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Silver Lining

by Rick Masters

Chapter 3

For my thirteenth birthday I asked my parents if I could have just a few friends over for a BBQ and then have only Artie sleep over with me. My parents agreed and asked if Katie could have a friend around to keep her company and I said it would be okay. I hoped that Katie would not ask Steph to come round as she and Artie were still not fully reconciled. Katie knew this and as it was my party she asked me if I would prefer her to have a different friend come. I said it would make it easier for Artie and she agreed.

This did put Steph's nose a bit out of joint but I overheard Katie explaining to her. "This is not my party, it's Jimmy's. He is inviting his friends around and that includes Artie. He will not have a nice party if you go around staring daggers at Artie all the time and trading insults with him. If you two had sorted your problems out then I would be asking you, but I don't want Jimmy's party spoilt by something like that. My love for my sister went up another notch with that.

The BBQ was great and Katie's friend, Jane, was a real sport helping my parents with things they were doing and then joining in with our games when she could. When it came time for everyone to go home she came over to me and kissed me on my cheek, "Thank you for letting me come to your party. I had a great time." She said and then turned to Katie and said, "I really did enjoy myself. Thank you for asking me."

"I'm glad you came too." I said just before she stepped out the door to greet her father who had come to pick her up. She turned and smiled at me as she waved a goodbye. I told Katie that I had really enjoyed having Jane at my party and wouldn't mind if Katie asked her over again. Katie just gave me a hug and then went to help with some of the clearing up, while I said goodbye to my last guests to leave. Artie had been helping Katie and my parents and when I got there to help it was nearly all done.

We went up to bed and Katie followed us up. "Before you go in your room." She stopped us on the landing. "I had a good time tonight too, thank you for letting me have a friend to keep me company." She leaned over and gave me kiss on the cheek. Then she put her hands either side of Artie's head and pulled him close to kiss him on his forehead. "And thank you for being such a good friend for Jimmy. Now you two go and enjoy yourselves." She let us know she had good idea of what might go on behind my closed bedroom door. Artie blushed and appeared to be tongue tied.

Once we were inside my room, Artie found his tongue, "How did you get such a nice sister and I got the b with an itch?"

"I think Steph is going through a rough patch with her sexuality and doesn't know if she wants to be fucked by a boy or a dildo." I said.

"So what are we going to do tonight?" Artie asked.

"What would you like to do?" I responded.

"No; it's your birthday, you get to choose. I just get to say no if it's something I really don't want to do, like kiss my sister."

"I really want to try a blow job. Will you let me try sucking you first?" I asked.

"Err, you sure?" Artie checked.

"I think so. I want to know what it is like and see how that makes me feel"

"Okay, this is going to be new for me."

"It's new for me too. Can you just lie on the bed?" I asked.

Artie lay down on the bed with his hard cock pointing up toward his navel resting in his little nest of pubes. I moved his feet apart and then crawled up between his legs and lay with my head at the same level as his crotch. I rested my arms on his legs and used my hand to pull his cock up into a vertical position. I spent a little bit of time just looking at it and noticing some small differences between his shape and mine. His foreskin was tight and only just closed over his head while mine was a bit longer and left a bit of a flap even when hard. His veins were more pronounced than mine though. I knew his foreskin could retract like mine because I had done that in our previous jerk off sessions so this time I pulled it back to get a proper look at his shiny glans. As I squeezed his cock to hold the foreskin back behind the head a drop of pre-cum oozed out the tip. It was now or never and I lowered my head, sticking out my tongue and flicked it across the tip of his cock removing that first drop. There was a sharp intake of breath by Artie followed by a low sound. Not really a groan or moan but just an animal sound telling me that this new experience for Artie was going well at the moment. I savoured the small sample I had got and continued my visual examination of what I was getting up close and personal with. It was a warm night so Artie's ball bag was expanded to its limit with both his balls resting in the bottom of it; the left slightly higher than the right. I used my hand to play with them for a bit and then gave Artie's cock a few more strokes and pulled his foreskin back again. I was presented with a bigger drop of pre-cum and got the same guttural sound as I licked it all off.

We both jumped as there was a knock on the door. "Goodnight boys, don't stay up too late or you will be like bears with sore heads tomorrow." Dad called through the door.

