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The Leapling

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 10

"…..we cannot help but believe that old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribes shall soon dissolve; that as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself; and that America must play its role in ushering in a new era of peace."

(Barack Obama, President of the United States)
(Inaugural Address, January 20, 2009)

"I raced toward the outstretched, open arms welcoming me, convinced the attack at Pearl Harbor and the death of my parents was all a dream and I was waking to my life again! Yet, as I slowed nearing him, I thought how could it be? I was in a cold, snowy clime, leaving a passenger train being escorted by a young, handsome, African-American soldier."

"The closer I came to the man, even through my tear-filled eyes, I began to realize it hadn't been a dream! The man standing in front of me sounded like my dad, looked so much like him as he smiled, and similar to my smile when I was happy. His eyes, although his face beamed with joy, were filled with tears such as mine were."

"I stopped less than a foot from him," Chance said, "looked at his face in disbelief, and was about to step back away from him, when he reached forward, brought me to his chest and sobbed, 'It's me, Chance, Uncle Avery!' I remember distinctly what he said to me after that!

'Oh my sweet darling boy; how I wish it were me instead of your father, my own beloved brother, who perished! Now, you and I have each other to love and hold,'

"and began rocking me from side to side as we stood on the cold platform of the train station. I began to relax, although not stopping my stomach racking sobs! Uncle Avery did something so, so meaningful at the time; he opened his coat, brought me to the warmth of his chest, and covered us both with the warm sheepskin, kissing me on the head, face, and hugging me tight."

Chance stopped and as we waited for him to continue, all of us overcome with the emotion, feeling the depth of the loss of both of the men in front of us! The boys shifted on the floor; Javier rolled to his side allowing Efrain to snug his pert, round mounds up against Javier's much more than average sized manhood. Concepcion abandoned his blanket and scooted his body under theirs, resting his also nicely shaped butt up against Efrain's crotch (have I mentioned how I think all of our boys have nicely shaped, delicious looking butts?), and settled in, with Javier reaching over to hug the other two closer together. The three of them were safe in each other's arms, protecting, giving comfort, and support to each other!

"Watching Chance run toward me," Avery said sadly, "shouting for his daddy, expecting me to be Robert, damned near broke my heart, but I knew I had to try to be strong for both of us! My resolve vanished when he stopped right in front of me¸ his face reflecting his disappointment. I was afraid he was going to bolt on me, so I reached forward, pulled him close and noticing him shivering from the cold, opened my coat, holding him tight to me until I could pull the coat over both of us, vowing never to let my sweet boy suffer like this again, if it was in my power to prevent it or stop it."

Avery held Chance, warming him with his own body heat, comforting him until he felt the lad relax and his crying slowed to a soft, "hiccup," and asked Pookie his name, made some small talk concerning the trip to Morgan's Landing, and after getting a brief summary, asked Pookie to help with the luggage. Leading the way, Avery carrying a suitcase and Chance's pack and Pookie handling his duffle bag and the other suitcase, the trio walked to the parking lot where his pickup was parked.

"Can you drive, Pookie?" Avery inquired with Pookie quickly responding he could; never had a license but could hot-wire and steal a car just as easily as a teen boy could jack-off!

"But I have to report to Army Headquarters at the Arsenal in order to muster out!" he advised, unwilling to take a chance on screwing up his discharge.

"Hell, you can do it in the morning right after a good night's sleep, hot shower, and full belly!" snorted Avery. "Shit, the army doesn't even know you're here yet!"

The luggage was loaded into the back of the pickup where it'd ride protected by a covered topper Avery had the shop build for him. Once loaded, he crawled into the front seat, opened his coat, set Chance on his lap, pulled him close, secured his coat around both of them, and handed Pookie the truck keys.

Avery directed Pookie on the roads to take as they drove to Bend in the River Farm. Chance woke about an hour later five or so miles from the farm. It was nearing six o'clock and winter darkness was upon them so his first sight of the farm, as they drove down the lane, was the big yard light illuminating the snow covered yard in front of the big, two story farm house. Another light lit up a smaller house just across the farm lane and yard.

Carrying the suitcase and day pack, Avery secured one of Chance's hand in his free one, waited until Pookie had the other suitcase and his duffle, and led them up onto the big, three-season porch, and into the front foyer of the house. Chance, still silent, noticed a staircase in front of them leading to the upstairs, another door to his immediate left ("goes downstairs" advised Avery), a dining room to his left, and a very large living room to his right, a warm, inviting fire going in the brick fireplace. The house was warm, heated, according to Avery, with radiators, carrying hot water and steam from the furnace in the basement. Stepping into the living room, Chance saw two women and three boys, older than he was, but not much he thought.

Avery introduced one woman as Mrs. Wilson, the housekeeper who lived in the little house across the lane, and the other as his Grandmother Morgan.

"Those other three scalawags," Avery noted, "live here and work here when they're not in school."

He introduced Henry Jackson, age fourteen, Emil Jordan, age fourteen, and Steve Morgan, age 16; "your cousin" he noted. The three boys waved, smiled, and said "Hi" but offered no more, instead sort of stood staring at the tanned, long-haired, thin, nine year old. Chance, in return, still hunkered up close to Avery, managed a small smile and offered a tentative hand wave to the three.

