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The Leapling

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 11

"The fairest flower in the garden of creation is a young mind, offering and unfolding itself to the influence of divine wisdom as the heliotrope turns its sweet blossoms to the sun."

(J. E. Smith)

Pondering Javier's question concerning Megan's brother caused me to wonder just what the hell did he have rolling around in that brilliant, creative mind of his? There had to be some sort of plan beginning to formulate in his thought process. Chance's last remarks admonished us to think hard, put our heads together, and see if we could find a solution to Julio's problem! Javier was quite serious when considering Chance's charge and I knew he'd work through a number of scenarios on his own before he discussed us with someone else, yet knowing he was already committed to acting on his plan regardless of the outcomes of the discussion, unless something really erroneous popped up in his thought process.

Aidan and I were just as serious and felt John Roger's experience with his oldest daughter and her husband tainted his feelings toward Julio, but also was exacerbated by John's own bullying and racial prejudice! His fears and susceptibility to the falsehoods and hypocrisy promulgated by the far right nationalist and religious groups in the country only seemed to give credence to his feelings and actions! I wouldn't doubt he knows Julio lives in a home also occupied by gay men and young men, so it might add to his feelings of ill-will and hate.

Aidan and I discussed and explored every possibility we could think of for a solution to Julio's problem. Other than shooting John Rogers and giving him a set of cement boots and dropping him in the river (Aidan's suggestion), we failed to come up with any solution.

"Probably make the fish taste funny anyway," Aidan ventured, his face twisting after I opted out of going to jail for murder!

From my vantage point as a teacher in the high school, I had the opportunity to observe our boys as they interacted with others and in their classes, watching closely for any changes in moods or interactions. It wasn't until the third day after Julio's announcement, I noticed Julio perk up, happy as a well-fucked pup! Up to the present time, the only two who seemed upbeat and positive were Javier and Efrain. I thought at the time they were up to something and Javier was behind it!

I said nothing at the dinner table that evening and Javier, nor anyone else, offered anything in return. Dinner conversation was light and relaxed, not the doom and gloom I would've expected. When Aidan and I retired for the night, laying cuddling each other, we puzzled on what the hell Javier was up to since we were both positive he concocted something, but hadn't yet apprised us of it.

Finally, I just shrugged in resignation commenting, "Sure beats me!"

"So does this," Aidan responding with a low, sultry voice dripping with want and desire, reaching over to fondle my cock into hardness! He'd just begun working the soft foreskin up and down over my swelling glans and cock-head readying me for a visit to his milking parlor, when our bedroom door opened.

"Well, shit!" Aidan growled softly.

Javier and Efrain crawled into bed with us and assumed their usual positions; Javier's naked body atop mine, crotch to crotch and almost face to face and Efrain atop of Aidan, although he was shorter than Javier. I sighed, hearing Aidan do the same! Teen boys are so soft, warm, and loving!

"Why," I asked Javier, wrapping my arms around him, "do all of you boys seem to want to lay your naked bodies on ours when you come to visit?"

Javier grinned, answering, "Because you're comfortable and warm to lay on."

Efrain, wriggling himself into a comfortable position on Aidan, chimed in, "And you're cozy and soft!"

"I won't be for long," groaned Aidan, "if you keep squirming around on my crotch!"

"You're such a horn-dog, Uncle Aidan," Efrain joked laughingly, giving his Uncle Aidan a hug.

"I suppose you're right," Aidan agreed, wrapping his arms around Efrain and pulling him tight to his chest.

"You're growing, Javier!" I commented, noticing he was a little taller and slightly heavier, but not much. Javier would never be a heavy weight I thought, remaining slim, trim, and well-proportioned as he grew older.

"Yeah, I know," he acknowledged. "Efrain says when I get a hard-on he doesn't know how I keep from passing out when all of the blood rushes from my head!"

"I was talking about how much taller you've grown."


I was curious as to the purpose of this night visit and waited patiently for Javier to explain it to us.

"Can we have a party, please, El Jefe? Here at home, the night of the Fall Mixer?"

"Don't you and Efrain and the others want to go to the Fall Mixer?" I asked, wondering what was happening to cause them not want to go and mingle with the other students.

"Yeah, but just for a little while; you know long enough to meet some people, try the punch, sort of make an appearance and let our presence be known. Then we could all come back here."

"Who might this 'all' be and why would 'all' want to come here?" I asked warily.

"Well," explained Javier, "there'd only be about twenty-five or thirty here, not counting the chaperones, Chance, Tommy, Aidan, Avery, Grandma, Aunt Carissa, Carlos, Luis, and you. The reason would be simply; I don't know if the school would find it breaking some school rule or, in the very least, appropriate, if Efrain and I'd dance with each other or Concepcion and Monty either. So, we could come back here and dance and have some refreshments rather than risk upsetting everyone at school?"

He was making sense; I didn't think the school officials would really take kindly to gay students dancing together or snogging on the dance floor, but there was a serious flaw in his plan I thought!

"What about Julio and Megan; what will they do?"

