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Dura et Pulsans

by Rick Masters

Chapter 1

"Hey, Butterballs, we want to speak to you." I cringed when I heard Whitworth's voice calling to me, but chose to ignore it. I kept on walking across the quad as I headed to the exit that would lead to the path to the hostel. I knew it had been a mistake to get myself into the picture, but I'd been totally pissed off by the other nine and decided to do something about it. Now I was regretting it in one way, but felt quite pleased about it in another way. "Butterworth, you arsehole, if you don't stop now you will be in even more shit." Whitworth's voice hit into the back of my head as if he had just slapped me there. I knew that I couldn't escape them for long. After all we all shared the same dormitory in the hostels. Except it was nine of them and one of me in that dorm. And now I'd antagonised them by getting into their picture. But what the fuck? They had all been talking about having the dorm picture taken and I was part of the same dorm! So what if I had stepped into the frame just as Sambo took the shot? I kept walking but slowed down so that they would catch up. At least it did not look like I had just given in that way.

Moments later they did catch up to me and I was grabbed from behind and pushed on one shoulder while being held by the opposite arm so that I had to turn around and face the mob of nine. Well actually seven because two were standing either side of me now holding my arms so that I could not escape. Whitworth began again, "You fucked up our photo and you are going to pay for it now".

"How did I fuck up the picture?" I asked.

"By getting your ugly shitface into it, and disturbing us so that we weren't all looking in the right direction at the right time. That's how, arsehole." Whitworth ranted.

"But you all said it was a dorm photo and I am in the dorm so I thought you wanted me in it." I responded. I knew, full well, that they had not thought of including me but I wanted them to realise just how much they cut me out of things.

"Well you weren't invited and now it is a shit picture which you are going to pay for in more ways than one." Maclean said. Where Whitworth was the unelected leader of the pack; Maclean was accepted as his second in command and the rest tended to listen to them and follow their wishes. "Just remember, when you least expect it."

"Yeah, we had to put a lot of cash into getting that picture and we will get it back." Flynn said.

"That'll be a struggle seeing as I don't have any money." I told them.

"There are other ways of getting payback." Lawson said and then repeated, "Don't forget; when you least expect it."

I was not sure just what they intended to do to get their payback, but it couldn't be much worse than what they were already doing. I was largely ignored by all nine of them except when they wanted something. That something usually involved help with some aspect of their schoolwork; and in a constant vain hope, they would show some gratitude for the help, I always did help them. When we went for our showers I was always pushed out, and made to wait until they had finished their own showers; and usually all the hot water too. When we lined up for anything as a dorm group I was always made to go to the back of the line. They held friendly conversations in groups but never allowed me to be a part of them; if I tried to join in I was ignored as if I were not there.

Shit I knew I was a nerd and a geek. I couldn't help it if I needed to wear glasses. A couple of them also wore glasses but in my case it was something that made me different and unacceptable; an object to be ridiculed for wearing them. While with the others it was quite okay; just what the difference was I don't know. I know I preferred to be in the library studying something than out on the football field or the cricket pitch playing those dumb sports. So of course when it came to the inter-dormitory football challenge, where every dorm member had to be out on the field playing, I was looked on as a handicap rather than a tenth man in the team; and the chances were that I didn't even get close to the ball, let alone have a chance to kick it. I also didn't choose my names which seemed to give them the excuse to make me a subject of derision. I genuinely hated my names. After all which parent in their right mind would name their son Delmar Uriah? And with the surname of Butterworth my initials spelt "DUB"; this was just another thing with which to tease and mock me. 'Uriah' invariably became 'urine' – so original; but just as original as 'Rub-a-Dub-Dub'. Additionally I can't help it if I'm brainy. Fuck what chance did I have? My father is a professor of Sociology and head of the faculty at the university where he teaches and my mother is a neurologist consulting both privately and for the NHS in the town where my home is. It is because they are so wrapped up in their own careers that I have been bundled off to boarding school and been subjected to a life of loneliness and exclusion; having been allocated to the same dormitory as these other nine guys for the past four years. Yes four years of being left out by all of them except when they wanted the help of my brains. It's a fucking good thing that I have managed to keep from them my interest in some same sex action. I think I might be queer, but not having had any actual experience I can't say for sure. I certainly am not going to reveal that to anyone. Not when homosexuality is not accepted and considered an abomination by most of society. My days in the boarding hostel and classroom were days of misery.

One thing they were not wrong with, was their statement 'when you least expect it!' That came about on the day of our final inter-dorm football match. We only needed to draw the game to be equal highest scorers and a win would place us at the top of the pack. To differentiate between the two teams playing in each match, a coin was tossed and the losers would play without shirts on. For this final match that became our lot and we pulled off our shirts and left them on the bench at the side of the field while we trotted on and took our positions on the field. My lack of exercise and sports was clearly revealed in the lack of muscular definition on my body when compared with the others from my dorm. Nevertheless I ran around a lot and even tried to get to the ball but always one of the other nine would intercept it and take it away. Two minutes before full time we were level scored with our opponents at one goal each. Winters kicked the ball hard towards Lawson who must have been asleep or something because he did not react in time and the ball sailed past his inactive boot heading straight towards me. I ran forward and, more by fluke - lacking any skill, kicked the ball off at an angle to my right and straight into the goal. The goalie, being familiar with my sporting prowess, never expected me to do anything like that, at all. A cheer went up amongst those spectators who were supporting our dorm but not a sound of congratulations came from the other nine. Whether they were dumbfounded or just didn't care I was never going to find out but we kept the one goal lead for the remainder of the game and ended up overall champions. Did that improve the way I was treated? Not a bleeding fuck! Oh they cheered as a group, as we left the field, without acknowledging that I had scored the winning goal; maybe because they had something far more sinister planned for the end of the game than open celebrations.

As we walked off the field we collected our shirts off the bench and slung them over our shoulders heading towards the gym showers because our shower block in the hostel would still be locked. The other team had a different shower time in their hostel and so were heading straight back to their dormitory. We passed through a small gap between the building of the gym and a wooden slat fence which bordered the field. Suddenly my shirt was yanked off my shoulder and wrapped around my head effectively blindfolding me as two others grabbed hold of my arms. It was done so quickly that they had to have planned who would do what. Except that if we had won the toss and kept our shirts on I imagine that one of them would have taken his shirt off as we walked. A few seconds after the initial surprise wore off I opened my mouth to call out and suddenly had another shirt wrapped around my head cutting into my mouth and gagging me.

