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Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 33

My sleep was broken once more by someone playing with my cock and balls. When I opened my eyes I found myself surrounded by four fully dressed girls, with Carrie wanking my cock.

Anne was the first to realise I was awake. She greeted me with, "Welcome to the land of the living again, sleepy-head."

"Morning, Steve," the rest chorused, and Carrie stopped playing with my cock.

"You need to get up, get dressed, and get to the kitchen for a quick breakfast. My folks are nearly ready to take you to the hospital to see Mike," Carrie told me. The four girls left me alone in the room with a hard cock and an urgent need to pee. I decided that I didn't have time to wank it off, so I plodded through to the little bathroom and got my piss done by almost bending over double. Then I set to brushing my teeth and having a quick wash before going back to dress. I packed my back pack, not forgetting to put the classical CDs that Kevin had leant me in where they weren't likely to suffer any damage. Then I stepped through the utility room into the kitchen, where Carole greeted me and told me to sit down as there was not a lot of time left for me to eat before I needed to go to the hospital. As I sat I asked Carole how she was feeling.

"Oh, I'm much better thanks. I think I must have eaten something that didn't agree with me," she said as she fished a plate of food out of the warming drawer of the oven. As she placed it next to me she whispered in my ear, "Thank you for the nice things you told Kevin about Carrie. It's a comfort to know that."

"I only told him the truth, as far as I am aware," I told her

"I know, dear, and Kevin told me how much you impressed him with your little chats last night. I too will tell you that you are welcome in our home any time," Carole said, which made me blush for some reason. I know I had not blushed the night before when Kevin had told me virtually the same thing, but now coming from Carole I got crimson.

Fortunately, the girls all came trooping into the kitchen. My blush quickly faded as they took the spotlight off me. Carole began to sort out their breakfasts and told them they needed to eat up as their parents would be coming to collect them soon. Kevin came into the kitchen and told me that he wanted to leave in five minutes, which got me eating as fast as I decently could. I declined an offer of coffee but took up an offer of orange juice. When I had finished up I went around the table and gave each of the girls a hug goodbye. I gave Carrie an additional little peck on the cheek before going to Carole. I gave her a hug and thanked her for her hospitality, then picked up my pack and went out in search of Kevin.

As we drove along the route to the hospital Kevin said, "I guess those girls kept you quite busy last night, judging from the bags under your eyes."

"Yeah, you could say that. Can't say that I got a lot of sleep, but I didn't keep a check on the time to be sure," I replied.

"I hope they didn't upset you again and that Carrie looked after you like a good hostess should," Kevin said.

"No more upsets, and Carrie was very mindful of making sure there were no more upsets."

"I hope she didn't have to pay too high a price to accomplish that," Kevin responded.

"If you are asking what I think you are asking, no she didn't. Carrie still has her 'V' plates as far as I know. A couple of the others don't, but she does," I replied.

"Thank you, Steve. That is what I was trying to find out without being so crass as to just come right out and ask directly."

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that when it's just the two of us, Kevin. Just ask away. If I don't want to answer something, I'll tell you," I told Kevin.

"Thank you, Steve. Do you want to talk about last night at all?" Kevin asked.

"I think I need to think about it a bit first. Sorry," I answered.

"Don't be sorry. That's a good approach to take with something that will change your outlook on life in one way or another." Following Kevin's response we fell silent.

Having the incredible good fortune of finding a parking almost as soon as we entered the hospital parking area, Kevin decided to come in with me and see Mike before going on into town. We turned the corner in the ward to get to Mike's bed, and I saw his father standing next to an empty bed. I greeted him and introduced him to Kevin, then asked where Mike was.

"Could you go and check on him, please. He's in the bathroom over there getting dressed. He's been discharged. I'll be taking both of you home as soon as he has some suitable clothing on," Dan said, pointing towards a door across the ward.

I quickly thanked Kevin for his hospitality and strode across to the bathroom. When I got inside I saw Mike sitting on the toilet with the lid down looking rather pale and stressed. "Oh, thank heavens you've come. I can't dress myself. It's too painful to reach my feet to get my pants on," Mike said.

"Right. Well, I'll help you, but if you're that sore should you be going home just yet?" I asked.

"I don't think I have a choice. I've already been in here longer than they expected. I think they need the bed for a more serious case."

By this time I was kneeling at his feet and holding his jeans open for him to slip a foot into them. I couldn't resist it and leant forward and gave his cock a little lick and a kiss. "I have missed that," I said as I looked up to Mike with a cheesy grin on my face.

Mike did start showing his appreciation for the kiss in the expected way, which made getting his zip done up a bit more difficult; we had omitted to put his boxers on first, he not thinking about it and me on purpose. I was very careful not to get his cock caught in the teeth of the zip. Getting his polo shirt over his arms and head also proved to be quite painful, but at least he was now dressed. All that was left was some footwear. With me putting the trainers onto Mike's feet and tying the laces, Mike did not have to bend at all, so it was mostly painless. I then helped him to walk back out to the ward. Kevin greeted him and said he was glad that Mike was going home and not to worry about not making it to the party as we all understood it was beyond his control.

Mike thanked Kevin for coming to see him. He said he was glad he was going home and that he hoped Carrie enjoyed her party.

Kevin then stepped over to me and put his arm around my shoulder. Looking straight at Mike he said, "This is one fine young man you have here. Look after him, because he is worth it." Then he turned me and gave me a big hug and thanked me for keeping him company and helping to give Carrie a great party. With that he turned and left while I blushed crimson for the second time that day.

