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The Scent of Love - The Scent of Death

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 4

"A faithful friend is a strong defense; and he that hath found such a one hath found a treasure."

(6:14 - The Apocrypha)

School was out for the summer and the "season" was in full swing with most weeks booked full with returning and new guests, giving him light steps and dreams of fat tips as Jessie scooted from home to the restaurant this bright, sunny, pleasant June morning. Although having worked a full schedule at the dining room on the weekend and today, Monday, was one of his two days off each week, Jessie was up early, before six o'clock. Quickly dressed in jeans, resort tee-shirt, name badge pinned in place, and resort baseball cap with "Staff" on it, Jessie wanted to say "hi" to his "Uncles Eric and Evan" since he knew they frequented the restaurant early every morning before either heading to work in International Falls or any activities they might have on the weekend. Besides, he knew they'd probably treat him to donuts and hot chocolate! His dad made a point of everyone, including family and employees, paying for food at the restaurant or dining hall, although a discount of twenty-five percent was offered to them, including Eric Trempealeau and Evan Troutman. Jessie could afford it, but like his Grandfather ("Poppa") he certainly wasn't averse to letting someone else pay, even if they were "family."

Eric and Evan would be finishing their breakfast and relaxing after a second or third cup of coffee. For as long as Jessie could remember, the two of them breakfasted during the week and on weekends at Sutton's. It wasn't a long drive from their home, sold to them by his grandfather, and the two of them clearly enjoyed the outing, the company, and the atmosphere before driving to International Falls to their office.

When Jessie walked in, Eric spotted the lad and waved him over to their table, while telling the waiter behind the counter to bring a cup of hot chocolate and a couple of donuts for Jessie. The counter waiter, once she saw Jessie come in the door, already had begun preparing the order. It was a normal, routine order when Eric and Evan were here and Jessie joined them. The early morning breakfast crowd was the same as usual, even with the resort in full operation. The place would fill up fast once the resort people began waking, usually after seven or eight, to prepare for the day.

Jessie smiled, gave Eric and Evan a hug, thanked the waitress for his meal, and sat down at the table.

"How's our boy, this fine morning?" Eric intoned in greeting.

"Tired!" Jessie replied with a yawn.

"Work late?"

Jessie nodded in the affirmative. The Sunday dining guests, both at brunch and then in the "Birchwood" dining room in the late afternoon and evening, was large and kept him busy! Not yet old enough to serve their ordered drinks from the "Ale House" as the bar inside the restaurant (a separate room accessible to both the dining room and the restaurant) was named, he had to rely on another waiter or waitress who was of age to do it for him. Even, at night's end when he shared his tips (a percentage went to the drink server, the chef, the table busser, and bartender), he still walked home with over two hundred dollars from Sunday alone. It was a good day and an excellent weekend for him and, if the summer continued on as it was starting, he'd be able to add a bundle to his savings account!

"Then why didn't you just sleep in?" queried Evan as Jessie sipped his first taste of hot chocolate and munched on a donut.

"And miss seeing my two most favorite people?" Jessie teased, "And besides, one of Charlie's dock workers called in sick, so I told him I'd work, but I hope not to have to all day."

He didn't mind working the dock or waterfront, although the tips weren't as large, but it gave him the opportunity to be outside, which he loved, and to check out any of the other guys either on the beach, renting boats, buying bait, or just trying to act and look cool. More than once each summer, he'd spot a guy about his age who'd cause his groin to quicken and bring him to an instant cock-stand, albeit, he never had the nerve to act on it except in the solitude of his bedroom using his hand to bring himself off!

"So," he asked changing the subject from himself to Eric and Evan, "what are you two up to today?" grinning and winking!

"Not that you young whelp," Evan teased back, "we already did that before we came here for breakfast!" bringing about a laugh from Jessie and a very red face from an embarrassed Eric.

"Shame on you!" replied Jessie softly so only the three of them were privy to his remarks.

