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The Scent of Love - The Scent of Death

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 6

"There was the sound of revelry by night….."
(George Noel Gordon)
[Lord Byron]

Jessie's thoughts in the following week, as he awaited his next day off, were on the wonderful day he had with Jase and Tyler on the previous Monday. Although he originally had the next day off, Tuesday, he was disappointed but understanding when his dad asked him to work the Birchwood Supper Club on Tuesday evening. One of the scheduled workers called in sick and his dad preferred him to replace the sick waiter. Working the dinner hour also meant coming in shortly after noon, at least Jessie thought it necessary, to help prepare the dining room for the dinner guests later on.

Dining actually began at five o'clock until the kitchen closed at ten o'clock, but preparation, such as assisting the bussers in setting the tables, checking the reservations (depending on table assignments), and other smaller items were necessary to not only make it a pleasant dining experience for the guests, but would make work easier for him and his busser; besides, happy guests meant larger tips! As much as he would have desired to spend another day with Jase and Tyler, it was the summer season and this was the busy time, when Sutton's made the bulk of the revenue for the year. A good summer could carry the resort through a lean winter if the snowmobiling and other winter sports weren't productive because of weather or any other reason.

After he explained it to Jase and Tyler, he was pleased to see they understood and accepted it quite well. After all, their father was a businessman and they understood the importance of making a buck while you could! There'd be those times, in the business their father had, when the same occurred.

Jessie fully intended on taking Uncle Eric and Evan's advice to "go slow" but as they say, "the best laid plans of mice and men." It just didn't go slow- in fact, it went much faster than he ever thought love and passion could move. The fantastic sex in his bedroom wasn't just a "one off" and done as Jase and Tyler demonstrated later while the three of them swam and enjoyed the beach.

In the water, Jase and Tyler just couldn't seem to keep their hands from touching his body, keeping contact with him, sharing, laughing, smiling coyly at him and he at them! Jessie felt so "one" with them; an off times shy gay boy now sharing his life with two other gay boys who, for the first time, seemed to love him and they weren't even family! Taller and somewhat heavier and certainly more muscular, Jase and Tyler made no concerted effort to manhandle or roughly control him when they wrestled either on the beach or in the water. Both boys would allow Jessie to wrestle them to the ground, pining one to the beach while the other would slide across Jessie's naked back in a half-hearted, but gentle attempt to dislodge him. He could feel their teen packages under him or on pressing on his back as they did! It just seemed a natural thing for them to be embracing, holding, or touching him, most times erotically!

The longer he was around them that day, the more it seemed he could almost hear them speaking to him, without saying anything out loud, telling him how much they loved him and what they wanted to do with him and he with them. It was an eerie feeling, but not one that caused him much concern- again, it just felt natural! Jessie came to realize while he was with them, they weren't only his lovers, but his protectors, the providers of all he'd ever need or want.

Once during their swim, while in chest deep water, Jase and Tyler suddenly ducked under the surface, blowing bubbles as they did. Before Jessie could scramble for shore, anticipating some devilment they might perform, he felt his swim suit being pulled down and a pair of lips encircled his cock then engulf it, clear to his pubes while a tongue tickled his puckered, ticklish rear portal! He yelped, reached down and felt the heads of his lovers and playmates, one in front and one in back. They bobbed up quickly, both boys grinning in triumph and fun.

With their help, Jessie managed to pull up his swim suit and secure it around his waist, covering his now very stiff erection. Just to make certain it the suit was actually in place and secure, Tyler and Jase just had to feel him up a little and he reciprocated, finding himself intrigued and turned on like a five hundred watt light bulb by the sizes of their penises!

His next day off couldn't come soon enough as far as Jessie was concerned. As each day passed, after work when he'd return home, there'd be a text message from Jase and Tyler and most often pictures; of them working around The Pines doing chores their dad assigned to them. In fact, according to the boys, all of the young people, except the very young, had chores to do.

There were also "other pictures" they'd send him, mostly of very erect, and large cocks in the most erotic poses, with hints of what Jase and Tyler would like to do with him. One evening they sent him a picture of a flaccid, uncut cock resting languidly over a pair of low hanging soft, hairless balls with a caption "Guess which one?"

Strange as it might seem, Jessie texted back "Tyler" and was right! He couldn't say how he knew- he just did; he was so closely attuned to Jase and Tyler, identification was no problem. Also, each night after work he'd look out of his bedroom window seeking sight of the two wolves he'd see there periodically. They'd be on the edge of the clearing, just back into the trees, hiding in the darkness, but once in a while, they'd let their presence be known by quickly appearing then disappearing back into the darkness. Even if he couldn't see them, Jessie knew they were there and he felt comforted by their presence for some reason!