"No problem!" Javier answered. "Julio will meet Megan at the dance and after a couple of dances, Alex, Beth, Julio, and Megan will come back here for the rest of the evening."

"That's fine, Javier, but how will she get here and what will her father say?"

"Oh, he'll let her since she has her older brother chaperoning her and he'll bring her here! Her dad's convinced she'll be safe from violation and the party will have oodles of adults around ready to jump out and shout 'STOP THAT' the minute Julio tries any hanky-panky!"

Efrain snorted and laughed; "Don't think that'd stop Julio if he was all sexed up; besides, she sure makes him stiff!"

I still wasn't convinced! I wanted to know more.

"Now, Javier, I think there's more to this than just simply, 'her brother will bring her.' Why would he want to do that; sit around all evening watching his sister dance and play kissy-face with Julio?"

"Or squeeze the sausage through his denims!" giggled Efrain obviously enjoying the conversation Javier and I were having!

"Oh, he won't mind," Javier said coyly, "he'll be dancing with his boyfriend, who we've invited as well!"

"I'll bet daddy dear doesn't know about the boyfriend, does he?"


"Javier," I asked, concerned he was listening to gossip and drew the wrong conclusions, "how do you know he has a boyfriend?"

Javier rose up, looked at me, smiled, and next to me Efrain laughed softly, and slid down a little on Aidan trying to see the expression on my face, bringing a low moan from Aidan!

"I listen, I watch, and I ask the right questions, in the right way, that's how!"

"So, who?"

"Jeremy Meyers!"

Efrain was watching the wrong face; Aidan damned near toppled his passenger onto the floor when he raised up and asked loudly, "My cousin?"

"Yep; they been fucking each other for about a year now!" Javier responded.

"No shit!"

"That's not all," Javier added, "his parents are going to be some of the chaperones and they think it's great!"

Before either of us could ask the next question, Javier explained Jeremy's parents were comfortable with his sexuality and they, along with the other chaperones agreed to keep quiet about the kids at the party and who they dated.

"Who have you contacted and have agreed to chaperone?" I asked.

"Well, besides you guys here at home, Dr. and Mrs. Haynes, Monty's folks, Jeremy's folks, Mr. and Mrs. Whiting who have a lesbian daughter with a partner, Mr. Jensen, and ….."

I stopped him!

"Coach Jensen?"

"Yeah, but don't worry about him saying anything," he answered rather nonchalantly as if discussing the weather, "besides he and a friend of his from their college days will be doing the music."

Javier mentioned a couple of other sets of parents who'd be dropping in and, although I didn't know them, Aidan did and thought they'd be good choices.

"Well, Javier, it looks as if you already have this pretty well planned," I said, resigned to go along with it. "I'll have to talk to Avery, Chance, and Tommy."

"Already did and Uncle Avery said it was a great idea and Chance and Tommy volunteered to cater it. We'll have a buffet with Mexican, American, Hawaiian, and Japanese foods and snacks, as well as an assortment of soda; no booze or drugs by kids permitted."

He thought a minute, "Uncle Avery did ask if he could serve some wine to the adults and I told him it'd be okay."

"I suppose you've already sent out the invitations haven't you?


"You're pretty damned clever, aren't you?"

Javier said nothing, but grinned his beautiful smile at me as I pulled him closer, saying to him, "We'll have one hell of a time, won't we?"

I could feel him giggle and wriggle his delight in my approval, then he did something totally unexpected and so heart-warming. Laying his head on my shoulder, he whispered softly,

"I love you so much; you're my real father now; that's how much I love you!

I swallowed, hugged him even tighter, whispering back, "I love you too, Javier, my son of sons, my brightest and most loving among the eight sons Aidan and I have!"

Our house was a busy house over the next few days in preparation for the party! Javier and Efrain did the preparatory work and promoted the idea of a party to, prior to talking to Aidan and me, the rest of the boys and it became a group project with Alex heading up the "committee."

Javier was determined his brother wouldn't be disappointed, in spite of Megan's father's disapproval of her dating a person of color! "Fuck'em," he confessed to me and set about planning a successful event! Once he proposed the idea to the others, they all pitched in. Their most important task was preparing the guest list and the chaperone list. Working together, putting their collective knowledge to the task, with guidance from Javier who seemed to know more than any of them concerning who was dating who and who could be counted on to keep their own counsel concerning who was at the party with who, they had a list of some twenty-five student, not counting themselves, and a large group of chaperones, including us.

Alex approached Coach Jensen about the event and asked if he could help find a disc jockey, knowing full well from what Efrain and Javier discovered he would, and Jensen volunteered himself and a college friend, who was a DJ, to do it. He was even more willing and excited when the diversity of the group was explained to him. Javier relayed to Alex Mr. Jensen could be as silent as the tomb when it came to secrets known and secrets held!

Carlos and Luis, favorites as they were, approached Avery for permission to have the party at the house, once receiving his blessing, headed for Chance and Tommy to ask them if "Mudpuppy's" would cater it, if Estele and Carissa would help. Of course they had to ask them as well. Who could turn those two cuties down? Nobody did!