He knew they were a gay couple, very much in love for a number of years, and they were aware of his secret as well, supporting him, giving him hope, and someone to talk to after his grandfather died. Oh, his family was well aware of his sexual preferences, but it just wasn't the same talking to his parents or his brothers. There were some things they could accept, but not really understand like Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan could. After his grandfather died, it took some time before Jessie decided he could trust and confide in the two older men. Well, he'd not always confided in them and still didn't, at least to both. About a month after Poppa Sutton died, Eric took Jessie aside one morning after breakfast and for almost two hours reviewed with him the provisions of his grandfather's will and the trust he'd established for him.

"I was your grandfather's attorney for years," Eric explained, "and your father's and now, Jessie Sutton, I'm yours."

Eric went on to explain the relationship an attorney has with his or her client and the sacred trust existing between the two. Jessie knew this well, only he'd never thought it'd be applied to him. "There were few," Eric thought as he visited with the boy, "who could keep a secret as well as Jessie Sutton."

"We're on our way out to "Lofty Pines" to see how much progress has been made on the project," Eric answered.

"Better watch out," Jessie advised, "for the guy that owns the place!"

Puzzled, Eric asked, "Why?"

When Jessie expressed reservations concerning the new owner of Lofty Pines, Eric became concerned; perhaps Jessie knew more, at least something unknown to him, concerning the activities there or planned activities Campbell had going at the Pines. Jessie wasn't only smart, but quite intuitive, sometimes seeing things others didn't using his own observations, calculations, and canniest approaches to a problem. He once told Evan and him something he learned in science class, "A problem well defined is a problem solved" and used it when faced with an unfamiliar situation or problem. Yes, he was a very perceptive and discriminating young man, drawing his conclusions from little bits and pieces from different sources until it made sense to him. He may be small and diminutive on the outside, but both of them knew he was much larger on the insides.

Jessie was a young man born in the north, raised in the north and used to its sometimes fickle nature and privations, yet he luxuriated in the beauty of the lakes, woods, and wild creatures found there. Both he and Evan were uncertain, however, just how Jessie would fare in high school now his champion, Charlie, wouldn't be there to intervene for him.

Jessie's father, Jim, seemed to think otherwise when they discussed it with him.

"Not to worry," Jim advised confidently, "Jessie will sort it all out; besides he's the luckiest guy in the world. I swear he could fall into a shit house and come up with a gold watch in each hand!"

Jessie proceeded to tell Evan and Eric of his experience at The Pines when he wandered over there one day to satisfy his curiosity. He expressed his displeasure at the extensive cutting and planned cutting of the trees, the metal chain link fencing he saw and where it was to be installed around the perimeter of the property, and the guard house it looked as if were to be placed at a front gate.

"Most of all," Jessie concluded, "I didn't like the way he forced me to sit on the porch with him, almost holding me captive until I could wiggle away from him. I'm not afraid of him, much, but I sure don't trust him and all of his 'I'm so happy to back to nature' attitude. Nope, I don't want to go back there any time soon; everything I've seen says "go away," keep out, people, wild animals, and anything else I don't' want around'! Thank you very much, but no; I know when I'm not welcome!"

Evan shook his head in disbelief; started to say how wrong Jessie was, but Eric silenced him with a slight raise in one eyebrow, their signal to be cautious.

"Perhaps things have changed since then," Eric pondered aloud for Jessie's benefit.

"I doubt that!" Jessie snorted, stood, saying, "Gotta go; Charlie's waiting for me!" and left.

"Why didn't you let me tell him how much has changed at The Pines because of his visit?" Evan asked Eric.

"Maybe," Eric replied with a wide smile, "he needs to find out for himself, especially once he finds out there's a private party in the banquet room of the Birchwood on Saturday and he was requested as one of the table waiters by Campbell."

As luck would have it, Jessie ended up working until six that evening. It was a long day, the tips weren't that great, but the guests were nice to work with, and he was worn out! Jessie decided he really, really preferred working the Birchwood dining room. Tuesday, he slept in and sort of just lazed around, except he did go for a swim at the beach, but found nothing worth wanking over that night, just some silly girls laying around in the sun trying to tan, and batting google-eyes at him. Fat chance he'd lay pipe in any girl; in fact he wondered what it'd be like to have a fat cock tickling the inside of his lower entrance and breeding him properly!

