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Dura et Pulsans

by Rick Masters

Chapter 2

Back in the dormitory following that first shower I had to admit to experiencing a lot of pleasure in humiliating the four cuntets and also Whitworth. Some may wonder why I was including Whitworth in with those four who had been so mean towards me. The simple truth was that Whitworth was the first to put me at greater risk by involving Adia before the four cuntets had jerked off all over me and then forced me to walk back to the dormitory with their cum still dripping off my face and hair. Also Whitworth had not yet had the guts to let the rest know exactly where he stood. But still I had been kind enough to keep their humiliation contained to just us from the dorm. And surely none of them are going to talk about it to anyone else. Having left those five to enjoy the dregs of warm water and the pressure of having to try and get in and washed before the water was shut off, I was dried and dressed before they got finished.

I was sitting on my bed feeling rather good when the other four, led by the one who I was hoping would become my first friend in the school came up to me. They knew they had a few minutes before the other five would get back and so could talk openly.

"Del," Daffyd Morgan began, "Thank you for not putting us through that same stuff. We know we deserved it but appreciate you not doing it to us."

"Yeah. We all do. Thanks." Trevor Wilson added with Ewan Powell and Ian Maclean nodding their agreement behind Daffyd and Trevor.

"You four guys have already said you are going to stop being mean to me and so far have proved that so I see no reason to make you suffer." I told them

"Well, like Daffyd said, we still deserved it because of the way we have been towards you for so long." Ian said.

"Are you going to do more?" Ewan asked.

"I don't know. It might depend on how things go with them now." I told them.

"You haven't heard the last of this, Butterballs!" Flynn said harshly as he entered the dorm ahead of the others who had been made to wait.

"Just remember, when you least expect it." I responded giving them back the warning they had given me just a few weeks ago when it all kicked off.

"And you others can stop gloating, you are not going to be able to protect him all the time." Flynn added.

"Flynn; shut the fuck up! You're only making it worse for all of us." Whitworth said.

"You screwed up and aint our leader anymore. So you shut the fuck up." Flynn retorted.

"And you aren't the leader either so stop telling me what to do." Whitworth responded giving Flynn a shove on the shoulder.

I feared that a physical fight was about to start and hoped to prevent it with a bit of a warning, "I see that having some of your own treatment hasn't put you in the best of moods. Well I've had four years of it. Think on that and what it is going to be like for a while now that the shoe is on the other foot." I said. I still hadn't thought about whether I was going to make them suffer through any other humiliation but I did feel they could at least worry about it for a while. I was most definitely not going to let them think they had got off lightly and intended to ensure that they went home for the half term break just as worried as they might now be. This little interruption did put an end to the confrontation between Flynn and Whitworth.

The day before we were due to leave for the half term break, Whitworth still had not let anyone else know how he felt about me and which side he was on. This rather surprised me because he had been the un-elected leader of our dorm mainly through his ability to make quick decisions which were good for most of those concerned. And yet on this one thing where four had stood up to be counted on one side and four had stayed on the side they had started from he had remained sitting on the fence. Perhaps he thought that was what the cleft in his bum cheeks was intended for. Because of this indecision I decided to include him with the other four again for a bit of fun. However I did not initially single those five out and merely told the rest of the dorm as we were preparing to go for our showers to take their razors with them.

"No fucking way are you going to make me shave!" Clive Winters declared.

"He can't do that." Andrew Lawson said nervously.

"Don't try and tell me that if you had thought of it you wouldn't have made me do it." I said, increasing their nervousness. Then to remind them of where the strength lay I added as if an afterthought, "Amazing how much power there is in one picture. And several make it even more powerful. No wonder they say a picture paints a thousand words." I noticed that they all pulled their shaving gear out of their lockers and added it to their wash bags.

Once we were in the shower room and had stripped off I told the four cuntets, "You know where to go and stand and what to do." And then I looked at Whitworth, "You might as well join them and you can watch as I shower, I don't mind." I went ahead and had my shower and made a bit of a show of using my razor to clean my beard off. I still did not grow that much but did need to shave two to three times a week. Once I was drying I looked over at the five guys all with hard cocks helped to get that way by another and said, "Right, you are not going to shave yourself, but you do need to get rid of that bum fluff so pair up and do each other and then one of you can help Whitworth get smooth too."

"No! Come on Delmar, you can't expect us to shave there." Martin MacDonald said using my given name for the first time in as long as I could remember.

"So now it's Delmar. What happened to Butterballs?" I chided. "And where is there?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Andrew Flynn snapped back at me.

"MacDonald said I can't expect you to shave there. Where is there?" I said in as much of a condescending voice as I could manage.

"Our balls!" Macdonald said sounding surprised that I needed to ask.

"Come here MacDonald." I ordered. He meekly walked over to me. I reached out and felt his pubes and gave them a little tug. "Hey Daff, does this look like bum fluff to you?" I asked Daffyd Morgan.

"I wouldn't call it that." Daffyd replied.

"Neither would I. But this I would." I said as rubbed my hand across MacDonald's cheek and chin. "Now you guys pair up and shave each other's faces and be thankful that it is not your groins you are shaving." I said derisively and turned to finish drying off and dressing.

When the other four realised just how easily I had strung them along they began to laugh and pat me on the back. "That was neat." Trevor said as he patted my back.

"Yeah, but I think you should have made them shave their balls. You are right that if they had thought of it they would have forced you to." Ian said.

"Well now that they have given me the idea I might just take them up on that when we come back." I said. That silenced the grumbling that was coming from the other side of the shower room and I noticed that already the pairs had swapped and a shaved boy was now shaving his mate. I decided to leave Whitworth to his fate and headed out of the shower room. Those five had not even made it under the showers and I had showered, shaved and dressed already. They were likely to get caught out with soap all over their bodies when the water was turned off. When the five boys came back to the dorm I noticed Whitworth's eyes were red and he had a couple of bits of toilet paper stuck to his face to stop the bleeding where he had been nicked by the razor. Obviously the other four had not been as careful with him as they had been with each other.

"What didn't keep your head still enough, Whitworth?" Ewan asked.

"What's it got to do with you?" Whitworth shot back.

"Just an observation. Don't need to get all uppity about it." Ewan returned. Whitworth just glared at him and I must admit to feeling a few pangs of sympathy for the guy as I knew only too well what he was feeling now. From being the king of the castle he had suddenly dropped to the bottom of the bunch. But they were only pangs. He knew full well what he had been responsible for encouraging and doing and had done nothing to change that even when he had the power to at least try and do something.

The next morning as we were lining up for breakfast before leaving to go home for the half term Adia approached Daffyd and asked if he could borrow the key to the hut. "I want to make a copy over the break so that I can use it for taking some special pictures." He told us smiling knowing that we knew exactly what he meant. Daffyd didn't even blink and fished the key out of his pocket and handed it over. "Thank you, I will bring it back after the break." Adia said.

"You had the key in your pocket?" I observed.

"Yeah, well I didn't want one of those others getting hold of it and making a copy." Daffyd said in a soft voice. "They are right that we can't protect you all the time and if they ever managed to get you alone I don't know what they would do. With no access to the hut at least that is one place they can't hide away. Knowing that Daffyd was right and knowing that they might just throw caution to the wind and risk the photographs being put on public display I felt grateful towards Daffyd for his thoughtfulness.

Normally, like me, Daffyd would be taken to the station and put on a train to get home but this time he told me his parents were picking him up from the school and he didn't really know why. I assured him that he would probably find out soon enough but then had to heft my trunk and head to the school bus that would be taking me along with several other students to the station to catch a train.

As usual my train was one of the early ones and so I was the first member of our dorm to leave the school. In the past this had come as a great relief to me and even this time it was but there was a tinge of something in my chest that made it a bit different. As a parting shot, however, I said my good byes to Daffyd, Ian, Ewan and Trevor, thanking each one for manning up and changing and then I turned to the other half of the dorm and said, "Cheers chaps, don't forget, 'when you least expect it'." And I was out the dormitory and on my way home for a week of freedom before any of them could think of something insulting enough to respond with.

