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The Scent of Love - The Scent of Death

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 7

"Thou makest darkness, and it is night: Wherein all the beasts of the forest do creep forth."

(Psalms – 104:20)

The summer was turning out to be a summer to be remembered for Jessie, Tyler, and Jase. Not only did all three lost their sexual virginity, but theirs was a time of beginning, a time of bonding, and a time to learn of love – unconditionally, totally, completely! Never had Jase and Tyler felt so over-whelmed with desire to touch, to be touched by, to be near or to protect someone such as Jessie Sutton! The sight of him, his scent wafting on the northern forest air, even in the midst of crowds of people or distant when he was obscured by trees or buildings, sent signals of desire to their loins, longing or beats of joy in their hearts. When absent from him there was a sadness, an empty feeling only his presence could fill. The Campbell Twins were absolutely gob-smacked smitten with Jessie and he with them!

On his days off, Jessie, Jase, and Tyler would sail on the lake using one of the resorts sailboats, find a secluded beach, anchor, swim, and frequent and intense coitus, or; traveling the numerous ATV trails winding throughout the state and national forest lands on Jase and Tyler's ATV with Jessie tucked in between them, giving him access to them with his hands, and access by them to his ass and cock. Those days they usually ended up at the cabin where they stripped naked and Jessie let them worship his body with their lips, tongues, noses, skin touching skin, until unable to resist any longer, bury their prodigious, lengthy, and dripping man-parts deep in his rectum, pushing past the final barrier before lodging their thick cock-heads at the entrance of his colon where first one and then the other, with a final push forward, balls and hair of their crotch up against his ass cheeks, puckered anal opening stretched wide to accept them, seeded him over and over! Their copious cum would drizzle out of Jessie and they'd carefully wipe him clean, fussing over him as if he were a precious jewel – to them he was. Jessie would often cum just by the cock action over his prostate and the full feeling of either Jase's or Tyler's cock sliding in and out, massaging him as first one would take him and then the other. If he didn't cum, they'd take turns sucking him until he did!

The three of them wouldn't be satisfied with just one coupling apiece during these outings, but Jase and Tyler would usually mount Jessie at least once more and possibly a third time, so insatiable was their sexual desire for him and his for them. Many times the third time would be at Jessie's urging, usually with him standing hands against a wall or a tree, bare ass wiggling invitingly toward the big-cocked horny boys, a seductive smile on his face, until one and then the other in turn, would stuff their stiffness up his welcoming warmth until they all came again! Of all of the positions they had sex in, all three preferred Jessie on his hands and knees, with one of them laying on his back, arms under Jessie's shoulders, bare stomach resting in the curve of his back, and cock buried up his ass, while the other twin lay underneath ministering to Jessie's throbbing penis with his warm moist mouth.. Jessie loved it, almost to the point his bung hole started to twitch and itch when his lovers began nuzzling his neck or kissing him. It seemed to him they both were perpetually hard, ready to breed him!

After each outing, Jessie felt himself growing more and more drawn to Jase and Tyler, feeling incomplete when they were absent; when with them he was able to sense their lust, respond to slight and soft words warning him of danger, and the way they moved to protect him. He was never happier than when he was with the boys, whether enjoying sex or just being together having fun, doing what teen boys do; laughing, joking, hiking, swimming, everything.

He remembered vividly when he thought he heard one of them speak to the other without speaking aloud, but when he questioned them, they only responded with smiles. The next time he thought he imagined it, he said nothing but looked directly at Tyler and thought the question, "You just asked Jase if he was going to fuck me again, didn't you?"

Tyler responded with a smile, opened not his mouth, but replied, "Yes, I did my love and now you will be able to speak to us without saying anything aloud."

"How did this happen to me?" he questioned.

"When we mated with you over and over, you became part of us and we became part of you," Jase answered, joining in the conversation. "Does this bother you?"

Jessie just grinned and shook his head "no;" truth be known, he was tickled pink and decided not to question how or why this happened. He was rapidly being not surprised by anything!

Even as much as he was with Jase and Tyler, Jessie remained dutiful to his parents, always telling them where he was going, with whom, and what time he would be home. His work at the Resort seemed to take on more purpose and he seemed to be perpetually happy; his customers seemed to notice it, appreciated it and his good service, and tipped him accordingly. Having two boy friends who were absolutely crazy about him and him them, seemed to give Jessie more confidence in himself and helping him grow as a teenager.

On one occasion, after a day off sailing with Jase and Tyler, Jessie was going to his room for clean clothes before showering, Charlie happened to walk by on the way down stairs, sniffed the air, laughing, grabbed Jessie by the arm, saying teasingly, "God, little brother, you smell like sex! Did you guys actually sail or just spend the afternoon --- you know---?" and waggled his eyebrows,

Jessie blushed, smiled, and waggled his eyebrows in return, and headed for his bedroom!

Several weeks after the incident at the cabin with the three men, Jessie was having his Sunday morning hot chocolate with his Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan in the "Pelican," he asked what had been done since neither he or Jase and Tyler were ever questioned anymore about the men who trespassed, vandalized the property, and assaulted the three of them ending up with Jessie, Jase, and Tyler walloping the snot out of the three men!

