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Dura et Pulsans

by Rick Masters

Chapter 4

"What about dad?" Daffyd asked.

"Your relationship with each other." Daffyd's father said.

"What do you mean? We're friends." Daffyd said.

"Yes you are friends. But you're more than that. You're boyfriends also; aren't you?" He said.

Both of us stayed silent not knowing quite how to answer that. Mr. Morgan let us squirm for just a few moments before he said, "I take your silence as confirmation that we all have guessed correctly. Yes your mother and Del's parents also know. Now, we all have agreed that it makes no difference to us because we all love both of you boys but we know that there are a lot of people out there who will not accept it. Some of them might want to take some sort of action against it too. That action could be physical and you guys could get badly hurt. None of us want that and so we are asking that you try to act as if you are not in love with each other and enjoying some intimacy with each other. Although there has been some movement towards making homosexuality legal, you both are still under the age of consent for same gender sex. It's going to be hard for you two because we can see it just in the way you look at each other. Now, don't try to offer any excuses, there are none and there is no need for any either. Just please be careful, and we'd better get a move on now because if you miss your train and I have to drive you to school your mother is not going to be impressed."

"Thank you Mr. Morgan. I'm sorry if this disappoints you." I said.

"Hey, I just told you I love you, no more of this 'mister' malarkey, Call me Darren and you best remember that his mum is Enid." Daffyd's dad told me. "And there's no being disappointed either. This sort of thing does not come about by chance. Meeting each other maybe was by chance, but being homosexual is as much a part of you as being heterosexual is a part of me. I can't change me and neither can you two."

"How did you …?" Daffyd couldn't put words to his question.

"Amelda invited us over for supper that night you stayed over at Del's house. When you two went off to start your baths or whatever, she asked us if we had noticed anything about you two. Enid immediately said that you were very close. Del's father said that he had not really noticed anything but as far as he was concerned if you two were lovers he had no problem with that. I had noticed that you two were very close but had not put two and two together to come up with homosexual; just very good friends. I guess guys aren't as sensitive to this sort of thing as girls are." Darren Morgan smiled. "Now, come on or we'll miss that train." He opened his door and got out which put a stop to any further conversation of that nature.

When we got on the train we found a spot to stow our two trunks and then sat down in a section of the wagon that was still empty. We knew that it would fill up as we travelled but at least we would have a bit of time to ourselves, and we needed it.

Daffyd's father stayed with us until the whistle blew and he had to get out of the train or he would be travelling with us and without a ticket. Once we were moving, Daffyd said, "Shit, Gail saw it in the way we look at each other and our parents saw it too. How the fuck are we going to keep this from the others?"

"I don't know but I think we might have an advantage in there being no girls in the school, apart from teachers and other staff. Neither of our fathers noticed it until our mums had told them. The other guys at school know that we were becoming friends and so we can let our friendship show and hopefully the guys will just think that is what it is, a friendship that is developing into a good friendship." I suggested hopefully.

"There's only one way we will find out if that works, but I think we must be careful about not being seen alone together too much." Daffyd added.

"There's also Ewan, Trevor and Ian that we can try and include in our circle of friends that might help to alleviate suspicion." I said.

"Yeah, I get on alright with them and they did stand by you when the crunch came. That's surely enough reason for you to want to try to be better friends with them." Daffyd reasoned.

"Yeah, I guess we'll just have to wait and see how things develop and try to be just as we were that last week before half term to start with." I said. "But at least while we are alone here with no one else to see I'm going to get in a bit of fun." I moved my hand straight onto the bulge in Daffyd's school trousers and caused it to grow by some gentle rubbing. Daffyd didn't wait longer than a few seconds to start returning the favour and rubbed me well enough that I had to stop him for fear that I was about to cum in my briefs. Just before we were due to reach the next station on the line I said I needed to take care of what he had started and went off to the loo which was in the next carriage along. I was still hard when I got inside and closed the door and there was a definite wet patch in my undies where my pre-cum had soaked in. I didn't bother to get my trousers and undies lower than my knees before I wrapped my hand around my cock and began stroking rapidly as I stood over the toilet bowl. Despite the fact that Daffyd had got me off before we left home when we had shared our last sixty-nine together until we didn't know when, I didn't have to stroke for very long before I blasted my load out all over the toilet bowl and its lid. It took more toilet paper to clean that mess up than what I would normally use to clean myself up after cumming onto my chest and stomach.

When I got back to Daffyd we were pulling into the station and he couldn't go and relieve his tension so while we were still alone, I managed to rub him up some more while telling him how my cum splattered all over the toilet seat and I had to spend more time cleaning up than actually making the mess in the first place. As soon as the last house flew past our window, Daffyd was up and walking down the carriage with quite a noticeable bulge in his trousers. When he returned from the toilet some others had moved into our carriage from another one and we had to be careful over what we talked about. Although we were never crowded we did have company in the carriage with us that curtailed any further fun play.

When we pulled into the station where we would be getting off the train we saw Mr. Stone standing on the platform. Clearly he had been sent to collect us and any others who might be travelling on the same train. We stacked our trunks one on top of the other and manhandled them off the train like that. Stone came up to us and grumbled some comment about not being told that Morgan would be on the train. It made no difference to us because he would have to take both of us anyway. When we arrived at the school we were followed in by a black Mercedes that had tinted windows and looked very important. Daffyd and I got out of the school mini bus in time to see the Mercedes pull to a halt in the middle of the car park. Almost before it stopped the two front doors opened and two black men one dressed in a smart suit and the other in an equally smart chauffeur's uniform got out. They each opened one of the back doors of the car and we watched, somewhat in awe, as Adia Kesiana stepped out of one side and an older version of Adia got out of the other side. Daffyd and I stacked our trunks up again and grabbing a handle on either side of the lower one we lifted them and began to walk towards the dorm. When we got closer to the Mercedes Adia called out, "Hey Morgan, I've got your key here." Daffyd and I put our trunks down and walked towards Adia. "Baba, this is Morgan, and this is Butterworth. Guy's meet my father."

I put out my hand and Adia's father took it in his, giving me a very firm handshake that made me wince slightly. "Happy to meet you." He said and then repeated it as he gave Daffyd an equally firm handshake. I learned later from Daffyd that he had to stop himself from crying out as his hand was squeezed by the Nigerian High Commissioner. In the meantime, the suited aide or bodyguard had opened the boot and lifted Adia's trunk out and this was followed with a smaller suitcase which we presumed held his cameras. Adia shook his father's hand and said good-bye and picked up the smaller case while the aide carried his trunk towards the hostel doors. We returned to our trunks and followed Adia into the hostel. We headed off towards our dormitory while Adia's trunk was carried all the way to his dormitory by the aide.

