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Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 32

"Well, I've never done it before, but I'm willing to try it, so come on up," I said. "At least you have taken away all that hair that could get stuck in my teeth," I joked.

"Yeah, I like being smooth. I'd like to make you smooth too," Judith responded as she got onto the bed and straddled my head. She found that she needed to move her knees further apart to lower herself enough that I could get my tongue into her. It didn't take Judith long to lean forward and bring her clit closer to my tongue. That suited me better, because it meant that my nose wasn't as close to her butt hole as it had been. As my tongue sank between the folds of her labia, I realised that Judith was already very wet there. I presumed she had been producing her pre-cum for a while already, possibly even from when we had been sitting in the lounge. This was all rather new to me, and it was taking some getting used to those womanly smells and the taste of her fanny. I was also hoping that it was not her pee that I was smelling and tasting, but as the fluid kept coming while I licked I decided that I wasn't tasting pee.

Both Carrie and Meg were now holding my hands and guiding them back and forth to ensure I gave their pleasure domes the right treatment on target. I could feel their juices running down my fingers. Although she was the last to start anything with me, Judith was the first to cum. I was amazed at how she tensed up and then shuddered. Much more fluid seemed to be present and running down the chute of my tongue into my mouth. After I cum I am very sensitive and need to stop, but Judith just seemed to need more and more. She carried on having what seemed to me to be mini orgasms, one after the other. I know I was seventeen, but I had not taken that much notice of girl's things like this. My principle interest had been in my own and other guys' dicks, so though I had heard about it I had not really comprehended what multiple orgasms was really all about. I had been swallowing Judith's juices and my own saliva for a while before it dawned on me that that was what I was doing. As it hadn't bothered me up to then, I decided there was no point in worrying about it.

Suddenly Anne leaned forward a little bit and I could feel her fanny squeezing and relaxing on my shaft as she experienced her first orgasm of many. I learned later while chatting with Carrie that leaning forward like Anne had done meant that her clit came into harder contact with my cock; this increased her pleasure and the strength of her orgasm.

"Can we change positions please?" Anne asked.

"What do you want to try?" I asked back.

"Well, all positions actually. Maybe not tonight, but I think I want to try getting fucked up the butt too," Anne said. "But let's go with the old missionary position."

"OK, but we have to try and change to that without my cock coming out your fanny. Lie down on me and let's try to roll over," I suggested. Anne lay down, pushing her body down along my body to ensure that I was impaled in her as deep as I could go. I took my juice smeared hands from the two cunts I had been playing with and wrapped my arms around Anne and we tried to roll. It was quite funny and the other three girls were in fits of laughter watching us. By the time we got successfully into the man above position without losing our connection, we too were laughing, but that did not stop me from starting to pump her up. It had given me a breather, allowing my cock's nerves to cool off a bit and giving me more staying power. In that position I couldn't use my hands or mouth on any of the other girls, so they just watched and commented.

I had not been fucking Anne for very long before she started to show signs of nearing her next orgasm. Moments later she squealed and went over the top, thrusting up against my pelvis hard enough that I felt I would end up bruised, while her vagina pulsed and played with my cock some more. I still had not cum and kept going. Anne had another two orgasms before she said, "Do you think we could get into doggy position without you pulling out?"

"Worth a try," I said, grinning as I slowly lowered myself more deeply into her pussy.

Despite another round of comical manoeuvres, we were not successful this time around. I had to re-enter her once she got on her hands and knees. I found I needed to hold on to her hips to keep myself inside her, but that left my tongue free. Carrie got up onto the bed and stood astride Anne to present her furry fanny for my tongue. I discovered that licking a girl's cunt is much nicer if they are smooth. All that hair really got in the way.

Maybe it was licking Carrie's fanny and noticing not only the hair difference but also a difference in smell and taste and having my concentration split between two activities, or maybe it was because I was slipping my cock in and out of a girl rather than a guy, but I lasted longer than I had with Mike. Anne had at least another two orgasms and Carrie enjoyed her second and third orgasms before my one and only cum. But what a cum it was. I had been teased and built up over the whole evening and well into the early hours of the morning, with my cock hard and erect more than it was soft or even semi-erect. I felt the first spasm throughout my entire body and could swear there was even some kick back as the first shot left my cock to blast against the virgin-no-longer wall of Anne's cunt. I finished firing my load and held myself against Anne's body for a few moments more, then let myself drop backwards to rest my butt on my heels, sliding out of Anne in the process.

It took me a few minutes to recover. I felt like I had just run a marathon and had to tell the girls that I was finished for the present and needed to sleep.

"But you are not clean there," Meg said, pointing at my cock. Despite the marathon I had just been through it was still in a semi-stiff state. She bent down and sucked my cock, covered in Anne's and my juices, clean and followed that with licking my balls and the area around the base of my cock clean. The girls pulled on their nighties again. After giving me a quick kiss and thank you for the fun, they left me naked on top of my bed and made their way back to their beds. I got up and went for a piss and a bit of a wash. Pulling the covers back on my return, I lay down on the sheet and turned off my light. I lay there on the bed in total darkness for a short time, thinking that I had had four naked girls in the room with me, and even though I had felt, fingered, and even licked their fannies, and fucked in three different positions, I had not felt or sucked on any of their boobs. I made a mental note to fix that anomaly should a second occurrence of this nature take place again. As I lay thinking my hand started to make its way down to my cock, but sleep overtook me before it got there.

