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The Scent of Love - The Scent of Death

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 9

"Live with wolves, howl like a wolf."

(Russian Proverb)

The next two weeks were really busy ones for Jessie. Jase, Tyler, and he met with their father and announced their mating, as if he wasn't already aware of it, received instruction on pack hierarchy and etiquette (bare your throat to the Alpha and all other pack members who might "outrank" you), and information on what to expect when he shifted. He also had to announce to his parents he really did have two boyfriends, something they already knew, but it did cause his dad to raise his eyebrows speculatively!

Jessie wanted to tell him he only made love to one at a time, but that wouldn't be right either since when one was buried balls deep in his butt, the other one was underneath with his lips around Jessie's hard tool ready to bring him off when his brother shot his load! Besides, he really didn't think his dad wanted to know that or he still hadn't had both of his boyfriends buried in him at the same time –yet. Nope, his dad definitely didn't need to know that - too much information! He was relieved when his parents asked him nothing more than to inquire if he had any problems at school as a result of his coming out. He was able to answer truthfully there were no problems!

"Well, there were a few at first," he confessed, "but we worked them all out and no one bothers me anymore."

Later, when he, Jase, and Tyler were alone, not really since Mike, Rick, and Rob were there as well, Jase said happily, "You luck out; the full moon is on a Monday night, a night you ordinarily have off."

"Yeah," Tyler added, "there's also no school on Monday and Tuesday because of Parent-Teacher conferences, so we'll all just go out to the cabin and you can shift there. The rest of the group will join us there and help you through it."

"They'll all see me naked!" squealed Jessie.

"Well, get used to it," Tyler admonished with a laugh, "we all get naked before we shift so we don't tear up our clothes; you heard Rob didn't you? Besides, it gives us a chance to show everyone how beautiful our boyfriend is!"

During the days while waiting for the full moon and his first shift, Jessie began noticing changes in his body, some physical such as his muscles in his arms and legs began to firm and develop some although not inordinately so; his penis lengthened some, adding about another inch or two to his size; but the most noticeable change, he felt, was in his senses! Jessie's eyesight improved dramatically, including his night vision, his hearing more acute, picking up the slightest of sounds ordinarily not heard by other humans, and his sense of smell became extraordinarily developed! He found he could smell Jase and Tyler even if he couldn't see them and know they weren't far away. He even was able to identify the other members of the Averill Creek gang when they were out of sight as well. Jase cautioned him about not referring to them as a "pack" since it might send the wrong message to their father since, as Alpha, he might not be to amenable to another wolf pack in the area and subordinating his authority!

One change he'd experience bothered him! He'd been cautioned by Jase and Tyler he'd be very intolerant of something made of silver. Touching it would burn his hands, contact with any part of his body would burn as well, and, if used to penetrate his body, as in a silver knife or bullet, it could kill him! Working as a waiter put him in contact with coins often left as part of a tip by the guests he served. Fortunately, silver coins weren't being minted on a regular basis, so there was little contact. The one time he did touch an older, silver coin left by a guest, it burned to beat hell and he dropped it! The guest picked it up, placed it on the small guest check tray for him, and Jessie apologized profusely! Once in the back, he used a cloth napkin to remove the coin and dropped it in the busboy's tip jar!

However, the most remarkable feature concerning his upcoming change was he could readily communicate with Jase, Tyler, and the others in the group without speaking aloud, transmitting speech and thought telepathically. He also discovered Art Campbell could communicate, through the same method, with all the other members of the Kabetogama Pack, though it seemed different somehow. It was almost as if, when Jessie wanted to talk to Jase and Tyler, he could do it without Art Campbell and the Kabetogama Pack knowing what was being communicated!

Once, while visiting at the Pines, Jessie thought he'd give it a try!

"Jase," he sent, "why is it when I speak to you, Tyler, or the others it feels different from when your dad talks to us? Can he hear us now?" looking up toward Art Campbell to see if there was any reaction.

Jase looked at Tyler and Tyler answered, "No, he can't! For some reason, we can block him. It's something we'll have to talk about someday as a group. Jase and I have an idea what it means, but we need to put some more thought into it."

Jessie asked no more about it and accepted their reasoning.

