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The Scent of Love - The Scent of Death

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 3

"Oh for a lodge in some vast wilderness, some boundless contiguity of shade, where rumor of oppression and deceit, of unsuccessful or successful war, might never reach me more."

(William Cowper)

January snows and cold weather came and business at the Sutton's slumped some, due to the cold and snow, but weekends, when roads were passable, were busy with snowmobilers, cross country skiers, and ice fishermen. During this slow season, the dining room at Sutton's closed Sunday afternoon, after Sunday brunch was served, and remained closed through Monday and Tuesday as well, re-opening with Wednesday evening meals. Any guests choosing to rent a cottage for entire week, were advised to be prepared to take either prepare their own meals or go to the small diner in town or nearby International Falls. The cafe portion, off to the side of the dining room in a separate room but served by the same kitchen, of the Lodge remained open throughout the year and served breakfasts and lunches, but not an evening meal.

The first week of February, Evan Troutman was contacted by Mr. Art Campbell, currently of Kenora, Ontario, Canada, wondering if he and some associates could have a showing of the Lofty Pine property he had listed. Their intent, Campbell related to Evan, was not to reopen the resort, but were interested in, if the property was conducive, operating a small consulting business, using the property as a corporate headquarters. The cottages would be remodeled to provide year around housing for the partners in the firm.

Evan was more than pleased to show the property. He'd had it listed since the end of season and this was the first nibble he had on it. He was almost certain it'd sit for several years before someone would purchase it because of the work needed on it. Evan made arrangements to make certain the county road and the lane to the property would be plowed so the prospective buyers (he hoped) could access it.

Evan met Art Campbell, President and CEO, of Campbell and Associates at the Real Estate Office in International Falls on a bright, blue-sky February day. Mr. Campbell apologized for being the only person when he had made arrangements with Evan his intentions were to bring the other partners, explaining there were several large contracts and clients needing attention. As a result, he'd driven down from Kenora where their offices were currently located.

On the drive to Kabetogama and Lofty Pines, Campbell informed Evan, Campbell and Associates was a cyber security firm specializing in government and corporate internet and software security. Much of their work was done electronically over the internet and, if the property was presentable and the owners willing to deal, they'd be installing several satellite dishes for communication and business purposes, uploading and downloading software, and for maintaining security on mainframes and web sites for their clients. Their main job was not only preventing hackers from access to their client's data, but tracking down those hackers if they were persistent or succeeded in any part and "neutralizing" them. Evan noted, during the conversation, not once did Campbell mention the names of his clients.

"Our goal," explained Campbell, "is to relocate our corporate offices back in the United States, but we want a place that's relatively isolated for our business purposes, yet accessible, by invitation, for our clients to visit. We'd like to be able to demonstrate our products and discuss our business practices in a confidential manner, well insulated from those who'd profit from knowing our business. If what we saw in the information concerning the Lodge at Lofty Pines, it might suit our purposes well; offering housing and a pleasant place to showcase our offerings to prospective and current clients. The cottages, we hope, can be remodeled to provide year around housing for the two other partners and our families."

The company consisted of the three partners, but had a "presence" in Ottawa, Juneau, Alaska, Calgary, and Winnipeg. The company was well known, small and well received in Canada, but Campbell stated, "We want to continue those close business relationships, but our families are all from the United States, our children were born here, and we all want to return. Hopefully, this property will provide the opportunity for us to do so."

Campbell originally was from Wisconsin, received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison; his wife was originally from Washington State and received her degree from the University of Washington. Campbell's sister's husband, also a partner in the firm, was from Michigan, receiving his PhD from University of Michigan. The other partner was from Minnesota and received his PhD from the University of Minnesota. It was this partner who suggested the company seek to relocate in Northern Minnesota should the opportunity arise. It'd place them in proximity to their Canadian clients, unfettered access to their clients in the United States, and allow them to expand their footprint.