Things weren't much different at the Campbell household and The Pines in general. On their return from their afternoon with Jessie Sutton, it was more than clear to all concerned Jase and Tyler were more than just "smitten" with the young man. The twins had chosen a mate and now were deep in the process of securing that mate and claiming him as their own!

Looking at her son's faces, flushed with the heat of desire and eyes that glowed of romance, Jean Campbell commented to her husband, "Oh, dear, I don't think they're going as slow as you cautioned them to."

Art Campbell, noticing the obvious in his love-struck sons, shook his head; not in dismay or disgust but more in resignation!

"I'm afraid not; I just hope," he said, "they keep their heads about them and don't do something stupid!"

"Boys will be boys," Jean sighed, knowing full well lust would prevail over reason.

Jase and Tyler were ecstatic; Jessie Sutton's scent and taste lingered, imprinting in their minds and hearts. There'd be little anyone could to discourage the inevitable! Full of energy, the teens decided to go for a run before bed. Stripping off their clothes, they stepped outside of the house and shifted, transforming from two extremely svelte, good-looking, and well-structured teen boys, into two very attractive, strong, well-developed identical wolves!

After a couple of prances around the yard, testing their muscles, balance, and strength, they were off, heading, in a round-about way through the deep forests to Suttons, timing their arrival about the time Jessie would go to bed!

The two wolves lay quietly just on the edge of the clearing behind the Sutton home, anticipating a sight of their beloved before he retired. When Jessie appeared, clad only in his underwear, in the window to his bedroom, he peered out toward the clearing, and after a moment spotted them, carefully concealed to all others except him.

The wolves whined softly, whimpering their desire, but stretched out flat on the ground and waited until he left the window.

Jessie saw only two young wolves, but Jase and Tyler saw their mate, a lad they knew they were going to mount, bite, and make their own!

Leaving the clearing, heading toward their own home, the two wolves joyfully howled and yipped their delight, announcing to the forest creatures wolves moved about, but weren't hunting. At home, they shifted back into human form, crawled into bed and, as was their habit since they were born, cuddled each other, naked body against naked body. But, sleep didn't come quickly for the impassioned youths!

Heads together, they talked, speaking to each other as no others could, blocking out those who'd possess similar abilities but not quite the same as they did because of the unique relationship they shared as identical twins, concealing from others, allowing only one other, of whom they now spoke, to "hear" what they said.

He's gorgeous!

His smile, so bright!

His lips, so soft, moist, and warm to touch.

His skin, smooth as silk, but makes us tingle when we touch.

His taste, sweet, cream-like, addictive!

Jase and Tyler spoke not only of the softness and smoothness of Jessie's skin when they caressed him, but how he touched them back, lovingly, tenderly, seeking their approval and acceptance, delighting in their touch and the closeness of their bodies to him and theirs to him; of how, although he appeared frail to the casual observer, there was a certain firmness in his muscles and firm resolve in his spirit, someone who'd not only love but fight to protect his mates! They delighted in the sparkle in his eyes and the brightness of his smile when he looked at them or wrapped his arms around them and seemed to glow in their presence. Every word he spoke was, to them, a melodious chorus, an aria, not a clanging gong of meaningless sound. Jessie Sutton was perfect in every way as far as they were concerned and they were determined to have him!

Jase snuggled closer to his brother, they sighed in contentment, and fell asleep.

The next Monday, a week later, instead of swimming, Jase and Tyler came by on the ATV to take Jessie riding. They had an extra helmet and sandwiched Jessie in between them on the ATV as they motored down the road to the extensive network of ATV trails in the area. Jessie wrapped his arms around whoever was driving at the time and hold on. Invariably, Jase and Tyler, depending on who was driving, would slide Jessie's hands down lower to his crotch and press those hands against his bulge. After a couple of times, Jessie finally decided to unzip the jeans and slip a hand into that warm place and grasp the velvety smooth, stiff appendage inside. The teen boy behind him would do the same to him. It was a fun ride; teen boys giggling, talking, and fondling each other. Sexual, yes, but at the same time, more than just sex, it was the beginning of a permanent bond between the three of them.

In late afternoon, Jessie wanted to show them the property his "Poppa" Sutton left to him when he died and the small cabin on it. Jessie's older brothers and his dad used it during deer season, Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan used it for trout fishing, and Charlie had a beer party out there once in a while, but otherwise it was not used. It was in good repair; his dad insisted on it and the well was good, it was completely furnished including kitchen and dining ware, had electricity to the site, indoor plumbing, and was heated, primarily, by an LP gas furnace. There was a stone fireplace in the living room to provide auxiliary heat or just plain ambiance. The property was held in trust, with Eric and Evan as trustees, until Jessie reached age eighteen when it would revert, without trustees, to him.