Three hours later dad picked me up from the station and we began our quarter of an hour journey to the house. Dad has never been very talkative so apart from the initial greeting and obligatory question of how school had been and my equally non-informative answer we travelled the majority of the journey in silence. Dad helped me inside with my trunk and then was out the door going back to the university to do some more work. Mum would be out until late in the evening at least tending the sick and dying so I did my usual thing on returning home from school. I unpacked my trunk and took all the clothes I had in it and those I had worn to get home in and put the lot in the washing machine and set it off. It had become a sort of ritual with me over the years. I would unpack the trunk in my room and put all the clothes into a bundle using a shirt to wrap around them. Then I would carry that bundle down stairs to the scullery and stuff them in the washing machine. I would then strip off and stuff those clothes in the washing machine and start it up. From the scullery I would make a tour of the house stopping in every room to stroke my cock a bit to keep it hard so that I could say that I had had a hard on in every room of my house. That included my parent's studies and their bedroom ending up in their énsuite bathroom where I would lie down on the floor and jerk myself to an orgasm. I would then have a shower in their shower and dry using one of their towels. Somehow this made sure that my cock was hard again as I left their room to spend most of the day naked and mostly hard. Usually I would cum at least two more times on that first day at home, only getting dressed when it was close to the time I could expect one of my parents to get home. A few times I had had to make a very quick dash upstairs to get some clothes on when I heard them arriving back earlier than I had expected.

That evening while I was still waiting for my parents to get home I phoned my friend who lived in the same town. We had gone to the same junior school together, but now that I was a boarder we were in different schools. He lived several miles from me and so after a bit of chatting we arranged to meet on the Monday of the holidays at the cinema to watch a film. We would both have to catch a bus in but as we were on different routes it was easier to meet outside the cinema than anywhere else.

When my mum got home she asked me to help her with preparing the meal and we talked quite a bit about what had been happening in each of our lives. At some point she asked, "Has something changed at school Delmar? You seem to have a different attitude towards things."

"Yeah, well a couple of the guys in the dorm now seem to want to be friends rather than just users." I had told my parents a tiny bit about how the guys just used me to help them when they wanted it but weren't really friendly otherwise so telling her as much as I did was not going to invoke an inquisition that might get the real truth out.

"Oh, that's nice. I hope it does work out because I know it has been quite tough for you with the rest of the dorm not being very friendly. What has brought about this change?" mum asked.

"I don't really know. Daffyd said he had suddenly realised how horrible he had been towards me and felt really guilty and asked me if I would forgive him." I told mum.

"Maybe he saw it happening to someone else or saw a film of something like that which opened his eyes a bit." Mum suggested.

"Maybe, anyway, it is quite nice to have someone to talk to but I am just a bit wary in case it is an elaborate hoax. I will see how it is when I get back next week." I said.

Both parents worked on Saturday but promised me that Sunday was a day to go out and have lunch in a café and then a nice meal in a pub or restaurant in the evening. This didn't surprise me at all because it was pretty much what happened every half term break. Two O'clock Sunday morning my precious sleep was jangled away from me as the telephone rang. At that time in the morning it sounded incredibly loud but it was quickly answered by one of my parents on the extension in their bedroom. If I had been asleep the need would have lasted till much later but now that I was awake the pressure in my bladder demanded my attention and I walked through to the bathroom that I used when at home. I heard mum telling whoever it was that had called that she would be there in half an hour and I knew there was some serious emergency at the hospital. They didn't call mum unless it was a life or death situation. I knew I was in for a more tiring and boring day as it would most likely be just me and dad. And sociology is the most boring of subjects there is and pretty much the only thing dad can talk about. At least I had Monday to look forward to.

I was right. Sunday was diabolical. If dad and I said two hundred words between us the whole day it was a lot. We agreed to forgo the meal in a pub and just get some takeaways on the way home. At least then I could find something on the tele to occupy my mind. When we got home there was message from mum on the answer machine telling us that she would most likely not be home for some time as the case was very serious. Mum never talked about patients, they were all cases. I never did find out why.

Monday when I woke up I had the house to myself again as both parents were at work. I don't think mum even came home. With serious cases she often would just make use of a quiet room at the hospital to catch up on some sleep. She kept changes of clothing there and used hospital uniform when on the wards. I relieved my bladder in the bathroom and left the briefs I had slept in in the wash box there and headed downstairs, once again naked, to find some brunch. It was only when I got in the kitchen and saw the clock above the sink that I realised I had read my watch wrong and needed to really shift it if I was to get to meet Gavin in time. So my toast and coffee and a bowl of mixed grain cereal gave way to a couple of cereal bars held in the hand and chewed on as I mounted the steps and headed straight to my room to choose some clothing to wear. I was going to have to make up for it later; possibly some fast food with Gavin after the movie. My shower was almost as quick as the ones I had had to get in at school and I was thankful that I had shaved before going out with dad the day before. As it was I had to sprint the last thirty yards to catch the bus. Sitting on the bus, I checked my watch and knew that now I would be on time and would have to wait a few minutes for Gavin to get join me as his bus ran a bit later than mine.

I was standing outside the cinema doors when I heard my name called by a voice that was familiar but not from my home town. The second time I heard "Del?" called I turned to look at what I thought was my ears deceiving me. Walking towards me, with a grin that practically split his face was Daffyd Morgan. "Shit! It is you." He said as I turned to face him

"Daff? What are …?" for once I was caught unawares and unable to think fast enough to put my question into words.

"Del, is this your hometown?" Daffyd asked.

"Yeah, but what are you doing here?" I answered.

"I live here too now. That's why my parents picked me up. While I was at school they up and moved towns. They didn't tell me so that it would be a surprise. Surprise? Shit I have to unpack my whole room and I don't know what is in which box because they had movers come in and pack for them. And I got into shit because the spare key for my bedroom seems to be missing." Daffyd said.

"Del, hi," Gavin said as he arrived.

"Hi Gav. This is Daffyd. He's in my dorm at school and his folks have just moved his ass into our patch." I said using terminology I never normally used but tried it out to hopefully put both the guys at ease. But then I noticed that Gavin was not looking the way I expected. He had dark shadows under his eyes and his face was pale. "Is something wrong Gav?" I asked.

"Yeah! You know my little brother, he's had something go wrong inside his head and they don't even know if he will live." Gavin told me and I noticed the moisture of tears glistening in his eyes.

"Oh shit! I'm sorry. When did this happen?" I pulled Gavin into a hug which was something we had not really done before but something told me he needed it.

"Saturday. My folks woke me up and told me that Mike was being rushed to hospital. Dad came home sometime on Sunday and said that it was bad and he was getting some things ready to take back to mum at the hospital. He's in the intensive care and they won't let me in to see him, only mum and dad." Gavin told us.

"Look, I don't know you but that has got to be hard to handle. Maybe you need to be alone with Del." Daffyd said.

"No! don't go. We were going to see a film but maybe we should just go somewhere that we can talk. Stay with us. Gav probably could do with someone else to talk to." I said. It might have been a bit selfish but I wanted to at least have the chance to arrange to meet up with Daffyd again during the half term break. The only way to do that would be to swap telephone numbers and I couldn't do that straight away.

Gavin clearly was not in a position to cope with a film and so we headed off to a little corner store and bought some cokes and crisps and then walked a bit further to a small park which was called a 'green'. Finding a bench we sat down on it and began to talk.

Gavin started, "Mike got home from his friends on Saturday afternoon and told mum that he had a bit of a headache and was going to lie down until supper. When the food was ready mum sent me to go and fetch him and he was lying in his bed with his eyes shut but with tears running down his face. I talked to him and he just said something like 'it hurts; it hurts bad'. I ran to the top of the stairs and shouted for mum and they came running up and then dad went out to buy some headache pills and Mike took those and went back to sleep. I went to bed quite early and next thing mum was shaking me to tell me that an ambulance was coming to take Mike to hospital as he was just getting worse. Mum went with him in the ambulance and Dad and I went in the car. When we got there they wouldn't let me through with mum and dad so dad phoned our neighbour and had him come and pick me up and take me home. Do you know what it is like to just sit there not knowing anything? The same neighbour ran me back to the hospital yesterday and left me there. I eventually found where my parents and Mike were but they still wouldn't let me in and all dad has said is that it is bad and the doctors can't say what is going to happen. There's some woman doctor there who seems to be in charge and when she has talked with dad she seems to be nice and caring but still was shaking her head a lot and looking very sad."

"Does that woman doctor look like this?" I asked getting my wallet out where I had a picture of my parents with their names and telephone numbers on the back. It was my parent's idea of making sure I had some sort of emergency contact on me should I ever get run over by a bus or something. Although we had been friends for a long time, because of the hours' mum works, Gavin had never met her, or stayed over at my house.

"Yes, is she your mum?" Gavin asked.

I nodded. "She is a neurologist and I can promise you that she is doing her best for Mike. She is good too." I tried to reassure Gavin.

"Your mum is a fucking neurologist. No wonder you're so brainy." Daffyd got in.

"And his dad's a fucking top professor at the uni." Gavin told Daffyd. It seemed that he was almost relieved to have the subject changed.

We chatted for a couple of minutes when Daffyd said something about the dorm which caused Gavin to realise that Daffyd was one of the guys from my dorm. "Hey, what's with this? You telling me that this guy is one of the arseholes from your dorm who has been nothing but shit to you for years and here you are seemingly friends? I don't understand."