Frankly, I didn't have a clue what the boys were up to and it was just as well. I was busy teaching school and dodging questions, claiming I was new to the area and to the profession, from some of the staff members concerning rumors they were hearing concerning a "party" somewhere the night of the fall mixer. Naturally it was assumed it'd be a beer party somewhere in the woods or in someone's house if the parents were gone.

The boys wanted an alcohol and drug free party and they'd have nothing else! All of the guests and chaperones were informed in the invitations and in person. Avery wanted to serve the adults wine, along with cheese, meat, and cracker trays upstairs in the living room, and after discussing it with the boys, Javier thought it'd be fine.

Fall harvest of soybeans was well underway and Aidan was busy! In fact, there were several nights he didn't get home until shortly before Chance and Tommy. He had some of the combines running up to eighteen hours per day, or at least until the dew made the moisture content undesirable to continue until the next day. Overall, the moisture was down on the beans so what drying in the big bin dryers was needed for the beans wouldn't be for long. The market price and yield was good, so he was arranging for the sale of a good part of the crop. Money in the bank was sometimes better than beans in the bin, especially if you knew your profit margin and what your limits were and Aidan did. He is one sharp farm manager!

Concepcion asked if Monty could spend the weekend after the dance and I agreed. He'd ride the bus home with Concepcion, help with the last minute preparations, and go to the dance with Concepcion, Javier, and Efrain. Monty would ride with Alex, Beth, and Julio. He'd ride back home with Erica and her parents, since they were going to help chaperone. Monty felt pretty comfortable with it so we were too.

Javier told me they'd be the first ones to come home since he wanted to make certain everything was ready for company. I laughed when Carlos and Luis both assured him not to worry since they had everything under control.

I looked downstairs before I left for work on Friday and the boys had round folding tables from "Mudpuppy's" storage set up with chairs, a buffet table set up, and coolers full of ice, soda, and water ready to go. An area was set aside for dancing and a place for the disc jockey. Everything looked ready for "Javier's Party."

I hustled to finish up in my classroom when the day ended, until the final bell rang and the obligatory half hour wait after the buses left, to take my leave. Stepping out of my classroom, locking the door, and turning to leave, I almost bumped into Harold S. Decker, our high school principal. Damned near scared the shit out of me! I never heard him or expected him to be there. I suppose that's why he's a principal, although in his case, I rather doubt it!

"Do you have a moment, Mr. Nelson?" came his quiet, almost commanding, question.

Of course I did; he was my boss.

"I understand," he began, "there's a group of students planning a party of some sorts somewhere on Bend in the River Farms property this evening during and after the fall mixer."

"I've heard the same, Mr. Decker," I replied, acknowledging the information but offering no more concerning what I knew or where it was.

"You know, Mr. Nelson," he continued in a low, not quite threatening voice, "the school has dances such as the fall mixer so students can co-mingle, enjoy themselves, get acquainted, dance, and socialize all in a well chaperoned, alcohol and drug free environment. Parents entrust their children to us, expecting them to return home in the same condition as they left, perhaps a bit tired, but that's all."

I wanted to expand on his statement by saying, "you mean they don't come home drunk, drugged, or fucked stupid" but I didn't; sometimes discretion is the better part of valor!

When I made no comment, just looked at him, he cleared his throat, began to make little nervous gestures with his hands, half-way shrugged his shoulders as if to signify there'd be little he could do if, as he put it,

"I'd hate to think a relatively new staff member would be sponsoring a gathering which might be construed to be less than a satisfactory and safe environment for our children. It could be very harmful to his career!" and gave a warning look toward me.

I do hate a fucking bully! I don't know if he was trying to warn me of impending problems (ones he really didn't want to deal with) or intimidate me into revealing where the party was, who was going to be there, and what was going to happen. Really, I thought he was just plain chicken-shit and didn't have balls enough to outright ask! I could see why the assistant principal basically ran the building!

About to open my mouth and say something I'd regret, I was distracted by Javier and Efrain scooting rapidly down the hall.

"Glad we caught you," Javier said. "We need a ride home."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Decker," he added quickly acting as though he hadn't noticed him standing there!

I was pleased he called him "Mr. Decker" instead of "Mr. Pecker" as many students did behind his back. Recently caricatures of a naked man with a really, really small cock would appear in the boys restrooms with the caption "H. i. S. Pecker" under or alongside of it. There was always a flurry of activity by the custodians to remove it, and of course, no one had any idea who'd so such a thing! My favorite suspect was my favorite son, now standing, looking so innocent it'd put a cherub to shame, in front of me.

"No problem," I quickly responded. "I was just about to explain to Mr. Decker why you were having a party tonight and relieve his concerns of having proper chaperoning at it."

Javier, quick as he is, smiled slightly giving me a clue he was up to something, and confirming my suspicion Efrain and his appearance wasn't altogether "accidental."

