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The Scent of Love - The Scent of Death

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 10

"Other sins only speak; murder shrieks out."

(John Webster)

Jessie was more than just a little curious concerning the property adjacent to his, wondering who owned it and if there was any history concerning it. He still wasn't able to identify the scents he'd picked up during their run, but was determined to narrow them down if possible! The familiarity of them was causing him some concern. Remembering his father often said, "curiosity killed the cat" he came to the conclusion, since he was technically a wolf now and not a cat, he'd just have to ask Uncle Erick about the property and the owner! As an attorney, Erick would know almost everything about anybody in the area and if he didn't know, Uncle Evan, as a realtor, would!

The opportunity popped up one Sunday morning toward the end of April at breakfast. Over a cup of hot chocolate, he asked who owned the three-sixty adjacent to his.

"John Peters does now!" Eric answered. "He inherited it from his uncle, Samuel Peters," and raised his eyebrows in question wondering why Jessie would ask.

Jessie just shrugged his shoulders; "Oh, I was just thinking if it ever came on the market someday, you know, if the guy needed money and wanted to sell it, it'd make a nice addition to mine."

Evan, joining in the conversation, laughed, "Don't hold your breath, Jessie! Sam Peters, when he died, left everything he had, including that property, his place in Florida, and the rest of what I heard was a considerable estate, to his nephew, John. Sam only came up here for a month or so in the summer; otherwise he spent the rest of the time in Florida. John used to come up and visit for a couple of weeks each summer. John now shows up around the first of May and leaves sometime after Labor Day."

Jessie just nodded and before he could ask any more, Eric asked him if Brent and Annie enjoyed the conference they'd attended.

"They loved it," Jessie said with a grin. "Brent came back declaring he was in love and Annie just said she didn't meet anyone in particular, but they both had a good time."

"Maybe you and your boyfriends should go another year," Eric suggested.

He was about to make excuses, but Eric continued, "I think it'd be good for you, being with those who you have so much in common," and smiled almost knowingly.

Jessie's heart skipped a couple of beats, thinking he'd first misunderstood Uncle Eric's remarks, but sort of shuffled, turned red, and excused himself to leave for the bus! He was positive Eric knew more than he was saying, but he was also Jessie's attorney and if he did know what Jessie was keeping secret, then Eric would keep it confidential as well, bound by their attorney/client relationship.

The end of April, Jessie told Jase and Tyler he wanted to go for a run, specifically over to the Peter's place. In order to emphasize his reason, he relayed what he'd learned from Eric and Evan.

"Look, guys; I really can't explain why I feel like this, but something, a hunch, intuition, or who the hell knows, tells me something is really wrong over there and I want to find out what!"

They knew Jessie wouldn't be content until his curiosity was satisfied and the bad vibes he was having were put to rest. The Averill Creek teens decided it'd be fine with them- if Jessie wanted it, they wanted it; their loyalty to him was that strong! Besides, if something did go up in smoke, there was strength in numbers! A fairly large pack of very oversized, snarling, teeth-baring wolves would scare the shit out of anyone!

The first night, the young pack spent observing the Peter's house nothing happened, except Patrick and Rob, deciding to explore a little, wandered out back behind the house, sniffing, and checking the area out. Suddenly, they appeared, shadowed in the trees, gave a soft "woof" to call Jase and Tyler's attention to them!

"Come on around back," Patrick said, "something smells dead, decaying, kind of like when a bear has been around."

"More than one something, I think!" added Rob.

The entire pack stealthily followed Jase, Tyler, and Jessie as they skirted the house, joined Patrick and Rob as they were led to the clearing back in the forest Jessie commented on during the Easter Break when various faint scents alerted him. Jessie stopped, raised his nose in the air before poking it near the earth and begin sniffing the ground. The ground was just beginning to thaw from the cold winter and the soft earth was warming slowly.

"That's it!" Jessie exclaimed. "I smelled this before- sort of like something has been out in the sun too long and rotted."

Jessie flicked his nose at various locations on the ground, where depressions in the earth and low mounds were evident.

"They look almost like graves," Chad said cautiously. "Where I came from we used to run through a cemetery sometimes and every now and then, after someone died and was buried there, I'd see mounds of just like this where the grave was."

Jessie's nose continued to twitch, scenting not only death and decay, but something else – something reminding him of a person who meant harm to him – a person he couldn't identify, but the scent of him from last summer was deeply imprinted in his mind!

"Let's not be hasty and jump to conclusions," he advised, "but this place does need watching!"