"Well," Eric responded thoughtfully, "the information you provided, specifically the ATV license numbers, the accurate description of the men, and the very detailed narrative of what happened let the County and the DNR straight to the perpetrators and they 'fessed up; paid their fines, lost their licenses, and paid damages. A new gate and door should be installed this week, in fact."

Eric went on to tell Jessie he was having a new tractor with mower deck and snow-thrower delivered as well as having a local contractor re-insulate the cabin, a heating and plumbing contractor upgrade the heating system with a new, more powerful furnace, and an electrician install an emergency generator to be used in case of power failure. It'd run the furnace and the well pump as well as the electric lights. The electrician would also put in a yard security light.

Evan sat quietly, sipping his coffee and munching on a donut. When a lull occurred in the conversation, he asked, "How are you and the Campbell Twins getting along?" He knew, but wanted to hear from Jessie his impression, up close and personal, so to speak.

Jessie's eyes sparkled with excitement as he told them what the three of the did the previous week, minus the numerous copulations and the intense feelings he had each time, and what they planned for the next week on his day off.

"Been out to The Pines yet?" Eric asked casually.

Jessie shook his head no, adding, "I really don't think Mr. Campbell likes me, even if he said otherwise at the banquet that night. Frankly, I felt real nervous around him!"

"Maybe you should go out there; you might be surprised how he feels and what you might discover. Surely the father of your boyfriends can't be that bad, can he?" Eric asked.

Jessie just shrugged; "Maybe he knows I'm gay or like what we do. What if he says I can't see them anymore?"

"I don't think that's going to happen," Eric responded with a smile. "Why don't you ask Jase and Tyler?" Pausing, he added, "While you're at it, ask them to take you out to The Pines. You'll be safe from all danger with them around, I'm willing to bet."

Jessie thought a moment and nodded slowly, "Maybe I will."

This sparked a conversation with his Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan how Jessie thought he could read Jase's and Tyler's minds, knowing what they were thinking and saying without words spoken aloud. He thought Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan would laugh at him, but they didn't. They listened intently and finally Eric offered,

"Perhaps when you love someone so dearly as you love Jase and Tyler and as they love you, you recognize little signs that make you think you know what they're about to say or thinking, but I don't discount telepathic communication with them either. There's much about the paranormal we don't understand, but I do believe it exists in forms we're probably not aware of. People over the centuries have written about and claimed to have been witness to various apparitions including vampires, elves, fairies, werewolves, voodoo, time travelers, and witches. I guess you'll just have to go with your heart and do what you think is right. If you think you can read their minds, then you can, okay?"

The comments seemed to satisfy Jessie that perhaps he wasn't bonkers and was about to say something, when Eric interrupted him; "You have some very dear friends in Jase and Tyler who apparently love you almost more than life itself. They have extraordinary personalities, talents, and skills. I wouldn't be surprised at anything they do!"

As legal counsel to Campbell and Associates, Eric had a very close professional relationship to the partners, their operations, and their families as well as sharing personal confidences with Campbell and the other two partners. He knew very well Art Campbell approved of Jessie's relationship with his twin sons, in fact, he was the one who made it happen and really thought a great deal of Jessie! Art was anxious to show Jessie what changes had been made at the old resort as a result of his visit, but was patiently waiting for Jessie to make the first move, fearful of frightening him again. The last thing Art wanted to do was drive a wedge between Jessie and his sons. They were gay, Jessie was gay, and the three of them should be together, in his mind!

Eric was very careful to preserve the lawyer-client confidential relationship with is clients, particularly Campbell and Associates. He wasn't cognizant of everything happening at The Pines, but certainly a great deal including some activities that caused him curious concern; nothing really in particular, but all of it adding up to something he'd been researching lately.

He watched the various members of the families watch him when he was out there. They always seemed to know he was around, almost as if they could hear him coming or sense his presence or perhaps smell him or anyone else for that matter. He really became aware of these olfactory senses the family members seemed to possess one day when visiting with Art and his son Scott. They were sitting on the porch of the Lodge when he noticed Scott become very alert, head tilting as if listening to something or someone Eric couldn't hear. Art quickly softly cleared his throat, gave an almost unnoticeable flip of his head, and Scott was off of the porch heading toward the front gate. Eric wouldn't have noticed the almost imperceptible gesture if he hadn't been focused on Art Campbell!

Turning his attention from Art to Scott, Eric also noticed Frank Campbell, Art's second son and Ted Bowers heading in the same direction as Scott. From his vantage point on the porch, Eric could see all three of them now near the main entrance to The Pines. They were all standing in such a manner it'd appear they just happened to meet and were perhaps visiting, but each person was alert, waiting, anticipating something or someone. A few minutes later, Ted Symthe drove up in his DNR truck.

