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The Scent of Love - The Scent of Death

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 5

"You must sit down, says Love,
and taste my meat.
So I did sit and eat."
(George Herbert)

Art and Jean Campbell lived in the original house used by the older couple who owned the resort prior to the purchase by Campbell and Associates. The home required quite a bit of modernization and the addition of one more bedroom to accommodate their family, but it was now quite comfortable for their large family. Frank, their second son and not married, currently shared a bedroom with Tyler and Jase, at least until the new one-bedroom, apartment complex was completed for single members of the company family and those married with no children or only one. Those apartments, eight in total in the one building, were tucked away back into the forest, shielding them from the main grounds, giving the residents a certain degree of privacy. Like the rest of the buildings, they were being constructed of natural or natural looking materials, in this case, log facing over concrete block, giving esthetic appearance with the solid construction of concrete.

Their daughter, Beth, had her own room in their house, as did Michelle; Scott, his wife, and small son, occupied one of the four original cabins. Scott worked in sales and promotion and usually was the first to make contact with prospective clients. Each of the cabins was modernized and an additional room added to either accommodate current family size or future growth.

The Hayes' occupied another of the four residences and were quite comfortable in the four bedroom home. The Bowers', on the other hand, were somewhat crowded, although it would ease in the fall when Rhonda, their oldest daughter would be returning to college in the fall, having transferred to Bemidji State. In the meantime, she shared a bedroom with Annette, in high school, and Lynn in eighth grade, while Michael, grade nine and Robert, grade seven, shared another room. Alan, grade five, and Derrick, grade four, shared the final bedroom. It was the only cabin with two bathrooms in it, for which Ted and Lynne Bowers were eternally grateful!

Art was well pleased this Sunday morning as he sat on his porch, the sun rising over the pines, not only with the success of the party the night before, but the progress of the remodeling and construction being undertaken at The Pines. The laboratory building where all of the work was done with its computer labs, offices, and research facilities, was almost completed. It, along with general offices in the Lodge, would be completed and up and running by the end of July. In the meantime, the satellite offices in other cities were carrying the work load. It meant a great deal of communication electronically by satellite via the internet and some travel for him and Ray Hayes, but Ted Bowers stayed on site at The Pines to keep the financial and accounting records as well as being on-site for decisions and oversight. Ted was slow to rile, but effective as an enforcer of the businesses practices and procedures. The three of them, Campbell, Hayes, and Bower's, knew each other well and worked together efficiently and with concern. Campbell knew the other two had his back at any time!

Jessie's suggestions concerning the atmosphere and development of the site were good and Art took them to heart, talked to his partners about them, and, when they agreed, had the architect make the necessary changes, keeping as much of the natural landscape and foliage on the site and around the perimeter as possible. The proposed chain-link fence around the property was replaced with a very sophisticated electronic security and monitoring system capable of distinguishing animals from humans if they passed through it. The main gate remained so it could be closed at night, more of a deterrent rather than barrier since it could be breached rather easily. Chain link fencing was still placed around the satellite dish array, the large propane tanks used to provide heat and fuel the emergency generators, and the large electric transformers and small building containing the electric distribution equipment.

Frank was in charge of buildings and grounds maintenance and he had all but the youngest members of the three families busy cleaning up the grounds, getting the beach back into usable condition, repainting picnic tables and benches, and preparing the boat dock for re-insertion into the lake. There were still boats, motors, and canoes to be cleaned, repaired, and painted in order to make them ready for family or guests. The Resort suffered from benign neglect for years and much needed to be done. Frank, was a go-getter, Art mused to himself, and loved the outdoors as much as Tyler and Jase do.

The partners were pleased with the property purchase; it was as perfect as they thought when they first inspected it after noticing the sale notice in a multi-listing property sales booklet. They'd been looking for a location in the States with sufficient acreage, buildings already in place, located close to a relatively large airport, surrounded or near large tracts of forested land (in this case State and National forest land), sparsely populated with people, yet not totally remote, but replete with lakes, streams, and wild game. A place where the group of families could run, hunt, and live far from the crowd keeping their lives to themselves sheltered from prying eyes and those who might not understand and were less than tolerant of their existence.

