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Something Wicked This Way Comes

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 9

"Mankind is composed of two sorts of men- those who love and create, and those who hate and destroy."

(Jose' Marti)

Norm's dad woke him early the next morning; "Hey, Button, I'm going to work early! This storm's supposed to strengthen after lunch and the boss wants us to get a jump on it. I probably won't be home for a couple of days and Mom's taking an overnight bag with her, so you'll have to hold down the fort for us. School will probably let out early so call my cell when you get home, okay?"

"Okay!" mumbled Norm, half awake, rubbing his eyes.

"Love you, Button!" and with that Don Haas closed Norm's bedroom door.

Norm really didn't mind his Dad or his Mom calling him "Button." He'd had the nickname for as long as he could remember, but he certainly didn't want anyone from school knowing it. His dad often said when Norm was born "he was as cute as button and not much bigger," even if Norm didn't think so; cute that is, although, he thought, comparing himself to other boys at school and especially Dana, part of him wasn't much bigger than a large button, but Dana made him feel as if his cock and everything about him was, as Dana would say while nuzzling his neck or lips, nursing his nipples, or suckling, like a babe latched on to mother's tit, on his dick, "absolutely fucking perfect!"

It snowed all morning and by noon school officials determined it was time to call it quits and cancel school with dismissal at one o'clock. Norm's bus took about an hour longer than usual because of visibility and deepening snow clogging the roads, as it made the route delivering each student home on the way to Norm's. The bus only had one more stop on this route and it was at Dana's. Dana decided to get off with Norm, as he explained to Andre and the driver, "so Norm wouldn't be home alone."

"Right," Andre snorted with a grin, "you just want to fuck him all night!"

Dana made no response aloud, but did grin his eagerness at Andre! Dennis was home, so Andre wouldn't be alone or Dana would've gone home with him. Andre was half-right; Norm received a message from his mother informing him she wouldn't be home and to "stay inside and don't worry about moving snow until this storm is over."

She said his Dad figured the plows would be pulled from the roads around ten or so in the evening and they wouldn't go back out until sometime after four in the morning. Norm knew the drill all too well! The county maintenance shop had cots set up and meals provided for the snow plow operators in cases like this. The operators would go back out in the early morning and work all day trying either to open roads or keep the main ones open for emergency traffic.

"Think there'll be school in the morning," Dana asked as the two of them stomped snow off of their shoes, shook their coats free of the white stuff, hung them in the hall, and headed toward the kitchen. This much snow and cold was new to him; exciting, but dangerous to be out in, even for wolves!

"Don't think so," Norm responded after thinking a moment, "we'll have to listen to the radio, although Dad will call as soon as he knows and they're usually the first to find out! Guess we'll just have to den up, won't we?" he giggled at Dana and reached over, clasping Dana's crotch!

Remembering he promised to give his dad a call when he got home from school, he let go, reluctantly, and did as he promised. Assuring his dad all was well and he'd stay inside until the storm blew itself out, he almost forgot to ask if Dana could stay the night and maybe longer. With a knowing laugh, Don Haas gave his permission and said he'd let Norm's mom know.

Jessie figured, while on the bus ride home, the way the storm was developing, his dad would probably send housekeeping and most kitchen and dining room staff home so they wouldn't get caught away from their own families. There were guests at Sutton's however expecting service, so he texted his dad wondering if he wanted Jase and Tyler to work to help cover. "The Pines" was not that far away so it'd be handy for them and convenient for his dad.

Jimmy, Jessie's oldest brother responded asking him to see if any of the rest of his friends would be willing to work as well. Most worked at Sutton's on various occasions and pretty much knew the procedures and what needed to be done. Jessie did a quick check and the only one who really wanted to go home was Patrick, sitting on the bus next to Michelle Campbell, in case she needed him for anything and to help at "The Pines" if needed.