We didn't have far to go before I heard the creek of a door and knew that they had taken me to the Scorer's Hut. This was a split level wooden building, shed really, that had a flap which lifted up on the lower level for those doing the scoring for a cricket match to observe the game from and then little windows with sliding plates on the upper level where others would slide in a plate with a number on it to show what the actual score was for the spectators to see. I learned later that they had managed to get a key for this shed because Morgan had been given the key to unlock it one day and recognised that it was at least similar to the key to his own bedroom door at home. He had brought his spare key back with him and tried it in the lock to find that it worked. The nine had made use of this little hidey hole to escape from the watchful eye of prefects and staff while they enjoyed a cigarette or shared some porn that one of them had managed to smuggle in.

Once we were inside the shed I heard the door close and the key turn making sure I had no chance of escape. Not that they let go of me anyway. Instead, again it must have been planned because no words were said but the two guys holding my arms lifted them out to the side and I felt them being pulled down with my forearms resting on someone else's shoulders. Then my feet were kicked sideways to spread them and other feet hooked around each of my ankles to make sure that I remained with my legs apart. Next someone began to tickle my back. Actually it would be more accurate to describe it as caressing. A few moments later while the fingers were still working on my back, more fingers began to work on my chest, circling my nipples and causing them to erect. Those fingers visited my armpits and moved on down over my abdomen; lightly stroking all the time. I can't say how long the caressing of my back and front went on for; but somewhere a signal must have been given and hands started to feel up and down my legs between where my socks were bunched at my ankles and all the way up to where my shorts ended. In fact I'm pretty sure some fingers went under the hem of the shorts leg at times. It is surprising, though, how disorientated you become when blindfolded and held captive. Of course all this feeling had another reaction which I was powerless to prevent and even though my briefs held my cock pointing down between my legs it could not stop it from engorging with blood and becoming hard. And very uncomfortable it was too! Without warning a hand suddenly landed on my cock and fingers curled around squeezing it. There was no way I could hide or deny it when Whitworth said, "Just as we thought, dura et pulsans" in his best schoolboy Latin - 'Hard and throbbing'.

"I always said he was a queer." I recognised Flynn's voice.

"Well now queer boy, you are going to start repaying us for that photograph." Whitworth said. I felt my shorts and briefs being pulled down. They only got them so far before Whitworth told whoever it was holding my legs spread out to push them in again. Then my shorts and briefs were pulled right down to my ankles. A hand grabbed my balls and squeezed quite hard causing me to cry out with the pain, but that was muffled in the gag that was still covering my mouth. "You are now going to do exactly what we tell you to do, fag, or your balls might be crushed … permanently!" Whitworth told me; pausing and giving a couple of tugs on my balls as he spoke to add emphasis to what he was saying. "When we take your gag off you will not call out unless you want to be seriously injured here." Another hard tug on my balls underlined the threat.

The backs of my knees were knocked making them bend and as they did I was forced down into a kneeling position. The gag was taken off and something was pressed against my mouth. "Open up and suck, fag boy!" Whitworth ordered. I did not need to use all of my brain power to work out that I was being forced to do something I had wanted to try out for a very long time. "And don't even think about trying to bite it." As he finished that sentence another hand went between my legs from behind me and grabbed and held my balls again.

Fortunately for me they were horny teenage boys who had not had a good wank for a few days and were as virgin as I was. None of them could have lasted longer than a couple of minutes before shooting their loads into my mouth. Loads which I swallowed under their orders, but would gladly have swallowed anyway. Of course I remained hard throughout the ordeal which they claimed was proof positive that I was gay and now had to do whatever they wanted, when they wanted, or they would 'out' me to the school. I wondered how long it would take before one of them blabbed to another classmate and the news would then spread like wild fire. I was told to stand up and pull my shorts up which I did tucking my hard cock into my briefs positioning it pointing to my right side and tucking the leaking head under the elastic of the waist band. I was then allowed to take my blind fold off and put my shirt on. When my eyes got accustomed to the dim light in the scorer's shed I noticed all nine were fully dressed and there were no noticeable bulges to be seen.

"And that is just the start, Butterballs, you haven't even cleared the interest yet." MacLean said as they pushed me out the building ahead of them and Morgan locked it. I let them go ahead of me back to the hostel. We had used up our time for a shower in the gym ablutions and would have to wait our turn in the hostel block.

That evening when we went for our showers at our allotted time I was again pushed to the side and told to face the corner, "I don't want to see you perving on my cock!" MacDonald said. They took their time and I only just had enough time to get soaped and rinsed off under cold water before the water was turned off. I stood there shivering as I dried with my scrotum scrunched up holding my balls as tight to my body as it could get them.

From then on, every afternoon I had to go to the Scorer's Hut and once inside I had to strip completely naked and then service whoever had had me go there. Sometimes it was only two or three of them, but other times it would five or more. Weekends, I would end up making more than one visit a day and would have to either suck or wank all nine of them in the course of the visits. During those times I was not allowed to touch my cock and every time be watched as I tucked my hard cock away into my briefs, at the end. It was a form of torture; and always, I would be reminded that there was still a debt to pay.

The taking of the photograph had happened in the first week of term when they still had some pocket money to pool together and my torture continued on relentlessly day after day. Then one Wednesday a couple of weeks before half term Whitworth ordered me to attend at the Scorer's Hut immediately after classes ended, with the veiled threat that it would not be good to disappoint him by being late. Something in his tone concerned me and I worried about it for the rest of the day's classes. When the final bell went I made my way to the hut and found it still locked so waited outside the door. A few minutes later Whitworth arrived with Sambo next to him. My heart sank because I interpreted this to mean that he had spoken to Sambo about me and told him I was gay. How much longer would it be before he talked to his friends and spread the word about me?

Sambo's real name was Adia Kesiena and he was the only black guy in the whole of the school. But English schoolboys not being too worried about politeness had quickly given him the nickname which had stuck throughout his time at the school. Kesiena's father was the long standing High Commissioner for Nigeria to the United Kingdom. Sambo had even been born in the UK when his father was then the Undersecretary to the High Commissioner whom he succeeded before Sambo was out of nappies. Being the oldest child and only son of the High Commissioner, Sambo wanted for nothing. His interest in photography meant that he had a full dark room at his home in London where he could develop and print black and white photographs. To take the pictures he had the best Kodak camera that could be bought in 1969 and along with that he also had a Polaroid Instant camera. Kesiena had turned this interest into a rather lucrative business. He found he had a willing and captive market in the boarders at the school and charged enough for one Polaroid instant picture to pay for half a spool of negatives to fit the camera. For the other pictures that he had to wait until he went home to develop the negatives and then print the pictures he did not charge as much; but considering his supplies for the dark room were all paid for by his father, any money he made on selling photographs was simply extra jingling in his pocket. Sambo was in the year below us and we would not normally have associated with him, but as he was the one and only photographer in the school the others had been forced to pay him to take the fated photograph at the beginning of term.