Scott approached the vehicle as it came to a stop at the entrance, visited a minute or so with Ted, and waved him on into the blacktopped visitor parking lot. Ted parked his truck, left it and walked toward the porch with Scott tagging a few feet behind. As he neared, Eric gathered up the documents which had been the focus of their discussion with the comment, "Nobody's business but ours," and secured them in his briefcase!

His comment was met with a thankful and approving smile from Art Campbell as he rose to greet Ted as he started up the steps.

"To what do we owe the pleasure of your company, Ted?" extending his hand in greeting.

"Not much of anything," Ted replied. "Just wanted to check to see how things are going. Picked up your licenses yet for hunting and fishing, or don't you hunt?"

"Oh we hunt and fish alright; in fact," Art remarked, "I think everyone here over the age of sixteen has a license to fish and those who want to hunt will have licenses by fall."

"Don't forget Hunter Safety for those who are licensing for the first time," reminded Ted.

"Speaking of hunting," he continued, "noticed any unusual wolf activity in this area? Rangers reported finding a couple of moose carcasses off in the National Forest. Appears as though a rather large pack of wolves made both kills. I checked the area and it looks as if they were made by those larger wolves I found tracks of last winter."

"Scott," Art asked, "You and Frank are out a lot- you notice anything?"

Scott shook his head no.

"How about some of the younger ones, Brent or Rich Hayes?"


"Guess not, Ted," Art answered.

"You'll let me know if you do, okay?"

He was assured they would, should they spot anything unusual!

"While I'm here, do you mind if I check your boat licenses?"

Art nodded his approval and Scott led Ted off to where the boats were moored and stored.

On the way home, after his visit, he wondered why Art and the rest of them lied about seeing no wolf sign around. Just a few days before, when he was out visiting and Art was showing him the progress on the new apartments, Eric saw multiple wolf tracks in the mud near the Campbell house and behind the apartments. They were all larger than the average wolf prints and definitely belonged to the wolves appearing last winter!

Then there was the strange physical similarities in everyone at The Pines; their canine teeth were all quite pointed and slightly longer than one would see in most humans, but not long enough to cause people to notice right away, but he did! He wondered if Jessie noticed the same thing, although he'd never mentioned it before. Jessie did speak to him about the two young wolves that seemed to have taken an interest in him; fearing him not, approaching him readily when he saw them outside at night waiting outside in darkness of the tree line, seemingly watching until he bedded down for the night. None of this seemed unusual to the boy, rather, he'd been really protective of their presence and asked Eric not to mention it to anyone, especially Ted Symthe.

All of this caused him to conclude the residents at The Pines were extraordinary in many respects even to the point of bringing him to begin an intensive research on the paranormal, especially "shifters," something he'd not thought possible but was starting to wonder if there wasn't some truth to the tales of old and what most people thought of as "figments of the imaginary mind," or "hallucinations brought about by fear or ignorance." He certainly didn't feel he was "hallucinating" or "imagining" what he was trying to rationalize in him mind!

The more he thought, the more he read, the more readily a definite conclusion seemed to be forming in his head; a conclusion he'd decided was boarding on the physically impossible, defying science and the very nature of man as a human animal, yet it led him to believe fabled creatures just might exist in the modern world as they had for centuries, but were discounted by "rational," "intelligent" people, and "well-learned church scholars."

One evening as he and Evan sat on their porch enjoying their nightly cocktail, he posed his long-time lover and now spouse, an interesting question;

"Evan," he asked casually, "Do you believe there is such a creature as a werewolf?"

Evan jiggled his cocktail glass about causing the liquid to swirl and the ice to make "tinkling" noises against the glass, pondered the amber liquid for a moment, and asked in return,

"Did you ever, in your wildest dreams, ever think while you were growing up we'd put a man on the moon?"


"Or we could transplant the heart of one person into another?"


"Or ever think a black man could be elected president?"


"Or people such as us and all the other LGBTQ people in our country would ever be allowed to marry each other?"

"Never in a thousand years," sighed Eric.

"Then why can't there be werewolves?"

On Monday, when Jase and Tyler arrived on the ATV to pick Jessie up, with every intention of spending the day at the cabin "messing around," Jessie suggested instead going out to their house at The Pines. The Twins looked at each other and shrugged their approval, somewhat disappointed, but if that's what Jessie wanted they'd do it, in fact they'd do anything he wanted, anytime he wanted!

"Dad does have a couple of his 'techies' visiting from a couple of the branches, trying to decide if he wants to transfer them to the headquarters office," Jase warned Jessie, "so he might not have too much time to visit."

"And, I think," added Tyler, "he has a new guy they're interviewing for a position with the company."

It was fine with Jessie, he'd decided Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan were right, he needed to "beard the lion in his den." There was really no need to be fearful of his boyfriend's father and wiggled himself in between Jase and Tyler, reveling in the closeness and warmth of his lovers. They arrived at The Pines around nine in the morning and stopped in the company office in the Lodge. The receptionist, Rhonda Bowers, informed the Twins their Dad was in the Computer Center with the techies and the candidate he was considering hiring. When asked, she told Jessie she was in college and worked in the business office during the summer, but the company hadn't hired anyone full time yet to work during the year. She thought it might be a couple of hours, perhaps closer to noon, when Art Campbell would be available.

