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Silver Lining

by Rick Masters

Chapter 1

We really couldn't say why we did it when this all started three years ago when Artie was ten and three quarters and I had just turned eleven. It seemed a dark time then leaving us with little choice but to obey. Actually, maybe it started long before that when Katie and Steph were born. It was their being born at the same time that brought all of us together. Please bear with me for a few moments while I explain this. You see mum and dad pulled up outside the maternity wing of the hospital with Artie and Steph's parents pulling up beside them before they had even got the car doors open. Both mothers were very close to having their babies and the staff quickly got them processed and settled in beds next door to each other in the labour ward. They were soon moved into delivery rooms and the hospital records show that the two births were recorded at exactly the same time. This kind of makes Katie and Steph twins in all but blood only because when you look at them together they look like sisters. Both of them are blond, like Artie and me; they are almost the same height and both slender with average size boobs. They are also pretty and I think they may have several boys chasing after them.

The whole thing is with both mothers being in beds next door to each other and the strangeness of them pushing out a baby girl each at exactly the same time seems to have been enough of an excuse to become friends and bring our families together for ever after. This meant that our sisters grew up together and have become best of friends and co-conspirators together. It also meant that even though there is three months' difference between Artie and me, we became friends and generally do everything we can together. Another thing that encouraged our family friendships was that before Artie and I were born Artie's family moved into the same street as us, just two doors down the road. With both houses being on the same side of the road Artie and I were allowed to walk to each other's house without being accompanied by an adult, or an older sister, from the time we were nine years old. This helped to provide more opportunities for our sisters to take advantage of our innocence and inexperience. And three years ago when they started doing just that, none of us could have predicted those dark clouds leading to what it has today.

But let me get back to that day about three years ago. There was me, Jimmy (BTW), eleven years old about five foot eight and about five and half stone; and Artie (actually Arthur) who was only about an inch shorter than me and probably less than a pound lighter. Both blond and slim; me with blue eyes and Artie with greenish eyes. We were quietly minding our own business in my home watching something on the tele. As best as I can remember it the conversation went something like this:

"Hey guys, would you do us a big favour?" Steph (actually Stephanie) asked.

"What sort of favour?" I asked.

"Well you know that mum and dad have said we can start wearing makeup after our birthday. We were wondering if you would let us get a bit of practice in?" Katie said.

"What do you mean?" Artie asked.

"Well we could practice on each other, but then we can't see what the other is doing and make suggestions to each other and so we were hoping you two would let us practice on you." Katie explained.

"No ways!" I responded immediately.

"Wait, you haven't heard the whole deal. We know that it will be wrong to ask you such a thing without giving something in return. So we thought that we would let you suggest something first and if not we have a bit of an idea of what we could offer." Steph said.

"You mean we get to choose something and you girls will do it?" Artie asked looking pointedly at the two older girl's boobs. Something that I didn't miss and began to get a germ of an idea.

"We need to talk privately first." I said

"Okay, give us a shout when we can start." Katie said and the two girls left the room. Whether they went far enough not to hear what we said I don't know; but then we were only eleven and not world wise in any way. At least not like we are now.

We had our discussion and thought we had hit on a win-win idea and called the girls back. "Okay, we'll do it but you two have to have no tops on when you are doing it." I told them.

"Okay, we need to discuss this privately now." Steph said and they left the room again. A short while later they came back and said, "We'll do it with no tops on but it will have to be done in your bedroom and we get to take a picture of you two once we have done it." Steph told us.

Artie was really eager to see what the girls had under their tops and agreed without giving me a chance to say anything and the deal was done. We weren't too sure how much longer it would be before mum and dad got home so we didn't waste much time going up to my room. I must admit I was quite excited that I was going to see both Steph and Katie without a top on and like Artie didn't think it through any further than that. The girls told us they were going to get the makeup and get ready and would be with us soon. They went straight to Katie's room and there was more whispering that we could just hear but could not make out what they were saying. Less than two minutes later they walked into our room with dressing gowns on and a couple of bags which had the makeup stuff in.

"The dressing gown is still a top." I said.

"Yes we know but we need to get things set up first." Katie said. "Jimmy please can you go and get the chair from my room. We couldn't carry it as well as this stuff."