Once we were inside the shed, I just stood there and Whitworth snarled, "What are you waiting for? Get your clothes off!"

"In front of him?" I asked nervously.

"Well he's not here for the hell of it. You are going to pay him to take another photograph of us. Now get your kit off!" Whitworth said.

All the time Sambo just stood there with his camera slung around his neck and a smile on his face.

"I told you I haven't got any money so I can't pay him." I said.

"You can and you will. You will let Sambo here take pictures of you in any way he tells you to and then you are going to give him the best blow job he's ever had." Whitworth said. "Now I'm not going to tell you again; strip boy!"

I was very unhappy about this state of events but knew that I did not have any choice and so began to reluctantly shed my clothes. As I was doing this Sambo had his Kodak camera up and was clicking away at me from various angles. Once I was fully naked he ordered me to stand sideways and hold my cock while he clicked some more. Then I was told to get hard and take my hand away so that he could photograph me from the side and front with my hard-on sticking out. I also had to pull my foreskin back for some and leave it forward for others. He switched to his polaroid camera and took some more pictures and I watched as they slid out of the base of the camera. Kesiena checked his watch each time and then laid the picture down on the scorer's bench. After the allotted time for each picture he peeled off the backing sheet and showed me them in all my hard glory; making me very worried. There were some close-ups of just my cock but also some full on showing my face and leaving no doubt about who it was that was posing for the pictures. He put the pictures down and added his cameras to them, then began to undo his fly.

"Get on your knees Butterballs." Whitworth ordered and I meekly obeyed. Kesiena took one step towards me and lowered his trousers first, closely followed by his briefs revealing that not all the stories about a black's equipment were true. No doubt there were those who sported large appendages but Kesiena came in at only slightly larger than the average of all the white guys I had seen. I was a more fascinated by his pubes, though, as they were tightly coiled against his skin; even more tightly than the hair on his head, but they did form a nice mat of hair that covered all the skin surrounding his cock. His cock was another thing that intrigued me for his was the first circumcised cock I had seen; the result of the coming of age ritual he had gone through when he had turned twelve some four years previous. The head was slightly darker than the shining skin of the shaft and as I looked it grew longer and harder. I opened my mouth and he fed it in. I began to suck him and flick my tongue over the head. I heard him groan and looked up at him as I bobbed back and forth on his cock. He was looking down intently watching his black cock pump in and out of my white mouth. His hands came down and held my head still as he began to fuck my face. I put my hands onto his butt cheeks and gave them a gentle squeeze, then pulled one hand around to play with his balls. He gave several more groans and I felt him tense up just before I felt the thud as the first jets of his warm jism hit the back of my mouth. A couple more shots forced me to swallow or choke and I intended to take in all that he could give me. When he had finished his orgasm, Kesiena pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to pull up and do up his trousers again.

"Okay, I will give you another photograph now." Kesiena told Whitworth and then turning to me, "Thank you, white boy, you suck good." He picked up all the pictures of me and his cameras and Whitworth let him out the door locking it again once Kesiena was out.

"Don't start thinking that the debt is paid now. There is still some interest owing and also compensation for the trouble and distress you have caused us. We'll tell you when it gets paid in full. Now I need to be brought off too." Whitworth said and I shuffled over and began to get his cock out of his trousers. I really felt like I had been degraded and this upset me enough that my cock which had remained hard all the time I was enjoying sucking Kesiena off had wilted but Whitworth did eventually shoot his load into my mouth and then I was allowed to get dressed again and we left the shed.

That evening when we went for our showers we knew that Stone was the master on duty and so also knew that sometime during our shower he would appear in the shower room and we would all have to turn to face him and listen to some 'words of wisdom' from him while he perved on our naked bodies. This evening once we were all naked in the shower room I was ordered to stand against the wall the showers were mounted on and wank myself to hardness and then keep myself hard until I got given permission to shower. I was very upset because I knew they had done this purposely so that Stone would see me with a hard-on. Which he did and after giving us his little talk he went off and not much later the house master, Furber, suddenly appeared in the shower room and I was still hard. It took me all my strength not to cry and when I did feel a tear escape my eye I quickly got my face under the spray of the shower to hide it.

That night I lay in bed a long time trying to get to sleep but it eluded me as I cried silently with no sobs or tears, just a heavy heart. I still had no answer as to why the other nine treated me the way they did. I thought about running away from school but with little money and nothing else it would not take long for me to be found and dragged back and then it would all start again and might even be worse. I even thought about maybe ending it all but admitted to myself that I was not a suicide risk at all. I may not have had friends at school, but I did have friends at home and knew that I only had to endure the rest of this year and one more before I would be heading off to university and away from these tormentors of my life.

Saturday lunch time I was at my usual place at the table. Right at the end and ignored by the rest when Flynn got up from his place and walked around the table. As he drew near to me he bent down and whispered that I had to go to the hut straight from lunch. We didn't have any sporting fixtures that day as all the teams were playing away at other schools. I shuddered inwardly. Flynn seemed to me to be the worst of the nine with a real mean streak in him.

When I got to the hut Flynn was waiting outside and ordered me to get inside quick and strip off. As I was undoing my shirt I heard some approaching voices and knew that I was not going to have only Flynn to service. Instead, Flynn was joined by three more of the nine, MacDonald, Winters, and Lawson. These four made up a sort of team within the team of nine; and were the worst of the nine too.

The shed door was locked and I was ordered to hurry up and finish stripping even though all I had left on was my briefs and then I had to help each of the four boys strip off too. I had to kneel on the floor again and was told to put my clothes down there to make a cushion for my knees. Flynn moved directly in front of me and presented his cock for me to suck on. I didn't need any instruction to do that and just opened my mouth for him to slide it in and hold my head as he began to pump it. While he was doing that Winters and Lawson moved either side of me and ordered me to begin to wank them. I couldn't see what MacDonald was doing at that point. I moved my hands from where they had been holding onto Flynn's legs and found the two cocks I had to wank while I sucked the third.