Wednesday, when he reported to work at one o'clock to prepare for the evening dining guests, his father held a meeting of the wait and bussing staff announcing,

"Saturday, there'll be a private party, a family gathering actually, in our banquet room. I've already made the announcement to the Monday and Tuesday staffs, so I apologize to those of you here who worked those days, but since some of you will be selected to wait and buss tables, I wanted to make it again."

Jim Sutton went on to explain the party was for Campbell and Associates welcoming members of the families of the company's partners to their new residences and life at The Pines. The large kitchen at The Pines was being modernized and wasn't available so Art Campbell decided to have the party at Sutton's. Sutton reminded the staff if all went well with this event, Sutton's could end up catering quite a few dinners, receptions, or banquets at The Pines, using their kitchen of course.

"This'd be an excellent extension of our market and business enterprise," he went on to say. "I'll be notifying you individually who will be working the event on Saturday," and dismissed the employees to prepare for the evening dining.

Jessie hoped to hell he wasn't one of those his dad decided would work the event on Saturday night. Saturday night was "prime rib special" night and the Birchwood was usually packed with reservations up until the time the kitchen closed. This meant a great tip night and one he really didn't want to relinquish and, besides, he really didn't like Art Campbell that well and could care less about his "welcoming the families!"

At the close of his shift, after he'd paid his share of tips to the bar and server, the busser, and the kitchen, his father called him aside and informed him he'd be one of five waiters, along with five bussers, to work on Saturday at the Campbell party. According to Jim Sutton, Campbell planned on thirty or so guests, hence it wouldn't take more than the five waiters and five bussers.

Jessie knew better than kick up too much of fuss because he also saw the opportunity for the resort food service to grow, but he did ask if his own table busser could be one of the chosen as well.

"We work well together," Jessie pleaded.

His father thought a moment but denied the request. "He's in his first year of college and I'd like him to wait tables in the main dining room. He's worked around you, watched you, and I've watched him. He'll do just fine!"

Friday night was fish fry night; generous portions of whitefish, deep fried, broiled, boiled as "poor man's lobster," and baked were served to guests along with sides and a salad. Friday is a "no reservations" night and usually was extremely busy serving resort guests, summer people, weekenders, campers, and locals during the summer. Many Friday evenings, guests trekked out from International Falls to partake in the excellent and abundant meal. Friday's crowds were happy, great tippers, and enjoyed more than one brew from the "Ale House."

After cleanup, sharing tips, and walking home around midnight, Jessie collapsed in his bed, too tired to even pull his pud!

Saturday, he reported to work at one o'clock in the afternoon, as usual, to begin preparing for the Campbell private party. Perfectionist that he was, even at his young age (fifteen come December) he wanted the banquet room set up, salads prepared and in the cooler, and everything in its proper place before the guest arrived and not have to scramble around at the last minute. His dad once remarked Jessie was the youngest "maître d ' "he'd ever seen.

"How many per table?" Jessie asked his dad as he worked.

"I think we'll set six on five tables, but I, as think on it, why not set six on six just to be certain, in case some extras show up."

Art Campbell told Jim Sutton, when he made the reservations he wanted the room set up in family groups, but not knowing how many in each group, Jim decided to set for six. Tables could re-arranged or guests could sit where they wished if there was not room at individual tables. He knew there were three partners in the business and assumed three family groups.

Jessie just rolled his eyes, hoping his father wouldn't pick up on his disgust with the Campbell operation. Unfortunately or fortunately depending, his father did notice, walked over to Jessie, saw the anger in the boy's eyes, put his arms around his son, and asked softly,

"Okay, Jessie, something bothers you about all of this and I don't think it's particularly the loss of the anticipated tip money from the regular dining guests, so why don't you tell me about it?"

Jessie nodded and proceeded to tell his dad of his experiences at Lofty Pines while making an uninvited visit earlier in the spring. Jim Sutton listened carefully to his son's story, and when he finished, gave him a hug, signaling he understood, but said softly, "You were trespassing, but I don't think he meant to frighten you or punish you. Have you talked to him about it?"

"God no, Dad! I think he'd be the last one he'd want to see, besides I don't know if I feel comfortable talking to him alone!"

