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Dura et Pulsans

by Rick Masters

Chapter 3

We opened the map and spread it out over Daffyd's bed. I looked at it for a little bit to get my bearings and then quickly found Gavin's school. We measured three miles off the scale and I drew an imaginary circle around the school at that distance with my finger. "Right, what's the first street name?" I asked.

"Glover Close." Daffyd said. We looked over the area we expected to find Gail's home in but could not see a Glover Close. "Let's see, the next one is Berkfield Road." Daffyd said. Again we drew a blank. The next nine street names on the list also could not be found in our three mile zone but the twelfth name we looked for was within a mile of the school which made it a very likely one. We were even more encouraged when we could not find the last two street names in that area either.

"Well at least we only have one place to stake out then." I said. "We are going to have to come up with a plan on how to go further."

"Yeah; maybe we can think of something in the shower." Daffyd said as he stepped over to his windows and began to draw the curtains.

I was fairly convinced that we would be sharing the shower again and as soon as the two edges of the curtains met I began to strip off. My shoes had come off at the door when we arrived back from getting my things for a second night away from home and as I had not put any underwear on yet I only had my socks, jeans and shirt to lose and was naked inside of a couple of minutes at the most. Daffyd was not far behind me and we looked at each other lustfully before turning and going into his bathroom. This time I got to stand behind Daffyd and wash his back first. I kept him out of the shower spray so that when I stepped up close to him my body and especially my hard cock could slide easily over his soapy skin as I reached around him from behind to begin washing his front. By feel I found his nipples and teased those to erection which made him squirm against my erection and rub his back against my equally hard nipples. My hands moved on down over his stomach and I paused in my downward journey to tease his belly button for a bit because I knew that I liked to have a little bit of play there when I am aroused. But it was only a short stop before I moved on to wash the prize to which I had been working since I first rubbed the cake of soap on the face cloth. As with the night before there was no attempt or intent to gain entry into his butt; not even with a finger. But as I jerked him off my cock was rubbing up and down in the cleft of his bum crack and I was enjoying it immensely. Daffyd shot his load and I knew that I was not close to shooting mine yet so once he pushed my hands off his cock I stepped back and let him wash me.

When he got to my cock he asked, "Do you want me to jerk you off right now, or can you wait and let me spend some time just playing with your cock on the bed before making you cum?"

"Let's wait." I said. I knew that Daffyd wanted to try that playing with my cock like I had done to him the day before and with the experience I had had with pleasuring the guys in the dorm but not being allowed to cum myself I had learnt that I actually quite liked being teased in that way. It did not take much longer for us to finish our showers and we left the bathroom as naked as we had entered it but I still had a full hard on and Daffyd had chubbed up a bit after getting soft following his orgasm. Daffyd quickly pulled back the duvet and asked me to lie down on my back. I had walked round to my side of the bed and so lay down there leaving Daffyd's half free.

Daffyd asked me to spread my legs and then told me to stay like that. He went back into the bathroom and returned with his comb. Kneeling on the bed with his bum resting on his heels he proceeded to comb my pubes directing them away from my cock, with a parting down the middle that he let my cock lie in as it pointed towards my navel. Happy with that he began to feel my balls and roll each one around gently in his fingers. I looked at his face and saw that he was concentrating deeply on what he was doing and looking at. For a good long time Daffyd examined my scrotum – feeling it, rolling my balls around inside it, stretching the skin and pulling it down to make my cock stand up and point to the ceiling. Then he lifted my balls out the way to have a look at my perineum and he stroked that and played some more with my balls while he tickled me in that area but carefully didn't touch my hard cock. He didn't need to touch my cock to keep it hard, it did that of its own accord. Finally he moved on up and began to feel my cock, pulling the foreskin back and then letting it slip forward over my cock head again. He wiped the pre-cum off my cock and licked it off his fingers. He brushed my pubes away from my cock and balls with his fingers and went back to stroking my cock but not enough to make me cum. "Will you let me shave your pubes off at the start of the summer holidays?" he asked speaking for the first time since he had begun combing my pubes however long ago that was.

"That depends." I answered.

"Depends on what?" He asked.

"If you end this torture and bring me off quickly now, or if you prolong it." I answered without telling him which one would give him permission to make me smooth.

"What do you want me to do?" He asked.

"Get me off now." I told him.

