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Silver Lining

by Rick Masters

Chapter 2

Katie kept me guessing for several weeks before we had an opportunity where it was just the two of us at home alone. Even Artie and Steph were off somewhere with their parents and ours had gone off to my nan who was sick. We had been left with food in the fridge to warm up for supper and sandwiches to make for lunch and told we had better be in bed by the time mum and dad got back home. This meant that we had several hours of being alone together. I was sitting in the lounge playing a game on my phone again when Katie came in. She looked at me and asked, "If I let you do something do you promise to keep whatever we do secret. Even from Artie?"

"I don't know. What is it you want to let me do? I can't promise without knowing what I'm promising about."

"Can you remember what we talked about when we came home from Steph's house after Artie had tricked her into taking her top off?"

"Yeah, you wanted to know if I wanked in front of Artie." I said.

"And you never actually told me either. Do you remember what you asked me?" Katie asked.

"I'm not sure." I stopped for a bit and then it came to me, "Oh yes! I asked you how a girl wanks."

"Do you still want to know?" Katie asked.

"Yeah, I guess so." I answered.

"Do you promise not to talk to Artie or anyone else about it?" Katie asked.

"Yes I promise." I answered eagerly.

"Will you do one other thing for me if I show you?"

"What?" I asked.

"If I get naked and let you see how a girl wanks will you get naked and show me how you wank?"

"You mean you actually want to watch me jerking off?" I asked.

"Yes. But I would like it more if we both got naked first and then I will show you and you can show me."

"Okay, but it's private between you and me. Steph might think we're freaks or something because we are brother and sister." I said.

"I know, but I want to help you because I think Steph might be interested in letting you see her naked and maybe have a bit of fun with her. Come on; let's go up to my room." Katie stood up and reached for my hand. I let her pull me up out of the chair but then she didn't let go of it and kept holding it as she led me upstairs. We moved into her room and even though we knew we were alone we still closed the door. Katie then put her hand to her shirt and started to undo a button. "Tell you what, do you want to help me undress and maybe I can help you undress?" she suggested.

"Okay." I agreed and stepped closer to her and began to undo the buttons of her blouse. I undid them from the top to the bottom and as I finished undoing the last one I slid my hands up underneath the material of her blouse over her bra and pushed the top off the shoulders where she let it slip down her arms and carry on down to the floor. I put my hands on her sides and with a push and pull got her to turn around so I could undo the clips on her bra and then slid that off and it fell to the floor landing on top of her blouse before she turned around showing me her boobs once again. She looked at me and smiled her encouragement for me to go on where I had not been before. I noticed my fingers were actually trembling a little bit as I moved may hands towards the fly of her school trousers. Fortunately when I came in contact with the trousers my hands stopped trembling and I was able to undo the button and then slide the zipper down. I couldn't believe how lucky I was and how close I was to coming to see a real live pussy in the flesh for the first time when it actually meant something to me. I don't know why it happened but I kept contact with her body as I moved my hands from the fly to her sides and gripping the waist band at her hips I began to pull the trousers down. As I crouched on the floor she used my head to balance herself with as she lifted each leg for me to pull the trousers off. Then it was back up to her hips to pull her tights off and again a balancing act to get those off her feet before I slid my hands up the outside of her legs to get to her bikini panties and keeping my eyes on her crotch as I pulled those down the first few inches only to see a tangle of hair and not much else. I did notice that her pubes were a darker shade than the hair on her head and I knew she was not dying or bleaching her hair. I got her panties off and she said it was her turn. I had been seen by her and Steph in just my briefs so many times that it really did not bother me until she got to that point. I was already hard which was something else she had seen already but now for the first time I was going to have to show her the pole that holds the tent up. As she slid her hands up my legs after taking my socks off which she had done after getting my trousers off, she slid them up the inside of my legs and over my stiff package before grabbing the waistband of my briefs and giving them a swift tug to uncover my cock and balls before she took them the rest of the way down more slowly. I think she sensed my nervousness and wanted to get me revealed before I chickened out. Holding them at my ankles left me with no choice but to step out of them.

As she stood up she said, "You know you look really good. I hope that you will let me see more of you naked when we can. It's a real turn on."

Katie moved over to her bed and sat down on it working herself to the middle with her legs bent. "Come and sit down here and then I will begin to show you." She said tapping a space in front of her. I climbed onto the bed and then she stretched her legs out either side of me and lay back. "Look as closely as you want." She said and put both hands down to her pussy. Using her fingers she combed her hair parting it down the middle to show her labia which she then pulled apart and showed me where her clitoris was and the little hole below it and then the entrance to her vagina. I could also just see where her bum hole was but that was a bit hidden in the position she was in. She then explained to me how her clitoris worked and showed me how girls rub it. She told me that different girls would like to rub it in different ways and showed me some of the ways she does hers and then she used her other hand to push a couple of fingers up into her vagina and explained that sometimes girls liked to simulate the thrusting of a penis into the vagina while they rubbed their clitoris. She pulled her fingers out and suggested I smell them and feel the slippery liquid on them telling me about natural female lubrication. She then concentrated on masturbating to an orgasm and I saw a little bit of liquid squirt out as she began to cum.