"Things have changed a bit this term. It's a long story and I can't really tell you anything just yet. I will try to explain it later." I said.

"Let's just say that something happened which made me realise just how much of an arsehole I've been and now I'm trying to do what I can to change things." Daffyd told Gavin.

"Are you telling me that in all those years you never once looked at what you were doing and thought about how Del might feel?" Gavin asked and his tone told both Daffyd and me that he was not accepting what we had told him.

"I am totally ashamed to admit that I never thought of what Del was feeling until a couple of weeks ago. I was so concerned about how I would look in front of the others that I just went along with them and did my share of the bullying. But these last two weeks have been kind of bitter-sweet. The sweet has been seeing Del released from his suffering to some degree and having a chance to take some revenge. The bitter has been how I feel about myself and what I have done. I know I can never undo what I did, nor repay Del for it. But I am going to do what I can to try and make sure he doesn't get mistreated in the dorm ever again." Daffyd said.

"Listen this is not the time for this. I have forgiven Daffyd because of what he has done in these last two weeks. Sometime we might give you details but right now I can't and I think there is a more important thing we need to try and sort out." I said.

"What do you mean?" Gavin asked.

"Let's go back to my place, and I will try and get hold of mum and see if she can get them to let you see Mike." I said.

"And I'll get to see where you live. I wonder if it is close to my house." Daffyd said.

"But then I'll have to catch the bus back into town to get my own bus home." Gavin said.

"Well I had thought I might see if dad will be around in time and able to give you a lift home or to the hospital." I told Gavin. "If not I'll ride with you and then come back by myself."

"Or maybe all three of us will ride together." Daffyd added.

We made our way to the main bus terminus and I headed straight for the stand where my bus would leave from. "What route are you on?" Daffyd asked.

"We will catch a number forty-seven bus." I told him.

"Well fuck me over a barrel. That's the same bus I catch." Daffyd said. "I get off at the second stop on Finksbury Road. Where do you get off?"

"The second stop on Finksbury Road." I said smiling.

"Okay this is weird. Our house is number four Shetland Close. Is that near you?" Daffyd asked.

"Almost in spitting distance. Turn left out of the close into Finksbury, cross the road and then turn right into Kintyre close and we are at the end of the cul-de-sac; number seven." I told him.

"That is some bloody coincidence. How did you end up getting that house?" Gavin asked.

"I'm not sure. I think the company got it for us. They wanted dad to move here pretty fast." Daffyd said.

We paused our conversation as we boarded the bus and bought our tickets. Like all teens we headed straight to the back of the bus and sat down on the very back seat. As we travelled to my house Daffyd explained that his father had been travelling to the factory from the head office for several weeks and had discovered some very shady deals going on between the factory management and some of the customers which was costing the company thousands of pounds a month. Once Daffyd's dad had got sufficient evidence the dishonest managers had been arrested and his dad had been asked to take over running the factory. The deal they offered included a house so that the family could move quickly to help his dad to be able to devote his time and effort to sorting out the factory rather than commuting.

Getting off at the second stop, we quickly walked the short way to my house. I pointed out to Gavin the close that Daffyd's house was on as we passed it. Once inside I led the other two to the kitchen and got out some glasses and showed them where the juice was inviting them to help themselves while I tried to phone mum. Luck was with me and she was able to take the call straight away. I explained to her why I was calling and being able to name the patient let her know that I was not mistaken. Mum told me that Mike's situation was very poor and if the treatment they were trying did not work by the evening they were going to have to operate which would be very risky. Mum told me that she would need to get permission from Gavin's parents first and to wait for her to call me back.

I went back to the kitchen and paused outside it when I heard Daffyd and Gavin talking to each other. As I neared the door I heard Gavin say, "Del's a great guy and if I ever hear that you have hurt him again in any way I will come after you."

"I don't think I've got the guts to hurt him again. Not after what all we have done to him for so long. I'm going to have that haunting me for the rest of my life." Daffyd told Gavin.

"Mum's going to see what she can do and will call me back soon." I said as I walked through the door.

"Did she tell you anything more about Mike?" Gavin asked anxiously.

"All she said was that he was in a bad way. But you know that she can't discuss her patients with me. It's only because I could tell her who her patient was that she told me that much." I told him.

"Shit this is so hard." Gavin said and both Daffyd and I could see the glisten of tears in his eyes. I walked over to him and because I was standing his head was at my chest level and I just pulled him into a hug and held him there. A few moments later I felt the shudder of his body and the dampness as his tears wet my shirt.

"I wish I could say that it is going to be alright, but I don't know and I can't make that promise to you but I'm here and will do what I can to help you." I said softly.

Daffyd got up and moved over to us and put his hand on Gavin's shoulder. "I can't make any promises but someone whose been the friend of Del for many years deserves what I can do to help, too." He said.

I held Gavin for what must have been about five minutes before he pulled back and with red rimmed eyes looked up at me and smiled his thanks. "I'm sorry, I feel like a baby."

"Having strong feelings is not being a baby. If that is the case then I'm a baby too because it was not that long ago that I was also crying." I said.

"What do you mean?" Gavin asked.

"The way some of the guys had treated me that day took me to the lowest I've ever been and I cried. Ask Daffyd, he saw me." I told Gavin.

"That was what made me realise how shit we had been toward Del. It takes a lot to make a sixteen year old guy cry and four of our dorm had piled enough on him that day to do it." Daffyd confirmed.

"Shit! It got as bad as that?" Gavin asked.

I was saved further questions by the ringing of the telephone. I dashed to the hall and answered it. I listened for a bit as mum told me that they would let Gavin in to see Mike for a little bit but that he needed to get to the hospital quickly as they were going to start prepping Mike for surgery, rather than waiting till later to make a decision. "It will take some time as we are at home and will need to get a bus into town and then another one out to the hospital." I told her.

"No, I will send a taxi and when you get to the hospital go straight to the reception and I will leave some money with them to pay the taxi. I'll use the company that helps me when I feel too tired to drive." Mum told me.

"Can I tell him that they are going to operate?" I asked mum.

"I think you had better so that he has some time to get over the shock of it." Mum said.

"Okay, thanks mum, you're the best." I said and hung up. Back in the kitchen I told the guys that a taxi was coming as there was not enough time to do the buses, as they needed to begin to prep Mike for surgery.

"Surgery?" Gavin almost shouted, "What's wrong?"

"I don't know but it seems he has not responded to the treatment as they expected and they need to do an operation." I told him.

"Oh shit! Where's that fucking taxi?" Gavin was beginning to get a bit agitated.

Daffyd wrapped his arm around Gavin's shoulder and said, "I'm sure the taxi will be here soon, but you need to get to grips with yourself. It sounds like your brother is very sick and he needs to see a strong brother there for him."

I was beginning to like Daffyd more and more. Here he was with a guy who he had only met a couple of hours earlier, who had threatened him quite strongly and he was just trying to help.

"Daffyd is right, Gav. But we'll be with you to help you, okay?" I said

"Yeah, yeah. Thanks guys. This is just so strange for me." Gavin apologised.

"It's okay. This is strange for us too and all we want is to see you okay." I comforted.

Mum's taxi company must have had one in the area because we did not have to wait more than five minutes when there was the parp of the taxi hooter outside the house.

"Do you want me to come with you guys or would it be better if I just go home?" Daffyd asked.

"I think it would be nice if you could come, but it's really Gav's decision." I said.

"Please come. I might need more than two shoulders." Gavin said.

"Okay, then, let's go." I said and we headed out the door.

As we piled into the taxi the driver asked, "I'm taking you to the hospital where your mum works, right?"

"Yeah, and as quick as you can please." I confirmed.

"Is this an emergency?" the driver asked.

"We don't know for sure but Gav's little brother is in intensive care and needs to be operated on. Gav needs to see him first." I said.

"Okay, I'll do my best." The driver said and pulled away from the curb. He certainly did do his best and got us to the hospital very quickly. I told him there was money at reception and I would just go and get it. "Don't worry. I'll get it off you mother the next time I give her a ride. Just tell her it was twelve pounds and eighty pence. You get your friend to his brother."

We all thanked him and ran inside. I still had to go to reception to find out where to go and they gave me the twenty pound note that mum had left with them and then directed us where to go. When we got to the intensive care suite there was a lounge and Gavin's parents were sitting in there. I guess they were waiting for Gavin to get there. Gavin went straight to his parents and I was about to try and find out what I could when mum walked through a set of doors which clearly led into the unit.

"Delmar, that was quick? You must be Gavin, your parents are in the lounge." Mum said.