The beginning of October signaled the end of the very busy summer season and the Resort settled into its "early winter" mode of operation. There were a few hunters, some people wanting to see some of the fall colors, and the final "hoorah" the "snowbirds" had before heading south for the winter. Business would improve once there was snow on the ground and ice on the lakes when ice fishermen, skiers, and snowmobilers would make their reservations to enjoy winter sports in the north. As a result of the low activity at The Birch, Jessie's hours became shorter and he was able to get away more often on weekends.

It was just as well, since the day before the full moon, Jessie worked the Sunday Brunch, but didn't have to work the evening dining and he noticed he was out of sorts, nervous, somewhat irritable, and restless! He was pacing in his bedroom when he first scented Jase and Tyler's presence along with Rick, Rob, and Mike.

"We're outside," Jase said. "Want to come out and play or do you want to play in a soft bed?"

"Either way," Tyler sighed, "Jase and I want to play between your soft, pillowy buns and feast on your candy love stick."

Jessie giggled and answered, "Come on up, all of you. I'll tell Mom you're here to visit and not to wait up for you to leave."

"Okay," responded Jase, "but don't you go yelping and howling like you usually do when Tyler and I fuck you or suck you dry."

"I do not!"

"Yes, you do," chimed in Mike with a humorous tone to his voice.

The five of them greeted Jessie's mom when he met them at the door and the six of them bounded up the stairs to his room. Barely inside the room, Jessie engaged first Jase and then Tyler in a passionate tongue-sucking kiss! He could feel his cock begin to swell, straining the front of his underwear and jeans seeking release from the confinement. Jase pulled Jessie's shirt off while Tyler removed his pants and underwear, leaving Jessie standing with his cock standing upright, dripping, and twitching in anticipation!

"My, you've grown a little!" remarked Tyler, which of course, brought Rob over for a close up look!

He licked his lips, but was brought up short by Rick who reminded him gently Jessie was mated as well as he was and no one could fuck either one of them without their mates' permission!

"Besides," muttered Rick softly, "you're due for a good fucking just to remind you how much you belong to me!"

Rob stepped back, dropped his pants and bent over, ready to receive his randy boyfriend.

Tyler took Jessie into his mouth and began pumping his lips up and down Jessie's shaft while Jase kneeled behind him, spread his cheeks, and licked and moistened Jessie's asshole, getting it ready for penetration.

"I thought you said in a soft bed?" Jessie moaned.

Clothes quickly left the twins and Jase lay on his back on the bed, his stiff, hard cock pointing up and invited Jessie to straddle his body and lower himself on his randy rod. Jessie, positioned, slowly lowered himself until his ass cheeks were resting on Jase's pubes. Jase gently took Jessie's shoulders, pulled him forward until their lips were engaged, tongues twisting inside the other's mouth, while Tyler climbed aboard, leaning over Jessie's back and slowly, carefully inserted his own hard cock into Jessie's asshole, sliding along the length of his brother's until both were buried as deep as the could go. Tyler began a gentle but sensuous highly stimulating rocking motion, rubbing his tool up and down the length of his brother's while tickling Jessie's love button on each pass.

"How does he do that?" Rob spouted in amazement, in between grunts of passion as Rick thrust deep into him in.

"Practice I guess," Rick answered and fired his load!

It wasn't long until both Tyler and Jase dumped their prodigious loads in Jessie, all three groaning from mutual orgasms!

The next morning, tired though he was, he still met Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan for breakfast at the Pelican. Eric noticed Jessie was a little irritable and asked if he was nervous about Parent-Teacher conferences.

"Not really," Jessie responded, "everything should be fine. After Mom and Dad get back from school, I'm going out to the cabin with Jase and Tyler."

What he didn't say was the coming full moon was causing his uneasiness. He wanted the whole process over with!

"Well, you be careful out there tonight," Eric cautioned, looking Jessie over carefully, "there's a full moon tonight and you never know what might be prowling around!"

Jessie looked at him strangely, almost wondering if Uncle Eric knew what was going to happen to him, but quickly dismissed it from his mind.