The introductions complete, there was an awkwardness in the room, people uncertain what to do next. Avery quickly filled the silence by introducing Pookie.

"Private First Class, Anthony Wilson; no relation to you I'm certain, Mrs. Wilson," he added with a smile, "Chance's military escort from Hawaii. He'll be staying the night with us before he has to return to the Arsenal in the morning to be mustered out. Steve, Henry, and Emil, he'll be staying in one of the extra beds upstairs, so I'd appreciate you having it ready for him."

Pookie didn't waste any time stepping forward, shaking the boys' hands, glancing longingly at their full crotches, and smiling in anticipation of a good night's "rest."

Ruth Morgan, realizing suddenly she'd not given this grandson she'd never met, only seen pictures of a hug ,quickly walked over, saying, "Give your grandmother a big hug!" and embraced him. Her hug was more than a welcome; it was a loving hug given to the son of a son she'd never hug or see again! She was almost overcome with the emotion of the moment, her eyes misting over and her voice choking! Chance looked so much like Robert but more like Avery at this age.

"You Morgan men all look so much like each other," she commented, pulling the stocking cap from Chance's head.

She smoothed back his hair, giving him a kiss on the forehead, while saying, "We'll have to get this brushed and trimmed a little."

"I forgot to tie it back this morning," Chance answered apologetically, not relishing the thought of having his hair cut.

Ruth sensed his wariness, almost bordering on mistrust, and decided not to press the issue, although she wasn't a bit happy with his long hair – it just wasn't "stylish;" besides it gave him an almost feminine look, and along with his thin, lithe frame, made him appear frail or weak, a "sissy".

Mrs. Wilson announce dinner would be served in about ten minutes and Avery removed Chance from his grandmother, excusing the both of them so he could show Chance around the house and to his new bedroom. Henry reached forward, took Pookie's hand and led him up the stairs to the bedrooms. The boys grabbed all of the luggage, carried the suitcases upstairs to the first bedroom on the right and put the suitcases and day pack on the bed. Once done, they led Pookie down the hall toward two bedrooms, one on each side of the hall; shouting out over their shoulders to Chance the bathroom was there, pointing a door at the end of the hall.

Chance and Avery walked into the bedroom where his suitcases and day pack rested on the double bed. The room was large, with two windows; one overlooking the front yard and the other overlooking the lane and the small "hired hand's" house as Avery referred to it. A large dresser, a night stand, and a desk and chair were in the room and a very large closet built into one wall. After looking around for a minute, Avery led him down the hall to the large bathroom, pointing out the shower and the linen and towel closet, before ushering him back down stairs to the dining room. The table was already set, but Avery took a moment to show Chance the kitchen and the back door entrance to the house.

It wasn't long until he could hear the boys giggling and Pookie laughing as they entered the dining room. Avery and Chance, along with Mrs. Wilson and Grandmother Morgan joined them in the dining room. Mrs. Wilson prepared a big beef roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, cooked carrots and green beans, home-baked rolls, and apple pie for dessert. Steve poured large glasses of milk for each of the boys and Chance, while the rest had coffee with cream.

The meal wasn't disagreeable, not unlike many of those he'd been eating since the war started, as far as Chance was concerned, but still different from what he'd been accustomed to. Island food was different, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, cooked rice, fish and seafood of all kinds, pork, very little beef, and, with Mrs. Watanabe cooking, fixed Japanese style more often than not.

Chance ate sparingly, tasting each food, deciding if he liked it or not, yet satisfying any hunger he had. Avery thought he ate too little compared to the other three boys. Chance didn't hesitate when it came to the apple pie, however, it disappeared shortly after it was put in front of him!

Dinner conversation revolved around doing chores, the cattle and hogs the boys had to care for, taking care of the chickens and gathering their eggs, the two cows they had to milk each morning and night, and of the war. It was discussed delicately at first, but when Chance made no comment or reaction, the delicacy was dropped.

When Henry Jackson made the comment "those slant-eyed Japs," Chance quietly lay down his fork, stood, looked at Henry, saying softly, but eyes snapping in anger, "I don't suppose your parents were killed by those "slant-eyed Japs," were they?"

Without waiting for an answer, he continued evenly, almost menacingly, "My best friend in the whole world, born in Hawaii and a U.S. citizen, was one of your 'slant-eyed Japs' and after the attack, he disappeared, probably either imprisoned or killed by Haole assholes like you!"

Switching to Japanese, voice raising, he pointed an accusing finger at Henry, "You, you piece of dog shit, have the manners of water buffalo farting your words out of your ass!" and, picking up the two-tined meat serving fork, jammed it hard into the roast, scowling viciously, growling, "buk-korosu!" (I'll fuck you up!)

The dinner table became deathly still, quiet as a churchyard at midnight; Chance turned to his grandmother, saying, "I apologize to you Grandmother for my behavior and the rudeness of one of your dinner guests," and bowing, in Japanese, "Please forgive your most unworthy grandson; I am but defending the honor of my parents and friend!" and left the table!

Ruth cleared her throat, watching her grandson leave the room, and said simply, "Oh dear!"

"You dumb shit!" growled Steve at Henry.

"Well, that's certainly more that's what he's said since he got off of the train," Avery contributed calmly and started to get up from his chair to follow after Chance.