The rest were quick to agree, if their parents approved. It'd be a great chance to earn some extra cash, enjoy the indoor pool, and "work their asses off," Tyler mused. Jase cautioned not to get their hopes up, since their dad might need them at home, although he doubted it. There was plenty of help to handle the snow; besides they had no clients coming in for another couple of weeks.

Diondre and Jessie disembarked from the bus when it stopped at the end of the lane and trudged through the snow to the house. By the time they'd dropped off their school bags, hustled around to the bathroom, and walked over to the main office, Jessie had a text from Tyler saying Jason, he, Brent, Annie, Mike, Chad, Rick, and Robbie were on their way and could stay until whenever! Giving the information to Jimmy, Michael, and his Dad, Jessie watched as they began putting together a work schedule. Counting Diondre and him, there would be ten workers to help fill in.

Two of the kitchen staff, the head chef and the assistant, remained on the job while everyone else went home. This would mean everyone else would have multiple duties, including snow plowing, table waiting, housekeeping, kitchen duties, and dish washing. Michael was fairly certain he'd be able to handle the outside work, if he could get Brent to help him. The rest could be used where needed.

Jase and Tyler arrived on a snowmobile and the rest were stacked inside Brent's four-wheel drive pickup truck. Entering the office, Jim, Sr. commented,

"You made it okay, I see. Any problems?"

"Wouldn't be here in another hour if this keeps up," advised Brent. "We had some problems, but I shifted down into low gear and took it easy. Didn't dare stop though!"

Jessie and Diondre helped the crew carry their gear over to the house, with a promise to be right back for assignments. Everything was stored in Jessie's room temporarily, but they did work out the sleeping arrangements. Jase and Tyler would share Jessie's room, Annie would take a motel room, leaving Diondre's room available since he'd probably stay with Annie, for Mike and Chad, while Rick and Robbie would also take a motel room. Since Brent would probably be up half the night plowing, he'd have his own room.

Once it was all sorted out, they all trooped through the snow over to the office, leaving the worry about carrying their gear to their own rooms later. In the office, Jimmy made the assignments; during meal times, all would work the dining room and kitchen in the Birchwood. Table waiters and bussers would be Jessie, Diondre, Jason, and Tyler since they were the most experienced. When not in the dining room or kitchen, all would work housekeeping. "The Pelican Café" would be closed during the storm. The bar would remain open, at least until ten in the evening, and be manned by him. Evelyn Sutton, Jessie's mom, would handle the cash register and seating, while Christine, Jimmy's wife, would man the registration desk and office. Jim Sr. would be coordinating all activities and overall supervision.

"During such times as this," Jim Sr. announced, "we accept no tips, charge nothing for meals or rooms, keep the bar open, although guests do pay for alcohol not soda, and the pool stays open until midnight. It's not the customer's fault they can't do everything they intended, so we will try our very best to make up for it, okay?"

It was also good for business; customers tended to remember what Jim Sutton did for them and return. Although there was an immediate loss of income, he more than made up for it in return business later.

In the staff locker rooms, the Averill Creek Pack quickly sorted out uniforms that fit and changed. Diondre and Jessie's clean uniforms were stored in their lockers so they had no problems since they regularly worked "The Birchwood" on weekends and special occasions.

Jase, Tyler, Diondre, and Jessie headed to the dining room to get it set up for the evening meal, while Annie and Robbie checked in with Christine at the front desk to see what rooms were occupied so they would know which needed housekeeping service in the morning, pick up master keys, and set aside three rooms for them to use when they finished work for the day. The head chef and assistant each had a room as well. Chad, Rick, and Mike settled in the kitchen ready to help the head chef with whatever he needed done.

Dinner went amazingly well! Guests understood the situation and just went with the flow! Clean up took a little longer, but with fewer guests, everything was cleaned up and readied by ten for breakfast in the morning, leaving some time for the teens to go for a swim. Jim Sr. pulled the snowplow crew in at ten, so Brent had the opportunity to join the rest in the swim. He was advised to get some sleep, since they'd be out again as soon as it was light. A quick check of the weather forecast, according to Jim, Sr., advised everyone to stay home and off of the roads. The snow was expected to continue until Thursday, possibly ending in the afternoon or early evening!