I went off and go the chair and they arranged it with the chair from my desk so that we would be sat back to back. "That can't work like that. If we are back to back you can't see what the other is doing so you might as well just practice on yourself." I was so pleased to have got one over on the girls.

They had to agree that I was right and moved the chairs so that we would be sitting side by side with only a small gap between the chairs. With that settled we sat down on the chairs and waited for our show.

"We need to be able to do the makeup so that it goes with our clothing so we need you to put on these tops." Steph said handing me one that was white with the word "Crimson" in an arc across the chest. Artie got one that was just a plain orange, although the girls said it was salmon in colour. We had to take our own t shirts off first to put those on, but that was no big deal as the girls had often seen us just in our swimming costumes and naked chests. Added to which our swimming in the team meant that we were slightly more developed as far as muscles goes than the other guys our age were; which gave us something to strut.

Once we were sitting again the girls took off their gowns to reveal that they did not have tops on but they still had their bras on. Our objections were quickly quashed with the reasoning that we had not stipulated that the bras had to come off too and now that we had all agreed to what we had and there was no going back. Both Artie and I were really disappointed because their bras actually showed less than their bikini tops which we had seen them in lots of times. I might have got one over them earlier but they had got a bigger one over the two of us this time. We just didn't know then how much of a bigger one they had achieved.

We sat there while the Steph did my makeup and Katie got to work on Artie. They practiced the whole lot in one go too. Foundation and blush, eyeshadow and eye liner, mascara and some sort of eyebrow stuff and lipstick. Then we had to smile while they took pictures on their phones. Only then were we allowed to look at ourselves in the mirror. We did look different, but not different enough to be unrecognisable. The girls put their dressing gowns back on while we were looking in the mirror and collected up their stuff and went back to Katie's room. We went to the bathroom and set about cleaning the stuff off of our faces. Man was it hard work! I don't know why the girls put themselves through all this.

The girls did not talk about this event again for a few months and it was not until after Artie's birthday when I was round at his house for a sleep over with the girls in charge of us for most of the afternoon and evening while our parents went out together to some show or other. Artie and I were playing on his Xbox in his room when the two girls just walked in without even knocking.

"Hey, I could have been changing you know!" Artie complained.

"Don't let that worry you. We want to have some more practice at doing makeup and you are going to let us." Steph said.

"If we let you do it, this time you have to take everything off." I said.

"No we don't. You will do what we tell you to or we will send these pictures to your friends." Katie said and showed us a picture on her phone of the two of us with girl's tops on and makeup.

"You don't know my friend's phone numbers or emails." I said.

"Wrong again, little brother, why do you think I've had to borrow your phone a few times?" Katie replied.

My heart sank because I knew she was right and we were sunk. Shit! Girls can be so devious! But to prove it she came and sat beside me and said, "Look," She then tapped away on the screen and called up my whole phone directory on her phone. "And here is Artie's too." She added with a few more taps. "And Steph has got the same on her phone. We also have your email addresses and copies of the pictures on our laptops."

"So, you guys are going to let us get some more practice in and maybe some new pictures too." Steph said.

"You girls are going to be sorry for this. We will get you somehow." I said.

"I doubt that Jimmy, you see we are already too far ahead of you for you to catch up. You thought you had us when you said we had to take our tops off. But you forgot there are more to girl's than just a blouse. And now you thought you could bargain more strongly but have found out you are at our mercy. In fact it is the two of you who are going to be topless to start with. So take your shirts off and let's go outside onto the back decking." Katie said.

I looked over at Artie and he was looking really glum. "She'll bloody well do it too." He said referring to Steph.

What followed was an afternoon and evening of sheer embarrassment and torment. We were made up and photographed. Then they helped to wash it off and we had to put on a couple of dresses for them to match the makeup to it. No sooner had we re-appeared in the dresses than they said we didn't look right and after a bit of humming and ahhing they decided it was because we were not showing the right shape. It was a good thing that the Joseph's back yard was very private because Steph went off and got a couple of her smaller bras and some socks and then we had to take the dresses off while they put the bras on us. Of course this meant that we were standing in front of our sisters just in our briefs while they did that. It's funny how that was embarrassing but standing in front of them in our team Speedo was not and yet the Speedo's showed more than the briefs did. And the pictures of us in drag with makeup plastered over our faces became real blackmail material. I think I went around in a dark cloud

We both suddenly found that we were doing all of our chores at home as well as a good portion of our sister's chores. What is more, if our parents weren't at home I was being ordered to do the chores dressed in nothing more than my briefs. At every opportunity we were made up and photographed some more. Shortly after my twelfth birthday, Artie told me that he had not got one of Steph's chores done in time and Steph had got into trouble over it. He warned me that to prevent that happening again Steph had threatened to make him do her chores in the nude while she took photographs of him doing them. This was the first time that there had ever been any suggestion from the girls of us having to go naked in front of them. But I had been having a few thoughts of my own and after Artie had told me of that I thought I had better let my sister know of my line of thought in the hopes that it would dissuade her from threatening me with something similar.

