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The Scent of Love - The Scent of Death

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 8

"The werewolf's painful change .Turning his head away
On the sweaty bolster, he tries to remember
The mood of manhood.
But lies at last, as always,
Letting it happen, the fierce fur soft to his face,
Hearing with sharper ears."

(Richard [Purday] Wilbur)

Jessie became more comfortable around Jase' and Tyler's father the more often he came in contact with him. Although he was kind in manner, loving in nature toward his family and others, considerate of those he dealt with, and a shrewd businessman, Jessie also noticed he was really the person "in charge!" Ted Bowers and Ray Hayes were never far from his side whenever visitors were present, except for Jessie, almost like Rick Hayes and Mike Bowers were with Jase and Tyler.

Sutton's usually was really, really busy during and right after the Fourth of July until school started and families were no longer vacationing and weekenders and summer cabin people returned to their regular homes. It was as if, every year, people wanted to make use of every day of summer and pack each day full. It also meant making certain they had time in resort and lake country, almost saving their trips until the middle of July until the end of August.

The Fourth of July Holiday week and the day itself, the Resort was booked full and people abounded, not only because of the holiday and the lake, but also to enjoy the whole hog barbeque, half-priced beverages, and the large fireworks display Sutton's sponsored each year for guests and community members. Jessie's grandfather started the tradition many years before and it continued, drawing people from other resorts, cabins, year-rounders living in homes in the area, and even from International Falls.

Resort guests had the barbeque (not the drinks) included in their reservation package, but those people who weren't Resort guests paid a separate fee for the meal and paid for their drinks at the one of the three portable bars set up for the evening. The festivities began at five in the evening and closed down, usually around ten-thirty. Preparation for the event meant getting the two large BBQ pits fired up the day before, prepping the hogs (usually four) for the grills, and cooking them from midnight on until meal time. The chefs from the Lodge tended to the cooking of the pork, preparation of coleslaw, baked beans, and sheet cake for dessert. Individual serving bags of potato chips were stacked in big plastic containers as well as buns for the meat for guests to serve themselves.

There were portable bleachers to set up, the tables and chairs for guests to use, taken out of storage, and set up under the big tent the rental service put up where the bars and the serving lines would be. Jessie's dad was fussing a couple of days before, as he usually did, how everything was going to get done, especially more so this year since a couple of the college kids who usually would help out found jobs out of the area and two of the local men who worked each year were unable to this year. One had a broken leg, due to a logging accident, and the other was called away because of a death in the family.

Jessie convinced his dad his friends, specifically Jase, Tyler, Brent, Rick, Annie, Mike, and Patrick, from The Pines would be more than willing to help out. He'd asked Lynette (Lyn) Bowers if she would like to help, but she said "no." They could set up the bleachers, haul out the chairs and tables and set them up, haul the garbage, and help out anyway they were needed that night. He was reminded everything had to put back into storage and the grounds cleaned up the next day. Jessie assured it'd be no problem, he hoped! Jessie's dad agreed, if his friends would be willing to do.

Jase and Tyler, when asked if they'd help, were more than willing, as was the rest of the crew. It meant spending time with Jessie and helping a neighbor, not to mention a free meal and fireworks. They told Jessie they really didn't want any pay, since, they were his friends. Jessie, used to the work because it was part of his life, explained all that had to be done before and afterwards. It didn't bother the others one bit, in fact, they were excited about it!

The only fly in the ointment, if there really was one, was when Annette Hayes and Rob Bowers, really too young to run with the older ones but wanting desperately to be included because, as Rob put it in a very indiscreet moment, "Someday, when we change for the first time, Nanny and I are going to run with the big kids!" begged Jase and Tyler to let them help. After speaking to their dads, Jase and Tyler agreed, with one caveat;

"At all times," emphasized Jase, "Annette has to stay close to Annie and Rob with Rick!"

Jase and Tyler knew full well Rick wouldn't let Rob out of his sight and vice-versa; everywhere Rick went, Rob was sure to follow!

Early on the morning of the Fourth of July, as Jessie was finishing his breakfast with his Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan, telling them he'd worked the night before and the guests were more than generous with their tips, really, really generous, when Eric tapped him on the arm and pointed out the window of the Pelican Restaurant.

Tooling into the parking lot was a pickup truck driven by Brent with Annie riding shotgun and Annette, Patrick, and Rob in the rear seat. Following the pickup were two ATV's; one with Rick and Mike on it and the other, pulling a small utility trailer, Jase and Tyler. Jessie quickly left his uncles, darted outdoors, and waved his friends over to where he stood. The vehicles stopped and everyone piled out. Following Jase and Tyler's lead, they all gave Jessie a big hug!

"Wait a minute!" Jessie said, ran back inside, and came back with Eric and Evan in tow, anxious for them to meet his friends. They did so willingly, but didn't have the heart to tell him they'd already met them, more than once, but let him proceed.