The hard work, relaxing swim, and long day didn't seem to quell the active hormones of the young teens. Rather than return to the house, Diondre found his way to Annie's room where, shortly after crawling in bed, found him settled deeply into his favorite position. It wasn't much different among the rest of the group either; Rick and Robbie were sealed together with Rick's copious offering; Mike and Chad were equally occupied, belly to back, Mike's stiff cock buried balls deep in Chad's rear entrance, and Jessie, Jase, and Tyler, after expending themselves, temporarily, in an intensive double-fuck in Jessie's warm, moist, and accepting sheath, were now sound asleep, Jessie nestled between the two of them, comforted by their arms, legs, and warmth.

Norm fixed a supper of left-over beef roast, made into hot beef sandwiches, for Dana and him, while Dana visited with Andre over his cellphone informing him his dad came home early from the office, there'd be no school the next day and possibly on Thursday, but school officials had not yet decided. After supper, the two boys cleaned up the kitchen, settled down, bundled with a blanket, Norm resting between Dana's outstretched legs, head resting against Dana's chest, and watched a movie on television. The storm still raged as the two of them finally walked sleepily to Norm's bedroom, stripped naked, and slipped into bed. They weren't so tired, they couldn't engage in the fervent activity of loving each other!

"Never saw a snowstorm like this on the west coast," murmured Dana in Norm's ear as he slowly drew the smaller teen's back to his front, wiggled his long stiff cock until he slid between the soft, smooth butt-cheeks of his lover, found the puckered, small, moist entrance he sought, and pushed his massiveness forward until he felt his thick-mushroom head pop through Norm's anal muscle ring, and entered the tight, warm, expanding sheath!

The snow persisted throughout the night and the next day. While Jessie and his crew worked, attending to the needs of the Resorts guests, Dana and Nom spent the day enjoying each other's company, in a very close and personal way!

Norm awakened in the morning pretty much in the same position and filled as when he went to sleep. Dana's chin resting on his head, arms around him, securing Norm's small, sweet butt tight up against his crotch and attached to him by his large, thick lengthy teen cock, slowly pulling back slightly and pushing just as slowly forward, affording each of them the pleasures of a languorous dreamy coupling with much less frenzy than the other two occasions during the night, but with the same pleasurable feelings and results!

A shower together, a leisurely breakfast, a call to Norm's mom and one to his dad assuring them all was well, a call by Dana to his dad to deliver the same reassurance, and the two settled down for a day of learning!

Thursday morning the storm was showing signs of slackening and the various weather forecasters, as well as the National Weather Service, predicted it'd be pounding it's way east and out of the area before midnight. Norm's dad called him, saying all indications now there'd be no school in the morning, so vacation would be longer. Norm and Dana knew they had just one more night such as this together, since Dana would be expected at home once the road was cleared, so set about making the best of it. Before crawling into bed, Norm stood looking out of his bedroom window. Dana stepped up behind him, pulled him close, sort of stooped a little, aligning his stiff manhood with Norm's, now well stretched pucker, and entered him.

"What'cha thinking about Love," Dana asked as he sheathed himself fully, "other than how great this feels?"

Norm tipped his head back seeking Dana's warm lips, wiggled his pert butt in acceptance and pleasure.

"Wondering where the white wolf is I've seen for several nights? I hope he's okay!"

"I'm certain he is," Dana reassured, "probably snuggled up to his mate, buried knot deep in a warm, moist, accepting tunnel," and giggling, thrust some more!

Jessie hoped there wouldn't be school on Friday since it was only supposed to be a half-day and dismissed for Christmas Vacation. He was tired as well as were the rest of the crew from running double duty and shorthanded. If the main roads were open by Friday morning, the regular crew would be coming back to work and would clean up and prepare for any new guests. He breathed a sigh of relief when the evening news announced school officials decided to cancel classes altogether on Friday since there'd be a number of roads not cleared until late in the day. Days missed because of the storm would be made up at the end of the year.

