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Silver Lining

by Rick Masters

Chapter 4

About a month before my fourteenth birthday I was discussing with my parents what I wanted to do for my birthday. Tongue in cheek I suggested that they could let Artie and me catch a train to the seaside and spend a weekend on the beach together. Of course that got met with complete refusal and I had to think again. "How about we all go to Spain? I've heard there are some really nice beaches there." I suggested, still tongue in cheek.

"There is no way I am going to allow my fourteen year old son to parade his body on a clothing optional beach." Dad said. Clearly he had picked up on what I was getting at. Maybe my dad knew me better than I thought.

"What? Is that what you were suggesting James Braithewaite?" mum asked in shock.

"Dad said it not me." I pointed out quickly.

"But dad wasn't wrong was he?" Dad asked.

I didn't have an answer for that and said, "Perhaps I should just settle for Artie sleeping over then."

"That would hardly be a birthday event. Artie sleeps over here or you at his house at least once a month." Mum pointed out.

"Well if Jimmy wants to go around naked, let him have a clothing optional party here." Katie suggested.

"Katie that is not really helping at all. We could never allow something like that and you know it." Mum said sounding rather annoyed at Katie.

"Jimmy, maybe you would like to go to a live show in London. Perhaps you could take Artie with you and let Katie bring a friend and we stay over in an hotel in London and come home the next day." Dad suggested.

"What kind of show?" I asked.

"We'll have to have a look and see if there is anything that appeals to you. But do you like that idea?" mum said.

"I'm thinking about it. Let's see what shows there are and that might help me to decide." I said.

Mum got onto the computer and started to call out different shows. I needed quite a bit of explanation to know what each one was about but as she read out the synopsis on 'The Mousetrap' playing at St Marin's Theatre I grabbed for it. I had recently got into reading some of Agatha Christie's murder mysteries and decided that this would be a great one to see. I also said that Katie could bring a friend or it would be a bit boring for her. Added to which she always allowed me to ask Artie to keep me company at her birthday do's. Katie knew that Steph would not go along with anything if the chance arose and asked Jane who had been her companion at my thirteenth birthday. Mum went ahead and booked the theatre and the hotel on-line that same night and I phoned Artie to let him know.

When we got to our hotel, Mum had booked two twin rooms and a double room but had not specified that they wanted us all close together. The hotel was fairly full and they were not able to move our rooms. This meant that mum and dad were on a different floor to us and Katie and Jane's room was two doors down from the room Artie and I were to share. Mum and dad suggested that we settle into our rooms and get a shower and then they would phone when it was time to leave. We were going out to have a meal first and then go on to the theatre. To get there we were going to have to travel on the underground which we were pretty excited about as we had not travelled on the tube for several years. We knew that we had about an hour and a half in which to get ourselves ready and planned to use some of that time to sit naked in our room and just enjoy flipping through the TV channels in the hopes of finding something good to watch. We were given strong instructions on not leaving the room unlocked even when we were inside it and also to not leave the hotel building at all. Both Katie and I were ordered to keep our phones with us too.

The porter showed us where our rooms were but we managed to carry our small cases ourselves. We were only staying the one night and so hadn't needed to bring that much. As soon as Artie and I got the door closed we began to strip off and only once we were naked did we look for where we were going to put things. Naturally we were sporting boners before our undies hit the floor and once we had sorted out which bed we each were going to use we sat on my bed and Artie turned the television on. A quick look through the menu told us that there was nothing that interested us available so we turned the tele off again and looked towards each other. My phone went and I saw that it was Katie.

"Hi Katie, what do you want?" I answered my phone.

"I want you to open your door and let us in." Katie answered.

"Can't do that." I replied.

"Why, are you two naked already?" Katie asked.

"Might be." I replied.

"Well pull your undies back on and then open the door. We look a bit silly standing out here in the corridor talking on a phone to someone who is just the other side of the door." Katie said.

"Hang on." I put my hand over the microphone of my mobile and turned to Artie, "The girls are outside the door and want to come in."

"Oh, okay," Artie said and got up and walked naked to the door and opened it.

I was a bit shocked at that and so were the girls. I don't think Artie had thought it through. He was used to being naked in front of Katie and seemed to have forgotten that Jane hadn't seen him in anything less than shorts. Neither had Jane seen me in less than shorts. Now she was not only seeing us naked but also aroused. Katie quickly closed the door and moved further into the room. Jane was clearly making use of the opportunity to check us out where the sun seldom got a chance to tan. Her interest in it helped to keep my cock hard without anyone touching it.

"We came over to ask you if there was anything we could do to help make your birthday more special, but it looks like Artie was getting a head start on us." Katie informed me.