Jessie only came out when he was with someone, but now he reasoned since he "had" someone, he'd be coming out here more often and was anxious to show it to Jase and Tyler. As they traveled down the township road toward the lane leading to his property, Jessie felt Jase, sitting behind him, tense up, and noticed him reach ahead and give Tyler a nudge with his finger in the shoulder. Tyler nodded, gave the ATV a little more power, increasing the speed.

Coming to the gate leading to the cabin, all three noticed it was open, the lock broken, and laying on the ground.

"What the fuck!" Jessie exclaimed, angry someone'd break the lock and enter the property.

Tyler quickly sped up and the ATV carrying the three of them raced down the lane to the cabin. There were four ATV's sitting in front of the structure and three burley, rough looking characters sitting on the porch, each with a can of beer in their hands. As Tyler pulled up to a stop, a fourth man, just as big and tough looking as the other three walked out of the cabin door.

"Hey!" Jessie shouted angrily, "What the fuck do you guys think you're doing here? This is private property!" and before Jase or Tyler could stop him, leaped off of the ATV and ran to the porch! Jessie could've cared less he was outnumbered four to one or that they were big, tough looking, dirty, sweaty, and probably half full of beer. He was just plain outright damned mad they were on his property. He was met by the man who'd just come out of the cabin, who quickly jumped off of the porch to confront the small teen!

"What's it to you, little boy?" sneered the man. "Going to run home and tell your mommy or do you or your boy friends think you're man enough to do something about it?"

His remarks and threats only brought laughter and taunts from the other three, clearly enjoying the little drama unfolding before them. They were unconcerned, there were four of them, adults against three smaller teen boys.

"No," Jessie answered calmly, "I'm not going to tell my mommy, I'm going to call the county sheriff after I write down all of your ATV license numbers and press charges of trespassing against you!"

The man reached forward and with a hand that would've made two of Jessie's, grabbed him by the front of his tee-shirt, and growled,

"Not if I kick the shit out of you!"

A hand reached across Jessie's shoulder and grabbed the man's arm by the wrist.

"I'd let go if I were you," Jase said calmly, "and get on your ATV's and leave before there's real trouble!"

"Fuck you!" sneered the man as the other three stood up on the porch and set their beers down. "Do you think you can do anything about it, sweetie?" and winked at Jase.

"Probably, but I KNOW I can Mr. Shit-for-brains!" Jessie shouted and planted a well-aimed kick right up between the man's legs, making solid contact with his manly parts, mainly his gonads. It wasn't just one of those "oh, my that smarted" kind of kicks; no, this was a "son-of-----a---bi----t---ch," drop to your knees, lean on your hands, take your breath away, real ball crushing, destined to leave purple, triple-sized swollen balls for several weeks kind of kicks!

The free for all started! The other three bailed from the porch intent on doing battle and avenging their friend and headed directly for Jessie. Before he could plant his feet preparing for the onslaught, Jase and Tyler were in front of him, forming a protective barrier, shielding him from the three bully-boys, ready to protect him with their lives if necessary. Jase and Tyler sort of crouched, not much mind you, but enough to indicate to any onlookers this may've not been the first battle they'd engaged in, and when their attackers were close enough, instead of waiting for them to wield the first blow, sort of leaped at them, howling like wild animals, intent on bringing down a prey or vanquishing a predator attacking either mate or offspring!

Although outnumbered and smaller, the two teens appeared stronger, quickly fierce in their attack since they chose to take the fight to the three aggressors, catching them not only off-guard, but unprepared for such a ferocious onslaught by two teen-age boys!

"For god's sake," cautioned Jase to Tyler, "don't shift; there'll be hell to pay explaining it to dad and especially Jessie!"

"Not to fear brother dear, these guys should be easy; they're fat, out-of-shape, and half drunk."

Jessie, not wanting to be left out, headed toward the melee, but before he did, just in case the first guy, still on his hands and knees trying to recover from the bruising his balls received, decided to join in, stomped on the guy's right hand and hearing a couple of loud "snaps" indicating at least two broken fingers and a loud "sh-i-i-i-i-t" launched himself on the back of one of the three fighting Jase and Tyler!

The man shook him off like a dog shaking off water and then thumped Jessie a couple of times to warn him away. Nose bloodied, eye starting to swell shut, Jessie, not to be deterred, spotted a short piece of two by four stud laying near the porch, picked it up, raced back, jabbed the guy in the ass, making certain the end of the two-by-four was centered on the guy's asshole, and shouted, "Hey Numb Nuts, ever have a woody during a fight?"