Diondre and Jessie worked their usual Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday Brunch schedule. In spite of the weather, tips were excellent. They'd have a very good pay period as well with the overtime pay the storm provided. Every dime Diondre could save was important. He'd formed quite a friendship with Jerry Haven, County Deputy Sheriff, and decided he wanted a career in law enforcement. Vermillion Community College in Ely had an excellent program and he intended to enter there in the fall with Annie as his bride and mate. She'd enroll in a para-legal program there.

Monday, tired as he was, Jessie still rose early, trotted over to "The Pelican" to breakfast with Eric and Evan. It was seldom they weren't there without letting him know, especially after the debacle caused by the misunderstanding in the fall. It'd taken him a couple of nights to become accustomed to not having Jase or Tyler on either side of him, on him, or under him, tasting each one's special taste, and being pampered and loved by them. Jessie could hardly wait for the day when they could be together all of the time.

Eric and Evan were sipping their coffee when they spotted him coming across the parking lot and quickly ordered his hot chocolate. They waved him over to their table and, with a soft smile and gently kiss to each of their foreheads, Jessie greeted them and settled into a chair. After eating a couple of donuts and drinking some of his hot chocolate, having spent some time visiting about the storm and how he'd spent it (leaving out the erotic parts, mostly), Jessie lowered his voice so others might not hear, in a very serious tone, relayed Art Campbell's warnings and Dr. Thomas role in delivering it!

Eric, concern on his face, frowned every now and then, nodding his head as he listened carefully to Jessie. He interrupted several times to seek clarification concerning the rogue pack and the dangers they were presenting. Evan, on the other hand, just listened, absorbing each and every word, evaluating silently what it might mean for their friends in the Averill Creek Pack and especially Jessie!

Jessie finished and both Eric and Evan agreed Art's warnings should be taken seriously and promised to give it considerable thought themselves!

"Listen, Jessie," Eric warned, "don't you be taking any chances; keep close to Jase and Tyler. It's better not to be alone in the woods, especially if you've," looking around making certain there weren't eavesdroppers close, "you know"—and raised his eyebrows.

Jessie just grinned, knowing full well Eric meant "shifted into wolf form!"

"Not to worry Uncles," he responded, "I'm always careful!"

They hoped so, they thought as he headed back across the parking lot.

Jessie was on his way, via snowmobile, to the cabin where he'd meet up with Jase and Tyler. They wanted to clean up the drive and parking area and the entrance to the storage garage¸ using the garden tractor with the snow thrower attached. Jessie wanted to invite Norm and Dana, as well as anyone else who wanted in the Thomas Family to the cabin during Christmas Vacation. It'd be a great opportunity to invite them to use the cabin and his property as well as having the run of the Averill Creek Pack's territory, if he felt he could trust them not to abuse the privilege. However, having Norm present would limit some of their activities at the get-together such as shifting and having a run through the forests.

It took most of the morning to clean off the lane, the porch, and noticing the heavy loads of snow on the roofs, shovel them clean as well.

"If I ever have to re-roof out here," Jessie groaned, arms tired from shoveling and his legs strained from balancing on the roofs, "I'll have metal put down; snow should slide off of it."

Finished on the roofs, the boys were climbing down the ladder when a familiar state DNR pickup truck rumbled down the land and stopped in front of the cabin.

"Seen any strange or new wolf activity in the area?" mocked Jase, flipping his head in the direction of Ted Symthe, the DNR Warden, just climbing out of his truck.

"Not strange," Jessie returned quickly before Ted got any closer, "but two with record-setting, large cocks!" and all three laughed and walked toward Ted.

"Before you ask, the answer is nope!" Jessie offered in way of greeting, "Only wolves we heard or saw were local ones and not recently!"

Ted showed some mild irritation, but quickly shrugged it off, knowing full well the boys were mocking or teasing him. "Someday," he thought, "I'll be right and show them a thing or two, maybe!" He wasn't all too certain about it since Jessie Sutton was pretty "fucking smart."