His dad gave him another hug, responding, "I think you're wrong about Art Campbell, Jessie, but that's for you to decide. As far as him never wanting to see you again, he specifically requested you as one of the table waiters for this evening!"

Jessie furrowed his brows, quietly wondering just how the hell did Campbell know he waited tables here; he never mentioned it while sitting on the porch with him. What the hell was the man up to? Jessie hoped he wasn't like that creepy fellow who perved on him in the Birchwood that night.

Dinner for the Campbell Party was scheduled for seven, preceded by a cocktail hour. There'd be a short intermission after dinner for a presentation by Campbell, followed by desert, and then they'd be done. Jessie's dad thought it should be over no later than ten o'clock and when everything was cleaned up and put away, staff could go home.

One of the bartenders from "The Alehouse" set up a portable bar in the banquet room. It was well stocked with liquor, several brands of beer, about a half dozen choices for wine, and fountain soft drinks. The soft drinks would be for non-alcohol drinkers and minors as well as for mixing drinks for the adults who wished one. Jessie was just putting the finishing touches on the appetizer table now laden with hot and cold snacks, crackers, cheeses, olives and pickles, and, as requested by Campbell, a version of "Russian tar tar," consisting of very lean ground round and sirloin, seasoned with salt, pepper, and other spices the chef added. The mixture goes by different names depending on where people live, but it was one others had requested, so it was not something new to Jessie at all. He'd not tried it before, but really had no desire to.

Jessie knew, somehow, even before he heard Mr. Campbell's voice, they were here! Not so much Campbell himself, but some others with him. Jessie became alert, anxious, anticipating whoever it might be, because he had a distinct, unexplainable feeling they were coming to see him! He'd never felt this way before, but it was as if something mysterious, yet compelling, drew him to turn and see if he could locate the source or sources of his anxiety!

"Mr. Sutton," Art Campbell said in addressing Jim Sutton, "I'd like you to meet my family before the dinner begins."

Seeing Jessie staring at them, he waved him over also and when Jessie approached him, Campbell inclined his head ever so slightly, saying, "Jessie, I'd like to apologize to you for the poor impression I made the last time we met and I'd like to introduce you to my family as well."

Art Campbell introduced his wife Jean to Jim and Jessie, and then his oldest son, Scott and his wife Sandra who held their infant son Christopher, now sound asleep, in her arms, followed by Franklin and Beth, both in high school; his youngest daughter, Michelle, in grade five, and he paused before turning specifically to Jessie saying,

"These are our twin sons Tyler and Jase, identical twins if you haven't noticed, who're your age and will be in your grade in high school this coming fall."

The twins were absolutely identical, difficult, if not impossible to tell one from the other according to their mother. Both were a couple of inches taller than Jessie, dark, but not black hair, hazel eyes with flecks of gold giving them an almost amber appearance, depending on how the light hit them; the boys were somewhat broader across the shoulders, bodies tapered to slim waists, body structure of either a swimmer or runner or combination of both; lightly tanned, and handsome as hell, Jessie thought! What really set him off was the way their eyes seemed to capture him, pull him in to them, possess him, and smiles which could brighten his life immediately and lure him closer to the point of wanting to capture those lips and mouths with his own and seal himself in whatever way to Jase and Tyler! Jessie couldn't explain it, only feel what he felt toward the twins. He felt his groin tighten as the two of them stepped closer to him.

It was then he noticed, really noticed, their teeth; gleaming white, strong, and the canines, upper and lower, extended just a fraction above the others, adding to the twin's attractiveness and mystic. Jessie extended his hand in greeting, expecting first one and then the other to accept it and return the handshake; instead, they stepped close to him and both embraced him at once, bringing their bodies in very close contact with his, a face cheek to cheek on either side of his, and with ever a slight movement, seemed to rub themselves against him while each discretely tongued his neck, almost as if tasting him, marking him in some manner, and uttering their names after each put his lips to his neck.

Jessie was as hard as a railroad spike, his cock straining to free itself from the confines of his shorts and black uniform pants! He hoped others wouldn't notice, especially the twins; they'd know for certain he was gay and was already willing to either engulf, after a quick glance down as they stepped back, the very noticeable, large penises enclosed down their right legs in their casual pants, or strip himself naked, flop down on his back and offer himself to them!