When they arrived at the resort, Evan explained there was seventeen acres with an option to add another ten acres should a prospective buyer be interested. The additional ten acres was not on waterfront, but to the rear of the property, and did have a rather large stream running through it and emptying into Lake Kabetogama. The property was bounded by State Forest land, National Park property, and reasonably close to the Canadian Border. There was six hundred feet of lake frontage on Lake Kabetogama and the road leading to the resort was a county road and maintained by the county. The long lane into the resort proper would be the responsibility of the owner to maintain.

The showing of the property took most of the day, extending into the afternoon. It seemed as though there wasn't' one part of the property buildings Campbell didn't want to poke and prod around in. He questioned the availability of reliable electric power access, number and volumes of potable water wells, viability of the septic system (when last inspected and licensed), zoning and permitting regulations for remodeling, adding a compatible wing to the present Lodge for offices and work space, as well as building a new building for their equipment and laboratories.

Evan apologized for not being able to show the grounds because of the snow; leading to questions concerning equipment for snow removal and lawn maintenance, boats, motors, and other equipment a resort usually has. Campbell asked to see the storage shed where everything was stored and commented it needed some work as well.

Finally, late in the afternoon, Campbell asked the price.

"Two million, one hundred thousand," Evan answered. "If you want the extra ten acres, the owners are asking an additional one hundred twenty thousand."

Campbell looked at him and countered, "Two million, one hundred thousand including the ten acres," and offered a check in the amount of ten percent as earnest money.

Within a week, the offer was accepted and after communicating with Campbell, a closing date was set. The owners, not wanting to return from the south for the closing, sent the paper work, all notarized, and Evan, acting as he hand since he and Eric became lovers, asked Eric to sit in the meeting and handle any legal work that needed to be done.

Mr. Campbell appeared at Eric's office, accompanied by the other two principals in the firm; Roy Hayes, his brother-in-law and Vice-President of Operations and Research, and Ted Bowers, a long-time friend and Vice-President of Finance and Accounting. After the paper work was completed, Campbell presented Evan with a certified check, drawn on a Winnipeg bank (in American dollars) for the remaining balance for the property.

"Mr. Trempealeau," Campbell asked, "would you be willing to act as our legal counsel in this matter? We do have other legal counsel, but for this we'd like someone local."

Eric quickly agreed and inquired, other than recording the transaction, deeds, and other legal papers, just exactly what else they might want him to do. Campbell also wanted him to begin the processes for the needed permits for new construction, remodeling, a new and bigger septic system, additional well capacity, installation of solar panels and a solar power system to back up the grid furnished electricity as well as a big LP generator.

"The Lodge will serve as our general offices and business headquarters while a separate building will house our actual operations. We will also use the Lodge to house guests, showcase our services, and entertain, so we want it to be modern and appealing."

"You realize," Eric said, "my services will cost you!"

"No problem," Campbell said with a smile and a handshake, "Welcome aboard!"

Campbell and Associates, in the personage of Mr. Art Campbell, was anxious to begin renovation of the old resort. Campbell pushed Eric to make applications for the necessary permits for the project with emphasis on future expansion, especially on the development of infrastructure such as increased sewer/septic capacity and potable water supply. He was concerned county permits would be sufficient to cover not only full occupancy of the Lodge and cottages, but the office addition, the laboratory and work building, as well as any future cottage construction.

Eric knew his job; he had sufficient political connections and years of dealing with the county agencies so people and the bureaucracy trusted him. Thus, he was able to complete and received the required permits as requested in record time, although it did take about a month. The County, once it realized there could be significant future expansion, requested and received a site plan indicating placement of any future buildings, septic systems or wells, backup electric generating stations, location of propane storage tanks, and satellite dish locations.

The power company began an immediate upgrade of the electric supply to the site, considering the amount of power which might be used for the business and the cottages. Their engineers, working with those hired by Campbell, designed the infrastructure needed.

Campbell's engineers and architects prepared the proper plans and specifications for the project and once approved, bids were let, and the reconstruction and remodeling began. A site construction foreman was hired to oversee the project. The majority of the contractors secured for the project were relatively local (within a couple of hundred miles or so), so the motels in International Falls received additional tenets during the construction stage.