The children were taught at an early age to remain silent, outside their own family circle, concerning anything to do with the way they lived and who they were. Jeanne Campbell was a nurse-practitioner so there was seldom any need for seeking a doctor for minor injuries and they were relatively disease free due to their heritage. The children were home-schooled, by Lynne Bowers and Corrine Hayes, both elementary teachers, until the end of eighth grade, ensuring there'd be no worry concerning any outward appearance of anything unusual until the youngsters approached puberty and beyond. By then, they'd be well versed and trained on how to behave and what to expect. In all intents and purposes, the Campbell's', Hayes', and Bowers' would be nothing other than new families moving into the area to live, raise families, and start a business; a very successful business!

Yes, Art Campbell acknowledged as he sipped his coffee, the location provided an excellent place to work, entertain prospective and current clients, and live as free as they could in today's world. Having Sutton's Resort close by was an added benefit he'd capitalize on. The meal and service was excellent the night before, as well as the accommodations for guests from what he could ascertain. Sutton's could not only cater food service for his clients while at The Pines, but the overflow of overnight guests could be housed at Sutton's as well.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the soft padding of feet coming from behind him. Jase and Tyler, eyes drooping from just awakening, the after effects of sleep still evident on their faces, stepped up to him, kissed him a "good morning" and yawned, reached down inside their briefs and scratched their balls!

The boys stepped forward on the porch, squinted into the rising sun, looked out over the lake in front, and stretched, hands behind their backs, arching their backs, flexing their butt muscles as they raised up on their toes and settled back down before turning around to face their father.

"God, they are so beautiful," Art thought, masking his thoughts from them; bodies lean and graceful as a gazelle, narrow hips, shoulders and chest well developed, legs muscled from running, faces and eyes which made many a girl or boy turn for a second look, but as he knew, they were only interested in boys, one boy in particular! He cast his eyes down toward the large bulges in their underwear and hoped, when the time came, they didn't hurt young Jessie Sutton!

He decided it was time to have "the talk," only a very, very serious talk so there'd be no misunderstanding what they were allowed to do and forbidden unless they sought his permission, and the consideration they must have for their mate. They'd determined Jessie Sutton was their mate and they'd pursue him as such come hell or high water, of that much he was certain!

"Out late?" he asked, knowing full well what time they arrived home.

The teen boys nodded in sleepy acknowledgement.

Jase mumbled, "Only until about twelve thirty or so, I think!"

"We thought about a long run after dinner last night, but decided against it," Tyler chimed in.

"Jessie make it home okay?" Art asked.

Again, the boys nodded, scratched their crotches once more and decided to join their dad by sitting on the top step of the front porch, just in front of him. Silent for a few minutes, absently staring out across the lake in front of the lodge, saying nothing, indicating nothing through their lack of action. Art sensed they wanted to talk to him, but were reluctant, for some reason, in doing so. He left his chair, carried his coffee cup with him, and with a soft nudge of his foot, indicated the boys should slide over to make room for him to join them. Art knew how much the twins hated to be separated from each other, but they had no choice in this instance or opportunity to protest his action; he was not only their father, but the Alpha!

None the less, once he'd settled between them, they scooched their bodies back, making contact with his body, wanting his warmth, reassurance, and love!

"Dad?" Tyler inquired hesitantly.


"Why is it whenever we see Jessie, we just can't seem to get close enough to him? When we're away from him, we can't wait until we are near him again?"

"Or," Jase spoke up, "we can scent him long before we see him; it's like a magnet pulling us in his direction? Did you ever feel that way?"

What they didn't say or ask their father was how they really felt about Jessie Sutton; when they saw him, scented him, their cocks became engorged, throbbing tight, poking up, insistent in their jeans; painful erections to the point of feeling as though the foreskin surrounding the dripping head couldn't pull back far enough or fast enough to expose that sensitive, tingling tip, seeking freedom, wanting to engage Jessie's most private part, first one of them and then the other until such time as they both could enter him at the same time, with their large, thick teen penises and bring all three of them to simultaneous ecstasy!