Jessie paced, fidgeted, and complained in his nervous anticipation and from the effects the impending full moon was having on his body and mind. The Parent/Teacher conference with his parents went pretty much as he expected according to the report from his parents. His grades were excellent, social development dramatically improved, and he was becoming more outgoing, seeming to thrive when in the company of his friends from The Pines according to his teachers and the guidance counselor. It was something, according to his parents, he never would've done a year ago. They were ecstatic and attributed it to his relationship with Jase and Tyler and the rest of his small group of friends. It reinforced their acceptance their son was gay and now happy, marching to a different drum than most ordinary young people his age with the exception of his friends from The Pines!

All of this did not relieve Jessie's discomfort however. Jase and Tyler held him, hugged him, kissed him, reassured him all would be just fine, and fondled his hard cock in an effort to distract him. They each fucked him to explosive orgasms and the sexual release seemed to calm him down more than anything else. Jessie saw the act as a strengthening and tighter bonding of their love for him and he was correct!

Mike and Rick, ever watchful, continually scanned the surrounding forest, all of their senses on high alert for any intruder who might either intend harm or wander into their space. The last thing they wanted was anyone witnessing the erotic coupling of their Alphas and their mate in either human or wolf form and make public what they saw. No, they weren't only the physical guardians, the right and left hands of their Alphas and their mate, but the protectors of the secrets they all held!

Brent drove up in his pickup, stopped, and Annie, Patrick, and Rob clambered out. Brent joined them and inquired how it was going. Mike informed him "about like what we expected," and tilted his head toward Jessie, Jase, and Tyler on the porch. Rob made a beeline for Rick and gave him a big hug, then walked over to the porch and bared his neck in submission to Jase and Tyler. The other, except for Mike and Rick, did the same. Each then gave Jessie a big hug trying to give him additional reassurance they were here for him and all would be well!

Full night approached with moonrise less than an hour away and Jessie became increasing agitated and frightened! Jase and Tyler brought a blanket to the porch, placed Jessie down on it, and undressed him, then stripped themselves of their own clothes. Jessie couldn't help but admire their strong bodies and their now stiff, upright, large male organs, their balls swaying pendulously beneath. He looked around and noticed the rest of his companions were nude also. Nude, they looked healthy and a little more developed than other teens their age.

Rob stood next to Rick, his arms around his older and larger mate, and Jessie could only think how happy he was they were mated. He thought it must be lonely for Mike and how he would make it his mission to secure a mate for him. His thoughts were interrupted when several sharp pains shot through his legs and arms, causing both bones and muscles to contract, then stretch!

"Just let it happen, Jessie," Tyler said softly, "soon you'll be running with the rest of us, free in the night, a member of a larger pack, protected by us all."

Jessie groaned loudly, wanting to say something in return, but nothing came out! He panicked at first until he heard Jase,

"It's starting Jessie; when you're in your wolf, we can still speak to each other, so don't worry! Everything is going just the way it's supposed to. It won't be long now."

Jessie calmed down, somewhat, until another series of sharp, piercing, body-wrenching pains rocketed through him, causing him to cry out as his bones seemed to stretch, twist, and snap! Jase and Tyler immediately began showering him with kisses, nuzzling his neck, stroking his body, especially his genitals, which, Jessie thought, seemed to be increasing in size. Other things began happening to his body; his nose felt funny, his hands were no longer hands, but evolving into furry appendages taking on the appearances of paws, and, when he looked down, as best he could, he saw indeed his cock and balls had increased in size but his cock was now encased in a furry sheath, and his legs were developing in the same manner as his hands and arms, resembling the legs and paws of a wolf!

The brightness of the full moon pierced Jessie's eyes, almost blinding him, and with another loud cry, he passed out! When he wakened, moments later, he was a beautiful, light grey wolf, somewhat smaller than the two wolves standing on either side of him, licking him, and nuzzling him with their muzzles. Jessie looked around the yard in front of the cabin and saw the rest of his friends had shifted also!

He raised his head and tried his first, somewhat disjointed, howl as a wolf, testing his voice in celebration! The others quickly joined in, creating a joyous, cacophony of music, understood by wolves, but often feared by man – the howling of the pack! Jessie was eager to run with his mates, jumping, stretching, and cavorting in the yard almost delirious with joy, until Jase's wolf nudge him! Jessie immediately bared his throat in submission and rolled over on his back, exposing his stomach to the dominate male.

"Get up, Jessie," Tyler said, "and let's run!"