Jase and Tyler were eager to show Jessie their house and bedroom so they really weren't disappointed their father wasn't available, it might give them time to initiate their bed with a romp with Jessie. As the three of them walked toward the cabin, now house, area behind the Lodge, Jessie was more than impressed at the changes made in the old resort. From what he imagined it'd look like after talking to Art Campbell during his only visit after the purchase and now, was totally unexpected! There were no chain link fences surrounding the property, instead there appeared to be a ten foot wide cleared strip instead.

The chain link fencing which was installed surrounded the satellite array set-up where several large dishes pointed upward, tilted in various degrees and directions, toward the heavens, the large propane storage tanks, the large electrical transformers, and another building set somewhat back and away from the Lodge and the remodeled cabins. All of the enclosures were gated with strong locks and the tops of the fences had razor wire affixed to discourage anyone from climbing over. There were shrubs planted around the fenced enclosures so as they grew it'd help conceal the fencing and what was inside. Jessie also thought it gave an "environmentally friendly" impression.

The front entrance, where a sign announced "Campbell and Associates," to the business and housing campus did have a gate which could be locked when closed, but other than a short fence on either side of it, the only other barrier appeared to be the cleared lane extending to the lake and back into the woods surrounding the other three sides of the property. Wondering what would prevent people from entering if they intended harm or wanted to spy on this computer business, Jase caught his thoughts, answering,

"There's a real sophisticated electronic security system buried in the ground with surveillance cameras that record any activity or intruders. The system sets off internal alarms and kicks on brighter than shit lights, turning everything into almost daylight. It's all monitored from the Computer Center," as he pointed to the two-story, apparently log, building surrounded by fencing, "which also has an even tighter security system. Dad has someone on duty 24/7. In fact, they knew we were here the minute we approached the front gate and can track our movement with the cameras."

"How about in the house?" Jessie asked, wondering if they should decide to fuck if everyone was going to watch. If so, he'd save it for the cabin, where no one else, unless invited, would watch. Jessie looked around and it took some doing to find some of the cameras; the flood lights weren't that difficult to spot however.

Both Jase and Tyler grinned, "Nope, except we do have a 'panic button' we can press to summon help if there's trouble," Tyler responded.

Jessie also noticed the storage building and workshop and the boat house had been remodeled and modernized. In addition there was a long, metal dock extending out into the lake with moorings for boats and a marked swimming area, complete with a swimming raft. The formerly three bedroom cabin the Twins called home had been remodeled into a four bedroom home with an addition and modernization.

"Scott, his wife Sandra, and our nephew, Christopher live in one of the other houses; the Bowers and Uncle Ray and Aunt Corrine Hayes live in the other two with their families. Frank, our older brother, just finished high school and lives in one of the rooms in the Lodge. He'll go to college in the fall somewhere," Jase continued. "Tyler and I have our own bedroom, and our sisters Beth and Michelle each have their own rooms as well."

Their bedroom looked pretty much like Jessie's only their bed was a king-sized. Jase saw him looking it over and explained, "Mom and Dad tried putting us in separate beds when we were younger and growing, but we just didn't want to be separated so once everyone else bedded down for the night, one of us would slide under the covers with the other one in his bed. The folks soon saw it was going to be impossible, so just bought us a bigger bed instead."

It made sense to Jessie as well; he really didn't want to be separated from them either, at least not for too long, but working, still living with this parents (which he really didn't want to give up at this time either), and his age, prevented that.

Tyler sort of patted the bed indicating the three of them should try it out when Brent Hayes shouted from the front room, "Jase, Tyler – we know Jessie's here, come on out!"

Tyler rolled his eyes, muttering, "I knew they'd know!" and Jessie just giggled, "Who's we?"

"We," Jase answered, "would be Brent, Rick, Patrick, and Annette Hayes, and Mike, Annie, and Rob Bowers- that's who 'we' are."

That said, he gave a jerk of his head toward the door and the three of them left the bedroom and headed toward the front of the house where the "crew" gathered on the front porch waiting their arrival.

"They're harmless, Jessie," Jase communicated. "A couple of them are just like us; you'll have to figure that out for yourself."

Jessie looked them over, decided they were indeed harmless, but he still was reserved, almost bashful in meeting them. Brent Hayes stuck his hand out, and introducing himself, stepped aside and the others stepped forward, shaking Jessie's hand and introducing themselves.

Annie Bowers, not a shy person or a bit reserved, remarked with satisfaction, "It's about time these two love-struck dummies brought you out here to meet the rest of us instead of hogging you all to themselves, not that we really blame them any."

Jase and Tyler blushed, both from embarrassment and pride in their boyfriend; something Jessie had not seen before. As outgoing as they were with him, he didn't think anything could embarrass them!

"Actually," he said in their defense, "they probably wanted to bring me out a number of times, but I was reluctant."