When the man disengaged himself from Jase, who was currently fighting another man as well, turned, Jessie shouted as he swung the board at the man's head, "Nothing like getting a stiff one in the mouth, is there?" The man dropped like a sack of potatoes off of a truck!

The other two miscreants were then quickly dispatched by Jase and Tyler. The two brothers, looked at each other's bruised and scratched faces, grinned, and turned their attention to Jessie. Before they could really do much for him, Jessie, acting the indignant property owner he was, saw the four men start to struggle to get to their feet, ordered, in as loud a voice as he could muster, "Off of my land, NOW!"

Jase and Tyler thought it was somewhat comical but admirable, a teenage boy smaller than they were and definitely much smaller than those he was ordering off of the property, had the balls to do so. Jessie Sutton definitely was their kind of mate and someone they wanted watching their backs if need be!

The four men scrambled, as best they could considering the damage inflicted by fists, kicks, and a hammering blow from a two-by-four board, on to their ATV's and left the premises.

"What else do you do to entertain company?" Tyler laughed watching the forlorn four leave.

"Call the sheriff," Jessie smiled, "right after I call Uncle Eric and see what he thinks I should do."

He hit the speed dial on his cell and was connected, after a couple of rings, with Eric Trempealeau on his cell. Jessie quickly explained why he was calling, where they were, and wondered how he should handle the situation.

Eric paused briefly before advising Jessie, "I'm only about twenty minutes away from the cabin. I was on my way home. Why don't you wait about ten minutes before calling law enforcement? I think I can be to the cabin before they're able to dispatch a patrol car with a deputy there. Okay?"

"No problem," Jessie responded and disconnected.

He explained to Jase and Tyler what Eric wanted him to do. Jase looked at him rather oddly before asking, "So, is Eric Trempealeau your attorney too? He's our folks attorney as well!"

"Yeah, he's been the family attorney for ages; he started out with my grandfather and we've had him ever since. He became my attorney separately when Poppa Sutton died and he and Evan became trustees for me. They help handle what I inherited."

Tyler and Jase nodded, but asked no more concerning what Jessie's "inheritance" might be. They knew he had the cabin and land, but were hesitant to pry further. Jessie would tell them, if he wanted them to know, all in good time.

"They both told me I was supposed to take it slow with you guys, but I don't think they knew what I know now?" Jessie added with a giggle and a wiggle, bringing smiles to the brothers.

They laughed aloud!

"Our folks said the same thing to us!" Jase added.

"We're glad we disregarded their advice," Tyler snickered, waggling his eyebrows seductively at Jessie before reaching over and cupping Jessie's balls and cock outlined under his jeans.

Jessie squeaked in surprise and arousal, swallowed, and said, "I think I better call the sheriff while I can still talk!"

Jase and Tyler frowned, questioning why he wouldn't be able to speak later.

Jessie answered the unspoken question with a shrug of his shoulders, saying, "Mom always said it's impolite to talk with your mouth full!" laughed and formed a big "O" with his lips.

The three of them collapsed giggling, hugging, and finally, after Jessie's nose began bleeding again, decided after the sheriff was called, to attend to their injuries. Jessie went into the cabin and retrieved a large first aid kit, opened it, and motioned for Jase to come to the porch and get treated. The brothers would have nothing to do with that, instead they insisted on cleaning Jessie's face with some sanitary moist wipes, had him hold a gauze pad pinched tight on his nose to stop the bleeding, treated the minor cuts with an antiseptic cream, and even put a Band-Aid on one. They were fussing over him as if he was on death's door!

He was just as concerned with the injuries Jase and Tyler sustained but was more curious where they learned to fight like they did.

"I guess we were just born with it," Jase answered with a twinkle in his eye, while Tyler responded concerning their injuries, "We're fast healers as well, so don't sweat it."

Jessie was about to ask "how" when Eric Trempealeau drove up. Right behind him was Ted Smythe, the DNR Game Warden in his pickup truck. Eric quickly left his car and scooted to the porch, hoping they wouldn't begin chatting about what happened with Symthe before he was able to talk to them. He wasn't concerned the boys wouldn't be in the right, but one never knew how things might be construed! After all, he was Jessie's attorney and Jessie was underage; Eric wanted to make certain there weren't any missteps on Jessie's part or premature conclusions made on the part of law enforcement!

"Good afternoon, Ted," Eric greeted congenially, "must've picked up the call from county dispatch, huh?"

"Yeah, I was in the neighborhood; since the call involved ATV riders and we license them and are generally under our jurisdiction, I thought I'd just drive on over and see if I could help with finding out who the guys were."