"Goodnight boys, Jimmy I hope you enjoyed your party." Mum said.

"Yes thank you, good night." I replied.

"Goodnight and thank you." Artie said.

We looked at each other and put our hands over our mouths to stifle our laughs. We were both in a bit of shock because if they had just walked in we would have had no way of covering up. Artie was lying totally naked on top of the duvet on my bed and even with the shock was still sporting a boner and I was lying between his legs with both hands touching him in an intimate place. The stretcher which Artie would sleep on was still propped up against the wall leaving us room to move in while it was not needed. I got off the bed and put the stretcher down on the floor up against the door so that if anyone did try to come in the door would bump against the stretcher and slow their entrance.

I got back in position between Artie's legs and was able to lick some more pre-cum off straightaway. I stroked him some more and pulled his foreskin back and then licked the end of his cock as if it was an ice-cream in a cone. I was not put off by any tastes and soon lowered my mouth over the end of his cock. We had read enough things on the internet to have an idea of what to do and I set about learning how you use your tongue to excite the hot spot while bobbing up and down on the cock you're sucking.

"Oh, shit! This is so much better than wanking. Better even than being wanked by someone else." Artie told me as I continued to lick and suck at the same time. Artie moaned and groaned for a bit, writhing on the bed as these new sensations worked his whole body. As he wriggled around his cock would move to a different angle in my mouth and my tongue would have to follow it around in an attempt to keep contact with the head. The writhing changed shape as he began to hump my mouth indicating that his orgasm was getting close. Not that I knew that, I was to learn the hard way. His moans became more intense as the rate he was humping at grew faster. Then he expelled a lung full of air and thrust upwards with enough force to knock his pelvis against my chin and I felt the first blast of his cum as he shot into my mouth without giving me any warning. I hadn't made my mind up whether I was going to let him cum in my mouth or not so got taken by surprise. That surprise also allowed my natural reflexes to work and I had swallowed the first lot of cum before I realised what I was doing. This was probably a good thing because it helped me to see that I could eat his cum without vomiting and allowed me to hold some in my mouth for a little while as my taste buds explored its flavour. I discovered that I liked the taste of Artie's cum and from then on was willing to suck him and swallow whenever we got the opportunity.

I remembered reading somewhere that you needed to lick the guy's cock to make sure that you had got all of his cum and so once he stopped trying to fuck my mouth I pulled my head up a bit and then held is cock with a thumb and finger as I swiped my tongue over the rest of it until Artie had to ask me to stop because he was now too sensitive. I stopped and began to move up to lie beside Artie and only then noticed he was huffing and puffing as if he had just run a marathon. "Oh man; that's something else. Thanks man, you can do that to me whenever you want." Artie got out between puffs.

"I thought I was doing all the work, how come you are so out of breath?" I asked.

"I don't know, but at times I think every muscle in my body was working hard. Just wait till I do you and you'll see." Artie said.

"So you think you can give me a blow job now?" I asked.

"Well you did mine and didn't die on the spot or get sick so I must be able to do it too." Artie reasoned.

"Whenever you're ready." I said.

"Give me a bit longer." Artie said and lay still and quiet.

We lay quietly side by side for some time before Artie started to talk. "I think I like it a lot more to be naked with a guy and do stuff with him."

"How much have you done with a girl and which girl?" I asked.

"Actually you've seen all I've done with a girl and that means our sisters only." Artie admitted, "but I still like it more to see you naked and want to touch you and all."

"We can see a lot of each other naked so that's a good thing." I told him.

