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Something Wicked This Way Comes

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 10

"Now this is the Law of the Jungle –
as old and true as the sky;
and the wolf that shall keep it
may prosper, but the
wolf that shall break it must die!

(Rudyard Kipling – The Law of the Jungle)

Jim Sutton, Sr., driving the Resort pickup truck, hurled down the snow-spotted road, headed toward the cabin! Sitting next to him in the passenger seat was Charlie and in the rear seats were Diondre and Jessie, both awakened from a sound sleep after a very busy night at "The Birchwood." Fifty yards or so from the entrance lane leading to the cabin and now fire scene, they were halted by flashing red and blue warning lights on two county sheriff squad cars, and a deputy standing in the roadway controlling traffic, keeping the entrance and roadway free so firefighters and equipment could have quick access to the fire ground!

The four of them, after Jim brought the truck to a skidding stop, scrambled from the vehicle, heading for the county deputy standing, winter uniform coat and hat secured tight around him to ward off the cold, stood.

"It's pretty much gone, Jessie," Deputy Jerry Haven announced sadly. "The roof was collapsing by the time I arrived on the scene."

"Who called it in?" Jim inquired as Jessie stared down the lane, anxious to go to the cabin, watching sparks and flames shoot up into the night sky, accompanied by billowing white clouds of steam as water from hose lines manned by local firefighters would occasionally spit out onto the blaze!

"Sam Loomis, one of our deputies. He was working this area while I was dealing with a traffic stop down near Orr. I'd just finished filling out the report and sent it in over my laptop when the call came in. I headed up here right away."

Jerry looked around, "I think he's talking to the fire chief now! Hold on a sec., I see another vehicle coming down the road toward us."

"That'd be Jase and Tyler with either Franklin or Art Campbell," Jessie responded quietly. "I texted them right after you called the house."

Jessie, Diondre, Charlie, and Jim Sr. were quickly joined by Jase, Tyler, Franklin, and Art Campbell. Jase and Tyler each took up a comforting, yet protective positions, on either side of Jessie and secured him between them, each with an arm around his waist.

"It was my Poppa's!" Jessie choked out to Jase and Tyler, stifling a sob, tears slowly sliding down his cold cheeks. "He gave it to me when he died!"

Jim Sr., knowing the sadness his son felt over the loss of something so dear to Jessie, a bequest by his father to his grandson, standing behind Jessie, reached forward, placed his hand on his son's shoulder, lending him his strength, comfort, and reassurance!

"I know; we all had such good times there, Jessie, but the memories can't be burned! You can rebuild it and start new ones."

"How did it start, Jerry?" Jim Sr. asked, turning his attention to the deputy.

Jerry's radio crackled at that moment, so held up his hand and stepped away to respond to the call. As he was doing so, another law enforcement vehicle, lights flashing, arrived on the scene and parked behind one of the county squads, down the road. The occupant quickly disembarked from the parked vehicle and headed toward the group standing near Deputy Havens.

Hailing Havens, Warden Ted Symthe, breathing deeply from his hurried approach to the gathered group, interrupted Haven's radio contact, blurting out, "Heard the Sheriff's on his way along with a couple of detectives. Something suspicious about the fire, right?"

"Not really, Ted," Jerry responded, ending his radio conversation, but was cut off by Ted as he turned his attention to Jessie, Jase, and Tyler.

"Seems odd, doesn't it boys," Ted began with a smirk, "the Peter's place catches fire and you bought it cheap, Jessie. Now this old ramshackle cabin of yours burns and I'll bet you have it insured big so you can build a new one, probably financed with funds you and your buddies may have come into recently?"

Riled by Symthe's churlish, accusatory, disrespectful, and unprofessional comments, Jessie was about to reply, but Symthe, evidently emboldened, feeling he had the upper hand, disregarded the teen's attempt to speak, asked quickly,

"Just where were you and your buddies tonight? Suppose you have alibis and swear you were with each other, probably praying in church, right?"

Franklin began stepping forward as did Jim Sutton and Art Campbell, but Jessie smiled, raised his hand, palm out toward Symthe, answering,

"Warden Symthe, we're not going to answer any questions without our attorney present!"

"Got something to hide, do you?"

"Ted, my clients have nothing to hide and have asked for counsel to be present so I caution you to proceed very carefully or find yourself in court as the defendant rather than the accuser!" proclaimed a very familiar voice from behind the gathered group of teens and adult men.

"My clients are merely exercising their Constitutional rights," Eric Trempealeau continued, "so please show some semblance of courtesy, even though it's apparent it may be a struggle for you, and give us some privacy please! All of those damned sirens roaring by my house awakened me from a very restful sleep and when I'm awakened in such a manner, plus wondering where the emergency is and following the racing, screaming fire trucks and law enforcement vehicles to where I find Jessie's cabin ablaze and you harassing him, I find myself growing a little peevish and litigious, so back your ass off or you'll find yourself chasing skunks in the suburbs south of the Twin Cities!"

The sheriff, now on the scene consulting with Jerry Haven and Sam Loomis, stepped forward, stating simply, "Ted, we have the lead in this investigation, if we need you, we'll call you, okay?"

Ted ambled, not too pleased, back to his truck muttering something about "those damned kids are trouble!"

"How far away do you want him transferred?" Art Campbell whispered softly to Eric. "I can have him gone within forty-eight hours."

"I'll keep it in mind!" grinned Eric.

