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Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 34

For the next couple of weeks Mike and I had to take things a bit easy. While we still had fun with each other, we didn't have a fuck or anything else that strenuous. Most of our action was either hand jobs or sixty-nines. But twenty five days after Mike's surgery I arrived at his house and found that he was home alone and would be for several hours. We decided to christen his new double bed. His room was big enough for the double bed with a bit of space to move around the room. Although it was crowded, Mike had opted for a double instead of the slightly smaller three quarter.

Mike was only feeling the occasional twinge of pain now but decided that he did not want to start off bent at the waist. We agreed that I would kneel on the bed and he would take me doggy style and see how that worked for him. Mike did not need help changing his clothes now, but I still wanted to take his clothes off and for him to strip me. This did not take long. We were both in a hurry to get to our first love fuck since his operation. While taking my clothes off Mike had succeeded in rubbing my cock enough to get me hard, but by the time I was positioned on the bed the way Mike wanted me I had started to droop. As soon as Mike started to work on my butt, spreading lube over my pucker, I quickly got hard again and stayed that way. Mike played with my butt and legs, then moved on to penetrating and stretching my hole with one finger, then a second and a third. Mike didn't hit my prostate much with his finger play, but I was still leaking pre-cum, which was hanging in a string from the tip of my throbbing cock to a small pool on his bed cover. He kept his fingers in my butt but stopped moving them as he reached for the lube and spread it on his cock. Slipping his fingers out, he replaced them with his cock. The head of it pressed against my hole, which opened up and with just a little bit of pain swallowed Mike's cock in one smooth movement until his balls pressed up against my bum cheeks and his pubes tickled them.

Mike began to move in a slow and measured time, pulling out until just his cock head was in me and then pushing forward, brushing over my prostate with each stroke. Mike kept the same pace for a full ten minutes at least, but then nature started to take over and I noticed Mike's rate increasing along with some grunts as he thrust forward into me. Once the tempo changed it didn't take long for Mike to give a bit of a yell and ram as deep into me as he could before that first spasm could be felt along the length of his cock and I felt his jism hit against the wall of my chute. Mike gave enough jerks to empty his supply into me and then gently pulled out and lay down on the bed next to me, quite spent.

"Thank you, Stevie. I needed that, but I am so out of condition I was getting worried that I wouldn't be able to finish," Mike told me. "But now I have another problem. I don't think I can return the favour, at least not for a while."

"Luv, there is no accounting in this relationship. There is no owing or claiming. You've had a traumatic time with the emergency surgery and then the infection. It's taking time for that to heal properly. Meanwhile we get our pleasure where and how we can. I got an awful lot of pleasure out of you making love to me, and I know that even if I have to take matters into my own hands later on, the day will come when I get to make love to you in the same way. For now I can be content knowing that you are happy," I told Mike.

"I know and hear what you say, but it doesn't help me to not feel guilty. I let you down. Look at the party and how those girls upset you. If I had been there that probably wouldn't have happened. And now you might need to wank yourself, because I'm too weak to do anything for you," Mike said.

"You weren't at that party because you were fucking sick through no fault of your own. You couldn't do anything about that, and I got upset because I let those girls have their way instead of being man enough to put my foot down and say no to them. Now, you are still recovering and need what help I can give you to speed that recovery. I am very happy to give you that help, and I will continue to do so whether you want it or not. I love you. I want you to know that," I chided Mike.

"And I love you too, and that's why I feel so guilty. Love is about sharing, but I just seem to be taking and not giving," Mike said.

"But you are giving. Making love to me is giving me pleasure. Being my boyfriend is giving me joy and a bubbling heart. What more do I need?" I told him, and then I leant over Mike to kiss him and prevent him from making any further complaints about letting me down. When our kiss ended I got up and walked naked through to the bathroom to clean my butt up and take a piss and brought back some toilet tissue to use to clean the bed where I had leaked my pre-cum and also where I had leaked Mike's cum out my bum. I had almost finished when the doorbell rang. I quickly pulled on my jeans and shirt and went downstairs to see who it was. While I was doing that Mike got some clothes on, albeit a bit more slowly.

The doorbell rang again just as I got to it. I opened it giving the person outside the door a bit of surprise, then I realised who it was and greeted him. "Hi, Tim. I guess your grounding has come to an end."

"Oh, hi, Steve. Yeah, it has. I must admit I wasn't expecting to have you open the door. Is Mike here?" Tim said in his usual way of getting to his point without worrying about what happened along the way to get there.

"Do you think I would be here if Mike wasn't? I have just come to open the door because Mike is still a bit slow," I answered rather curtly.

"Slow? Why is Mike slow?" Tim asked.

"Because he's still recovering! Why do you think?" I was a bit incredulous at Tim's even having to ask such a question.

"Recovering? … Oh yes, he had an operation didn't he?" Tim said

"Yes, it was an emergency operation, or had you forgotten that as well?" I asked sarcastically.