Jessie stepped up between Jase and Tyler, put an arm around each one and proudly announced, "Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan, I'd like you to meet my boyfriends; Jase and Tyler Campbell. Aren't they just the most handsome guys you've ever seen?"

Before he could continue, Jase interrupted him, smiling, and waving, "Hi, Mr. Troutman; Mr. Trempealeau."

With that, the others all shouted their greetings as they laughed.

"You guys already knew," Jessie lamented, somewhat embarrassed, but still proud of his friends.

Eric and Evan were aware Jessie had few friends, if any, at school and the only friends he had around the resort were his family. In fact, it was not uncommon, at school, for some of the bullies to pick on him, at least until Charlie intervened. They could see some subtle changes occurring in Jessie however; he was becoming more self-confident, outgoing, and happy! It made them proud and happy themselves, to see the changes and now knowing Jessie had people who loved him as much as he loved them and would have his back!

"When did you get your license?" Jessie asked Brent, diverting the conversation.

"Didn't – won't be sixteen until October," he replied and not another word was said- by anyone.

Eric thought, however, he'd end up having this generation as clients as well!

"We brought a trailer," Tyler announced, pointing at the one attached to their ATV. "We thought it'd be easier to haul things with."

Jessie nodded and commented the Resort used one as well. With two of them the work would go much faster. Eric and Evan excused themselves and left for work and the group of young people, led by Jessie, headed to the main office in the Lodge. In his Dad's office he introduced his friends, including specifically his "boyfriends." Jim Sutton never batted an eye, but did comment, with a smile, "Good choice, Jessie!"

Jim Sutton gave them their instructions, advising them to follow Jessie since he was more than familiar with what had to be done. They met Charlie at the storage building and began hauling out bleacher parts to be assembled near the lake so people could view the fireworks. While they worked, the rental company arrived and set up the big tent to be used for food and drink and a place to eat, for those who wished to sit at tables.

Once the bleachers were up, Jessie and company set about hauling tables and chairs from storage and setting them up under the tent. While they worked, the smell of roasting pork drifted around the grounds, making more than one stomach growl!

They took a break for lunch, eating at the picnic tables scattered throughout the grounds near the Lodge and beach. Once the kitchen staff was aware there was a group of teenagers helping, they increased the volume of lunch; brats, burgers, coleslaw, soda, fresh veggies, and dip were all devoured readily and with gusto!

The two final tasks to be undertaken after lunch was putting the garbage cans out in strategic places and setting up the rope line to guide diners to the cash register and then to the serving lines.

"There are always those people who never learned what a garbage can is for," Jessie explained, "so all of us will carry a small bag in order to pick up what others toss on the ground. Once the small bag is full, toss it in the nearest garbage can. We all will have a couple of large bags with us also. When you see a garbage can full, pull the liner out, tie it off, put in a new liner, and toss the other in one of the dumpsters near the parking lot. There are extra bags in the storage cabinet set up near the food tent and boxes of surgeon's gloves. Make certain you wear them; never know what disease some of these folks might carry."

There was enough time for a quick swim in order to clean up and refresh themselves before reporting to the office, as Jim Sutton requested. Gathering them together, he pointed to boxes of various sized polo shirts, all with Sutton's Resort Logo on them, and a box full of name tags printed with "Staff" on them.

"Find a shirt that fits, put it on, and attach a name tag to it," he announced looking at his watch. "Show time is in one hour and people are already showing up!"

As the later afternoon and evening drew on, it was obvious there was a large crowd. According to the cashiers taking the money for the meal, it was one of largest the Resort ever had in recent years, not including the people who just came to watch the fireworks. The majority of those folks did, hit the portable bars set up under the tent, purchasing sodas and beer (no mixed drinks).

Everyone from The Pines attended except for Frank Campbell, Ray Hayes, and Rhonda Bowers. "They must have drawn the short straws," Brent commented. He explained to Jessie, when Jessie questioned his remark, because of the work the company does and all of the equipment located there, someone is always on duty, day or night. "Sort of watch-dogs" was the way he put it, just to keep the "bad guys and snoopers away!"

As dusk gathered, houseboats and other small craft began anchoring off-shore from the Resort, positioning their crafts so the occupants of the boats could view the fireworks, yet stay clear of any falling debris as a result of the explosions, the township fire department would shoot off from the shore line. The crowd continued to swell, the lines to food and drink got longer, and everyone, it seemed, gathered the spirit of celebrating the independence of the United States in a most patriotic and festive manner, as long as the food, drink, and entertainment held out!

Along with the crowd growing, so did the amount of garbage they produced and had to be removed. The excitement continued to grow until the first loud, "BOOM!" from the explosion and flash of the aerial bomb the fire department launched signaling the fireworks were about to begin, so "fill your plates, refresh your drinks, and find a seat," came Jim Sutton's voice over the loud speaker system. "The show will begin in about fifteen minutes!"