"Why?" piped up Rob Bowers, his voice breaking into a squeak at the end. He was the youngest in the group and evidently going through the voice change all males do when entering puberty.

"He's starting to grow hair on his balls," snickered Patrick Hayes, "so his voice is changing."

"Cut it out!" growled Rob in response, clearly upset he would mention it in front of Jessie, but smiled, also pleased with the fact his balls were growing along with his pecker and Jessie knew it now!

"Don't worry about it," Jessie said stepping up to shake his hand. To Rob's surprise and delight, Jessie then embraced him in a big hug!

"I've always been the shy type," Jessie answered in reply to the question. "I've never been very big physically, as you can see, so I've really not wanted to stand out in the crowd, so to speak. There are those who just decide, for whatever reason, to pick on those smaller than themselves or weaker and I found it easier to avoid rather than fight. Besides, most times I ended up fighting, I got the hell beat out of me!"

This answer led to the most obvious, asked by Rick Hayes, "If that's so, how are you able to wait tables at The Birchwood?"

Jessie explained it was different; those guests went home and they tipped well and in general, it was on a professional basis and he just might never see them again after the week at the Resort.

"Once I get to know people and they know me, I tend to open up more," he conceded.

"How well we know," snickered Jase, winking at his brother and then Jessie.

"So," he asked directing his question to Annette Hayes, "why do they call you 'Annie' instead of Annette or Nan or something?"

Pointing at Annette Bowers, she replied simply, "To keep from confusing us or others," quickly adding, "It's nice, let's go for a swim."

Everyone agreed, except Jessie, explaining he didn't bring a swim suit.

"No problem," offered Jase, "I'm certain we have one we've outgrown you can wear."

"Usually," offered Mike Bowers, "we just skinny dip, but with outsiders," pointing toward the Computer Building, "around, we wear suits; not wanting to embarrass the guests or shame them with our big….." pointing at his crotch.

"You mean," Jessie asked incredulously, "boys and girls together?"

"Yeah; we've done it ever since we were little, so it's no big deal!"

"Maybe we could make an exception and just go naked today," Rob announced waggling his eyebrows at Jessie.

"Don't think so," Jessie said quickly, "besides, as cute as you are, I already have two boyfriends."

If the boys were all endowed like Jase and Tyler, Jessie thought it was more than a big deal, humongous in fact. The girls didn't seem bothered by it so why should he, he thought, but acquiesced to wearing a suit, today at least in spite of Rob's lustful wishes. They all agreed to meet at the dock in about fifteen minutes.

Back in Jase and Tyler's bedroom, Tyler rummaged around in the dresser and found a bikini suit, similar to theirs, only smaller, for Jessie to wear. Once Jessie stripped, the Twins quickly dropped their clothes off and Jase bent Jessie over, naked belly to naked back, arms under Jessie's shoulders for grip and stabilization, and with his large cock buried balls deep, pubic hair brushing the outer perimeter of Jessie's love tunnel, fucked him hard and fast until he shot a large load deep inside their boyfriend. When Jase shot his wad, Jessie loosed his in Tyler's mouth, lips surrounding his throbbing cock, tongue tickling the slit and around the head and foreskin!

Jase withdrew, and his place was taken by his brother, who slid into the cum-filled opening and began an earnest, equally delightful and climaxing fuck as well, while his brother sucked Jessie off for another load!

The others were already in the water when the three of them arrived. Rob rushed out to give Jessie a hug and, wrinkling his nose, commented, "You smell like sex; a lot of sex!"

Jessie blushed and was about to comment, when Rick Hayes joined them, sniffing the air, saying to Jessie, "You smell like Jase and Tyler!" hesitated a moment, smiled, and continued, "thats a good thing, everyone will know who your mates are!"

It didn't make sense to Jessie at the time, but he certainly wasn't going to fret over it; he was pleased with his boyfriends and was happy everyone would know he had them. One thing he did notice while they were swimming, Rick Hayes and Mike Bowers were never very far away from either him or Jase and Tyler. He also noticed Annie was fairly well developed, as far as girls go, in the sexual department, including boobs, and Annette, although younger, was just starting to develop her girl parts indicating to him, she was just starting or in the middle of puberty. The bikini suits both girls wore left very little to the imagination.

Scanning the boys, also wearing bikinis, he noticed they filled out the front pouches quite well themselves, very, very well in fact. Brent, Rick, and Mike appeared to be, by the way the thick tubes of their cocks lay to one side or the other of their suits, just as well endowed, if not more so, than Jase and Tyler. Patrick and Rob, although younger, could probably put most high school boys to shame, Jessie thought, from the looks of their front pouches as well.

While they swam, laughed, splashed, and dived in water, Jessie learned the group of young people he was with, grew up together, lived in a variety of places, really enjoyed each other's company, and were all home-schooled through grade six by Corrine Hayes and Lynne Bowers, both elementary teachers. Their education was supplemented and enriched by on-line classes and contact with other home-schooled kids while working on projects and other educational learning experiences. Their extensive use of computers via the internet seemed natural to them since their parents were in the business and the technology so readily available to them.

