week, slowly took what he could of Dana's large penis into it, until he reached his gag point, and stopped, rolling his tongue all over the deliciousness!

Dana groaned his pleasure as Norm began a gentle, rhythmic bobbing of his head, bringing his enclosed lips and busy tongue up, down, and around his throbbing cock. Norm reached between Dana's legs, inserted his middle finger up his anus, encountered the prostate, and began twitching it! Unable to withstand the intensity, the almost electric shock starting at his prostate, rocketing through his balls, and up to the very sensitive head of his dick, Dana's balls tightened, his cock-head began to swell, and with pulsing of the large tube on the underside of his member, began jetting his thick, copious cum into Norm's waiting receptacle!

Norm tasted, savored, and swallowed; not all, but most, and found it quite agreeable! He then stood, kissed Dana, sharing the taste and residue of Dana's cum, as Dana did with him previously!

Paul Thomas watched the two boys working together, heads often close, his son's arms around the smaller Norm, and realized they were becoming more involved to the point of serious! He knew his third son well; handsome, well built, intelligent, loyal, and kind! He was so much like his mother, except she was definitely heterosexual; passionate, warm, loving, and fierce to defend her mate, family, friends, or patients! He also knew his son was gay and in love with a human! It was time for the "talk!"

Paul was pleased, as he visited with Dana after Norm left, his son was fully aware of the consequences of falling in love and mating with a human; not mere copulation, but mating, when, during the sexual act, while mounted and breeding, delivering a bite to the female, or in this case, male, drawing blood while inseminating his partner. It was this mixing of blood and body fluids while ejaculating into the human, in this case, male, which would, at the next full moon, turn the human irreversibly into a lycanthrope and mate for life!

"If the human doesn't fully consent, accepting all the consequences of the act, it's a horrible fate to inflict upon him especially since you both are so young! Does he know you and your family are lycanthropes or werewolves?"

Dana sadly shook his head no; "What should I do? I love him so, Daddy! I know he's my mate just as you knew Momma was yours!"

His father acknowledged it, but cautioned him to let love take its course. "If he truly loves you, he'll know you're "different" in some way and eventually either accept it wanting to become part of you, or reject you and walk away! Do you think he'll walk away?"

Dana shook his head no; he felt Norm loved him so much in return, it made no difference.

"Only time will tell," his father advised.

Dana promised his father he'd be careful and only if Norm wanted and understood what a momentous decision it'd be, the secrets which must be kept, it was permanent, and the special status the Thomas Family enjoyed! If Norm agreed unequivocally, he'd claim him as his mate for life! No other person, other than Norm, could offer him the intense love and spur the desire, fulfilling him as much as Norm Haas could!

"He's so much like his mother," Paul thought sadly, missing his mate, "loves with passion, loyal to a fault, giving, smart, wise, honest, and fair; she died too soon, protecting others, and will never see her sons grow into the fine men they are turning out to be!"

Norm, heading down the hall toward his locker, marveled how attached he'd become to Dana, almost as if he were part of him. Even now, without seeing Dana, he thought he could smell him, sensing his presence. Turning down the hall where his locker was located, he looked ahead and say his boyfriend smiling, waiting for him. At his locker, Dana, quickly rubbed up against Norm, offered, and took his school book bag while the two of them walked toward the bus stop, shoulder to shoulder with Dana carrying his own book bag, Norm's, and an overnight bag.

Since Norm met Dana, Dana seemed to wait on him, hand and foot; carrying his books, his lunch tray, anything to please him!

"He'd even wipe my ass for me if I let him," Norm thought as they walked.

"Don't press your luck!" he heard Dana say aloud and they both grinned!

Both boys were so excited, Dana was spending the night at Norm's and both were almost giddy with anticipation of spending the night together in the same bed!

The ride to Norm's was relatively uneventful. The bus rolled to a stop at the end of the drive leading to his house, the lights flashed, and they disembarked. Watching his brother and boyfriend get off of the bus, Andre sighed, relieved Dana wouldn't be home in the evening. He had something really, really important he discovered at school and wasn't too certain how his dad would react! It affected them all, particularly Dana and his human boyfriend!