"And we can do more with each other too." Artie said and sat up swinging his legs off the bed at the same time. He stood up and then asked me to move into the middle of the bed and spread my legs. Artie got in between my legs much like I done with him and then he began to play with my cock which was still hard from when I sucked him off. I lay back and let him play and unconsciously closed my eyes just enjoying the tender movements of his fingers on my cock. I felt it as he pulled my foreskin back and then came a totally different feeling and I opened my eyes just in time to see his tongue disappearing back into his mouth. I had had the tip of my cock licked for the first time. I watched as he let his tongue play in his partially open mouth and then he brought his head closer again and took another lick. That was quickly followed with more licks and as he held my cock pointing up towards the ceiling I watched as his lowered his mouth over my cock; feeling as lips slid down over my glans and then behind the fireman's helmet to go even further down the shaft. Now I knew what Artie was going on about just a few minutes earlier. This was definitely better than a wank by hand. Better than a wank by my own hand. Better than a wank by Artie's hand and also better than a wank by Katie's hand. And it had only just begun; really! As I lay there the sensations I was experiencing were pushing me to new heights. It didn't take Artie sucking on my cock for long before I realised why he had started to thrust into my mouth; I couldn't help it either. It must be a natural instinctive fucking action; something to help increase the force at which the sperm are ejected to give them the best chance of reaching an available egg. So thrust I did; more and more; faster and faster with the accompanying grunts and groans as the pleasure grew and grew. And then it came – that earth shattering explosion of feelings encompassing your whole body as the first load races down the tubes to blast into the orifice that is housing your cock. Followed by spasm after spasm as your orgasm runs its course. Finally my body relaxed and my bum fell back onto the bed that it had lifted off of without me even being aware of it; and I knew why Artie had acted so exhausted after he had cum.

Artie crawled up the bed and then said, "Your cum doesn't taste that bad. I won't mind getting some more of it."

"Well, next time we can try that thing they call a sixty-nine." I suggested.

"Do you know how that works? I don't really understand what they mean by sixty-nine." Artie asked.

"I looked it up on Urban Dictionary and it kind of makes sense to me. You have to lie on the bed in opposite directions so that your head can be by my cock while my head is by your cock and then you just suck on each other at the same time."

"But why is it called a sixty-nine?"

"Because a nine is just an upside down six. So whichever way you look at the number sixty-nine from it is still a sixty-nine. And when you are in that position for sucking each other one is just an upside down of the other and looks the same from either end." I explained but I don't think he got it then because it was a few days later when I was around at his house that I saw he had the number written out on some paper and was turning it around and around. Only he had written his six with a curved tail and the nine with a straight tail and so they did not really look the same. When he went out to use the loo I wrote it out for him with both numbers having the same curve to their tail. Next to it I drew some stick like figures with heads and hard-ons lined up in a sixty-nine, because by that stage I had googled it and seen some pictures too which made it very clear.

When he came back from the loo I was sitting on his bed totally naked and hard. We knew we were alone in the house so I had no worries sitting there like that with the door open. As Artie came into the room and saw me, he got a huge grin on his face and closed the door. He moved over to his desk so he could sit on the chair to take his socks off as he stripped for me. He must have got a glimpse of the drawings I had done as he suddenly turned his head back to look at them and when he turned to look at me again I could see the penny dropping in the slot. His grin got bigger and there was no need to say anything. He stood to shuck his jeans and undies in one go and then walked straight over to the bed and we got ourselves into a sixty-nine and began to discover what it was like to give and receive the same pleasure at the same time. If my first blow job was explosive, this one was volcanic; probably heightened by the two of us having our orgasms at the same time. We hadn't thought of doing that or even tried for it. It was just our good fortune that it happened that way.

We lay like that for several minutes as we recovered. We had both said something along the lines of "wow" and "fucking hell that was great" but the exact wording has escaped. And after those few words we had lapsed into quiet rest just looking at the groin in front of our faces. How long did we lie there? I don't know, we were both naked and didn't have our watches on! It might have been ten minutes; it might have been half an hour. Actually, who the fuck cares? But I became aware after a while that Artie was blowing streams of air onto my soft cock and as soon as I became aware of that it made me begin to harden up. I guess I was probably about half way hard when he used his tongue to hook my cock into his mouth and began to suck on me for the second time. I did not need any more encouragement and was fully hard by the second or third tongue swipe. I was also using my tongue to hook his hardening penis into my mouth. This time our blow jobs lasted much longer and I shot my load before Artie shot his. The loads weren't as big and the orgasms weren't as strong but they still beat having a wank. Could we have gone for a third suck that day? Maybe if time had allowed; sadly we didn't have that much time free to us. But still, we had had three blowjobs each and given three blowjobs each in less than a week and it is something I'm sure I'll remember for the rest of my life.

After that we would sixty-nine whenever the opportunity came but sometimes we had to settle for a quick wank of each other. And of course we still could fill in the missing times by our own hands.