They didn't tell him they wanted to not only breed Jessie Sutton, but to love him, hold him, cuddle him between them, offering him their warmth, protection, or to see him naked, aroused, and exposing what they imagined as a willowy, tantalizing, erotically beautiful boy, anxious for their love and wanting to return it. Jase and Tyler wanted to taste him, suckle his boy breasts, nuzzle his neck, lick and lap at his armpits, his navel, and settle their lips around his arousal, drawing their tongues and lips on it as if it were an all day or night sucker before draining it of its pure sweet essence; taking his firm baby-makers in their mouth, and lolling them about with their tongues, and moving to his crotch and finally his most private place where their tongues could wash and savor his puckered, twitching entrance, before plunging into it as far as they could, fucking him to orgasm with the pleasures of their mouths!

Oh, they wanted Jessie Sutton, no doubt about it, but did he want them in the same way? Was he as gay as they were? How would he react, if he was gay, when he discovered his lovers were not really like him, but could shift into a creature with four legs and not two? Would he be horrified, run in fear, call the cops, or have hunters seek the pack out and destroy it? The twins were excited but frightened, not only for themselves and the pack, but for Jessie as well.

Art smiled, answering, "Yes, I did when I first met your mother and feel that way yet today. I couldn't then and can't now get close enough to her or tire of her presence. I knew then I wanted to be with her the rest of our lives; I knew she was my mate and I was hers."

Without saying it, he was trying to lead them to discover if Jessie Sutton meant the same to them, but instead of a girl, a boy. He also pondered how they were going to resolve the issue between them who'd take Jessie as his mate. Art wasn't about to relay to them the confession Jessie made to him that cold night last winter, admitting his preference for boys over girls; how his grandfather and "uncles" Eric and Evan were the only ones he could really talk to about his feelings, and how he was going to feel so alone and vulnerable when his older brother Charlie left for college in the fall. No, these were things the twins would have to work out and discover for themselves!

Art Campbell didn't quite understand the attraction one male had for another over the female of the species, but he knew it existed and accepted it as a normal way of life for some. While not for him, he did understand and love his boys and had known from early on neither one of them would take a female for a mate.

"We think," Jase concluded delicately, "Jessie Sutton might mean the same to us, you know, as Mom does to you, but we're not certain he feels that way."

"Well," Art advised, "I guess you'll have to go slowly until you find out. I think Jessie is a very sensitive, delicate person, who, once he gives his heart, will not take it back so easily. The real problem as I see it, is, if he is gay, how does he choose between the two of you and how will the other feel once it happens?"

Jase and Tyler were quiet, too quiet, enough to make Art uncomfortable. Something was going through their heads and he couldn't figure it out. He thought he could slip into the thoughts of every other member of his pack, except for his twin sons. He and his wife discussed this on more than one occasion and she couldn't figure it out either. It was as if the boys had a language of their own and had had ever since they were born. How they were able to block him and her out, was a mystery and one he feared he'd never solve!

"Oh, that's no problem," Tyler finally assuredly piped up, "we've decided we'll do more than just share, he'll be a mate to both of us at the same time!"

Oh, my god, this was all he needed, thought Art Campbell; not only were his boys difficult to understand and mentally read, now they were determined to share one mate, something relatively unheard of in his world. Ordinarily a male would fight to the death to protect his mate and vice versa. What would happen if Jessie didn't want it that way? This was getting too complicated, as far as Art was concerned, for him to understand so he decided to just "ride it out" and see what happens.

Changing the subject, he said, "I understand, from visiting with your mother, you're going over to Sutton's on Monday for a swim and an opportunity to get better acquainted with Jessie and let him get to know you as well."

"Yeah, it's Jessie's day off," Jase offered. "He has every Monday and Tuesday off unless he has to fill in for someone who's gone or there's a big group of some sort."

Art nodded his understanding, but then in a serious, warning tone, the tone the family and other members of the pack knew he meant business and was not to be disobeyed, said,

"Jessie appears, from what I can see, to be very much attracted to you boys. You are to move slowly, carefully, always considerate of his feelings and desires, not specifically yours alone, understood?"

The twins responded with vigorous nods of their heads.