The group moved away from the lane entrance and the gathering law enforcement personnel. Wondering if Eric really heard sirens, Jessie inquired and Charlie admitted he'd sent a text to Eric figuring there might be legal questions to answer concerning insurance and other issues, not anticipating his brother and the other boys coming under suspicion for arson!

Eric covered the issues of an alibi, establishing Jessie, Diondre, Jase, and Tyler worked until almost midnight at "The Birchwood." The dining crowd was unusually large and it took a great deal of work to clean up and set things right for the Sunday Brunch. Jim Sr. and Charlie walked back to the house with Jessie and Diondre and Franklin came to pick up Jase and Tyler to take them home, arriving there about twelve-thirty.

One of the detectives approached Eric and asked if he could ask some general questions of the boys. Jessie objected, stating, "Only if Deputy Havens is present and takes the lead."

Eric was somewhat puzzled by Jessie's request, but acknowledged it was okay to do so.

Jerry came forward, a frown on his face, wondering why he was suddenly involved!

Before he or the detective could begin, Jessie asked, "This appears to be the same burglary and arson cover up you guys have had going on all winter, right?"

Both hesitated to answer, not really willing to give up what they knew and needing to find out more.

"What would you say if you might just have solved the crimes?"

"Great," answered Jerry carefully.

"Uncle Eric and I are going to lead you, Jerry, to a couple of things you might find interesting and would help you in your investigation."

Turning to the detective and the others, Havens indicated they should remain near the entrance of the lane.

"What are we going to show them?" Eric whispered in Jessie's ear as they walked toward the lane entering the property. "I hope not naked teen boys with their cocks flopping about in the cold?"

Jessie just snickered as the three of them walked about ten yards down the lane, where Jessie asked to borrow Jerry's flashlight. He flicked the beam on, pointed it about midway up an oak tree, and fixed it on a very well concealed trail camera lens pointing down the lane.

"Well, I'll be damned!" Jerry exclaimed.

"And I'll be double damned!" muttered Eric.

"That's not all," Jessie mused, leading them to the end of the lane where it opened into the clearing where the cabin, now a heap of smoldering lumber and hot concrete, used to be. Pointing the light again half-way up an oak tree, fixed it on another trail camera, this one pointing up the lane toward the county road!

"I checked these last week and haven't touched them since, so if they have any pictures, you should have some of the bastards who did this coming and going, front and back. Help yourselves, but I want my cameras back unless you need them for court!"

Jerry keyed his radio, requesting the detectives and the sheriff, along with someone from the fire department to bring an extension ladder, to join them The cameras were removed, identified as his by Jessie, and a promise by him to produce a sales slip confirming it, and finally routine questions concerning where the four of them were prior to and during the fire incident. Jim Sutton confirmed the boys were working and the four of them were free to leave.

Jim Sutton thought there was little to be done at the cabin site until the fire department let them come closer or finished up, but Jessie wanted to stay! Art Campbell really wanted to leave as well, so begged a ride home with Jim. Franklin volunteered to stay and bring the boys home. Eric decided he really was just damned cold and tired so begged off staying, reassuring Jessie he'd be available if needed, at any time, but warned the boys, confidentially, to stay upright and not go racing off through the woods on all fours, drawing a rousing laughter from all five of them! There was no way in hell he could explain that, especially with so many people around!

By the time dawn arrived, the fire was pretty much out, except for smoldering ruins, and looked as if there was little to salvage from the structure previously standing there. After a careful examination of the ruins, Jessie proclaimed it was time to go home since the four of them were scheduled to work the Sunday Brunch at "The Birchwood" so Franklin drove them home.

The next week was busy, during school and after school. Jessie was bombarded with questions, not only from his friends wanting to know the details, but from others in his class as well, curious what happened and wondering if the culprits would be caught. Jessie made no mention of the cameras to anyone except members of the Averill Creek Pack and Dana and Norm!

Norm was especially upset, almost to the point of tears, when he first came in contact with Jessie on Monday or, as Dana put it "so upset he damned near turned himself inside out and fell through his bunghole." Considering how stretched it might be after accepting the monstrous prick of Dana's, it could be possible; at least that's what Jessie speculated. Jessie assured Norm it'd all work out and someday soon they all would have a place to gather again, since Uncle Eric had the insurance adjustors at work already!

Two weeks after the fire, Jerry Haven and a detective stopped by the Sutton house and requested, from Jim, permission to interview Jessie and see if he could identify some people in pictures from the trail cameras. The cameras had many pictures on them, mainly of wildlife, but the night of the fire, there were images from both cameras of four men on snowmobiles, two of the snow machines had sleds attached to the rear, entering and leaving the premises. There were four images of the machines stopped, and two of the men, with their helmets off, looking toward the cabin!

Jessie didn't need to be asked, blurting, "Those two are part of the ATV rider group we beat the shit out of and charged with trespassing!"

"You'd swear to that in court?" asked the detective.

"You bet I would and if you show those pictures to Jase and Tyler, they will too!"

"We intend to!"

With Jase and Tyler's confirmation and the pictures, the sheriff's office obtained search warrants and began an intensified investigation! Eventually, the four men were charged with numerous counts of burglary and arson, and possession of stolen property.

Spring was an exciting time! Jessie poured over cabin and house plans, finally decided on one he really liked, consulted with his Dad, Eric and Evan and, after receiving assurances he could afford to build what he wanted if he used the insurance settlement along with some of his land trust funds, gave Eric the go-ahead to contact a contractor to build.