Jase and Tyler, on either side of Jessie, led, followed closely by Mike, Rick, Rob, and the rest of the pack, heading into the northern forests, doing what wolves do, hunting, running, and marking their territory!

During the next two weeks after his first "shift," when alone with Jase and Tyler in the woods (and Mike, of course), Jessie practiced shifting in and out of his wolf. Soon, he was almost as fast as Jase, Tyler, and Mike to their delight! There was so much to see and do as a wolf he couldn't do in human form and vice versa. His senses heightened even more; his hearing became more profound, sense of smell intensified, and eyesight was phenomenal! Jessie's abilities far exceeded his mates' or the other wolves in the pack. He kept his exhibitions of skills limited to the Averill Creek group, rather than share it with the Kabetogama Pack. Why, he didn't know, only he felt it was special to his own friends!

Although Jase and Tyler regularly mounted him doggy-style when in his wolf, his favorite position was face to face, bare skin against bare skin, while in his human form. When in the midst of coming down from his ecstasy, he'd often look over seeing Mike watching them with a loneliness and sense of longing on his face and in his eyes!

Near the end of October, Gene and Beth Turner officially became employees of Campbell and Associates and took up residence in one of the apartments at The Pines. Less than a week later, Gene approached Art Campbell asking if Beth's brother, Chad Coleman could come to live with them. Chad was, until early that morning, a member of the pack they'd just left to work for Campbell. Since Beth's parents were deceased, Chad was supposed to live with her uncle, the Beta of the pack. It all came to a halt early in the morning when the Beta, intent on waking his own son, Chad's cousin, and discovered him on his hands and knees being royally fucked by Chad!

"Was it rape?" Art asked.

"No, he claims he was only one of several boys enjoying his cousin's pleasures."

Campbell thought a moment, sorting out details, logistics of getting the boy here, and wondering how he would fit in and be assimilated by the Kabetogama Pack. Art knew his people well, especially the young people who associated and ran with his own twin sons.

After a few minutes, including a few questions about Chad's grades, and finding them well above average, said, "Send for the lad, but he's to understand our rules; we all contribute and I'll be his Alpha."

Deep down, for some reason, Art felt this might change over time, considering how Jase and Tyler seemed to leading a "sub-pack" within his!

Jessie boarded the bus on Monday for the long ride to school. He made his way toward the back of the bus where Tyler and Jase waited for him. Sitting directly in front of them were Rick, Rob, and Mike and across the aisle sat a new boy; his face impassive, his very demeanor signaled he wished to be left alone!

"Hey," Jessie said as he snuggled in between Jase and Tyler after giving Rick and Mike a fist bump in greeting, "where is everybody?"

"Annie and Patrick rode with Brent and Kendra and our sister drove herself," responded Jase.

"The new guy over there," Jessie flipping his head in that direction, "is that Chad?"

It didn't take long for Jase and Tyler to give Jessie a brief history of Chad's arrival. Why, they really didn't know except he had a falling out with his uncle who was also the Beta of his old Pack.

"He sure is quiet," Jessie noted softly.

"Yeah, he's been like that ever since he got here Saturday morning," Tyler said, "I thought at first it was jet lag or something, but now we don't think so."

Jessie looked at Chad carefully, scrutinizing his actions, movements, and reactions as they talked.

"Can he hear us?" Jessie asked.

"I don't know," Jase said, "he doesn't act like it. Hey, a new pack and all, he's bound to feel left out. I hope he's not some stuck up asshole who thinks he's better than the rest of us!"

As they rode, he watched Chad even closer; there was something about the way he sat, trying to look forward, while sneaking glances at him, Jase, and Tyler sitting together and, when he wasn't looking at Mike. While they talked, not out loud but through telepathy, he saw Chad's ears twitch, his neck tense, and is head jerk just a little when his name was mentioned. Jessie was certain he could hear them, but wasn't acknowledging it. He also knew the only ones in the Kabetogama Pack who could hear them were those who were straight, like Annie, Brent, and Patrick who allied themselves with Jase and Tyler acknowledging them as their de facto "alphas," or the rest, like him, who were gay.

He looked curiously at Mike, squirming in his seat every now and then and carefully stealing a "sniff" of the air as if seeking the source of some scent coming from a source unknown but definitely causing him anxiety of some sort. A glance at Chad noticed him now doing the same thing!