Flynn was the first to cum but he only shot one spurt into my mouth and then pulled his cock out and jerked himself to shoot the rest of his load over my face. Flynn produced quite a lot of cum and had got a bit of a build-up too so that by the time he had finished his cum was running down my face and dripping onto my torso and legs. There were also drops of cum landing on my clothes beneath my knees. When he had finished he moved aside and MacDonald took his place pushing his cock into my mouth for me to suck. Winters came next and shot his load onto my hair and the side of my head. Again it ran down and dripped onto my shoulder with some of it running down my back while the remainder dribbled down my front. Lawson decorated the other side of my head, including a direct shot into my ear, and shoulder with much the same effect as Winters had achieved. When MacDonald hit his orgasm, he followed the same pattern as Flynn and added more cum to my face to run down over my front and clothes. I was ordered to remain kneeling while the others dressed and then was told to get dressed myself but was not allowed to clean up at all. As I pulled my briefs up I could feel them spreading the still wet cum on my legs. When I put my shirt on I could feel it sticking to globs of cum on my back and front and knew that with it being a white shirt it would show the wet spots. Pulling on my black trousers I was dismayed to see that there were spots of cum on the legs which I knew I would not be allowed to try and wipe off. I felt totally humiliated through all of this and the walk back to the hostels just increased that feeling. Anyone passing close by would see the cum still sticking in my hair and the spots on my shirt and trousers. To make sure that I did not try and find somewhere to clean up, the four cunts stayed with me until we were at the hostel entrance. They then went off to do whatever they wanted to do and left me to negotiate the last bit to our dorm on my own.

When I entered the dorm the only other person in there was Morgan but I just ignored him and sat down on my bed facing the wall. I was lost as to what I could do. I had no way of getting cleaned up properly until our shower time which was after dinner. I would have to go to dinner with the cum stains on my clothing and globules of dried or still drying cum in my hair and everyone would notice it. I was extremely dejected and sat there, staring at the wall, trying very hard not to cry. At least facing the wall, Morgan would not be able to see the tears that did escape and ran down my cheeks. But he did see the shake of my shoulders and heard me trying to stop a sob escaping. This made him look a bit closer and see the mess in my hair. I heard his bed creak and then realised he was standing right next to me.

"What the fuck has happened to you?" he asked sounding surprised.

"As if you don't know!" I retorted.

"Actually I don't know." He replied.

"Don't try and bullshit me. It's your fucking key. You think I don't know you're the cause of all this?" I asked bitterly.

"Is that cum in your hair?" he asked. I nodded but stared daggers at him because I was sure he knew it was. These guys seemed to plan it all in minute detail.

"Who did this to you?" Morgan actually sounded concerned.

"Who the fuck do you think? Who did you give the key too? Shit I didn't think you were that dense?" I said angrily

"Yes it is my key but I don't control it anymore. So I really don't know who had use of it." He told me.

"Well you can all go and get stuffed now. It won't be long before it is all over the school. What with involving Sambo and now those four bastards making me walk back looking like this; you've got nothing left to blackmail me with now. And seeing as how I have no way of getting cleaned up before going to dinner, even more will see me like this. So just fuck off and leave me alone." I shouted the last sentence and put my hands over my face so that he would not see the tears as I cried. Shit I was nearly seventeen and couldn't stop myself from crying. How much more humiliation would I have to endure?

Morgan left me and the dormitory. About twenty minutes later he returned. It was still just the two of us in there. I hadn't looked up at him when he came back in and at first did not know it was him. I only looked up when I heard a bed scraping on the floor. Morgan's bed was opposite mine and he was pulling it in front of the door to prevent anyone else from coming in the dorm. Then he came across to me with a bucket of warm water and his own face cloth. He wet the cloth and wrung it out and began to wipe my face first. As he did so he began to talk, softly, "I'm really sorry. This has got right out of hand. We had all agreed that we would keep it just in the dorm and not tell anyone else so that we had that threat over you. I'm guessing that the four are Flynn, Winters, Lawson and MacDonald?" I nodded. "But what is the deal with Sambo?"

Something inside me, and the tone of his voice, told me that Morgan really did not know and was genuinely sorry that things had got to the state they had. "Whitworth made me strip and pose for Sambo to take as many pictures as he wanted and then give him a blow job so that he would take a new dorm picture of you all." I told him. I could see by the change in his expression that this news angered and upset him; but I thought I would just let him know something of what I felt so I asked, "What have I ever done to you guys to be treated this way? This is the first kind thing any of you have ever done since we got put in the same dormitory together. Have I ever done anything to hurt any of you? Even when you have come to me for help with schoolwork have I ever made you feel like you are stupid? Have I ever refused to help you? Tell me that! Yet all you do is be shit to me. You fuck around with my bed; you call me cruel names; you shun me unless you want something! Why? Tell me why?" This time I couldn't stop the tears from escaping from my eyes. Morgan saw them but didn't mock me; he just used his face cloth to wipe them away. He continued to try and clean me up and asked me to take my shirt off. "What's the use? I'll just have to put it back on to go to dinner. I can't put an extra shirt in the laundry without a master's note." I asked.

"You're right. If you wear this shirt to dinner a lot of people will see it and questions will be asked. You'll just have to wear your clean shirt for tomorrow, today and then again tomorrow so don't dribble any food onto it at dinner. Listen, I've not been too comfortable with what's been going on lately, and to my shame I have joined in because I didn't want them to think I was odd. But I can't continue with this. I will not force you to do anything with me anymore and I am going to speak to the rest and try and bring this to an end. I am very, very sorry." Morgan sounded genuine in this response and for once I thought that there might be some hope of a little light at the end of the tunnel.

After he had finished cleaning my chest he asked me to stand and turn around so that he could do the back. When he was doing that he saw the smears of cum on the waistband of my briefs and suggested I should strip off completely. I did so more because I was too tired of all the shit to make an objection. I was also enjoying having him wash me. And when he moved around to my front again he saw how much I was enjoying it. Morgan knelt down in front of me to wash the cum off my legs which now was just dried smears. I stood there letting him wash wherever he wanted and made no objection when he washed my hard cock. He pulled my foreskin back and as I watched he looked up at me and then wrapped his lips around it and began to suck me off. Although I had done a lot of cock sucking this was the first time in my life that I was being sucked off and discovered why the guys kept making me do them despite claiming to be straight. I thought about just letting him suck me until I shot my load into his mouth but then decided that that would make me no better than them. As my orgasm began to build and draw near I warned Morgan that I was getting close.

He pulled his mouth off my cock and said, "You've been forced to take my cum in your mouth. Now I'm forcing myself to take your cum in my mouth."

"You don't have to. If you don't want it I'm okay with it. You have already shown me that I have some hope of change; that is enough." I told him.

Morgan just shook his head and kept on sucking until I blew into his mouth what was probably one of my biggest loads, but I will never know because he not only took it into his mouth but also into his stomach as he swallowed it down.

I had to sit down as I had gone a bit weak in the knees and as I sat the movement pulled my cock from his mouth. "Thank you. That was something that I have longed for but never had before." I told him. "But you didn't have to do it you know."

"Oh, but I did. I had to take a bit of what I have given. Not to make me feel any better, even though knowing you liked it has made me happier. No I had to do that to make me understand what it is like to put yourself under someone else's control. You see now you have something over me. I have willingly sucked you off. You have always been forced to suck me off. I don't think I'm gay, but I did like doing it and will do you again if you want it." Daffyd Morgan promised.