Campbell and his oldest son, Scott, moved to the site and took up residence in a couple of rooms in the Lodge, once the water and heat was turned back on. Eric and Evan advised Campbell to have the contractors and suppliers move as much of the heavy equipment needed and materials to the construction site as soon as possible while the roads were still frozen. Once the frozen road law was lifted (allowing heavier loads to be transported by trucks), it'd be difficult to move materials while and shortly after the frost went out of the ground and the soil dried up.

All of the activity, the power company moving in huge rolls of power lines, new power poles and transformers, as well as trucks loaded with construction supplies and heavy equipment, loads of logs cut to clear land for the power lines and new construction, caught Jessie's attention. It was the slow time at Suttons so he had some free time on weekends and, as the days continued to lengthen, after school.

One sunny Saturday morning, he slogged his way down the road leading to Lofty Pines to see what was happening. He probably could've used his cross country skis and cut through the forest, saving time, but the sun was stronger in the very late winter sky and the snow was becoming "sticky," causing clumps and lumps of it to adhere to the underside of his skis, slowing his progress so he chose to walk.

Walking along the road leading to Lofty Pines, he noted the power poles either laying on the ground or newly installed in the freshly cleared and widened power company easement and lines being strung to transport the power via the lines. It appeared to him, many fine pine trees had been cleared to make room for the poles and it distressed him somewhat. Several times he had to step off of the road to allow pickup trucks going to or coming from "the Pines" as he referred to it. Fresh gravel had been distributed on the old roadway, not only giving a stronger, firmer base to the road, but raising it by several inches, almost a foot, he thought. Clearly, the new owners were expecting heavy traffic in and out of the old resort.

Nearing the entrance to the old resort, he noted the old entrance, once bracketed with two tall poles, one located on either side of the entrance, and supporting a sign proclaiming, "Welcome to Loft Pines- a Family Resort" suspended between them, was gone and replaced by sturdy metal posts, a steel gate, and guard house similar to those used at the State Parks where the ranger sat either checking camping or entrance permits or selling them to incoming park users. Rolls of chain link fence and posts, ready to be installed, were placed in a stack near the entrance, along a corridor of land marked by yellow ribbons and blue markings on trees to be removed, extending, as best he could see, to the lake on one side and off into the forest on the other. Attached to the heavy metal gate posts were signs with the warning, "Private Property- Authorized Personnel Only."

There seemed no one to stop him, so Jessie just walked on through, wondering, as result of seeing the fencing, the gates, and the warning signs, if his hopes of friendly neighbors with kids his age were sinking fast! Surveyors were busy marking more trees, running lines, pounding steel rods into the ground where either lines were to run or construction of some building or something was to be placed. Construction workers were busy in the cottages, working on the new wing to the Lodge, and building a new, large building well off behind the cottages, away from the lake, and almost tucked, hidden away, in the forested section of the main property. A large cement pad, fenced with chain link fence, held several large satellite dishes, while another was clearly a power station with large transformers. Large propane tanks were located, again behind the buildings and near the forest edge and a new building with large exhaust pipes coming out the roof. Large dumpsters, filled or nearly filled with debris from the remodeling and reconstruction were located a strategic locations.

Jessie walked closer to the main lodge, clucked his tongue several times in dismay at the number of trees taken out, commenting aloud to no one in particular, "I'll bet all of this's costing someone a shit-pot full of money!"

"Yes, it is!" a deep voice responded behind him.

"Oh, my god!" screeched Jessie, his heart leaping higher than when he did physically in surprise at the sound of the man's voice. Jessie spun around and faced a rather handsome, middle-aged man, well- developed, tall- perhaps six foot plus, and hazel eyes with yellow specs in them seeming to look deep into Jessie's inner core.

"Perhaps," the man continued, "you were busy concentrating on what was happening in front of you instead of what was happening around you. Sometimes, that can very dangerous indeed!"

Jessie swallowed hard; he was trespassing and he knew it, plus he had no idea who this man was.

"May I ask who you are?" the man, yet unidentified, asked.