I got my chance one afternoon. We were both home from school and both mum and dad were still out at work. Katie ordered me to quickly go and "get ready" and then get back downstairs to do the vacuuming. By "get ready" she meant that I was to take my school uniform off and put nothing else back on leaving me in my briefs only. "What do you think dad would do if I told him about what all you are making me and Artie do?" I asked instead of going to "get ready".

"I don't know and it doesn't matter because you are not going to tell him or you know all of yours and Artie's friends will get a lot of pictures of you I think you would rather they did not know about." Katie said triumphantly.

"But if I explain it all to dad do you think you would get a chance to send anything out before dad confiscates your phone and laptop?" I asked.

"Ahh, but he can't confiscate Steph's phone or laptop, can he? Remember we have the stuff stored on her things too. I would just have to phone her and show time would start." Katie said.

"How? You're never borrowing my phone again." I said. "And do you think dad won't talk to Mr. Joseph before you are aware he knows all about it?"

"But what if we have got it stored on a friend's computer too? You don't know and I'm not telling you. So get your sorry little arse upstairs and then back down with less clothes on and get on with the hoovering." Katie said.

I have to admit that the only two things I really didn't like about this situation were having to do more of Katie's chores and the fact that we were at their mercy. I had not only got used to being in just my underwear in front of both girls but actually was quite enjoying it. Neither of us made mention of that conversation again but I did notice that Katie's attitude towards me and Artie had softened a bit.

It was only a couple of weeks after that conversation though that Katie came to me when the two of us were alone in the house again. I was in the usual uniform of just briefs and was stacking a load of laundry into the machine. Katie got my attention by putting her hand on my bum. No smack or squeeze; just resting it there. "Would you really like to see my boobs Jimmy?" she asked.

"I do, but I don't think I want to do what it will take to see them." I answered.

"Well I've been thinking and I feel we have been a bit unfair with you two so I can't really make it up to Artie this way, but I can let you have a look. There is only one thing, only babies and men get to look at girl's boobs. So you are not a baby anymore, but are you a man yet?" Katie said.

"I'm nearly thirteen." I answered although I was still closer to twelve than to thirteen.

"No, it's not so much age as development. Do you have any hairs yet?"

"You mean down there?" I asked.

"Well I can see everywhere else so wouldn't need to ask if it weren't down there."

"Yes I do." I answered.

"But are you telling the truth?"

"Of course. I don't lie about these things." I lied because all boys make out they are more developed if they think they can get away with it.

"Right. If you can show me that you have hairs there I will take my top and bra off for you to look at me until its close to the time mum will get home." Katie offered.

"This is just a trick again so that you can get to look at my cock." I said.

"No trick, I promise. You don't need to show me your cock either. Just push your hem down till the hairs show." Katie said.

I thought I did not really have anything to lose if that were the case and pushed the top band of my briefs down till it was sitting just above my cock showing off the little smudge of slightly darker blond hairs which formed a moustache above my cock. "There see!" I said triumphantly.

"Okay. That means you're a man or at least becoming one so you can see my boobs." Katie said and began to undo the buttons on her uniform blouse. "Actually, do you want to help me?" she invited.

Well, what twelve-year-old would pass up on such an opportunity. Of course I wanted to help and stepped up to the plate immediately. Katie dropped her hands and let me undo the rest of her buttons. The blouse was supposed to be tucked into her black trousers but in typical teen fashion she had pulled it out the moment she left the school grounds. I got the last button undone and she suggested I slip it off her shoulders which I did. This meant that I got a lot closer to her and as I reached up and slid my hands over her shoulders pushing the blouse off with my hands her boobs pressed up against my chest and I felt my groin press against her body. I might have only just started to get hairs down there, but I had been getting erections for a while and knew full well what it was like to jack off to an orgasm. This intimate closeness had one unavoidable effect on me and when I stood back a little bit to slip the blouse sleeves over her hands my tent, small as it was, was clearly visible in my briefs. Katie was kind and didn't say a word. In fact she acted as if she had not even seen it, but I'm sure she had. I was left holding her blouse as she stepped back and then turned putting her back to me.