Daffyd and I were quite pleased to find we were the only two in the dormitory at the time although we could see that a couple of the others had already arrived and left some of their stuff on their beds. We helped each other to pick our trunks up onto our beds and started to unpack them. There was a soft knock on the door of the dormitory and Daffyd went to see what it was. The 'what' turned out to be a who, as Adia was standing the other side of the door when Daffyd opened it. "Hey Adia, what's the problem?" he asked.

"No problem, at least not for you guys. Here I have something for you." He handed me an envelope. "There's some more pictures some of the guys will not be too happy with and the negatives of the photos I took of you. I promise that I have not made and prints of them. And here's your key back. I haven't tried mine but if it doesn't work you'll be hearing from me to borrow yours."

"Thanks Adia, I really appreciate this." I said.

"It was nothing. In fact I quite liked getting one over those bastards and at the same time giving you something to sort them out with." Adia smiled at me and his black face was split with an arc of white teeth.

"Did you have a good break?" Daffyd asked him.

"Some was good. I loved developing and printing my pictures. Got some good ones of you guys which I will show you if you want. But then I had to attend this boring parade thing in London with my father. It was alright for him. He had loads of people coming up and talking to him and so on, but I just had to stand around in a bloody uncomfortable suit and smile. It took six hours and I maybe said twenty words in that whole time."

"Shit, I'm glad I didn't have to do anything like that." I said.

"I saw you two carrying your trunks together. Are you now proper friends?"

"Yes. My parents moved into the same town where Del lives while we were at school and I bumped into Del in town and we even live quite close to each other." Daffyd said.

"Ah that's nice." Adia said.

Daffyd and I continued to unpack our trunks and Adia stayed, which was a bit unusual. It seemed like there was something more he wanted to say so Daffyd asked him, "Is there something more?"

"I was hoping you might be prepared to do some modelling for me." Adia said.

"I thought I owed you that for taking those photographs for Del." Daffyd said.

"No. There is no debt. But I would like to have some pictures that are offered freely. They just seem so much more sexy that way." Adia told us.

"Are you asking just Daffyd or both of us?" I asked.

"Both or either one. But there is another bit too. Are either of you any good at taking photographs yourselves?"

"I've never had the chance." Daffyd said.

"I've used my dad's camera a few times but I don't know if I'm any good really. Why?" I said.

"Would you be willing to learn and take a few instructions from a junior?" Adia asked.

"You mean from you?" I asked.

"Yes. I want someone to take some photos with me in them. I have loads of photos of other people but none of me."

"I guess you could give both of us some training and then see which one is better." I said, knowing Daffyd would go along with that. "As for posing, yes I will pose for you, but on one condition. When you print the pictures you print some copies for me and Daffyd."

"And I will pose too. We can even pose together if you want." Daffyd said.

"Thank you. We can talk in a couple of days' time when we know our time-tables and see where can fit some lessons in." Adia said and then left.

Shortly after he left I turned to Daffyd and said, "You know we might just have let the cat out the bag there."

"What do you mean?"

"We both offered something for each other. I told Adia that I wanted copies of any pictures for both of us and then you said we could pose together for him. And all three of us knew he was talking about nude photos." I said.

"Yeah, I guess we might have then. Shit this is going to be harder than we thought." Daffyd confirmed.

We went back into our own thoughts for a bit and were not able to continue that conversation as more of the dorm inmates arrived in that time.

"Hey Morgan, how come you're here so early? You're usually one of the last to arrive back." Trevor Wilson greeted us.

"Yeah, well I live in a different town now. How was your half term?"

"Pretty shit actually. I got sick on the Monday and only really began to feel better on Friday. That certainly didn't give me any chance to make any headway with the girls." Trevor told us.

Flynn showed that he had not enjoyed being left on tenterhooks for the half term break. "Well if it isn't the gay and his mate." He said by way of acknowledging our presence rather than offering a greeting. "You're still not safe you know. Even with those pictures we will get you somehow."

"Well I guess that depends on how brave you really are." I said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Flynn asked.

"You'll just have to wait and learn." I said, leaving him to ponder and smoulder.

We still had a fair bit of free time until dinner and I suggested to Daffyd that he bring his key and we go for a walk. I slipped the envelope that Adia had given me into my shirt and we left the dormitory. We took a bit of longer route round to the hut but once we had locked ourselves inside it I pulled out the envelope and we began to look at the pictures Adia had done for me. We discovered that he had given us quite a lot of duplicates too which would give us some to show the four cuntets without fear that if they tore them up we would lose our leverage. Both of us had a bit of a laugh over some of the pictures but also we got solid boners from looking at their solid cocks and it was not long before we dropped our trousers and wanked each other off. I sorted out a few of the duplicates and put them with the polaroids the guys had already seen. I climbed to the second level of the hut and put the envelope with the bulk of the pictures in it into a little gap I found between the wall and the shelf that held the plates with numbers and letters. I used a pencil that was lying on the shelf to help jam the envelope into the gap as it was on the underside of the shelf and gravity could encourage the envelope to fall out.

"I'm kind of glad you didn't post this key home. There would have been no way of getting it back." I said as I did my fly up.

"Yeah, and I think we are going to need it quite a bit in the coming weeks too." Daffyd said and we both smiled. "By the way, how do you feel about getting naked and doing stuff together for Adia to photograph?"

"I'm quite excited about it actually and I trust him. There is something about the way he returned these to me that just makes me trust him. I quite like him and if he wants to get sucked off again then I'll think about it." I answered.

"Can I look at those negatives? Or do you just want to destroy them and try to forget how they came about?"

"I will destroy them, but you can look first." I said handing the strips over to him.

"Shit he really put you through the mill with those. How many are there?"

"I don't know." I said and Daffyd started to count them.

"Thirty three. Plus there were the polaroids too. You know he has given you back quite a bit of money's worth in that lot."

"Yeah, I think that is one of the reasons I think I can trust him and why I like him." I said.

We left the hut and returned to the dormitory to see who else had arrived. As we got near the front door of the hostel we saw Ian struggling with his trunk and went to help him. By chance we had stopped talking before we got to the dormitory and so were relatively quiet on our entrance. The first thing we noticed was Flynn on his knees in front of my bedside locker scrabbling around inside it. Clearly he was looking for the photographs.