"And, no shifting in front of him until you are certain he's ready to understand and accept you for what you are; finally, absolutely no biting him, drawing blood! You know as well as I do what that means; he's human and only when or if he decides he wants to be part of you, you come to me and seek my permission! Understood?"

The boys knew the law had been laid down and going against the Alpha, their father, would have dire and severe consequences!

Jase and Tyler weren't the only ones excited and full of questions about their upcoming visit at Sutton's on Monday and what kind of relationship might develop from it. They knew what they wanted, but were uncertain what Jessie wanted. They'd felt his heat and desire at the dinner on Saturday and thought it was a signal of him wanting them. Jessie had felt the heat in his loins, quivering in his gonads, stiffening in his cock, along with an intense willingness to surrender himself to the two handsome twin studs he'd met the night before!

He woke early burning with his own questions about Jase and Tyler. Just thinking about them brought him to a painful, stiff erection, ready to be jacked and caressed at his own pace and pleasure. However, so inflamed with the need to wrap himself around both of them, as first one then the other plumb their, what he imagined as big cocks, into his rear portal, while he took them into his mouth, nursing their sweet, thick, abundant cum from those prolific baby makers until they both were dry, after about five frantic strokes of his hand, he fired several ropes of his own cum quickly into the cum rag he barely had time to grab! Still, not all of it landed there, some splattered his chest and face so, using a finger, wiped himself clean and sucked it into his mouth, returning some from which it came. So intense was his orgasm, it left him breathless!

After a quick shower, Jessie dressed in his Sutton's uniform clothes since he had to work the Sunday Brunch and evening dining in the Birchwood, attached his radio and cellphone to his belt and hiked himself over to the Pelican Café. Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan would be there for breakfast and he wanted to seek some advice from them.

The Resort was booked full but, even so, Jessie was surprised to see so many people in the café seated either eating, ordering, or waiting for their orders to be served. He spotted his "uncles" seated at their usual two person table near the front window and Eric waved him over to join them while Evan commandeered an empty chair and slid it to the end of their small table. The waitress behind the counter smiled at Evan when he gave her a slight wave and prepared a cup of hot chocolate and a couple of donuts for Jessie!

Jessie settled in, thanked the waitress for the donuts and hot chocolate, and beamed a happy "thank you" to his two surrogate uncles, knowing full well they were the ones who'd pay for it and treated him, no- spoiled him, so well.

"Up so early after such a busy night?" kidded Eric fully aware, even though Jessie had a long day ahead of him, he'd be full of questions or chatter about the evening before. Jessie had expressed misgivings about Art Campbell and his project and Eric and Evan were anxious to hear if Jessie had changed his opinion!

"You knew all along, didn't you?" Jessie asked with feigned indignity.

Eric and Evan both smiled, their faces acknowledging the accuracy of his assumption.

"Guilty!" pronounce Evan.

"So," quizzed Eric, "did you change your mind after visiting with Mr. Campbell?"

"Sort of," Jessie confessed, "but I'm still not certain. He invited me out to visit, but I still don't think I'll do that just yet. I don't know everyone out there very well yet."

He sat quietly, slowly munching on a donut, then taking a sip of hot chocolate to wash it down. Eric and Evan waited patiently, casting glances at each other, knowing full well from their years of association with this precocious young man, he had something on his mind and it wasn't Art Campbell! Jessie sat trying to figure out some way to bring the subject up without being too obvious about it.

"So," Eric asked, after waiting what he thought was suitable time, "did you meet the twins?"

Jessie nodded shyly and lowered his head just a little.

"Pretty good looking, huh?"

Jessie nodded in head in the same shy manner, but quickly added, "They're coming over tomorrow to go for a swim and spend some time. It's my day off!"

The two men knew Monday and Tuesday's were his day off, but it did give them an opening to maneuver him, without him realizing it, into telling them what was on his mind, by asking some leading questions which could nudge him to speak up.

"Is there something you wish to talk to us about this upcoming visit and what you would like or should do?" Eric asked softly.

Jessie's face flushed with embarrassment; he looked up at Eric and Evan, his blue eyes sparkling with delight, yet filled with unanswered questions, seeking guidance from his "uncles" knowing they were the only ones who could guide him since he was a virgin to everything but his own hands. Besides, they were the only ones he could really trust to give him the "straight skinny" on gay romance.