"Give me a couple of minutes with the boys before you question, okay?" Eric asked.

Ted knew better that argue with Eric Trempealeau. The older gentleman was not only an excellent attorney but a formidable foe and advocate for his client! Given the fact Eric was already on the scene, it was pretty evident to Ted, Jessie Sutton called him first before reporting the trespass. It only made Ted curious why the teen would do that instead of calling the sheriff first!

Eric ushered the boys inside the cabin, noticing the broken lock on the door as they entered, and once they were inside out of Ted's earshot, said, "Now, tell me everything you can remember, down to the words and threats, Jessie."

Jessie began a methodical, accurate, detailed retelling of what happened, from the time they noticed the open gate with the broken lock, the threats the first man, the one coming from the cabin, made when he grabbed him, the fight, and ended when he ordered the four of them off of his property.

"Did he cover everything, Jase and Tyler?" Eric asked.

Both nodded in agreement, somewhat taken aback by Jessie's detailed description, given without embellishment!

Eric noticing the look on their faces, commented proudly, "Jessie has a fine memory; he makes a fine witness. When he was little he used to joke he had a 'pornographic' memory until we told him he was pronouncing it wrong."

Jessie didn't have what is known as "total recall" but remarkably close. As a result, he was not only an "excellent witness" but an exceptional student as well. There was little that escaped him as Eric learned early on when he used to visit his office with his grandfather.

Eric nodded his approval and told the boys to go out and give the county deputy their statements when the county deputy arrived. Ted, he reasoned, could hear it at the same time and it wouldn't be needed to repeated. No sense giving law enforcement the opportunity to construe something that was not there just because of a misstatement the second time around. They stepped out onto the porch just as the county deputy arrived.

The deputy, Jerry Haven, stepped out of his squad, and asked, "What's up Eric?"

"Better get your camera and tape recorder out," Eric advised. "There's broken locks, damaged property, and underage teen boys who've suffered some injuries."

Ted's ears perked up at that and between Deputy Haven and him, they started recording Jessie's statement and statements given by Jase and Tyler. Eric stayed by their sides, correcting or clarifying, as their attorney, as they gave them. Both Haven's and Symthe acknowledged the presence of counsel while they questioned the teens and took their statements. Both law enforcement officers shook their heads in disbelief when they heard the boys tell how they vanquished their assailants, but quickly came to respect the boys, especially Jessie when he told them the use of his foot and the two-by-four board. Pictures were taken of the broken locks, the damaged door, and of Jessie's face.

"My clients," Eric informed Haven, "will be requesting charges of criminal trespass, damage to private property, and assault and battery against the four John Doe's."

All three boys signed the complaint forms with Eric, acting as their attorney, witnessing and concurring. Ted hung around a few minutes after Havens left and finally, after making some small talk about the weather, fishing, and so on, asked, "Seen any wolf activity around here lately?"

Eric shot a quick glance at Jase and Tyler, but his face said nothing other than just a look, before giving Jessie the nod to answer.

"He knows," Jase said to Tyler.

"Don't get your undies in a bunch," Tyler replied.

"Not really," Jessie answered carefully, "of course I work and this is the first I've been out here this summer. Why do you ask?"

"Well," Ted responded, "some of the summer people have reported seeing more activity and more night time howling by wolves in the area. I think a new pack might have moved in."

"Could be summer people are just hearing coyotes," Eric conjectured. "Most are city people and would know the difference. Besides, wolves won't hurt people; they tend to stay concealed and away from humans."

"I know he knows, Jase!"

"I did see some larger than normal wolf tracks last winter," Ted continued, "near the Pines, so I was just curious if the boys may've seen any activity, is all."

"Is that all?" Jessie asked. "I'd like to show Jase and Tyler the cabin and some of the property."

"Guess so, but if you hear of anything, let me know," Ted said as he climbed into his pickup truck.

The three teens and Eric stood on the porch and watch Ted Symthe drive off. When he cleared the gate, Eric turned to Jessie and announced he'd arrange for someone to come out and repair the gate lock and the front door.

"I also think," he advised, "we need to keep the lawn mowed on a regular basis and show some activity around here. It tends to warn people, who might be up to mischief, the owners frequently use the place."

He thought a moment before continuing, "Rather than bring a mower from the Resort, I'll purchase a garden tractor with a mower deck and store it in the garage. It also can be used to haul wood to the woodshed and other things as well." He thought a moment and added, "I think a snow thrower would be a good idea too. You boys might want to spend some time here this winter, cross country skiing and snowmobiling."