"Now you can undo a girl's bra for the first time in your life." Katie said accurately. Even the times they had made Artie and me wear their bras; they had always put them on and taken them off us. I had, however spent a bit of time privately inspecting both hers and mums and learnt how the hooks and loops at the back worked so I didn't need any further help or encouragement as once again I got close to her and began to undo each hook in turn. Sometimes I think they put more hooks in than really necessary just for the guys because there is something sensual in undoing a bra. With the three hooks undone, I slid my hands under the straps and over her shoulder blades pushing those straps off her shoulders. With her arms hanging loosely just in front of her the bra moved the rest of the way under gravity to land at her feet. She stepped forward over the bra and then turned around with her hands at her sides. I got to see real boobs in the flesh for the first time in my life. Yes they were my sisters but they were the first ones I got to look at and look I could and did. I didn't realise it then but she must have been a bit turned on because her nipples were very pronounced and erect. I was amazed at the contrast in size between her nipples and my own. Her firm tits stood out from her chest with no droop and those mesmerising nipples perched on the points of those lovely breasts.

"You really like this don't you?" Katie said.

"Yep!" I answered. There was no point in denying it.

"I can see, but I won't tell anyone. Not even Artie." Katie said and pulled me into a hug pushing her naked boobs against my naked chest and pulling my hard nail into the hollow of her groin. "Now get on with your chores and I'll do mine today."

We really did not have that much to do and with Katie doing her share, we ended with nearly an hour of free time before we expected mum to get home. I was sitting in the lounge watching TV and playing a game on my phone when Katie came in, still topless as promised, and sat down in one of the armchairs. I passed the remote over to her and suggested she might want to find something else to watch as I was more interested in my game. Katie changed the channel to catch the end part of some old movie that had probably first been screened when mum and dad were kids. She became a bit engrossed in the film when two teens started to kiss each other and make out a bit. As the scene changed to them going in the barn and lying down on the hay bales, Katie's hand came up to her boob and she began to roll her nipple between her fingers. I opened the camera on my phone and lined it up. The first she realised anything was when the flash went off and I had captured her with her fingers teasing her nipple and there was no doubt that this was what she was doing.

"Jimmy!" she almost shouted. "What have you done?"

"I just got a rather nice picture to show off. Want to see it? I will send it to your phone." I answered and began to send it to her. "Mmm, maybe I'll just send this to Artie as well. After all you have shared the pictures you took with Steph and she did the same."

Katie's phone buzzed and she picked it up and looked at the picture I had just sent her. She looked at me and pleaded, "Please don't send that picture to anyone else."

"I'll see; I've already sent it to my email so you can't take it away from me."

"I could smash your phone and your laptop." Katie suggested.

"But it's still in my email. I can get my email on the school computers and on mum and dad's." I pointed out.

"Okay, what's it going to cost me?" Katie said.

"I have to think about that first." I answered.

Five days later, Artie was at our house with just me and Katie. Katie thought that she could still order us around with the threat of revealing the pictures of us to our friends. After she had ordered both of us to strip to our briefs we left the rest of our clothes in my room and then marched into Katie's room without knocking. Katie turned round to complain and I stepped up to her and began to undo her school blouse.

"What do you think you're doing?" she demanded.

"Getting another look. Artie wants to see your boobs too." I answered.

"No ways!" she shouted jumping back and pulling her blouse closed where I had got the first two buttons undone.

"I think we will." I said. "You know that guy Steve in your year at school. The guy all you girls seem to go loopy over? Look at my email addresses; when you get to the one that is for Robert Jennings, remember that Steve is a Jennings too and has a younger brother."