"Why don't we take a short walk, locate a bench, sit down, and have a very, very confidential visit?"

Evan paid the bill, joined the other two on the front porch of the Pelican, and the three of them walked around to the lake side of the Lodge and found a bench well out of the sound of others. It suited Jessie just fine and barely knew where to start, but as he sat down between the two men, he cleared his throat, and began.

"How do I know if they're like me and like boys?"

"That's always a frightening question, isn't it Jessie?" Eric offered. "It's terrible to fall in love with another boy and then have your heart broken because he's straight and thinks you're a pervert, isn't it?"

Jessie felt tears well up in his eyes, stifled a sob, and nodded.

"Well," Evan offered, "if you were older such as Uncle Eric and I were when we met, you could just walk up and ask, 'you want to fuck?' but I wouldn't recommend it at your age!"

Jessie grinned, but he knew they were only trying to ease his mind and help him through the crisis he was experiencing.

"Why don't you just take your time, go easy, and try to be friends first?" Eric said. "I think you'll know whether they feel the same way, don't you think?" He paused and continued, "How do you feel around them?"

Jessie thought a minute; he'd only met Jase and Tyler less than twenty-four hours before and already he had intense feelings for them. There were many problems, he thought, with them feeling the same way about him; they were at least four inches taller than he was since, from what he could determine when showing them the restroom, the top of his head came to about the same level as their chins; they were probably fifteen to twenty pounds heavier than he was; their muscles, although appearing lean, were firm and well-developed; waists were slim and stomach flat, like his, but appeared to be well-muscled as well; their shoulders and legs were those of a runner or a swimmer; and finally, they were both just drop dead gorgeous with smiles like sunshine, hazel eyes with amber flecks that twinkled with happiness, and lips which seemed to beckon him with every movement!

But for some reason, the very scent of either one of them seemed to make his heart skip and yearn for their closeness, their touch, and drew him to them, not individually, although having one without the other was fine for a short while, but he really wanted them both- at the same time. As strange as it may seem, it was the differences, albeit so very slight, in their scent that helped him identify one from the other. The difference was almost like a name tag hung on each boy, saying my name is "Tyler" or "Jase." Even their eyes seemed to send him a message, entering his mind without anyone else hearing it, such as at the dinner, the night before, causing him to serve each cherry cheesecake, without them asking aloud!

"I'm so fucked up!" Jessie thought, "all this shit is impossible!"

Impossible as it might seem, every action they took seemed to draw him like a magnet, but how could they ever fall for a plain boy like him? Jessie didn't see himself as very good looking, very strong, or overly endowed as he imagined they were; well, he knew he was in better shape cock wise than many, since he did take furtive glances while in the shower after physical education at school, but nothing like the twins he thought. It just seemed hopeless to Jessie he'd ever be at the top of Jase and Tyler's list of boys to date, even if they were gay. His dreams of kissing, sucking, fucking, and cuddling with them was highly unlikely!

"Well," he answered, suppressing the other erotic parts, "when I'm away from them, I feel sort of empty and when I'm near them, I feel whole, like I'm really somebody to someone else. I just want to be with them, be more than friends, and be part of their lives. I've only met them once, last night, and talked to them on the phone, but for some reason I just know we're meant to be together!"

He had no experience with gay sex other than what he viewed and read on the Internet, but he needed to know so he asked the two men. Jessie was told, point blank, not to believe everything he read or saw.

Eric and Evan explained love between two people of the same sex is really no different than love between two people of opposite sex. Love is based on more than just the physical attraction and act, but deeper, a sharing, a concern for each other and more. The men spent the better part of a half hour answering questions and discussing with Jessie how loving someone is wanting to please your lover, provide for, and help ease any burden. Lovers accept each other as more than best friends, intimate, caring, and forgiving.

When it came to the physical act, especially anal intercourse, Jessie was cautioned to use condoms, at least until it was determined there was a monogamous relationship. Any sex act, whether anal, oral, or mutual masturbation should be first and foremost to bring pleasure to the partner and not just to gratify himself. Their conversation was frank and honest and just what Jessie wanted and needed to know!