Daffyd did not say another word. Mainly because he couldn't as he had bent forward and swallowed my cock and was now sucking on it and bobbing his head up and down while his fingers fondled my balls some more. I had been teased enough that I did not take long to fall over the edge and blow a good serving into his waiting mouth. He swallowed most of it but then turned and brought his lips to mine and we shared the last of it as we kissed and let our tongues explore the other's mouth.

A little while later we were laying side by side, holding hands and each thinking our own thoughts; content just to be next to each other. At any time we could lift our heads slightly and look down the naked body of our lover as we hadn't pulled the duvet over us yet. "You know what? Tomorrow, when we get up I'm going to phone that Thomson number and see if I can find out if Gail lives there and if I can I will try and see if she would be prepared to meet with Gav somewhere." I said.

"You don't think that might frighten her off?" Daffyd asked.

"I don't know. I'm not a girl and have no idea how they think. All I know is that they don't think the same as us guys." I answered.

"I suppose it might at least answer the question if that is her house and we can pass that information on to Gavin." Daffyd suggested.

"What's the time?" I asked. "Maybe I'll go and try now."

"No! You are not leaving this room because you are going to be naked until sometime after the sun has got up tomorrow. I like seeing you naked and being naked with you and want to get as much of that in as I can. After all next week we will be back at school and only able to see each other naked when we are showering or changing and we won't be able to sleep together naked." Daffyd said.

"Well we could both go out there naked and make the call." I joked.

"Not bloody likely. I don't think you have the guts to risk being seen naked by my folks and I know I'm not willing to risk that at all." Daffyd countered.

We continued chatting for a while longer and during that time Daffyd pulled up the duvet with my help when it got within reach and turned off the light. As our conversation died down we drifted off to a peaceful sleep side by side. Did we move during our sleep? I guess we did but it didn't look like it when I woke for we were both still lying on our backs and about the same distance apart as we had been the evening before. Daffyd was still asleep and so I returned the gift he had woken me with the morning before and began to suck on his cock. He woke up while I was still sucking and agreed that it was a very nice way to be woken up.

"Perhaps I should suggest that to your mum then?" I teased, after I swallowed the last of his cum.

"Oh no! That's fucking gross. Don't even fucking think like that!" Daffyd responded; much how I had expected him to.

When we had completed our morning ablutions we went out into the house to find some food to eat and then get our instructions on what Daffyd's mum wanted us to do.

"Actually, I've had a look around and there is not that much left to do. But first I would like you to put the spare room bed together and then if you could move all the boxes in from the garage and put them out of the way in each of the rooms they are labelled for, please. Daffyd Have you finished unpacking your things?" His mum asked.

"Yeah, I managed to get it all done by Sunday which is why I asked to be allowed to go into town on Monday." Daffyd answered.

"Do you know how this bed goes together?" I asked Daffyd.

"Yeah, it used to be my bed, but my folks bought me the double bed last holidays because the old spare bed needed to go to the rubbish dump." Daffyd explained.

"Okay then, let's get on with that and then move those boxes." I said and Daffyd went to get the tool box.

On his return he asked, "Mum, there's only about eight boxes left in the garage, do you not want us to bring those in first so that you can crack on with putting the stuff where you want it while we put that bed together?"

"It doesn't really matter which way round it gets done, because I have still got a few of the ones you moved in for me yesterday to unpack and I just thought that as most of those boxes are to go in the spare room you might like having the floor clear while you put the bed together." She answered.

"That makes sense. The bed first it is then." Daffyd said and went ahead of me up the stairs to the guest room. When Daffyd showed me the parts of the bed frame I realised that the design was rather simple and you certainly did not need an engineering degree to work it out. However, we did horse around a bit while we did the task so it took us more than half an hour to complete what should probably have only taken about fifteen minutes. But we had some fun doing it and there was no rush to get it done anyway. Daffyd's mum was right and four out of the eight boxes left were marked for the spare room with the others going into four different rooms. We asked if she wanted us to help with unpacking any of them and got the definite answer that she wanted to know where the things were that came out of the boxes and be happy that they were put away as tidy as they could be. With that our task was finished and we moved back downstairs to make that phone call. Daffyd said that as he was providing the phone I should do all the talking. I told him that was a cop-out if I ever saw one.

My first call though was to Gavin and I got his mum who told me that Gavin was still asleep and she would get him to call me back when he woke up. She also told us that Mike was still being kept sedated but was showing good signs of recovery so far although there was still a long way to go. I thanked her, asking her to get Gavin to phone me at Daffyd's house and then passed that information on to Daffyd. I really appreciated Daffyd's genuine concern for both Gavin and Mike. He had only met Gavin two days previously and had never seen Mike and yet he clearly wanted both of them to have what was best for them.