Jase and Tyler decided an Averill Creek pack member would observe the place each night and alert the others when someone, hopefully Peters, arrived. They were all in agreement, if something terrible was transpiring here, it needed to be stopped!

The weekend before the start of the fishing and resort season, Jessie was just finishing his Saturday night shift at The Birchwood when he received a text message from Rick; "Mn arrvd. dragd some1 insd."

Jessie texted back he'd be there in about twenty minutes and sent another to Jase and Tyler to meet him at the cabin. He knew the rest of the teen pack would gather there as well as soon as they could get away. It didn't take him long to slip into the woods behind the house, strip, shift, and run!

The pack was already waiting for him when he arrived; they shifted and the pack went hunting!

Rick and Rob were waiting as the pack silently approached the Peter's house.

"Anything happening?" Jessie inquired.

"Lots of shouting; it sounds like he hauled a young guy about our age into the house and the young guy's not very happy. Peter's, I think, shouted back that he's going to fuck him into submission!" Rick snorted.

Jessie listened carefully and could hear the young man swearing, vowing if he ever got loose, Peters was a dead man! Peter's muttered something about "this will keep you quiet while I sleep," and the strong smell of chloroform permeated the night air and the house was quiet.

The pack retreated to the woods and stopped; Jase and Tyler looked to Jessie for suggestions what they might do. Jessie squatted on his haunches, tilted his head, and bobbed it several times before saying, "This is what we're going to do," and proceeded to relay to the pack his idea.

Eight o'clock the next morning, Jessie rode his ATV to the Peter's house. Boldly walking up to the front door, he rapped on it and waited for someone to answer.

John Peters heard the ATV roaring down his lane, scrambled out of bed, grabbed the pistol he kept by his bedside, and, clad only in his briefs, walked cautiously to a window to see who the early caller might be. He smiled as he saw the young man standing on his porch!

"Perfect," he thought as he watched Jessie look around. The thwarted attempts to lure the boy into his clutches the summer before seemed far away at this time. His cock began to stiffen and throb as he thought, "Nothing like having two for one fun; maybe I'll put him in the middle and fuck him while he fucks the other one I've got in the back room!"

Jessie knocked again; Peters hesitated a moment before opening the door. Pulling the door open so it concealed the pistol in his right hand, yet would reveal the rest of his body, he asked, "Do you want something?" and smiled as he noticed the boy's eyes drift to his hard cock tenting out his briefs!

Jessie smiled at the aroused state of the man knowing full well what he wanted, and answered, "I'm Jessie Sutton; we have some property next to you and wondered if you'd care of I, along with some of my friends, could cut across yours and swim in the lake on the other side of it?"

"Step in," Peter's said in a friendly and welcoming voice, "and let's talk about it, okay?"

Jessie returned the smile and stepped into the living area of the house. When the door in the house closed behind him, he heard the door lock snap. He also could smell the other teen in the house and, if he wasn't mistaken from the direction the scent was coming from, he was located down a hall leading from the living room to a room toward the back of the house. Turning to face Peters, he found himself staring at a pistol pointed at his head!

Faking a nervous, frightened stammer, he sputtered, "What the hell are going to do, mister?"

"Anything I want to," smirked Peters, "just don't do anything stupid or you'll join the others buried out in the woods," and waved the pistol toward the hall, indicating to Jessie he wanted him to head in that direction.

Jessie hesitated until Peters, shoved the pistol into his gut, and snarled, "Move!" and Jessie did!

At the end of the hall, Peters unlocked the door, pushed it open, and shoved Jessie in.

Jessie was immediately focused on a black, handsome young man, a teen such as himself but perhaps a year or two older, hanging from ropes attached to his hands and secured to the ceiling, with his feet, flat on the floor, secured in the same manner. The young man looked up, a desperate plea in his eyes; Jessie looked him over, noticing the young black was equipped with a large, thick, uncut cock, and large balls contained in a pendulous sack! Both cock and balls swayed as he made a feeble attempt to free himself. Jessie looked him in the eyes, winked, and the young man settled down, hoping for some sort of miraculous rescue.

Jessie's eyes quickly surveyed the room itself; clearly the room was designed for sexual activity with a large bed, a couple of massage tables, a doctors examination table with the leg stirrups extended, several open cabinets with sex toys, lubricants, and other items in them, and, most interesting of all, a series of video cameras strategically placed around the room so every action in the room could be recorded. The control booth with all of the necessary electronic equipment was in one corner of the room. Behind the control booth were shelves of video tapes and DVD cases, all with dates on them. "Evidently," Jessie thought, "these were recordings of Peter's escapades in the room!"

