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Stories by Rafael Henry

Short Stories


A story in four chapters

Love in the Dunes

A story in two chapters


A story in three parts

Berrington Hall

[A story in 9 chapters]

About Max

[A story in 10 chapters]

The Go-Between

A complete tale in two acts


[A story in 13 chapters]


[A story in 6 chapters]

The Observer

[A story in 25 chapters]

Simon Says

[A story in four chapters]

Kings Blue

[A story in seven chapters]


[A series of short stories with a common thread]

The Five

[A story in four chapters]

The Boys of S. Bees

[A story in five chapters]

Words of Love

[A story in two chapters]

Blessed Be the Merciful

[A story in 22 chapters and Epilogue]

Rufus and Co.


[A story in 49 chapters]

Remembering Ryan

[A story in 12 chapters]


[A story in 14 chapters]