"I want a second well drilled, also," he instructed, "in case I want to add another cabin or small home. I really want this done before school starts, preferably in August."

Diondre and Annie announced they were going to be married in June right after high school graduation and Diondre planned on enrolling in Vermillion Community College in Ely with a major in police science or law enforcement, as everyone referred to it. Brent was accepted at Bemidji State and would go there, along with a "special" girl friend from a Pack in Wisconsin.

The loss of the cabin didn't call a halt to the activities of the Averill Creek Pack. Evan Troutman arranged for the purchase and temporary placement of a used, but in excellent condition, three bedroom mobile home on the Peter's Property. There was electric available and sewer and water, albeit it some effort to make connections to the system because of the cold weather and frost in the ground, as well as reactivating the unused equipment and pipes. A large LP tank supplied fuel for heat and cooking so the Pack's gatherings were continued but in somewhat crowded conditions.

The first time Norm and Dana joined them after the fire, ended up sharing a bedroom with Tyler, Jase, and Jessie. Norm was more than just mesmerized watching Jessie take the insertion of first one and then the other large cocks Jase and Tyler possessed up Jessie's butt at the same time! Well, really not at the same time; Jase lay on his back, Jessie straddled on him and slowly slid down until his butt rested on Jase's crotch. Jessie leaned forward, Tyler kneeled behind him between his brother's outstretched legs, moved forward and slowly, carefully slipped his twitching tool into Jessie's already stretched portal over the top of his brother's and began a slow savory, pleasurable, and satisfying fuck!

"Wow!" Norm exclaimed, head twisted sideways, as he lay on his back, legs stretched wide, awaiting his own lover's love stick embedding.

"That's what I say to myself every time I slip my stiff rod into my Sweetness' warm, soft, moist, and oh so tight love tunnel!" Dana moaned gratifyingly as he shoved his hips forward, his fat cock stretching the well-used orifice as it entered and began its journey into the Norm's depths. Dana's length finally fully planted, his bush tickling Norm's balls and his own heavy, pendulous eggs hanging below up against smooth, warm, and pillowly mounds of Norm's butt.

"I can't believe it," Norm continued as he adjusted his own hard, smaller cock so when Dana began to fuck him, it'd rub up against Dana's smooth torso, inflicting those stimulating almost electrical thrills of sexual delight!

"Neither can I!" Dana wheezed and shivered as the contractions happening in Norm's depths began massaging his throbbing penis as he began making love to his smaller, so beautiful boyfriend!

"Look at me Norm," he beseeched and when Norm did, Dana bent forward, kissing him, declared, "I do love you so!"

Wrapping his legs around Dana's waist to secure him ever tighter, Norm declared, "And I love you!"

The Resort tourist season began in earnest the first weekend of May and Sutton's was booked full! Preliminary reservations for the entire season appeared to be at ninety percent or more of capacity, which portended a very profitable, but busy season. The teens, as well as everyone else at Sutton's were busy, but for Jessie and his friends, they were only allowed to work Thursdays through Sunday night until school was out. Changeover day was Saturday, when new guests came in, so the day was always intense, cleaning and readying rooms and cabins for new guests arriving by three in the afternoon. Friday night fish fries, Saturday evening dining, and Sunday Brunches were always packed since summer and weekend people began arriving to their cabins, ready to enjoy the north woods and lakes.

Campbell and Associates were also growing their customer base, bringing prospective clients to "The Pines" to fete them and demonstrate what Campbell's could do for their business and in-servicing their own personnel from the field offices. All the meals were catered from "The Birchwood," but in many cases, utilized the large and very well equipped kitchen at The Lodge at Campbell's and served in the main room at The Lodge.

Ever since Dr. Thomas' warning, whenever Jessie was away from home, Jase and Tyler were with him and if they were going out to the mobile room to check on the progress the contractors were making on the cabin, Rick and Mike would tag along!

The week before school was out, Jessie was changing into his physical education clothes when Norm walked up and began changing as well. Norm and Dana hadn't been to the mobile home for over a month and Jessie missed having them around. He was about to comment on it when Norm dropped his underwear, turned and faced Jessie and grinned!

Jessie looked at what previously had been a rather small, circumcised, but nice cock, now a much larger, uncircumcised penis, looking rather oddly out of place on Norm's small body.

"Norm; you've been mated!"

"Yep!" giggled Norm. "Had my first shift two weeks ago during the full moon!"

Jessie and Norm continued to visit, in what Norm called "wolf talk," during class. Norm decided, after much thought and discussion with Jessie, Diondre, and Dana, he wanted to be with Dana for all times and willingly committed himself to being "turned!" Dr. Thomas insisted he have the opportunity to talk to Norm before it happened, explaining the irreversible consequences of his action, the necessity of keeping everything secret from humans, including his parents who might not be so understanding, and the dangers every werewolf faces from those out to destroy them! He pointed out Dana's mother was a human when they met in veterinarian college and was willingly turned by him before they married, so he understood what emotions Norm might be going through and would in the future!

Norm was not to be deterred and in a passionate night of lovemaking, bared his neck, and begged Dana to "take me, make me!"

Dana, Andre, Dennis (who came home from UM especially for the event), and Dr. Thomas were all there, giving support and encouragement, when Norm made his first shift.