"I don't know about making it more special for Jimmy, I know it has already been made more special for me. The best I have ever seen has been from bathing some of the little kids I have babysat and none of them looked like this." Jane said smiling.

"What did you have in mind to do?" I asked.

"Well, we thought you might want to get a chance to look at another girl and compare her to me. Sorry I let it slip that I had been sitting naked in the lounge one day and Jane cleverly worked out that it was a day you were home and had most probably seen me naked. So I had to tell her." Katie said.

"Wow! Talk about not being able to keep secrets. Who else have you told?" I asked.

"Who else would I tell? I only really have Steph and Jane as good friends." Katie defended herself.

"So Jane, are you saying you would get naked in front of Artie and me and let us look at you like you've been looking at us?" I asked.

"I am. I've wanted to see what you look like for a long time and knew that to get that I would have offer the same back. But I think for your birthday I can offer you something else as well." Jane said.

"What else would that be?" I asked.

"Well, I brought these along in case you want to take me up on my offer," Jane said pulling a small pack of condoms out of her pocket.

"Are you offering to let me fuck you?" I asked surprised.

"Do you want to find out what it is like to do it with a girl or are you more interested in doing it with a boy?" Jane asked.

I looked at my sister and she could tell from the look that I thought she had told Jane far more than just being naked in front of me and had told her stuff that she definitely should not have. Katie responded to my look, "Jimmy, I promise I haven't said anything."

"She's telling you the truth. Steph told me that she had caught you two jerking each other off and I just observed you two and realised that there was more to your relationship than friendship. I put one and one together and came up with couple." Jane said. "But I'm not going to tell anyone anything. I live by the rule that what goes on in hotel rooms stays in hotel rooms."

"If you are going to let him fuck you for his fourteenth birthday will you come to my birthday party too and give me the same present?" Artie asked smiling to show that he was not being totally serious.

"You won't need that. I thought it would be unfair for you to watch Jimmy having a fuck and not get any yourself so you could get to use a condom tonight as well." Katie said.

"You're going to let my best friend fuck you?" I asked to confirm I had understood that right.

"It's only fair." Katie protested.

"I agree." Artie got in quickly before I could say anything more.

"Look I know you have seen Katie naked and now I have seen both of you naked. Do you want to see me naked or not?" Jane asked.

"Can a duck swim?" I replied.

"We don't really have time for much now so I will just strip off and lie on the bed and you guys can look and then we will go back to our room to shower. We will get together after the show for the rest." Jane suggested.

I looked at my watch and was surprised to see that we had less than an hour to go before we expected a phone call from mum or dad.

"Go for it. Katie why don't you help her by getting it all off too." I asked.

A few minutes later Katie and Jane were both naked and lying on our beds for us to look at. Jane still had her pubes and after we looked at hers and then at Katie we both declared that smooth and hairless was the best. Katie winked at me and after we had talked for a bit more the girls got dressed and left the room.

"Well one thing, we'll know what it is like to fuck a girl before we go to sleep again." Artie said.

"Yeah, that might help us to decide." I answered.

"Decide what?" Artie asked.

"The answer to Jane's question when she offered to let me fuck her. Let's go get that shower now." I answered.

"What question was that?" Artie asked as we stepped into the bathroom and looked at the shower over the tub.

"The question was whether I would rather fuck a girl or a boy." I answered.

Artie clearly hadn't caught that question from Jane and was a bit shocked. Then as the penny dropped, "So that's what they were talking about Steph telling her about catching us wanking each other."

"You got it. I guess your head was whirling too much with the thought of her offering to let me fuck her." I said as I stepped over the side of the bath to get under the shower.

We washed each other and made sure our friend's cock was especially clean but neither of us came. We were saving that for later. We sat around still naked until we thought we had better get some clothes on or we would be caught out. Our timing was a bit early but that didn't really matter. I didn't know, but my parents had booked a table at a restaurant near the theatre and explained to the restaurant that it was for my birthday. I was surprised at the way we were made more of a fuss of than other tables were until after our main course had been cleared and the string quartet that had been playing music all through the meal began to play "happy birthday". A waiter approached our table carrying a cake with burning candles on it and the whole restaurant clapped as my family sang happy birthday to me. I think my face glowed more than the candles did. But I was really chuffed that my family loved me enough to make it this special for me. As we were leaving the maître de handed me a small present wrapped in birthday paper and wished me a happy birthday yet again. We walked from the restaurant to the theatre and were shown to our seats. Only then did I get the chance to open my present. I found it was a small box which contained a fountain pen with the restaurant's name on it and the inscription "The manager and staff wish you a happy celebration." Mum and dad did not know that they would give me that and said that the restaurant had also supplied the cake but they had paid for it. I was beaming with happiness. This was easily my best birthday yet and it was not finished. The play was good with that twist at the end which you are not allowed to talk about. A bit like not mentioning that Scottish play by Shakespeare. Before the play started I was reading the program and was amazed to see that it had been running non-stop for sixty-four years already and was well past it's twenty-fifth thousand appearance as that happened back in 2012. And yet for me, I preferred some of the more modern plays like Starlight Express which we had seen at the Apollo a couple of years ago. Maybe it was the excitement of it all being done on roller skates with a track right around the theatre.