Katie's face went pale as I stepped up to her and began to undo the rest of the buttons. She stood loosely as I slid the blouse off her shoulders and then told her to turn around. With her bra off I told her that she was now as dressed as she could be for the rest of the afternoon. She could opt to take more off but if she did it stayed off. Both Artie and I were sporting solid boners and we didn't try to hide them. We had about an hour to ogle Katie in before we had to allow her to cover herself up again and we went to my room to get dressed too. With the door closed Artie dropped his underwear and stood in front of me naked. We had seen each other naked lots of times when changing for swimming or when we stayed over at each other's home but I had never seen him with a boner and his boner was bobbing around under a few wisps of coarse blond hair. I noticed that now he was hard the tip of his cock could be seen inside the ring of his foreskin whereas with me, my head was still hidden inside my skin even when hard. Artie put his hand around his cock and gave it a few strokes which got me going and I quickly dropped my briefs and copied him because I was so horny I knew I needed to get to an orgasm quickly. We stood facing each other jerking off and it didn't take long for both of us to orgasm and dribble out the little bit of watery cum we were able to produce at that age. We used a couple of tissues to clean up with and then as we were dressing I asked, "Which was hotter for you. Seeing Katie's boobs or jerking off in front of me?"

"I don't know. Got to think about it." Artie said and then asked me the same question.

"I think I need to think about it too." I answered although I was already sure that watching Artie jerk off was more of a turn on than seeing my sister's boobs. Then again maybe it was because it was my sister and not some girl I was not related to. I know that when I jerked off again that night before going to sleep it was Artie's cock that I could see in my mind's cinema as I stroked away.

We didn't get much of an opportunity for anything but me going in my briefs and Katie going topless at home for a few weeks. During that time every time I rubbed one out, I had pictures of Artie and his hard cock dribbling his cum out in my head.

Then one Saturday afternoon the four of us were alone at Steph and Artie's home. Again Artie and I had been ordered to strip to briefs, ready for a makeup session. As we were sitting on our chairs in Artie's room, with the two girls in front of us Artie asked, "Steph, how much do you like Katie?"

"She's my best friend forever, why?" Steph answered.

"So what would you be willing to do if Katie needed it to help her save face?" I immediately twigged where this was going but because Katie was standing in front of Artie I couldn't see well enough to know if she had worked it out.

"I would do anything for Katie." Steph stated.

"Would you take your shirt and bra off in front of us for her?" Artie asked.

Katie's head came up as she suddenly realised where this little conversation was heading and looked at Artie with a pleading expression shaking her head.

"It would depend." Steph answered evasively.

"Depend on what?" Artie pushed it.

"What the option of not baring myself in front of you two was going to mean for Katie." Steph said.

"Let's just say, if you don't, then Katie will be very embarrassed in front of at least one of the guys in your year group whose brother is on our class." Artie suggested.

"If you promised to keep it a secret like we have kept your pictures secret then I might do that. What have you got that can be so bad for Katie?" Steph said.

"Actually, at this stage I have nothing, but Jimmy can show you what he's got." Artie said.

I turned and reached for my shorts that had my phone in the back pocket. I tapped in my pass and then opened the picture up for Steph to see. Artie stood up, as Steph looked wide eyed at the picture, and began to undo Katie's shirt. I took the phone back and locked the screen again before putting it down on top of my clothes. Steph had turned to look at Katie and now also had an open mouth as she saw her little brother stripping the top half off her best friend. Steph had changed into a t shirt and I stood and put my hands at the side holding the bottom hem and then began to lift it. I'm not sure if it was that Steph was still in a bit of shock or just was being compliant but she lifted her arms and let me take the shirt off. She still didn't move as I went around behind her and began to undo her bra. Both girls stood before us with erect nipples on the ends of their nice firm boobs. Artie and I sat back down on our chairs, our briefs tented and suggested the girls might want to get on with their practice.

Steph picked up her shirt and it was obvious that she intended to put it back on. "No, you two have to go topless now every time we have to be in just our undies or let you practice makeup." Artie said.

"Why, you've seen my tits now?" Steph objected.

"Right! You've had your practices too. We get dressed and if any of our pictures end up where they shouldn't you have to answer to your best friend when Steve Jennings and maybe some others get the photo of Katie turning herself on." Artie said. I was amazed at just how much Artie had thought this through. He seemed to have an answer for every objection they raised. And he was the youngest of all of us too!

Katie looked at Steph and said, "I'm sorry. I never thought it would come to this." I guess we were not as far ahead of them as we thought.

"Are you saying that showing me your tits was part of a plan you two had already worked out?" I asked.