"I am guessing we are out to more than just our parents now," Mike said with a smile.

"Carrie had worked it out from our responses when she texted us at the cabin, and you know how secret her whispers are. Kevin worked it out and simply came right out and asked me firstly if I had had sex with his daughter, seeing as she has a picture of me naked on her phone, and then he asked me if I really was with you. I gave him honest answers and told him that as far as I knew his daughter was still a virgin," I explained. "I also told him that we were not out to anyone other than our parents, and he promised to keep it that way."

"Actually, the more I think about it the more I don't mind the idea of being out publicly. I am still a bit worried about the reaction at school and how we'll be treated," Mike said.

"Yeah, I know how you feel. That's kind of how I feel too," I responded.

"Well, that is a bridge you two need to look at and decide how or if you are going to cross it together. I think that you might encounter less hassle at school than you are anticipating, but then I don't see all the people you come into contact with on a daily basis," Dan said. "But this I will tell you. If you do get a lot of trouble from guys at school when you come out, I'll only get involved if you ask me to. I think you two need to learn to deal with this for yourselves. You will face a level of hostility unless you stay in the closet for the rest of your lives and judging by what I've just heard, I don't think that's going to be possible."

As soon as we got to Mike's house his mother came out and began fussing around him, which clearly was embarrassing him. Eventually he said that he needed to get changed and lie down. We could see it was on the tip of Michelle's tongue to say that she would help him when Kevin came to the rescue and suggested that I help Mike up to his room and help him to change, as he was a bit big to have his mother helping him now.

Mike managed to climb the stairs without a lot of help. Once we were in his room the hardest part was getting his shirt off, as that required him to stretch upwards with his arms. For his jeans I undid the fly and pulled them down to his knees while he was still standing, then when he lay down on the bed I slipped his trainers off his feet and pulled his jeans the rest of the way off. I left him lying on the bed naked while I rummaged through his chest of drawers and found some lounge pants. I worked them up his legs while he still lay on the bed. It was only for the last bit where he had to lift his bum that he felt any real pain or discomfort.

Once we had got the pants on, I lay down on his bed next to him and told him all about the party and the two fuck sessions during the night.

"What was it like, fucking a girl in her cunt, then?" Mike asked and there was a note of concern in his voice.

"There was certainly some sexual pleasure. Enough that I was able to cum, but it was just fucking. With us it's making love, and that is so much better. The emotional aspect of it makes it so much nicer and brings a much greater pleasure than just the physical release of a fuck. I don't think I'll be trying it again in a hurry," I concluded.

We lay in silence for a bit, then I said, "Mike, I have no problem with you trying it if you want to. In fact I'm sure there are two of them who would gladly let you experience it with them just as they did with me. If you want me to I'll talk with them and see if we can set it up."

"I can't deny that I still have some curiosity, but I think I understand what you said about the emotional side, and I'm not sure that I want to fuck just for the physical experience. I'll have to think about it some more," Mike answered.

"Would you be willing to do it again if it were me with one of the girls while you were with the other?"

"If that's what you want, I would be okay with it, but I wouldn't go out of my way to find a foursome to be involved in."

"I think if I had two girls coming on to me at the same time I might just get scared and do a runner," Mike said with a nervous laugh.

I chuckled and suggested, "We could always tie you to the bed."

"No ways, not with girls around. You can tie me to the bed if it's just you and I. I know I can trust you, but not a girl – no way!"

We fell back into a comfortable silence and I found myself dozing off. Not having got a lot of sleep the night before was my excuse. When Mike saw me dropping off he nudged me to wake me up a bit, so that he could tell me he didn't mind if I dropped off; he was wanting to have a bit of a nap too.

Two and half hours later that is how Dan and Michelle found us – fast asleep side by side on Mike's bed. Dan was all for leaving us to sleep, but Michelle was insistent that we needed to eat some lunch. She woke us up to let us know that the food would be ready in half an hour. As it had barely been four hours since I had last eaten, I was not feeling the urgency to eat any lunch and Mike likewise did not feel that hungry, but he said that Michelle would not let it pass unless we suddenly died. "Get up and have something to eat or we will never hear the end of it," Mike concluded.

So we both got up and I helped Mike put a shirt on, only this time it was not a t shirt. We were able to get it on and do up the buttons much easier since Mike didn't have to raise his arms.

Although we hadn't thought we were hungry, we both found that once we started to eat we could manage a normal teen-sized portion, much to the triumphant pleasure of Michelle, who told us all off, including Dan, and suggested that we should always listen to a mother, because mothers know best. None of us were willing, or brave or stupid enough, to try and counter that argument, so we left the table with a beaming mother victorious in her achievements. I realised that I should be getting home. I said that I would help to get Mike comfortable and then I would walk home, but Dan wouldn't hear of it. He said that once I was ready to go he would run me home in the car. I was quite relieved with that offer and didn't protest at all.

On the way home Dan told me that after seeing the two of us on the bed it was clear that Mike needed a bigger bed. They were expecting that the two of us would be sleeping over at each other's homes more now, so Michelle and he had decided to get Mike a new bed. They had yet to work out if they could fit a full double bed in his room or if it would need to be a three-quarter bed instead. I told Dan that I was sure that Mike would appreciate that and would see it as a further sign that his parents accepted him being gay. "Not that he has said anything about thinking you don't accept it, it's just that making a way for us to share the same bed comfortably will be a real confirmation of what you've said all along."

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