"I'll go, Uncle Avery," Steve quickly volunteered.

"Me too," chimed in Emil.

"I will too," added Henry sheepishly. "I owe him an apology!"

Raising his hand in a cautionary gesture to the three boys, Pookie said calmly, as if discussing the color of the paint on the walls, "Before you do, boys, you need to know what that little, long-haired, nine year old boy all three of you think is wimpy looking, has been through and what he is capable of doing! When a detail of military police officers was sent to his house under orders from an Army Captain to bring him to headquarters, he shredded the uniform of one while inflicting several bite wounds, one nearly taking the soldier's finger off, and inflicted lacerations to the same soldier; another soldier was reduced to a moaning heap after being knocked silly by a baseball bat slammed into his crotch; another battered about the arms, legs and stomach by the same bat, and once the small boy was subdued, handcuffed, and delivered to the Captain, slipped the handcuffs, and came this close," indicating a gap of about a half-an-inch between his thumb and forefinger, "to skewering the Captain's balls on a sharpened lead pencil! Now, think of all of that as you approach him, okay?" and concluded with asking for another piece of apple pie!

"Oh," he quickly added, "I almost forgot; that 'slant-eyed Jap' friend of his, while trying to stop him from being hauled away, broke a jeep windshield and blacked the eye of the Corporal in charge with two well-aimed pitches of baseballs!"

All three boys hesitated, Henry looked at the fork sticking in the beef roast, turned pale thinking of what he'd just heard, and unconsciously reached down and cupped his balls!

"Oh my!" gasped Ruth Morgan quickly rethinking her concerns over his long hair and need for a haircut.

"I went upstairs to my bedroom," Chance said, as the story evolved, "to do some unpacking and a lot of thinking. In my heart I knew I'd been too quick to anger, but there was no way I was going to put up with that shit if I was going to live here! Then, I thought, maybe I just shit in my own nest and Uncle Avery wouldn't want me to stay here after all. I didn't think I'd impressed Grandmother Morgan with my behavior either."

"I heard footsteps on the stairs, turned, on my guard, not knowing what to expect!"

Steve rapped on the door frame of the open door and asked if they could come in. Chance wasn't about to say no since all three of the boys were bigger and stronger than he was. Steve was the first through the door, followed by Emil and Henry, although Henry didn't move far from the open doorway.

Chance was standing on the other side of his bed, one of the suitcases opened, lid up, concealing his lower body up to his chest, leaving his head and shoulders exposed. His hands and arms, having just been in the suitcase, were concealed by the raised lid, leaving the older boys wondering what they were concealing or what he had in the suitcase. Henry took a step backward, just in case and reached down again, checking his balls and cock.

Staring at the three boys, Chance said nothing, waiting for them to make the first gestures.

Steve shuffled his feet, looked at Chance and said, "Chance, we're really sorry for what we said and treated you! We had no idea what happened to you, okay?"

"I'm sorry too," added Emil.

Henry peeked around Emil, "I am too, Chance. I didn't mean to say bad things about your friend!" and stepped back to the doorway.

Chance didn't respond, but started to walk around the bed, leaving the suitcase. Emil took a quick step back, but not Henry! Nope; he was out the door!

Steve, on the other hand, stood stock still, not moving an inch, never batting an eye or even flinching, his eyes never leaving Chances. Chance approached him, extended a small hand, and it was accepted! The two of them came to an understanding at that moment. Steve held on to Chance's hand, as he slowly turned his head, saying, "Come on back in guys!"

Emil and Henry returned, hesitantly, and joined Steve and Chance. Each accepted Chance's handshake and as they did, Chance couldn't help but notice they were scared of him! He could see it in their eyes and feel it in their handshakes, noticing the wetness and the slight shakiness. He also saw something else in their eyes, especially in Henry's; something he'd seen in Taylor's eyes before! Chance didn't say anything, but just nodded his head. Before the older boys left the room, Steve reached forward and pulled Chance to him, giving him a warm and friendly hug.

"The three boys came back down stairs," Avery said, "and I took them to the living room where we had a chat about getting along together and how important it was to make Chance feel welcome, given what little I gathered from his angry outburst at the table. Hell, I really had no idea what his life was like or why he had at the army guys, but figured I'd find out eventually. The boys all agreed to do their best, especially Henry, who said he 'sure didn't want to piss him off.'"

Avery's discussion with his mother was more complicated and took longer, mainly because it was difficult for her to understand why a nine year old boy would act like that, especially since he was so quiet and delicate looking. His aggressiveness really set her back, wondering what kind of life her grandson led and what types of hoodlums he associated with! Avery didn't think it'd do any good to try to explain to her war did strange things and sometimes changed people forever. Had Ruth Morgan known what all Avery had done and was capable of doing she wouldn't have been so shocked by the actions of her grandson. Avery concluded there really wasn't that much difference between Chance and him, except for the deep tan and long hair.

Mrs. Wilson, sitting quietly at the table listening, just took it all in; she'd been Avery's housekeeper for some time and was more than accustomed to what went on in the house!

"I filled the furnace with wood before I went to bed," Avery continued. "When I went upstairs, I noticed Chance's door was closed and figured he just wanted to be left alone. I hoped he had warm pajamas or something to sleep in. Even with the furnace going, the house could really cool down by morning in the winter."