"Jessie Sutton and I'll leave – okay? I know I'm not supposed to be here but I was curious about what was going on, you know, with all of the traffic and all, so I'll just leave," jabbered Jessie, clearly feeling very uncomfortable in the man's presence and starting to walk away. Plus, he had no idea if the man was going to call the county sheriff or just plain kick his ass for trespassing!

"Don't be in such a rush!" the man instructed, placing a hand firmly on Jessie's shoulder, but not really restraining him; just reminding him the man was bigger than he was and quite in charge of the situation, clearly indicating he didn't want the boy to leave just yet!

"Why don't we walk over to the Lodge so we can talk," and slowly turned Jessie toward the Lodge.

"Honest, Mister," Jessie stammered, still anxious to leave, "I didn't mean any harm! I've lived here all my life and the old couple who used to own "the Pines" always let me visit and wander around!"

He gulped trying to swallow his fears, now mounting, making his tummy quiver and his legs shake a little!

"Uncle Evan and Uncle Eric said the Pines had been sold and I wondered who bought it. I can call one of them you want and they'll tell you who I am!"

The man seemed to ignore Jessie's comments and Jessie grew more apprehensive as they walked closer to the front porch of the Lodge. Finally, in sort of an act of desperation and false bravado, Jessie asked boldly, "Okay, you know my name; don't you think it's only fair I know yours? You're the one stopping me from leaving!"

The man stopped, nodded his head, "Yes, you're right. I'm sorry, how rude of me. I'm Arthur Campbell and the new owner of this property, what you seem to refer to as "The Pines."

"Its real name is 'Lofty Pines Resort," Jessie commented sadly, "but I don't think it could be called that now, seeing all of the trees you had cut down and those marked to cut as well!"

The man frowned and Jessie immediately regretted speaking so boldly; after all it was Campbell's property, but still…! Campbell, in the meantime, maneuvered Jessie to the front steps and with a gentle, but insistent push, sat him down.

"Please sit a minute," Campbell advised, "so we can visit a little," leaving his hand on Jessie's shoulder. Clearly, Campbell was a man used to people doing as he requested. Jessie was going nowhere at the moment, as much as he wished to. He thought he'd just bide his time and the opportunity would come up for him to make his escape!

Campbell thought, sitting next to Jessie, keeping his hand on the boy's shoulder, he'd hopefully reassure him no harm would come to him, but instead Campbell sensed first, then felt the shivers of fear and apprehensive quivers emanate from Jessie's body! Trying to further alleviate Jessie's anxiety, Campbell began explaining why he and his partners chose this place to relocate their business; where the new building was going to be constructed; the work being done to make the cottages year-round residences for everyone and the Lodge a place for the offices and entertaining guests; explaining how the three of them were from the upper Midwest, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan; desiring to relocate their families to an environment steeped in lakes, woods, and the wildness of nature where the welcoming atmosphere of the northern forests and lakes of Northern Minnesota would be a great place to live and work.

He paused in his narration before continuing, "Once our families move here this summer after school is out, you'll have to visit and meet them. In the meantime, you'll be welcome to visit anytime."

In that instant, just as he finished inviting Jessie back for a return visit, his hand slipped from Jessie's shoulder and before he could replace it, Jessie bounded from the porch and now stood about six feet in front of him, facing him with a sad, but determined look on his face!

Shaking his head slowly, Jessie responded, "No, I don't think so, Mr. Campbell! With the big fences you're putting up and all of the trees you've marked for cutting down, the wild animals won't even be coming here! No," he emphasized, "this is not a very welcoming place and I don't like to go where I'm not welcome!"

With that, he was gone, as fast as his legs could carry him across the compound and out the gate!

Campbell sat, taken aback by the cutting comments made by Jessie and his quick exit, failed to make a move to call him back and explain that wasn't his attention!

"Well, that certainly went well, didn't it Dad?" commented Scott sardonically, appearing from the shadows just inside the Lodge doorway.

"I'd hoped to put him at ease, make him feel welcome," Campbell explained remorsefully, "but he certainly didn't react that way did he? He seemed frightened, nervous, and wary, especially when I put my hand on his shoulder!"