"Do you really think I'm as stupid as you are Flynn?" I asked. Flynn jumped and knew that he had been caught without any excuse. "Maybe I should just go straight to Furber and report that you were trying to steal something from my locker. You can explain what it is that you were looking for." I turned and began walking towards the door. "You two are my witnesses that Flynn was looking for something inside my locker."

"Can't deny what we saw." Ian said.

"No wait!" Flynn said.

"Why? Give me one good reason to stop me going straight to Furber now." I demanded. "After all I'm pretty sure I can show him what it is that you were looking for in my locker."

"Okay, of course I was looking for the pictures. You can't show those to anyone." Flynn said.

"Oh yes I can. I can show them to anyone I want to. Whether I will or not depends on you and your friends. I think we will be looking at some more later on too." I said.

"What are we going to have to do now?" Flynn asked.

"Well I was just going to make you guys wait to shower once the hot water was all gone, but after what I have just seen I think I will have to think up something more."

"And what if we refuse to do it?" Flynn asked.

"You already know the answer to that." I said and left it. "Now fuck off from beside my bed and if I ever catch you near my locker again you might wish that you had never met me.

Flynn went back to his own bed space and I knelt on the floor and began to tidy my locker again. I could have told Flynn to do it but I knew he would never get it right. When I looked in I saw that I would have been able to tell the first time I went to it that someone had been moving things inside it. While I was still doing that I became aware of someone standing close to me. I turned my head and looked up.

"Uh, Delmar, I've done a lot of thinking over the half-term and it all tells me that I am more to blame than anyone else in this dorm for the way we have treated you. I'm very sorry and will accept whatever revenge you want to take out on me. I should have stopped it in the very first term but didn't and then it was easier to just let it go on until it became a habit for us. I promise you now though that I will do my best to make sure no one ever treats you like that again." Whitworth said.

"You maybe could have tried to make the others stop, but they also could have stopped without being made to. Everyone in this dorm has been in charge of their own actions and those who still refuse to accept that are the ones I will try to get to see the wrong in their actions. Show me that you mean it by your behaviour and I will look to forgiving you."

"Thank you; that is more than I can really ask for." Whitworth said.

Lawson and Winters arrived together and were the last from our dorm to get in. Lawson carried his trunk to his bed and quickly greeted Flynn and the others who were still in the dorm but noticeably ignored me. I had hoped that struggling with some uncertainty about their future might have brought them to the realisation that if they behaved towards me like they did towards anyone else I might go easy on them. Clearly this was not the case. Winters had just said "Hi everyone," and then gone straight to his bed and began unpacking. MacDonald had been in and unpacked and gone out again without me seeing him so he had not had a chance to show how he was feeling and of course Flynn had already come across aggressively. However, when MacDonald did come in he gave me a look that told me he had not changed either.

Because of the different arrival times we always went for our evening meal on the first day back before going for our showers and this gave me a bit more time to think. I really had not thought up anything more to do with the four cuntets as I had hoped that it would all have eased during the break. I managed to get in a quiet word with Daffyd and asked him to take charge of the photographs that were still inside my shirt and give the guys an opportunity to see some of the new ones before we went for our showers. When those pictures began to make the rounds in the dormitory and not out of my hands the four got quiet and Flynn actually paled. But then he tore the photograph into shreds and threw the pieces in the bin.

"You dumb fucker. Do you think he would have let you get your hands on that picture if he didn't have more to take its place?" Ewan Powell asked. "Just accept it man, you are screwed big time and going through Delmar's locker did nothing to help your situation.

"You fucking arsehole, you'd better not have made it worse for us too." Winters said hearing of Flynn's actions for the first time; there was a bit of a murmur of agreement amongst others in the dorm.

I was still quite angry at Flynn for going through my locker and decided that he needed something more than the others. Once we were all naked in the showers I ordered the four to go and stand against the wall. "I had hoped we would not have to resort to any more of this after the break but it seems that none of you four have changed your opinion and are not ready yet to change your ways so until you do, that is where you will go for the rest of the term unless you give me reason to let you off." I gave them a few seconds to get over there and then reminded them that they needed to make sure they kept each other hard.

When I saw that Flynn was hard I called him over to where I was standing under the warm shower. I tapped a point on the floor with my toe and told Flynn, "Get your arse on that spot with your legs spread apart."

"Why? What you gonna do?" he asked.

"Why? Because that is what I told you to do. What? You will see." I replied, "Now get your arse on the floor."

"I don't want to." Flynn said.

"I didn't want to do the stuff you made me do either, but I had no choice. Now you have no choice. Or rather you do. It's either this or those pictures of the four of you go on public display."

"Get your arse on the floor or we will put you down there." MacDonald called out.

"At least that means he is not going to fuck your arse." Winters said.

"You make it any more worse for us and we will fuck you up." Lawson said.

Their allegiance to each other was clearly strained. Flynn realised that he was on his own now and meekly sat down on the floor and spread his legs. His hard-on had softened during the discussion which probably worked out better for me. I put my foot over his cock and balls and pressed down a little. Not enough to cause pain but enough to cause some discomfort and show him that I had him at my mercy. "Now, suck my cock." I ordered.

"No ways!" he shouted as the water from the shower streamed down his face.

I pressed my foot a little harder on his balls and said, "And make sure that your teeth don't scratch me or there could be scrambled eggs for breakfast." And using my own hand I slapped my cock against his head.

"Your cock is too high for me to reach it." Flynn tried another tactic.

"Stretch up then." I ordered.

Of course with my foot on his cock and balls his ability to stretch up was a bit limited and the best he could do was to turn his face up which forced him to keep his eyes closed against the shower spray. I bent my knees and lowered my soft cock into his open mouth and told him to start sucking. I let him suck for about a minute and pulled my still soft cock out of his mouth. "You're fucking useless, go back to the wall. I bet you couldn't even suck on your mother's tit when you were a baby." I derided him. A very humiliated Flynn went back to the wall where the water on him soon cooled to make him colder than his three so-called mates. "So tell me Flynn, did you like that? Did it make you feel like a man? Did it boost you up?" I let it rest for a few minutes and then asked, "Any of you other three want to get a taste? Come on over if you do." None of them budged and Flynn looked really pissed off and humiliated. "So none of you want to try out what you thought was so good for someone else? I guess that speaks for itself. Think on that; you pathetic lot!" That little show had caused the rest to delay in their showers and this ensured that for their first shower back at school the four would only get cold water and then would have to be very quick to get all the soap off before the water stopped flowing.