The conversation wound down when Eric indicated the two of them should head for the office and stood up. He asked, as a final question, "Which twin do you have your eye set on, Jessie?"

Jessie shuffled his feet nervously. "That's the problem," he confessed nervously. "I like and want them both!"

Evan frowned, said to Jessie, "Turn around and bend over!"

Jessie did as he was instructed, wondering why in the hell Uncle Evan would ask such a thing!

Evan looked at the slim, trim, perfect mounded teen butt in front of him, tapped Jessie on the right cheek, and joked, "Do you think they'll both fit up there at once?"

Sunday seemed to go on without end, as far as Jessie was concerned, even though Sunday Brunch and the evening dining at the Birchwood was very busy and the tips were great! He was just too excited about the next day and Jason and Tyler's visit. After work, just before midnight and after working off a hearty load from his spouting rocket, decided he needed to send a deposit of cash to the bank with his dad. His stash of cash at home from tips had way more in it than he intended and needed to deposit it in his savings account. Jessie's payroll checks from the Resort were direct, electronically, deposited, as were all employees, when the accountant did the payroll every week.

"If we paid by paper check," his dad explained when questioned by another employee, "I'd only pay once a month to save money; every two weeks at the very most and then I'd give that serious thought."

It made sense to Jessie, but he was family! It did give him an idea about a future career; why pay an "outsider" to do the payroll when someone inside the family could?

Jase and Tyler texted him around mid-morning Monday saying they'd be arriving around twelve-thirty or so and would be coming over on their ATV, but had no idea where to park it. In a quick text back, Jessie told them to park it at the house and, as an afterthought, attached a selfie of himself smiling!

Jessie ate a hurried lunch and waited on the front porch of the family home for the twins to arrive. About twelve-thirty he heard the ATV and seconds later saw it zipping down the road, through the Resort parking lot, and up the drive to the house. When it stopped, he stood, grinned and waved; greeted in return by bright smiles and waves from Jase and Tyler. Dismounted and walking toward the house, Jessie was happy to see they were dressed in tee-shirts and shorts like he was. Only they looked much sexier than he did, he thought. Jase and Tyler had the very same thoughts, only they thought Jessie was the sexy one.

Jessie was surprised, but pleased he was greeted, not by fist bumps, but by frontal, full body hugs, arms wrapped around him, pulling him close, their fronts making contact with his, especially the crotch area, by Jase first and then Tyler, each sort of rubbed their cloth covered bulges against his, bringing him to a full erection. He was as hard as fence post and should have, but didn't, object when Jase sort of cupped his crotch in his hand. Jessie hadn't changed into his swim suit yet and hoped when he did, his cock had deflated.

"Better bring your helmets inside," he advised when they finished greeting him. "With his many guests in residence why take a chance?"

The twins carried their helmets, along with a small duffle bag holding their towels and swim suits, into the house, following Jessie upstairs to his bedroom. His bedroom was not unlike other teens with some posters on the wall, a dresser, a study desk, but a double bed, computer desk, television with a DVD player, a CD player and radio with speakers, and a window overlooking the back yard. What interested Jase was the bed.

He stretched out on it, "Comfy," he grinned, waggling his eyebrows at Jessie, "Care to join me on it for a little snogging or something?"

Jessie wanted to so bad, but just smiled and replied, "Not right now!" leaving acceptance to the invitation open for another time.

Tyler, on the other hand, walked over to the large window, looked out, and commented, "You can see the clearing behind the house and over to the edge of the woods. Ever see anything exciting from up here?"

Jessie walked over, stood next to Tyler, feeling the heat from his body flow onto his, and answered softly, "Yeah, all kinds of wildlife."

Tyler slipped sideways just enough to make body contact with Jessie. Jessie made no attempt to break the contact, instead sighed deeply his content and was so tingly with excitement he never heard Jase leave the bed, until Jase's head tilted over his right shoulder, and he breathed softly and erotically, Jessie thought, "How about wild animals?" placing his hand on Jessie's small, but firm butt.

Jessie stiffened up, and not his whole body, just one six inch part of him, and as much as he wanted to reach down and make an adjustment so his cock pointed up, rather than down and confined, he didn't but squeaked, "Yeah; deer, bobcats, mink, and wolves!"