"Do you like my little play room?" Peters giggled wickedly. "Once I turn on the cameras, I can record everything and enjoy myself again and again!"

Waving the gun toward his trussed up prisoner, said, "Like the way I've got his legs spread? He's just in the right position and height for me to fuck standing up, which I intend to do shortly!"

The young black, having never taken his eyes off of Jessie, sputtered, "Get the fuck out of here; the man's fucking crazy!"

"Oh, no, that'll never do!" Peters said disdainfully, "Just having young Sutton here will make it so much more fun, especially after he takes his clothes off. Right, Jessie? So, please remove your clothing!"

Jessie frowned!

"NOW!" shouted Peters.

Peters shifted the pistol from his right hand to the left, wobbled it up and down indicating Jessie should begin, and as Jessie's clothes began to hit the floor, Peters slipped his briefs off, secured a nice grip on his erection and slowly began masturbating! When Jessie was fully naked, his cock swinging as he moved, Peters moaned, jerking faster, "Oh, what a lovely cock! I'm so gonna love fucking that beautiful ass!" Thrusting his hips, slamming his fisted hand up and down on his cock, shouted, "Shit, I'm cumming" and moved forward toward Jessie intending to spew his load on him!

Peters' cock began spurting out his load and Jessie shifted!

As he did, teeth bared, blue eyes snapping with anger, stepping forward toward Peters, he heard the young man behind him shout, "I fucking don't believe it!" and Peters screaming!

The sight of the young man turning into a large, vicious, husky/wolf-like dog, with teeth snapping, hair on its back bristled, approaching him, brought back immediate flashbacks for the reasons of his absolute, phobic fear of dogs! He was ten years old and visiting his Uncle Samuel in Florida over Christmas break. His uncle just finished giving him a good fuck and he was running around in the backyard, cum dripping from his butt hole, clothed only in his tee-shirt when a neighbor's extremely large male, Husky dog broke through the fence and made a run toward him. John screamed in terror, turned to run away, but fell! Raising to his hands and knees, he felt the dog's tongue begin licking his ass crack. When he tried to move again, the dog growled, and mounted him! With about three or four quick jabs the big Husky found his mark and began to fuck! John screamed and screamed! He heard his uncle hollering at the dog and was hit with a spray of cold water from a garden hose. The dog dismounted and ran, but not before scratching young John and traumatizing him forever!

Jessie's wolf growled, licked its lips, swung its head back toward his cock, where, fully extended from the sheath looked like a formidable weapon destined to lay pillage to Peter's asshole. Peter's screech again, only this time, instead of jizz spewing from his cock, it was piss, followed by brown, runny shit exiting his ass! Dropping his pistol, howling in terror, he yanked open the door, raced through the house, and onto his porch!

Standing in his yard was a group of young, very naked boys!

He dove into the midst of them, grabbed hold of Jase, yelling "There's a wolf in my house!"

"Really!" Jase said, placing his left arm around Peters' neck and over his left shoulder, turning him as Jessie, naked and now in human form, walked out the front door!

"Just relax," Jase whispered coyly in Peters' ear, "and maybe we'll all just fuck you instead of eating you!"

Peters shivered from the very thought; his fear turned to panic as he felt the smooth arms of the boy who held him begin to feel furry, with a front leg over each of his shoulders as a wolf stood on its hind legs begin probing his asshole trying to insert his cock up his ass! Quickly looking back, he blared "Oh, my god!" as he watched the young boys shift from human to wolf and shrugged the big wolf free!

Annie's wolf, standing off to the side, heard, from inside the house, someone calling for help, raced by the pack and Jessie and into the house. Following the voice, she made her way to the back room where she found the black teen struggling to free himself. He spotted the big wolf come in the door, stand in front of him, look him over carefully, step forward, and with a lolling tongue, swiped his big cock!

"Don't bite it," he pleaded, "I have a need and future plans for it!"

Annie shifted and before him stood a strikingly beautiful teen female approximately his age. As she stepped closer to him, he felt his dick began to inflate slightly. He swallowed hard, not quite believing what he'd seen, but he'd watched a teen boy turn into a wolf just minutes before, so, he thought logically, "why couldn't a wolf turn into a beautiful young lady?"

"Don't struggle so much," Annie advised, "and I'll have you free in a minute."

Annie kneeled on the floor and began loosening the ropes holding his ankles, leaning forward and raising her head, she felt his long, brown appendage brush her hair. She turned and faced it, watching it begin to grow! Standing, reaching forward to loosen his wrists, her smooth, full breasts rubbed against the young man's chest, heightening his sexual arousal, bringing him to whimper, "God, you're so beautiful!"