He nodded in a "faux" serious manner, exhibiting understanding but mirroring the concern he thought Mr. Decker might have, saying, "Before I do I need to let you know," giving me a nod, "Kevin Morgan, the school Resource Officer and County Deputy Sheriff, is going to be in and out this evening since he'll be on patrol in the area. I guess the county is putting more people on the roads since there's the fall mixer tonight."

Javier paused for dramatic effect, noticing the announcement had a visible effect on Mr. Decker.

"Oh," he continued, satisfied he'd struck gold and was going to keep on mining it, "Mr. and Mrs. Blevins, said they'd be more than happy to chaperone this evening as well. He's Erica Blevins father; Manny is taking her to the dance. I think he's on the school board too."

I knew this, but not about Kevin Morgan. His attendance is a complete surprise!

Efrain couldn't resist tossing some more gravel into the sluice box, adding, "Don't forget Dr. and Mrs. Haynes, Montgomery's parents will be there as well. They're pleased he has so many new friends. Ordinarily, kids just pick on him because he's so damned smart and sort of geeky looking! Uncle Avery said it'll be great to have them at the house when the party is going since it's been a while since he's seen them."

"You mean, Avery, like in Avery Morgan, and he's your uncle?" Decker asked cautiously.

Efrain nodded as if anybody would know that!

"Is the party going to be at his house?" Decker asked, this time with more than just a little concerned disquietude.

"Oh, yeah," spoke up Javier, "in fact Chance Morgan is having "Mudpuppy's" cater it since he felt it was important to make our friends feel welcome at home. We all live there; didn't you know that, Mr. Decker?"

My god, the man was fucking clueless; no wonder the assistant principal was the one who ran the building! There was more bullshit being spread here by Javier and Efrain than you'd find in the cattle yards on the farm!

"Well, anyway, Mr. Decker," Javier relayed, to the now paling, nervous Principal reeling under the onslaught of the names of the various personages going to be present at the party and its location, "some of us got together a while back and, after talking it over with Uncle Avery, decided to have our own well chaperoned, alcohol and drug free party at our house."

Decker was about to make some pontification concerning why the school sponsored such parties, but Javier didn't give him a chance to begin.

"I know you try to make certain the school activities are the same, but with such a large crowd expected, we really didn't think four or five chaperones are sufficient. They check the doors to make certain students aren't high or drunk when they come in and you have a rule keeping students in when they're in and out when they leave, but, from what I've heard since I'm new in this school, I don't think you're aware of how many dark corners and halls are available for, shall we say, 'pleasurably activities'."

"Or the restroom stalls," Efrain chimed in!

Decker furled his forehead and I could see little beads of sweat appear on his upper lip!

With a highly concerned look, almost incriminating, Javier said, "Rumor has it more than one high school and middle school girl, especially if they came to the dance with a high school boy, lost their virginity at the Fall Mixer."

"I think that's why the Mixer is so well attended," Efrain added, "it gives kids the opportunity to, shall we say, express themselves sexually with little interference."

"Not to discount the amount of booze smuggled in concealed in plastic bags stuffed down inside of brassieres or into some guys 'tighty-whiteys' adding considerable bulk to a normal sized crotch package; obviously adding to his appeal." Javier said. "Now, I don't know if all of this is true, but I just knew we had to do something else for our friends and the party was the answer!"

I thought I was going to gag! Javier and Efrain would fuck like bunnies given the opportunity and Concepcion was walking around with a constant hard-on wanting to slide it up into the small, delicate, and appealing rump of Monty's! Alex and Julio would breed their girlfriends as well, but were more cautious, waiting until the girls wanted.

"That's only one reason, Mr. Decker," Javier continued. "The other, main reason, is some of us really don't feel welcome or comfortable at some of the school activities. The school, under your direction, Mr. Decker is trying to change that but there are still those who don't want to accept some of us because of race or any other differences. There are quite a few kids of color in our school and you know what happened in the cafeteria. You also just heard about how Monty can be teased because he's smart and kind of nerdy; you probably might not know of those who are bullied because of the way they dress or because they have 'special needs', or because of their religion, or," he added softly, looking around as if others would hear what he said, "because of the ones they love," and gave Decker a small wink, bringing a knowingly nod from Decker, who I might add, didn't have a fucking clue what Javier was referring to.

"So, Mr. Decker, we thought of having a party for our friends where we could celebrate our differences and just be ourselves, accepting each other for what and who we are, enjoying each other's company and getting support from the adults who understand us as well."

Decker was either baffled by all of the bullshit, dazzled by brilliance, or just plain outmaneuvered by a sixteen year old; at any rate, he cleared his throat, nodding his head as he responded,

"Thank you, Javier," pronouncing the "J" instead of the soft "H" sound in Spanish, "it sounds as if you and the adults have everything well planned and under control. I'm certain you'll have a good time, but, if you'll excuse me, I have another appointment," and left!

I turned to Javier asking what in the world was going on.

"I'll tell you on the way home!" and laughed.