Avery stripped, as was his usual custom, crawled into bed, spent some time wondering what all really happened and why Chance spoke another language so fluently. He assumed it was Hawaiian, not realizing it was Japanese, but decided to check it out in the morning. Avery couldn't help but notice how much Chance reminded him of himself; quiet, unassuming, small framed, and quite capable of putting people who fucked with him in their place, either above ground or below. Avery was used to having boys around the house, but raising one, well, that'd be different!

Around midnight, Avery was awakened by his bedroom door opening and a very naked Chance crept in, looked around seeming to assess the situation, and darted for his bed! Before Avery could react, Chance was under the covers and snugged up against him, naked body making contact with naked body.

"I'm cold!"

Avery pulled him closer, held him, warming him with his own body heat. After a few minutes, he felt Chance began to cry softly!


"Uh huh!"


"Uh huh!"

"Miss them?"

Chance suddenly swiveled, faced Avery, wrapped his arms around his uncle and sobbed, loud, painful, sorrowful sobs!

"Me too!" Avery confessed and they cried together, trying to relieve the grief they both felt over their losses.

Before Chance drifted off to sleep, Avery explained what he experienced at the table would only be the first of what he might run into while the war was on and perhaps after. He didn't fault Chance, but did caution him in the future to pick the time and place of his battles and how important it was to stand up against prejudice of any kind. Avery felt it when he was living with Leo, when Francisco moved in and became his lover, and saw the way blacks and Latinos were treated.

Chance woke the next morning, all alone in the bed, with a piss hard-on that made his little pecker stiff to its full three and a half inches. He remembered where the bathroom was and raced down the hall, popped in the bathroom, faced the toilet, and pushed his pecker down so he could drain his bladder. As he was pissing, he realized he wasn't the only one in the bathroom; there were two others in there, in the shower, concealed by the shower curtain, and there was no water running. Instead there were distinct sounds coming from there; sound of someone being fucked and someone else doing the fucking!

As the sounds of thrusting, increasing in intensity, and the sounds of pleasure from both parties, came from the shower, he heard Henry say,

"Jesus, Pookie, you fucked Steve once last night, Emil once also, and me twice, and now you're shoved it up my ass for a third time!"

"Yeah," Pookie responded, grunting louder as he was nearing the end of the game, "I just couldn't leave without breeding this tight ass of yours one more time! Besides, you love it!"

"Yeah," admitted Henry, "but you're damn bigger than Emil or Steve! Besides, you cum a bunch!"

"Oh, god!" Chance heard Pookie say, "I'm cumming!" and whispered his relief! "You're a great fuck, Henry!"

Chance left the bathroom before he was discovered, realizing he'd learned a great deal about the three older boys in the house, and smiled to himself as he dressed. Knowledge is power his daddy always told him.

Emil and Steve, finished with morning chores, joined Avery and Chance at the breakfast table. Steve informed Avery the extra milk from the two cows was in the cooler and the milk for the house was in the refrigerator.

"The hens only laid about three dozen eggs overnight," Emil said, "I guess the cold weather slowed them down. There's enough set aside for "Mudpuppy's" so you can get rid of some too."

Avery was slowly increasing the size of his laying hen flocks in order to supply the steakhouse for breakfast orders, as well as increasing his hog and cattle herds. The war was going to bring on rationing, of that he was certain, and had advised his family to make similar preparations. Rationing would also provide him with an opportunity to not only supply his customers, but increase his revenue through private sale of meat and other products. He'd already began planning a larger garden in the spring and in his monthly meeting with his siblings, told them to do the same.

Pookie and Henry joined them at the table and nothing was mentioned concerning their late arrival or Henry not helping with chores. Chance knew darned well why the other two kept quiet; they didn't walk as funny as Henry did or squirm when they sat down. He was almost willing to bet, the way Henry was complaining (pleasurably) a stove pipe would fit up his ass now!

Deciding to check out what he'd thought of concerning languages the night before, Avery asked Chance, in Spanish, "We're having scrambled eggs and bacon; is there anything else you'd like?"

Chance thought a moment, replying in Spanish, "Yes, some fruit if you have it, please."

Henry, Steve, and Emil stared wide-eyed at Chance, wondering what'd happen next! It was apparent Chance spoke another language other than English and the one he spoke the night before when he was angry. They assumed it was Hawaiian and now this was something different; even Avery could speak this one.

"How many languages do you speak?" Avery asked curiously, as if it were something he'd ask anyone else.

Chance furled his forehead, twisted his mouth a bit, thinking over the question before responding, "American, Hawaiian, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese although my Chinese isn't as good as the others," and told Mrs. Wilson thanks for the dish of fruit she placed in front of him, adding quickly, "and of course, Pidgin English."

The three older boys just looked at each other; their new resident wasn't only tougher than sour owl shit, but spoke a bunch of languages as well. Just loud enough for the other two to hear, Henry speculated aloud, "I'll bet he's fucking smart as well!"

Pookie, swallowing a bite of eggs, volunteered, "It's not unusual for Island kids to speak or understand multiple languages since there's such a mix of people there."