"It was fantastic!" he exclaimed, eyes all aglitter from the excitement, "except, I didn't know this," pointing to his crotch, "would happen; not that I'm complaining, or I'd never have to wear glasses or contacts again."

"What will your folks say if they notice?"

"Since I wear contacts, they won't know the difference and I really don't expect my mom to ask to see my cock!"

"What color wolf are you?"

"White, just like Dana, except with small black tips on my ears, why?"

Jessie explained it was important for others in the Kabetogama and Averill Creek Packs to be able to identify him so he wouldn't be mistaken as a member of a rival pack trying to intrude on their territories. He also took the opportunity to describe the special relationship the two packs, especially the Averill Creek Pack, had with Evan Troutman and Eric Trempealeau.

"There are a lot of changes you're probably beginning to notice, other than your cock and eyes," Jessie continued.

He pointed out to Norm he'd notice his sight will be phenomenal, sense of smell will be so acute he'd be able to track and identify any creature, his telepathic communication skills would increase to the point of being almost unbelievable, and his taste buds will blossom like the Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C.

"Most of all you'll notice how horny you get! Whenever Jase or Tyler are near me, it's all I can do to keep from dropping my pants, offering my ass to them, and welcome them to stuff their rockets into my launching pad!"

"I know," giggled Norm, "I feel the same way! If Dana can get me alone for just five minutes, he's got my pants around my ankles, his belly resting on my back or my chest up against a wall, and tickling my tonsils through my butt! I love it! He can make me cum without touching myself, at least twice, while he's fucking me!"

Jessie felt great having another gay male to talk to who was human before turned by his lover. Norm was someone he could share his thoughts with, someone who'd known a life different from always being a werewolf, and a "neighbor" his own age.

Diondre and Annie's wedding was held on a sunny Monday, just before noon, at The Pines in the Great Room of the Lodge. Annie's proud father, Ted, gave the bride away, her maid of honor was Lynette, her younger sister, and the ring bearer was young Christopher Campbell, Scott and Sandra's son, now toddling, walking proudly down the aisle to take his place beside the couple/ Diondre's best man was Jessie. It was a simple, yet moving ceremony. The guest list included Jim Sutton, Sr. and his wife Evelyn (the other family members were busy with a Resort full of guests), Evan Troutman and Eric Trempealeau, Dr. Thomas, Dennis, Dana, and Andre, and all of the families and employees of Campbell and Associates at The Pines. All, that is, except for Franklin who was on security duty in the computer building.

Annie and Diondre made their home in one of the condos at The Pines and commuted to work at Sutton's from there. Her dad thought it'd be more convenient and less conspicuous since they possessed "special qualities" which might not be easily explainable to outsiders.

Summer continued just as busy as it started. The July Fourth Celebration at the Resort was larger than usual due to the larger number of tourists in the area and all of the staff, plus some extras, were needed to service all of the guests for the meal and fireworks concluding the celebration. The event went well without much of any problems, except for a couple of incidents, neither directly affecting the celebration, but did have profound effects on Jessie, fueling his growing uneasiness!

Dr. Thomas made a special effort to repeat his warnings to Art Campbell, who in turn informed Eric and Evan, and Jessie concerning the likelihood of some attack by the rogue pack. Most attacks occurred at times of highest vulnerability, usually in late summer or fall when families would be gathered near homes.

According to Dr. Thomas, who was in constant contact with the Grand Council, they were very close to specifically attaching a name to the leader of the rogues. The Grand Council determined he was a former young, human gay who was turned in a one-off casual sex encounter with an older werewolf who picked him up at a bar in a gay district of a larger city. After the anal sexual encounter, where the older wolf bit the younger one while flooding his bowels with a copious amount so of semen, he withdrew and walked away, leaving the young man to deal with his first shift and transformation alone and afraid! The solitary experience and realization what was done was irreversible, angered the young werewolf, causing him to hate and vow death to all other werewolves, especially the young ones! He recruited sexual deviants, murderers, and other criminal wolfs to join him in his task. The group he assembled could've care less what his goals were as long as they shared in the wealth derived from the stolen goods and the sex with young and teen boys and girls alike!

The increased urgency of Dr. Thomas' warning and the elevated level of anxiety and concern caused by it, also brought a higher level of apprehension and foreboding to Jessie's already heightened foreboding, expecting something, yet not really knowing what!

The second incident occurred on the Fourth, the large crowds, hot weather enhanced the scent of sweat and masses of people, the aroma of cooked meat from the BBQ pits, all combined with the smell of Sulphur from exploding, overwhelmed Jessie's olfactory senses, making it very difficult to sort out any individual scents!

In the midst of the cannonading sounds and smells of rockets blasting in the air, dying embers of the BBQ pits, the stale smell of spilt beer, overflowing garbage dumpsters, auto fumes, and sweaty, sour bodies of revelers, Jessie's nose picked up a very faint sign of a strange wolf or wolves somewhere in the crowd, warning him something was amiss! He quickly alerted the other members of the Pack who were working, to be alert and on guard. Try as he might, as he continued his duties, he couldn't locate the source or sources of the scent!

While seeking the source of the disconcerting scents, he picked up another very faint, but vaguely familiar odor as well. It wasn't wolf and it wasn't human, just different; not threatening, just different! The others seemed to present a threat, but for some reason he could detect nothing sinister or threatening in this one!