"You really mean that don't you?" I asked, not quite believing the change I was seeing.

"Seeing you like you were earlier hit me like a kick in the balls. I couldn't believe how low we had got towards another person. I know that it will be hard for you to believe and accept, but I promise you, I am going to do all that I can to bring an end to this treatment. I would like to try and be your friend from now on, if you'll give me that honour and a chance. Hopefully I can prove to you by the way I am that I mean it. Now I think you should get dressed before the guys come and try to bash in the door." Daffyd Morgan suggested.

I dug in my locker and got out my clean clothes for the next day and began to pull them on pushing the dirty ones into my laundry bag and stuffing that back in the locker. I would be adding the clothes I was about to put on after I had used them the next day before taking it to the laundry cart. At least we were allowed one complete change of clothing every day and if something happened that required a second change then a master would give us a note which was put in a little pocket on the outside of the laundry bag. If you tried to sneak in extra laundry the dirtiest items would be returned to you, unwashed, in a plastic bag with you clean clothes. Having to get a note from a master was usually quite difficult and embarrassing; when you had a dose of the shits it was very embarrassing.

"Listen, the guys will all be coming back here soon to wait until it is time to go to dinner. It might be easier for you if you were not here when I talk to them. It's up to you but I think it would be better if you made yourself scarce for a while." Daffyd Morgan said.

"Yes, I think I will go to the library for a bit before it closes. But before I go; where did you get that bucket of water from?" I asked.

"One of the cooks thinks I look like her grandson and gives me treats once in a while. I just asked her explaining that it was to help someone in a difficult situation. I'm sorry but it is the bucket they use for moping the floor in the kitchen; but it was spotlessly clean when I got it." Daffyd Morgan explained.

"Please tell her I'm very grateful." I said and left the dormitory to go to the library. As I was leaving Whitworth passed me on his way into the dormitory. He didn't even acknowledge that he had seen me. Clearly not all had changed. When I got to the library, the librarian apologised and said the library would only be open for another quarter of an hour because she had to leave work early to go somewhere else. I told her I would leave when she asked me to and then moved to the shelves to select a book. The librarian was a nice person and I'm guessing her being pregnant was the cause of the need to leave early that evening. I knew I was going to miss her cheerful help when she left to have the baby.

It seemed like I had just sat down when she tapped me on the shoulder and apologising again asked me to leave the library. I closed the book straightaway and put it back on the shelf and then wished her 'goodnight' and left. I wasn't sure what to do as I didn't think I could go back to the dorm but it had started to rain and I wasn't going to sit out in the rain either so I thought, "fuck it, they'll just have to have me there," and I headed back. As I approached the door I heard a thud against it and realised that Daffyd Morgan had moved his bed against it either to keep his audience captive or to keep me out; maybe both. When I got to the door I put my head against it and discovered that I could hear some of what was being said. I guess what I could hear depended on where the speaker was in the room.

"Listen guys," Daffyd Morgan began. I could hear him quite clearly and guessed he was sitting on his bed close to the door. "When we started this sex stuff with Butterworth we agreed that we would keep it just to us guys in this dorm. Whitworth, you said that if we let it spread then we were likely to lose our hold over him to keep it going if we liked it. But you have brought Sambo in and forced Butterworth to do things in front of Sambo. How long do you think he will wait before telling his friends? MacLean, you said that if it got out we all risked getting expelled and I believe you are right. And you other four this afternoon have done just that, put us at risk. To force him to walk back to the dorm covered in your cum was totally wrong. That's not what we agreed to. I think we now have to stop before things get completely out of hand and we end up in trouble."

"Yeah sure, like you really want to give up getting your cock sucked or jerked." Flynn asked.

"What happened today?" Powell asked "and what's this about Sambo?"

"I don't know the full thing about Sambo, but I believe Whitworth can tell you that. Today though, Flynn, MacDonald, Winters and Lawson made Butterworth kneel on his clothes while he sucked two of them off and wanked the other two. Only when they shot their loads they shot them all over Butterworth's head and let it dribble down over his body and his clothing. Then they forced him to dress without being allowed to clean and walk all the way back from the Scorer's Hut to the dorm with their cum all over him. How many people saw him like that? How long do you think it will take for that news to get around the school? And for what? Did that make your orgasm feel any better? Or did you just get kicks out of humiliating him even more than you have done already? He asked me a question this afternoon that I can't answer so I'll ask you. What has he done to deserve the way we have treated him all this time?" Daffyd Morgan asked.

"He's a homo. You've seen how he gets hard when he sucks us. Homo's deserve to be used and abused." Flynn said.

"If you think that getting hard is proof of being a homo then we all are." Wilson joined in the conversation. "Actually, when you think about it, he has been forced to do sex stuff with us. We have all willingly enjoyed it. If his getting hard makes him a homo, then our being willing makes us more of a homo."

"John, what is this thing with Sambo?" MacLean asked Whitworth, changing the subject as the line of thinking that Trevor Wilson had proposed was getting a bit too uncomfortable for him.

"I've arranged with Sambo to take another photograph of us. But as we don't have enough money to pay him for it I got him to do it for another fee. He was to be allowed to take as many pictures of Butterworth as he wanted in whatever way he wanted Butterworth to pose and then he could have Butterworth suck his cock for him if he wanted that. He agreed to it and got paid today. Tomorrow afternoon he will take the picture for us. But to make sure there are no other surprises he will take the picture in the hut." Whitworth told his dorm mates.

"And Butterballs agreed to this?" Wilson asked.

"He wasn't given the choice. He fucked up our last picture; he had to pay for the new one." Whitworth replied.

"So five out the nine of us have broken the agreement we made which was intended to keep us safe and satisfied." Ewan Powell said. "What you guys have done has put us all at risk." Powell's voice got a bit louder and I guessed he had moved over to be closer to Daffyd Morgan. "I agree with Daffyd. We've had our fun but it has to stop now before we do something that could get us expelled."

"And Daffyd has asked a good question. Apart from getting in the photograph, uninvited, what has he done to deserve what we have done to him?" Trevor Wilson asked.

"Come on! He's a geek, a nerd, what more do you want. He's a queer; he asks for what he gets." Winters said.

"How long have you thought that he's a queer?" Daffyd Morgan asked.

"Since he got hard in the hut." Winters answered quickly.

"And how long have you treated him like an arsehole?" Daffyd Morgan asked.

"I dunno. Since he asked for it I suppose." Winters answered evasively.