According to Javier, Kevin Morgan told his sister Beth who told Alex who told Javier, Mr. Decker wasn't a bit pleased with my intervention that day in the cafeteria when Coach Finch chose not to interfere when his football players decided to dislodge the younger boys, especially the Mexican-Americans, from the cafeteria table they were seated at. Decker was really concerned when his friend, Coach Finch, decided to retire suddenly. He wasn't certain what brought it on, but he was convinced, for some reason, I played a part in it.

He heard a rumor of a party somewhere the night of the Fall Mixer; included in the rumor was Javier's name and mine. Decker had no clue concerning my relationship with Javier or where I lived, but concluded, since I was an "advocate" for the "racial minority," I must be sponsoring it; a party he felt would undermine the school's authority and role, as well, if it were true, just might bring about my resignation as well.

Javier's little discussion with him and me in front of my classroom certainly shot all of Decker's plans in the ass!

Alex and Julio met us as we drove in the drive. When I asked if Concepcion and Montgomery made it home okay on the bus, Alex laughed.

"El Jefe," he said, "I thought I was goofy in love with Beth, but man, Connie has it bad!"

"Right now," Julio piped up with a shake of his head, "they're on the ATV; Connie's showing him the boat landing and the Outpost. I heard him say he'll show him our livestock when they get back."

"How about getting changed quickly," Alex asked Javier and Efrain, "and help us with chores? I don't think Connie will be any help. Carlos and Luis are taking care of the chickens, so if a couple of us do the steers and a couple, the hogs at the same time, we can get done sooner."

"Instead," Javier offered, "why don't you and Julio go take your showers and get yourselves ready for the dance and the party. Efrain and I can do the chores; it won't take long. Besides, maybe Connie and Monty will help!"

"Ha!" laughed Julio, "Connie's walking around with a hard-on hunting for a home!" and they took off for the house.

Shouting an "I'm home," setting my school bag near the stairs, I turned and went to the basement to check on how preparations were going. To my surprise, Aidan was there and so was Avery! I expected Aidan to be working late. The round tables were up and in place with chairs placed around each; the buffet table was set up awaiting the food from "Mudpuppy's;" the ice chests at the end of the table were full of soda and water, cooling in the ice, and a low (perhaps six inches high) wooden stage was set up at one end of the family room. In front of it was an open area, free of tables or chairs, big enough for perhaps six or eight couples to dance on the tiled floor.

I gave Aidan a quick kiss, smiled, looked around, pleased at what I saw, commenting, "Looks like you guys have been busy!"

"Larry Blevins had some of his crew come up and set things up this afternoon," Aidan explained. "He figured as long as his daughter was going to be here he might as well contribute something other than just chaperoning and acting as a chauffeur."

"First date for her?" I asked.

"Three guesses and the first two don't count!" Avery answered.

"How about the amplifier, microphones, stools, drum set, and keyboard near the stage? I thought we were going to have just a disc jockey?"

Avery shrugged, "Don't know for certain; Chance asked me to have everything ready like this. I hope they do what they used to."

Our conversation was interrupted when Carissa and Estele hustled in with a large paper banner and some smaller ones and asked us for help in putting them up. The long banner, we hung on the back wall, above the small stage area. It read "Welcome to Bend in the River Farms" on the top line, and below it, in English, "Welcome Friends" and in Spanish, "Bienvenido Amigo's." The smaller banners were placed on the walls around the room; with things like "Celebrate," "Respect," "We're all different," and one in particular, "Accept us for what we are."

Estele and Carissa were just as excited as we were! Estele smiled and thanked the three of us.

"Our boys have never had a party, especially one as nice as this and one in a place they call home!"

Tears quickly flooded her eyes and Avery stepped forward, embraced her, whispering softly, "I know; Francisco would've been so happy and proud of his nephews."

"Senor Avery," she wept, "even though the law would never allow it, you are truly my brother-in-law, married to Francisco in every sense!"

Aidan and I just stood and watched two people who lost so much, but gained so much when they found each other. I realized then Avery Morgan is a very complicated man; one who can love with a passion and for eternity; give and expect loyalty from those in his inner circle; a man who could give generously, expecting little in return from those in need; a man with the financial acumen, energy, and talent to turn a dollar into a fortune; and a man who was fearless in defense of himself, his loved ones, his property, or his way of life exacting retribution using whatever means necessary, whether it be political, physical, or deadly and with enough contacts in the shadows of life to cause it to happen! Avery built a strong company, designed to survive long after his death, providing the life he'd enjoyed to those who'd succeed him.

We walked upstairs to our room to shower and clean up for the party. We wanted to be ready when the food and the disc jockey arrived. We expected, according to Javier, the party to begin around eight o'clock, after the kids made their appearance at the Fall Mixer at school.

We had a few minutes of privacy together as we showered and took full advantage of them. There was no way I could express my love for him enough and the way he reciprocated, said the same of him towards me. Both of us were still half-hard as we stood drying ourselves in the bedroom, still trying to catch our breath, when Concepcion, clad only in his boxers, towel over his shoulder, and Monty, his privates barely covered by the smallest, blue, string bikini I've ever seen, popped in the door! Of course, Monty wasn't very big, so it would take much to cover him.