"Once we reach seventh grade and begin to change," explained Brent, "we usually go to a public school if there is one our parents decide is right for us."

When he mentioned "change" Jase and Tyler shot him sort of a warning look, as if cautioning him not to say too much, but Jessie seemed indifferent to the remark, interpreting it as "change" meaning, a sexual change in the body. It was more than evident that Rob was "changing" since more than once his stiff, young spike would brush up against Jessie's bare skin or even try to cop a feel while they horsed around in the lake.

It didn't bother Jessie, but when Jase, giving Rob a gently hug from behind, said softly and gently, "Check out his left shoulder, Rob!"

Rob did as instructed, blushed, mumbled, "I'm sorry" and tilted his head, baring his neck in submission realizing Jessie was off limits, carrying Jase and Tyler's mark. Jase, instead of chastising him further, kissed him on the forehead, smiled, reached down and fondled Rob's stiff cock through his swim suit, remarking, "You're a real horny young one, aren't you?"

Rob nodded, gave Jase a smile in return, and really grinned when Jase added, "Why don't you go over and play with Rick for a while and ask if he'd be interested in relieving you of some of your stress?"

Jase and Tyler knew Rick was more than eager to please young Rob Bowers. Rick would get stiff as a board, his dick throbbing, every time he came near the younger lad! Tyler, seeing Jase talking to Rob and then watching Rob leave to swim over to Rick Hayes, said,

"You match-making, brother?

"Yeah, it's about time those two were paired up!?"

"Think they're mates?"

"Probably, but only time will tell!"

Jessie watched the exchange, was somewhat aware of what transpired, catching some of the thoughts his lovers were sending each other. It was at that point in time, he realized, among this group of young people, Jase and Tyler were the leaders! He was uncertain the roles Rick and Mike had, but they appeared to almost the same as body guards for Jase and Tyler or "attack dogs" as his Dad might say when a fight started. He wondered where he stood in the hierarchy of the teen social order among this group.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard Patrick Hayes announce, "Here come the pups; I wondered how long it'd be before they'd run down to join us."

The youngest members of the three families, Alan Bowers, age ten and grade five; Derrick Bowers, age nine and grade four; Simon Hayes, age ten and grade five; and Michele Campbell, age ten and grade five, came scampering across the yard and onto the dock.

Simon Hayes, hands on his hips, shouted, "Tyler, can we swim too?"

Tyler grinned, waved his hands beckoning to them, answering, "You know you can; come on in!"

The four of them quickly stripped off their clothes, leaving them in a pile of assorted sizes on the deck, and jumped into the lake, paddling quickly toward Jessie, Jase, and Tyler. Jessie was more than just a little surprised, at first, the younger ones felt no qualms concerning their nakedness in front of others, then remembered Jase and Tyler saying the rest of them did all the time whenever "guests" were around. Jessie saw just enough bare skin before the four of them hit the water to notice the three boys were hairless, other than that on their heads, and had flaccid uncut little boy penises about six inches long, definitely longer than his was at that age and just about as big as he was now – hard! Michelle Campbell, just as hairless, her small girl slit visible and smooth, headed toward Jase and latched on to him, legs wrapped around his waist, as he began heading for deeper water, much to her delight as she giggled and laughed with her older brother!

Alan Bowers wrapped his legs around Tyler's waist in a similar manner, while Simon Hayes jumped and squealed as he headed for Mike Bowers, intent on making him his temporary partner, since it was apparent his older brother was apparently engaged with Rob. Jessie could see Rick belly to back with Rob, his arms around the younger male, Rob's head leaned back on Rick's shoulder, eyes rolled back in bliss, as Rick made little pumping motions, rippling the water around them!

Derrick Bowers wrapped his arms and legs around Jessie, the feel of a naked little boy cock and balls up against his hip, aroused Jessie some, but not much. Shifting Derrick to his back, telling him to hold on around his neck, began swimming in the waist deep water. Derrick giggled, squealed in delight, holding on tight and shouting to the others to see what Jessie was doing, as they propelled through the water with Jessie's strong kicks and strokes. Jessie could feel Derrick's little boy cock slip in and out of his butt crack as they swam.

Soon, it all came to an end however when Annie announced, "Time to get out! There's a pot-luck at noon in the Lodge Dining Room," just as Art Campbell and Ted Bowers, accompanied by three strangers walked toward the dock. The Annie and the older ones quickly crowded around the four little ones shielding them from the strangers, while Rick and Mike quickly gathered up the clothing on the dock, and distributed them so the youngsters could dress.

Jase and Tyler, with Jessie a step or two behind them, stepped forward and greeted their father and Ted Bowers. Art and Ted returned their greetings as their other children shouted their "Hi Dad!" in return.

"This is Gene and Marg Turner," Art announced gesturing to the man and woman standing on his right. "Gene is looking to transfer from our field office in Alaska where he works as an I.T. specialist and Marg is seeking a transfer to the Business Office to work for Ted."

