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Something Wicked This Way Comes

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 8

"The scars of others should teach us caution."

(Saint Jerome)

Art Campbell owed an answer to Ted's question and Ray's unasked one as well!

"Scott was right; I have been rather agitated lately and I apologize to you for it. None of it revolves around business. As you know, we are doing extraordinarily well. There are, instead, some personal issues concerning me. Dr. Thomas's remarks clearly irritated me, bringing me close to a realization of things I cannot control and, frankly, left me slightly shaken and frightened! I'm concerned for our future as a Pack and, perhaps more so, as a father of an ever changing family!"

Motioning Ted and Ray to sit, he relayed his concerns; the manner in which his family was changing, the formation of the group of young people who identified themselves as the "Averill Creek Pack" and the way they interacted with each other, especially Jessie Sutton's influence over all of the teens in the group!

"Perhaps," he concluded, "all of this is age related on my part, feeling myself grow older, and the realization of the changes it brings to me and those around me!"

Ray acknowledged he often felt that way as well, impacting him when Kendra, his oldest, entered college this past year.

Ted laughed, not out of disrespect for his two partners, but sympathizing with them, acknowledging he felt the same when Rhonda, already in her third year of college at the University of Minnesota at St. Paul, left home.

"You still have all of yours at home, Art," he said. "Scott lived at home while he finished his university degree and continued to live at home while working for us. Franklin did the same while earning his degree and also works at home for us."

"Franklin is getting itchy feet, I think," Ray observed, "wanting to try something different, but really not knowing what. We know he has special talents, he's proven that to us time and again. Perhaps we need to visit with him and see if he is interested in visiting with Dr. Thomas about developing and using those skills."

Art nodded in agreement and laughed softly at the insight his Beta and Enforcer had, relaying and comparing their own personal experiences with how he currently felt.

Ted, reasoning since the Averill Creek Pack was already a topic of conversation, broached the idea which had been rolling around in his head ever since Jason and Tyler took, and claimed, Jessie Sutton as their mate. Perhaps this was a good time as any to express it.

"You know, Art and Ray, I think we all have to realize the young pups we raised aren't the young adult wolves we now know. They've changed and we've changed; all for the better I think!"

"We've been thinking and treating them as young teens, expressing themselves as many young teens do, experimenting, sometimes foolish adventures, mixtures of maturity and immaturity, and other teen activities. I think we're wrong! This group of young people is extraordinary in many ways and we need to acknowledge it!"

Ted was absolutely certain Art, Ray, and he were wrong ever since Annie introduced Diondre Carlson to her mom and him. He knew at that point, from the look in Annie's eyes, she was going to choose the handsome, young, brown-skinned teen for her mate! They both smelled strongly of sex on Diondre's first encounter with the family. It wasn't just casual sex as some of the younger Pack members sometimes engaged in, but full-blown, passionate, permanently attaching type sex! The type of sex, if looking at Diondre' adoration of his daughter, would produce pup after pup sooner rather than later!

"No, these aren't ordinary teens such as we might imagine; they're mature beyond their years, especially since Jason and Tyler joined with Jessie Sutton," he concluded.

In his opinion, from observations, Jason and Tyler's close group of relatives and friends are an extremely intelligent, independent, fiercely loyal, perceptive, ingenious, and hard fighting, as well as hard loving, as any similar groupings he'd witnessed over the years! Putting all of their strengths together he was convinced they'd be a formidable force to contend with, even as young as they are. They may seem carefree and innocent, but they're not and have been extremely underestimated!

There was general agreement Dr. Thomas should be approached again, seeking his understanding by first offering an apology for the brusqueness of their meeting, reassuring him of the opportunity for his family to utilize the Kabetogama Pack's territory, including the area ordinarily used by Jason and Tyler, and a pledge to work closely with him on any perceived or actual threat. Art also felt it was crucial to have a Pack meeting, making certain all of Jason and Tyler's friends were present as well, to make them aware of Dr. Thomas's warnings and the fact he and his family would be using their territory.