Avery kept Chance home from school that day and several more, so they could deliver Pookie to the Arsenal, make some deliveries of eggs, milk, and some "extra beef roasts" to some people in the area, and do some school and winter clothes shopping for Chance. It also would give him an opportunity to meet some relatives and perhaps sooth the concerns of Grandmother Morgan.

"I thought," he said, giving Chance a tap on the knee, "it'd also give the older boys the opportunity to spread the word not to fuck with the newcomer in my house. By the time they got done," he laughed, "you'd think Chance whipped the entire garrison on the Island single-handed!"

With that, I gave Javier, Efrain, and Concepcion a nudge with my toe. "You boys better get to bed; chores and school in the morning!"

John Finch, the football coach, suddenly decided to take an early retirement and was gone when we returned to school the next day. His place was taken by a young assistant coach, about my age, and well-liked by the students. I suspected Finch's early retirement was spurred by something he and Aidan discussed as I thought about the envelope and short discussion Aidan and Avery had the night before.

School settled into a normal routine. I had Julio, Alex, Concepcion, Javier, and Efrain in my classes, although not all at once, since I was the only Biology teacher. Javier and Efrain were in my advanced honors science class. Javier was so damned smart and so was Efrain. Both were good looking, but it'd take something to be better looking, more suave, easy-going, and quiet to beat Javier! Watching him move in the hallways, his slim, svelte body navigating the crowds, it seemed as though he never had to say "excuse me" to pass and generally had a smile and a soft word for many. Plenty of young ladies drooled over him, all wondering what they'd overheard from brothers or just plain boys if it was true what he had tucked away inside his pants, if it'd hurt or pleasure them, and wondering what it'd take to get a date with him to find out! I wanted to tell them they were out of luck, he preferred boys and one in particular! Listening, I also discovered there were a number of boys who wouldn't mind having a taste of his man-flesh or seeing if they could ride it.

Concepcion was absolutely bonkers over the Haynes boy, even though he was a couple of years older than him. Concepcion seemed to have a hard-on every time he was with the boy, which was every opportunity, hovering over him, protecting him, just wanting the two of them to be together. I was hoping it wouldn't be too long before Concepcion and Monty Haynes would "seal the deal" so to speak, then maybe they both would settle down a little.

Alex and Julio were occupied with Beth Morgan and Megan Rogers; Manny didn't know it quite yet, but the blue-eyed girls, Erica Blevins (Larry Blevins daughter), had him dead center in her sights and wouldn't be long for him either.

Coach Finch's retirement, the sensitivity sessions for staff and subsequent discussion with students really didn't eliminate prejudice or racial bias, but Javier's display that day in the cafeteria, with support from my boys, drove it underground except for occasional surfacing during the heat of anger! Harsh words were either denied or quickly apologized for since, no one really wanted a confrontation, I thought.

There was a definite chasm between some white students and students of color in our school population. I didn't see much socialization outside of school, except with my own family, although I felt there may be more than I could see. Perhaps cultural differences or family concerns kept them separated. In general, however, all really seemed to be getting along fine in class and school.

Prejudice and bias is something taught, learned at home, mirrored behavior, and, if the sociologists are correct, mostly based on white cultural definitions. There are those who feel one drop of black (African) blood in a person determines racially the person is black. Such perverted views of people, I thought as I watched my brown-skinned boys at school.

The boys were busy, not only at school, but at home. Not only did they have homework to do, but chores as well and, the older boys took turns working at "Mudpuppy's." Avery and Chance also had them getting the cabin ready for hunting, fishing, or a "night out" as Chance referred to it. Carlos and Luis, Avery's sidekicks, were learning how to squirrel and rabbit hunt, using shotguns and .22 rifles, from him. Chance, Tommy, and Avery were also teaching the older boys how to handle weapons as well; shotguns, rifles, and pistols. Javier was particularly adept at all, especially the pistols.

Working "Mudpuppy's" gave the older boys income through their hourly wage and extra cash from the tips. I wondered how they felt about the times one of the other boys made more in tips than they did? Javier and Efrain were certainly the ones to draw the most tips night after night they worked. I discovered the answer one night as I happened by Alex's room when Javier and Efrain came home from working at the steakhouse.

I poked my head in and noticed Alex was in the process of dividing up the tip money, equal amounts for each of them, including Manny, Carlos, and Luis, even if they didn't work at "Mudpuppy's." They explained Javier thought it was fair to do it this way and all should share since they were "family" and "family" took care of each other. I couldn't ask for anything more, could you?

I thought everything was going well until the end of September!

The school's fall mixer dance was two weeks away and the older boys were excited! Alex and Julio asked if they could use my pickup in order to double date and, since I didn't have any chaperone duties the night of the dance, consented. Javier and Efrain asked Aidan if they could use his, again for the same purpose. Concepcion asked Monty Haynes to go and they'd double date with Javier and Efrain. The only person not entirely pleased with the arrangements was Manny! Apparently, Erica Blevins won and Manny asked her to the dance as well.

Alex and Javier both quickly volunteered to go late and leave early so they could chauffer Manny and Erica to and from the dance, but Javier persisted, sensibly stating it'd be easier and less hassle for his group to do the chauffeuring rather than Alex. Made sense to them and to me, so the arrangements were settled to everyone's satisfaction, I thought.