Jase and Tyler looked at him, winked, smiled, and re-joined their family. Jim Sutton gave a little toss of his head, indicating there was still work to be done, and Jessie quickly hustled away toward the kitchen. It wasn't too soon either, because Jessie knew if he was around them any longer, he'd have spewed his load in his britches and that really would have been embarrassing!

In the kitchen, putting salads on trays to be carried to the dining hall by the other waiters, Jessie found it difficult to explain the feelings he had toward the twins. Granted, he'd had jack-off fantasies about other guys, but never feelings this deep! He just knew both Tyler and Jase excited him in the same way; feeling both of them wanted him, desired him, and would claim him as their joint possession to be shared, and dammit, he was willing to allow it to happen!

When the cocktail hour was over and the entire group of guests were assembling, Jessie and the other waiters quickly cleared away the appetizer table and cleaned up. The bar stayed open just in case anyone would want a dinner or after dinner drink. As he worked he could feel the twin's eyes on him and when he'd look their way, they'd just smile, a warm, inviting, captivating smile, yet seeming to know he just couldn't not look at them.

He also noticed Campbell re-arranging the seating arrangements at the tables; evidently foregoing the "family group" idea. The three partners and their wives, Art and Jean Campbell, Ray and Corrine Hayes (Art's sister), and Ted and Lynne Bowers (friends from college days), all sat at one table. Campbell then placed Jase and Tyler at a table with Rick Hayes, Brent Bowers, Patrick Hayes, and Michael Bowers. Michael, Jase, Tyler, and Rick would be freshmen in the fall; Brent would be a sophomore and Patrick would be in eighth grade.

Ray Hayes was Vice-President of Operations and Research for Campbell and Associates. He and his wife, Corrine had three other children; Kendra (Junior in high school), Annette, a seventh grader in the fall, and Simon, a fifth grade student in the fall. Ted Bowers, Vice-President of Finance and Accounting, and his wife, Lynne, had Rhonda, entering college in the fall, Annette, a sophomore in high school in the fall, Lynette, entering grade eight, Robert, going into grade seven, Alan entering grade five, and Derrick, entering grade four. The additional students would crowd the bus in the fall unless the district assigned a larger one for this route, Jessie thought. Of course, there'd be more room if some of the older ones drove themselves to school.

Jessie was assigned their table, at Jase and Tyler's request. Water glasses filled, salads placed, dinner rolls and butter strategically set, and when the salad course was over, the entrée was served. Every time Jessie came near either Tyler or Jase, they found the opportunity to touch him, sometimes on his arm or hand or leg, wanting to make contact with him, and if Jessie didn't know better, announce to their table mates and cousins, he belonged to them. There was no indication from the others that anything unusual was happening, although Jessie did blush each time the twins touched him.

When the main meal was over, Jessie was just turned to walk away, when one of the twins asked, "Jessie?"

Jessie turned and responded, "Yes, Tyler, what can I do for you?"

The table went suddenly quiet, as well as did the adults sitting at the table next to them!

Jessie looked around, eyes wide, puzzled, and asked, "What?"

"How did you know that?" asked Patrick.

"Know what?"

"Know it was Tyler who called you back? I've lived around those two my whole life and I can't tell them apart!"

"I don't know," Jessie responded with a shrug of his shoulders, "I just know that's who it was!" At that point in his relationship with Tyler and Jase, he really didn't know; he only knew he could tell them apart, by voice, by mannerisms, by scent!

"Could you show us where the men's room is, please?" Tyler asked, rose from the table, along with his brother, approached Jessie, and the two of them placed their hands on his back, and let Jessie lead the way to the hallway leading to the restrooms.

In the short distance from the banquet room to the door of the men's restroom Jessie, Jase, and Tyler managed to share cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Facebook accounts, discover their birthdays were only about a month a part, Jessie's in December and the Twins in November, the three of them weren't interested in sports or girls, and loved the outdoors. At the doorway of the restroom, Tyler reached down and gently cupped Jessie's pants covered hard cock and gave it a little squeeze! He appeared about ready to say something to Jessie when Jase gave sort of grunted, raised his head up, and twitched it in the general direction of the restroom. Tyler let go of Jessie and said, "Perhaps we should save this for another time!"