Entering the house, Norm informed Dana he had to get the pot roast, complete with vegetable nestled around it and seasoned, in the oven so it'd be ready for dinner when his folks came home from work. His mom had everything ready in a roaster waiting in the refrigerator so all Norm had to do was pop it in the oven. While he turned the oven on, Dana got out the roaster and put it in the oven. Mission complete, the two of them went upstairs to Norm's room to leave their bags and winter coats.

Dana couldn't resist wrapping his arms around Norm, leaning slightly toward his face, and with a feathery, whispery, touch, engaged the lips of his lover with his own! Norm responded by pressing his lips against Dana's until he felt Dana's tongue began to tickle lightly on them, encouraging him to open his mouth and accept it. Norm welcomed Dana's wet, hot proboscis, enjoying the exploring, sweeping, of the interior of his mouth, dancing and twisting with his own tongue. Norm paused, pursing his lips and began a gently sucking bringing a soft, low groan from Dana!

Feeling the ardor, the concupiscence, and hunger his lover exhibited, Norm reached down, unzipped Dana's jeans, reached inside, extracting the stiff pole contained and concealed until now, and slowly began masturbating him, relishing the feel of the velvety, smoothness of the thickening firm, somewhat pliable, and powerful length throbbing with each beat of Dana's heart, pumping blood throughout his body, especially engorging his cock! Norm loved to hold this huge maypole of excitement and pleasure in his hands, forgetting as he did, his own diminutive cock, knowing Dana received as much, if not more, from it, as he nursed him to orgasm time after time, regardless of the size, always proclaiming he thought he had the "perfect" cock!

Norm's soft hand, warm, and sensuous in action, moved up the shaft, sliding the foreskin over the large head of Dana's penis and back off of it as he moved his hand down; up, over, and back; up, over, and back; faster, faster, faster with more vigor, fervency until Dada pleaded, "I'm cumming!" and Norm quickly dropped to his knees, held the large cock at the base, opened his mouth, engulfed the head, tickling the small valley on the underside with his tongue while continuing his jacking motion, and when Dana began whimpering his release, commenced swallowing, as the thick strings of thick, viscous, slightly nutty flavored offering flooded his mouth in strong pulses!

Don and Susan Haas, arriving home at the same time they did each day, found dinner in the oven, the table set for four, and Norm and Dana engaged in a game of chess. Norm dearly loved the game but rarely found the opportunity to play except an occasional match with his father or one of his brothers when they came home for a visit.

Brief introductions were made, but the real, although casual, interrogation was over the dinner table, during and after the meal!

"I hope you like pot roast," Sue commented as she served, "it's easy to fix, since Norm is great about putting in the oven for me. Besides, it's one of our favorites." She paused, continuing, "You're from somewhere in Washington State if I understood Norm correctly?"

Dana nodded, responding, "Actually, not far inland; we were more, what some people would refer to as 'coastal.' The climate was milder than here so the winters here might take some getting used to! "

"Lots of seafood then?" Don inquired.

Again, Dana nodded.

"You'd really enjoy the seafood buffet and fish fry at Suttons," he said. "Next time you're here for a Friday night, we'll have to go there."

Turning his attention to Norm, his dad asked, "Doesn't Jessie work there on weekends along with the Campbell Twins and that new boy Sutton's have living with them?"

Norm answered they did and when he noticed a quizzical expression on Dana's face, answered it with "I'll explain later!"

"Your dad is a veterinarian isn't he?" Sue asked, knowing full well the answer.

"Yeah, he bought the practice in Orr. My older brother, a science instructor at the college in Bemidji, heard of the practice being for sale, and my dad bought it."

"Does your mom work as well?" Sue asked innocently.

Norm's stomach turned, his heart saddened, wondering how Dana would respond to his mother's death, a death he rarely spoke of!

Softly, eyes cast downward, Dana answered, "No, she was a vet too, but she died about a year ago when she was on a medical call," and offered no more!

Sue offered her condolences and, looking at Norm, saw not only the sadness on his face, but also observed how he exhibited some anxiety concerning the questioning, his eyes clearly expressing the love he felt for Dana, quickly suggested she get the dessert, a chocolate cake and ice cream!