Jessie thought a moment, came to the conclusion he had a good idea what the problem was, and decided the best approach was a direct approach, so he stood up, wiggled his way out of his seat with Jase and Tyler, and stepped across the aisle, receiving a sharp warning from the bus driver not to move around while the bus was moving!

"Hey," he said, extended his hand and sat down next to Chad, "I'm Jessie Sutton and live at Sutton's Resort," and waited for Chad to accept it.

He did, although with some reluctance, responding, "Chad Coleman and I live at The Pines."

Instead of letting go of Chad's hand, Jessie held it firmly said; "I know you can hear us, so don't try to bullshit me!" knowing full well Jase, Tyler, Rick, and Mike could hear everything said.

Chad cast his eyes down and turned his head ever so slightly not wishing to call attention to what he was doing by other students on the bus and exposed his neck in submission.

"You don't have to submit to me, but you better to Jase and Tyler. They're our unofficial, but official, if you know what I mean, Alphas!"

Chad looked over at them, but neither Jase nor Tyler acknowledged it.

Jessie smiled, "I'm their boyfriend and mate so they'll cut me some slack!"

Flipping his head toward Mike, continued, "Mike's our unofficial Beta and Rick, next to him, is our unofficial enforcer. He's mated to Robbie Bowers!"

Puzzled, Chad looked them all over again before asking, "So are all of you guys …..?"

"Yep; gay as a day, queer as a deer, bent like curve-ball flying toward home plate!"

Jessie's remarks brought instant, soft laughs from the others, bringing Chad's attention back to them, realizing they could hear every word as well and relaxed.

"Chad," Jessie asked aloud, "why don't I ask Mike to stick close to you for a few days and help you through this whole new school thing?"

Chad seemed to hesitate giving his okay, but Jessie disregarded him, asking, "Mike, why don't you come over here and attach yourself to Chad and help keep the nasties away from him?"

The bus pulled up to another student stop and the switch was made. When Mike slipped into the seat, Jessie returned to his place between Jase and Tyler. When he looked over, he saw Mike take a careful sniff of Chad and smiled; Chad did the same to Mike, looked up at him and grinned! Jessie knew they'd located the source of the scent each of them probably had been puzzling over for at least one day, possibly two; it was the scent of a mate!

The next morning, when Jessie boarded the bus, Chad was seated next to window in the seat in front of Jase and Tyler on Mike's left and Rick and Rob were across the aisle. Mike was making certain no one else would sit next to Chad. Chad turned around, looked at Jessie and winked. Jessie was certain by the look on Chad's face and the strong scent of Mike all over him, Mike made at least a couple of deposits up his backside the night before! Chad smelled strongly of sex, that mixture of desire and semen, proclaiming to all who could scent it, he had been royally and totally fucked! Jessie was certain as well, Mike claimed him and mated with him, establishing the life-long bond mated wolves commit to!

Jase leaned over to Jessie, gave him a peck on the cheek, "Think you're pretty clever, don't you?"

"Yep!" Jessie grinned back; now all he had to do was find mates for Brendon, Annie, and Patrick, although Patrick seemed very attracted to Michelle Campbell. What Jessie knew, he wasn't going to mention, yet!

The school year was progressing better for their children than any of the parents at The Pines hoped for. Their grades were much improved, especially Jase's and Tyler's, and all seemed to be adjusting well to the new school. Art Campbell, in visiting with Ted Bowers and Ray Hayes, conjectured it was the association with Jessie Sutton and the fact the whole group of them met regularly at Jessie's cabin, although it was starting to cause him some concern. In any other situation, if the group of teen wolves were an actual "pack," Jase and Tyler would be the "male alphas" and Jessie would be the "female alpha" but these teens were part of the Kabetogama Pack and Art was the Alpha!

During Christmas break, the Averill Creek teens spent a great deal of time together at the cabin and in the surrounding area, skiing, snowmobiling, and at night, running and hunting. Their closeness and bonding, with loyalty and protectiveness focused on Tyler and Jase, caused Art Campbell some concerns. He decided he really needed to discuss the young group of wolves with Ray Hayes and Ted Bowers in order to express his concerns.