It was crucial all of the young people be aware of their surroundings at all time and be on guard for any threats to themselves or others, as well as anything unusual they might notice. If they traveled alone or in very small groups, they might be very vulnerable, although according to what Thomas relayed, the raiders preferred to attack homes or small settlements. This'd leave Jessie Sutton's cabin extremely vulnerable, especially if the young people were gathered there, as they often did! As a group, the Averill Creek Pack seemed to offer one thing, among others, the rogues sought; sex with young, virile teens or younger!

After lunch, Art Campbell decided it'd be best if he swallow his pride, drive over to Orr, and meet with Dr. Thomas. Unaccustomed as he was in doing so, he really felt it was the right thing to do, after all, it wasn't Dr. Thomas's fault he was in such a bad mood!

Dr. Thomas stopped by "Sutton's" on the way home, but didn't have the opportunity to meet Jim Sutton, the owner. He did, however, visit with Jimmy (Jim Jr.) in the motel and introduce himself. He also offered his medical services should any of their guests need attention for their pets or hunting dogs. He was very impressed with the entire operation, including "The Birchwood," the motel and cabins, and "The Pelican."

Close to lunch, Dr. Thomas decided to grab a sandwich at "The Pelican." Per chance, Evan Troutman and Eric Trempealeau were seated at their favorite window table having lunch as well.

"I think that's the new vet who bought Dr. Sam's practice over in Orr," Evan mentioned as the two of them watched Thomas leave his truck and walk toward the front entrance of the café.

Never the bashful of the two of them, often quickly identifying him as some sort of salesperson, which he was of course, Evan gave a wave at Dr. Thomas as he entered the café and invited him to join them at their table.

"Hi, Doc, welcome to our neck of the woods!"

Dr. Thomas, perplexed and slightly suspicious, walked slowly over to the table, stood, eyebrows furled, looking at the two older, smiling gentlemen seated at the table, wondering why they invited him to join them.

"How did you know …..?

"We saw the truck pull up, watched you climb out, and since my momma didn't raise no dummies, decided the man getting out of the veterinarian truck must be the new vet down at Orr since we haven't seen you around here before!" laughed Evan. "So, sit down, join us, and satisfy two old men's curiosity and give us something to gossip about!"

Paul Thomas couldn't help but enjoy the two men. They seemed happy, open, and welcoming, so he did!

Evan extended a hand, introducing himself, noting he was a realtor, but didn't receive the listing on the Orr property, "Which is fine," he commented, "I have enough around here and in International Falls to keep me busy."

"Which is fine with me," Eric commented, introducing himself, "if he isn't he can be a real pain in the ass. We have offices next door to each other and are partners. I deal in law and he deals in property; works out well." He didn't add they were partners in life as well, deciding he had no idea where the other man's prejudices stood.

"Dr. Paul Thomas," Paul returned and, "yes, you're correct, I am the new vet and sort of touring the area trying to get to "know the territory" as Professor Harold Hill was advised in "The Music Man."

"They have an open-faced prime rib sandwich here today for the noon special and it's just fabulous," advised Eric wondering if Doc Thomas was hungry. Besides, if he decided to have lunch, it'd give them more opportunity to visit!

"If I can have it rare, I'll give it a try," Dr. Thomas replied.

The three of them enjoyed a very relaxed lunch and casual conversation while seated at the table. Dr. Thomas expressed his desire to relocate to a different area after his wife died tragically in an accident and his oldest son, a professor at Bemidji State, learned of the practice in Orr for sale, offered privately through a professional journal, so Thomas bought it. His second oldest son was now enrolled in UM-St. Paul, his third and fourth sons were enrolled in the local schools.

He mentioned he stopped at the office at "Suttons" to introduce himself and offer his services to any guests who might have pets. Dr. Thomas did admit, albeit misspeaking the truth, he missed the turn down the lane leading to the Resort and ended up at the gates of Campbell and Associates.