"You really didn't invite him to join you, Dad, on the steps," Scott observed. "You more or less forced him to sit on the porch with you. He's not like the rest of us, used to your mannerisms and leadership role! Jessie Sutton is a very shy, timid boy, with his own demons and fears, who sees things differently than others!"

Campbell nodded, acknowledging his oldest son's perceptions and observations. "Yet, he didn't hesitate, once he was free from contact, of making a move away from me and then, once he felt a safe distance was between us, telling me what he thought! There is strong passion and conviction in that boy and a strength he may not realize he has!"

"So," Scott questioned, "what are you going to do about it? Ever think he'll come back?"

"Not for a while, but eventually- yes- if he feels welcome! In the meantime, he's given me much to think about!"

Jessie scooted his ass down the muddy road home, putting distance between him, Art Campbell and the Pines as fast as he could, vowing to steer clear of the place and Art Campbell in particular and whatever he was constructing there, in the future! He wasn't only saddened but angered as well from what he heard Campbell plan on doing and what he'd done so far! With all of the fencing Campbell planned on putting up and the number of trees he'd marked for logging, even the wild animals wouldn't go there like they used to when the older couple owned it!

"Hell," thought Jessie to himself, slowing his pace as distance between the Pines and him grew, "the guests at the old resort used to feed the deer and once in a while a bear would even wander through, giving the guests an added thrill. If Campbell wants to enjoy the north woods like he says and his guests or clients to do the same, he sure as hell is going about it all wrong. Even those three wolves won't come back to the major fuck-up he's creating!"

"Well, fuck him and the horse he rode in on!" Jessie said aloud, nearing the parking lot at Suttons. He had to work tonight and hopefully, the tips would be good!

Jessie kept his vow and didn't go near The Pines. Fishing opener was the first part of May and all units were booked; the resort was full! This year, the ice was even out! It was the beginning of the "season" which would continue through the summer into the fall¸ finally really ending after deer season. Oh, there were those guests who continued to bird hunt and other small game and, as soon as the ice was thick enough, brought their ice fishing shanties out to the big lake and fished! Cross county skiers and snowmobilers came up on weekends and some booked for the entire week, if the snow was good and it usually was! There was just enough business during the winter to pay the bills and then some, although his dad never really commented on how much "then some" came into the cash drawers. Evidently enough to keep the family members and a skeleton food service and housekeeping staff employed!

It was good opener month, starting the new season off with prospects for an excellent year! With only a week left of school, Jessie still could only work Friday nights, Saturday and Sundays (his father and mother's rules), but schools down south were already out for the summer and many of the regular guests were returning. Until school was out for him, Jessie ordinarily worked the dining room on Friday evenings as a table waiter, Saturday mornings and afternoons on the waterfront helping his older brother, Saturday evenings back to the dining room as a table waiter, and Sundays, the Sunday Brunch!

Usually by days end on Sunday while school was still in session, if it was a good weekend and the tips were generous, he could pull in as much as four hundred dollars or more. It was good work for a young man his age or for any young person for that matter, who worked the Resort. Jessie also knew his smile, polite manners, eagerness to please the guests, as well as his extremely good looks (accentuated by the butt-snug black uniform waiters' pants he wore) made his tips even better. Most women really just wanted to hug him, nurture him; most men would just smile and tease him, nurture him as well (but still tip), and there were some who, if given a chance, would take him out back and fuck him up the ass and if not, at least fantasize what it would be like while they jerked off to the image in their head! Jessie knew what they wanted, but was wise enough to avoid giving those few any indication he wanted to or them the chance to take what was not and would not be given freely!

Sutton's hired some local high school and college students as summer help to supplement the family who worked and the few year-around employees from the community. Many of those who worked during the summer were returnees, albeit there were always those new ones needing training! Regular housekeeping, maintenance of buildings and grounds, wait-staff, kitchen, and waterfront were supplemented by the temporary help during the week and weekends during the summer. It was a great opportunity for the extra help to earn money for college and whatever else their needs or wants were. Summer time in resort country was a prosperous time for everyone especially if the weather was cooperative, the reservations at capacity, and expendable income available for people. Everyone in the area profited, hoping to make enough through this "fat" time to carry them through the "lean" winter months.