Don quickly volunteered to help and followed her to the kitchen. It gave them an opportunity to catch their breath and visit softly before returning to the dining room with the dessert. They were concerned, watching Norm as he grew, knowing what he was and now confirmed visually, as they recognized his relationship with Dana was more than "just friends." They'd wondered for a long time when it would surface and Norm would begin to accept himself for what he was rather than hide it from them, trying to be what he thought they wanted him to be!

"Hell, Sue," Don said before returning with the ice cream, "I don't give a shit what he is as long as he's happy and this Thomas kid seems to worship the ground Norman walks on. Besides, I think he'd kick anybody's ass who tried to do him harm and that's great!"

After dinner, the evening seemed to pass quickly in conversation, laughing, some television, chess, and soon was time to retire to bed.

Norm locked his bedroom door and Dana stepped forward, locking his arms around the smaller teen, kissing him cooing, "I love you so much, Norm; I just can't get enough of you!" and led him to the bed where he began undressing his boyfriend.

Shirt removed, pants and underwear dropped to his ankles, Norm stood, shivering with excitement as Dana eased him back onto the bed to sit and await further ministrations. He didn't wait long; Dana knelt and carefully removed Norm's shoes, socks, pants, and underwear. Leaning back on his haunches, Dana viewed, what he thought was a most marvelous sight, the erect penis and hairless testicular sack below them of his boyfriend; sighed, moved Norm's legs far enough so he could lean in between them until his face was nestled with the stiffness and softness, and inhaled the alluring scent of his lover!

Anticipation brought chills of desire to Norm as he felt first, Dana's nose nuzzle on one side and then the other of his balls before a tongue, wet and warm, began tasting him, laving his globes, flicking daintily, swelling his cock even more than it already was, before the tongue left that particular erogenous zone, moving to Norm's very stiff and inviting cock, and began savoring the stiff stick. Licking the entirety of Norm's love stick, enjoying the taste, brought Dana's attention to the tip where drops of Cowper's fluid leaked from the aperture. Gently sucking it off, bringing a shudder and groan from Norm, Dana smiled, engulfed the thickening head, held it in the front of his mouth, lips lightly grasping the shaft, until he moved forward until his nose was buried in the softness of Norm's bush and began bobbing up and down the shaft, wishing he could do this all night, but he and Norm had other plans!

Dana stood, quickly removed his own clothes and, with his long, thick, stiff cock sticking straight out from his crotch, stepped over to his overnight bag, extracted two bath towels and a tube of personal lubricant!

He smiled at the puzzled look on Norm's face as he viewed the towels, explaining, "These are to prevent a mess in case we shoot too much all over!"

Holding up the lube, he just grinned and waggled his eyebrows seductively, moved over to the bed, carefully placed the towels on it, and eased Norm back onto them. Dana looked at his lover, flat on his back, pecker pointing up in the air, and sighed deeply, loving what was displayed before him! Crawling on the bed, he positioned himself alongside Norm, half covering him with a leg placed over his crotch and an arm across his chest, his cock rubbing on Norm's pelvic bone in front, and began making love to his boyfriend!

Dana's lips, tongue, mouth, and hands paid homage by tasting, touching, caressing, the face, lips, eyes, ears, and face before him, making love to Norm! Dana's lips engaged Norm's, moving from those succulent delights, to his arm pits, smooth, soft, slightly moist from excitement, while his fingers traced delicate patterns on Norm's chest, flicking and tickling the two objects his mouth would engage, the small, pink nipples, now perked up, tight to Norm's smooth, hairless chest. Head replacing hands, lips replacing fingers, Dana suckled first one and then the other of those tiny buds of eroticism!

Dana's hands, while not occupied as previously, slipped lower until fingers encountered first the soft bush of pubic hair at the base of Norm's cock before beginning to trace lines up and down the cock's length, circling the head, tickling the glans, bringing murmuring gasps of pleasure from the one to whom it was attached, before sliding his face to the object of his desire and carefully, softly, take the swollen head into his mouth, savoring the sweetness of the drops of liquid emerging from it, before sucking the entire length into his mouth, while fondling the smooth balls underneath. Norm reacted by raising his butt up off of the mattress, trying to insert his cock even deeper into paradise!