The gathered young people smiled and waved politely, as Art continued, "And this is Warren Floyd," nodding toward the other young man, perhaps twenty-five years of age or so, "He's interviewing for an I.T. new position with us. He's worked for another company the past couple of years and is seeking to move up, which I think our company offers."

Again, the young people waved and smiled.

To the three guests, Art said simply, "This is part of our families; we all live here on the premises." The Turner's and Warren Floyd, smiled and waved just as politely in return, however, Warren smiled directly at Jessie, scrutinizing his near naked body from head to toe and back up again, centering and focusing his gaze on the bulge where Jessie's bikini covered cock rested.

Jase and Tyler immediately stepped in front of Jessie blocking Warren's view, and Rick and Mike stepped up to flank either side of Jessie as well. Warren frowned, upset the boys would do so. Art Campbell was somewhat taken aback by his son's reactions and the immediate positioning of Rick and Mike, but said nothing! What concerned him most was he heard nothing communicated between the twins, Jessie, or Rick and Mike. This was the second time, he knew of, he was unable to "hear" what was being communicated!

"Lunch in about a half hour," he announced, "see you all at the Lodge," and escorted his guests in that direction.

Warren Floyd, looked over his shoulder at Jessie and smiled, but sort of curled his lip in anger and challenge at Jase and Tyler. They only stared back in defiance, accepting his challenge, if there was to be one!

"If those two young pups think their strong enough to challenge me; let them try," Warren thought to himself. "I'm going to fuck that cutie six ways to Sunday once I'm on the staff here. That boy is going to be mine; I'll bite that fucker first chance I get and then I know he's mine. Once fucked and bitten, we're mated and they're out of luck!"

"Stay close to Jessie during lunch," Jase instructed Rick and Mike, "we don't trust that Warren Floyd character!"

"He's got his eyes on Jessie," added Tyler. "If he thinks he's going to take him for a mate, he's got another think coming!"

"About the time I rip his balls off," snarled Mike, "he'll wish he'd never seen this place or ever breed anyone again!"

At the same time, the others were quiet, but the older ones still formed a protective barrier around the youngsters as they were hustled off to their respective homes. Michele Campbell quickly scooted over to Jase and Tyler. Tyler picked her up, secured her on his shoulders, and the four of them headed toward the Campbell house.

The families gathered for lunch in the Lodge; Art Campbell asked his guests to go through the line first, but the Turners, along with Warren Floyd, chose to visit with the family members and mingle with them as they walked through the buffet line. The youngest family members were taken through the line by either their parents or an older brother or sister, followed by whoever wanted to go through next. Warren Floyd maneuvered so he was right behind Jessie when he walked through, even though it meant Floyd gruffly elbowing Jase aside to gain the position! Once there, he groped Jessie's butt cheek and then rested his hand on Jessie's shoulder, bringing a low growl from Tyler and a tensing of Jessie's shoulder muscle!

Art Campbell, choosing to go through the line last as a good host should, kept a close eye on his twin sons, Jessie, and the other young people who seemed closely connected to Jase and Tyler. Watching their interaction, he was changing his mind concerning what was going on. At first he assumed it was because they'd grown up together, but the more he watched, the more uncertain he was, especially after seeing the reaction at the lake and now the anger in Jase's and Tyler's faces as Warren Floyd tried hitting on their boyfriend!

"Jesus," thought Floyd sniffing the air, "this kid smells of sex; he's been fucked and fucked royally!" He almost drooled, anticipating what it'd be like to bury himself balls deep in this young human male. He also smelled something else; a stronger scent of a marked male; one who was possessed, yet not taken with a bite during sex. The strong scent of the Campbell Twins was all over the young man in front of him. It was a scent he was beginning to resent more and more. He believed, as an older, stronger Lycan, he could easily cower those two young pups with little more than a growl at the two of them!

He'd learned since high school and the first human boy he'd raped, into college, and at his current job, young men, either shifters or human like this one in front of him, could be fucked on a regular basis even if they thought they had a boyfriend. Teen boys who thought with their cocks soon found they fought without them and lost to his aggressiveness.

Looking back at the Campbell Twins, he snorted to himself, "Typical pups; their dick gets hard and they think they can conquer the world!"

The problem he had was simple; these twins didn't appear to be the average teen shifter nor did the two with them. One of the two with them almost acted like a Beta while the other was the Enforcer. On top of it all, there were others in the group of teens clearly loyal to the Twins and their playmate as shown by the way they not only shielded the youngsters at the dock, but also seemed poised to defend the human he wanted to fuck!

Jessie finished filling his plate, spotted an empty spot between Rick and Mike who quickly motioned him over. Before Warren could react, Jessie was gone and seated between the two. Warren took a seat across the table from them, noticing the other two boys didn't have their plates yet. He figured as soon as one or both stood to go through the line, he'd slip in next to his prey. The thought of touching, cupping the lad's crotch, bringing him to submission, caused his cock to begin lengthening and twitching!