"No. When you said you might go to dad about what's been going on, I thought letting you have a good look would help to ease it and take that idea away from you. But then I forgot you were there in the room and I was just enjoying the movie and not thinking. And that's the honest truth." Katie admitted.

"What the little shit was going to grass you out to your father?" Steph said.

"I just said that I could go to dad. I didn't say I would go to dad. I just wanted you to know that there was a need for you girls to start thinking about us too." I got in quickly. "Oh and I'm not the little shit that started all this blackmail off. Who do you think I learned it from?"

"Jimmy's right, Steph. I guess we just got shafted by our own tricks." Katie said.

While the three of us had been having this talk, Artie had got up quietly and picked up his mobile and because it didn't have a flash he had managed to take a number of pictures of the two topless girls with their nipples standing out proudly. With Katie's words he sat down and began to tap away at his screen. "There, all sent to our emails Jimmy."

"All what?" Steph turned on her brother.

"Just some more pictures. Your boobs make quite a nice view." Artie said.

Katie was standing in front of Artie again, "Yes I can see from your briefs that you like the view." And then reached down and gave his tent a squeeze. Artie blushed and then smiled. His hand darted up and he got in a quick feel of Katie's breast before she jumped back.

"I didn't say you could touch my boob." Katie said.

"I didn't say you could squeeze my cock but you did." Artie replied.

"So do you want to have a feel in return for a feel?" I said looking at Steph.

"I don't think so." Steph said sternly.

"Pity," I said.

The girls decided that they didn't have enough time left to do any makeup and picking up their tops and bras they left the room. I got up and went and closed the door. Then I came back to Artie and said, "That was neat getting your sister trapped as well. Can I see the pictures?" Artie grabbed his phone and showed me the pics. He had managed to take about eight photo's. Some were with the two girls together and others were of each girl by themselves. One was of Steph standing close to me but you could not see that I was only in underwear. "Shit, I'm really hard now. Want to jerk off again?" I asked.

"Yeah." Artie dropped his briefs while I pushed mine down and off. As I straightened up I was close to Artie and just reached out a hand and began to stroke his hard cock. Artie gave a little jump at first contact but then made no effort to stop me and soon after he reached for my cock to do the same. Wow, what a difference it was to have someone else wanking your cock for you. And I knew I was enjoying wanking Artie's cock too.

"Are you okay with this?" I asked.

"It's awesome!" Artie replied and kept on stroking me.

I know both of us would have liked it to go on for much longer, but we were young with little control and both of us hit our orgasms far too soon. Too soon for ourselves and too soon to stop stroking a cock that was not our own.

"Having a quick touch of your sister's boob was nothing like this. It was fun and I would do it again if I get the chance but doing this with you was far, far better." Artie said.

We cleaned up what we needed to and then got dressed and went downstairs where Katie and Steph were sitting in the lounge, also fully dressed. We all sat in silence, not really knowing what to say or even where to begin. That silence was only broken when Katie said, "Come on Jimmy, it's time for us to go home." And she stood up. I got up and we all said goodbye to each other and then Katie and I left.

It's not a long walk between our two homes but as soon as we were on the street I said, "I'm sorry Katie. I had no idea that Artie was going to blackmail his sister into getting topless."

"It's okay, Jimmy, we had it coming and I actually liked it a little bit." Katie said.

"What little bit did you like? Giving Artie a little squeeze or him touching your boob?" I asked.

"I liked both of those, but I also liked being topless in front of you two. It was kind of sexy for me. I saw you were hard again. Was it sexy for you too?"

"Yeah, I liked it."

"Did you and Artie have a wank before coming down the stairs?" Katie asked.

"Why do you want to know?"

"Because you were up there longer than it takes to dress and I couldn't see any sign of either of you being hard so I was just wondering if you wank in front of each other like girls sometimes do."

"We might have. You mean you have wanked in front of Steph? How do girls wank anyway?" I asked.

"I'll explain it to you someday but for now you are just going to have to try and work it out for yourself." Katie teased and began to dig in her pocket for her key as we were walking the short path to our front door.

Try as hard as I could, I couldn't work out how girls could wank. I looked at my hand wrapped around my cock as I rubbed one out and knew it couldn't be like that because girls only had a hole there. I had heard others talking about a girl's clit but I had no idea at that time what it was or what role it played.

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