"By the looks of the place," he commented, "it appears as if they really don't want visitors, at least those who just pop in. What do they do anyway?"

Doctor Thomas was seeking all the information he could on Campbell and Associates to better understand the large pack of werewolves he'd encounter there.

Evan explained he'd represented the client who sold the property to Art Campbell and from what he understood they were a cyber security firm specializing in government and corporate internet and software security. Most of the work was done over the internet trying to prevent hackers from accessing their clients' data and eliminating those threats. It was because of the nature of their business they decided to locate here, giving them the privacy they needed for their work. Beyond that, Evan offered little else, feigning any further knowledge of Campbell and Associates. Eric just sat and listened, offering nothing to the conversation.

Changing the subject, Dr. Thomas noted how impressed he was with "Sutton's Lodge and Resort" and wondered how long it had been here.

"Well," Eric volunteered, "I'm really not certain! Originally I represented George Sutton, the original owner and when he passed away, Jim Sutton, his son, continued to retain me as counsel," offering no more but switching the subject somewhat.

"You must really try the Friday Fish Fry here at 'The Birchwood' and the Sunday Buffet Brunch, adding, "During the tourist season you have the very dickens of the time getting seated without a long wait. That's one reason we don't start going until after the first of October when things begin slowing down. With Thanksgiving out of the way and the snow season just getting underway, it'll be busy with snowmobilers and others over Christmas break, but not as busy as summer!"

Once their visit was concluded, Dr. Thomas bid them goodbye and renewed his trip toward Orr. He left with a favorable impression Eric and Evan, seeing them as a "local" gay couple who were most comfortable with their sexual orientation, who knew more than they were revealing concerning the area and the people, shrewd, crafty, intelligent, and human; although he did pick up a very faint scent of a Lycanthrope emanating from their bodies, almost as if they'd accidentally, unknowingly been in the presence of a werewolf. He couldn't be certain however. Perhaps one of the Campbell group was in contact with them earlier in the day.

Eric and Evan were left with the impression Dr. Thomas was probably a very qualified veterinarian, seeking a new practice, grieving widower, and less than forthcoming, given what they learned earlier in the day from Jessie when he and Diondre had breakfast with them before school!

Jase and Tyler, as soon as they heard what Nettie, as she was called at home, much to her chagrin, discovered finding a new, strange werewolf at school, contacted Jessie. Nettie, rather than frightened, decided to snoop out more information concerning the stranger. She found his name was Andre Thomas, his dad was the new vet in Orr, he had three older brothers and one of the older brothers, Dana, was in high school. Knowing it'd be the Alpha's, Art Campbell, responsibility to determine what action should or shouldn't be taken, she told her father about it, who relayed it to Art Campbell. By supper time, the entire compound was aware of the news.

Jessie pondered the news with suspicion, not that he felt a young werewolf presented any direct threat, but decided, with strangers in the area, to be more vigilant, heedful, and concerned! He wanted to know much more about the strangers, singularly in light of the uneasiness he felt since and Franklin lost the tracks of the intruder after the Peter's fire!

The bus ride to school Monday morning was rife with "chatter" between the members of the Averill Creek Pack who rode the bus, concerning the "newcomers" who moved into the area. Speculation concerning what Dana Thomas looked like, what type of person or wolf he was, and whether or not he'd be a "friendly" or someone who was more aggressive. It was decided to find out!

Just before they arrived at school, Jessie had an idea on to do just that, so communicated it to the others.

"Hey, guys, don't do anything; snooping around too much might alert Dana Thomas we're on the prowl and get suspicious. I think I know how to find out easily, with no problems, when I go to gym class today!"

The others agreed, but cautioned him to be damned careful; they had their own secrets to hide from the "normal" world as well!