Back in the dormitory, I waited until Furber had made his customary visit and then I told all the guys to get naked making sure they realised I was not meaning just the four cuntets. I also got naked and then told the guys to get on their beds and start jerking off. There were some protests but I told them that protests were no good. I had not even been given the chance to protest. I did get a strange and questioning look from Daffyd and gave him a thumbs up in return in the hopes that he would realise I had something up my sleeve. I made no bones about the fact that I was enjoying my wank and knew that I was being observed when my cum shot out over my chest and stomach. After I cleaned up I watched as the others had their orgasms and then gave them the chance to clean up.

"Was that so hard?" I asked, and got a mixture of mumbled responses with no one willing to come right out and say that they had actually enjoyed their wank. "We all know that we wank. After all none of you needed to be taught what to do tonight. From now on, if you want to wank just go ahead and enjoy it and don't worry about any of us seeing it. We have all seen each other doing it. There were no lightning bolts out of the sky to kill us. We haven't grown hairs on our hands or gone blind. Trying to be secret about it is fooling no one. So let's just accept it and have fun without having to worry about what the guy next door thinks or might say. And don't worry, I'm not going to make you do a group jerk again. This was just to help you see that it's okay to get some relief. Sure it will feel weird for a while, but I think we will all be surprised how easily we get used to it. Sweet dreams. Goodnight."

There was silence as each person digested the ideas I had just put into their heads. Daffyd looked back at me and gave me a thumbs up, but with his hand hidden from the rest of the dorm by his leg. Then he turned to the rest of the dorm and said, "Del's right with that and I learnt something over the break. I like to sleep in the nude so I hope you don't mind but my skin will be my night-dress going forwards."

"Oh, sexy." Wilson teased but there was no malice in his voice.

"It's nearly lights-out time guys. Best we get ready for bed quick. I will do the honours with the switch tonight." Ian MacLean said.

More than Daffyd and I got into bed without any clothing on as Ian strutted his naked body up to the light switch showing that he too was going to sleep natural.

I did not do anything more to the four cuntets apart from making them wait and keep each other hard in the showers. Something which Stone did not fail to notice and his visits to the showers became more regular and his words of wisdom got longer. Such that we had to complain and ask to be allowed to keep on showering while he talked or else the water would go off before we finished. I felt I noticed a bit of softening in the attitudes of all but Flynn, but still they did not make any real effort to try and befriend me or treat me similar to the way they treated the others in the dorm so I kept them under the threat of exposure.

On the Wednesday of that first week back at school as we were heading to the dining hall for our evening meal Daffyd and I found Adia also going that way. "Hey Adia, got your time-table sorted yet?" Daffyd asked.

"Yeah, when're you free to talk?" he answered.

"Can you meet us in the library after lessons tomorrow?" I asked.

"Sure, see you there." He said and we all continued together with Adia only parting off when he needed to get into his line.

Thursday after lessons was great because we discovered that there were three days in the week when the three of us would be able to meet up if we wanted. We then agreed that for the next few weeks we would keep all of those times free to meet up and we also settled times when we would leave the hut free for Adia to use for himself and when he would leave it for our personal use. But as Thursday was one of the days for the three of us we agreed to go there while Adia went to fetch his cameras and would meet us there for our first lesson.

Once all three of us were in the shed Adia used his key to lock it. "I just don't want to risk us being found," he said as he turned the key. "Also, I want to explain where I think I stand with you two guys. So if you let me talk first, then you can talk after if that is okay?"

"Yeah, I've got no problem with that." I said.

"Me neither." Daffyd said.

"Okay. I want to teach you how to use the cameras because I want you guys to take some of me dressed, naked and hard and even sucking on a cock and I think you are the only two I know I can trust to keep it quiet. Also, I would like to have some freely offered pictures of you two naked and hard. I know you have sucked my cock Delmar, but that was under protest. However, I could tell from the way you did it you know how and I was wondering if you were willing to get involved in some physical action with me. Maybe in return for teaching you how to take pictures you could teach me how to suck a cock well. What do you say?"

"Firstly, I think from the way you have helped us you have shown us that we can also trust you. So I am willing to go along with some of what you have suggested, but there some things that I need to discuss privately with Daffyd before I can give you an answer." I replied.

"And I think my answer is exactly the same for the same things." Daffyd said.

"Something has happened over the half term, hasn't it?" Adia asked grinning.

"Let us have a talk and we will give you the answer to that too." Daffyd said.

"Okay. I won't press you but do you want to start learning some things about taking a picture now and when you have had your talk you can let me know?"

"Sure, but for now we keep our clothes on." I said.

"Okay, I was thinking that as we don't have that much time left anyway I would just go through some of the basics that I know and let you have a couple of tries with the polaroid so that you can see how the pictures come out."

"Yeah sounds good to me." Daffyd agreed. I nodded my head and Adia began to teach us.

He talked about framing and composition and making sure that things were central. He also told us about ways of holding the camera and locking elbows and wrists and using a finger that was not supporting the camera to release the shutter. He explained about lighting and the effect it can have on a picture. This took some time but he then snapped off five pictures with the polaroid to show us what he meant and while we waited for them to develop he talked a bit more about focus and adjusting the shutter speed. Then he told us that most cameras don't have adjustable focus or shutter speeds and you have to really get it right by making sure of your distance from the subject of the photograph. He said he did have a really expensive camera at home that did those sort of things but that his father would not let him bring that one to school. Once we had looked at his pictures and he had discussed the things wrong with them and the causes he had us take it in turns to be the subject while the other took a picture. It soon became clear that Daffyd was going to be the better photographer out of the two of us and he was really chuffed with that.

"At last something that I'm better at than you." Daffyd exclaimed.

"You're better at sports than I am too." I reminded him.

Once our lesson was finished, Adia left us and we stayed behind in the shed to talk. "I didn't want to tell Adia if I was willing to suck his cock or let him suck my cock without talking to you first. Also I think he has guessed it but do you think it would be safe to come out to him seeing as he has almost come out to us?" I asked.

"I agree, I think he has twigged that we are gay and possibly thinks that we are boyfriends. I don't think if we are going to do any nude posing for him and taking pictures of him that we can keep our being gay secret from him so I guess we might as will admit it up front. Do you want to do stuff with him?"

"I'm torn. Part of me says I want to be yours and that implies faithfulness, but this down here says I liked sucking his cock and wouldn't mind doing it again. How do you feel about me doing stuff with him, even with the promise that if you are not present I will tell you everything? And also do you want to do stuff with him yourself?"

"You are the only person I have experienced and there is a part of me that says I want to try something else to compare, but also like you there is a part of me that says I want to keep myself for you as a sign of my love for you." Daffyd answered.