Two nights later as Aidan and I were about to continue to explore our intense love for each other beyond the kissing stage (man, can he ever kiss; lips so sweet, full of passion and desire he brings, makes my love staff come to attention), when our bedroom door opened and two naked boys came in!

Julio quickly slipped under the covers, stretching out over my naked front, taking the position all of our boys seemed to want and relish, while Alex did the same to Aidan, bringing a groan from my lover! Julio wrapped his arms around me, lay his head next to mine on my shoulder, and I felt warm tears falling from his face to my neck!

"Hey, Julio," I asked softly with great concern for his well-being, "what's seems to be the problem?"

"Her dad won't let me take her to the dance!" he sobbed.


"Yeah!" Alex said angrily, answering for him.

"Why not? You've been dating her since last summer, Julio?"

Julio just shrugged, his heart crumbling as he lay atop me!

Alex, however, from his perch on Aidan, wasn't a bit hesitant and growled quietly,

"Megan told Julio she couldn't go because her dad thought they were getting "too close" and she was "too young" to be so involved with Julio! She tried to explain they'd be double-dating with Beth and me, but it didn't mean shit to him! In fact, he said it was all the more reason for his decision. She could go to the dance with an older brother and he'd bring her home, that way there wouldn't be any "hanky-panky." Did he think we were going to fuck the girls stupid or something? Come on, get a life! Both girls are still virgin and will stay that way until they decide differently!"

Well, that made Aidan and me feel somewhat better!

Her two older brothers were both students at the high school and the oldest, a senior, was on the football team and one of Coach Finch's favorites before he left and the assistant took over. According to what Alex overheard at physical education in the locker room, both Megan's father and her oldest brother were blaming "those damned Spics" for everything and didn't want her bringing home a "brown bun in the oven!" The oldest brother was heard saying, "Bad enough they come up here and take our jobs, now they want our women as well!"

That tended to piss Aidan and me off!

"Shit!" I muttered, "This is one hell of a mess!"

I didn't really know the Rogers family well, although I did have one of the brothers, the youngest, in one of my classes, so I asked Aidan if he knew them.

"Yeah," he said noncommittally, "I've had some dealing with him before."

"What am I going to do, El Jefe?" Julio pleaded sadly. "We love each other so much!"

I heard Chance and Tommy come home from work and go to their room.

"Got an idea!" I said emphatically. "Let's go talk to Chance and Tommy and see what they have to say.

The four of us paraded nakedly across the hall, a swift rap on the door, and without waiting to be invited in, confronted Tommy and Chance, standing naked, and erect in the bedroom. Now, I thought Chance was quite a sight erect and whistled softly at the amazing hard cock jutting out in front of him. If the rest of them noticed, they said nothing.

"We have a bit of a problem!" I stated as we entered.

"So do we," answered Chance, "but we can solve it as soon as you guys leave!"

Chance and Tommy sat on their bed, Aidan and I joined them, and Alex and Julio settled on the carpet. Julio and Alex explained the situation.

Chance's comment at the end was simply, "John Rogers is still a dumb fuck!" setting the tone and approach I could see Chance was going to take. Obviously, John Rogers and Chance weren't strangers or good friends either!

After Julio finished describing the situation, the bedroom door opened, again, and Javier, Efrain, Concepcion, and Manny trotted in, all just as naked as the rest of us! Chance looked at all of the teen, brown, uncut, and flaccid cocks wobbling in front of him, leaned over, saying to Tommy,

"You know, I don't think we've seen this many beautiful cocks on display since we were in the French Quarter of New Orleans during Mardi Gras!"

Tommy looked Javier over with great care, commenting, "There's no doubt, from how Avery described Francisco, that Javier shares some pretty healthy, hefty genes of Francisco's and the other boys seemed to as well, but not as many as Javier!"

He looked at Efrain, raised his eyebrows questioning how in the world that huge sausage of Javier's could be stuffed up such a small hole, and Efrain grinned, shrugged his shoulders, and said nothing else but did settle his eyes on Tommy's smaller cock beginning to chub up!

"So, what are we going to do?" asked Javier. "Julio loves Megan, her father and oldest brother are jerks, and the dance is two weeks away?"

"I don't know right off hand," Chance responded thoughtfully, "but I do know the racial and ethnic discrimination and hate you boys and others feel is similar to what I experienced when I came here during World War II."

"You mean after you and Uncle Avery took Pookie back to the Arsenal and went shopping?" Manny asked.

Tommy, Chance, Aidan, and I looked at him, puzzled he should know!

Manny saw the looks and said simply, "Javier and Efrain keep us up to date."

"Maybe we can find an answer or at least get some ideas," Chance suggested.

The boys settled in, after rummaging around for blankets to cover themselves with. Manny cuddled himself between Julio and Alex under one blanket and Concepcion with Efrain pressed up against his butt and Javier pressed up against Efrain's butt, under another. I thought about cautioning the three of them not to get too affectionate, but figured if they wanted to fuck who was I to say no?

Avery and Chance spent the week acquainting Chance with Morgan's Landing, Bend in the River Farms, "Mudpuppy's" and other holdings of Avery's. They also made several visits to Grandmother Morgan's hoping to bring Chance and her closer together; she was willing, but Chance remained distant, as he did with many folks. Avery also convinced him to get his hair trimmed before entering school in hopes to reduce the teasing or taunting he might receive.