For approximately a half hour before his father's announcement, Jessie had a niggling feeling in the back of his neck someone was watching him. It wasn't unusual, considering the crowd and his hustling around amongst them doing what had to be done as he worked, cleaning, smiling, greeting people, since many of those present were regular patrons of the Birchwood or guests at the Resort. But this was a "different" feeling; a feeling cautioning him there was someone out there who just might do him harm! It was the feeling he had the night the creepy guy perved on him while he was waiting tables at The Birchwood; almost as if he had a target on his back or someone was stalking him! No matter how diligently he looked, scanning the crowd as he worked, he couldn't locate the source of his uneasiness!

Jase and Tyler sensed it also, bringing the hair on the back of their necks bristling, kicking in their innate senses, bringing their eyesight and olfactory lobes into full alert, seeking, among all of the other smells interfering with their attempts to zero in on the danger they felt could fall upon their mate. The scent of sweaty human bodies, roast pork, beer farts, messy diapers and a myriad of other smells camouflaged the one scent they sought; the scent of someone stalking Jessie! If they didn't stop it, it just might be too late for him!

Working through the crowd, carrying sacks of garbage to the dumpsters, they scanned and sniffed, seeking the man they confronted in the restroom at The Birchwood, the night of the party, and if they weren't mistaken, the smell of the human which alerted them the first night they met Jessie in the clearing behind his house. The crowd was large, continually shifting around trying to locate themselves for the fireworks display.

"Mike," Tyler said, "work alongside Jessie; something's wrong and we can't find it!"

"I feel the same way," he responded from the food service tent, "I'm on my way!"

The man, blending into a crowd of boisterous drinkers, saw another teen, one he was unfamiliar with, join the boy he was fixed on and watched as they visited a moment. The new boy joined his target. He'd wanted this boy for so long and thought this'd be the ideal night for him to snatch him, take him home, and pleasure himself! The boy would simply disappear and never be found, tucked safely away in his woods. In this large crowd, no one would miss him until the festivities were over. But that was out of the question now, at least for the moment, since the other boy joined him!

"Maybe," he thought, "just maybe the other boy will leave and I'll still get a chance."

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted the twins he'd seen in the supper club restaurant, and grumbled to himself, "Dirty bastards, just because you got big cocks, don't make you the kings of the hill."

He watched a minute, shuddered suddenly realizing they were looking the crowd over, carefully searching it, not for garbage, but for someone!

"They'll recognize me in a second," he thought, nervous, frightened! One encounter with those two was enough for him. The way the one twin snarled at him really convinced him those two would just as soon beat the shit out of him as not; worse yet, they could beat the shit out of him and call the sheriff! That was the last thing he needed. He slowly slipped away toward the parking lot and as he drove away, decided he'd be just as content fucking the thirteen-year-old multiple times ,to slack his lust, he had currently at home. Muttering to himself, he hoped his current fuck-toy would last until the first part of September when he'd winterize and abandon his house in the woods for the milder, Florida winter home where, not only was the sun an escape from the cold and snow of winter a delight, but the plentiful availability of young street boy-whores and run-aways provided plenty of opportunity for him to enjoy tender young boy butts and cocks!

Jase and Tyler felt, before noticing the faint smell of the human they were trying to focus on, the threat to Jessie was gone! Instead, all they could detect was the overwhelming smell of humans, Sulphur from the exploding fireworks, and a mish-mash of other smells. Jessie also felt the uneasiness dissipate, relieving him, causing him to cease looking about, trying to see what was bothering him.

"Perhaps," he thought to himself, "it was only my imagination."

Mike also noticed the change, but decided Jase and Tyler would want him to stick close to their mate. "I wish," he muttered under his breath, "they'd just bite him, make the claim official and the bonding complete; then maybe I can work on finding someone for me." He wasn't averse to turning a human, but his first choice would be another Lycan shape-shifter like himself!

Jessie and the crew worked until the celebration was over and the crowds dispersed. They hit the employee showers in the Lodge, grabbed blankets and pillows and crapped out in Jessie's room and one of the spare bedrooms at the Sutton house. Jessie, Jase, and Tyler took the bed in Jessie's room, Mike curled up on the floor, Rick curled up against the backside of Rob, both covered by a blanket, Brent, and Patrick joined the crew on the floor as well. Annie and Annette slept in the other bedroom.

This particular Fourth of July, while celebrating the birth of a nation, the birth of a friendship, tighter than any bonds of rope or metal, bonds glued together by faith, respect, sharing common likes and dislikes, developed with a singular purpose to be together, play together, fight together, and generally enjoy each other's company; a pack of eight young teens, led by Jase and Tyler. Five of the group were not only committed to following their leaders, but all were committed to the young, very smart, and gorgeous human male; willing to give their all to protect him for they knew he was destined to be Jase' and Tyler's mate – for life!