My second call was to the Thomson's and was answered by what I thought was a girl rather than a woman. "Oh, hi, is that Gail?" I asked.

"Yes, who is this?" Gail replied.

"I'm a friend of Gavin Wishbech, but you will not know me as I go to a different school." I told her.

"So why are you calling me?" Gail asked.

"Please don't hang up on me until you've heard what I've got to say. Gavin doesn't know I'm phoning you and he is not here with me either. I think he is still at the hospital." I lied. I thought a bit of sympathy might help to ease the process a bit.

I got interrupted with a flurry of questions, "Why is he at the hospital? Is he sick? Has there been an accident? Will he be alright?" I detected a note of real concern in Gail's voice and this raised the hope that she might at least be interested in some social time with Gavin.

"Gavin is okay, it's his little brother Mike who is very sick and nearly died. Even now they don't know if he will be okay, so Gavin is very upset and we thought he could possibly use some support from some of those he knows. He mentioned that you are in his class at school so we thought you might be willing to meet up with him. I can't tell you when yet because we need to find out when he will be free. But would you be willing to see him?" I asked.

"Yes of course I will see him if you think it will help. He's a nice guy." I wasn't sure if I was reading anything into the change of tone not knowing the girl but I thought she sounded a little excited.

"Thank you, I'm sure he'll appreciate your care. My name's Del, by the way, and I will phone you again once I've had a chance to arrange something with Gav. Is there any time that is no good for you or that would be best for you?" Gail told me that she could be free anytime during the half term break as she had no fixed plans for anything. I thanked her again and hung up. Then turning to Daffyd I held up my hand with palm open and he clapped his hand against it.

We thought about going out for a stroll around the neighbourhood but then decided we had best stay in, in case Gavin phoned while we were out. We went in search of Daffyd's mum and found her in the guest bedroom unpacking boxes. Daffyd asked if she would like some help or a cup of tea and got taken up on the offer of tea. We made ourselves some tea also and after taking his mum's cuppa to her, we took ours back into the bedroom and began to discuss what we were going to do to get Gavin with Gail. By the time we had finished our cups we had our plan which was basically to get the two together and then make ourselves scarce for a while on some pretext.

We waited for nearly two hours after our call to Gail before Gavin returned our call. We spent a few minutes catching up with him and learning that he was coping much better now that Mike was showing good signs of recovery. Gavin also told us that he had slept really well for the first time in several days and hoped that we could get together again soon, but it could not be that day as they were soon going off to the hospital and he wasn't sure how long he would be there for. I suggested we plan to meet up the next day and asked him what would be a good time. He had me wait while he went to check with his parents. He told us that his dad would have to go back to work the next day and that he would be going to see Mike in the afternoon so we agreed to meet at a well-known coffee shop in the main shopping precinct in town at ten. After we had finished talking to Gavin I phoned Gail and set it up for her to meet us there too, explaining that Gavin still did not know we had contacted her or were arranging the meeting. She seemed quite thrilled with the idea and agreed to make it seem that it was just a coincidence that she was there. That left Daffyd and I relatively free for the rest of the day. I suggested we go to the cinema to see the movie I was supposed to have seen with Gavin on the Monday. Daffyd got ready and we walked round to my house where I changed and put a load of laundry on as neither of my parents had done so, and then we left for the bus stop.

We were lucky and found the cinema was not very full and this allowed us to pick some seats with no one near us. When the lights went down I reached across and held Daffyd's hand. We sat like that for a bit and then he pulled my hand up over his crotch and I could feel his cock hardening under my hand through his trousers. I moved my head close to his and asked him to put his hand on me where my hand was on him and he discovered that I too was hard. We stayed like that for most of the film; gently rubbing the other's cock through his trousers. We didn't have the courage to actually undo a fly and fish a cock out but we did have the foresight to stop when it looked like the film was coming to an end to give our boners a chance to go down before the lights came on again. After the film we walked round to the precinct where we were meeting Gavin and Gail so that I could show Daffyd where it was and what else was there. We then caught the bus home and went straight to my house first.