Katie and I continued to get naked in front of each other when we could and some of those times also allowed the chance to give each other a wank but we never took it further than hand jobs with each other with the exception of me rubbing my cock on and spreading my pre-cum over her nipples. This seemed to turn her on so much that when my finger began to rub her clit she was already dripping with her own lube and the orgasm that followed always was strong and noisy. I shuddered to think what she would be like when she was actually getting fucked.

About half between my birthdays Artie was over visiting me and Katie was in her bedroom. Steph was at some other activity which is why Katie was alone. Artie was pleased because Steph was still being a bit of a bitch toward him. It seemed that she was finding it very hard to forgive him for tricking her into baring her breasts to us. Having to strip to our underwear for them had also eased off and especially when Steph was not around. Katie was really trying to show us that she wanted things to be fair between all of us. We each held a trump card which kept us all at evens and unable to make or carry out our threats. Artie and I were in my room talking about something and a question arose from our conversation that neither of us could answer and we decided to ask Katie. Her bedroom door was closed so I knocked.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"It's me and Artie, can we come in please?" I answered wondering who else she thought it might be.

"Yes, okay." Came the reply.

I opened the door and began to step through it when what I saw made me stop and prevent Artie getting in the room. "I did say it was both Artie and me." I said.

"I did hear you, come on in." Katie replied. I didn't wait any longer then and continued into the room. Artie was starting to say something but stopped in mid word with his mouth hanging open and eyes the widest I have ever seen them. Katie was sitting on her bed cross legged and totally naked. She had a little mirror in one hand and tweezers in the other and we learned later that she had been plucking her eyebrows.

In his shock Artie stated the obvious, "You're naked."

"Yeah, I like being naked." Katie said.

"But …" Artie couldn't think of anything else to add to that.

"Come over here and look all you want. You're Jimmy's best friend and I thought you have had to go through everything he had to with Steph and I and if I could let him look at me then you should get the same too." Katie told him.

"Jimmy's already seen you naked?" Artie asked as he moved closer and a bit more around the bed so that he was looking more directly onto the front view of Katie.

"Yeah, I showed Jimmy how girls masturbate themselves." Katie told him.

"And you never said a thing to me!" Artie accused me.

"We promised each other we would not tell anyone else but I think you should know and have the same opportunity." Katie said. "Sorry, Jimmy, I guess that means I broke the promise."

"It's okay Katie; I'm glad Artie knows. It was really hard not being able to tell him about it." I assured her.

"We should have talked about it before. Come on Artie, have a look. Jimmy do you want to show Artie how to make a girl feel good?" Katie invited.

"Do you want me to get naked to do it?" I asked.

"I would like that but I want force you." Katie said and I began to strip off. Artie could see that I was excited before I took my boxers off. I still wore briefs most of the time but as I needed new underwear mum was buying me boxers now through my request.

"Do I have to get naked too?" Artie asked.

"Only if you want to. I would like to see you naked but like I said to Jimmy, I won't force you." Katie said.

"Promise you won't laugh?" Artie asked.

"I never laughed at Jimmy. I don't think a boy being naked in front of me is funny. I think it is lovely." Katie said.

"Okay then." Artie began to strip off and showed by his brief's tent that he was excited about it too.

"There's something different about you today." I observed.

"See if you can guess what it is as you teach Artie." Katie challenged. She lay back on the bed straightening and spreading her legs to allow us full access and view.

As she lay back I realised what it was, "You've cut your pubes, haven't you?" I declared.

"Got it. I trimmed them to see how they looked. What do you think?" Katie asked.

"I think it looks better like that. Easier to see your slit." I answered.

"What do you think Artie?" Katie asked.

"I don't know. I've never seen what it was like before." Artie answered.

"Okay, when you look at pictures of girls do you think they look better with more hair or less hair?"

"I haven't seen many pictures but I think they look better with no hair." Artie told us.

"You think I should shave it all off then?" Katie asked.

"You could do and then let us have a look and tell you." I said.

"If you don't like it, the hair will grow back again; won't it?" Artie said.

"Okay, show Artie how to make me cum and then we can go to the bathroom and shave it and you can let me know what you think." Katie said.