It was so evident to anyone who saw Jessie with Jase and Tyler, he loved them; watching him touch them, smile when he saw them, snuggling up between them when they went out to his cabin to laugh and just "hang out" as young teens love to do. The cabin was their "unofficial clubhouse" and he was master of the house! Jase and Tyler were just as firmly attached to him as he was to them, but even though they'd consummated their relationship sexually and marked him with a bruise, which they kept fresh, on his left shoulder, they still had not "taken" him, turned him with the bite of love, a bite to draw blood and mix their saliva with it!

Jase and Tyler talked to their Dad at great length about this and listened to his caution about turning a human who didn't want it, sentencing the human to a life of living hell instead of the life they loved and cherished!

"Jessie will let you know, probably when you least expect it," he advised, "I have no doubt he's already aware of those differences you possess, if, as you say, he can tell you apart easily, since I can't even do that; and never questions, during a full moon, why you're never around. Right?"

The boys agreed nodding their heads.

"Does he act lost, seeking you, when he can't see you?"

Again the heads nodded.

"Do you think he can scent you or hear you speak when you communicate mentally?"

The heads nodded!

"Patience, boys, patience!"

School started the Tuesday after Labor Day and the normally lightly passenger school bus picking up students in and around Kabetogama now had additional students, "At least until I get my license," Brent announced. Beth Campbell and Kendra Hays already had their licenses after taking the Minnesota test and surrendering their other licenses, but decided not to drive to school for a while. Alan and Derrick Bowers, Simon Hayes, and Michele Campbell were all home schooled yet, so weren't riding the buses. Once they reached seventh grade, they would attend the public schools.

Earlier in the summer, Jessie dreaded the start of a new school year and returning to face the same bullies who'd picked on him all during his eighth grade year. They'd start in again, but this year he wouldn't have Charlie to protect him or help fight the bullies when they ganged up on him. However, once he met Jase and Tyler and made so many new friends at The Pines, he really quite forgot to worry about the bully bastards!

Unfortunately, Bob Smith, Tom Goetz, and Norm Haas, his three nemesis from the year before, didn't forget who their target was or how much they'd enjoyed tormenting the shit out of him the year before! With his older brother gone, they assumed he was going to be an easy target for their enjoyment another year. Jessie was reminded, rather abruptly, in the hall outside of his locker when the three of them approached him and Bob knocked his books from his hands, scattering them across the hall floor! The other two grabbed his arms, while Bob shouted "Swirly," intending to stick Jessie's head in the toilet and flush and flush until his head was soaked!

As they began hustling him, kicking, shouting, and fighting, the best he could since all three were considerably bigger than him, toward the nearest boy's restroom, their progress came to a sudden halt when they were confronted by Jase and Tyler!

"Were you fixing to fight Jessie or just be assholes and do something stupid and juvenile?" Jase asked calmly, almost indifferently if a one were a casual observer to the situation, which there were many since there's nothing high school students enjoy more than a good fight!

"Maybe," muttered Bob, "but first we're going to stick his head in the john, after one or more of us piss in it, and flush it!"

"Or maybe just piss on him!" announced Tom proudly.

"Well, if you do decide to fight him," Tyler advised, "you should be aware of certain rules this year when it comes to fighting?"

"How the fuck do you know? You're new around here!" growled Bob. "There ain't no fucking rules when it comes to fighting this little queer son-of-a-bitch!"

"Well, you must've missed the letter then," Jase said. "One, no kicking in the balls!" and Jase and Tyler quickly fired swift upper cut kicks with pointed toes to the Tom and Norm's nether regions, causing them to not only release Jessie, but fall to the floor writhing in pain, flopping to and fro, holding their balls, clearly in anguish!

"What the fuck?" shouted Bob, taken by surprise by the attack on the others.

"Secondly," Rick said, standing nearby, "definitely no two on one," and coming up behind Bob, "like this," grabbing Bob around the chest, pinning his arms to his side.

"Or slapping, punching, grabbing balls, or pulling hair," announced Mike as he slapped Bob until his nose bled, punching him in the gut, bringing about a "wheezing" noise from Bob just before Mike grabbed his balls through his jeans, and gave a strong squeeze!

"And finally," Mike said, releasing Bob, "no pulling hair and using it to toss him into a locker!" as he grabbed Bob's hair and used it to propel him into a locker across the hall.

Bob, rolling over onto his back, looked up, as best he could, when Jase walked up to him, leaned over, and said softly, but menacingly, "Remember, if you or your buddies or anyone else in this school decide to bother our boyfriend again, this is only a small taste of what you can expect in return. We expect you to spread the word, okay?" and with that stepped aside.