Mum was at home and was very happy to meet Daffyd 'properly' as she put it explaining that meeting in hospitals was not always the best way to find out what a person is really like. We chatted with mum a bit more getting a bit more inside information on Mike than what mum would normally have shared with me. The most telling thing was that they were going to start easing the sedation to see how he was doing as they had now taken the drain out of his head. She did tell me that he would be in intensive care for quite a while and I would not be able to see him before going back to school. Mum then suggested that Daffyd might like to spend the night at our house to give his folks a rest from the two of us. Daffyd immediately asked if he could use the phone and a few minutes later had permission to sleep with me that night. Not long after that we walked round to his house so that he could grab what he needed for the night out and with a cheery goodbye to his mum we returned to my house. When we got home we could already smell the roast mum had put on as soon as she knew Daffyd was staying the night. I was quite chuffed with this as it meant that mum had accepted Daffyd. "There is the spare room, but I'm guessing that you two would prefer to share the same room. It's up to you and I promise I will not come in without knocking first and getting an invite; even though I've seen it all before." She smiled and Daffyd blushed. My immediate thought was that I was not sure she had seen all that she might see in my room before.

We left mum and went up to my room to sort out our sleeping arrangements because I did not have a double bed and this meant one of us was going to have to sleep on a mattress from the spare room which we would put on the floor of my room. Daffyd suggest that if we pushed my bed to one side we could pull the mattress off that and put the two mattresses side by side. This met with my approval but we agreed that we would only do that once we had come up to bed. While we were still sorting out the other mattress and the bedding to go with it mum knocked on the door and asked for Daffyd's phone number. He gave it and we heard her go down the stairs and make a call. We correctly guessed that mum was talking to Daffyd's mum but had no idea what that was about. We found out later when Daffyd's parents arrived to have dinner with us. While this was nice it meant that we couldn't escape to my room on the pretext of needing an early night or extra beauty sleep; rather we had to wait until Daffyd's parents left to go home.

I, unfortunately, did not have an en-suite bathroom and this meant that we had to shower separately and would only be able to have some fun once we went to bed, but then we needed to get used to the idea of not having sex of some sort every night for when we went back to school. Once we were alone in the room we began to move the bed and pull the mattress off. We didn't realise how much noise that made and dad came knocking on the door to find out what we were up to. I decided that something close to the truth was the best and said that to avoid arguments we were both going to sleep on the floor and to make enough room we had to drag my bed to the side of the room. Dad thought that was a good idea and then suggested that we push the two mattresses together so that we can get to both sides instead of one of us having to crawl over the other. I don't know if it was dad being sly or just practical but it certainly got no objections from us. Once the door was closed we stripped off and soon were enjoying getting to know each other's body better, in the dark, by feel. Two most pleasurable orgasms and some kissing later we were again lying side by side, holding hands, thinking our own thoughts as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Daffyd and I got to the coffee bar a bit early because we wanted to try and secure a table that was not too open but also where we thought Gail would feel safe with three guys. Gavin was bang on time and we were sipping our drinks when Gail walked in and acted surprised to see Gavin. Gavin asked her to join our table and introduced us and then offered to get her something when she agreed to join us. Gavin went up to the bar and got Gail's order and when he returned I asked him how Mike was. This allowed Gail to ask the right questions and show her concern. It was clear from the start that Gail had more than a passing interest in Gavin and we felt that we had done the right thing in helping them along a bit. Once Daffyd and I had finished our drinks we made a story about me showing Daffyd where some of the shops he needed to know were and we left Gavin and Gail alone together. On the way out I ordered another round for the two of them and asked the barista to take it over to them. When we returned about half an hour later Gavin stood up and pulled Daffyd and me into a group hug and just said thanks.

"Thanks for what?" I asked.

"He knows you set this up." Gail told us. "I slipped up and mentioned the phone call."

"Well none of us lied, we just didn't tell all of the story." Daffyd said.

"Actually I don't care if you did lie. You got me and Gail together and it seems that we have some mutual interests which we want to pursue. So thank you." Gavin said.

"Yeah, Gavin's going to help me with my maths." Gail said.

"Oh! That's so exciting." I teased. "Now if it was something like quantum physics …" I left it hanging.

"Look not everybody's a brainbox like you Delmar Butterworth. Some of us poor earthlings have to work at it." Gavin shot back. "If it is help with maths or any other subject for that matter, he's your man." Gavin added pointing at me. Daffyd nodding in agreement did not help either.

"Well, I guess you want us to make ourselves scarce again, then?" I asked.

"No, its okay, we can talk about other things for a while. Do you guys want to have another drink?" Gail asked.

"Actually I want to make use of their facilities first." I said.

"Do you want the same again? I'll get them in while you ease the pressure." Daffyd asked.