"Just stopped by to check on your place, Jessie," Ted offered, "We've had some break-ins reported of seasonal or occasionally used cabins and residences, especially during periods of snowstorms. The bastards sometimes burn the places down to cover up their burglary. I know you use yours regularly, but since you're such a national figure and all after the Peter's story," referring to the various newspaper articles featuring Jessie as the young man who discovered and brought to an end the grisly kidnapping, rape, and murder of so many young men, "I thought your place just might be a likely target."

"Must be pissed because he didn't make the headlines," Jase commented.

"Too bad," retorted Tyler, "might have helped his career and promoted his ass out of here!"

"Any idea who it might be?" Jessie asked, thinking Symthe might attach the blame to local kids.

"Nope; Jerry Haven is working this case with me and he thinks it might be people from outside; maybe by thieves who are familiar with the area because of previous visits, either traveling through or vacations."

Ted paused a minute, before qualifying his position concerning the thefts and arson; "I really don't agree with him. I think it's someone or more than one person, who lives in the area and knows when the cabins and homes aren't occupied. Probably a bunch of damn kids short of money!"

"Wouldn't unplowed drives, snow on the roofs, lack of lights, or no tracks in and out, be a pretty good clue no one was home, even to an outsider?" Tyler asked, feigning innocence.

Ted harrumphed, "I doubt it, but keep your eyes open, okay?" and climbed back in his pickup truck and drove off.

"I think Jerry's right," Jase concluded as the three of them watch Ted drive down the lane and out onto the country road.

The boys put the equipment away, went inside the cabin, turned up the heat, and spent the rest of the early afternoon enjoying the most intimate of sexual pleasures, before heading home.

Jessie contacted Norm and invited him, Dana, and Andre, as well as their dad if he wished to attend, to visit. Brent could drive down and get them, if their dad, didn't want to come out, Jessie reasoned, since it would be easier for them to find the place in the future rather than driving all over the countryside trying to find the place.

A lunch of grilled burgers, chips, soda, and a couple of salads was waiting when Brent arrived with Norm, Dana, and Andre. Others from the Averill Creek Pack, curious concerning the newcomers, arrived earlier on snowmobiles and in Annie's pickup truck (driven by Diondre). There were a couple of additions however; Michele Campbell was there as a guest of Patrick Hayes and Annette Hayes who begged her brother to let her come so she could "meet the new kid!"

Jessie noticed it didn't take long for Patrick, Michele, Annette (Nettie), and Andre to form their own group, visiting as they helped themselves to the food, and then eating together. He smiled watching Andre maneuver so he could sit as close to Nettie as he could, rarely missing an opportunity to jump up and get whatever she wanted or touch her. He also noted Nettie didn't resist the advances and countered by touching him as well.

Jessie gave Norm and Dana, since it appeared Andre would be preoccupied, a tour of the cabin and showed them the aerial photograph of the combined properties, explaining how he inherited the cabin and land and purchased the adjacent Peter's property after the fire there.

Tour completed, bellies full, the group relaxed in front of the fire in the fireplace and visited. Norm sort of shuffled a bit before approaching Jessie.

"Is there someplace we can talk in private?"

Norm was embarrassed to even be asking so Jessie figured it must be pretty important, probably sexual in nature, although he couldn't imagine what questions Norm might ask considering he reeked of sex; sex with Dana and well-marked! Jessie pointed toward his bedroom and asked Norm to follow him. Once in the bedroom, Jessie closed the door, sat on the bed, and patted a spot next to him, inviting Norm to sit.

"Now, what's the trouble?"

Norm hesitated, tears coming to the surface in his eyes, "I think I'm going crazy!"

"What makes you think that?"

"I hear Dana talking to me and his lips aren't moving and he hears me even if I don't say it out loud, I think. Do normal people do that too?"

"How long have you noticed this happening?"

"Ever since Dana and I had ---- you know ---!"


Face red, eyes big, Norm simply nodded his head!