"The truth is that we have treated him like shit since we were first all put together in the same dormitory. We had no grounds then for being like that and we have no grounds now. Monday morning I am posting the key back to my home. He has only ever helped us and we have never ever done anything that could be considered kind for him in the four years we have all been together. We've kept him separated from us who should be his friends; we've bullied and humiliated him for years and used him without giving anything back in return, not even a thank you. Now it is time to show that we can rise above our primal instincts and show him some kindness. Which of you can even claim to have said a simple thank you to him when he has helped your with some work. I can't. We have just used him and now it is time to stop." Daffyd Morgan said, repeating the last bit to emphasise just how bad they been towards me.

"I agree with Daffyd. It is time to stop. Who else has the courage to stand with us?" Ewan Powell said.

"I'm in." I recognised Trevor Wilson with those two words and imagined them standing side by side facing the other six.

"You guys are crazy. Here we have the perfect answer to our needs. I'm not giving up on blow jobs." Lawson said.

"Me neither." Winters said and I guess those two stood next to each other.

"Well I'm not prepared to risk being expelled and especially not for forcing a guy to suck my cock. My parents would disown me." Ian MacLean said.

"What about you Andy?" Winters asked Flynn.

"He's still going to be swallowing my cum till the day we leave school." Flynn answered.

"And mine." MacDonald said effectively splitting the group into two.

"I don't know. I need to think on it some more." Whitworth remained uncommitted. He didn't know it then, but with that indecision he lost the leadership of the dorm.

"Well I'm going to do my best to stop you doing that." Daffyd said.

"Oh yeah? You and whose army, Morgan." Flynn asked.

"My two arms to start with." Wilson said.

"And mine." Powell quickly added.

"Count me in too." MacLean joined the group now supporting me.

I was really surprised because I hadn't realised that some of them actually did have some sense of what was right that was now coming out. Maybe I should thank those four cuntets for forcing it out of the others. Not bloody likely. I could sense that the meeting was coming to a close and so took off down the corridor and went out into the grounds for a bit; fortunately it had stopped raining. I had left my watch on the locker when Daffyd had helped to clean me up and so I counted to five hundred and then started to walk back into the hostel. I had just made it in the main entrance when Kesiena stopped me.

"What's with those other guys and you?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked back.

"I could tell that he was forcing you to let me take those photographs. You didn't do any of that by choice did you?" Kesiena asked.

"No. They're just a bunch of shits but I don't care anymore. They've hurt me enough now that whatever else they do can't make it any worse so I'm not doing anything more for them anymore." I said.

"You mean all nine of them have ganged up against you?" Kesiena asked.

"How else do you think they could force me to do all that shit?" I answered.

"We'll talk again. There are others coming." Kesiena said and walked away. He was right; a group of about ten guys from his year were approaching. They walked past me without making any comments just as they would have any other time so I reasoned, with hope, that Kesiena had not shown them the photographs. I continued back to the dorm.

When I walked in some of the talking stopped immediately and I was fairly sure that they had been talking about me but it didn't bother me. I had made my mind up. I went to my bed and retrieved my watch off my locker and began to put it on. I was facing into the corner with my back to the rest of the dorm and so didn't see any of them approaching me.

"Uhh Butterworth, … uhm … I'm sorry for being such a shit to you." Trevor Wilson said. He didn't really know how to put into words what he felt he needed to say. I chose to just look at him and then look away again. Four years of torment couldn't be wiped away with just some mumbled sentence. Also I was in such a poor emotional state I knew that there was a good chance I might end up crying if I said anything.

"Well he might be sorry, but I'm not. And you're still going to be sucking my cock." Flynn called out across the dormitory. Those words hit into my back and I physically shuddered. I couldn't stop myself from reacting and turned and glared at him.

"You can fuck off. I'm not doing another fucking thing for you ever." I shouted back.

"You'll do what I fucking tell you to do or the whole school will find out that you're a queer." Flynn retorted.

"No you won't. Remember that it is you who have forced him to do things to you not the other way round. If you start saying anything to anyone that will become public knowledge faster than you can blink your eyes." Daffyd threatened.

"And we'll back him up so that it will be believed. You are the one who has put us all at risk and now you can suffer and go back to using your own hand unless you can get one of your mates to do it for you." Powell spoke up.

"And that goes for any others of you who think they can force Butterworth to do anything like that anymore. " MacLean said, then he turned to look at me. "Surprise! Things are going to change from now on."

I couldn't let them know I already had an idea of what had happened so I just continue in the same vein that I had earlier, "You've fucked yourselves in the foot now. You were so shit to me today that I don't care what you say about me to whoever anymore or what you do to each other but I'm not doing anything for anyone anymore."

"Look Butterworth, I can understand that you are really upset. I was angry when I heard what happened today; angry enough that I've decided to stop treating you the way I have been. I know after all this time that will be hard to believe but I intend to show you that you can believe it. Morgan told us what Flynn, Winters, Lawson and MacDonald did to you today and I'm standing with Morgan in trying to make a change. I'm also sorry. And I'm ashamed that I let myself fall in with the rest in doing all that to you. Hopefully sometime down the road you will be able to forgive me." Powell said in a voice loud enough for the whole dorm to hear.

"I suppose you expect me to say thank you?" I asked bitterly. All the talking was making me feel worse rather than better and although I knew I should have been rejoicing somehow that just wasn't going to be possible yet.

"Why should you say thank you. We never have said it when you've helped us with our work. No I don't expect it. But I hope you will be able to feel a bit better as time goes on." Powell said.

"At this stage I think we all have to agree to disagree depending on how we're feeling right now because we need to get ourselves off to dinner." Whitworth told the dorm.

"Shut up Whitworth. I'll never agree to give up a good thing." Winters said and received nods of approval from the other three cuntets. I had decided that that was what I was going to call those four from now on. I even thought about calling them that to their face but decided not to antagonise them anymore. They were going to learn just how much I meant it when I said I was not going to do anything for them anymore. What I didn't know was how soon I was going to have some power that would turn the tables and I was going to get a little pleasure out of exercising that power to a small degree within a few days.

We were lined up outside the dining hall with Kesiena's year lining up next to us when he moved down the line taking himself out of a position closer to the front so that he could be level with me. He handed over to me an envelope. "You can have these; I don't want them." He told me. I had a pretty good idea that he had given me back the Polaroid photographs he had taken of me. I looked at him and he could see the unspoken question in my expression. "I'll explain when we can talk in private."

"I'm not sure what this is about, but we know what you did with Butterworth and I am warning you to leave him alone and you'd better not tell anyone about those things either." Daffyd warned Kesiena.

"What I have to say to this guy is between him and me only. You are not my master and I don't need to listen to you. He shouldn't have to either." Kesiena retorted.

"Just listen to my warning and you'll be okay." Daffyd said.

"I don't think you need to threaten him." I told Daffyd.

"Look, I said I was going to do what I could to make it right for you. This is part of it." Daffyd said to me.