"El Jefe?" Connie asked, while Monty just stepped closer to him, his eyes locked on first my cock and then Aidan's, but was interrupted when Monty said softly, "Excuse us, please," his face reddening, but yet didn't avert his eyes!

"Hi, Monty!" I said in greeting.

"Hi, Mr. Nelson," he replied softly, embarrassed he was barely clad and standing in the presence of his naked teacher whose cock was swinging with each swipe of the towel.

"Hi, Cousin," Aidan said in greeting.

"Cousin?" a puzzled Concepcion asked.

"Yeah; Monty and I are cousins on his mother's side. She was an Owens."

Concepcion just sort of shrugged and explained to Monty, I was the boy's "true poppa" and Aidan was their favorite uncle. Monty sort of nodded his understanding, but realized Aidan and I were partners and lovers and he and Concepcion weren't the only gays in the house since he sort of gave a sigh of relief.

I looked at the smaller brown-haired, glasses perched on his nose, slim waist, small but nicely formed butt, boy some six to eight inches shorter than Concepcion and weighing thirty to forty pounds lighter, looking up at Concepcion, a wide grin on his face with eyes full of adoration and love for his older boyfriend! Monty wasn't an extremely good-looking boy, but handsome in sort of nerdy enchanting and sexy way; polite, well-groomed, and from what I'd heard, extremely intelligent.

"What can we do for you, Concepcion?" I asked.

"May we use your shower? Ours is busy!"

"No problem; drop your underwear here in the bedroom and help yourself."

Monty's eyes grew large, a definite hesitation on his part, baring his total body in front of Aidan and me, opened his mouth as if to say something, focused again back on the adult penises in front of him, tried to shelter the growing bulge in his own crotch, and raised his head, whispering something to Concepcion.

Concepcion smiled, answering, "So do I!" and dropped his shorts to the floor revealing an extremely hard teen cock, foreskin pulled back behind the head, about six to seven inches long, smooth, veins prominent, and head almost bare of the foreskin, and as thick as a roll of quarters.

Monty looked down at what now twitched and bobbed in front of him, almost mesmerized by the enchanting snake weaving a dance for him! It was definitely the first time he'd ever seen Concepcion nude and erect!

"Here," Concepcion said, "let me do it for you" and slowly pulled those little blue bikini briefs down, over Monty's erection, past his thighs, down to his ankles, and, in order to get them off, kneeled in front of Monty, a four to five inch nicely circumcised erection with the girth of a roll of nickels, just inches away from his nose and mouth! There was just a smattering of pubic hair at the base, otherwise Monty was pretty hair free all over except there and on his head causing me to wonder just how old he was.

Concepcion was so tempted to taste the fruit so nicely presented to him, but refrained, knowing it might spoil their relationship if he embarrassed Monty in front of us. Instead, he said softly, with an emotion felt deeply and sincerely,

"Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!"

Standing, putting his arm around Monty, Concepcion escorted him to our bathroom, their bare, lovely bottoms flexing as they walked. I overheard Connie tell Monty to leave his glasses on the counter near the sink and Monty answer, "But, I don't see well without them!"

"You won't need to," Connie answered.

Aidan and I finished dressing and I was going to tell Concepcion and Monty we were leaving. I hadn't heard the shower start, but I did hear a high pitched moan coming from Monty! Cautiously, I peeked in on them.

Concepcion, head down, arms around Monty, one hand cupping and massaging his sweet buns while the other hand was lower, the middle finger buried deep in that special place, the rosebud entrance to Monty's interior, twitching and pushing slowly forward and back; his lips engaged in a most passionate, sensuous kiss, and Monty, head up, arms around Concepcion, lips engaged with Concepcion's sharing the passion, their bodies twisting, grinding, thrusting up against each other, Monty's smaller member sliding up and down the much larger and thicker penis of his lover, until he gasped, "Connie, I'm going to cum!"

Concepcion quickly knelt in front of Monty, engulfed his sweet, throbbing penis in his mouth, made a couple of bobs, Monty thrust forward, butt cheeks clenched, hands on Concepcion's shoulders to keep his balance, and cried out his ecstasy as he spurted his teen boy offering into Concepcion's mouth!

Concepcion swallowed each burst, then used his mouth and tongue to clean Monty before standing, kissing him, and sharing the residual of Monty's offering with him. Pulling back, smoothing back Monty's hair which became ruffled in their encounter, Concepcion said,

"Let's clean up!"

"But," protested Monty, "you haven't …..," but was gently thwarted from continuing when Concepcion lay a finger against his lips, murmuring, "It's not about me, it's about you!" kissed him again, whispering, "I'm so lucky to have you!"

I stepped away, almost stumbling over Aidan standing behind me.

"Now, that's just the way I love you," he whispered as we turned, headed down stairs.