"Who is it, luv?" Mike asked as he got to the bottom of the stairs.

"It's Tim, fresh out from his grounding," I called back to Mike. "You had better come on in," I told Tim, and stood back to let him through the doorway.

"Hi, Mike. How are you?" Tim called out as he stepped inside.

We joined up with Mike and walked through to the sitting room. Mike and I sat down on the two seater, leaving Tim to choose a seat across from us.

"Do you want something to drink?" I asked Tim and then looked at Mike as well to show him he had been included in the question.

"Yeah, a cool drink would be nice," Tim said.

"Could I have one too please?" Mike confirmed his choice with a bit more manners than Tim.

"Right, I'll go and get some drinks then," I said, standing up. I think Mike could sense the tension in my body, because he rubbed the back of my leg as I stood up and then began talking to Tim, clearly to prevent Tim from following me out to the kitchen to get the drinks. When I returned with the drinks I put the tray down on the table and handed one to Tim, who took it without making a sound. I gave Mike his and got a "Thanks". I was facing Mike and smiled when he said it, then looked over my shoulder at Tim before picking up my glass and turning to sit down next to Mike again. Tim did not seem to realise that he had not given any acknowledgement for having received his drink.

"So did any of those girls put out for you guys at Carrie's party?" Tim asked, obviously having forgotten that Mike had not been there.

"Well, it would have been a bit difficult seeing as Mike was in hospital having just had surgery to save his life," I said angrily.

Mike squeezed my leg to help me to calm down. "Steve was the only guy to stay over. The girls were a bit mean to him, so let's not talk about it, okay?" Mike said.

"Oh, okay. So what have you guys been doing while I've been grounded then?" Tim asked again. I could see a bulge forming in his jeans and realised that he was trying to work around to asking us to give him some action. I decided I would do my best to thwart that, because he clearly had not yet learned to think of others despite his time in solitary, where he must have had a lot of time to contemplate his attitude and his approach to others.

"Well, not a great deal. Steve and I hung out together a bit. Then I went and got this burst appendix and ended up in hospital. Steve has been looking after me since I got out of hospital," Mike said, not giving anything away as Tim clearly had not picked up on Mike calling me "Luv" when I was at the door.

"So you guys haven't seen any real action except with your own hands too then? Tim asked.

"Well I guess you could say there has been enough to keep us happy but, with the pain I've been in, I wasn't able to do much either for myself or for someone else," Mike explained.

"Are you up for something now?" Tim asked outright.

"I don't think Mike has recovered enough yet," I said abruptly.

"Well how about you then? And Mike could just watch," Tim asked.

"That would not be fair on Mike, would it? How would you like to be in that position, horny as hell and watching your friends having sex when you can't?" I asked Tim.

"Well I'm horny as hell, and I haven't had internet access or my phone while I've been grounded," Tim whined.

"Well, you are going to have to find somewhere else to do it, because it's not happening with us," Mike told Tim quite firmly.

"Shit, and I thought you guys were my friends," Tim spat out at us.

"We are your friends, but with all the time you've had to think about things you still haven't realised you need to think about how others feel. You can't be so selfish that you don't even hear what they are saying because you are concentrating on yourself so much," I said.

"What do you mean by that?" Tim asked angrily.

"Look at you. I made sure you knew that Mike was very ill and had to have emergency surgery. The first time you contact him after that it's because you want someone to get your rocks off for you and you didn't even remember that he had been so sick. And now that we've explained the situation to you, you are callous enough to suggest he can just watch because you want sex. You haven't thought about how either of us might feel. You haven't seen us for nearly a month and the only thing you've talked about has been satisfying your cock. Mike's been sick and I got upset at the party, and although you have been told both these things you haven't expressed any sympathy or sorrow for what happened to us. You couldn't even say please and thank you for your drink. Tim Wilcox, you will not get any real pleasure from life until you start to look to others and their wants and needs ahead of your own. The real pleasure in any relationship is when you give without expecting anything in return, when you consider others before yourself. If you had done that weeks ago you might not have been grounded at all." I stopped to catch my breath.

"Well, if that's what you guys think of me, I don't need to stay here and be insulted. With friends like you who needs enemies?" Tim spat out as he stood up. "Don't worry. I'll see myself out. I'd hate to inconvenience you any further." And he left, slamming the front door on his way out.

I sat in silence for a bit and then turned to Mike and asked, "What have I done? I'm sorry; I think I have killed a friendship for you as well as for me. I don't know what came over me. I think I should go after him and apologize."

"No! Don't you dare! You just told him the truth about himself, and he still can't see it, let alone admit it to himself. Give him some time to stew over it, then we'll see what can be done to mend fences. I suspect we'll be given the cold shoulder when we return to school next week, for a short while anyways. But don't worry about it. We've both tried to be gentle and tell him in a softer way and he has totally ignored that. Something harsher had to be said and maybe it will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and gets him to look outward a bit. Now can we go back up to my room? There's some unfinished business I need to take care of."

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