Jessie asked Norm Haas to give him a call over the weekend and he never did. Jessie figured he may've been occupied with a "new boyfriend" and Jessie had a pretty good idea who the new boyfriend might be!

Norm stood by his locker alongside Jessie last period of the day getting changed for gym class. Jessie could smell the strong scent of another Lycan all over Norm and the equally strong smell of sex, such as that he often experienced with Jase and Tyler. The wolf (boyfriend of Norm's Jessie determined) made certain his scent was prominent on Norm, warning others he was taken! As Norm shucked his short sleeved shirt off, Jessie spotted the tell-tale mark on Norm's lower neck where he'd been "marked" while having sex. There were no bite marks so Norm hadn't been turned, yet, but by the smell of the other wolf on him, it just might not be long! Jessie hoped before that happened he had the opportunity to have a long, hard talk with Norm. Once done, there was no turning back!

"Quite the hickey you've got there on your neck, Norm," Jessie quipped softly.

Norm blushed and answered just as softly, "Yeah!"

"Sort of like mine," Jessie said turning so Norm could see, "only mine has faded more; in fact you can barely see it!" knowing full well the only reason someone couldn't see it very well was because it healed right away.

"Must be quite the guy," Jessie continued, "for you to fall so fast and hard."

"He really is!" sighed Norm, smiling, the love and admiration for his lover all over his face and dancing in his eyes.

"You'll have to tell me more about him later," Jessie said as they headed into the gym.

Later came sooner; Coach decided the class would play dodgeball in the gym instead of going outside, so when Norm, considerably smaller than some of the others, was tagged out right away, Jessie made certain he was too, and joined Norm on the sidelines.

Plopping his butt down on the sidelines next to Norm, with a grin, Jessie asked, "So, tell me about this new Prince Charming who seems to have captured your heart so quickly!"

At first, Norm blushed, hesitant to say anything, then realized it was Jessie Sutton, the teen who had two, not one, but two boyfriends, and the first person he'd come out to! Norm looked around, trying to see if anyone was close enough to hear or watching them. He so much wanted to tell someone how wonderful it felt to be loved by another boy and ask someone who already had a boyfriend, or in Jessie's case, boyfriends, a whole bunch of questions he had concerning gay sex. So far, his only experience was with Dana Thomas and he couldn't think it'd be any greater than what it'd been, although he was more than willing to find out- if Dana was the one to introduce it to him!

"Dana treats me as the most special person in the world," Norm sighed, somewhat embarrassed by sharing his feelings with someone other than Dana, "as if nothing else in his life is more important than being with me, pleasuring me in every way possible. His fingers tracing lightly up and down my arms or legs or, especially up and down my backbone, sends shivers all over me; kissing me, his lips settle gently on mine, sliding his tongue into my mouth and sucking on my tongue, nuzzling my neck and nibbling on my ears, makes goosebumps stand out on my body, but everything he does to me seems to really settle in my balls and cock! I get so hard, sometimes I think I'll just explode!"

Jessie noted this was the first time Norm mentioned his boyfriend's name aloud, confirming what he suspected all along!

"Jessie, he really knows how to spoil me, doing everything for me, carrying my books, opening doors, defending me if he thinks anyone is going to harm me. God, Jessie, he's so gentle, but still so, domineering, in a gentle way, I think that's what I mean. But not really, if I object to anything or am hesitant, he doesn't force me to do it, as if he doesn't want to offend me, lose my love or respect, or hurt me in anyway. I don't think he could!"

Norm smiled a wistful smile, "I really like it when we're making love he kisses me all over, but when he begins—kissing my neck, I just sort of melt into his arms!"

Norm laughed, "I was going to say 'sucking my neck' but that's not where we suck each other if you know what I mean!"

Jessie knew very well what Norm meant, replying, "Great isn't it? I love it when Tyler and Jase do it to me or me to them."

Looking about, as if he was imparting some great secret, he said softly, "While Jase is fucking me, Tyler is giving me a blow-job!"