"You're not so bad looking yourself," Annie responded stepping closer so their naked bodies were touching!

"What's your name?" she asked quietly as she worked, aware of the stiff cock rising between them.

"Diondre Carlson, but people call me Dee."

"How old are you?"

"Fifteen, almost sixteen!"

"Me too; oh, by the way, I'm Annie Bowers."

Peters looked around, all of the lovely boys he first saw were now all wolves, except for Jessie Sutton who now stood on the porch. All of his fears were coming out; he couldn't believe what he was seeing! It had to be hallucinations, but he knew they weren't! His cries shrill, his heart beating overtime, his chest hurting, and his head ached like it never had before! Pulling away from the wolf pack, he continued to screech in terror, and staggered up the steps to Jessie believing the boy would save him from what he feared the most!

"Go get him, Rob," Jase instructed.

"He smells like shit!" growled Rob.

"Then just give him a goose with your nose; that ought to send him over the edge."

Just as he reached a hand to Jessie seeking his help, Peters felt a tongue, a raspy, long tongue, take a swipe at his ass crack! He turned slightly, saw several of the wolves standing behind the one licking him, their cocks' red, long, dripping, and unsheathed ready to mount him! He turned quickly back to Jessie and found instead of the boy, the wolf!

Peters grabbed his throat, his eyes rolled back into his head, and with a final, low guttural noise, fell to the porch!

The pack immediately shifted back and the teens clustered around the body lying on the porch. Peters took one final breath and laid still! Nothing was said, although Jessie did reach forward and check his neck for a pulse. He looked up, shook his head, and the teens moved away!

Dee and Annie stepped out onto the porch, joining the rest of the naked crew. Her face was quite flushed, Dee's cock slowly deflating, relaxing enough so the foreskin was slowly sliding over a very slick, large plum-shaped, dripping head!

"We better get back to the cabin," announced Tyler, "then come back here and cover our tracks. It wouldn't be smart for the law to see wolf tracks all over- especially Ted Symthe." Turning to Jessie, he continued, "Once we're back and cleaned everything up, give Eric a call and ask him to meet us here before calling the sheriff. Okay?"

Dee and Jessie watch as the teens shifted back into wolf form and took off at a run through the woods.

Dee just shook his head in amazement, whistling, "Simply amazing!"

Jessie put his arm around the handsome brown teen, hesitated a moment, remarking as he sniffed him, "You smell like sex and Annie," as he ushered him back into the house. "We need to talk about what you saw and how you really didn't see it."

The bobcat dispatched and sent scurrying away, the three young wolves were joined by a larger group of young wolves, clearly all members of a pack and all much larger than regular grey wolves. The pack immediately began a joyous howling and yipping around their alpha males and mate. Two of the young wolves and their male mates stepped to either side of the trio and the pack began to trot off into the woods. They stopped when one of the alphas looked over his shoulder, gave a sharp "woof" in the direction of the clearing.

Tearing from the other side of the clearing rushed a beautiful black male wolf followed by a stunning female. It was obvious they were or had just finished mating, since male's thick, long, bright pink penis was unsheathed and still squirting, and the female was exuding semen from her vagina. She caught up with the male, nipped his ear, teasing him, and jumped ahead, encouraging him to chase her and the rest of the pack!

"Dee makes a beautiful wolf, doesn't he?" remarked Eric to Evan as they each tried to catch their breath. "I'm pleased Judge Halverson decided to give custody of him to Jim and Evelyn Sutton. The boy had no place else to go and it was perfect for him!"

It really didn't take that much convincing on the part of Eric Trempealeau to convince his good friend, Lee Halverson to place Dee with the Suttons. Dee expressed his desire to stay here, since there was nothing back in Illinois for him and he had become good friends with Jessie. It didn't hurt any when Annie's father, Ted Bowers and Art Campbell came forth pleading his case as well!

"I've often wondered what really happened a couple of years ago when John Peters died and the grisly discovery of what he and his uncle were doing for so many years," pondered Eric as the pack disappeared into the woods.

Jessie called his Uncle Eric while the Averill Creek teens roared up on ATV's and in Brent's pickup truck. While they scurried around, covering the wolf tracks, making their own, and further disturbing the area with ATV "donuts" and skid marks. Jessie told Eric a sketchy story of finding Peters dead on the porch when he and the rest of them came over to ask his permission to use the small sand beach on the lake bordering his property to swim.