"No mum, Gavin is with his parents, this is Daffyd from my school, he's just moved into town and was with me when I met Gavin." I told her.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Well you two will have to wait out here. You will not be allowed in I'm afraid." Mum told us. She kind of ushered us into the lounge.

As we entered Gavin's parents stood up and looked at mum with questions written all over their faces. "You must be Gavin." Mum said with some assurance now. When Gavin nodded, she continued, "Mr. Giovani is of the same opinion as me but is just doing a couple of final checks before making his decision. When he has finished I will take Gavin in to see Michael. Mr. Giovani is one of the best and most respected neurosurgeons in the United Kingdom. Michael could not be in better hands for the surgery. But with all surgery there is always a risk and in surgery of this nature that risk is greater." Mum told them.

"But Mike's going to be alright isn't he?" Gavin asked.

"Michael is very, very sick. I can't promise you that but I can promise that we will all do our very best to help him." Mum told Gavin.

Mr. Giovani entered the room and mum explained how us three teens happened to be there. "Well, Mr. and Mrs. Wisbech, and Gavin, I have to tell you that I concur with Dr. Butterworth's assessment of Michael. The Angiogram shows that there is something pressing onto the brain and we need to try and remove this. This means that we will have to open his skull and then make a decision on exactly what we do once we can see what it is that is causing the problem. This sort of operation can take anything up to eight or nine hours and we will begin as soon as the theatre has been prepared. This means we need to start prepping Michael soon. I'm sure you are aware that there is a great element of risk with any neurosurgery and we can never predict what the outcome will be, but I can tell you that is my opinion that surgery is the only thing that will give your son a chance to live."

"Gavin this means we need to get you in to see Michael right away. If you will come with me I will get you suited up." Mum told Gavin and held out a hand to lead him off. Gavin meekly took that hand and as he passed both Daffyd and myself we gave him a quick squeeze on the shoulder.

Mr. Giovani then continued. "I'm sure you'll want a few more minutes with Michael then we must start to prepare him for the surgery. Once we start that you will not be able to see him until after the surgery is completed. That will be a minimum of six hours so as difficult as it seems, may I suggest you go home and try to rest a bit. Have a shower or bath and then come back here. If we think you need to be back sooner than that we will let you know. You boys will be needed very much by your friend. Just being there with him will be a great help.

Gavin's father then spoke for the first time. "Thank you doctor, we can only hope and pray." Then turning towards me he said, "Thank you Delmar for bringing Gavin here. And I'm sorry but I don't believe I have met you." He said turning towards Daffyd.

"No, we haven't. My name's Daffyd and I only met Gavin today. I am at school with Del and we have just moved into the town recently." Daffyd explained.

"Well thank you too." Mr. Wisbech said. Then he put his hand around his wife and they pulled their face masks over their mouths. They were already gowned up having been inside the unit with Michael before Mr. Giovani came to do his examination.

When Gavin came back out with his parents the expression on his face was on of utter despair. He walked straight over to me and Daffyd and we pulled him into a group hug. Once again the tears began to flow and between sobs he told us, "He looks so small and helpless." And after a bit more, "All those tubes and wires …" We just pulled him in tighter

Mum came into the room and told us they were beginning to prepare Mike for the surgery and suggested that we all go home. I held out the twenty pound note and explained that the taxi driver said he would get the fee off mum the next time he gave her a ride.

"I know we're going home but I doubt any of us are going to be able to sleep and I think Gavin could do with some extra support, would you boys mind coming home with us and staying with Gavin, please?" Mrs. Wisbech asked us.

I looked over at mum who nodded her head 'okay' and then answered, "Sure I'll be there." I answered.

"I'll have to check with my parents first but I'm sure they will be okay with it, if Gavin wants me to come." Daffyd said.

"Please." Gavin asked looking desperately at both Daffyd and me.

Mum took Daffyd to make the call and a few minutes later he came back and we left with Gavin. The ride home was done in almost complete silence. Gavin's mum asked if we were hungry and I offered to get some food ready explaining that I could at least butter bread and spread jam.

"And I can boil a kettle." Daffyd answered which got the other three grinning.

"Come and show us where to find things." I said to Gavin grabbing him by the shoulder.

"Thank you boys, I'm going to get a shower and would love a cuppa when I'm done." Gavin's mum said.

The three of us headed into the kitchen and began to get some food sorted. As we were working Gavin asked, "So, Daffyd are you also a homo?"

"What? What do you mean, also?" I asked.

"Come on Del; you have been bent for as long as I've known you." Gavin said.

"Wait a moment, how can you say that? Del has shared the dorm with me for four years and I never saw that in him." Daffyd said.

"You were not his friend. I am and have seen the way he has looked at me and the effect it has had on him. Del, why do you think I used to put my socks on first when we were getting dressed in the morning. I've seen you eyeing out my body and having to adjust yourself when you've looked at my cock." Gavin said.

"Why have you never said anything before?" I asked.

"Because you're my best friend and I love you. No, I'm straight and I have no sexual attraction towards you, but I do still love you as a brother." Gavin said smiling at me.

"So why have you let me look at you like that?" I asked.

"Because it made me feel good. I like having people admire my body and you are the only one who I could show off all of it too. And I know it gives you some pleasure too." Gavin explained.

"Weren't you worried that I might make a move on you?" I asked.

"Never. If you were going to make a move on me you would have done it long ago when we were wrestling or taking a shower together when we were younger. I trust you." Gavin said.

"You are a true mate." I said and gave Gavin a hug.

"So are you going to answer my question Daffyd?"

"Well, if you had asked me that two weeks ago I would have said definitely not. But after some of what's gone on I don't know for sure." Daffyd answered. I looked at him with an unspoken question in my eyes. "If Gavin has kept your secret even from you maybe we should tell him what all went on."

"He might still hit you if you don't begin by telling him first what you did at the end." I answered.

"I just tried to get some of the other guys to turn around with me." Daffyd said.

"No you offered to take my place for those photographs so that Adia would get rid of the ones he had of me." I reminded him.

"Okay, if I promise not to hit him till you've told me everything will you begin at the beginning. My head's reeling already?" Gavin asked.

"Yeah okay, but it had better wait till we've all eaten and can be somewhere private." Daffyd said, "it is a rather long story."

After we had all eaten together in a rather muted atmosphere, which was understandable, Gavin said he was going for a shower and invited Daffyd and me to wait for him in his room. He did not take long and soon came back to his room wrapped in just a towel.

"I think you are going to get to see what I've admired for some years." I told Daffyd and Gavin just looked at me and smiled as he faced us and dropped his towel. Daffyd gave a soft whistle and my cock did its usual chubbing up at the sight. I did not even try to hide the growing bulge in my jeans and I saw Gavin look and he smiled again.

"I've still got it haven't I?" he asked. What we were looking at was a very handsome guy with nicely shaped pectorals and a bit of a washboard but not overly muscled. His limp cock hung down over his balls and was framed by a tidy bush of untrimmed black hair; with a thin treasure trail leading up to his navel. He had a tiny pucker of skin extending over the glans which made his cock look slightly longer than its limp four and half inches.

"Even before you started developing you had it. But I must admit I would like to see it hard as well." I admitted.

"I can see why Del gets a bit excited." Daffyd agreed.

"Okay, so spill the beans now. Daffyd I think you had better tell me because I have heard some stuff from Del before." Gavin said as he sat down, still naked and facing us, on the chair by his desk, but he did pick up his towel and carry on drying his hair while Daffyd began to talk.

Daffyd started off describing pretty much the things I had already told Gavin but gave a bit more detail, like being made to wait naked in the shower room until the hot water ran out and only having a few minutes to get my shower in before the water was turned off. He also told him about how they would mess with my bed from time to time and how one time they had taken out the base and used some strings which only gave way after lights out and I ended up having to sleep on the floor for the night. Then he got onto the start of the term and my popping up in their dorm photograph. He went on to tell Gavin about their planning and scheming as to how they were going to get me back for that and the details they worked out for it when they had come up with a plan. He even explained that they had some practice runs with one of the others standing in for me. That confirmed to me that they had really planned it carefully which told me that I had had little chance of ever escaping it. Even the 'dura et pulsans' phrase had been planned in. Daffyd left no details out as he talked and occasionally he would put his hand on my leg as we were sitting side by side on Gavin's bed. This comforting gesture was not lost on Gavin either. When Daffyd described how I had been forced to either relieve their sexual needs in the way each of them chose or be outed I saw Gavin's fists clench so tight that his knuckles whitened. But he kept to his promise not to hit Daffyd. Then Daffyd told him about Whitworth forcing me to let Adia take photographs and then give the guy a blowjob he was quick to point out that this was not something he had been involved in until after the fact. He also made sure that Gavin was aware that he had known nothing of the plans of the four cuntets when they did their thing with me. "But that is what made me look at things differently. Del came in the dorm and I was the only other one there. I don't know if he even realised I was there. He sat down on his bed facing away from me but I could tell he was fighting back tears and it was when he lost that battle that I went over to him and saw the state those four had left him in. I was shocked and then very ashamed that I had had a part in getting us to that point where we were being worse than animals."