The school was located in town about four blocks back from the river and about five blocks from "Mudpuppy's." On days Chance decided not ride home with Steve, he could walk down to the restaurant, have a snack and visit with Avery, and go home with him later or Steve would drive in and get him. It gave Chance and Avery the opportunity to visit about Chance's day.

Avery enrolled him in school a week after his arrival. Chance was outfitted in heavy winter clothes and five-buckle overshoes. Chance allowed the sheepskin coat, the stocking cap, mittens, scarf, jeans, and flannel shirt were needed for the cold weather, but he drew the line on wearing long underwear, instead covering his sweet, little tush and pecker with boxers. Steve, Henry, and Emil kept an eye on him as best they could, but he was in the elementary section and they were in the high school portion of the school.

"I really had very little trouble the first month or so of school," Chance confessed. "Evidently my reputation, spread by the boys, kept other kids wary; of course, I didn't have any friends either."

The war continued almost unabated with Germany bombing the shit out of England and Europe and systematically butchering and incinerating people, especially Jews! By the end of January, Japan either occupied, was fighting, or invading, Manila, Philippines, engaged in the siege of Bataan, fighting in North-Celebes, Neth.-Indies, Kuala Lampur, Tarahan, Burma, Raboul, New Briton, and Borneo.

"1942 didn't start as a good year as far as the war was concerned and didn't really get any better," Chance said sadly. "It wasn't all that great for me either. The adapting to a new home, new relatives, and school seemed to be taking its toll, but Avery and Steve were my anchors. I was having an especially hard time dealing with all of the hate talk and government propaganda aimed mainly at the Japanese. I understood why, since they were the ones who attacked us, but the Germans were definitely enemies as well and were doing some pretty fucking nasty things as well."

"Everything seemed to come to a head in February. My folks' ashes were returned and we had them buried in the family cemetery with full military honors for my father. He was the first to be killed from Morgan's Landing in this war, but not the last! I endured the funeral service, broke up at the wonderful hero's ceremony at the cemetery, accepting the flag with great humility and respect, and stood stoically in the line accepting words of condolences at "Mudpuppy's" where Avery had a luncheon for all who attended and those who didn't."

"Amos Rogers, father to John Rogers, in my class at school, who is father to your Megan, Julio, stepped up, shook my hand and said sincerely, 'I'm sorry those yellow-skinned sons-a-bitches killed your momma and daddy!'"

Chance stiffened, about to make some reply, but Avery's restraining hand on his shoulder, stemmed any retort. Grandmother Morgan, somewhat taken aback, thanked Amos instead. Avery invited Amos to help himself to the buffet and he did.

Home that evening, Chance poured out his anger and concern over the remarks Amos Rogers made, explaining to Avery he never saw his friends in Hawaii or Tommy and his family as "yellow-skinned" or brown or any color actually! In fact he never considered himself white or "haole" until he came to the mainland. It bothered him why people saw each other as divided by color or why the newspaper cartoons and other caricatures depicted Japanese wearing thick black-rimmed glasses, overly slanted eyes, and buck teeth; his friends didn't look like that. He also wondered why there seemed to be more of the Japanese than of the Germans.

Avery thought a moment and finally said, "Chance, war and other hard times often bring out the demon among us and find a home in certain groups! Much of what you hear and see is propaganda used to ramp up hostile feelings and encourage people to fight the enemy. For others it is just a justification for the way they already felt. For some reason there are many white people who feel they're superior to any other person of color and treat them like less than human. Perhaps they feel disaffected by society, are unemployed, or have certain feelings of inferiority and blame others for their predicament, poor standard of living, and distress rather than accept much of the blame on themselves and their circumstances! There are those who sow seeds of divisiveness, discord, and hypocrisy, giving false credence to those who are predisposed to feel the same way or prey on those who are ignorant and unwilling to seek the truth. I think much of it in our country was and still is reflected in past owning of slaves. It's easy to take out frustrations and feelings of inadequacy on someone who's not white rather than admit all of us are created equal! When you confront it, you have to decide if it is the time to fight or the time to wait and fight another day when you have the advantage or can gain it."

Avery then went on to describe to Chance how he was treated when he moved in with Leo and became his lover, a boy being fucked by an adult on a regular basis; how he was treated when Francisco and he became lovers, and how his own success at such an young age in business tended to make people jealous of him!

"People, some even family, were courteous, outwardly friendly, but they sure as hell didn't want me for a close friend or invite me home for dinner. Homosexuals weren't only reviled by many but it was and is illegal for a man to fuck a man; not a woman, but a man or a boy. There were those, however, who didn't give a good rat's ass and accepted me and others, of like sexual persuasion and kept it on the quiet, who came to my house and enjoyed themselves. What we did here, stayed here!" he said.

"For those who don't accept you, fine; just walk away, but say nothing. For those who taunt you, bully you, try to ignore it; it only empowers them to do more if you don't! If they decided to fight with you, defend yourself! Learn to read people, find their weaknesses and strengths, where they are vulnerable, and how you can use all of it your advantage. For those who persist in doing you harm or plan it, use what you've learned and put them in their places, no holds barred! Knowledge is power and you'd be surprised what you can accomplish with it!"