It didn't sound like a credible story to Eric since he knew all of the boys and girls lived on a lake, Jessie's cabin also fronted the lake, and they could either swim there or at The Pines or Sutton's Resort any time they wanted, but he advised Jessie to call the sheriff. He and Evan were still at the Pelican having coffee, but left immediately for the Peter's property!

They arrived about fifteen minutes before the first deputy roared down the lane, lights flashing, and skidded to a stop in front of the house! Still, it was enough time to take a quick look around, listen to Jessie's story, cautioning the rest of them to make no statements without him present, and tell Dee to stay naked, only cover himself with a sheet or blanket!

"It makes your story more credible," he said firmly speaking directly to Dee. It was then he noticed a deep bruise, a hickey, on Dee's lower neck. Evidently, the young man had been in an amorous relationship of some sort just recently. "Not that I don't believe you, but let's just play it safe."

Evan decided to take a walk while Eric was speaking to Jessie and Dee. He'd never been on the property before and, as a realtor, was interested in taking a look at it, at least the property close to the house. Quietly, Brent and Annie joined him, visiting with him as he walked, guiding him without him becoming suspicious of their intent. They finally stopped in the clearing were the burial sites were located. One look at the grave sites and Evan knew what they were! He hustled back to the house to tell the deputy what he'd found!

It wasn't long after the deputy took Jessie's statement and had quick look around, especially the back room and the clearing in the forest behind the house, until the property was crawling with more sheriff's deputies, the sheriff, state troopers, forest rangers, and DNR wardens, including Ted Symthe. A quick call, after consulting with detectives from the county and the state, alerted the FBI there was potential of a serial killing with several grave sites.

Each one of the teens was interviewed by an officer, giving a statement. It took most of the day since Eric insisted not only he be present for each of the interviews, but the parents as well. By days end, all of the statements were made and varied little, one from the other.

Dee's however was somewhat different as he explained he was abducted in Atlanta, Georgia and transported unconscious to here. When he awakened, Jessie was loosing his ropes. He had no idea what happened, why Peters was naked and on the porch, or why there was piss and shit on the floor of the room where he was detained. The pistol he acknowledged was similar to the one Peters used to force him into the car before holding a foul smelling piece of cloth over his face. That was the last he remembered until earlier in the day. Dee was an orphan and had been on the street less than a week when Peters abducted him. He'd left the foster care home he was in because he claimed the caretaker was a "racist son-of-a-bitch!"

The FBI Forensics team, with cadaver dogs, arrived the next morning and began locating, cataloging, and marking sites. It became an active crime scene and a difficult one. It was obvious some of the remains they were exhuming had been in the ground for some time and identification would be difficult. One of the federal officials confessed they might never know who all of the victims were, but every effort would be made to identify them, eventually.

It wasn't until just recently the site was released from investigation, and Eric stepped forward with an offer to purchase with the proviso the house and grave sites would be kept intact and fenced off so federal officials could continue any investigation they needed into the tragic events which occurred there over the years.

The teens, back at the cabin, refreshed but tired from their run, were bedding down for what remained of the night before heading home in the morning. Jase, Jessie, and Tyler were cuddled together on the big bed with Jase embedded deep in Jessie "working off his energy" as he was wont to say, and Tyler was front to front with Jessie, nuzzling his throat. As usual, Mike and Rob were on a mattress on one side of the big bed and Rick and Chad were on the other side on a mattress as well.

Jase was just starting to thrust when Tyler said, "Jase and I talked to Dad today, Jessie, and he agreed we could form a sub-pack within his. We'd be known as the Averill Creek Pack and would be able to run his territory as well as expanding ours to the west."

"What!" squealed Jessie, clenching his ass cheeks tightly.

"Jesus, Jessie," Jase complained, "you damned near squeezed the head off of my cock!"

Jessie's loud shout brought Rick and Mike up off of their mates, ready to defend their Alphas and mate from whatever prompted the outburst. When Tyler explained to them the results of his father's decision, they whooped for joy, bringing the rest of the teens into the bedrooms from their own resting places. The excited chatter concerning actually becoming a "pack" excited them all! It was great news, sealing the bonds they formed over the years.

When they all settled down, sitting on the floor and on the bed with Jase, Jessie, and Tyler, Jessie started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" asked Dee. "Isn't this great news?"

"Yeah it is," giggled Jessie, "but I wonder what Ted Symthe is going to think of this. He's always checking with me if I'd seen any "abnormal" wolf activity in the area. This ought to drive him nuts!"

"Don't you wonder why he's so interested in a couple of packs of wolves?" questioned Tyler.

Jessie thought a moment, responding, "Too interested to suit me; it makes me wonder what he knows and what he is up too!"

The End

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