Pulling off, instead of continuing, Dana eased Norm over onto his stomach, positioned himself between Norm's legs, leaned forward over his back, kissed Norm's neck, his shoulders, and down his back until he encountered Norm's small, pillowly butt-cheeks. Dana leaned back, admired the goal before him, spread the butt-cheeks such as one would split a peach, opening Norm's special place, and lowered his face until his lips came in contact with the rosebud entry to Norm's inner core, and began to lick, suck, tongue-fuck, and tasted a portion of Norm's body no one ever had!

Replacing his tongue with a lubricated thumb, inserting it, circling it around inside the warm, moist opening; adding first one, then two, and three fingers, stretching, lubricating, preparing Norm for something much thicker and longer, Dana was caught up in Norm's soft, tormented calls of "please!" Not wanting to delay the pleasures of his lover and his own, Dana slathered his stiff male-piece with lubricant, wiggled forward until the bulbous head of his cock touched the puckered entrance to heaven, and began pressing it, trying to open the gates!

Norm looked over his shoulder apprehensively! Holding a cock of that size in his hand was much different than accepting it up his butt and into his body, but he wanted it so bad!

"I hear it sort of hurts the first time," Dana reassured him.

"It's not worried about that; I'm worried if it will even fit!" Norm groaned in disappointment.

"I'm certain it will," Dana responded and gave a hard push, popping the thick head past the anal muscles and lodging it in Norm's rectum, bringing a gasp of pain from him. Dana lay still, not moving, until Norm nodded for him to proceed with his journey!

Slowly, slowly, pausing, pausing, waiting for the nod to proceed, Dana and Norm finally became one, connected, his hard length immersed in the tight, warm, moist, hot sheath to its length, massaged by muscular contractions, undulations of unknown origins, squeezing pleasurably and effectively, encouraging Dana to begin a rocking motion familiar to all filled with lust or, in this case, love like neither Dana or Norm imagined possible, but reveling in it knowing full well this was only the first of such pleasures and certainly not the last!

Their actions intensified as Norm pushed back to each thrust of Dana's hips trying to pull his long cock deeper into his welcoming and now accepting bowels. Feeling his balls begin to contract, his cock swell portending his climax, Dana leaned forward, belly to back has he thrust faster and faster! As he began to spew his sperm-filled seminal ejaculate into Norm's depth, he kissed him on his neck, moved down slightly below the collar line on the shoulder, and secured his lips to Norm's flesh, sucking, tonguing, raising a significant bruise, a hickey, marking and warning all others Norman Haas was his and to stay their distance!

Sealing his mouth to his lover's skin, stifling his joyous growls of release as he shoved forward, his cock throbbing, buried in Norm's ass, flooding the tunnel he was buried in! Norm's rectal muscles contracted and throbbed, milking Dana's cock, as he shot his offering onto the towels, a release of a magnitude, volume and intensity he knew he'd feel each time they made love!

Dr. Paul Thomas sat in his chair pondering what his youngest son relayed to him previously in the evening. If what Andre said was true, and he had every reason to believe him, he'd have to make a visit to Campbell and Associates near Kabetogama on Monday.

Andre's school class schedule was shuffled around due to some conflicts and he'd ended up in a different lunch period. Walking through the lunch line, his nose picked up the scent of a Lycan somewhere in the near vicinity. Caution reasoned a slow scan of the lunch room, seeking the source of the strange, new scent. Up until this point in time, he thought Dana and he were the only shifters in the area, as least on his school bus and in the school proper.

His attention focused on a girl seated at a table with some others, eating and visiting. The girl suddenly looked up, directed her attention to Andre, and looked directly into his eyes; he knew she knew he knew!

Averting his eyes, turned to the boy behind him and asked who the girl was, and flipped his head in her direction.

The boy looked around, spotted Annette staring at them.

"Annette Hayes, she prefers 'Nan.' They live at the old Pines Resort up near Kabetogama. Her dad works for Campbell's who have an office there. Pretty hush, hush computer type stuff."

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