The pack members worked the crowd, yet nothing came to their immediate attention. The large gathering began dispersing toward homes and cottages as the fireworks display ended until there were probably less than one hundred left. Jessie met up with Jase and Tyler to compare observations and nothing seemed to materialize from their perspectives.

"Jerry Haven and Ted Symthe were here tonight," Jase informed Jessie. "We only talked to Jerry and not Ted."

"Ted's an asshole!" muttered Tyler, interrupting his brother.

"Jerry seemed to think the crowd was well-behaved and saw nothing unusual considering the amount of alcohol consumed; of course we couldn't ask him much without making him suspicious!"

All of this did nothing to quell Jessie's deep concern something bad just might be building and would come down on all of them!

The new cabin was complete in record time and ready for use shortly after the first week of August. Jessie decided to have an open house to celebrate the new cabin and also have a "going away" party for Brent, leaving for Bemidji State the end of the month and Diondre and Annie leaving for Ely and Vermillion Community College about the same time. It'd also give them a chance to celebrate the upcoming birth of a Carlson baby toward the end of November. As Jim Sr. commented, "the first one can come any time; the next takes nine months!" and said no more.

Eric and Evan helped with the open house held on a Monday since it was the day Jessie, Jase, and Tyler had off. Others who worked would have to juggle schedules to make it. However, the party started in the morning and continued into the evening. As dark descended and all of the guests departed except for Jessie, Tyler, Jase, Mike, Chad, Rick, Robbie, Dana, Norm, and Eric and Evan, Eric asked,

"Norm, would you and Dana shift for Evan and me so we can see your wolves?"

The teens nodded their consent in answer to his question and stripped naked in preparation.

Eric whistled, Evan said softly, "Oh, my god!" when they saw the two handsome naked boys standing before them. Both, after viewing the major asset Dana had dangling between his legs, complimented Norm telling him he was not only a beautiful young man but was quite lucky as well! Their comment to Dana was simply "You're blessed!" and let it stop there!

Their shift was completed quickly and Eric and Evan were more than pleased to see a very elegant, stately large white wolf standing next to a smaller, delicate, beautiful white wolf with black ear tips, before them!

In September, after school started and activity at the Resort slowed down, newly acquired drivers' licenses in their wallets, Jessie, Jase, and Tyler were joined by Rick, Robbie (too young to have a license but it was fine with him since Rick had one), Mike, and Chad at the cabin after Jessie, Jase, and Tyler were off work. The others were at a football game and were going to spend the night.

Amidst all of the teasing banter among Chad and Mike concerning Robbie's sexual urges and Rick's eagerness to satisfy them, Jessie remained silent, pondering the image of the large wolf print, wondering who made it and why, anticipating what the impact or results of it might be!

"I think," he announced silencing the cheerful noise around him, "another wolf who didn't want us to know he was here, had some purpose in checking out the cabin and I don't think it was just to stop by and say 'Hi!'"

"You thinking what Jase and I are thinking, Jessie?" Tyler asked somberly.

"Yeah; Dr. Thomas' warning seems to becoming more close up and personal whether we want it or not!"

Rick and Robbie, temporarily satiated in their sexual appetites, stepped into the cabin and noticed the somber expressions and atmosphere.

"What's up?" Rick asked, quickly assessing the gravity of the discussion taking place before he and Robbie came in.

"Rick," Tyler instructed, "I want you, Robbie, Mike, and Chad to drive over and check out the mobile home. See if we've had visitors or a visitor there as well. If there's no problem, head for "The Pines" and tell my Dad what we saw here and didn't see as well. If we've had visitors, give me a call, but head for "The Pines" anyway. Jessie thinks we might be in for a visit of some sort and not a pleasant one! The three of us are going to see Eric Trempealeau and see what he thinks might be going on and spot something we might be missing. Maybe his legal mind will see things differently!"

The three of them caught up with Eric and Evan still enjoying their breakfast at "The Pelican." It didn't take Jessie long to divulge all he saw and the inferences he was drawing from it to Eric and Evan. The delicate, but familiar scent, undiscernible by his fellows but evident to him, lingering in the area near the print bothered him!

"It's the same scent I noticed when Franklin and I tracked the person from the Peter's fire to the road and the same one I noticed Fourth of July at the celebration at the Resort. It was on the Fourth I also noticed the scent of strangers, wolves from somewhere else, present as well. I got pretty darned tense then, expecting something to happen but it didn't! It's been over two months, so why is the cabin being targeted or checked out now? Are these guys after me, just our Pack, or what?"

Eric and Evan listened carefully, gleaning as much as they could from what was being told them. Eric noted, during the discussion, Jase and Tyler noticed nothing unusual, other than the single track, or evidence of any group of intruding shifters. He also knew, from experience, Jessie was very astute and seldom wrong in his conclusions!

"I think," Eric finally concluded, "You'd be well to stay on your guard, along with those at "The Pines," never be alone while you, Jessie, are at the cabin, away from home, or school. Perhaps the notoriety from your role in the Peter's scandal lingers and someone or something has targeted you as a result, for whatever reason. I do think, Jessie, your fears something unpleasant is brewing are valid and we all must be prepared, even Evan and I. Rely on your instincts and your extraordinary senses! Evan and I are going to do some checking around ourselves to see what we can do to help. We definitely are going to talk to your dad, Jase and Tyler, as well as Dr. Thomas. They may have some ideas as well how we can help!"