On the way, I wondered, once seeing the diminutive size of Monty and his pert little butt, if Concepcion would take time to carefully prep him for an insertion of something the size of what Concepcion had between his legs into something as small as I imagined Monty's anus is? His cock certainly is bigger than the finger which was inserted in there just recently!

Aidan unlocked the outside door leading to the basement and family room so Mr. Jensen and his friend could unload and set up their equipment. Alex, Julio, and Manny came bounding down the stairs all dressed up, ready for the dance. I suppose you might think in terms of suits and ties, but the boys thought in terms of clean jeans, long-sleeved colored shirts, and cowboy boots! Aidan quietly handed Alex the keys to his pickup truck with a cautionary, "be careful," received a hug and a "thanks" from him and they were out the door.

Javier, Efrain, Concepcion, and Monty popped in probably fifteen minutes later, dressed the same, except Monty had on long-sleeved dress shirt, cotton pants, and tennis shoes.

"We had to wait," apologized Efrain, as Monty's face turned a bright red.

I laughed, but waved Monty forward, gave him a hug, and said softly into his ear, "Since you're Concepcion's boyfriend, get used to it and also getting hugged a lot!" He giggled and hugged back.

I handed Javier my truck keys, giving him the same admonition Alex received, got a hug, and "thanks," and those boys were off.

I heard a vehicle drive up outside, so I stepped out through the basement entrance to see who it might be. A pickup truck pulling an enclosed cargo trailer was parked in front of the house, so I waved it around to the side, and directed them to park near the cellar door. The pickup was driven by a light brown African-American man, who easily backed the trailer and truck to the door so they could unload easier.

Lee Jensen exited from the passenger side and when the young African-American man came around the other side of the trailer, introduced him as Derek Wilkie.

Shaking his hand, I introduced myself as "Nelson" and when he asked if there was more, I responded, "That's what I'm generally called."

"Except our boys call him 'El Jefe'," Aidan said walking up behind me.

Turning, I smiled, introducing Aidan; "My partner, Aidan Morgan, probably the best looking guy here!"

"Oh, I don't know about that," Lee contended, his eyes giving Derek a look that said otherwise.

We showed them the set up downstairs, where the electric outlets were, and stepped aside. They had their own speakers for their amplifier, but would tie into the ones Avery had set up earlier. They also had a large console with controls, several compact disc slots built in, and two racks of compact discs. I understood Derek to say those were available "just in case" the already prepared program on their master server weren't quite what the crowd wanted. They rejected, politely, our offers of help. Evidently, this was not their "first rodeo!"

While they were working, Avery came down stairs, accompanied by Carlos and Luis, and welcomed them with "Welcome to Javier's Fiesta" and introduced himself and the boys. While were visiting, Chance and Tommy arrived in their pickup trucks, followed by "Mudpuppy's" catering van. The van backed up to the basement entrance and parked alongside of the other truck and trailer. The driver and two other young men, all three quite attractive I thought, emerged and waited for Chance and Tommy to give them directions.

Chance waved his hand at them indicating they should follow him downstairs. Aidan and I followed and when we caught up with them, Chance was explaining the set up on the buffet table, pointing out the electric outlets for use, and explaining how Estele and Carissa were going to help. I couldn't help but interrupt, inquiring of their names.

Pointing to each one as he named them, "Allen, Bruce, and Phil; all are college boys and work for 'Mudpuppy's' as table waiters. We offered them a special deal, with extra pay to make up for the tip money, if they'd work this party and they took it!"

It must've been a real good deal since this was Friday Fish Fry night. The "Mudpuppy's" fish fries were quite popular, offering not only catfish and hush puppies, but walleye, cod, and sometimes bluegills or crappies. The walleye and cod were offered deep fried or baked while the rest were deep fried. These were all you could eat dishes. The menu also included other sea foods as well. Usually there was a half-hour wait for a table, which increased the bar tab, but customers would do it and enjoyed it.

Carlos interrupted, politely of course, asking, "You guys the caterers?"

Before any one of the three young men could answer, he continued, "Everything is ready in the living room for Uncle Avery's reception; my brother and I have carried all of the wine upstairs already so you don't have to do that."

"So, if you'll follow us, please," Luis said, "we'll show you where to put the things for people to snack on while they have their wine."

I wondered where they were; I should've known they wouldn't be far from Avery!

As seven-thirty approached and the time we thought the first of our chaperones would arrive, I did a quick walk-through to check to see if everything was ready. Upstairs, the wine and snack table were all ready to go and one of the college lads would be assisting Carlos and Luis who, according to Estele who were doing the same as me, were "getting ready." Downstairs, a pass through the family room gave me assurance it was also ready, with two of the college boys still putting food on the tables. The lights were off, except one in the far end of the room while the area near the stage was softly illuminated by the colored floods Avery had provided (I suspect from "Mudpuppy's").

"Light enough to keep everyone fairly honest and dark enough to afford some privacy!" I thought, which made me, for reason unknown, think to check the bathroom for tissue, towels, and wash cloths.