Jase and Tyler made certain Jessie was between them as they left his locker and walked with him to his first class. He only had one class with them and it was physical education, but either Rick or Mike were in the rest of his classes except for Geometry where Brent was enrolled. Jessie took Algebra I the year before in eighth grade as an advanced student so he'd be eligible to enroll in Geometry and Algebra II his freshman year. Algebra II presented no problems for him since only "nerds" were enrolled. After the incident in the hall outside his locker, the word spread quickly throughout the high school and he was left alone. Well, really left alone after Annie reminded some of the more mouthy girls their boyfriends might end minus their balls if anything happened to her friend Jessie Sutton!

After the first day, Jessie had very few problems and the teens from Kabetogama gained a new respect and garnered just a little bit of fear from the other students in school! The "teens from Kabetogama" remained quiet and close-knit, causing as little attention drawn to them as possible. The trouble was, they were all smart as all-get-out so the teacher noticed them; the other students just avoided them. As a group, if one attended a school activity¸ they all did, enjoying each other's company, laughing, playing, joking, acting like happy teens belonging and interacting with a group of peers!

They treated their other classmates with respect, kindness, and interacted with them socially at school, but never, never invited them to join the group; the boundaries, the limits of group acceptance and tolerance didn't include "outsiders" and so it continued as fall began!

In early October, when grouse hunting season and other small game seasons were well underway and just before the waterfowl season begins, when wild critters were foraging hard, working to put on a large, thick layer of fat to carry them through those lean days of winter, and when squirrels store nuts, deer graze on lush grasses and acorns, grouse nibble on clover and seeds, and ducks invade wild rice beds preparing for the long flight south, the predators of those creatures hunt them! Lynx, wolves, mink, coyotes, bobcat, Fischer, fox, and the native black bear prey on them. The black bear, however, is an omnivore and will eat anything to layer on fat to sustain them through the winter hibernation; an easy meal sometimes just cannot be passed up, especially if there is little threat in return!

Rogue bears, which take advantage of any situation for an easy meal gained with little effort, will raid garbage, maraud and destroy ice chests and other food sources at government and private campgrounds, becoming pests. These bears, if they become "nuisance" bears would be live-trapped in large, baited culvert traps on wheels. The traps would be baited with anything which would entice a bear to enter the trap, trip the trigger, and imprison itself. Once imprisoned, the bear would be transported off to some distant, remote forest location where, it was hoped, it would never return.

Those bears returning and continuing to harass people were determined to be "habitualized" and constituted a danger to the public. When all else failed, these bears would have to be euthanized. It is a last measure and, fortunately, is not used that often since transporting the bears to distant places usually worked. But, every now and then, an older and sometimes just damned ornery bear, would show up on the scene, most of the time hunting for an easy meal and a fight! In most cases, the rogue bear was a boar (male), and could be one of the meanest son-of-a-bitches in the woods! All other creatures would avoid a confrontation with such an animal, save one – wolves, if they had sufficient numbers to either drive the bear off or kill it!

Over the past couple of years, hunters, homeowners, and resort owners, including Sutton's, reported to Ted Smythe a very large, perhaps five hundred pounds, black bear raiding garbage dumpsters, hunting camps, campgrounds, and other food sources, apparently unafraid of man or beast. Try as he might, Ted was unable to lure this particular bear into a trap. It was, as Ted put it, "Smarter than the average bear!"

Jessie, Tyler, and Jase attended a high school football game on a Friday night and after returning home, via a ride with Brent, climbed on the ATV and headed out to the cabin. Jessie had the night off, even though it was fish fry night, and the three of them decided to spend the night, returning Saturday afternoon before Jessie had to work at The Birchwood. Although the "season" was over, there were sufficient Saturday night diners to make the tips worthwhile; besides, Jessie enjoyed table waiting and the money certainly didn't diminish his enjoyment.

Friday night was spent in not only sleeping, but mutual love-making, with Jessie bringing satisfaction to his two boy-friends more than once during the night and they returned the love as well, causing him to shudder and squeal in delight!

As dawn began to break, Jessie woke, his bladder howling to be relieved, and crawled out of bed, leaving Jase and Tyler sound asleep, headed out doors, his piss-hard-on leading the way, stepped off of the porch, and let fly! As his cock, now wilting after having the pressure relieved at the base, dripped the last few vestiges of the contents of his bladder clearing the skinned back head, he thought he heard a noise from behind the cabin. He slowly walked, naked despite the chill in the air, toward the backside of the structure to investigate.

Jessie rounded the back side of the cabin and came face to face with a huge black bear, about twenty foot away, head down, snuffling the ground for the scent of something to eat - until it caught the scent of man! The bear stiffened its back side, thrust its shoulders forward, and began huffing, puffing, loudly while stamping his front paws threatening, warning the human intruder, but signaling Jessie just could be dinner!

Jessie intended to treat this huge bear as all other bears he'd encountered over the years, knowing most, if faced head-on and shouted loudly at, will generally swap ass-end and run!