"Wolves; wow!" Tyler exclaimed and wrapped his arm around Jessie's waist, "Tell us about them!"

Jessie leaned his head slightly in order to make contact with Jase's face and be even closer to Tyler, He decided not to tell them of his first contact with the very big wolves, but told them of his contact with the wolves the night of the creepy guy perved on him while he worked at The Birchwood. When the two smaller wolves pushed him to the ground and stood over him, he added, "It was almost as if there was something out there that might hurt me and they were determined not to let it happen."

"I think we saw him Saturday night at the party when you showed us the restrooms," Tyler seemed to remember. "The guy was in the john when we were pissing. He looked our cocks over sort of like he'd like to suck, but Jase snarled at him and he faded fast."

Mere mention of the creep broke the romantic spell as far as Jessie was concerned and his cock wilted like a daisy in the hot sun. "I think we better get our suits on if we want to swim," he commented, almost sadly wondering if his hopes for two gay friends just went flying out the window.

Jase and Tyler put their duffle bag on the bed and began stripping their clothes off. Jessie, retrieved his bikini speedo suit from his dresser and turned to face the twins just as their shirts were being slipped over their heads, revealing bare, hairless, well developed chests and shoulders; chests muscled, but flat with light pink small eraser-sized nipples centered in light brown areolas, contrasting somewhat with the natural tan color of their skin.

Slowly following their lead, Jessie placed his suit on his bed, removed his shirt and once it cleared his head, noticed they were observing him as closely as he'd watched them. Two sets of eyes fixed on Jessie as Jase and Tyler pulled their tennis shoes off, before reaching up and begin sliding their jeans down over their taut, muscled stomachs, over their slim hips and trim waists, revealing to Jessie, as the jeans moved lower, the boys wore no underwear and upon reaching their pubic area, a dark moderate bush of soft pubic hair at the root of rather long, thick, smooth, uncut cocks with the foreskin covering the large head, but with enough of a retraction to expose their piss slits much like a one-eyed snake peeking out from under a covered hiding place. Those organs of procreation and delight were in the beginning throes of desire, the foreskin continuing to retreat, exposing the large mushroom shaped head, and slightly gapping the opening at the end which served not only as the exit point for urine, but through which would fire, in healthy, voluminous bursts, the essence of their teen maleness!

Almost as a large tree would support a swing, hanging below their magnificence's, suspended two to three inches in smooth, hairless, fleshy and swinging sacks, were egg-sized gonads, full, ripe and ready for copulation, preparing spurting bursts of sperm for breeding, one hanging lower than the other, moving slightly as the cocks above continued to grow in tumescence seeking the stiffness needed for proper penetration and pleasure!

Cocks, balls, and bodies of Jase and Tyler were identical in every possible way; delightfully, Jessie thought, if penises could be beautiful a work of creative art, the two on display before him were. He could only stare, open-mouthed, in wonder, appreciation, and anticipation as he continued to follow their lead and begin peeling his jeans down. As his hands unsnapped his pants, Jase and Tyler stepped forward and said in unison, "Let us do it, please?"

He moved his hands, assenting to their wish, tipped his head forward, and watched, not only their hands busy on is clothing, but their now fully hard and twitching cocks, pointing out and down slightly, enormous in his eyes, delectable to taste he thought, but disturbing to think he wanted such massive missiles inside him, wondering if he could ever accommodate them in his virgin rear portal! There was no doubt in his mind, now, they were like him- they liked boys and if their throbbing cocks were any indication, they wanted him!

Jeans off, Jase and Tyler began working Jessie's underwear off, lifting the waistband out so it could free his now very stiff cock, pointing straight up, head swollen, with small drops of pre-cum oozing out. They leaned over, pulled his underwear off of his feet, and when lifting their heads, each swiped their tongues across his dripping cock, savoring the taste and committing to memory the unique qualities only Jessie could have. Their olfactory glands were flooded with his scent; a scent of lust, longing, wanting, not unlike a wolf or any other mammal in estrus, but in his case, a male, strong, alluring, begging to be fucked!