It was not to be! Tyler stepped up behind Rick, Rick quickly rose and headed for the food, and before Warren could react, Tyler replaced him! Jase replaced Mike in the same manner! Warren glared menacing at the Twins, but they seemed undaunted by his visual threats. Warren was about to utter a low growl intending to assert his authority and warn them off of what he now saw as his personal receptacle for his stiff cock, when he became aware of the two bodyguards now seated on either side of him!

Art Campbell, sitting with the Turners, watched carefully as first Brent Hayes, then Annie Bowers, and Patrick Hayes all picked up their plates, excused themselves from the groups they were with and joined the table where his sons and Jessie sat. Annie and Patrick sat with Jessie, Tyler, and Jase, while Brent joined Rick and Mike on the same side of the table with Warren Floyd and, if Art didn't know better, the air at that table sparkled with aggression; aggression focused on Warren Floyd!

His sons were communicating with the other young teen shifters in the room, telling them to gather around and protect Jessie, and he'd not been able to eves-drop on the conversation – again! "Could it be," he thought, "this is the beginning of a new pack or a sub-pack within mine?" How he'd deal with it was something he'd have to discuss with Ted and Ray, his Beta and Enforcer. He was certain, at this point in time, he'd not hire Warren Floyd, but send him back to Texas with a smile and a "don't call us, we'll call you" as he left. That man was trouble and it looked as if his thoughts of nabbing Jessie was being thwarted.

Art noticed and then heard Jase's spoken words aloud, soft, but aloud!

Jase was smiling pleasantly at Warren, but said very quietly, "Make a move on our boyfriend or anyone else we count as friends or family and we'll rip you to shreds!"

"Yeah, right, little boy," Warren snarled back, sitting a little taller, in hopes of intimidating Jase. When he did, instead of smelling fear on the teen, his sensitive nose picked up a very, very strong scent; the scent of two very aggressive young male werewolves, ready to shift and attack. It wasn't the ordinary scent of the average young male, but a scent of dominance, of strength, almost Alpha! Not only did their scent reach his twitching nose, but he was overwhelmed with the scent of others, eager to join in the fray. Looking across the table and to his right and left, he saw the eyes of the girl and younger boy, the two body guards, and one other older male, fixed on him, sizing him up for the kill!

There was no way in hell he could defeat all of them and there was no doubt it'd be all of them! They'd fight as a pack and die to the last one protecting the human who sat, almost innocently, eating his lunch! Warren coughed nervously, excused himself from the table, and walked toward the restroom!

After lunch was over, Ted drove Warren Floyd and the Turners to International Falls so they could fly back to their homes. Art gave Jessie a tour of the remodeled Lodge, pointing out the company office, the business office, the remodeled Great Room overlooking the lake and beach area, the new stone fireplace replacing the old one, and an exercise room where the old gift shop used to be. The area, attached to the Lodge, where bait and tackle used to be sold, now held a hot tub and sauna. The guest rooms, on the second level on two sides of the Great Room, were remodeled with private baths and two queen sized beds. The Lodge and remodel was totally not what Jessie anticipated and was pleased!

Jase and Tyler dropped Jessie off back at Sutton's near supper time. It was a warm summer night so when Jessie prepared for bed, essentially stripping to his underwear, he left the bedroom window open to allow the cool night air in. Ready to slip under the covers, he heard a soft "chuff" outside, walked over, looked out, and saw "his" two wolves standing in the clearing.

He scampered down the stairs and jogged out to meet them. As he neared the two, he noticed five other wolves walking out into the clearing to join them. He was hesitant at first, but when one of "his" wolves gripped the back of his underwear and the other the front and pulled them off, then licking his butt crack and cock, he scolded, "Stop that; I told you before I belong to someone else," and pulled up his pants. The other wolves crowded closer, not threatening, just trying to be closer. They were similar in size to "his" wolves, although one was smaller. It was the smaller one who walked up to him and gave him a lick on the face bringing a giggle from Jessie!

Jessie sat down in the grass while "his" wolves lay their heads in his lap, their noses nudging his package every now and then.

"Do you know" he explained, "what is like to be in love?"

Not waiting for any type of acknowledgement, he began describing the two wonderful boys who were now his lovers, how much he enjoyed being with them, how kind considerate and gentle they were, how deliciously good looking they were, and how he happy and safe he felt while with them and their friends!

"I suppose you wouldn't understand or know how I feel when first one and then the other makes love to me. It's as if I belong to them exclusively and they belong to me; the sensations they raise in me is like no other I've ever felt or ever will feel!"

The two wolves shifted almost uncomfortably in his lap, causing him to stop speaking. A sudden warning "woof" from one of the others, brought all seven creatures to their feet and on alert. Jessie heard his mom and brother Charlie talking as they came across the lot and down the lane to the house.

"Gotta go!" he announced, jumped up, ruffed the heads of the two wolves, and ran back to the house before his absence was noticed. Before he made it to the door, the seven wolves were gone!

He awakened during the night to the sounds of wolves howling, not the mournful cry often associated with wolves, but different yipping and howling, as if the wolves happy and carefree, excited about something!

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