The boys seemed satisfied, for the time being, gave Eric and Evan hugs, and left for Jessie's house. Evan and Eric watched them leave. Evan commented, as the truck left the parking lot, "Given what we saw and heard from Ted Symthe earlier this morning, I think we have our work cut out for us!"

Ted Symthe stopped in The Pelican earlier in the morning to have his thermos filled with coffee. Evan, almost jokingly, when Ted walked by their table on the way out, "Ted, why is it why you are so damned persistent in asking if we've seen any new or different wolves in the area?"

Ted pulled up a chair, looked around as if someone might overhear him, and answered, "Can I speak confidentially?"

Both men quickly agreed and settled back comfortably to listen to his revelation. They soon found Ted's reasoning left them more than uncomfortable; it left them highly concerned and convinced of their earlier decision!

Four years previously, Ted, new to the area, was patrolling one of the backwoods roads and saw what he described as "a very large, oversized wolf." A wolf, he determined was perhaps one and a half to twice the size of a normal wolf. He produced a very grainy picture, taken through the windshield of his state truck, of the critter, far in the distance.

"Three days ago, before the rain storm we just had, I checked one of the trail cameras I had out trying to nab a deer poacher, and I got this picture."

He produced a picture of three very large, oversized wolves as they passed by the camera. Ted was convinced he happened onto a new wolf sub-species or a mutation. A discovery such as this, he concluded, would make scientific history and propel him to a higher career in research or resource conservation positions.

"If it were true," Eric noted, "but perhaps it's possible the pictures are an optical illusion or an anomaly present on the camera or card?"

"Oh, I'll prove it!" Ted declared, "Maybe I'll capture one in a live trap," smiled, tucked his pictures back into his pocket and left.

"If he captures any we know, he'll be locked up in some insane asylum trying to explain how wolves turn into people and back again!" Eric said thoughtfully as Ted walked away.

"Not if he shits himself to death first," Evan mused.

From "The Pelican," Eric and Evan drove to "The Pines," met with Art Campbell, and at his invitation, Franklin as well. They relayed to Art and Franklin what they'd learned from Jessie and The Twins as well as from Ted Symthe. They concluded with expressing their desire to help, explaining what they would like done, and was reassured by Art it'd be a great help to all of them. Franklin could have the job they requested done in less than four days' time.

"Make certain the system sends out an alert to our phones and live streams video like the ones advertised monitoring baby cribs and front doors," Eric instructed.

Eric and Evan left The Pines and drove the twenty or so miles to Orr to visit with Dr. Thomas and convey to him what they'd heard, seen, and their plan to assist. His advice was well taken by them as was their warnings to him, so they drove down to Hibbing to visit a gunsmith and dealer Eric knew only too well, having defended him on a couple of occasions and being very cognizant of the man's dealings with those "somewhat unsavory elements of our society," as he once commented to Evan!

The gunsmith listened carefully, nodding his understanding, as Eric described what he desired. The man slowly repeated Eric's order,

"Two short barreled pump, full-choke 12ga shotguns- I can do that using a couple of Turkey guns I have in stock. Now as to the two boxes of shot shells with the special shot, larger than OO Buckshot, in them, it'll have to be an alloy and so will the two boxes of 9mm ammunition. Those items will cost you some big bucks, Mr. Trempealeau. I may have to have some help molding and reloading. Maybe take a couple or three weeks or so."

He expected Eric to balk at the cost, but instead Eric responded, "Get it done by Friday and there's three hundred more in it for you!"

"Pickup or deliver?"

"We'll pick the order up," Eric advised.

"Say, Mr. Trempealeau," the gunsmith asked, "it's none of my business but what are you going to do with this stuff? Play the Lone Ranger or hunt something?"

"You're right it's none of your business, but since you ask; we're hunting werewolves!"

"Bullshit! I thought you killed them with wooden stakes in their hearts?"

"That's vampires," Evan spoke up, "but they're not in season right now!"

"Now I know you guys are shitting me! This is some sort of surprise gift for someone, right?"

"You might say that," laughed Eric as they left the gun shop.

Driving through town on their way home, Evan made a quick turn down a side street.

"Where the hell you going, Evan?"

"Right there," he responded pointing to a garage sale sign. "Got an idea!"

Before actually leaving Hibbing, they'd stopped at a total of six garage sales, rummage sales, or moving sales. Two of the sales produced the items Evan needed for his idea.

They spent their free time the rest of the week searching want ads in shoppers and newspapers in the area and scouring garage sales, moving sales, rummage sales, and estate sales buying up the one item Evan said was necessary. By Friday, when they picked up their order from the gun smith, there were several boxes full of stuff in the back seat of Evans SUV.

On the way home from the gunsmith, Eric sent a text to Jessie asking him and the Averill Creek Pack, Franklin Campbell, and Dr. Thomas, Andre, Dana, and Norm to meet Evan and him at the cabin Saturday morning.

"Bring along either mattocks or shovels," he instructed.

Stopping in front of the cabin, Eric and Evan noticed quickly everyone they'd requested be present were there, including Art and Scott Campbell. Evan rapidly rolled down his window and shouted,

"Everyone stay back," as the group started to walk toward them.

Robbie either didn't hear, not understooding what Evan was concerned about, or just plain curious, continued until he was about a foot or so away from the SUV. He screamed, fell back, and lay on the ground wailing and writhing in pain! Rick, fearing his mate was in mortal pain, raced to his side, sat and cradled Robbie's head in his lap as Dr. Thomas examined him.