Artie and I sat either side of Katie and I parted her lips and showed Artie her clit and vagina and then how Katie liked having fingers pumping her vagina while her clit got rubbed as well. I kept it up until there was a lot of lube around and looking at Katie I directed my eyes towards Artie in an unspoken question which she read and nodded her head. "You want to try it?" I asked Artie

"You had to ask?" Artie replied and replaced my fingers with his. As he began to massage Katie she encouraged him and told him he was doing well and what to do next. Artie was getting settled into a nice rhythm when Katie put a hand on each of our cocks and finding a supply of pre-cum she began to jerk us off. Artie and I looked at each other and smiled with a little shake of our heads. It wasn't bad but not as good as a guy doing you.

Katie's hand tightened around my cock and she began to pull me towards her as her body tensed up into her orgasm. I had no choice but to move a bit closer because the strangle hold she had on my cock and the tight pulling demanded it. I noticed Artie wince and pull his hand away from her pussy.

"Don't stop. Keep going." Katie ordered.

"Let go of my cock and I will." Artie told her. Only then did she realise how tight her grip was and she opened her hands releasing us.

Artie went back to stroking her clit and her orgasm built again but this time we were spared the torture. Katie eventually came down off her orgasmic high and stopped Artie from playing with her pussy. She lay there for a bit and I reached over and began to stroke Artie's cock which he quickly followed doing the same to me. Katie's eyes were closed as she regained her energy and then said, "I'm sorry about grabbing you guys so tight. I didn't mean it. Do you want me to wank you now?" As she asked the question she opened her eyes to look at us for our answers and saw that we were already helping each other out. "Or I could just watch you carry on with what you are doing now." She offered.

"Or Jimmy and I could go back to his room." Artie suggested.

"Would you let me watch?" Katie asked.

"I don't mind, you've seen us doing it before." Artie said.

"But not the whole way." Katie reminded him.

"I don't mind either, but I want to get a bit more comfortable." I said.

"Well you know your bed better I suppose and I could sit on the chair." Katie said.

We let go of the other's cock and all walked naked through to my room. I got on the bed and lay on my side with my legs stretching over the end of the bed. Artie got on putting us into a sixty-nine position and we began to feel and fondle each other's cock and balls with our hands. Katie moved around until she felt she had the best viewing position and then sat and remained quiet. I wouldn't say that we forgot she was there but I'm guessing with her being as quiet as she was her presence did not deter us and it seemed so natural to just move our heads forward and suck the cock in front of us into our mouths. Katie still kept quiet although I'm sure she was itching to gasp or say something. We were able to give her quite a show because we did not come for some time. But when we did the orgasms were not as strong as we had had in the past.

After we had lain on the bed for a while following our orgasms, Katie reminded us of her presence by thanking us for letting her watch and especially as she got a ring side seat for a show she had not expected to get. She also reminded us that we had agreed to help her shave herself smooth after she had cum. We got up and went through to the bathroom where she got out the razor she used to do her legs. She handed it to Artie and said, "Make it fair. Use the line of my vagina to divide me into two halves. Artie does the right and then Jimmy does the left."

We felt that was fair and asked Katie what to do as we had never shaved anything before. Katie ran some warm water into the wash hand basin and then sat down on the toilet and spread her legs. She got Artie to rub some soap over her hair and work it into a bit of a lather. She directed him to shave against the hairs and to get the division right suggested he start at the bottom and work upwards. When it got to my turn I followed the same process as Artie had and we both agreed that Katie looked much better without any hair than with it. We were also sporting good boners by the time we got through the task. Katie got into the shower and we went back to Katie's room to retrieve our clothes and carried them through to my bedroom where we dumped them on the floor in two piles.

Sitting down on the bed we began to discuss what we had just experienced. We decided that our orgasms were not as strong or as good because we had not had the same level of stimulation as we had had when all of our sex play had been just us boys. I think it was at this point that we each admitted to ourselves without acknowledging it openly to anyone that we preferred boys to girls. Certainly our sex play when we were by ourselves was more exciting than when we did things with Katie. If Katie ever talked to Steph about it we weren't told and Steph never got more than topless in front of Artie and me. When Steph was about, we also did not take our undies off so though she got to see a tent, she didn't get to see our cocks. Little wonder that Artie chose to come and visit at my house more than wanting me to go to his home. I'm not even sure if Steph was aware that Artie and I were being intimate with each other.

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