"Yeah, okay, I'll square up with you when I get back." I replied. As I walked off I heard Daffyd asking Gail and Gavin if they wanted anything but I had got too far to hear their response over the noise in the coffee house.

When I got back to the table our drinks were waiting and Daffyd wouldn't hear of me paying my share. We were talking about our schools and comparing some differences between them when Gail shocked us by asking, "So are you two an item or just very good friends?"

"What do you mean by 'an item'?" Gavin asked.

"Come on Gavin, you know what is meant by that phrase. So are you two dating or do you just love each other and have not had the courage to come out to each other?" Gail asked bluntly.

"Is it that obvious?" Daffyd asked.

"It is to me, but then I've known Del was a homo for some time." Gavin said.

"You've known he was queer and still stayed friends with him?" Gail asked.

"Of course. He's a nice guy and has never once made a move on me. Plus it meant it reduced the competition." Gavin said smiling.

"Actually, we really need to know what makes it so obvious so we can try and change that before we go back to school." I said.

"I don't know if you can change it. It's in the way you look at each other, I think. The eyes tell a great story." Gail said.

"Yeah, I agree. You look at Daff in a way I have never seen you look at another person. It's not perving on him, like the way you look at me when I'm naked and it's not the way I saw you looking at your mum at the hospital.

"Shit, that's going to make it hard at school then." I said.

"If I've picked it up in one day then they already know." Gail said.

"Not really; it's a long story but until a couple of weeks ago I would not have admitted that Del existed as a fellow human; just someone to use when needed." Daffyd said.

"What an awful thing to say! How could you have been like that?" Gail asked

"Like I said, it's a long story. Let's just say the rest of us were inhuman and it took something quite drastic to get me to open my eyes to reality. I'm going to regret the way I've treated Del for the rest of my life even though the tables have been turned." Daffyd told Gail.

"Look you've got her curiosity up now and it would be cruel to leave her hanging. The basic thing is the guys in the dorm did not like me from the start. Possibly because I'm a nerd and prefer to be reading a book than kicking a ball. So from the time we were all put together about four years ago they treated me badly and only came to me when they needed some help with their schoolwork. This term they got worse and some of them got me really upset and Daffyd picked up on that. That same day he changed and got half the guys to change with him. For the first time in my life I am not going back to boarding school dreading it, and that's thanks to Daffyd. I can't tell you the details so please don't ask for them." I told her.

"And out of that has blossomed this love for each other. That's so sweet." Gail said and leaning over she put a hand over one of mine and her other hand over one of Daffyd's.

"Thank you," I said, "Look, I think you two need a bit more time to make some plans before Gav has to leave to get to the hospital so we're going to head off to the bus and home. Mum told me that although they are going to start reducing the sedation now, Mike won't be out of the intensive care unit until after we've gone back to school so when you can please tell him I say hi and hope he gets better really fast." I told Gavin and then turning to Gail, "It's been nice meeting you and thank you for agreeing to meet Gavin. I think you guys could be good for each other and maybe we will see you again sometime." I stood up and as I did so Gail stood up and came round the table and gave me a hug.

"Thank you for giving me a reason to get with Gavin. I've wanted to for some time but if you ever tell him that you're dead meat." She whispered in my ear then more loudly, "It's been good to meet you too, Cupid." She then moved over and gave Daffyd a hug as well. "You two be careful when you go back to school, things could get tough." She said and I could tell she definitely cared for us.

Later that day, once Gavin got back from visiting his brother he called me. He related how Gail had told him all about the phone call and the plan and then had said she had to tell him because she wanted no secrets between them. "And we've kissed already! You know she is even better than I thought she was and that has put me in a situation. I don't think I can ask her to have sex with me. She's too special for that."

"Well that's something you are going to have to work out for yourself. In the meantime enjoy your hand." I replied and gave a little laugh.

We didn't get a chance to see Gail again before going back to school and only managed to see Gavin on the Saturday and we left midday Sunday on the train. Once Daffyd's parents learnt that was how I would be going back to school they arranged the same thing for Daffyd instead of sticking to their original plan of driving him back in a car. That Saturday evening Daffyd's parents had had me and my parents around for a meal in return for the meal they had had at our house. The two sets of parents seemed to like each other and we guessed that there might be some more joint meals in the future.

On the Sunday, Daffyd's dad took the two of us to the station. When we pulled up in a parking space outside the station he turned to us and said, "We need to talk before you get on that train."

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