Jessie sighed in disappointment but silently acknowledging the truth of the matter; he was at work and he didn't think his dad would be very tolerant of two of the guests fucking his son in the men's restroom while he was supposed to be working! On his days off, it'd be an entirely different matter.

The man was standing by in front of one of the urinals pissing when the two boys walked in. Their good looks and slim builds caught his attention; smiling to himself, he wondered what it'd be like to have a "two-fer" in the restroom. The boys were strangers, at least to him, and he thought he knew every young piece of boy flesh in the area!

He waited patiently, slowly pissing, pinching it off and releasing it to prolong his presence while waiting for the two lads to fish out their young, sweet cocks, and give him a peek! There were no partitions between the urinals, so once the cocks were out, he'd have a chance to get a really good look! First one and then the other long, thick, uncut cocks were pulled out from the lads' pants flies and he couldn't help but stare at the sight, giving him a start of an erection!

All thoughts of a liaison with the boys came to a screeching halt when the boy nearest to him turned, looked at him, eyes locked on his, boring into his head in a dark, menacing way, and sneering his upper lip back, and jutting his jaw forward enough to expose four very sharp, pointed canine teeth, snarled,

"Leave it, Mister!"

The man, frightened, fixed on the teeth and the fierce manner of the boy, suddenly lost all sexual desire, quickly tucked his now flaccid dick into his pants, and, with no other thought than getting the hell out of there before he got hurt, almost ran from the restroom, heading toward the cashier's station to pay his bill. Once in his car, he sped away, thankful for still being physically intact and not beaten to pulp! Clearly those two boys were dangerous and he wanted no part of them, especially seeing the teeth on the one. Never had he seen teeth like that on anything other than a dog- or a wolf and he hated dogs! Nope, the man desired boys who were more pliant, submissive, and fuck-able!

"Who the hell was that creep?" muttered Tyler as he pissed.

"Don't know," replied Jase, wiggling his shaft to shake any loose drops lingering under his foreskin or hanging up on the tip of his cock, "but I didn't like him and didn't trust him, especially the way he looked at our cocks!"

"Yeah," giggled his brother. "When you snarled at him, warning him away, I could smell his lust turning instantly to fear, especially when you exposed your canine's at him. I think that fucker is scared shitless of dogs!"

"Along with smelling some piss," chuckled Tyler. "He hadn't quite finished. I bet he won't bother us again if he's from around here; if not, let him dream about what he wished would've happened but didn't."

Jase changed the subject back to Jessie; both agreed he was everything their father originally described and even more once they first saw his body and savored his scent. They'd rubbed enough of their scent on him this evening so everyone in the room knew they were claiming him! They were both surprised, and maybe even a little perplexed, Jessie seemed to not only pick up immediately on their attraction to him and he was able to distinguish one from the other after their introduction earlier in the evening, agreeing to discuss it with their dad.

Jessie was returning from the kitchen with one of the dessert trays and, when he entered the banquet room, the lights were just brightening from the dimness needed for Mr. Campbell's power point presentation projected on the large screen in the front of the room. He heard him say,

"You've seen what the facility looked like, what it currently is, and what we propose in the future as we grow. Our plans changed from our original conception and design when Jessie Sutton, the son of our host, wandered on to the property….."

Jase and Tyler looked instinctively toward the doorway where Jessie stood waiting politely for Campbell to finish before entering. Not only could they catch his scent, but could hear his heart; even if they hadn't, they would've sensed his presence!

"Ah," announced Campbell, interrupting his presentation, "here he is now," and waved Jessie to join him up front.

Jessie pushed the cart aside and stepped forward to join Mr. Campbell, although he did keep about ten feet of distance between himself and Campbell.

"Jessie," Campbell continued, "made some suggestions when he came over to The Pines to visit several months ago, just after we started our remodeling project. I fear I didn't seem to make him feel very welcome at the time. As a result of his visit, we changed our plans and made significant changes so not only will The Pines be welcoming and open for our guests and clients, but for the wildlife as well. From what I gathered when all of you started moving in, you were more than pleased with the way we've kept as much of the natural setting as possible. I think it will be a fine place to live and work. Having said that, I'd like us to thank Jessie and invite him to visit anytime he wishes."