"I'll bet you even know when Dana is close; probably hear him or smell him even if you can't see him, right?"

Again, Norm nodded, amazed Jessie guessed at the answer.

"I know the feeling well," Jessie continued, "I react the same way when Jase and Tyler are around me or even away from me."

"You do?"

"Yeah, but I need to ask you some questions before we go any further, okay?

Norm seemed pretty good at just nodding his head, so Jessie took this as a sign to ask away.

"Norm, do you love Dana?"

A huge smile and a vigorous nodding of the head answered Jessie's question!

"What do you love about him?"

Norm didn't hesitate as he began describing how, like a fountain spewing forth its water of life high into the air, the attention and love Dana poured over him, refreshed him, settled his sometimes restless spirit, and gentled his troubled soul! Dana was affectionate, protective, caring, and most gentle with him in all ways. Everything in Dana's life seemed to revolve around Norm, as if his whole world existed around Norm, casting an aurora of shining light about him, causing Norm to want a life with him!

"When he's with me," Norm confessed jubilantly, "I feel most complete; like I'd be lost in life without him!"

"So, you wouldn't care if he was ugly, fat, skinny, crippled, walked like a donkey, or covered in hair like a bear or wolf or slither like a snake?"

"Oh no, but he's not! Dana is handsome, strong, and taller than me; has beautiful eyes, lips, and his skin is soft, comforting. When his arms are around me, I've never felt more loved, comforted or protected!"

Jessie smiled, knowing Norm felt the same way he did when with Jase and Tyler. He then suggested since Norm and Dana are lovers, it might be as people often note, when you're around someone so much and feel so strongly about them you tend to take on their mannerisms, understand how they might think, act, or speak because of that closeness.

"I don't think so, Jessie; it's more than that! It's almost surreal or unnatural but yet natural."

Norm's mention of the "unnatural" led Jessie to engage him in the conversation he knew he needed to have with him concerning those things in life which might be considered inexplicable, but really may exist, including the supernatural, the occult, the paranormal, or in this case, mental telepathy or telepathic communication.

Norm readily accepted all of those ideas, especially the mental telepathy or telepathic communication, because as they were visiting, he'd come to the conclusion such a thing did exist; how else would he be able to "hear" Dana's inner voice? Instead of approaching it from that angle, Norm decided he needed to ask Jessie a few questions, especially those most troubling to him but also seemed to be an answer to many of his concerns and feelings of "craziness!"

"When I read Greek Mythology, like we had in Lit class and World Civilizations, I picture not only heroes and heroines, but fantastic creatures such as Centaurs, Unicorns, and flying horses. Folklore in lots of countries, even ours, tell stories of witches, warlocks, vampires, and werewolves. Do you think such creatures exist among us, but are only known by a very few?"

Norm waited patiently while Jessie considered his question and thought of an answer.

"Yes, Norm, I do and if that makes me crazy, as you think you are, then I am too!"

Norm seemed relieved, hearing Jessie's answer and emboldened him to press the issue even further!

"I often thought there must be something like that around because people wouldn't have written or thought about them. Most just don't want to believe there are such creatures, but I think there are and it's fantastic!"

"Norm," Jessie asked, strength and challenge in his voice, "do you truly love Dana Thomas or are you just playing him for a fast fuck!"

Norm, rose quickly from the bed, his eyes snapping, temper rising, knowing he'd never win in a fight with Jessie, could've cared less and tensed, his mind and body ready to fight anyone who would challenge his love for the one who he'd die for and now would be the time!

He stepped forward, but was stopped, not by Jessie but by the "voice" of Dana, saying softly, "Cool it, he's just messing with your mind, testing you so back off!"

Norm's eyes widened, his jar slacked momentarily, and asked Jessie incredulously, "Did you hear that?"

Nodding, Jessie acknowledged he did, and no, Norm was not imagining it!

Norm stood stock still, fixed to one spot in the room, eyeing Jessie carefully, before stuttering softly, "This is about my white wolf, isn't it?"