I interrupted at that point and told Gavin about Daffyd going and getting a bucket of water and using his own face cloth to clean me and help me and then giving me a blow job so that he could feel what it was like to have to do what they had been forcing me to do. I also repeated the bit about Daffyd going to Adia and trying to make a deal to get the photographs back. I explained that Daffyd didn't know then that Adia had already given me the photographs.

"But before that all happened, I sent Del out the dorm and waited for the others to come back and faced them with what had happened and how I felt about it. That split the dorm in two with four of us agreeing to stop the abuse and four saying they wouldn't so I went to see Adia about that too." Daffyd said, and went on to explain about the photographs that I now held which I was using to keep them all off my back. We told Gavin about the trick I had played on them over the shaving and he laughed at that.

When Daffyd finally finished telling the story, Gavin got up and still naked came over to Daffyd and held out his hand to shake Daffyd's hand. Once the two hands were gripped together Gavin pulled Daffyd to his feet and gave him a hug. "At one stage there I had to hold onto the chair to stop myself getting up and planting you one. But to offer to give another guy a blow job or more as payment to take the pressure off of another person goes a long way in my books. Like with Del, I don't care if you are homo or not, I hope we can be friends. And just keep looking after this guy at school for me."

"Gav, please put some clothes on before I lose control." I asked and let him see that my jeans were still bulged.

Quick as a flash he reached down and gave my hard cock a squeeze and said, "Dura et pulsans." And then he let go and we all had a good laugh as he pulled some clean clothes on.

"So am I really the only guy you have been naked in front of?" I asked.

"The only one until Daffyd here that I have lounged around with naked. Others at the school have seen me naked when I have changed for some sports. And you are the only guy that I have ever shared a shower with." He confirmed.

"Perhaps it was a good job we still thought our cocks were only for pissing out of back then or we might not now still be friends." I said.

"I dunno so much about that. If you remember we became friends the moment we first met that first day of term at school. My lace came undone and you helped me to tie it because I still didn't know how to tie laces yet and you did but you didn't tease me about it. Three other guys teased me all day about it but you just said you would show me how to do it. And ever since then you have helped me out with my problems excepting one." Gavin said.

"What is that one?" Daffyd asked.

"Getting a girl to go to bed with me." Gavin said grinning.

"Well I don't have any experience of that so don't really know how I could help you." I answered.

"With that body and cock I'm surprised they aren't lined up at the door." Daffyd said. "Do you have a girl friend at the moment?"

"There is one but she doesn't know it yet." Gavin said and blushed.

"Shit are you telling me that the age of sixteen you are still so shy you haven't yet asked a girl out?" I asked.

"Sweet sixteen and never been kissed." Gavin answered still blushing.

"So you have only had your hand as your friend all that time?" I asked.

"Yep. That's about it." Gavin said.

"Well maybe we can try and do something about it. Who is this girl and what's her telephone number?" I asked.

"Her name is Gail and she is really beautiful with one of the best smiles I have ever seen. But I don't know her telephone number." Gavin said.

"Do you know where she lives?" Daffyd asked.

"The closest I can get is that she lives somewhere in this town." Gavin answered.

"But you do know her surname, right?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's Thomson without a P." Gavin told us.

"So what we now need is a phone directory and a street map. I reckon she will have to live in the area around your school so we look for all the Thomson's who are busting for a piss who live close to the school and then we see if we can stake out a house or two and see if she makes an appearance." I said.

"And then what?" Gavin asked.

"Shit give me some time man! I haven't got that far in the plan. Have you got a street map and a directory?" I asked.

"We've got a directory, but I don't know about a street map." Gavin said.

"We've got one at home." Daffyd offered.

"So do we but neither of us is at our home." I observed.

"Okay, I'll go and ask." Gavin said.

Gavin was back in the room with the telephone directory in less than a minute. "I can't ask. Mum and dad are asleep on the couch together. I didn't want to wake them." He told us.

"Well we can at least see how many Thomson's we might have to deal with." I said and took the directory out of Gavin's hand.

"Why hasn't the hospital phoned yet?" Gavin asked. Seeing his parents sitting side by side on the couch asleep had reminded him of the situation.

"They said it would be at least six hours and it has only been four hours since then. And it might take even longer depending on how things go and what they find." I said.

Daffyd pulled the book out of my hands and said, "At least one thing, if they haven't phoned that means they are still working and while they are doing that there is still hope."

"You know that they have them all naked and uncovered in that place?" Gavin said.

"Those people are so sick that if the doctors and nurses need to take action they don't need the delay of getting through clothes and things. Mum explained that to me once when I saw a bit of film on it on the tele." I told him. "They also usually keep the patients sedated so that they are not really aware of being on display to all who go past their bed. I'm guessing Mike was asleep?"

"Yeah, your mum told me he was sedated but might be aware of my voice so I needed to talk to him like I always would. That was hard because my voice was so shaky. You know he had a tube down his nose, and these electric things attached to his head and his chest and also his wrists and ankles. There was even a tube into his cock." Gavin said and shuddered. Once again near to tears.

"I can explain some of those things from looking at mum's medical books and having her tell me about them. That's far more interesting than dad's sociology or philosophy. The tube into his cock is a catheter. It goes right up into his bladder and is just helping to drain his piss out so he doesn't wet the bed. The electrodes on his head will be for an EEG which measures the brain wave activity. The electrodes on his chest, wrists and ankles are for an ECG which is keeping a check on his heart. He probably also had a needle or two into his arm or the back of his hand and some tubes connected to that with a drip putting fluid into his body. The tube down his nose is probably oxygen." I told him.

"I'm afraid we have quite a bit of looking to do. There are about fifteen Thomson's in this directory." Daffyd advised us.

"Hopefully we will be able to narrow it down with the street map. Do you know if she gets a bus to school or gets dropped off or what?" I asked.

"She walks to school most days, but whether that is because she gets dropped off close by and just walks the last bit or walks the whole way I don't know." Gavin told us.

"Well if she doesn't get a school bus we can work on the premise that she lives within three miles of the school so we can begin with any of them whose address fits with that and see where go from there." I said.

"Give me a pen and paper and I will write down all the addresses and phone numbers and then when we get a map we can begin to look at which ones fit." Daffyd offered.

Gavin pulled a drawer of his desk open and pulled out a pen and then got some paper out of the next drawer down. "There you go," he told Daffyd turning the chair back to face the desk. It did not take Daffyd long to make the list which turned out to only have fourteen names.

"I think we should try and play a game or something to help make the time go faster." I suggested.

"What do you want to play? And don't say strip poker!" Gavin said.

"Well we could play strip general knowledge and that way I can be pretty sure to get you both naked for me to drool over." I said teasingly.

"We could play some sort of card game if you have cards or maybe a board game." Daffyd suggested.

"So no truth or dare?" I asked.

"That would make it a bit one-sided because you and I already know pretty much all there is to know about each other." Gavin said.

We ended up choosing to play Risk in favour of Monopoly and soon got quite engrossed in the strategy. This actually took our minds off the reason we were sitting around, now late at night and not trying to go to sleep until our concentration was broken by the ringing of the phone. Gavin was up and out the room so fast we didn't have time to register that he had moved. But he did not get down the stairs before his father had picked up the receiver and was talking. Daffyd and I moved to wait at the top of the stairs and shortly after the call came through we heard Mr. Wisbech say, "Thank you we will be there as soon as we can." Then he turned to his wife and Gavin and put his arms around them. "He's come through the surgery okay and they think he has a good chance of making a full recovery. He is back in Intensive Care but we can go and see him."

"Go and get your friends. We need to go back to the hospital." Mrs. Wisbech said and then just kissed her husband as the tears of relief ran down her cheeks.

Gavin called up the stairs to us and we answered by starting down the stairs. The relief in the air was palpable as we got into the car and began the journey back to the hospital. At the hospital all five of us walked fast to get to the Intensive Care Unit as quickly as we could and mum met us there and took Gavin and his parents in to get gowned and masked so that they could see Mike again, leaving Daffyd and myself alone in the waiting room. We must have sat in silence for about half an hour; each involved in our own thoughts.

"Do you think your mum would let you sleep at my place tonight?" Daffyd asked.

"Probably, I guess, why?" I asked.

"I think I need to spend some alone time with you to work out what I am." Daffyd answered.