"Okay," Norm asked, quite certain of himself at this point, "Not to offend, because you've got a pretty big cock yourself, at least it looks like to me, and I've never seen how big your boyfriends' are, but I bet they're really big, but does it ever hurt when they, you know, slide it in?"

"No and yes, they are really big, much bigger than me!"

"Neither did Dana's and he's really big." Norm confirmed. "The first time, when I saw him hard, I thought it'd never fit, but it did! He took his time, inching it forward and then letting me adjust to the size and length, before he moved it in even more. It felt as though it was going to come out of my mouth, he was that far in I thought."

" You ought to try it with two of them buried deep in your poop chute at one time," thought Jessie, "it really stimulates you!"

"This may sound stupid, but most times, he hits a spot inside me that sends almost electric-like shocks right into my balls and up to the end of my dick; ever happen to you?"

"Yeah, I even cum without touching myself!"

"Me too! Can't believe it yet!"

"Believe it and enjoy it!"

Their conversation carried on into the locker room and the shower room, with Norm sharing with Jessie, letting him know how much he loved Dana Thomas, described in detail making love to him and vice-versa; how this past weekend, after Dana spent the night, Saturday afternoon, Norm drove his ATV up the road to Dana's and they made love a couple of more times and then again on Sunday a couple of times. It was as if he just couldn't get enough of having Dana inside him, spewing his voluminous ropes of semen into him, on him, next to him, seeing him, just knowing Dana was always there for him!

Soaping up his engorged cock and snug balls, Norm announced, "I don't wear my regular glasses when Dana and I are kissing or he is rammed deep and pumping when we're face to face! If I did, they'd fog up and I wouldn't be able to see his face," and giggled!

"Good thing," thought Jessie, "because when Dana turns you, you won't have to wear glasses again. Kind of hard to explain that to the folks if you had to wear your regular glasses all of the time!"

Dried and dressed, getting ready to leave when the bell rang, Jessie said, "I'd like to meet this fabulous lover of yours so I'll walk with you to your locker. Okay?"

Leaving the locker room, Norm asked, "Jessie, have you ever seen a white wolf around here?"

"No, can't say that I have, why?"

"I've noticed one sitting on the edge of the clearing behind the house the last couple of nights, almost as if he's watching me before I go to bed! Think he's mean?"

"Don't know; has he acted like it?"

"Nope, just sits there, watching. I sometimes feel he's guarding me or sort of asking me to come out and join him!"

Jessie commented no further, but did communicate with Jase and Tyler as he and Norm walked toward his locker.

"Jase, Tyler, I'm going with Norm to his locker to meet his boyfriend, Dana Thomas. His locker is in the east locker area."

"You be damned careful," cautioned Tyler, "we don't know this guy, okay?"

"Nothing to fear," Jessie responded, "you and Jase won't be far away!"

Norm chattered his excitement, discovering someone loved him as a gay teen, having come to accept his sexual orientation and having Jessie to share his "new" life with as well as Dana Thomas, and descriptions of Dana, dressed and undressed. Although having never met Dana, Jessie was gathering a fairly accurate picture of what he looked like; taller than Norm by six, maybe ten, inches, dark hair, complexion similar to Norm's, physically well-proportioned, exhibiting a certain strength or substance to his physique, but not overtly so, highly intelligent, an almost shy but capturing and sometimes enigmatic, warm and welcoming smile, a gentle and stimulatingly fulfilling lover, and of great potency, as evidenced by the voluminous amounts of ejaculate Norm described, as well as the considerable length and girth to his manly parts. It was all probably more information than Jessie wanted or needed to know, but Norm was so proud of his boyfriend and so much in love!