We had taken the Tube from our hotel to the theatre and had to get it going back again. Mum and dad saw us into our rooms and told us not to stay up too late and to keep the television volume down so that we would not disturb the people in the rooms next to us. They wished us good night and I thanked them for a great birthday treat. Artie and I stayed in our clothes while we waited for the girls to come as Artie had suggested it might be nice to let the girls take our clothes off for us. The girls kept us waiting a full half hour. They said they were getting themselves ready for which we teased them as they really only needed to be able to take their clothes off to be ready. But when they did take their clothes off we saw why. Jane was now as smooth down below as Katie was.

"We had to sneak out to find a twenty-four hour supermarket to get the razor and cream." Katie explained.

I was sitting on my bed, my trousers clearly tented, as Jane approached me and began to undo the buttons on my shirt. She stripped me slowly and then bent down and kissed the tip of my hard cock rolling the loose bit of foreskin I had there in her lips before sucking the precum that I was already producing out. "I need you to play with me a bit to get me wet before you stick it in." Jane said softly and then I heard Katie telling Artie the same thing as they began their foreplay. Jane was very good and patiently showed me what to do with her which was not quite the same as Katie had shown me. When she was ready she asked me to lie on my back and holding my cock up she rolled the condom onto it. I didn't get a chance to move before she swung a leg over me and lowered herself onto my cock taking it all the way in with one steady drop. When her pubis was pressing hard onto mine she wriggled a bit making my cock work inside her pussy. Then she began to bounce on my cock and pulled my hand into place so that I could still finger her clit while she was bouncing on me. It was not quite how I had envisaged my first fuck to be during wanking sessions in the past and, truth be told, I would have preferred to go at it in what I have learnt is the classic missionary style. But she is older than me and she was calling the shots this time round. I didn't feel any resistance from her hymen but she claimed I took her virginity while she took mine. Katie made the same claim of Artie and we had to accept that as we had no way of proving otherwise. Our inexperience showed through in that both Artie and I came fairly quickly and the girls needed us to finger them after our orgasms to bring them off.

Later, after the girls had returned to their room, Artie and I were talking and agreed that we didn't find our first fucks that wonderful but were thankful for the girls giving us the chance.

"Have you ever thought of what it would be like to fuck a guy up the butt?" Artie asked.

"Yeah, not much but sometimes after we have done stuff together I will think about it for a day or two." I admitted.

"Do you want to try it sometime?" Artie asked.

"Sometime, maybe, but not tonight. Why? Are you offering?" I asked.

"I don't know for sure yet. I do think about both fucking another guy and also being fucked by a guy and I like it when I stick my finger up my butt while I wank." Artie said.

"It's nearly two in the morning, I think we'd better go to sleep." I said, "Good night and thanks for coming with me today."

"What way of coming are you thanking me for?" Artie joked.

"All the ways." I answered.

"It was my pleasure. Thanks for letting me cum with you. Goodnight Jimmy."

Artie reached up and turned off the light between our two beds plunging the room into darkness and I think we were both asleep within minutes. We awoke the next morning to our phones ringing and someone pounding on our room door. Groggily I got up and went to the door forgetting I was naked and opened it. Fortunately it was just Jane and Katie outside it. They both quickly nipped in and then told us to hurry up and get washed and dressed as mum and dad were already waiting for us downstairs in the restaurant. I went back to my bed and picked up my phone greeting my mother as I answered it. She told me the same thing Katie had and warned that if we didn't get a move on we would be too late for breakfast and there was not going to be anything more to eat until we got home. The girls packed our bags for us while we washed and brushed and then when we came to get dressed we realised they had packed all our clothes and we had to unpack a bit to get something to wear. They watched as we dressed and the four of us rushed down to the restaurant to eat.

Over the next few months whenever we could Artie and I got together for a sixty nine or a mutual wank of each other. During some of those times we would talk about anal and I noticed that it was usually Artie who brought it up. One afternoon, we had just finished sucking and swallowing each other's cum when Artie brought up the fucking topic again.

"You're really keen to try it aren't you?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think I am." He answered.

"We can't do it today because I can't stay long enough to get ready for another orgasm after the one I've just had." I told him.

"Yeah I know. We'll think of something." Artie said and we both fell silent as we tried to think of something.

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