"Can I afford it?" Jessie asked, concerned about using money from the trust Eric managed for him.

Eric assured him he could since it'd come from the property account he managed for him and there needed to be some expenditures made from it to avoid taxes, but suggested Jase and Tyler might want to help him mow it every couple of weeks. The twins thought they could do that; in fact almost shouted aloud! It'd give them more time to be with Jessie and from the way he was acting, he'd welcome it as well. Eric caught the look of mischief, sexual mischief, in their eyes and smiled to himself. Everything would work out fine, as far as he was concerned as long as two of the three were very, very careful. He knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Jase and Tyler were attached to Jessie like glue; a bond that could only be broken by death!

"I'll let your folks know what happened here today and where you are. There's time, Jessie, to show Jase and Tyler around and what you have, but be home before supper or everyone will worry!"

Jessie caught the "what you have" meaning of what Eric said, and if he had anything to do with it, he'd show them "everything" he had. Jessie wasn't the only one thinking in those terms; Jase and Tyler were as hard as granite as well, imagining what could transpire at the cabin!

After Eric left, Jessie gave the boys a tour of the cabin, pointing out the indoor bathroom and shower, as well as the outside "biffy" to use in case the water and heat was shut off. There was a gas kitchen range, electric refrigerator, gas hot water heater, and a gas furnace as well as a nice stone fireplace. The two bedroom cabin was insulated, but if they were going to use it more, he thought he'd suggest to Uncle Eric he should have someone check to see if the insulation was adequate. Jase and Tyler also suggested a large yard light, which came on at dusk, be installed to help deter unwelcome visitors.

Jessie explained his grandfather purchased the cabin and one hundred sixty acre property originally as a hunting camp and over the years, before his death, modernized the cabin, built a new wood shed, and added the two car garage. The property had an excellent trout stream running through it, about one hundred yards behind the cabin and away from the lake. Eventually, the stream flowed into the lake after entering government property. The nearest neighbor owned a parcel of three hundred and sixty acres with a house on it and that property butted up against Jessie's on the west.

"I've never met the man who owns it," Jessie said speculatively as the three of them walked toward the trout stream, "so I don't know much about him and never bothered to. According to Dad and Grandpa, the guy that has it now inherited from an uncle, along with a shit-pot of money – I guess just oodles and oodles of it! The uncle never had any children and I guess this guy was a favorite nephew. Anyway, he comes up in the summer and is gone during the winter. Supposedly, he retired early because of the wad of money he inherited."

They stopped in a clearing bordering the stream and Jessie pointed out a rather deep hole where the water was six to eight feet deep.

"Looks inviting," Jase commented.

"Looks cold to me," Jessie countered not really eager to take a dip.

"I'm hot, dirty, and going to take a swim to clean up," Tyler announced and stripped his clothes off, left them on the bank, and waded into the stream.

He was quickly followed by his brother, uncut cock and low hanging balls wobbling back and forth as he entered the cold stream water.

"What the hell," muttered Jessie, discarded his own clothing, and joined Jase and Tyler in the cold water; "damned sight colder than if we'd just walked down to the lake." When the cold water hit his cock, balls, and belly button, he did three things; pissed, shivered, and felt his balls pull up tight to his crotch and cock shrink!

Once he was in the water, Jase and Tyler pulled him under, laughing and giggling, but let him bob up to the surface. He started to sputter protests, but quickly quieted as the two began, using their hands in a most loving, caring, and erotic manner, to cleanse him of the dust and dirt of the day, paying particular attention to his cock and ass. After about five minutes, with Jessie as hard as an icicle and Jase and Tyler's cocks at full erection, pointing out in front of each, Jase kissed Jessie's lips, while Tyler nuzzled his neck and sucked on the spot just below the collar line on his shoulder in the same spot they'd marked him before!

"I don't' think we had a real good look at the bedroom," Jase announced softly.

The three horny teens, clad only in their shoes, carrying their clothes, their stiff male members jostling up and down and side to side, walked up to the cabin and into the largest of the two bedrooms. Jase and Tyler could barely keep their hands and their lips off of Jessie, kissing, touching, sucking and licking almost every part of his body as they maneuvered him to the bed.

The bed, sans bedding, was quickly converted to a love nest by Jessie with the spreading of a large blanket from a chest of drawers over the mattress. While he was shaking out the blanket and smoothing it down, he could feel four hands fondling his tight, small, butt; two sets of lips slowly, softly pecking their way up his back to his neck and; the four hands which had previously been erotically massaging his buttocks, turned him to face the two teens who possessed those hands and lips, their eyes filled with desire for him, pulling him closer to their naked smooth bodies, until his nakedness encountered their large, thick, weeping, and erect cocks as those velvety smooth hard appendages of maleness poked him in the abdomen, oozing their sticky, slick pre-cum lubricant on his skin, dripping slowly down to his pubic bush, bringing about a whimpering expression of permission and wanting from him!