"Okay, let's go with this for now. We agree to let him take pictures of us naked and even hard and we agree to take similar pictures of him but as for the blowjobs side of it we wait for a while longer and see how we feel after some time. In the meantime, we explain that we are boyfriends and want to keep to each other only." I suggested.

"Okay we'll tell him that at our next practice session unless we have a change of mind before that." Daffyd agreed and we left the hut.

That evening in the showers we lingered a bit longer than normal and this meant that the four cuntets didn't quite get all the soap off their bodies before the water dried up. Flynn was fuming over this and didn't take kindly to being reminded by one of the others that this was what had happened to me many times and none of them had felt any pity for me when it did. He was letting it build up inside him and when we went for dinner as he walked past the line that Adia was in he suddenly stopped and grabbed the front of Adia's shirt. "You and your fucking camera had better watch out. You are going to suffer for those photographs you tricked us with." He hissed in a harsh whisper.

"You posed for those of your own free choice." Adia replied.

"You fucking black bastard!" Flynn spat out and raised his fist ready to punch Adia but he got no further because suddenly he was grabbed from behind by one of the ground's staff who got him into a professional hold that prevented him from doing anything but struggle a bit.

"You had better be careful about who you pick fights with young man or you could end up in prison." The man who was holding him said.

"It's alright, Mr. Chambers, I don't think he is too happy tonight but I'm sure he has realised he needs to be more careful. I think you can let him go." Adia said. "Thank you for your help."

While this warned Flynn, and all those who saw it, off attempting to harm Adia, it did nothing to improve his mood that night and once we were all back in the dormitory waiting till light's out he had another go at blaming me for his humiliation.

"Actually, you only have yourself to blame." Ewan began. "We all can only blame ourselves because we are the ones who started it all with the way we treated Delmar. Now we are paying the penalty for letting it get out of hand. Although I am glad it got out of hand because it helped most of us to see that we were being right shits, and gave us the chance to try and make some amends for that."

"Speak for yourself Powell, we didn't ask to have this faggot put in our dorm with us did we?" Flynn said pointing at me.

Ian Maclean was standing close to Flynn when he said and he just turned and slapped Flynn over his mouth. "You better be fucking careful what you say. We still don't have any proof that Del is a homo. Remember it was us who were forcing him to do those things and we were willingly allowing it. You were quite happy to get your cock sucked by a guy. You were quite happy also to take your clothes off and let one of your friends stroke your cock and hold it when it was hard for another guy to take a picture of it. You've seen the picture that you posed for without being forced. So, tell me, who looks the most like a homo?" Ian spoke with a harsh tone making it very clear that he was not going to tolerate anyone saying something about me that was not proven to be true.

Following Ian's lecture there was a rather stunned silence for a while and then Trevor Wilson spoke up, "That's absolutely true. If anyone in this dorm is to be labelled as homo it's the nine of us who forced ourselves upon Delmar, not Delmar. So let's all just stop this talk about who's a homo and who's not. It's not helping any of us. And just remember that Delmar's not done anything to us as bad as what we did to him. Even you four who still seem determined to not see how shit we have been in the past have not been treated as badly as you gave. It's time to respect the leniency we have been shown."

There was some nodding of heads but with those two speaking out quite forcefully there really was nothing more to be said. Instead we all went about what we were doing, before we would get into our beds ready for the lights to go off, in a subdued mood. I was really happy about the way Ian, Trevor and Ewan had spoken up for me, but I too was rather subdued because I was concerned that I was now becoming the dividing factor in our dormitory and I didn't want to be that. I felt that keeping silent at this point was probably the best way of preventing further argument. This also put a bit of a damper on the conversation that usually continued after light's out and it left the dorm a lot quieter than normal. But it did not take that long for the sounds of someone having a wank to work through my senses as I lay in bed and I was rather pleased that even though I did not know who it was, at least one person had accepted my reasoning and was now not hiding his pleasure.

Those sounds were a help in another way too because once it was clear that someone was doing it, a couple of others started up too and then a voice called out, "Okay, who's spanking the monkey?" and this was met with a few laughs which broke the tension that had been hanging in the air.

One of those who was jerking himself replied with, "At least I'm not too scared to do it now." Which got a few more chuckles. But what surprised me was that I could not definitely decide who had spoken. Whether they tried to camouflage their voices or something I don't know but to this day I cannot say who it was that admitted to wanking or who had asked the question. But from that night on I don't think there was one night when we didn't hear at least one person having a wank in the dark. And I'm sure that everyone of us did it on a fairly regular basis too.

The next time Daffyd and I met with Adia we explained what we were willing to do and why. "Shit! I knew it. If you change your minds remember I have this cock and mouth ready for some lessons. But listen, I'm happy for you two, and still want to show you more on photography. After all, my dad spent money on sending me for some lessons over the holidays and I want to share them. That I might get some pictures of myself in ways that I couldn't otherwise will be a bonus and getting pictures of you two will also be a bonus. So no hard feelings, excepting between my legs, and hoping you guys will change." He told us.

He then went on to give us our next lesson in which he told us was how different things can cause different effects. Again he used his polaroid camera to take pictures to demonstrate what he was saying and he started off by having me pose, fully dressed, in various ways. Then I took my shoes and socks and shirt off and posed in the same ways again. Then I stripped to nothing but my briefs and we did the same poses and repeated it with me fully naked and then finally a few of the same poses with me with a hard on. Once they were all developed he laid them out in rows of the same pose from dressed to naked and talked about the effect the different states of dress had on the picture. Then he also pointed out how different poses conveyed different things. Taking one picture of me naked in a side profile and another picture of me fully dressed but with a "come and take me" invitation in my stance and expression and showed that the fully dressed picture actually was more erotic than the naked one was. He then asked if he could take some pictures of us for his private collection with his Brownie. I was already naked so he took some solo's of me and concentrated on Daffyd for a while taking him through the range from fully dressed to fully naked. Then he asked us to stand together and be photographed as a pair. He started with us facing him but then had us turn and face each other and without really thinking about it we leant into each other kissed.

"Now if I was one of those other ones in your dorm, I could blackmail you something terrible with that picture." Adia said and chuckled.

"Well you're not one of them and we trust you." Daffyd said.

"And I trust you two also. So now it is time for you to put your lessons into practice with this camera." Adia held up the Brownie. "Who wants to go first?"

"I will so that Daffyd can get the better shots in when it counts." I said.

"No, that's not how I want to do it. What I want is for each of you to take the same photograph. Delmar you take one and then while I hold the pose, Daffyd you take one and so we go till I am happy."