We changed places and she sat beside me while I lay back and showed her how I like to use my foreskin to play back and forth over the head while I stroke it. I just kept changing the way I was holding my cock from using two fingers and a thumb to wrapping my fist around it to making a basket over the top so that on my hand's down stroke the head of my cock would rub over the palm of my hand. I also brought my other hand in to play with my balls and nipples from time to time and then eventually while I using two fingers and a thumb I could feel it coming on and sped up to spit out my small offering onto my stomach. I let my hands fall to my sides and lay there for a bit.

"Thank you Jimmy, that was really nice to watch and has got me hot all over again. Do you want to try wanking me?"

"You mean now?" I asked.

"Yes, girls can cum more often and easily than I've heard guys can so if you want to have a bit of a look and a feel and then do it for me I want that too." Katie was almost begging me.

I sat up and we moved about so that I could kneel between her legs again and she spread her legs as wide as she could get them and then said, "Go for it. I will guide you and tell you what to do, when."

I gingerly reached out a hand and slid a finger inside her folds and began to feel around I soon picked up on where her clit was because it was standing proud and she moaned every time I touched it. "Do you have to pull these bit apart when you go for a pee like I pull back my skin?" I asked.

"No, normally I just spread my legs and let it run and then use paper to wipe and make sure it is dry. Now can you use your other hand and slide some fingers inside my vagina, please?" I noticed that Katie had never once called it a cunt or a pussy or any other nickname. I did as requested and pumped the fingers in and out of her pussy while rubbing her clit with the thumb of my other hand until she moaned out loud and came again. As she finished her orgasm she looked at me and saw that my cock which had gone soft when I came was hard again and so she asked if she could feel it and look at it some more. I agreed and, at her request, lay back down on the bed while she sat next to me and began to feel my cock and balls and pulled my foreskin back to see that I had a bit of precum there which she swiped with her finger and remarked that is was slippery like her lube got. "Can I make you cum again?" she asked as she enclosed my hard cock in her hand.

"Yeah, okay," I replied.

Katie then gave me a good wank and I shot just the tiniest bit of cum out this time. She kept stroking me and I had to stop her because it was getting too much. "Let's stay naked for the rest of the day." Katie suggested.

I thought there was little point in disagreeing now that we had both seen each other and just nodded my head. We stayed in her room for a little while longer and then went back downstairs to find something to eat. It did seem kind of freeing to be naked like that and able to just walk around without worrying about what Katie would say. I wondered what Artie would think of it and if I would ever be able to tell him about it. We finished our lunch and washed up afterward and then went to see if there was anything worth watching on the tele. Instead of sitting in an armchair like she normally did, Katie came and sat beside me on the couch.

"Did you like doing what we did?" she asked.


"Was it better when I wanked you or when Artie wanks you?" Katie asked

"I don't know." I answered.

"So you have let Artie wank you then?" Katie said more than asked.

I had let myself in for that and didn't think to try and deny it. I just didn't answer her question at all which in itself was an admission. But hey, I wasn't yet a teenager; that event was still a few months away.

"Don't worry, I won't tell. Everything that happens or is said today is private for both of us, okay?" Katie asked.

"Okay. Do you and Steph do sex stuff with each other?" I hadn't yet learnt the art of subtlety.

"If you mean have we been naked in front of each other, yes we have. Have we masturbated together, yes we have. Have we fingered each other, just a little bit but I think Steph wants to do more."

"Do you finger each other at the same time or one after the other?" I asked.

"It only been a few times and all of them have been at the same time but we have never made each other cum. You're first person other than me who has made me cum." Katie told me and I felt a little rush of pride. "how often do you wank?" she asked.

"Most days, sometimes more." I answered.

"You mean like today when I have wanked you as well?"

"Not only. I sometimes do it in the morning and again before going to bed. It seems like it's always ready to have it." I said.

"So what's the most times in one day that you've cum?"

"I dunno. I haven't kept count. Maybe four." I answered, "and you?"

"Well, like I said, girls can cum more easily than boys and the other weekend when you were over with Artie and I was home alone I stayed naked like today and did it at least ten times." Katie said sliding her hand up my leg and over my cock. She began to stroke me again and I soon was hard and getting my second wank that day by her. That made my fourth wank already because I had had one before getting out of bed that morning. As she was stroking she asked me if I had ever had a blow job. At least I knew roughly what that was from talk at school but told her honestly that I had not nor had I ever given one.