Jase's and Tyler's faces were on either side of his head, breathing soft wisps of warm air on him, in his ears, around his neck; each breath carried with it a silent declaration of their love and hunger for him, accentuated and stimulated by their tongues twitching his ear, then his lips until first one and then the other alternated engaging his mouth, seeking entry with their tongues, wrestling with his until they'd suck on it, allowing him to do the same to theirs, before withdrawing to his neck where they kissed, sucked, and migrated south to his nipples which they sucked on gently, flicking each with their tongues until the eraser-sized buttons on his breasts were peaking, stimulated to a sensitivity Jessie had never known!

Each teen had one hand on Jessie's soft, yet firm, warm butt cheeks and their fingers on their other hands toyed with his wrinkled, twitching rear portal, circling the muscled ring, preparing it for opening as one finger then two found their way insides, wiggling around, stimulating the moist, contracting chute. Hands left his buns, moved to his front, stroked his stiff cock, fondled his balls, rolling them around gently in a tantalizing, inviting manner before returning to grip and slip on his penis, bringing the head to a fullness before easing off to keep him from cumming to soon!

Kissing their way south, Jase and Tyler encountered his dark sparse bush of pubic hair at the root of his male member, nuzzled their noses in it before licking their way up the sides of his shaft to the head, where first one then the other would take the knob into their warm moist mouth and suck on it, tonguing the slit, the helmet with special attention to the valley of the glans, pushing the foreskin back, anchoring it behind the flared helmet, bringing Jessie up on his toes with the urge to cum. As they alternated a fellatio on him. Jase and Tyler could only feel their attraction, their bonding with him, strengthen as his scent intoxicated them, leaving them light-headed, wanting more, wanting all of him!

"So, this is falling in love." Jase said to his brother, "I never dreamed in a thousand years what powerful feeling it is or how physically hard my cock could get. All I want to do now is make love to him every chance I get."

"Me too," responded Tyler. "Jessie's someone I want us to share, to love, to mate, and be with us as I think he wants to be as well," and sighed softly.

Their fingers, still embedded in his love tunnel, now wiggled back and forth over his prostate, stimulating him, bringing squeals of delight from Jessie. He could feel cum building in his balls, his cock began to swell, as he tried to hold back his orgasm, wanting the feeling to continue, but he failed!

"I'm cumming," he moaned in the height of ecstasy, and strong spurts of thick, hot ejaculate shot from the end of his cock tip which were immediately lapped up or caught by his lovers on their tongues. The taste was not foreign to them since they'd savored it before, but now they relished his sweetness, imprinting his taste, his smell, his liquid essence in their memories before ingesting it into their bodies.

Jessie, almost overcome by his powerful orgasm and the loving attention given to him, was held up by his lovers, preventing him from collapse, as he tried to drift back to reality, hoping this was only the beginning of more to come. Tyler moved him to the bed, stretched out on his back, and with Jase's assistance, placed Jessie face to face on top of him, their bare bodies in intimate contact. Tyler wrapped his arms around Jessie, pulling him to a lover's embrace, chest to chest, face to face, Jessie's half-hard cock resting up against his rampant, stiff, throbbing man-meat. Tyler's larger, weeping penis, resting against Jessie's soon brought Jessie to a full cock-stand again!

Tyler engaged Jessie's lips again, while Jase positioned himself behind and between the legs of his brother and Jessie. He leaned forward, spread those soft mounds of Jessie's with hands eager but not frantic, exposing the entrance to Jessie's body, wrinkled, soft-pinkish brown, twitching open in anticipation, and settled his face and tongue about the delightful task of giving pleasure to him, preparing him for a more vigorous and erotic adventure.

As Jase's tongue worked it's magic, licking, poking, lubricating, Jessie moaned and pushed back, urging Jase, begging for more!

"Soon, my love," Tyler said responding to Jessie's desire, "Soon, you'll have both of us."

Jessie heard a soft tearing sound of something being opened and felt a cold, slippery substance applied to his anal ring and inserted up into his chute with a couple of fingers.

"Condom?" Jessie asked.

"No need to fear from us," Jase replied, "we've never done anything before; besides we know we're both clean of any disease," as the large head of his cock made contact with Jessie's ring. Jase slipped his foreskin back, leaned forward, and pressed until the head of his cock popped through the resistance encountered. Jessie tensed a moment, winced, uttering a little "ouch" but soon relaxed and accommodated the intrusion as Jase slowly slid the length of his pecker into Jessie until he was seated balls deep! He allowed Jessie to adapt to the fullness and stretching before he pulled back some and pushed forward, beginning the dance of love.