Norm was in disbelief someone as handsome as Dana would fall for a geeky, nerdy-looking boy with glasses and a small cock, who had none of the special attributes of a "knock-down-drag-out" stunner of a boy! Jessie tried, relatively unsuccessfully, to discourage Norm from viewing himself as such, since he really wasn't that bad looking and cock size made no difference if you're in love! However, Norm was concentrating on meeting his boyfriend and introducing him to Jessie, Jessie's comments just seemed to sail over his head!

Jessie picked up Dana's scent long before they entered the hall leading to where Norm's locker was located. The scent, at first, was light, welcoming, happy, but quickly changed darker as Dana scented not only his lover, but mixed with the scent of another wolf, in close contact with his lover! Jessie could envision, in Dana's unseen aura, first fear someone was in such close proximity to Norm, and second, fear turning to anger, ready to challenge and fight anyone who'd dare make an attempt to intrude on what he thought was his and his alone! Jason and Tyler would react in the same way every now and then, if they thought Jessie was under any threat!

Dana's scent darkened even more as Jessie and Norm came closer; the scent changed drastically from anger to outright aggression! Dana was preparing to fight to protect his mate from the interloper!

Jessie prepared to defend himself, if necessary, as they came closer! He spotted Dana and before anything could develop, Norm suddenly dashed ahead and, not caring what anyone around him saw or thought, gave Dana a big hug, somewhat easing what could have been a very tense situation!

"Come meet my friend, Jessie Sutton," Norm urged holding Dana's hand trying to lead him forward.

Jessie watched as Dana's nostrils flared, quickly recognizing the scent of a mated wolf, a wolf who was mated to an Alpha or, if his nose was correct, more than one Alpha. This made Jessie Sutton really high up the hierarchy of a pack and definitely not one another wolf would mix it up with without realizing it could be fatal! Dana would be willing to take that task on if it meant protecting Norm, but Jessie Sutton wasn't sending off those kinds of signals!

"Hi," Jessie said by way of introduction, "I'm Jessie Sutton and I finally get to meet the handsome dude who has swept my friend off of his feet!" and, using the "voice" he used with those wolves who weren't members of the Averill Creek Pack, asked,

"Are you the white wolf Norm has been seeing each night outside his bedroom?"

"Yeah, and you are part of what Pack?"

"Averill Creek Pack, we're a sub-pack of the Kabetogama Pack, led by Alpha Art Campbell."

"You're mated, right!"

"Yeah, to Jason and Tyler Campbell, Alphas of our little Pack of teen wolves."

Hearing Jase and Tyler, plus the others, coming, Jessie, using the voice he and the others in the Averill Creek Pack communicated with, informed them there appeared to no problems, but be wary just in case. Jase and Tyler, warned or not, intended to be more than just "wary" and let him know.

Jessie noticed Dana quickly focused briefly on him and he knew Dana "heard" him as well. How, he didn't know but intended on finding out!

Continuing aloud, "Those two coming down the hall toward us are my boyfriends, Jase and Tyler Campbell. Don't try to determine which one is which as you'll soon see. Trailing along behind are Mike Bowers, Chad Coleman, Rick Hayes, and Robbie Bowers."

The boys all stopped, gathered around Norm, giving him playful taps on his shoulders or fist bumps by way of greeting and silently congratulating him. It didn't take Norm long to introduce each of them to Dana. Dana noticed they dispersed in a loose semi-circle slightly surrounding him, except for Jase and Tyler who eased up to Jessie as smoothly as any moves he'd witnessed in many days and remained almost glued to Jessie Sutton's sides. Norm, innocent in the way of wolves or protective measures taken by lovers, except for Dana's towards him, didn't have a clue concerning the little show of power and dominance going on around him. He was just so excited they joined Dana and him. It gave him a chance to show off his boyfriend!

Jessie noticed Dana Thomas made no effort to submit to the dominance of Jase and Tyler as Alphas or even acknowledge their status in any manner. This also puzzled him but he knew it would all out at some point, either from Dana or from some other source.