"Norm," Jessie asked quietly, "close your eyes and keep them shut until I tell you to open them!"

Jessie stepped into the hall and motioned Jase, Tyler, and Dana into the bedroom. The others in the cabin were quiet, they'd heard all of the conversation as well and were anxiously awaiting the results of this meeting. It could be either good or bad for both Norm and Dana!

Dana, seeing his love standing, his eyes closed, looking so small, so vulnerable, so afraid, but so utterly beautiful! Dana's heart ached to hold the one he loved, comfort him, and chase away all of his fears, but now, he was just as fearful; fearful of losing the one he loved. Everything was up to Norm and how Jessie handled what was to come! Fate would decide their future!

"Okay, Norm, open your eyes!" Jessie commanded.

Norm's eyes brightened, his face shone with the radiance of a thousand sunrises, and his heart leaped with joy at the sight of his tall, good-looking teen lover standing before him. Jessie took his hand to gently restrain him from moving forward!

"Not yet, Norm," Jessie advised.

"Strip, Dana!" Jessie commanded and Dana did as he was told, his clothes slowly gathering in a heap at his feet. Standing there, naked before Norm, Dana's impressively large, flaccid penis began to swell with blood, the muscles in the organ strengthening, expanding the girth, the length, sliding the foreskin back onto the shaft, revealing a large, head, with sticky pre-cum beginning to ooze from the slit!

"Now!" Jessie commanded again and Dana shifted into the large white wolf Norm saw each night standing outside his bedroom window.

The room was unearthly quiet as the transformation from teen boy to wolf occurred. Norm stood, his eyes fixated on the creature in front of him, a moment earlier had been his boyfriend, the male he was willing to expend his life for!

The white wolf slowly slipped to the floor, lay belly down, front legs out in front of him, his head resting on his front paws, eyes almost sorrowful, begging for acceptance, expecting yet expecting rejection by the one creature he would ever love, waiting for Norm to make his move, either to him or out the door in fright and terror!

Norm took one halting step forward, then another, and finally walked confidently to the large white wolf resting on the floor, knelt next to him, and tentatively reached a hand forward to first stroke and then slide his fingers though the soft fur on the wolf's head until Norm circled his arm around the creature and gasped,

"Isn't he the most beautiful creature on earth?"

With that said, Norm snuggled down next to Dana's wolf, encouraged him to roll over on his side, lifted one front leg, place it over his chest and cuddled into the soft chest fur.

"Norm," Jessie said, "you have nothing to fear from any of us, least of all the white wolf who loves you above all things, but you and Dana have much to talk about and many secrets to share; secrets that can never be shared with others, not even your parents, only your own kind, should you decide to join us! That choice is yours and yours alone to make, but once made, there is no turning back!"

To Dana, Jessie commanded, "Shift back, now!" and a very naked Dana emerged, cuddling a very happy Norm, chest to back, his chin resting on Norm's head.

Norm twisted his head, looked at Dana and said, "Amazing, absolutely amazing!"

"Come here Norm while Dana dresses," Jessie said.

He took Norm's face and head in both hands, looked deeply into Norm's eyes, and said, "Norm in a minute you're going to forget this ever happened, but you won't shy away if you and Dana decide to talk about some things you wonder about. The decision to become one of us will be yours to make, okay?"

Norm closed his eyes momentarily and when he opened them, greeted Jase, Tyler, and Dana.

"Hi, guys, I guess I didn't notice you come in!" and quickly melted into Dana's arms.

As they left, Jase, puzzled by what he saw and heard, asked Jessie, "Where the hell did you learn to do that?"

Shrugging, Jessie replied, "Don't know, just seemed to be the right thing to do. First time for me though!"