"He'll be fine in minute or so," Dr. Thomas announced, "once he's recovered from his exposure to the silver contained in the vehicle."

"Burns like hell, doesn't it Robbie?" he asked.

"Sure does," shivered Robbie slowly regaining his strength.

Excitement evolved into calm and then excitement of a different sort erupted as Evan and Eric explained their plan to the group.

"Damned clever," remarked Art, while Franklin just smiled a smile reflective of his appreciation for the trap their human friends devised.

"We have Dr. Thomas to thank for the idea," Eric explained as he and Eric began marking a perimeter of about ten feet from the cabin on the back and each side with little red flags. They extended the two lines thirty feet out in front of the cabin and began curving them, forming a heart shape or cursive "M" but instead of cleaving the two lines together, left a ten foot opening at where the lines would've joined, leaving a funnel shape.

They instructed the crew to take shovels and mattocks and dig a shallow trench on the marked line. Eric and Evan carried several boxes of dinner silverware from the SUV and began placing the knives, forks, spoons, and serving pieces about fifteen inches apart. As Eric placed the pieces, Eric raked dirt over them, effectively concealing them from view. As they worked, Dr. Thomas kept a sharp eye on the others, making certain they didn't get too close. There was no fear of that, Robbie's experience made believers of them all, especially the teens!

Completed, the buried silver not only made a very effective barrier to any werewolf who might want to enter the cabin from any direction, except the front, where it formed a very efficient funnel, channeling any into an effective and efficient trap!

"It's here," Evan explained, standing in the ten foot gap, "is where you kill the bastards!"

"Leave the flags in place" Eric said, "it not only gives you warning of the barrier, but will also serve to send the rogues into the funnel, much like a chute used for loading livestock into a truck."

The big wolf, laying hidden in the brush near Averill Creek, wind blowing in his face, confident no one in the group could smell him or realize he was watching! Taking careful notice of the activity at the cabin and the trap the two humans devised providing sanctuary for the young wolves inside, vowed to make full use of it when the time came!

The next weekend would be a long one for the teens since there'd be no school because of a teacher's in-service on Monday. Jessie confided to Eric and Evan, after discussing it with Jase and Tyler, if an attack on him were to occur it'd be a good time for it. Eric suggested it might be helped along if the boys made no bones about spending Sunday night after work there after they waited tables Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at "The Birchwood."

Monday morning, around three-thirty, the alert alarms sounded on Eric and Evan's cell phones, scrambling them from bed! Grabbing the clothes they had at the ready, heading for the SUV, Eric announced, looking at the live-stream video coming from one of the many cameras Franklin so carefully and strategically installed on the property near the mobile home and around Jessie's cabin, "Looks like there's about a dozen assembled near the mobile home!" and once on the road, he monitored the livestream video from the cabin while Evan sent them hurtling down the county road toward the cabin.

Pulling into the lane, Evan stopped, turned the engine off, and they waited. Eric sent a text to Jessie, hoping to alert him of the impending danger!

"Company coming your way!"

"Been expecting them for about fifteen minutes," Jessie responded. "How many?"

"About a dozen!"

"Shit," muttered Jessie aloud, "they outnumber us!"

"On our way!" was another text, this time from Franklin.

The large wolf watched and listened as well, hearing slight movement within the cabin, and decided the occupants were awake and moving around.

"Anytime," he thought, tensing his body, readying for the attack!

The sun was barely peaking up when Jessie stepped from the cabin, off of the porch, and stood naked, cock in hand, and took a piss in front of the cabin, seemingly totally innocent of the danger now approaching! Just as the stream dwindled and he shook his limp cock several times, the rogue pack launched its attack from the trees on the other side of the clearing, howling and racing toward Jessie. The Alpha, for some reason, didn't lead, but brought up the rear, watching closely for any interference or attacks on them!

Jase, Tyler, Rick, Robbie, Mike, and Chad bounded out of the cabin, joining Jessie and all seven of the teens shifted into a small pack of snarling, teeth baring, hackles raised, ready to fight werewolves; ready to defend their territory and their Alphas' mate!

The rogues spread out in a v-shaped formation as they charged the waiting teens, unaware of the barrier laying concealed in front of them. When the pack hit the concealed line of silver, those in the middle eased through the gap with no problems and were engaged by the teen wolves. The air was filled with howls of pain as the others were seared by the pain of the dreaded silver, causing chaos as they writhed about, trying to escape the torture! The turmoil caused the Alpha to look toward his pack, confused what was causing the problem, and was about to dash forward, when the blaring sound of a horn from an SUV racing down the lane and screeching to a halt in the midst of his disoriented pack further distracted him!

The large wolf, hiding in the brush, used the distraction to his advantage and attacked the Alpha! Bigger, stronger, and well-motivated, the large wolf quickly dispatched the Alpha by breaking its neck, with a single "snap" of his strong jaws and a twist of the rogue's head!

Eric and Evan leaped from the SUV and opened fire with their shotguns on the milling wolves. The shotguns, firing rounds of large-size, sliver-alloyed shot, cut killing swaths into the pack! The silver shot, hitting furry bodies, burying deep, releasing its toxic poison to werewolves, quickly brought down four of the rogues! The large wolf entered the fray and killed two more and was almost shot by Eric, but Evan shouted a warning,

"Not him; he's on our side, I think!"