"Get the fuck out of here!" shouted Jessie, waving his arms in the air.

The bear did no such thing; instead the hair on the back of his neck bristled even more and he began popping his teeth together while continuing to stamp his front paws on the ground. Jessie was in trouble and he knew it! This bear intended to attack! He didn't dare run; it'd only provoke the huge beast. The only two options were to back away slowly, hoping the bear wouldn't see it as a sign of weakness, or prepare for the attack by dropping to the ground, covering his head and neck with his arms when the bear attacked and feign death in hopes the critter would cease the attack!

Suddenly, two naked bodies appeared in front of him as Jase and Tyler placed themselves between the bear and him! The bear huffed, snapped his teeth again as Jessie shouted for Jase and Tyler to leave; instead, transfigured in front of him as he watched, his boyfriends shifted to the two big beautiful wolves he'd seen so often and visited with and played with at night when he would see them!

Jase and Tyler, in wolf form, snarled, growled defiance, and aggressively engaged the bear in a frontal and rear assault, each taking one end. It was a large bear, perhaps five hundred pounds and feared no other creature in the forest. With a swipe of his front paw, he knocked Jase aside after Jase sunk his teeth into the bear's thick neck. The force of the blow not only swept Jase aside and ripped a slice in his side, but in doing so, the bear left his back side vulnerable. Tyler attacked a hind leg and with a "snap" of his razor sharp teeth and strong jaws, severed the Achilles tendon on the bear, crippling one leg!

The bear howled in pain and attempted to wheel around on his disabled haunch to face the new attack, leaving his other leg vulnerable to attack. Not missing the opportunity, Jase, bloody from his encounter, leaped back into the fray and tore into the other leg, not severing the tendon but badly damaging the bear's leg. The bear tried to turn again, but Tyler leaped up, grabbed the bear's right shoulder and with a vicious bite and tearing action, tore skin, flesh, and muscle loose, hitting an artery in the process!

The battle between the bear and the two young werewolves was a lost cause for the bear at that point in time. It made swipes with its good front paw, trying to inflict more damage to its assailants, but the loss of blood and energy began to take its toll. Jase and Tyler, seeing the weakening condition of the bear, closed for a final attack and each grabbed at the bears neck, one in the front and one in the back, dispatching the critter by snapping its neck!

The bear gasped its last as Jessie ran forward, concerned for the welfare of his boyfriends, who were bloodied and appeared to be injured. Tears streaming down his face, his heart filled with fear for his injured lovers, Jessie screamed his anguish! As he approached, Jase and Tyler shifted back to human, trying to reassure him they were well. There was no sign he reviled them for what they were or what they'd become in order to save him, only his love for them!

"We heal more quickly in our wolf form," Jase informed him, "but give Rick or Mike a call on your cell, tell them what happened, and have Brent bring his truck so they can dispose of the bloody beast!" Jessie nodded he understood and watched as they shifted back and lay back down, belly to the earth, their heads resting on their paws before running back to the cabin, grabbing his cell phone and making the call. After telling Rick what happened, he ran back to where Jase and Tyler lay, recovering.

Jessie knelt between them, put his hands on their bodies, carefully touching the wounds they'd suffered, moving the matted fur aside, trying to help, until Jase's wolf raised up, and began bathing the more severe wounds on Tyler with his tongue. When he finished, Tyler did the same to him. Jessie caught fragments of a conversation mentally, indicating this was an important act in the healing process. Their saliva helped the healing process move more rapidly.

When they'd finished their mutual oblations, Jessie put an arm around each one, scolding, "You could've been killed and how could I live without you?" After he said it, he realized they felt the same way toward him!

Jase and Tyler knew at that moment, it made no difference to Jessie what shape, what form, or what existence they lived in and slowly shifted from their wolf shapes back into human again, their wounds almost healed. The blood stopping, the wounds healing over, as Jase and Tyler shifted back, standing before Jessie in their human form; a human form, through the ages after the trauma, adrenalin charged bodies reacting to the atmosphere of battle, and the elation of victory, expressed itself in lust, cocks hard, twitching, dripping essence seeking relief, wanting to conquer or at least spear something again in celebration!

Jase and Tyler's cocks, long, thick, with foreskins fully retracted, exposing large heart-shaped heads were ready, if invited, to mount him, allowing him to participate in their victory! Kissing them both, sucking their tongues into his mouth, Jessie dropped to his hands and knees, presenting his back for a rest and his ass for their pleasure.

With a "yes!" Tyler quickly shuffled forward, leaned over Jessie's back, wrapped his arms around Jessie's chest, and inserted his throbbing cock balls deep into Jessie's rear and began to pump. The harder he pumped, the more powerful the urge to mate; to take Jessie as a wolf, make him theirs for all time. Tyler could feel himself begin to shift, wanting to hold it back, until Jessie shouted, "Take me, make me, as your wolf!" and could hold back no longer!