There were around twenty non-family members employed at the Resort year around, but the number tripled during the summer with the temporary help. Boat rentals, bait sales, and gasoline sales on the waterfront usually had four to five temps at least. Waterfront help also could earn extra cash by cleaning fish for guests. Sutton's also made guide service available for those guests interested; local men and women, licensed as guides were booked through the bait and tackle shop.

Jessie's brother, Charlie, was in charge of the waterfront staff; brother Jimmy and his wife handled reservations, the front desk, and housekeeping; Michael was in charge of buildings and grounds maintenance, including mowing; Jessie's mom and dad ran the food service and overall operations. Every family member and at least one crew leader had a two-way radio for communication. Family members also had cell phones for private contact with each other. His dad always said the place "had to run like a finely tuned clock" and "our job is to give our guests the most pleasant, relaxing experience we could – happy customers mean frequent trips to the bank!"

The moon was full and bright when Jessie left the Lodge after working the dining room not only for the "Brunch" but the evening dining as well. The day and evening was very busy, the customers well satisfied with their meals and service, so the tips were good as well! Jessie was walking back home with a wad of bills in his front pocket giving the illusion he sported a thick, thick cock as fat as a roll of half dollars, but he knew better!

Feeling the roll of bills in his pocket, Jessie muttered, "Don't I wish!"

The family home wasn't that far from the Lodge, yet far enough to somewhat isolate it so the family had their privacy. Jessie slowed his pace, wary, feeling "something wasn't quite right," as if someone or something was watching or following him, uncomfortably close. He had a niggling feeling on the back of his neck if he turned around, there might be someone there, not close, but far enough, if need be, Jessie could make it to the house, if he sprinted. There was over three hundred dollars in his pocket and no way in hell was he going to let someone else get it; unless, just unless, it wasn't the money someone was after!

Casting a casual glance over one shoulder and then the next, he scanned the area to his side and back, as best as he could. There'd been a guest at dinner, although not at one of his wait tables, who kept looking at him as he worked, causing him to feel uncomfortable. The man made no overt moves or suggestive comments, but his eyes seemed to undress Jessie and then salivate over his imagined naked form!

He stopped dead in his tracks, all senses immediately alert when he heard a soft "chuff" – a noise he'd heard last winter when the three wolves came across the lake onto Lofty Pines property as he sat on the porch watching them approach. A second "chuff," just a little louder emanated from the tree line behind the house. Jessie walked around the house, in the direction he thought the sound came from, across the clearing, to the edge of the mixed pine and oak forest edge where he stood, his eyes sweeping, straining into the darkness where the full moon failed to penetrate it's brightness, instead casting a light, almost dusky, eerie light; a light and accompanying shadows creating a magical, even spooky atmosphere, transforming the landscape!

The big wolf appeared, apparently magically, Jessie thought. One second the large canine wasn't there, the next second it was! Standing less than ten foot in front of Jessie, he thought the magnificent creature, ears perked up, grey, white and black in color, tail extending out behind, eyes almost golden as it looked at him, was every bit, if not more so as beautiful and captivating as the first time he'd seen it!

"Hi!" Jessie said happily, ecstatic at the sight of the big wolf, "You came back!" and extended his hand out for the wolf to sniff.

The large wolf cocked his head at the sound of Jessie's voice, tilted his head back just slightly, and, inhaling deeply, tested the air for the scent of danger or other persons or critters in the immediate area. Sensing no danger, the wolf stepped cautiously forward, as Jessie giggled,

"It's just me, but you already know that or you wouldn't have come out here!" keeping his hand extended as the wolf neared him.

"Where's your two body guards?" Jessie asked, "You know, those two big fellows who were with you last winter?"

The big wolf seemed to stand a little taller, majestically, as if to assert himself as strong enough and regal enough not to need any "body guards!"

"Right," Jessie said in response to the wolf's action, "you don't need anyone to protect you, you think, but I warned you before there are those around here who'd shoot you if they had a chance. But I won't, will I?"