That night, when Chance was in bed, his bedroom door opened and Steve, naked as daylight, slid under the covers with him.

"You fuck?" he asked.

Chance nodded reaching over grasping Steve's hard, long teenage cock, "but never anything this big before!"

"Get used to it," giggled Steve before turning Chance over on his stomach, spread his young, tender butt cheeks, and sunk his face into that lovely crevasse and began licking, sucking, lubricating the small rosebud about to accept his stiff and eager cock! Steve slowly slid his body on top of Chance, settled his long cock in that young cleft, kissed up Chance's back, nuzzled and kissed his neck, telling him how smooth, how soft, how lovely the boy was, before carefully positioning his hard meat at that special portal, and pushed just enough to pop the head through the anal ring, securing and committing his journey into the warm, moist, depth.

Chance moaned as he felt Steve slowly push his stiff sausage deeper and deeper, his rectal and bowel muscles flexing, stretching, accepting the glorious large instrument designed to bring men, teens, and boys pleasure! Finally, fully mounted, Steve waited while Chance became accustomed to the invading force and, once he felt him relax began a slow, totally erotic and satisfying, sensuous fuck, driving his stiff sausage in deep and out to almost the opening before delivering it again to the end of this sweet bunny's warren.

"You're so much tighter than Henry ever was!" Steve sighed, enjoying the clasping and constrictions of the young love chute.

"How about Emil?"

"He discovered women and doesn't want to do sex things with us anymore," confessed Steve.

"Where's Henry?"

"Sound asleep I think; I didn't check; I was too anxious to come down here and be with you!"

Working carefully, Steve continued their coupling, slowing only when the bedroom door opened again, this time a very naked, but must less endowed Henry, his cock leading the way, stepped in.

"He's not asleep now!" Henry said with a grin and joined them under the covers.

"Turn over on your sides," he said, "I'd like to get a taste of his little pecker!"

Steve and Chance rolled to the side, not losing contact or depth and Henry positioned himself so his head was at Chance's crotch and his own hard cock presented to Chance for a welcome sixty-nine. Boy boys latched on the presented tool like a calf to a mother's teat, sucking, licking, keeping a rhythm with Steve until first Chance, then Henry, and finally Steve, flooding the chute wrapped around his cock, orgasmed!

John Rogers was a bully and did a good job with it on other students, but he hadn't bothered Chance until just before Chance's birthday, the end of February. Oh, he'd make snide remarks, give a little push sometimes, but was always hesitant about pushing it too far. Chance learned his lesson well from Avery, anticipating the day would come when John just had to take him on! Chance listened, watched, and learned! Chance was really upset by the end of the month; Roosevelt signed the executive order, ordering the internment of over one hundred twenty thousand people of Japanese descent, the majority of them Japanese-Americans who were citizens and now "relocated" to camps, losing all of their r ights and property in the process! All he could think of was what happened to Tommy and the rest of his friends. It not only depressed him, but angered him, wondering if this really was the "land of the free."

About a week before the end of the month, while going through the lunch line (it was soup and sandwich day), standing behind John, he'd just been served his lunch, when John sneered over his shoulder, "Did you fuck your little Jap buddy or did he fuck you, you fucking little homo?"

It was the wrong thing to say to Chance and definitely the wrong time!

"Both!" Chance responded, "Why, were you interested in having a bunch of guys fuck your ass or do you just poke carrots up there and dream?"

Boy that set the action! John whirled around and doing so, somehow caused Chance to spill his hot soup all over his crotch, making John howl, drop his tray, and get tangled up in Chance's feet and fall face down on the floor, bloodying his nose. Chance, in his eagerness to help, slipped and fell on top of John pushing him harder into the floor and trying to break his own fall, accidently grabbed John by the balls and squeezed, hard!

He leaned over saying softly in John's ear so others couldn't hear, "Fuck with me again you red-necked-pencil dicked asshole, and next time I'll use a baseball bat on your ugly face, pull your pants down, shove a lead pencil up that little pathetic piece of skin you call a dick, and stomp on it," stood up, apologized profusely and walked away!

"He never bothered me again," Chance said, "in fact, tried to stay as far away from me as possible. See, John Roger's weakness, his point of vulnerability, was his own fear of being beaten or bested by someone he thought was lessor than he and he thought all non-whites, gays, any one different than him was less than him and deserved it!"

Chance paused again, adding, "Avery taught me this and I pass it on to you; Quintus Ennius, who lived between 239 and 169 B.C.E., said " Whom they fear, they hate!"

"Boys, remember that and use it!" Chance said addressing our boys, "Don't fight harder, fight smarter; find where there's an advantage and take it."

Tommy listened carefully, adding, "Julio, did you know Megan has an older sister?"

Julio shook his head no, almost in disbelief.

"Yeah, she doesn't live at home any more. I don't think John even talks about her. Apparently, when she went away to college, a handsome, young, Mexican-American man, fell in love with here, and got her pregnant! They live in another state now; John never forgave her.

Whatever was said, suddenly spurred Javier to ask Julio, "What's Megan's brother's name?"


"No, the next one down, a year older than Megan?"

"Brent, I think!"

"Thought so," responded Javier.

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