The group applauded Jessie and he blushed, but did say "thank you."

"I'm positive Jase and Tyler would be more than happy to have his company as well," Campbell added, really, really making Jessie blush this time. When he looked over at Jase and Tyler, they gave him an enthusiastic "thumbs up" emphasized by their wide, happy smiles and a couple of winks.

"God," thought Jessie is it that obvious, as he scampered back to his dessert cart and began serving his table. He served Jase and Tyler first, placing cherry cheesecake in front of each of them, without asking first what they wished. He just knew it'd be their favorite, the same he knew how Jase had a slightly different scent than Tyler, and he was the only one who could tell the difference.

Art and Jean Campbell noticed the cheesecake, and smiled at each other.

" I think you chose well for our boys," Jean said to Art without speaking the words out loud.

He merely nodded and smiled, pleased with his choice for his gay twins.

Jase and Tyler, agreed on the way home, Jessie Sutton was one of the most beautiful young men they'd ever encountered and whether he knew it or not, he was their mate! They once asked their dad how they'd know when they found their mate or mates, the ones they would spend the rest of their life with.

He'd smiled knowingly, remembering asking his own father the very same question and his older sons asking him the same.

"You'd know," he answered, "the same way the rest of us discovered our mates!"

The boys would know, beyond all certainty, when they were drawn almost inexplicably to an individual or individuals, as metal is to a magnet, a bee to a flower, or a moth to a flame! The very scent of the individual would be like the strongest pheromone they'd ever sensed, an aphrodisiac setting their hormones raging, pushing them to want to possess, please, protect, provide for their intended mate for the rest of their lives.

Jase and Tyler felt that way now, not about two different people, but one- Jessie Sutton, and they felt no compunction, no jealousy, no anger, or jealousy they were both smitten with the same person. They'd shared everything else in birth and life, why not a mate? The fact Jessie could tell them apart after only one meeting and seemed to know their likes and dislikes as well, confirmed their decision and their feelings toward him. They thought, shared the same emotions, and loved as one in two separate bodies! The two young men wanted him so bad; to kiss, fondle, fawn over, coddle, love, and breed, long, hard and deep! Once that of love was complete, marking him, no one, human or animal, would separate him from them or harm him!

Jessie worked later than he intended after the Campbell Party was over. His dad asked if he'd help out in the kitchen and setting up the dining room for Sunday Brunch and evening dining. The resort was booked full, including the motel rooms, and that meant everyone would hump trying to service the guests. Saturday was always "turn around" day in resorts; the day when the previous week's guests checked out, the cabins and rooms cleaned, and the new guests checked in. It had to be all done by three in the afternoon.

For those arriving guests who'd been at Sutton's before, they knew the routines and where things were. The new guests, the ones who'd be experiencing Sutton's for the first time, were full of questions and seemed to want to try everything at once. As he worked, he felt his cell phone vibrate in his pants pocket, signaling a text message. He thought it might be his father or mother, working in the dining room, wanting him to help them.

Much to his surprise, it was a text from Tyler wondering if he'd be up for company on Monday afternoon, his day off. Jessie quickly answered he was available, and since the weather was supposed to be nice, for the twins to bring their swim suits.

It was after eleven at night before Jessie went home. He headed to his room, stripped naked, showered, and, while toweling himself dry, stepped over to the window overlooking the clearing between the house and the forest, hoping to see the big wolves who sometimes made an appearance. As hard as he looked, he could see nothing! Casually scratching his balls and giving his cock a tug, he turned from the window, disappointed, and went to bed.

The two wolves, watching from the dark shadows of the forest beyond the clearing, were not disappointed in what they saw, their sharp eyes devouring every line, every spot, every hair on Jessie's smooth body, and especially his genital area. Licking their lips, they stood when he stepped away from the window, stretched, legs out behind them, their large, thick, pointed canine penises hanging out their sheaves. Satisfied Jessie was home and safe for the night, they loped off into the forest!

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