"We'll walk out to the bus with you guys, okay?" Jessie offered. It really wasn't a suggestion Dana noticed; it was more of an announcement expecting no argument or refusal. He saw it as merely "sorting" him out and shrugged it off.

Most of the conversation, initiated by Jessie and augmented by Norm from the school to the bus loading zone, was light, centered on where Dana came from, how did he like the school, and so forth; nothing in depth, except Jessie's last comment to Dana as they board their bus, "Take good care of our friend, yah hear? We think he's pretty special!" and gave Norm a hug, bringing beams of prideful smiles from his face, realizing he really had new friends who liked him and accepted him for what he was; not some bully's buddy or a geek or a wimp, but just Norm Haas!

Jessie, sitting between Jase and Tyler on bus, noticed the sky beginning to scud up, giving first notice of what the weather service was predicting as a "significant snow event" beginning late Tuesday night or early the next morning. Jessie welcomed the snow since it'd really make conditions ideal for snowmobilers, snowshoe enthusiasts, and cross country skiers which in turn made good business for the Resort. Deep snow would hinder the ice fishermen, at least until some roads were plowed across the ice to where the shelters were located and where the favorite fishing areas were. Winter could be a slow time and every rental helped the bottom line. More and more resorts and motels were depending on winter sports to help pay the bills and keep them open. In fact, winter was becoming more and more of a revenue producer for Sutton's.

Dana, however, riding a separate bus with Norm and others on the route, was a little concerned about the coming storm as he listened to Norm describe what it could possibly be. Dana saw snow before in the mountainous regions and back from the coast line and some snow where he'd lived, but nothing of the proportions Norm was chattering about.

Norm's dad was already getting ready for long days and short nights of work manning the plows for the county just trying to keep his sections of county roads passable, not to mention several township roads the county contracted to maintain. If, as Norm was saying, the snow started during the night Tuesday and continued for at least two or more days, depending on how fast or slow it moved through the area, it'd be a significant snow event and close things down.

"Christmas Break is supposed to start Friday after school and go for two weeks; bet it starts before that," Norm, excited about maybe having more time with Dana, proclaimed and snuggled closer to Dana, seated next to him on the bus seat.

Andre, seated on the other side of Dana, just rolled his eyes, expressing his feelings for all of the "lovey-dovey" stuff going on. He wasn't exactly immune, however! Today, in the cafeteria, he found it difficult to keep from looking at Annette Bowers. Problem was, every time he looked toward her, she was looking at him! What was most embarrassing, was he got hard as a rock, as erect as he could be, his six inch pecker straining against his underwear and jeans. Thinking of her now, on the ride home, stiffened him again. Trying to act nonchalant, hoping no one on the bus would notice, he moved a little in the seat, feigning seeking a more comfortable position, but in reality, adjusting his cock to an upright position, pointing toward his belt, easing the strain somewhat.

Norm and Dana noticed, smiled to each other, but made no comment. They were just as hard as Andre!

Art Campbell, returning home after his visit with Dr. Thomas, listening to the updated weather forecast, decided he needed to have his meeting, sooner rather than later, with all of his Pack, including Diondre and Jessie, so fired off a text to Jason and Tyler asking if Diondre and Jessie could ride to The Pines after school on the bus for a very important meeting. Someone would make certain they'd get home since the meeting wouldn't take that long.

Jessie and Diondre normally only worked weekends during the school year so Art was assured they'd be at "The Pines" by Tyler. Jessie and Diondre checked with Jessie's dad and he gave the okay.

Except for Scott and Ted who were manning the computer building and monitoring onsite security, everyone at "The Pines," met with Art in the Great Room of the Lodge and listened attentively he retold Dr. Paul Thomas' story and warning to them concerning the dangers from a rogue or strange pack, which it may present to packs living close to the Border. Art cautioned his Pack to be alert, report anything unusual, suspicious activity, or strangers and report it as soon as it was noticed!