The three of them sitting in Art's office were all aware of what was happening and felt the same concern. What to do with this group of teens who caused them no problems, gave no indication of rebelling against the Kabetogama Pack, at least in the near future, and seemed to pose no threat of territorial aggression. It bothered all three of them, the teens could communicate among themselves without the adults, especially the Alpha, being able to hear them!

"Suppose," Art finally posed after an hour of discussion and testing various solutions, "we let them grow as a 'sub-pack' within ours? At some point in time, the way we are growing, some of our young people will either mate with members of other packs and move away, or split off into their own packs."

"If," Ted conjected aloud, "we give Jase and Tyler the opportunity to form a sub-pack with some degree of autonomy, depending on their maturity, there's every possibility, knowing young Sutton and the influence he has over the twins and the rest of the group, when and if they decide to break away, and I think they will someday, we keep strong familial ties with them, allowing them to hunt and run on our territory. We'd have a very strong ally; something really needed in today's world. Besides, Art, those kids are damned smart!"

"Art," Ray added, "let's see how this year goes and if the right time occurs and we think it wise, why don't we propose sub-pact status?"

The school year just seemed to get better and better! Other students didn't seemed concerned or bother the teens from The Pines; instead, determined they were a bit stand-offish and maybe just a little weird, but accepted them. There were some who never forgot the warnings they'd received from Jase, Tyler, and Annie the first couple of days of school and as a result all students seemed to want to avoid a confrontation.

Jessie noticed as he became more and more comfortable with his "wolf," he didn't get sick with colds, influenza, or anything! It was great! He also noticed if he was injured, he healed quickly. So far he hadn't had to explain the phenomena to his parents or anyone outside his circle of friends, all of whom had the same ability. The pack could run almost all night, he'd sleep a couple of hours, and wake refreshed!

The Averill Creek teen wolves ran not only on Kabetogama Pack territory, since they were members of the Pack, but also on Jessie's property and beyond where the Kabetogama Pack ran, establishing new territorial boundaries of their own. Jessie still thought it was hilarious when they ran into these areas, all members of them, except for Annie who couldn't because of plumbing, raised their hind legs and pissed on trees, brush, whatever, marking their territory.

Ted Symthe stopped in The Pelican one morning during Christmas Break, noticed Jessie having breakfast with Eric and Evan, wandered over to their table, invited himself to join them, and after his first sip of hot coffee, asked, almost in an indifferent manner,

"Jessie, you and your friends are out snowmobiling a great deal; have you noticed any unusual wolf activity in the area?"

"Like what?"

Jessie was cautious knowing very well Ted was fishing for information. He'd seen their tracks in the snow and some of the kills and figured there was something going on. It was the same inquiry he'd made the winter before when he spotted the tracks of the three large wolves over at the old Pines Resort.

"You, know, like an increase in the number of wolves around?"

Jessie appeared to think it over, shook his head from side to side, responding, "No, how about you Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan?"

They frowned in thought and claimed they hadn't notice any, but of course, they didn't ride snow machines.

"Too damned cold to suit me!" Evan declared.

Symthe didn't learn any more so he finished his coffee and left.

Jessie sort of raised his eyebrows at Evan and Eric and they just looked at him and smiled.

There was an abundance of State and Federal lands available, as well as some private lands, but the teens tried to avoid the private tracts not wanting to call attention to themselves, but there were several where the residents were gone all winter and the houses or cabins unoccupied. Ted had either spotted the tracks on government ground or on some private land. The teens would have to be very careful. When he went home, he made a quick call to Jase and filled him in on his conversation with Ted and he agreed they should be cautious!

Spring Break coincided with Easter since it was an early Easter; this also meant there was still an abundance of snow on the ground, although, generally by the first of May it was pretty much gone. There was enough snow to make a run in the woods and some time at the cabin for the Averill Creek teens to enjoy themselves. Brent and Annie were off to a "youth leadership conference" and wouldn't be back for several days. It was really a youth leadership conference, but for teen werewolves! Brent enjoyed so much the year before and encouraged Annie to attend with him this year.

The rest of the teens gathered at the cabin and when evening came, stripped, and had a run – well they left after Mike gave Chad a good fucking!

"God," Jessie said to Jase and Tyler, "and I thought I was the horny one in the bunch!"