The ride home from the cabin, Norm, nestled in Dana's arms, savoring the warmth and comfort of his lover, protector, and soul-mate, slumbered soundly, peacefully, and free from all thoughts of "craziness" or misgivings when it came to his love for Dana Thomas. He couldn't really explain it, but the day at Jessie's cabin and visit with him seemed to calm his restless spirit and ease the struggles in his mind! Jessie Sutton, he thought, was truly a friend and now a confidant; a person he could trust with his most intimate secrets. Sighing in his sleep, wiggling his body in an attempt to get even closer, Norm slept with the soundness and innocence of babes.

Dana, however, was wide awake, the scene in the bedroom at the cabin replaying over and over in his mind, watching Norm express his love for him with an intensity he'd not thought possible contained within his lover's smaller frame, as he cast aside all fears, walked across the room, wrapped his arms around Dana's wolf, expressing to all how beautiful a creature he was, and then crawling between the wolf's front legs, tucking his back to the warm, furry chest of the creature, surrendering himself to whatever was to happen, so trusting, so confident no harm would come to him when in the presence of the beautiful white wolf!

Dana knew the actual courtship between him as a human and as a werewolf and Norm was now just beginning and should progress slowly, slowly, introducing Norm to the wolf, spending time with him, answering questions, building trust, loving him as Dana knew he'd love no other! He also knew Norm must spend time with Jessie Sutton who proved he's not only a very handsome, intelligent, and wise werewolf, but one with extraordinary powers who was at one time human until "turned" by Jase and Tyler Campbell. Diondre was also once a human until turned by Annie. Norm needed time to visit with them, talking about their experiences, how they felt, what moved them to make the decision they made, and how they handled the secrecy with their human families. There was much for Norm to learn before he made any decision concerning his own fate, a choice once made, was irreversible.

Dana sighed, kissed Norm on the forehead, and pulled him closer to him. His dad would be there for him and for Norm, offering any advice or comfort he might need. He wondered, as Brent pulled into Norm's drive, if Norm would be a white wolf like him if and when they mated!

Jessie took Symthe's warning seriously and after Diondre and he made a quick trip to International Falls to visit a sports shop, installed, with the assistance of Jase and Tyler, two high-end and well concealed trail cameras positioned with lenses pointing in opposite directions on the lane leading to the cabin, capturing a frontal and a rear view of any intruders coming onto or leaving from the property via the lane.

A couple of weeks after classes resumed from Christmas Break, Dr. Thomas, Dennis, Andre, and Dana joined the Haas Family for a Friday fish fry at The Birchwood. Jase, Tyler, Diondre, and Jessie were all working that evening since the recent big snowfall and subsequent lighter ones, increased the winter tourist business with skiers, snowshoe enthusiasts, snowmobilers, and other outdoor sports dominating, all enjoying the fresh snow covering.

Jessie just happened to draw their table as waiter. Once they'd been seated and he arrived to take their order, he noticed something quite different about Norm as he looked at Jessie and grinned! Norm, before, during, and after Physical Education class and on the way to busses after school peppered Jessie with questions and a running, happy, commentary concerning what he and Dana did or where planning. He was concerned how Jessie adapted to life with Jase and Tyler and what his folks felt about it, although Norm was certain his parents were more than happy with his relationship with Dana.

Some of the questions Norm raised indicated to Jessie, he and Dana were beginning to discuss more than just their current relationship and courtship; perhaps some conversation dealing with the supernatural, touching on some of what happened at Jessie's cabin, buried in Norm's subconscious, although Jessie couldn't be certain! Norm did, however, carry the very strong and distinct scent of Dana all over him!

This wasn't the only change occurring during this "winter of joy for Dana and Norm, but what would be thought of as a "devastating winter" by the Averill Creek Pack and Jessie Sutton. The deep snows, created outdoor recreational opportunity for tourists and increased profits for business owners in the area, but also brought those individuals to the North Country not seeking recreation and relaxation but for more sinister, criminal activities!

The end of February, as the winter sports season and tourist season was winding down, preparing for the inevitable "mud season" within the next two months or so, late on a Saturday night, Jerry Haven called the Sutton home informing them Jessie's cabin was ablaze and would probably be completely destroyed by the time they arrived at the fire scene!

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