Jessie thought a moment before cautioning sternly, "You'd better be careful around the old Lofty Pines Resort though. The new owner, Mr. Campbell doesn't seem all that friendly to people or wild animals. When I was over there, the man damned near scare the shit out of me!"

The big wolf looked at him curiously, sort of cocking his head to the side.

"Oh, he didn't really hurt me," explained Jessie, "but the way he acted, almost forcing me to join him sitting on the front porch of the lodge and the way he kept his hand on my shoulder, making me feel threatened if I tried to move away. I wasn't all that certain what he might do!"

Jessie paused again, "No, I don't think I'll be going back there for a while. All the fences he's putting up say 'Go away and keep away' and I don't think he'd hesitate to take a shot at you guys either! For all of the bullshit talk he gave me about enjoying the wilderness and wanting to raise his family there, and how much he wanted to keep the natural beauty of it all, he sure doesn't practice what he preaches! So be careful around there, okay?"

The wolf was close enough now, after sniffing Jessie's hand, allowed the boy to place his hand on his head! Immediately, another wolf, not quite as big, but every bit as strong, stepped from the shadows, back bristled, teeth slightly bared warning Jessie!

The bigger wolf, clearly the leader, growled low in his throat, a sort of rumble, at the other, a subordinate wolf, Jessie guessed, and it immediately tilted his head, exposing his throat, and laid his ears back, ceasing his aggressive posture toward Jessie!

Jessie, still feeling no fear, not in the least bit worried for his personal safety, debunking, in his mind, the dire warnings and stories of wolves attacking and eating people, looked at the smaller wolf, frowned, his forehead wrinkled, deep in thought.

"You're new here, aren't you?" he asked aloud, addressing the subordinate, smaller wolf. "You weren't with him," patting the large, Alpha on the back of his neck, "last winter when I met him and the others at the old resort."

The wolf sat back on his haunches, watching and listening to the boy speak.

"And by the looks of you," Jessie snickered maneuvering himself to get a better view of the wolf, "you're a pretty big boy too," eyeing the canine's hefty balls and large sheathed penis.

"At first," Jessie continued, turning his attention to the larger wolf, looking directly into his eyes, "I was afraid it might be someone else," and proceeded to tell the two wolves about the strange customer in the dining room of the lounge earlier in the evening.

"He sort of gave me the creeps; I don't know why because he didn't make any moves on me. I was just glad I didn't have his table!"

Laughing softly, Jessie confessed, "I know you probably wouldn't understand this but I figured he just wanted a piece of my sweet, little, young ass," and jiggled his butt provocatively."

Jessie could have sworn both wolves smiled at him when he said it.

"Well, he did," he admonished seriously, "but no way would I let him stick his cock up my butt; I'm saving it for someone special who someday will show up here and sweep me off my feet," and then giggled, delighted at his own wishes and the prospects of fulfilling it!

The big wolf sat back on his haunches as well and made a soft, low signal of some sort and two more wolves stepped out of the darkness of the woods. Smaller, yet just a tad bigger than ordinary timber wolves, both were of similar size and coloration, as best as Jessie could determine in the soft, shaded moonlight and appeared to be juvenile wolves, not pups anymore, but not full grown.

"Oh, my god," he exclaimed at the sight of the two new visitors, "you two are beautiful! Come here and let me get a closer look at you!"

The two younger wolves hesitated, looked at the leader, fidgeted, whined softly in either supplication or fear, Jessie didn't know, wanting to do as he asked, yet didn't want to move in his direction without the approval of the more dominant larger wolf!

A soft "woof" brought them both to his side where they rolled over on their backs, baring their undersides and throat in submission to the larger canine and lay compliantly while he nuzzled their bellies and licked his tongue across their balls and sheathed penises, before sounding another "woof" ordering them up on their feet and permission to approach the boy.

Jessie watched the bigger, older wolf minister to the maleness of the younger pair and boned up at the sight of the relatively large penises and balls on the youngsters.

"Not quite as big of boys as your companions," he muttered aloud, "but you guys are definitely all boy and then some!"