Before I could respond the Wisbech's returned all looking much happier even though there was still a long way to go before the medical staff would say if Mike was out of the woods or not.

"Boys, thank you for being with Gavin. I think it was a great help to him. It looks like Michael has a chance now and we are going to stay for a few hours at least in the hope that he will wake up in that time, but I think you two need to go home and get some sleep." Gavin's mum said.

"Yes. I will get a taxi for you. Do you live near us Daffyd?" mum asked.

"Quite close, I can walk home from your house. But can Del stay over at my house please?" Daffyd asked.

"I have no problem with that as long as he wants to, but you'd better check with your father as he is home alone at the moment." Mum said.

"If dad says no, can Daff stay round ours if dad agrees to that instead?" I asked.

"As I probably will not be getting home till some time tomorrow I have no problem with that." Mum said and handed me back the twenty pound note I had returned to her with the taxi driver's message. "You probably will not get the same driver again, but if you do you had better have a bit more so you can pay him for both trips." And mum handed me a tenner. She then called the taxi and told us where to meet him outside the hospital building.

Dad had no problem with me staying at Daffyd's house for the night as that would leave him in peace and quiet to continue to study. I never did work out how he found so much to study on as he must have known his subject like the back of his hand with all the years he had been teaching it. I packed a back pack and grabbed a sleeping bag as Daffyd wasn't sure if that sort of thing had been unpacked yet and we headed out for the five minute walk it would take us to get to his house. As we were walking I asked him, "How exactly is my staying with you going to help you to find yourself?"

"I don't really know, but I thought that we probably could both do with a bit of company after the tension of today. By the way, I'm a bit jealous of Gavin." Daffyd said.

"Jealous? Why?" I asked.

"Because he is a neat guy who has treated you in the way I should have but didn't. He knows you better than I know you and is much more of a friend than I am. I just hope his brother pulls through okay because I can see that he really loves the guy." Daffyd said.

"You wouldn't have thought that last break. Then he was complaining constantly about his pesky little brother who got in the way all the time and was demanding Gavin's attention whenever they were together." I told Daffyd.

"Well you and I don't have little brothers but I understand that they can be troublesome but usually when the chips are down the truth comes through. That is what I think has happened with Gavin." Daffyd said.

"Oh, yes, I agree with that. No matter how much Gav complained about Mike I could always see that there was a level of love between them that overshadowed the annoyance." I said.

We arrived at Daffyd's home and he let himself in with his key. Seeing there were still lights on in the sitting room he led the way there and found his parents watching television. "Hi mum, dad, I'm home and I've got Del with me, is it alright if he stays the night, please?"

"Hello son, and did he say 'Del'?" Daffyd's mum asked.

"Yes, short for Delmar. Hello Mrs. Morgan, Mr. Morgan." I responded.

"Well the spare room isn't set up yet so he will have to have your bed and you can sleep on the floor or on the couch." Mrs. Morgan said.

"I've got a double bed mum and Del's got a sleeping bag to use so we can both share the bed." Daffyd said.

"Well if Delmar's okay with that." His mum agreed for me to stay.

"So, now let me get this straight. Going on the information Daffyd gave us in the phone call, I'm guessing you are his friend from school and it is your friend that is very sick?" Mr. Morgan asked.

"Yes, partly, I am from the same school, but it is my friend's younger brother who is very sick." I told him.

"Oh well I didn't do too badly then from one rather garbled phone call." Daffyd's father said smiling.

"Well it was a rather stressful time." I said, defending my friend. "And I think we can cope with sharing the bed."

"How is the young brother?" Mrs. Morgan asked.

"He came through the surgery okay and the doctors are hopeful of a full recovery but he had not come out of the anaesthetic before we left." Daffyd said.

"Okay, you can phone his brother tomorrow morning when you wake up and see how things are going and I could run you back to the hospital if you would like as I am not going to look for work for a few weeks at least. But Daffyd remember you have promised to help me out a bit this week." Daffyd's mum told us.

"I could help too if you want." I offered. "I only live around the corner."

"Thank you that is very kind of you." Mrs. Morgan said.

"The two of them would probably be better at shifting some of the furniture around and lugging the bigger boxes to where you want them." Daffyd's father agreed.

"But not tonight. We are about to go off to bed. If you two want to make yourself something to drink go ahead and help yourselves so long as it doesn't involve alcohol." Mrs. Morgan told us and smiled to show that she was teasing about the alcohol.

"Thanks mum, I think we might just get a cool drink and head off to bed too." Daffyd said. Which is exactly what we did. Daffyd's parents turned the television off and went upstairs where we could hear them moving about getting ready for bed. Daffyd led me to the kitchen to get a drink and then took me off to the other side of the house and showed me through a door. I entered a short passage which led to his room. "My folks gave me a choice of this room or one upstairs but before I could make a decision dad took me aside and asked me to choose this room so that he could have a study upstairs as mum wanted the guest room upstairs too. But this is the room I was going to choose anyway. I have a shower and toilet here," Daffyd opened a door to a small en-suite bathroom, "And I have my own entrance too." Daffyd showed me a door in the far wall of his room that led out into the front yard.

"This is so cool. It's a really big house; your dad must be important to the company." I said.

"I think he has made himself important to them by uncovering the dishonest managers at the factory. Do you want to get in a shower before bed? I'll let you go first." Daffyd asked.

"We could go together if you want. After all it's not like we haven't showered together before." I suggested.

"I was hoping you would say that." Daffyd replied and began stripping off.

"Don't you want to close your curtains first?" I asked looking through the window onto the street. "I know it is a cul-de-sac but there are another nine houses on it and one of them might just be out for a walk."

"If you insist!" Daffyd said. He walked over to the window and drew the curtain and then pulled off his jeans leaving him standing in just his briefs. A few moments later and I was also in just my briefs and pulled them down before Daffyd got his down. I folded all my clothes and put them in a pile on his dresser.

"Uhm, I didn't bring a towel with me." I informed him.

"You could have told me that before I took my clothes off." Daffyd said beginning to pull his jeans back on without his briefs.

"Be careful of the zip." I warned.

Daffyd gave me a rude gesture and left the room. I could just make out the sounds as he climbed the stairs and then some muffled talk, probably as he explained to his mum or dad that he was getting a towel for me to use. A few minutes after he left he returned with a towel and handed it to me. I had just stayed naked and sat on his bed waiting for him. It did not take him long to be rid of his jeans again and the two of us stepped through the door into his bathroom. The shower did not have a cubicle and just sprayed onto the floor which sloped down to the drain. However, unlike the school showers where you had these wooden racks to stand on, the floor of his shower was stone that had a bit of a rough texture to give the feet a grip. Daffyd turned the water on and let it run for a little bit before he began to adjust the hot and cold to get it to a suitable temperature. He gestured for me to join him under the spray and I stepped up close to him.

"I didn't think to get you a face cloth so we will have to share this one if that is okay." He told me. I agreed as I could hardly ask him to dry off and pull jeans on again and go back upstairs just for a wash cloth. However, I was a bit put out when he proceeded to wet the cloth and use a bar of soap to build a nice lather on it thinking that as his guest he should have offered it to me first. But then he turned and began to wash my chest and I just stood there and let him do it. I found that act more comforting than anything else. "Ever since I helped you get the cum off you that day I have wanted to do this with you. I got so much out of washing you then and I needed to see if I felt the same again now. I do. I don't know if I'm a homo or maybe bi-sexual but I do know that I have feelings for you that I don't have for any other person that I know." Daffyd said softly.

His smoothing lather over my chest had got my nipples standing firm and sent a tingling to my cock which was showing that I was enjoying what he was doing to me. From my chest he moved on and did each arm and then asked me to turn around so that he could do my back. That extended over my bum and down my legs. Still from behind me he washed the front of my legs and slowly moved up till his arms encircled my hips and his hand began to stroke my hard cock. As he was doing that his hard cock was pressing into the crack of my bum which was still soaped up and I began to move to rub against his cock.

"I hadn't thought of fucking you, you know. I think that needs us to be in a different relationship than we are in at the moment." Daffyd said.

"I wasn't thinking of that either. I was just trying to help you a bit while you are helping me and the feel of your cock stroking my crack is very nice too." I replied.

"So, you don't mind me doing this to you without asking?" Daffyd asked.

"I've dreamt of having a guy do this sort of thing to me since I started puberty. Believe me, I don't mind at all." I answered.

"Good, because I kind of like it too and if you are okay with it, I'm going to shoot all over your back soon with the way you're rubbing me with your bum." Daffyd said.

"Do you want to cum that way, or would you like me to do something different like sucking you?" I asked.