"Oh, okay. Give me the camera then." I said. Both Daffyd and I remained naked as we took the pictures and Adia slowly stripped his clothes off between each pair of shots. Once he was naked he got himself hard and had us take a few more and then he jerked himself till his white cum splattered across his tummy making a marked contrast with his dark skin. That contrast was also preserved for posterity in a couple of clicks.

The next morning as we stood at the back of the hall for assembly Daffyd put his hand on my back and let it slide down till he was gently stroking it across my bum. I shuddered from the sensation and he quickly pulled his hand away muttering a soft "sorry."

"No, don't stop." I muttered back in as quiet a whisper as I could get out that he would still hear and moments later his hand was again giving me feelings I had not known existed but that I liked very much. If it weren't for my tight briefs and baggy school trousers you might have been able to see just how much I liked it as I was sporting a very rigid tool. Because of the way we were standing I was not able to return the favour but once we had left the hall and were walking to our first class of the day I told Daffyd the effect his caressing had had on me and promised to let him experience it too when we got an opportunity. We had to wait until the following afternoon before we had the scoring hut to ourselves but I did manage to get in a couple of very short sessions with Daffyd who agreed that it was 'rather nice'.

In the hut we explored this new side to our physical experience more and discovered that while it is really nice to have your bum caressed while dressed, it is awesome to do it naked. Seeing each other naked in the showers and when changing in the dorm, is one thing. Knowing that we are free to jerk off in our beds in the dorm helps, but being able to be naked with each other in the privacy of the hut was definitely something that we looked forward to with eagerness. Here we were able to express our love for each other in a much more tangible way and of course the release of our sexual tension was so much more enjoyable when we did it together helping each other out. Whether it was in a sixty-nine or if we just jerked each other off it just was better. Daffyd told me that having me suck him now was very different from when they were forcing me to do it. Not that I was any better but because the emotional aspect of it all was changed. Another aspect of our times in the hut that we enjoyed was our after-sex chats. At least that is what we called them. Once we had satisfied our physical needs, at least for the first time, we often would just sit side by side in the hut, still naked, and talk. It was during these little chats that we discovered a lot more about each other as we each revealed stuff that we had not thought to share before. It built our love for each other and increased the trust we had in each other too. Sometimes it led to a second release of sexual tension as our chats had encouraged that.

That we had become good and close friends was evident to all and I'm sure that even some of the masters and teachers must have wondered if we were homosexual, but we never came out at school.

On the Monday of our second week back after half term I got a letter from my mother which she had posted on the Saturday. It was a bit of a surprise because I didn't usually get letters from either of my parents. In fact I didn't usually get letters at all. But mum had written to me to let me know that Mike was progressing well and had been released from the intensive care into a small ward and they expected that he would be able to go home in about ten days. I shared that news with Daffyd and he was so pleased that he sat down and wrote a letter to Gavin and Mike telling them that he was very happy and hoped that he would be able to see them at the next holiday. Then he got a bit embarrassed as he had to ask me if I knew their address. Fortunately I did and asked if I could put a letter in with his to save on postage. That evening we dropped the envelope in the outbox in the vestibule of the hostel. I never wrote letters home so Daffyd had to supply the stamp which made it a good reason to put my letter inside the same envelope. On Friday there was another letter addressed to me but when I opened it there were two letters inside. Both letters were almost identical with the exception that in Daffyd's letter from Gavin he had said how his parents and Mike were really touched by Daffyd's concern even though he hardly knew them. In my letter we were also thanked for getting Gavin and Gail together and were told that they were definitely dating. We were looking forward to having some great times together over the next school break.

Adia continued our photography lessons and without outing us to anyone brought in some other subjects to be photographed who were willing to be photographed in different states of undress and arousal. One of them was also willing to be more intimate with Adia and be photographed in this intimacy; with Adia relying on us to get him some quality pictures.

Within two weeks of my making the guys all wank in the dorm together it was common and accepted that if you needed to rub one out, you just went ahead and did it. Of course if it was during the day you had to be a bit more careful in case a master walked into the dorm, but the guys were no longer embarrassed to be seen having a wank in front of others in the dorm. This included the four cuntets and just before the end of the term Andrew Lawson came up to me and said, "Butterworth, we're never going to be friends, but if you are willing I would like us to call a truce. I enjoyed getting my cock sucked and getting wanked by you, but I'm sorry for the way we did it." Then he held out his hand to shake mine. I wasn't sure if this was just a ruse, but I thought I would never know if I didn't shake his hand. True to his word, we never did become friends but lived the truce for the rest of our time at the school. That night when we went for our showers I called him over to me just as I finished rinsing the soap off my body and then I stepped aside and let him have my shower. He got his first warm shower since returning from half term. If looks could kill, his three mates would have been guilty of double murder the way they looked at him and me. But I was already used to it.

Back in the dormitory Lawson came under a barrage of abuse from Flynn, MacDonald and Winters. Possibly the kindest thing he heard was being called a traitor. He listened to it all without saying a word. Others in the dorm were trying to get the three to ease up but without success. Then when their stream of vindictiveness dried up he turned to them and asked, "Did you listen to yourselves through all that?"

"What the fuck do you mean?" Flynn asked in return.

"Just that half the time you weren't even making sense. You were just trying to make me feel bad. Well I already felt bad. I felt bad because it took me so long to realise just how much I was cutting my own nose off to spite my face." Andrew answered.

"What do you mean by that?" MacDonald asked.

"Think about it, what was your shower like? And what do you think my shower was like? I told Butterworth that he and I will never be friends but that I was sorry for the way we treated him and I asked for a truce. What you saw in the showers was that truce. Nothing more."

"So you're saying that if I go and tell Butterballs that I'm sorry he will let me have a hot shower?" Flynn asked derisively.

"Not with the attitude you've got. Stop sometime and listen to what you say and how you say it and the body language you use with it. Fuck man! Butterworth is the most intelligent one of us in this dorm. He can tell if you mean it or not. For a little humble pie you could stop the humiliation. But then I don't think you can understand that." Ian MacLean said.

"That's just it. I didn't like spending the half-term being reminded every time I took a shower or had a wank that we were still under threat when we got back to school. But then although I knew it, I was not ready to admit that I had been wrong until I saw that Whitworth was not being made to be a part of us. I worked it out that if I did man up and admit I was wrong maybe I could get Butterworth to go a bit easier on me." Lawson said.