The two wolfs, once receiving permission, immediately trotted up to Jessie and began a very tactile inspection of his body with their noses and tongues, sniffing, licking, tasting; their tales wagging, body wiggling, eyes seeming to sparkle so pleasurable their intent to discover or know him! One young wolf poked his nose in Jessie's crotch, encountering his stiff cock contained in his pants and nuzzled it while the other shoved his nose up into Jessie's butt crack and jabbed around there.

"Hey," Jessie giggled, "watch it you two! You're getting pretty personal with my privates."

Shaking his head in amazement, commented, "I didn't know wolves were so interested in cocks and balls; I thought just like dogs, all they did was sniff each other's assholes."

He was about to say something else, when, suddenly, the older wolf gave a low warning growl!

All four wolves became instantly alert! Jessie turned to see where they were looking, but was suddenly pushed to the ground by one of the two that had been messing with him. The youngsters immediately stood over him in a protective mode, teeth bared, ears up, eyes intent on something in the distance, hair on their backs bristled!

Another soft "woof" sent the other adult wolf off in the direction of the house and the parking lot near the Lodge. In just a couple of minutes, he was back! The older wolf, with a growl, summoned the young wolves and the other one to his side, and started off into the woods, leaving Jessie on the ground. The two young ones, glanced more than once behind looking at Jessie.

Jessie, for his part, stood, brushed the leaves and dirt off and wondered to himself what all of that was about. He looked around and couldn't see anything unusual, but he didn't have the vision or smell the wolves did either.

Sweaty hands gripping the steering wheel, stomach jittery, doing flip-flops; the man was barely able to keep his right foot on the car's accelerator as he drove away!

"It was close," he muttered aloud, voice quivering from his encounter. He'd watched the boy waiting tables at Sutton's; the young, nubile, almost pretty boy, slender, eyes sparkling, smile bright and cheerful, black waiter uniform pants hugging his pert little ass like a well-formed glove, and one of the most delectable selections of boy-meat the man had seen in a long time. Everything about the young teen begged the man to fuck him!

What his eyes saw, his mind unwrapped as he put distance between himself and the Lodge! He imagined the boy naked face down on his bed, his young ass raised slightly, in invitation, hands spreading the tender cheeks exposing the tight, small pink orifice, twitching with desire! The lad had just had his front package, the just maturing penis, decorated with just a few, sparsely spaced pubic hairs, kissed, sucked, and brought to a mind-shattering climax, spewing his maturing, small jets of sperm into the man's waiting mouth where it was savored and enjoyed!

Nudging his own bared stiffness up against the virgin opening, the man could almost feel the heat, the constriction, the resistance as he pushed slowly forward until the bowel of the boy enveloped all of his stiff, anxious prick! The boy urged him to fuck him harder and harder; the man began to sweat, pounding, shoving, finally climaxing deep in the boy's inner sanctum!

"Shit!" shouted the man, almost losing control of his vehicle, shuddering his release, as his cock spewed his load of cum into his underwear, soaking through to his dress pants, sticking his shorts to his abdomen!

"Dammit all to hell!" he commiserated to himself, "I want that boy, but I really don't want to shit where I eat!"

He'd sat in his car waiting for the dining room to close, hoping to see where the boy went, wondering if he could grab him! Spotting the lad leaving, walking toward the owner's house, hesitating a moment, and then walking around back, the man suddenly rethought his positon. This boy would be missed, right away, and he was local!

"Not good," the man thought to himself, but temptation after waiting about five minutes, overcame him. He just had to see where the boy ventured to. Opening the car door, he stepped out and as he did, he saw a dog, a very large dog round the house and head toward the parking lot.

He got back into the car, started it up, and quickly pulled away. "That had to be the biggest dog I've ever seen," he exclaimed leaving the parking lot. "If that dog belongs to the kid, one more reason to leave him alone."

He settled down after his orgasm while driving, re-thought the events of the evening, and decided it was not worth going back to Suttons, for a meal or a piece of fine boy ass. There were plenty more sweet young things available; "They're like feral cats in the city," he mused, "wandering around, flaunting their sexiness, just waiting to be bred."

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