"This time, I'll cum this way. It's a new experience. We'll have other opportunities to suck again." Daffyd said confirming that this was not going to be a one night stand if he had anything to do with it.

"You know I actually liked sucking the guys' cocks. I just didn't like the way they made me do it." I told Daffyd.

"I thought that even when we were being so shit to you, but never did anything about it. I liked it when I sucked your cock too. And I like the taste of cum and tried my own a bit since then too." Daffyd admitted to me.

I could feel my orgasm getting close and began to pump my hips pushing my cock into Daffyd's fisted hands. This movement increased the length of stroke for his cock on my bum and clearly added to his pleasure as he began to groan a bit. Daffyd moved his one hand down off my shaft and started to fondle my balls which were already drawing in tight preparing for the release of sperm. As he fondled my balls he also managed to get a finger massaging my perineum and that combined with his cock rubbing over my bum and his fist working my cock I couldn't hold off any longer and with some massive jerks I began to shoot my cum out to splash against the shower wall and dribble down the tiles. As my own movements slowed down, Daffyd began humping my butt and only moments after I had finished shooting my cum out he began to spray his over my back and rub it in with his stomach. When his orgasm began to wane he pulled me into his body with a tight hug and held me.

We stayed like that for a while each enjoying the closeness of the other when Daffyd pulled back and began to apologise. "I'm so sorry; I didn't mean to do that." I felt him rubbing he face cloth against the back of my head.

"What the hell are you talking about? This was very special what's there to be sorry for?" I asked beginning to turn around.

"I got cum in your hair." Daffyd said and he was clearly upset by that.

"So, it's not the first time and probably will not be the last time. I don't see what you're so worried about?" I asked still mystified by this sudden change in him.

"The four cuntets got cum in your hair and I know you didn't like it then." Daffyd said. He had also started to refer to that group by the name I had given them.

"It wasn't so much that they got cum in my hair as that they wouldn't let me clean it off and paraded me around like their living cum rag." I explained. "Here it's going to be washed out before we finish our shower and I'm not going to be degraded by it."

"That's a relief. I was really worried." Daffyd said. "I really don't want to hurt you in any way. And that's not just because of the threat from Gavin."

"And that is the difference. Those four couldn't care a monkey's crotch piece about how I felt. In fact they seemed to enjoy it more the worse they could make me feel." I said.

"Yeah, I know. I feel so terrible for not trying to do something sooner." Daffyd said.

"You mustn't let that bother you. When you realised what you guys were doing you didn't stay with the crowd but had the courage to stand up alone and confront the lot of them. I admire you so much for that. I didn't have the courage to stand up to them like that. And I will always be grateful." I told him.

"This water is getting cold. You might be used to it, but I'm not and I think we had better hurry up and finish off our shower." Daffyd said. I was already soaped up and scrubbed and just needed to rinse off making sure the cum washed off at the same time. Daffyd needed to do more and declined my offer saying it would make it take too long, because of where it might lead.

We dried and moved back into the bedroom still naked as we had not taken any clothes into the bathroom with us. Daffyd sat down on his bed and asked, "What do you normally sleep in when you are at home? The same as in the dorm?"

"No, I sleep naked at home. I would like to do so in the dorm too but you never know when a master might come round and also with the way the guys have been I think it would have just given them more opportunity to be meaner to me."

"I also sleep naked and was wondering if you would mind if I did so with you here?" Daffyd asked.

"You have got a nice body and I like looking at all of you. Of course I don't mind. But are you happy to have me ogling you?"

"As long as you don't mind me ogling you too. I like your body also." Daffyd confessed. "Would you sleep under my duvet with me rather than using the sleeping bag, please?"

"You want me to share your bed and be naked in that bed with you too?" I asked.

"Yes please." Daffyd replied.

"I guess that will be another new experience for both of us too." I said, "Do you think I should put my bag out though so it looks like I have used it?"

"No need. Mum and dad never come in my room without asking first, even when I'm not at home. That's why they have left me to unpack all my things to make sure the people who came in to pack up the old place didn't nick anything of mine." Daffyd assured me.

"Wow! That's really neat. You've got great parents and they must trust you a lot." I told him and he clearly was proud of the praise I had just given his parents.

"Yeah, dad told me that they promised never to come into my room without first getting my permission when he gave me the talk on sex. He said I needed to have some place where I could know I was safe and where my secrets would be safe too. And they have never broken that promise."

"That's really nice. Which side do you want me to sleep on?" I asked.

"Which side would you like?" Daffyd asked.

"I don't have a double bed so it makes no difference to me." I replied.

"Then take that side because I normally sleep this side. Closer to the toilet for that piss in the morning." Daffyd said grinning.

I moved around to the other side and climbed in under the duvet while Daffyd did the same on his side. We started off lying on our back with a respectable gap between us and carried on talking for a little while. Daffyd slid his hand over until it was touching my hand. I lifted my hand and placed it over his with our palms together and as if practiced we entwined our fingers together. It just seemed right and natural to do that.

"Are you okay with this?" I asked giving his hand a little squeeze to indicate what I was meaning.

"Absolutely. It just feels so right. I feel so good lying here next to you knowing that we have shared something that I have not shared with anyone else. I don't think you have shared it willingly with others even if you have liked it. I think I have found who and what I am too." Daffyd answered.

"So you're not just doing this because you think it is a way of repaying me for what went on before?" I asked.

"There is nothing that can excuse or make amends for that. I can love you for the rest of your life and that still will not put right the wrongs done. It might make it easier to cope with what that has done to you emotionally and mentally. It might help you to be able to forgive me; but it cannot recompense for the wrong. No! I'm doing this because this is what I want and I think it is what you want too. At least the physical side of it anyway." Daffyd assured me.

I could hear the sincerity in his voice and knew that he was telling me the honest truth. "It is so good to hear you say that because you don't owe me anything and I want us to be more than friends. I want to learn to love you as the very nice person I'm finding out you are. I'm glad for the sex, but I don't want that to be the ruling part of our friendship. I want it to be a result of our friendship." I told him.

"That's what I would like too. And if it is then it will make it easier for us at school too. Everyone knows now that I'm trying to be your friend and we can just let them think that is all there is to it. After all we might not get a chance to do any sex stuff together while at school; which will be fucking hard for me."

"I think we'll both be hard a lot if we don't get any sex in." I joked.

"Like I am already." Daffyd said.

Without letting go of his hand I rolled onto my side facing Daffyd so I could reach over with my other hand and feel his cock. I didn't bother with any subtleties of moving in slowly and just went directly for the prize, wrapping my fingers around it and giving it a gentle squeeze. Only then did I let my hand slide down his six and half inches and over his large balls in their stretched sack. I reckoned the weight of his balls stretched his scrotum because when he was soft and it was warm his balls hung lower than the tip of his cock. I fondled his balls for a while; gently rolling each one between my fingers and lightly stroking over his sack with just the tips of my fingers, teasing the hairs that were on his ball sack. "I have often fantasized about doing this. Just lying with another guy and being able to just play with his cock and balls as much as I liked. And now I know that my fantasies were not as good as the real thing because in my fantasies I had to play with my own cock and balls but now this is way much better." I told him and slid my hand back up his cock. When I got to his bell end, I put my thumb and a finger either side of his head and rolled the foreskin from side to side by moving my fingers opposite to each other. Daffyd groaned and tried to release his hand from mine so that he could touch my cock but I wouldn't let him. "No, please, let me just do this first. Just lie back and enjoy it and let me know if you get close to blowing your load." I asked him. We didn't have a clock or watch handy to time how long I spent just enjoying the feel of his cock but after some considerable time Daffyd warned me that he was getting close and asked me to concentrate on stroking his cock to bring him off as he was now quite desperate to cum. I used my leg to push the duvet off us and moved so that I could suck his cock into my mouth and finish him off that way swallowing every last drop he was able to push out.

I kept on sucking until he had to ask me to let his cock go and I reluctantly pulled my head back. He was lying flat on his back and was staring at the ceiling with his mouth slightly open. I moved my body again and lowered my head till I could kiss him on the lips. I gave him just a quick kiss and lifted my head slightly so that I could look down at him but in the darkness I could not tell if he was smiling or shocked or what. Daffyd showed me how he had taken it by putting his hand on the back of my head and pulling me down to him. Only this time his mouth was slightly open and as soon as we made contact his tongue was gently pushing against my lips. I opened them and let his tongue in. then used my tongue to push his back into his mouth so that I could taste the inside of that mouth. That snog only lasted a short while and I moved again to lie down on my back, but much closer to Daffyd than we had started out when we first got into bed.

"I think I love you Del." Daffyd said. "That was awesome what you did to me and sometime I want to try to be the giver because I think it was good for you too. But now I just want to lie here and recover and remember my first ever snog. I'm glad it was with you."