After she had made me cum again she asked me if I would let her give me a massage. I agreed and she had me lie down on the carpet on my stomach and produced a bottle of baby oil from somewhere which she dribbled a bit onto my back and then putting a knee either side of my thighs she began to spread the oil over my back and bum and finally began to rub working her fingers into my muscles working from my neck down. The only training she had had was watching a bit on the tele in some of the romance films she liked to watch but she made me feel good anyway. When she worked her hands over my lower back and bum I got hard all over again and remained hard while she did my legs. I showed that hardness when she had me turn over and began to dribble some more oil onto my chest. This time as she straddled me she worked her body into a position that enabled her to lower herself onto my hard cock and as she worked on my chest she masturbated both me and her by rocking her hips back and forth with my cock nestled in the folds of her labia and the head rubbing over her clit with each movement she made. She didn't need to put any oil down there as she was wet enough for the both of us. She came first and slid off my cock as her hands began to massage my abdomen and then eventually she took my cock in her oiled hand jerked me to an orgasm. That also signalled the end of my massage and I got up and went to shower to wash the oil off. I did feel more relaxed though and thought I might even let her do that to me again.

We did help each other to cum again before we heated our supper up and then again after we had finished cleaning up. "I think that is a record for both of us." Katie said and kissed me on the lips. Needless to say I was in bed and asleep before mum and dad got home.

A couple of days later I was at Artie's home he asked me if I wanted do some more stuff together.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Well like get naked and jerk each other off." He said.

"Yeah, okay."

"Good, I really like it when you jerk me off." Artie said.

We went up to his room and then I remembered what it was like when Katie had jerked me with her oiled hand and asked Artie if they had any oil. We went in search but the bathroom cupboard did not have anything we could use in it and so we went down to the kitchen where we found some extra virgin olive oil. Artie tipped a drop onto his finger and then rubbed it with his thumb and said it was really slippery so we took that upstairs with reckoning that if you could cook food with it there was no chance it could harm us.

Artie closed his bedroom door and we both stripped off. We moved closer together and Artie grabbed my stiff cock and stroked it a couple of times before suggesting that I add the oil until I thought there was enough. I took the bottle and slowly dripped some drops onto it until I could feel his hand moving slickly along my cock. Then I gave him the bottle and took a hold on his cock stroking all the while he was dripping oil onto it. Only then did we realise that we would have to move so that Artie could put the bottle down as we were standing in the middle of the biggest open space in his room. With our cocks being well lubed we did not manage to maintain our hold on the other's cock while we made the short journey of only about six steps for Artie to put the bottle down on his desk. We found that quite amusing and giggled for a bit before we got back to business and stroking. We were so intent on what we were doing we did not hear Katie and Steph come in and up the stairs. They did hear us and Steph pushed the door open to catch us at it just as I shot my little offering out onto Artie's arm.

"It's about time you learnt to fucking knock!" Artie shouted at Steph. "Now get out!" He was really pissed off that Steph seemed to think she had the right to ignore his privacy whenever she wanted.

Steph opened her mouth to say something when Katie pulled her out the doorway and pulled the door closed. We used some tissues to clean up and pulled some clothes on and went downstairs to return the oil to the kitchen.

"That bloody sister of mine thinks that she can just come in my room whenever she feels like it but let me do that to her and the whole world knows about it. I've half a mind to email her picture to all my friends and ask them forward it to her email and tell her what they think of it." He grumbled as he looked in the fridge for something to eat or drink.

"No good, she would only retaliate by sending our pictures out to all your friends." I said.

"Yeah. You're right. But I'm going to go and disturb them now." Artie said and we both headed up the stairs.

Artie did just as Steph had; only he barged right in with me following behind. Steph was standing in just her bra and pants as she was in the middle of changing. Katie was still fully dressed.

"Artie what do you think you're doing. Knock first." She shouted.

"Oh, I thought this was how it was going to be from now on. If you want me to knock first then you have to knock first as well. Now you can get naked and let us have a look. After all you've seen us." Artie demanded.

"Fat chance. Besides we didn't see much anyway because it was all hidden inside your gay friend's hand." Steph snapped.

"Well if we're gay then you two are lesbians. I've heard you talking about how it was when you've worked each other to cum." Artie shot back.

Katie and I only stayed another half hour or so before we started to walk home together. During that time Artie and Steph had not let up on trading insults with each other. Hopefully they will have got it out of their system before their parents got home and picked up on it.

The one thing about each of us having incriminating pictures of the others did do was to cut out the makeup practices and their insistence on us just being in our briefs. Although when it was just Katie and me at home we would both get naked and usually, but not always help each other to an orgasm. The time that Katie had rubbed her clit on my cock while she massaged my chest was the only time and closest my cock ever got to her pussy.

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