I knew then that I had made the right decision to shake Lawson's hand and was willing to give him the chance to even become a friend because I could see that down inside him there was a respectable person struggling to get out. I had an opportunity in prep the next day to show that I can bury the hatchet quite quickly. By chance, Lawson was sitting opposite me and I could see that he was struggling with some of his physics prep. I quietly got up and went to get a drink of water and returned going down the side of the table that Lawson was on. I hovered near him looking over his shoulder while he tried to reason it out with Trevor Wilson. I could tell straight off that neither of them were taking the right tack to get to the solution. I leant over the other side of Lawson from Wilson and showed him how to work the problem out. Something in the way I explained it was enough for him to work out where his thinking was wrong and you could see the penny drop as he grasped the principles of the problem that led to the solution. Trevor hadn't been able to see what I had done and so Lawson showed him using my words; almost exactly as I had used them. I returned to my own place and as I sat down Lawson looked over at me and smiled. "Thanks Delmar, I never thought I would get your help again."

"I can't help it. When people show they can be kind, I have to be kind too." I replied and left it like that. Later Ewan told me that the look on Flynn's face was frightening. He even suggested that Flynn might be possessed by evil spirits. I just decided that Flynn was so stubbornly proud he was not prepared to admit defeat and acknowledge that he had been bad.

When Daffyd and I got on the train to go home for the holidays we were excited. We knew we had three weeks when we could be together most of the time and we would also be able to see Gavin and hopefully Mike. Mum picked us up from the station and on the way home told us that they had agreed with Daffyd's parents that we could split our time between the two homes and stay together for the whole of the holidays. None of us were going away for a trip or anything and so we basically could just stay with each other as long as both sets of parents got to see us a fair bit of the time. We laughed at how our tongue in cheek suggestion that both families move into one house together was met with the contempt it deserved.

As it was, each weekend the six of us would have at least one meal together and we did enjoy several pub meals as a result. Before we left to go back to school at the end of the holiday, without discussing it between ourselves I went to Daffyd's parents and thanked them for allowing us to spend so much time together and Daffyd went to my parents with the same thing.

Our first night at home we were spending at Daffyd's home and after dinner we phoned Gavin to see if we could arrange to meet up. Gavin said he wasn't sure of times but would get back to us soon. He also let us know that Mike was home but had not gone back to school before the holidays began. He said that Mike would appreciate a visit as he was getting rather bored. We promised him that we would make a point of getting to see Mike as Daffyd really wanted to meet him.

We hadn't expected to hear from Gavin at least until the next day but half an hour after we had phoned him he phoned us back. "Sorry, I couldn't give you and answer straight away; I had to check with the management. Gail has suggested we meet up in town and make one of the food stalls happy. How about tomorrow morning and then we can all catch the bus back to mine so you can see Mike. He has to see the neuroguy that did his op tomorrow morning and if go back in the later afternoon he can have a bit of a rest before you guys see him. Then mum says she will give you two lovebirds a lift home."

"Your mum called us lovebirds?" I asked incredulously.

"No. She doesn't even know you two are homo's. Just thinks you're good friends. I called you lovebirds. You are still together aren't you?" Gavin asked realising that he had not checked that.

"Hang on a bit; I just need to look in the mirror." I paused for a bit. "Yep he's still with me."

"Oh dear this is going to be some holiday." Gavin said and after a bit more banter we ended the call agreeing to meet at ten the next morning. Daffyd and I retired to his bedroom and en-suite shower where I kept my promise and allowed him to shave me from the neck down. When he ran his soap-slicked hands over my smooth skin I knew that it would not be the last time I lost the hair on my body. Daffyd assured me that he would also be willing to help me get smooth again. We traded places and I shaved him and felt how smooth he was afterwards. Clean and dry we went back into the room where I got on my knees and Daffyd sat on the edge of the bed while I sucked him off. Then I lay down on the bed for Gavin to use baby oil and play with my body for some time before he brought me off. Sleep came shortly after that with both of us very happy and feeling like we were the luckiest guys in the world.

Our parents allowing us to stay together so much over the holidays also helped us to learn a lot about each other's body. Such as I liked it when he flicked his tongue over the tip of my cock when he was sucking me off and he liked it when I would twist his foreskin round his cock head by working my fingers across his cock instead of down the length of it. We discovered that we both liked it when Daffyd would edge me for a while and then make me cum and follow that with using his fingers as paint brushes and the cum I had just shot out over my body as the paint. He would draw designs on my chest and especially around my nipples and would pretend he was putting make up on me with eye liner, blush and lipstick. I would lie there until those thin smears had dried while he played with my cock again, edging me some more. Shooting his cum over me before he let me cum the second time and then we both go and have a shower. I am sure an analyst could come up with some link between this cum paint and the four cuntets shooting their cum all over me. Maybe there was even something in the taking a shower together afterwards so that I was clean before any other person could see me.

The next morning Gavin arrived holding Gail's hand and both of them looked radiant. Seeing them like that helped me to understand how they could see Daffyd's and my love for each other so easily. You just can't keep it under wraps to the watchful eye. We were greeted effusively by both of them with Gail giving us each a hug and a kiss in turn. Gavin said he would restrain himself and just give us a hug each. We talked about general things as we wandered around the precinct for a bit and then we settled into a little café that served nice food at a reasonable price. It was not as busy as any of the chain style places and so we were able to talk without having to shout over the noise. When Gavin got up to use the toilet Gail told us, "You know that you two have done the best thing for Gavin and me and have literally changed both our lives. But he's still shy."

"What do you mean? I didn't think Gav was that shy?" I asked.

"Well, we've been dating for several weeks now and he's not yet made a move on me."

"You mean he has not tried to get under your clothes?" I asked.

"Yes, I mean I know he gets excited because I have felt it pressing into me when we have been close, but he has not even suggested we try anything sex related apart from hugging and kissing; not even a feel of the boobs."

"I know why. It's not that he's shy, but because he loves you and respects you too much to cheapen your relationship by forcing himself on you." I said.

"Are you sure?"

"He as good as told me at half term. After the two of you had been together that first day he told me that he couldn't use you. We had been talking about finding him someone to have sex with and then we found you and asked you to meet him. He knew right from the start that you were too good for a 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am'. He didn't want to jeopardise your relationship by asking you to get physical with him." I told her.

"But what if I want it?"

"I don't know. Maybe then you will have to make the first move."

"I don't know you, and I don't know Gavin. But what I can tell you is that Del and I are in love first, and lovers second." Daffyd said.

"That's really cool. I like the way you said that. Maybe I'll just have to wait a bit longer."

"So tell me what you two are planning for the holidays?" I asked changing the subject as I saw Gavin coming back to the table.

"Sorry, but there is only one toilet and there were two girls in front of me. Shit they take for ever to pee." Gavin said as he sat down.