Jessie moaned first, trembled with excitement with the sensuous activities of their hands as they disrobed him, then squealed with delight as their tongues swiped his penis, expecting them to do more, to wrap their lips around it, and suck him to fruition, but instead they stood, lovingly embraced him, one on one side and the other on the other, holding him between them, gently, carefully, making naked to naked body contact, their own hard cocks leaking fluid, smearing on his hips and sides. Each movement of their hands, their tongues on his stiff cock, soft, but twitching balls, and the naked flesh of the rest of his body, sent shivers of electric delight from his genitals to his ass-hole, up his back to his heart and finally to his brain before rocketing back down to the head of his penis holding back his retracted foreskin, moving back and forth over it with one of two hands alternating a slow, but effective jacking motion!

Jase embraced him from the front, wrapping his strong arms around the smaller, quivering Jessie, his rampant teen erected cock pressing up against Jessie's warm naked abdomen, his balls draped over Jessie's own erection, massaging it as Jase slowly, carefully, erotically thrust his hips up and down flicking the glans of his bulbous cock over those of Jessie. Jase lay his head on Jessie's shoulder, lapping at his neck, giving soft warm-lipped kisses, as he migrated from the side of his neck to Jessie's front, nuzzling under his chin, causing Jessie to lift his chin and tilt back his head in complete submission to the dominant male. Jessie whimpered in desire, a signal for Jase to continue, to complete the journey to his mouth, and allow him to savor his taste. Jase's lips reached Jessie's but before total engagement, whispered lovingly to the submissive, but willing teen, "Let us taste you, savor you, and you taste us."

Tyler moved behind Jessie, placed his stomach tight to the small of Jessie's back, allowing his large, stiff, thick cock to rest in the crevice between the mounds of Jessie's smooth butt cheeks, that heavenly valley not only Jase and Tyler wished to explore in depth, but an area Jessie was fast coming to the conclusion only their vigorous and stimulating copulation could bring relief to the sexual itch he was feeling. Tyler leaned forward and doing so, caused his cock to slide up and then down the valley of delight, jiggling over Jessie's opening causing it to flutter with anticipation, as he lay his head on Jessie's other shoulder and began giving it the same treatment his brother had given the other!

Jase's tongue began swiping Jessie's lips, probing, seeking an entrance, until Jessie opened and Jase's tongue swept into that sweet tasting cavity and engaged Jessie's, sucking on it, tasting the delight, and stimulating it to react in kind. Jase slowly pulled his face back, leaving Jessie begging for more, and carefully slipped around behind him, allowing his brother to take his place and repeat the same loving, lustful, contact; body, voice, and mouth while he slid his appetent stiffness in the same valley just vacated by his brother.

Jessie began whimpering, signaling his impending orgasm and release as Tyler sucked his tongue and then nursed on his stiff pegged nipples, and both Tyler and Jase quickly ceased their activities, knelt quickly in front of Jessie, secured his cock in their hands and alternated sucked on cock and balls, until the head of Jessie's penis began to swell, his balls began tightening to his crotch, and he exploded streams of white, thick, sticky jizz, captured by first one and then the other suckling, until they drained him, holding part of his essence in their mouths!

Tyler and Jase stood, first one and then the other kissed Jessie, sharing with him his own semen, allowing him to taste of himself and then of them. They continued to hold him upright as he recovered from his release. Jessie smiled, took a deep breath to revive himself, and slid down their bodies, until, on his knees, face level with their own erect magnificence's, leaned forward, grasped one in each hand, and alternately worshipped each with his lips, slipping the foreskins completely back with his tongue, allowing his mouth to engulf each one separately, gently sucking as if on a teat, until he felt their juice begin to flow up the thick tube on the underside of their cocks and erupt on his face, where his tongue swiped globs of their abundance offerings into his mouth and into this inner core with each swallow.

It wasn't until after their swim, later in the day after Jase and Tyler returned home, Jessie noticed the clearly defined bruise below the shirt line on the back side of his shoulder caused by their lips during their love making. Jase and Tyler both drew the mark to the surface, sucking on the same spot. It was at that moment, Jessie knew, for some reason unclear to him, he was their's and their scent and taste imprinted on him forever, as was his on them.

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