"Don't try to engage the situation," he warned, "but get away as soon as possible. These creatures are murderers, rapists, and thieves and I want you all safe! They may be in human form when they are scouting the area or when they approach you, seemingly not harmful, so it may be difficult to identify them, but doesn't reduce the danger!"

He especially warned the younger members of the pack were in very real danger, especially if they haven't experienced their first "shift" and exhorted the older ones to not leave the little ones unprotected!

"You have to understand," he also advised, "our women and young girls and boys are subject to rape and murder as well as you young teens!" warning those in the Averill Creek Pack and those members of his own Kabetogama Pack.

The assembled group was silent, understanding the gravity of the situation that may befall them. They'd not been under attack before, except over territorial disputes, but under the leadership of their Alpha, they'd prevailed. This, however, was something entirely different. It wasn't about territory or mates, it was just plain hate, vicious, murderous hate; killing just for the sake of killing!

"You'll notice several white wolves in the area," he explained. "Those wolves are the Thomas Family. The Grand Council has granted them special status; they're allowed to roam freely over all territories and belong to no pack but all packs. They are welcome here as friends and we will treat them as such; members of our pack and yet not!"

Franklin gave Diondre and Jessie a ride back to the Resort. Replaying and evaluating Art Campbell's words as they cruised along in Franklin's pickup truck, Jessie thought his advice and warnings were simple and direct, easily understood by all, except maybe the very young who'd understand it better when it was explained by parents or older siblings. His warning and the Pack's vigilance would remain effective until the threat was removed.

Jessie felt uneasy ever since the Peter's property fire and the discovery of a creature prowling about in human form and masked his identity with deer piss. His uneasiness wasn't based on anything in particular, except that one thing, but he certainly would be more observant from now on. Evil had been destroyed then and, if Jessie had anything to do with it, it would be again!

On a lighter note, he hoped he'd be able to see Dana Thomas' "white wolf!" He wanted to visit with him concerning Dana's intentions toward Norm Haas. He'd hate to see Norm hurt!

Paul Thomas was having a conversation similar to Art Campbell's with his own sons. Dennis would be home until after Christmas when the second semester started at the University of Minnesota-St. Paul when he would begin classes there.

"I'd hoped we left all of the death, destruction, and heartache behind," he cautioned, but until we are certain those damnable creatures exist no more and present no threat, we cannot rest and must remain vigilant, helping our fellow shifters as best we can!"

The warning given by his father was taken just as seriously now as it was after the death of their mother. Dana, for his part, was determined to let nothing interfere with his courtship of Norm Haas and protect him in every way possible, even giving his own life. If he wasn't mistaken, Jessie Sutton and the Campbell Twins as well as every member of Averill Creek Pack would be willing and able to help. The Pack had a tremendously talented, smart, and powerful member in Jessie Sutton, a leader who wasn't a leader, but possessed powers others didn't have.

Jim Sutton, Sr. had his staff preparing for a major snow event when Jessie and Diondre arrived home. They pitched in helping fill tractors, gassing up snow throwers, and snowmobiles, and ATV's. The equipment would be needed if the snow storms was as strong as predicted. Jim had suppliers schedule special trips the next day to make certain there was plenty of food and other essentials available in case they were snowed in for several days. He already had the large LP tanks topped off earlier in the day, just in case. Even in the midst of storms, winter guests expected to be warm and fed and Sutton's hadn't failed yet!

In between duties, Jessie made it a point to give Eric and Evan a call making certain they were well provisioned and would be safe.

"Even if the roads are closed, I can still get to you, okay?"

His admonition brought a smile to Eric and Evan's faces, knowing full well what Jessie meant, even if others might not!

Jessie, tired after the hard work earlier in the evening, lay in bed puzzling how Dana Thomas was able to "hear" him when he "spoke" to Jase and Tyler. Even Art Campbell couldn't do that if the members of the Averill Creek Pack decided to block him or anyone else. It'd take some serious thought and a long discussion with the new wolf from the west coast!

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