Jessie felt the soft fur of Tyler's underbelly, the strong front legs of his wolf clenched and holding on to his middle, and the large canine penis he possessed drive deeper and deeper into him, stretching, straightening, reaching places never reached before, until he felt his asshole would rip apart as a large knot formed just inside, and with a howl and a bite to Jessie's left shoulder, Tyler pumped his cum deep and copiously into their mate! Spurt after spurt of semen shot into Jessie's bowels, the knot in his ass trapping it all inside, until he felt the knot shrink and Tyler dismounted, his penis making a "plopping" noise as it slipped out of his ass. No sooner had he done so than Jase mounted, driving just as deeply, fucking with the same vigor and force as his brother, howling with release, biting Jessie's shoulder as his brother did so they could mutually claim him as their mate!

All three failed to notice the three new wolves now standing watching the mating trio. Two of the new arrivals were about the same size and height as Jase and Tyler's wolf's, but the third was slightly smaller and stood snugged up beside one of the other two. It whimpered, watching the copulating three-some, nuzzled its larger companion, flexed its tail from side to side, and presented its ass in invitation. With a soft "woof" the larger wolf quickly mounted the smaller one and fucked it vigorously until he expended his semen into the smaller one about the same time as Jase was flooding Jessie's rectum with his own abundant fluids!

It was when Jase's huge canine penis began to soften and his knot shrinking in size, the soft fur on Jessie's back replaced by the warmth of smooth human skin, that Jessie spotted the three newcomers; two locked in post-coitus rapture, the larger wolf still gently thrusting trying to expel all his juice into the younger one, and the third wolf closely watching Jessie, Jase, and Tyler while doing quick surveys of the surrounding forest, acting as a guardian to their activities and welfare!

Anal muscles well-stretched by the two massive penises which had taken their pleasure and rest within, the seminal fluids deposited by each now mingled and mixed, slowly leaking out, no longer hindered by the large fleshy protuberances previously lodged within, sliding down his ass crack, dripping on his perineum, almost swirling around his testicular sac before dripping to the ground, his shoulder aching where Jase and Tyler both sunk their fangs in an eons-old act while fucking him, Jessie felt a physical and psychological emptiness beginning at his anal sphincter and progressing up into his bowels he knew could only be filled time and time again by the insertion of his lover's penises and the loving embraces and kisses delivered by them while doing so! He rolled over onto his back, realizing, but not caring about the consequences of what had just occurred, only knowing he now belonged to Jase and Tyler for the ages.

Jase and Tyler, once he rolled over, immediately covered him with their naked bodies, and began worshipping, loving every part of it with the lips, noses, tongues, and open mouths. They licked his cock, cleaning up the vestiges of his ejaculation which had occurred during their mating, rimmed him clean of semen, kissed him, hugged him, and told him repeatedly how much they loved him! Luxuriating in their attention, giggling, Jessie twisted and turned, giving them access to whatever part of his body they desired. He looked up and over to his right and watched as the three wolves shifted to the naked human forms of Mike, Rick, and Rob.

The three walked slowly, their large flaccid cocks wobbling with each step, seeking permission from Jase and Tyler to approach, and, once given, laughed, and moved rapidly to join the trio. Once near, all three tilted their heads and bared their throats in acknowledgement of the status of Jase and Tyler. After acknowledgement, the three were ecstatic in their congratulations concerning the successful mating of the three, knowing full well how much Jase and Tyler were ass-over-applecart in love with Jessie!

"Brent will be here shortly with the truck and our clothes," Rick announced. Noticing Jessie's perusal of their naked forms, added, "Kind of hard to shift when dressed."

"Yeah," piped up Rob, "sort of tears the shit out of your clothes. It really pisses Mom off when I forget."

"You're a beautiful wolf," Jessie complimented, causing Rob to blush and Rick to smile and stand proudly, placing an arm around the younger lad.

"When did you ….?" Jessie began to ask.

"About two weeks ago when the moon was full." Rob answered. "I knew it was coming because of the way my body was reacting, so it was no surprise. In fact, I've been wanting it to happen for quite awhile."

"Did it hurt?" Jessie asked cautiously wondering if the stories he'd read concerning the now-not-mythical creatures were true concerning the pain accompanying the shift from man to wolf and back again.

"A little the first time, but as the muscles, bones, and everything get used to it, it becomes easier and quicker!"

"Does it happen only when there's a full moon?"

"Only the first time," Tyler said, entering the conversation. "Young ones anticipate it and look forward to it, after that, they generally can shift at will without the full moon. However, each full moon there's a strong desire to shift and have a run in the forest."

Jase slipped an arm around Jessie, holding him closely; "It may be different for you, but I doubt it. Our bites were mating bites, not only binding the three of us together, marking you for all others to see and know they have no claim on you because we do, but also mingling our saliva with your blood 'turns' you. The next full moon is in about two weeks and you'll probably shift then!"