The door to the bathroom wasn't locked so I stepped inside and almost as quickly stepped back out but was stopped when Derek announced, "We're almost done!"

Lee, hands up against the wall, pants down around his ankles, bare butt shoved back with his back arched, nailed to Derek's pumping crotch and hips, giving him better access and comfort for what both needed, while Derek, pants down around his ankles, bare brown butt flexing and clenching as he thrust, arms locked under Lee's shoulders, stomach resting in the arch in Lee's back and head on Lee's shoulder, sighed with each push forward until, with a final push, a shudder in his loins and a strong clenching of his butt cheeks, began to strongly pulse into Lee's bowels. Lee, once Derek began ejaculating, fired his own offering into his own hand!

"God, we needed that," Derek exclaimed softly, giving Lee a kiss, and almost casually, as he pulled his still stiff circumcised member from where it found a home previously, asked, "Could you hand me some tissue, please? I tend to spew a great deal and I don't want to have Lee leaking into his pants."

Derek figured, when I entered, it was me and I was gay so he saw no need to cease their tryst! Made sense to me! I know now why Javier assured me having Lee Jensen as one of the chaperones would present no problems. He can find out the damnedest things!

Our chaperones began arriving and Aidan, Chance, Tommy, Avery, and I greeted them, welcoming them to "Javier's Fiesta" and introducing them, for those who were unacquainted, to Estele and Carissa. As they arrived, Aidan confessed to me he'd invited "a few more." We ended up with, not counting the seven of us, Lee and Derek, Keith Morgan (still on patrol), Mr. and Mrs. Blevins (chaperoning Erica and Manny), Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Whiting, Mr. and Mrs. Don Meyer, Dr. and Mrs. Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Fleming, David Donovan and Rafael Delfino.

I thought if we have twenty-five to thirty young people in addition, we'd have quite a crowd. Chance saw the look of consternation cross my face and said, "Don't worry, Nelson; we have enough prepared for seventy-five."

Javier, Efrain, Concepcion, and Monty were the first to arrive shortly after eight o'clock, followed by Alex, Beth, and Julio. Not far behind them were Megan Rogers and her brother Brent. Julio escorted her inside, proud as a peacock when he introduced her first to Estele and Carissa before introducing her to us. Her brother waited outside, very briefly I might add, before he entered with his boyfriend, Jeremy Meyers, and the rest of the carload of boys who traveled with him. The boys seemed to bounce down the stairs, expressing their excitement over a party, a dance, a place they could be themselves without any fear of criticism or physical harm.

It wasn't long until almost all of the guests gay, straight, or lesbian, arrived in groups, singly, or as couples, were there. It was quite an eclectic mix, but all seemed more than comfortable with each other and their sexual preferences, and, even more surprising, didn't seem to mind the adults in the room knowing it.

One of the last to arrive was Manny and Erica! Manny was so proud as he escorted his date over to his mother and grandmother to introduce her and then to Aidan and me! Of course, Aidan knew her, but I'd only seen her a couple of times so enjoyed the brief conversation with her. She seemed to be shy, but I suppose it'd be normal, first date for each of them, when introduced to the adults in her date's life. From the corner of my eye I noticed the beaming faces of Larry Blevins and his wife. Not only did they seem pleased with their daughter's choice but also pleased it was someone they knew since Manny worked the cattle yards under Larry's guidance and tutoring. From the look on Erica's face, there was no doubt the blue-eyed girl from that day at the lake cast her spell and captivated Manny.

The teens congregated around tables, in small groups, grazed the buffet table (what teen doesn't want food?), sort of listening to the music Derek and Lee were playing, but no one was dancing. I was about to ask Aidan to dance, not knowing if he could or not, when Derek announced a set of three waltzes and when the music began, Chance and Tommy whirled out onto the small dance floor! Chance's taller stature and Tommy's slightly shorter one, seemed not to contrast but to compliment the other as they stepped off and executed the most graceful waltz I'd seen in a long time! Clearly, the ease they moved in each other's arms indicated this wasn't the first time they'd danced together.

Javier and Efrain quickly joined them, easy and comfortable in each other's arms, dancing with ease and style belying their age while Alex and Beth, Julio and Megan, Concepcion and Monty, and with some urging from Aidan and me as we stepped out on the floor, Manny and Erica. Aidan and I had a couple of missteps, some awkwardness in learning to dance with each other, but we made it. For some reason, Manny (taking the lead) and Erica seemed to do quite well. I found out later their grandmother insisted "all young gentlemen must learn to dance" and set about teaching them.

By the time the set of three songs ended, many of the young people and some of the chaperones had joined in, making the floor rather crowded, but fun! As the party progressed, noticing things were well under control, and Avery inviting the adults upstairs for a bit of libation, I decided to join them. Aidan indicated he'd remain downstairs, since he had something he wanted to check on, and there appeared to be enough other chaperones as well, I wandered upstairs to the living room and the wine.

I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the living room when a young voice asked, "May I get you something to drink? Perhaps a white, a dry or sweet red?"

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