When I woke up, it took a while for my sleep fogged mind to realise that I was waking up because my cock was once again being played with. Well, I like being played with, so I didn't try to stop it. Rather the opposite – I continued to feign sleep for a while longer to see what would happen. The room was too dark for me to make out who it was or even if there was more than one other person. Holding out paid a small dividend; the player soon bent their head down and sucked my cock into their mouth. With their head down like that it gave me the opportunity to carefully move my hand out and quietly find the switch for the bedside light. When I turned it on the head that was sucking my cock jumped up and two eyes stared at me much like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car.

"Hi, Judith. Did I startle you?" I asked, grinning widely.

"Oh … er … um … I … I … I'm sorry, I … I just had to try it. I … I … um … hope you don't mind," Judith stuttered out in her surprise.

"Well, it is considered good manners to ask before taking French leave on someone else's property," I teased. "But what exactly did you want to try?"

"Actually, I want to try being fucked, if you are willing," Judith replied, moving her hand back to play with my cock some more. As she did that I let my gaze wander from her face and saw that Judith had stripped off before she started doing anything to my cock.

"I know my cock is hard, so it is able to meet the requirements for the task, but I am not sure if my stamina and energy levels have built up enough to sustain me through to the end. I am willing to try if you are willing to take the risk of a collapse part way through."

"Yes, please, can we try?" Judith pleaded.

"Okay, then, come on up and lie down next to me for a bit first," I said as I threw the covers off. "I want to take it a bit slower this time and try to get in more than just a cock fucking a fanny."

"Oh, yes! That would be nicer, I think," Judith responded as she crawled along the bed beside me. As she lay down on her side, I turned on my side to face her and used my free hand to push her hair back away from her eyes and cheek. "Can we keep the lights on while we do this, please?" Judith asked.

"I hadn't planned on turning them off. I think we are both such novices at this game that we need the lights on to reduce the risk of errors." While I said that and for a few moments after I had finished talking I used my fingers to lightly trace along the contours of her face, feeling it rather like I imagine a blind person does to 'see' the person they're talking to. Judith had taken my cock back into her hand again, but as I did my light finger exploration she kept still and stared into my eyes, just holding my cock.

My fingers moved down off her face onto her neck, then to her shoulders and down the top half of her arm before deftly tracing the collar bone back from the shoulder to the front of her throat. I ran my fingers further down to find the cleft of her boobs where one lay on top of the other. My finger ran along the small valley where her two boobs met and then slowly climbed the soft mound to find the nipple. As my fingers slid either side of her very erect nipple Judith gave a little gasp, followed by a low groan. I learned much later on that while she often played with her nipples while masturbating herself, the feel of someone else doing them was totally different and heightened her arousal much more. My hand moved from one nipple to the other, and I decided that I needed to get both hands into action. I changed to a sitting position, encouraging Judith to roll onto her back so that I could get a hand on each boob and play with them. "I'm totally new to this sort of play too, so if you want me to do something, or stop doing something, I want you to say so. We owe each other nothing, so let's make this the best we can for both of us," I told her.

Judith nodded in reply and lay looking at my face before slowly lifting her arms and using both hands to 'look' at my face in much the same way as I had. I cut that exploration short when I bent my head and licked her nipple with my tongue, eliciting more groans and gasps. Sucking her nipple into my mouth, I gently clamped down on it with my teeth, then flicked the end of it with my tongue before moving over to give her other nipple a similar treatment. While I was sucking on her tits, my hand wandered down her stomach, stopping briefly at her belly button, till I slipped a finger between her lips and found the clit that I had licked so much in our first session. Once again her fanny was running wet with her juices and my cock was dribbling like a teething baby. I moved again to get between her legs and lowered myself down, trying to get my cock in her fanny without taking my hands off her breasts.

Judith realised what I was doing and worked her hand between our bodies. Finding my cock, she wrapped her fingers around it and guided it into her pussy. Once again I found my cock going only so far before meeting with resistance and realized that I was about to pick a second cherry. Once my cock had passed that obstruction I proceeded to fuck her with long slow movements, while my hands continued to play with her nipples. After a while nature took over, and I found myself picking up the pace. As I did so Judith's sound effects increased. Suddenly she went rigid. With a muffled scream she began to experience her strongest orgasm of the evening. Unlike earlier, this didn't seem like a string of mini orgasms. It just kept on going and seemed to be getting stronger the longer it went. The spasming of her vaginal wall was doing things to my cock that I had never experienced before, bringing me to the edge and then tipping me over, and I started to pump into her much faster and harder. I gave one final inward ram, then held it there as the first blast from my cock forced my little sperm to go the furthest into her birth canal they could. A few staccato jerks of my cock saw my weak offering completed. I collapsed on top of Judith before rolling off her to one side a few moments later.

Judith was full of thanks and I was returning those thanks when she looked up and saw that a bit of daylight was appearing. Dawn was starting to break. This galvanised her into a different sort of action. She got off the bed and pulled her nightie back on. Giving me a swift kiss on the cheek she almost ran from my room to get back to the girls' room before anyone else woke up. I turned off my bedside light and let my eyes close, dropping off to sleep once more without even pulling the covers over my naked body.

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