"You were human," spoke up Tyler also slipping an arm around Jessie, "and it is a seldom thing among packs to turn a human without permission of the pack Alpha, since if the human is unwilling, it could be a terrible fate to inflict upon him or her, perhaps turning him or her into a rogue wolf subject to no pack discipline or hierarchy."

"Did you talk to your 'Alpha'?" Jessie asked.

"Yeah," Jase answered, "we talked to our dad; he's the Alpha of the Kabetogama Pack, which we are a part of. He said to be patient; you'd let us know when and if you wanted to be one of us and our mate."

"I have so much to learn," Jessie admitted.

"We'll teach you," Jase continued, "and you'll have all of the rest of us, you know Brent, Annie, Rick, Mike, Patrick, and Rob to help you and be with you when you shift for the first time."

"My folks," Jessie stammered, suddenly realizing he was fearful they would discover what happened to him, wondering how he would conceal his secret from them the way his friends and lovers do. "How do I explain the bite?"

"It'll be healed by the time Brent gets here," Tyler advised. "In fact, all you'll have is a slight scar by the time you get home. You'll find you'll heal remarkably fast from now on; in fact you'll notice a lot of new things!"

Almost as if on cue, Brent's pickup truck rolled down the lane to the cabin with him behind the wheel with Annie riding shotgun and Patrick peering over the front seat from the rear one. He brought the truck to a stop, jumped out, and walked rapidly toward the naked group of fellow teens. Grinning as he approached, commenting, "I see you're all dressed for work!"

"Or for fun," shouted Annie from the truck as she climbed out. "Patrick and I will take your clean clothes to the cabin while you guys load the bloody beast!"

Brent brought the truck around back and with all of them lifting, hefted the huge bear into the truck bed. Jessie was concerned, once the bear was in the truck, how it would be dumped out, with no help!

"No problem," advised Brent. He'd tie a rope around one of the bear's legs, loop the rope around a tree, and tie the loose end to the truck's trailer hitch. As he would drive away, the bear would side out to the ground. He told Jase and Tyler he knew of a place off of the beaten path where the carcass could be rolled into a deep ravine, "Where even Ted Symthe couldn't find it!"

As Brent drove away, Jessie heard a soft sigh from behind him, looked, and saw Rick belly to back over a kneeling Rob, pumping his hips, doing Rob doggy-style, his cock buried deep, and touching Rob's love button with every thrust. Jessie noticed the small scar on Rob's shoulder, identifying him as marked and claimed by Rick. He absently reached over his own shoulder and felt only a small scar, the bites of his lovers completely healed!

Showered and dressed, Jessie's anal muscles still flexing after the enjoyable and erotic rogering he'd received from Jase and Tyler while showering, he busied himself in the kitchen helping Annie and Patrick fix pancakes for the crew. They were hungry and were still enjoying the repast when Brent returned from disposing of the bear's carcass!

Watching the crew eat, laugh, and enjoy each other's company, Jessie smiled proudly, pleased and happy to be part of this happy pack of friends.

Leaning over to Jase and Tyler, he commented, "It looks like the Averill Creek Gang is altogether."

"Averill Creek?" Jase queried.

"Yeah," Jessie answered, without realizing he was doing so telepathically, "it's the name of the creek flowing through the property."

"More like the Averill Creek Pack," Tyler added, seriously!

The bear wasn't the only creature disposed of in the forest that morning. After shoveling the last bit of earth into the shallow grave far back into the woods, covering his latest "plaything," he wandered back to his house, certain no one would ever discover the numerous graves that far from his house. Making the rounds, checking to see if all was secure and locked, house winterized, he drove down the lane to the front gate, shut and locked it, and headed south for the winter; to a state full of brown, well-hung, and smooth boys!

John Peters's cockhead tingled with anticipation as he drove, remembering when his uncle, Samuel Peters, took his virginity when he was eight years old and fucked him on a regular basis when he came to visit during the summer. His parents had no idea how much he loved his uncle's cock stuffed up his butt or how often it resided there! As he grew older, his uncle introduced him to the sexual pleasure derived from seating his own cock hairs deep in the soft, tight, warm, and moist rear fuck-hole of a younger boy.

"Share and share alike," his uncle would say and share they would, sometimes alternating fucking the same boy for several hours. Once the boy was "used up," John would find another one while traveling at his job, and bring the fresh young boy ass north for both of them to enjoy.

Unfortunately, his uncle died some ten years previously leaving him without a partner to enjoy the boy flesh with, but John was the sole heir to the property and estate of his uncle, providing him the wealth to retire and the property to pursue his enjoyment of young boys. On this trip south, as on many others, he knew he'd find smooth, hairless boys and boys with full bushes around their firm, fat, long cocks; all waiting for him to fuck them into submission!

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