Jessie felt full, stretched, but not in pain, and when Jase began his slow fuck, any discomfort turned to pleasure; a pleasure which increased with every stroke as Jase increased his action, stimulating the prostate, the anus, the lower bowel with each thrust! Jessie's sexual excitement grew in direct proportion to Jase's and when Jase's cock began to swell, the large tube on the underside twitching, and he began to cum and cum and cum, shoving himself up tight to Jessie's butt, extending his cock as deep into his lover's interior as possible, his ass cheeks clenching, unclenching, clenching again with each spurt of his white, thick breeding potion, Jessie erupted with him, expelling his seed all over Tyler's stomach, chest, and pubes!

Jessie shuddered the last of his powerful orgasm as Jase's cum began dribbling out, around Jase's cock, and sliding down his balls, pooling on the blanket beneath them! Jase lay there until he'd finished and quickly the two brothers changed places, Tyler on top of Jessie and Jase underneath. This time, however, instead of laying stretched out over another naked body, Tyler raised Jessie to his hands and knees, bringing him to a doggy positon, elevating his butt, making his cum-leaking anus ready for entrance again!

Jase scurried underneath Jessie and engaged his cock in a passionate, erotically sensually stimulatingly suck, drawing his cock into his warm, moist mouth, using his lips to force back Jessie's foreskin, and began using his tongue to massage the now swollen head of his cock and tickle the length. Jase remained face to cock, his own staff beginning to stiffen, lying flat against his stomach, leaking the clear Cowper's fluid needed to lubricate the receiving receptacle, in preparation for ejaculating his sperm carrying baby-makers, as his brother, kneeling behind Jessie, looked down between Jessie's legs, into his brother's eyes, mouth wrapped around Jessie's hard cock, balls resting on his nose, gave a little nod for Tyler to begin.

Tyler touched the knob end of his drooling, thumping dick to Jessie's rear entrance, now well lubed by Jase's thick, copious ejaculation, and slowly slipped in! The warmth, the tightness even after his brother's thick cock spread the ring and lower bowel, and massaging of his cock by Jessie's bowel, assisted his passage to as deep as he could possibly penetrate, nudging the knob deep until the hairs of his crotch were slammed tight against Jessie's ass, causing him to fight the urge to cum!

"Too soon, yet so tight!"

"Take your time," urged Jase as he allowed Jessie to begin fucking his mouth.

Tyler rested a minute, but soon responded to Jessie's pleading; "Oh, god, Tyler, fuck me; fuck me hard!"

Tyler and Jase were identical in every way, even to the size of their genitalia, technique, including depth of penetration, and enthusiastic fucking, but Jessie knew from this time forward he'd be able to differentiate one from the other without ever seeing the face of the one fucking him at the time. He was rapidly becoming acclimated and bonded with the Campbell Twins and desired no one else in his life as lovers or mates!

Tyler continued his thrusting in the same loving manner Jase had when he was mounted on Jessie previously. Jessie continued thrusting back, urging Tyler on, while he continued to fuck Jase in the face! When Jase brought Jessie to brink of orgasm, Tyler was rapidly approaching the same and, when Jessie began shooting a round into Jase's mouth, Tyler shoved forward, and released his own offering deep into Jessie's rear portal. Tyler's ass clenched and quivered with each strong, thick, copious shot, breeding Jessie just as effectively and fully as his brother had! He lay over Jessie's back, stomach resting in the curve, arms looped under Jessie's arm pits, as his orgasm began to subside, his cock just now throbbing from the mind-shattering climax, feeling his cum, mixed with his brother's, begin to seep out around his still hard member.

The three of them, Jessie on Jase, and Tyler on Jessie pulled apart and Jessie settled in between the Campbell Twins, their arms pulling the three of them together, holding Jessie in a protective, yet comfortable embrace. They rested in magnificent post-coital bliss and satisfaction.

Later that evening at home in bed, Jessie woke to the howling of wolves; a joyful, celebratory sound, he thought, of wild animals happy, playful, in love or fully satiated. He smiled to himself, reached down in the back of his boxers with one hand, touching his tender hole, red, stretched, and still a little oozy from the amount of Jase's and Tyler's offerings, while the other touched the tender "hickey" on his left shoulder just below the nape of his neck the boys left during their love making. The bruise was covered by his shirt collar when dressed, even with a tee-shirt, but once off, it was an unmistakable marking of his belonging to Jase and Tyler Campbell!

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