Firing another round at a wolf trying to get away, dropping it, added, "If he's not, we'll shoot the fucker!"

"Kill any wounded ones!" Eric shouted to Evan as he pumped a round from his 9mm pistol into a wolf trying to get up.

Inside the "safe zone" the four remaining wolves were engaged in a life or death struggle with the seven teen wolves. One in particular seemed to concentrate its effort on Jessie's wolf, determined to have him dead! Jessie, however, was of another mind, and taking advantage when Robbie nabbed the attacker on a rear leg, severing a tendon, leaped and grabbed the rogue by the neck. Struggling to break the rogue's neck, he heard Eric offer,

"Please allow me to give you a hand!" and shot the rogue with his pistol.

Franklin, Art, Scott, and Ted arrived just as the fight was over. Art looked around, nodded his head in satisfaction, and announced,

"Good thing we got here to help out, otherwise it could've been bad for you guys!"

Jessie's wolf looked at the carnage, the stench of death strong, the sense of victory stronger, and spotted the large wolf who leaped into the attack on their side seated on its haunches some thirty yards in the distance. Walking slowly toward it, offering no sign of threat to the stranger, came within a few feet, and asked,

"Who are you?"

"I'm a Guardian, sent by the Grand Council to rid us of this wickedness, this pestilence plaguing our communities!"

"And who was he?" Jessie indicated by flipping his head at the now dead rogue leader.

"The one who attacked, then killed, raped, and robbed my family and my fellow pack members several years ago!"

"So, you're the original Guardian?" Jessie inquired, remembering Dr. Thomas' telling of the attack in New York State and the lone survivor.

A nod of the Guardian's head affirmed Jessie's conclusion. It was then Jessie picked up the faint scent he'd detected after the Peter's fire, at the Fourth of July celebration, and near the cabin earlier in the month; a scent which haunted him, teased his memory, and frustrated his attempts to recall when and where he originally detected it and who or what it might belong to!

"The dead must be disposed of," the Guardian announced. "There will be a special crew here in less than two hours to take care of it. I'd suggest your human friends make certain all the rogues are dead. The silver bullets are very effective!"

Their conversation was interrupted by several gunshots, bringing Jessie's attention back to the cabin. Dr. Thomas, Andre, Dana, and Norm arrived while he was talking to the Guardian and evidently Dr. Thomas already convinced Eric and Evan to give those rogues not killed by gunfire, a "coups de grace" just to make certain they wouldn't twitch anymore!

Jessie turned back to speak to the Guardian, but he was gone, slipping away undetected.

Jessie shifted back to human, walked back to the cabin, and rejoined the group, who were also in the process of shifting. Not only were the living shifting, but the dead rogues, as bodies cooled in death, began a slow shifting into human forms. Dr. Thomas moved among them, staying a respectable distance from those shot, taking pictures with a digital camera.

"Need to identify these characters," he commented clinically.

Jessie looked at the rogue so intent on killing him and gasped in recognition, calling Art Campbell over to confirm it. The dead rogue was Warren Floyd, the young man who'd interviewed with Campbell and Associates for an I.T. position and was not hired. He was also the one who tried to put the make on Jessie at the potluck, was rebuffed and further thwarted in his attempt by Jase and Tyler!

Jase and Tyler joined them and recognized the corpse as well.

"Must have been a little upset 'cause he didn't get you, Jessie," Tyler commented.

Eric and Evan spent some time during the next week, using a mattock and metal detector, locating and digging up the silver barrier around the cabin and in front of it, as well as any stray shot or bullets embedded in or laying on the ground. After the cleanup crew carted the bodies away, there was no evidence of anything out of the ordinary occurring!

Saturday morning found Eric and Evan at their usual breakfast table. Their conversation concerning the excitement the previous weekend was interrupted by Ted Symthe, dressed in civilian clothes and not his DNR uniform.

"Haven't seen you in a while," Evan commented.

"Nope, I've been gone and it's going to be a long time before you see me again!"

"How's that?" Eric asked cautiously.

"Got a new job in Georgia and I'm on my way now. Just stopped to have my thermos filled with coffee!"

Eric and Evan wished him well in the future and watched him drive away in his pickup truck.

"Good riddance to bad rubbish," Evan said with a smile.

"I don't know, we could get somebody much worse!" Eric considered aloud.

"You really think so?"

It was a busy night at "The Birchwood" and Jessie, Jase, and Tyler worked late. Instead of going home, Jase and Tyler spent the rest of the night at Jessie's, snuggled and fucking!

"That's it!" Jessie exclaimed! suddenly remembering the scent which had been taunting him.

"You got that right," Jase moaned as he began spurting his release deep into Jessie's love chute, mixing it with the copious amounts of his brother's deposited there previously! Jessie's anal ring twitched and contracted, milking Jase's fat, long cock of each and every drop his balls prepared for this, his favorite activity.

"No, you silly goose," Jessie laughed, flexing his anal ring vigorously, bringing a catch in Jase's breath at the erotic sensations, "The cologne!"

"What cologne?" gurgled Tyler, slowly sucking the head of Jessie's rampant prick!

"Eternity®, a male cologne by Calvin Klein!"

"Doesn't smell like that to me; it's the sweet smell of cock I'm experiencing right now!"

"No, you guys!" Jessie sputtered in exasperation. "It's the cologne the Guardian wears!"

The End

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