"I see Gail hasn't managed to improve your speech yet." I teased.

"Don't you bloody start. I get enough from this lovely person next to me." Gavin said.

Our conversation carried on in a happy mood with light banter and much laughter usually at one of ours expense. Even though Gavin didn't know Daffyd he still had a couple of digs at him as well as me. Gail had goes at all three of us and Daffyd and I had goes at both of them and by the end of our time together in that café we were all very comfortable with each other. Our banter continued as walked to the bus stop and rode the bus out to Gavin's home.

Gail was clearly no stranger there and greeted Gavin's mum warmly and went with her to the kitchen to help prepare some drinks for all of us while Gavin led Daffyd and me into the lounge where Mike was watching a TV program. Although Mike's hair had started growing back it still was very short and changed his appearance quite considerably from what I remembered. The operation scar was also still very visible and even though we knew to expect it, the sight of it came as a bit of a shock. He did seem genuinely happy to see me and greeted Daffyd with, "That was so cool of you to write to Gavin and me."

"I hope it helped you to feel a bit better" Daffyd said.

"Yeah, it helped a lot. It told me that someone cared even though he had not yet met me. That said something to me." Mike said and I thought that Mike was showing a lot more maturity than he had the last time I had been able to talk to him.

"Then I'm happy." Daffyd said.

"Actually it gave that message to the whole family. My folks were really pleased about it too." Gavin said.

Daffyd and I had sat down on a two seater sofa together and because we were so comfortable in the company we were with we held hands without even realising it. When our drinks came in, Gail saw it immediately and got a little grin on her face and Gavin's mother also smiled. We let go of each other to take our drinks off the tray but once they were safely on the tables besides us we entwined our fingers once more. This time Mike saw it and after watching for a bit he said, "So you two are homos?"

"Mike!" Gavin began, "You can't just come out and say things like that!"

"It's okay; we kind of gave the game away by holding hands." Daffyd said.

"And that's cool too. Gavin and Gail are a couple and you two are so when you guys all go out together there's not an odd one out." Mike said.

"So us being queer doesn't bother you?" I asked.

"No. At one time I thought you and Gavin might be because Gavin used to take so much longer getting changed when you were with him. I decided then that I loved my brother and if he was happy with another guy I would be happy to at least be friends with that guy too. People worry too much about these things. Look at me. I nearly died and where would my worry about someone being a homo have got then? I want to live now in a way that will bring me and those close to me happiness and joy."

"Gav, how old did you say your brother was?" Daffyd asked.

"I know, he's kind of neat with this more mature nature. I guess the shock of nearly dying makes everyone look at things a bit differently."

Mike gave a little cough. "Hello! I am in this room also."

"But it didn't improve his cheek." Gavin laughed.

Gail was sitting between Gavin and Mike and she turned and kissed Mike on his cheek. "I don't think this one needs improving. Let me test the other one."

Mike turned crimson and then with a great smile on his face he lifted his body and made as if he was going to lower his pants. "Left or right side?" he asked.

Even his mother joined in the laughter at that antic and Gail gave him a gently pat on his butt as he sat back down again. "I can see I'm going to have to be very careful around your little brother." She said to Gavin. What was nice was to see how well they interacted with each other. It could only help Gavin and Gail in their relationship.

One afternoon the four of us went to see a movie and ended up sitting in a row with Gavin right against the wall then Gail, me and Daffyd on the end. The movie was not that great and had a weak story line which left us all a little bored as it became very predictable. Daffyd and I were able to hold hands all the way through the movie which was nice and we presumed that Gail and Gavin had done the same but when the lights came on and we all stood to leave Gavin had a very noticeable bulge and a not quite so noticeable wet patch at the one end of the bulge which led us to think that Gail had made a 'first' move. We later learned from Gavin that she had indeed helped him to feel good for a large part of the movie and left him hungering for release which did not come until later that evening when he got home and had some private time alone. A day or two before we returned to boarding school Gavin did tell us that he had not yet had sex with Gail but that they had talked about it and agreed not to rush into it. But Gail had seen him naked and helped him to cum a few times too.

At least for Daffyd and I we had each other every night and spent many hours naked with each other and met each other's needs daily. Although we did feel each other's butts and tickle them even over the pucker we did not progress any further than that as far as anal sex goes; not even a finger fuck. But we did find that when we were in a sixty-nine the caressing of our butts really helped to increase the sensations we experienced and moved our orgasms up a level.

Until the end of the last term Flynn had still been supported by Winters and MacDonald and it would take spending the whole of the holiday break under the threat of being exposed for those two to soften and admit their wrong. They also said much the same as Lawson had and I was okay with that knowing that if they meant it then the truce would hold and while not friends we could at least respect each other and live in peace. Flynn cut himself off from his three mates calling all of them traitors and back stabbers and a host of other things. For several weeks of the new term he smouldered until one day his rage erupted. He did not take it out on me but on his three friends. They were out on the field during a break time and in a frenzy of screaming and flying fists he managed to break Winter's nose and blacken Lawson's eye before several others got him pinned to the ground and held him there as several masters ran up to the crowd. The two injured were helped to sick-bay and Flynn was dragged still shouting and swearing to the head's office. When we got back to our dorm his bed was stripped and his lockers were empty. We were never told exactly what happened but we never saw him again either and for the rest of our time at school there were only nine of us in our dorm. Despite their earlier claims, once Flynn had left us, Lawson, Winters and MacDonald all became friendly enough that I felt I could give them the photographs and let them know that I would not seek to get any copies made again. Their friendly attitude extended to them shaking my hands and giving me a hug on our last day at that school.

Daffyd and I were both accepted into the same university to continue our studies and although for the first year we were not in the same halls we did get a lot of time together and managed to enjoy our intimacy without being outed. Once we moved out of halls into our own residence which we shared with two other guys and two girls, it did not take those four to work out that we were homo's but they had also got to know us as fellow students first and so accepted our relationship without outing us to the rest of the university. The two girls thought it was cute and the two guys liked that the competition was halved. The four of them did not evolve into two couples but more often than not there were two beds out of their four that were not slept in. Once our relationship was known and accepted by the other four, Daffyd and I shared a room which gave us one spare for when we wanted someone else to stay the night.

Our time at university could be described as halcyon days but then we had to move on and earn a living. Daffyd and I purposely looked for work in the same areas and once we got it we set about finding a place to stay and set up home together. Our love never diminished, but steadily grew as the years progressed. Still sometimes he will clean cum from my body and with a gentle squeeze declare, "Dura et pulsans."

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