"Yes I know what you said. But I don't think Kesiena is a problem." I explained and waved the envelope in front of Daffyd hoping he would think the same thing that I did. Of course there was no way I could open the envelope out there so I just undid a button and tucked it inside the front of my shirt.

When we had finished our meal Daffyd got up and left the dining hall behind the group that Kesiena was in. I didn't know why he did that but I hoped that he wouldn't do anything to upset Kesiena as it seemed he was a fairly reasonable person. When we got back to our dorm and began to get our things ready for our shower I was surprised that Daffyd wasn't there already as he had left ahead of us. I put the still un-opened envelope into my locker and left it there under some clothing. When Daffyd came in about five minutes later he had a bit of a smug look on his face which puzzled me but he clearly was not going to let on what he had been doing or where he had been.

The shower time was a rather muted affair but for once I was allowed under the spray while it was still hot and enjoyed a nice warm shower instead of the lukewarm or cold showers I had become accustomed to.

The next day was the first Sunday I had not been forced to go to the shed since the start of the term and I quite enjoyed knowing that I would not be forced to do that again. Although I knew I would miss the opportunities to feel and suck on the guy's cocks I was not going to miss being treated like shit. Of course I still was not invited to join in for the new dorm photograph, but then I didn't really want to be counted as part of that group; even if some of them were showing a different attitude towards me. It did give me the opportunity to look at the contents of the envelope that Kesiena had given me the night before and I had been correct in my assumption. To the best of my recollection he had given back to me all of the Polaroid pictures he had taken. Even the ones where I was still mostly clothed. That evening, when we were back in our lines to go into the dining room, Kesiena again aligned himself next to me.

"Please come and see me at the Scorer's Hut tomorrow after classes." He asked.

"Why?" I asked back.

"Because we need to talk some more." He replied and left it like that. I wasn't sure how to take it and although I knew he had given me the Polaroid's he had taken, he still had the negatives on his other camera. But I am a curious person and persuaded myself that I should go.

All through the lessons that day I had a myriad of thoughts racing through my head such that by the time we came to the end of the classes I had almost persuaded myself to not risk it and stay away. But the curiosity got the better of me and I went. When I got there he was waiting for me and didn't have a camera with him. To my surprise he produced the key and unlocked the door and led the way in. Once in he closed the door but didn't lock it.

"That guy, Morgan, is really trying to be your friend." Kesiena began the conversation.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You cannot let him know I told you, but I think you need a friend and need to know who you can trust to be a friend. He came to me after dinner on Saturday and asked me to do something special for you. He did not know that I had already given you the photographs I took and he offered to let me take photographs of him in whatever pose and dress I wanted if I would give you those photographs." Kesiena told me.

"He did that?" I asked disbelievingly.

"He did more than that. He offered to do more with me if I wanted it in return for playing a bit of a trick on the others to get something to stop them treating you like shit." Kesiena said.

"Do more?" I asked.

"What do you think? He offered to get me off in whatever way I choose whenever I wanted it." Kesiena explained.

"And what did you say?" I asked again.

"Let's just say that I accepted his offer but probably will not be asking for payment." He told me.

"Why? I mean why did you give me back those photographs and why did you agree to do what he was asking of you?" I asked.

"Let me tell you a little story. White people in general all think that the black person is dishonest and will do anything to try and get more than what he wants. But before the white people came to Africa, we lived together in our communities in harmony. We never knew what a lock was until the white man came. Some tribes didn't even have doors on their houses. We owned nothing and yet everything because we shared everything between us. We only learned to become dishonest when the whites taught us to be. Sure I charge you guys a lot for pictures but that is only because I know I can get away with it and it is not stealing because no one is being forced to have a picture taken by me. When someone pays me that is because they have chosen to do so and have accepted the going rate. I gave you back those pictures because you did not choose to pay the price. You were forced to do so. Morgan has told me how your dormitory has treated you almost since the start of your time here at the school and I am disgusted with them. That is not how educated human beings treat each other. It is not how uneducated human beings treat each other. It is, even, not how animals treat each other. That is why I agreed to do what he asked of me. Not because of what he offered, even though I might be tempted." Kesiena said, and grinned.

"So why did you take those photographs if you don't like the circumstances under which you got them?" I asked.

"I didn't know the circumstances and it was only seeing how he treated you that got me thinking. Then I spoke to you and worked out that there was something very wrong. I like to have pictures of people, both clothed and naked. And yes, before you ask, I do like to jerk off to some of them and would do so to some of the ones I took of you because you have a sexy body, but I can't knowing the way I got them. That is why when I develop the negatives of the ones in the other camera I will not print any of those pictures but will bring you all the negatives so that you can do with them what you want." He told me.

"Thank you. I really appreciate that. But if I say I don't mind you having them if you can promise me that you won't show them to anyone else would you still not want them?" I offered.

"No. I don't want them because they will still remind me of the circumstances under which I got them and I would not be happy with that. And don't worry, I am not going to tell anyone about any of this." He promised.

"So can you tell me what it was that Morgan asked for in return for his offer of jerking you off?" I asked.

"He asked me to get these." Kesiena replied and handed me an envelope similar to the one he had given me on Saturday evening.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Look at them." He told me.

I opened the envelope and pulled out a bunch of pictures. They were mainly photographs of the four cuntets in various stages of undress and arousal. Several of them had the four as two couples each holding their partner's cock and puckering up to kiss. I think my face must have shown my surprise. "How? … How did you manage to get them like this?"

"That was Morgan's idea. I told them that all Whitworth had negotiated for was one Polaroid of the group. But if they each wanted a picture to have for themselves they knew how Whitworth had got payment and they could do something similar to pay for the pictures. I told them that I would take several of the group with my other camera and would print them up at half term but in order to get that they needed to let me take some instant pictures of them in whatever way I asked them to be. They are so stupid they didn't even realise they were being set up." Kesiena explained. "I don't want those pictures because I dislike those guys intensely for what they did to you. I have been shunned and treated badly because of the colour of my skin. You have been treated badly because you are so much more intelligent than them. I don't know what all you have suffered but I think I can understand some of what you have been feeling. So I wanted to help you. You can keep those photographs, I have more like them on the Kodak and will bring you some replacements if you need them after half term. I don't suppose you will be as mean to them as they have been to you, but enjoy a bit of like for like revenge." Kesiena smiled at me. "Oh, you might have noticed there are duplicates of those four holding each other's cocks. I understand they are the worst in the way they have treated you. I thought you might want to give them one but tell them that there are more which could be used."

I couldn't help myself and just pulled him into a hug and thanked him. "You don't know what this means to me. I feel I can look on you as a friend. I've not got any friends at school."

"I like you too. But try and let Morgan be your friend. He really wants to be." Kesiena encouraged me. "By the way, you really do give good blow jobs. Maybe someday we can try that again, but only if you are willing."