"Wait until we're done running," Jase responded with a seductive smile as Tyler massaged Jessie's balls, "and we'll show you what horny is!"

Adjacent to his cabin property was a large tract of private land where the house stood empty during the winter. The group ran the perimeter of the property and sometimes through it, but never near the house. The property provided a convenient shortcut to more Federal and State land and they'd began using it regularly. For some reason, Jessie was curious concerning the house and decided he was going to check it out. He detoured toward it, leaving Jase and Tyler confused, but they readily followed their mate.

As the small pack of wolves neared the house, it appeared to be empty, as Jessie heard it might be from listening around the resort; never-the-less, he slowed and approached the house cautiously! No one seemed to be around, the drive was not plowed, and there were no footprints other than animals anywhere near the place.

Padding silently up to the structure, Jessie became very wary; something about it bothered him! His nose twitched, gleaning from the air several faint, almost undistinguishable, vaguely familiar scents! Some of the smells he was detecting came from the house and some, even more indistinct, from somewhere behind it in the forest. The fur on his neck began to stand up, his lips curled back, and he showed his teeth as a warning!

"What's the matter?" Jase asked, wary now Jessie seemed to be. A low growl put the rest of the pack on alert and Rick and Mike moved quickly to Jase and Tyler. The rest of the pack formed up, eyes, ears, and noses working to catch any scents, sounds, or visual contact with what caused Jase to put them on guard. They all knew, since he'd shifted, Jessie had a much more sensitive nose, eyes, and ears than they did and could see, hear, or smell things they couldn't!

"There's something wrong here," Jessie said to the group, "and I can't identify them they're so faint, yet the scents I'm picking up seem vaguely familiar . "

He stood a moment longer and started walking toward the front door, when Jase stopped him.

"Jessie," Jase said firmly, "we're leaving here now! I don't like this place either!"

Reluctantly, Jessie followed, but leaving didn't satiate his curiosity. Mike roamed out to their left as Rick fanned out to the right, both on their guard, ready to protect their alphas and their mate.

Inside the cabin, the wolves shifted back to their human forms. The cabin was a safe place for the crew, a place they could be themselves, relatively free from prying eyes, and able to engage in any activity they wanted without remonstration or rebuff from their friends, gay or straight. It didn't take long until the heat of the cabin and their own sexual lust brought the mates together; Rick and Mike were coupled with their mates, each bent over their backs, vigorously pounding their large stiff human cocks in and out of their mates rear chute. There was no doubt, from the sounds and squeals of delight emanating from Rob and Chad, they definitely were enjoying it!

Jessie, tucked up ass to crotch to Jase, with Jase's stiff member buried balls deep in his ass, was having his cock gently and expertly sucked by Tyler. When Jessie came, Jase shot his heavy load deep inside Jessie's bowel, flooding it with his seed. Tyler moved up as Jase pulled out, dribbling his sticky, thick, cum, Tyler slipped his own big penis in the well lubricated hole and began his own dance of love. After thrusting a few times, he paused, and asked,

"How long has Patrick been fucking our little sister?"

Jessie hesitated, not certain how much he should tell of what he knew, but tell he would since his mates asked him!

"Oh, about a couple of months, I think," he said slowly, seeking the easiest way to say what he wished to say without revealing too much, but still being honest, "from what I could determine. I happened to stop by one day, looking for you guys, and I thought you were in your room. When I walked down the hall, I hears some noises coming from Michele's room and saw them together."

You damn betcha' he saw them together! Fortunately the two of them were concentrating on the pleasures they were giving each other to notice him. Both were naked, Michele on her back, young thin legs gripping the hips of Patrick, settled in between them, his teenage cock buried in her smooth, hairless pubic mound, sliding his rampant member in and out of her young, immature, yet accepting cunt with an ease that belied any notion this was the first time! Patrick had a good sized cock for an eighth grader and was shoving it in with each stroke balls deep!

Jessie stepped away and quietly, carefully made his way out of doors, seeking his own lovers.

"Oh!" acknowledged Tyler and resumed fucking Jessie.

"Good thing she hasn't started her menstrual cycle yet," mused Jase. "I'll have to have a chat with Patrick about wearing a condom when she starts. I don't think Dad would take too kindly to having her pregnant right away!"

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