"And I'm glad my first snog was with you because I think I have loved you for some time. But before I was calling it lust because I didn't know I could love someone who didn't seem to know I was a real person. No! sorry, I shouldn't have put it that way because I think you, at least, did know that I was a real person; that's why you went and got that water to wash me. I liked to look at your body more than anyone else's. When you had me stroke you or suck you I was doing it willingly even if you thought you were forcing me; sometimes I nearly came without even touching my cock when I was sucking on yours. I had to really work hard to force myself not to go for my cock when I had you in my hand or my mouth because I was so turned on. Even now, playing with you tonight I nearly came and I think if I wasn't holding your hand I would have jerked myself and made a right mess of this bed." I admitted to Daffyd.

"It wouldn't be the first time that my sheets have gone into the wash with cum stains. I remember the first time I had a wet dream. I already had the double bed and I had got home from school that day. I had not had the chance to wank for several days and mum and dad had decided to treat me and taken me out to dinner at a posh restaurant and then we had gone on to a live show at the theatre. In the show there had been several good looking girls in somewhat revealing clothing and I remember being fixated on their camel toes and the bulges of the guys who were wearing tight clothing. Part of the show included some ballet too but the guys were also wearing tight jeans that didn't leave a lot to the imagination. I was sitting between mum and dad and I was so bloody uncomfortable because I got hard and stayed hard but couldn't adjust my cock because I was sure they would notice. Then we went for a coffee after the show and by the time we got home it was past midnight and I was absolutely exhausted so I went straight to bed. I hadn't unpacked or anything and after I had stripped off I realised my trunk was still downstairs with my pyjamas still in the trunk, so I climbed into bed to sleep naked for the first time in my life. Lying there between the clean sheets of my bed and feeling their smoothness on me I got hard again and began to play with my cock. But I was so tired I fell asleep before I came. I woke up again as my cock was spurting everything I had built up out between the sheets. I think mum must have noticed because a couple of days after those sheet had gone in the wash dad came to give me the talk and made the promise that from then on they would never come in my room without my permission."

"And I think I am right that I'm the only person you have shared that bit about yourself with." I said.

"You better fucking believe it. I don't trust anyone else enough to tell them something like that." Daffyd said.

"I hope you don't mind, but I think I need to try and go to sleep now." I said stifling another yawn. I turned onto my side facing Daffyd and gave him a little kiss on his cheek. "Goodnight Daff, thank you for becoming my friend."

"If I turn my back to you it is not because I want to offend you but because I usually sleep on my side facing the edge of the bed I'm closest to. Goodnight Del and thank you for letting me be your friend and being my friend." Daffyd said and almost immediately turned onto his side. I quickly snuggled up to him spooning him with my hard cock pushing into his crack and my arm over his side so that my hand could rest against his chest. "Mmmm that's nice. Pity we can't do this at school." Daffyd said putting his hand over mine and pushing his fingers between mine so that all of our fingers were touching his chest.

It had been a long, long day so despite this being a new experience for both of us we soon fell asleep and slept well. Daffyd's mum left us to sleep and I got woken in the best way possible about mid-morning. At first I thought I was dreaming but then I realised it was really happening. My hard cock was being sucked on by a warm mouth. I opened my eyes and looked down my naked chest onto the back of Daffyd's head. His head was resting on my tummy and he had my cock in his mouth and was basically masturbating it with his tongue hardly moving his head at all. I put my hand on his head and ran my fingers through his hair, "Good morning Daff. This is a nice way to wake up."

Daffyd let my cock slip out of his mouth and lifted his body so that he could turn and smile at me. "Morning Del, this is a nice way to wake someone up too." Now kneeling on the bed he went straight back to sucking me off only now he could bob his head up and down while still manipulating his tongue around my cock.

"It's not going to take me long to shoot." I warned, and Daffyd gave me a thumbs-up sign to show that he had heard me and kept on sucking. I was right and far too soon I found myself involuntarily bucking my hips in an effort to get more penetration into Daffyd's mouth. "I'm going to cum, soon … now!" I warned as I began to shoot straight into Daffyd's mouth. He clearly had never had any intention of letting me cum anywhere other than in his mouth and was quickly swallowing each spurt as I pumped it out. Eventually I had to pull him off my supersensitive cock and he moved to lie over me his hard cock pressing into my stomach as he brought his mouth towards mine and pressed against my lips in a kiss. I opened my lips and he slipped his tongue in sharing with me the last dregs of my own cum.

When the kiss broke, he asked, "Have you ever tasted your own cum before?"

"Yeah a few times but it is such a schlep to scrape it off my tummy to get it to my mouth that I don't bother with it that much. I don't fold enough to get my cock in my mouth so that's out too." I told him.

"Well I tasted mine the first night I was home and yeah it is a pain to scrape it up and get it in your mouth. I never thought of trying to get my cock in my mouth. I wonder if I can do it." Daffyd said as he rolled off me. Then he sat up and tried to curl his body up to get his mouth close to his cock. That method failed and I suggested he lie on his back with his head propped up on a pillow and try swinging his legs over his head. I tried to help him by pressing down on his legs but still, even with six and half inches, he could not get it low enough to reach his nose let alone his lips. He looked so forlorn that I burst out laughing and helped him ease his legs back down onto the bed.

"Sorry you looked so bummed out that it didn't work, I couldn't stop myself from laughing." I apologised.

"I guess it would look quite funny." Daffyd said, "And I don't mind you laughing at me like that because I know it won't be spiteful."

"Do you know what time it is?" I asked.

Daffyd rolled over and pulled his watch off the table beside his side of the bed. "On the stroke of the dong it will be precisely, ten fifteen." And he reached over and stroked my semi hard cock. I laughed at his humour but then the time registered with me.

"A quarter past ten! Shit! I need to get home to see if I can speak to Gavin and find out how Mike is doing. Do you mind if I dash off and then perhaps come back later to help you with the unpacking or whatever?" I asked.

"If you know the numbers you can phone from here." Daffyd said. "Let's get dressed and find some food first.

"I know a couple of numbers but I'm not sure if I should phone their home in case they are trying to sleep. Let me phone mum and find out if they are home or still at the hospital." I said as I got off the bed.

We both walked naked into the bathroom to pee and then brush our teeth and wash our faces. Back in the room I grabbed my back pack and began to pull out my clean clothes to wear. "Shit, I forgot to pack some clean underwear." I exclaimed. "Fuck I hate putting dirty underwear back on. Even when we change for PE at school I feel uncomfortable if I have had to take my undies off and put the same ones on again." I moaned.

"Well don't wear underwear then. No one but I will know." Daffyd suggested.

"How does it feel to have your stuff loose inside your jeans?" I asked.

"How the fuck should I know? I haven't left my underwear at home before." Daffyd responded.

"You didn't wear any last night when you went to get me a towel." I pointed out.

"That hardly counts. I was only like that for a couple of minutes and didn't really have time to think about it." Daffyd said.

I thought about it for a little bit but I also wanted to get moving to try and find out how Mike was so I opted to follow Daffyd's suggestion and pulled my jeans on over a naked cock.

My phone call to mum got me the news that Mike had come round from his anaesthetic but they had then sedated him to help keep him still and calm as he had a drain in his head they didn't want pulled out. Although still groggy he had been able to recognise his parents and Gavin and say a couple of words. Mum told me that this was a very good sign and that the family had only gone home at about four in the morning so would probably be sleeping. With that news I didn't need to go straight home and stayed to help Daffyd with the jobs his mum wanted done. Being kept busy made the day go fast and the early evening found me and Daffyd walking back to my house to get another change of clothing and some underwear this time as I was spending the night at his place again. Mum actually suggested it as she was very tired and said she would be poor company and probably fall asleep while talking and dad had a late lecture to deliver that night. While I was at home I tried phoning Gavin and the call got answered by his dad who told me that Gavin was in the shower as they were getting ready to go back to the hospital to see Mike. He thanked me for being there for Gavin and also asked me to thank my 'other friend' as he could not remember Daffyd's name. Neither of us were surprised and Daffyd was not offended either. Daffyd handed me a piece of paper on which he had written his home phone number and made some weird signs trying to tell me to give it to Gavin's dad for Gavin to phone us there if he wanted to. Fortunately I worked out what he wanted without having to try and translate his signs into intelligible meaning and gave the number to Mr. Wishbech.

While we were eating our meal, Daffyd's mum praised the two of us to his dad and said that if we were able to help tomorrow we would probably just about finish getting things unpacked and the furniture all sorted. After dinner we took our leave of Daffyd's parents and retired to his parents along with the list of "Thomson" addresses and a street map.

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