"Maybe. Thank you." I said and let him go from the hug.

"Right let's get back and let me know how things are going." Kesiena said. We left the hut and he locked the door then handed the key to me and asked me to give it to Daffyd.

When I got back to the dorm, Daffyd looked at me and I could see the question in his eyes. I smiled and gave him a thumbs up. His face broke into a big grin and he returned the thumbs up signal. I began to believe Kesiena when he said that Daffyd wanted to be a friend.

There was a couple of hours of free time left before we had to go to dinner and the others left the dorm in little groups to find something with which to amuse themselves eventually leaving just Daffyd and me. I walked over to his bed and sat down beside him. "Thank you. That was a very nice thing you did." I expressed my acknowledgement of what he had done for me.

"I'm not sure I'm going to like paying the fee but it was the least I could do." He said.

"I don't think Kesiena will be collecting the fee from what he told me. He only told me so that I would know what you had offered to do for me." I said. "Although if you like sucking cocks his is a nice one to suck." I looked at him then and smiled.

"You are a good guy, you know. How we all didn't see it years ago I don't know. We've been such arseholes I wouldn't be surprised if you made us all pay for it somehow." Daffyd said.

"You have paid for it already. Your remorse tells me that. But I have some plans for the cuntets later." I said.

"What about the rest of us. I guess you've got photographs of all of us that we would not like put on public display." Daffyd asked.

"I'll see how genuine each person is in the way they treat me going forwards." I said and got up and went back to my bed. I got the envelope Kesiena had given me that afternoon and looked through the photographs pulling out any that showed Daffyd in a bad way. I checked to make sure that I still had photographs of all of the others I could use if I needed to. I took the ones I had separated out over to Daffyd and handed them to him. "These are all the ones with you in them. Kesiena must have been careful when taking them because none of them make you look like you're queer. Anyway, I don't need or want these ones. You can do what you like with them."

Daffyd looked at me. He looked at the few pictures I had given him and then said, "Thank you. Please try and let me be your friend. I think I'm going to need a new friend."

I couldn't answer that request because the door burst open and Daffyd only just had time to slip the pictures under his pillow when Flynn came in. "Morgan, give me the key to the hut and you get your sorry little arse over there now." He said looking straight at me.

"Fuck off." I said and began to walk over to my bed.

"I'm warning you Butterballs, you might think with these lily livered shits siding with you that it is all over. It isn't. You think it has been bad from us in your dorm. See what it is like when it is the whole school." Flynn threatened.

"Don't even go there Flynn, you will come off worst. Now fuck off and leave us alone." Daffyd said.

"What we have two queers now to use; do we?" Flynn said, "Hand over that key, I'll be in charge of it from now on."

"Well you had better go and find the postman then." Daffyd lied. "I told you I was posting it back to my home today."

"You're such an arsehole. A little bit of fun and you run scared like a chicken." Flynn accused.

"Just fuck off Flynn. Go and find somewhere to wank. Or persuade one of you mates to do it for you if you can't remember how." Daffyd said.

"You haven't heard the last of this." He warned and stormed out.

"He's right you know." I said, "You haven't heard the last of it, but then neither has he. I think he might enjoy his after dinner treat."

"What are you going to do?" Daffyd asked.

"I haven't fully thought it out yet, but those four are going to have a different shower today." I said. "But I don't want to be forced to bring the issue forward any so I'm going to head off and spend a bit of time in the library. I think they are too scared to come in there."

"Mind if I come with you?" Daffyd asked.

"Not at all, just remember you have to be quiet in a library." I teased him.

"Shit you even have a sense of humour and I didn't know that." Daffyd responded and we left the dorm; only returning in time to go to line up for dinner.

As we got into line Daffyd veered off to have a word or two with Kesiena and came back smiling. "For a Sambo he's quite a good guy." He told me and I could see that he was not being racist or mean with that. Dinner passed by rather uneventfully with Flynn casting hateful glares at both Daffyd and me. As usual we all returned to the dorm to get our things ready for taking our showers.

I pulled out one of the photographs that showed the four cuntets hard and holding another's cock. I passed it to Whitworth whose bed was next to mine. "Pass that on for the rest to see please." I said.

"How did you get this?" he asked in shock.

"None of your fucking business." I said, "Now do as I asked you to. I want everyone to have a look at this photograph that is being passed around. Don't waste time because it is nearly time for us to go for our showers."

The photograph did the rounds with some sniggers but mostly worried looks appearing on the faces of the others. When it got to Flynn his face paled. "That fucking black bastard. I'm going to get him for this."

"I would think very carefully before you do anything to him." I said. "Don't forget that he still has more pictures of you and maybe they are worse than this one. Also his father is the most senior member of the Nigerian government in this country. You hurt Kesiena and our government is going to come down on you like a ton of bricks. Also Kesiena is not the only one who has some of these pictures and I think if you try anything on with him, you might just find the pictures appearing on notice boards around the school. Now let's get ourselves off to the shower."

Once we were in the shower room and everyone had stripped off I told the four cuntets to go and stand against the far wall and stay there if they didn't want their pictures to be made public. They put up a bit of a protest to start with and I suggested that maybe they wanted to force the issue and have all nine of them exposed publically. That got them moving when the remaining five guys realised that they could be open to threats as well.

"He can't fight all of us, we'll just hold him down and search his things till we find the pictures and then he will pay big time." Flynn said.

"Oh, you poor, silly fuckwit!" I said. "Do you really think that I would be that stupid to have the pictures somewhere that you could find them? Come on. Every one of you of has come to me for help on virtually every subject we study here. You know that I have more brains than that." I rubbed it in a bit with that.

"For fuck's sake, just do what he says. The tables have been turned." Whitworth said.

I waited a few moments while the four cuntets moved over to stand against the wall. I got under a nice warm spray and began to wash myself. Stopping for a bit but staying under the spray I said, "Yes the tables have been turned. Whitworth, go over and stroke each of them to get them hard."

Whitworth looked at me and lowering his head he put up no argument but moved over to the four and began to stroke them amidst their protests. But they didn't try to stop him and it did not take that long for them all to be sporting a hard on.

"You're lucky that Stone is not on duty today." I said. Now keep yourselves hard and Whitworth stay there and make sure you are hard by the time I finish washing." I was amazed that though I was enjoying watching these guys get hard, I didn't get hard myself this time. I made a mental note that I would have to investigate that later.

I left them for quite a while making sure the hot water was running out before I left my shower and dried, leaving the water running. Once dried, and dressed, I sauntered over to them and felt each one's cock then turning to the four I had not made to do anything I said, "Dura et pulsans." And walked out the shower room

Part two to come up, maybe in the next challenge.


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