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Silver Lining

by Rick Masters

Chapter 5

The answer came when it was time for Artie's fourteenth birthday. He used my birthday treat as some leverage with his parents to get something similar. What was proposed was a night away at a theme park which Artie jumped at. Only after he had accepted the deal did his parents inform him that they were thinking of it being only for the four of them. Steph said she was not interested and although the parents told her she was not being fair to Artie by refusing to be a part of his birthday celebration she got her way. Mainly because Artie went privately to his parents and suggested that if they forced Steph to come she might just make it worse for him through sulking and maybe she could stay with a friend while Artie took me in Steph's place. It turned out that his parents had also planned on giving him a surprise party with his friends in addition to the time at the theme park. Now with only having to pay for two rooms instead of three they offered to let Artie also have a small party one weekend and suggested a BBQ with a bit of dancing or something after the meal to make the time last longer. To get a night away alone with me in a hotel room, Artie was more than willing to go along with the plans. Following some discussion with my parents who consulted with Katie first they agreed to look after Steph for the night and I got to pack an away bag.

Artie's parents had booked rooms in the theme park hotel and this meant that we got all day passes for both days either side of the night we stayed there. We were at the hotel at the earliest check in time and got taken to our rooms. Both rooms had a double bed and then a divan bed to make it either a double or a twin or a family room. Artie and I knew we would mess up the bedding on the divan but it would not get used by us to sleep in as we would share the same bed to give us more opportunity to play with each other. But before we could do that we had to enjoy the use of our day tickets and leaving Artie's mum and dad to do what they wanted we headed off into the park. One of the rides that we really wanted to go on had a very long queue which disappointed us because we didn't want to waste a lot of riding time just standing in a line of others wasting riding time. We decided we would keep an eye on the queue and see if it got any shorter to make it better to go and wait and in the meantime went to another ride that had only a few people in the line. When we got up to the guy controlling the ride he asked us why we had stood in the general line when there was a preferential line for those with day tickets.

"We didn't know there was a different line." I said.

"Yeah, for every ride there is a line where if you have a special ticket you just go and stand in that line and you get to go at the next chance." He then showed us the different coloured signs which we had not even noticed. Especially as there appeared to be no others standing in those preferential lines.

"How come there aren't any other people standing in the lines then?" Artie asked.

"It is still early. You guys must be some of the first to book into the hotel and some of those who book in don't go for the day pass option which your folks must have done for you." The guide explained.

"Cool, we'll go on that one next then." I said pointing to the one we really wanted to try.

Four different rides later we found we were no longer the only ones with special tickets, but still there were few enough that we only stood in the queue until the ride had completed the run it was doing when we got in the queue. Several hours later we were standing in the queue to try our favourite ride for the second time when Artie's mobile rang. Answering it I listened to a one sided conversation from which I managed to glean that his parents were giving us a time to meet up with them to eat our meal. Artie had to ask the girl who was controlling the ride what time the rides stopped for the day and his parents agreed to meet us half an hour after that in the main lobby of the hotel. This would give us time to get back to our room and have a clean-up and change for supper.

Amazingly we were on time and Artie's dad asked, "So has it been good for your guys?"

"It's been great. Thanks for buying these preferential tickets." Artie answered waving his arm to show the wrist band we had on which was a different colour to the majority of the others in the park.

"We thought it might just make up for your sister not being here as well." Artie's mum said.

"I think I'm having more fun with Jimmy than I would have had with Steph." Artie said.

"And I am definitely having more fun." I quipped, grinning broadly.

"Yes I'm sure you are. How many rides did you manage to get on? We saw there were some very long queues at times." Mrs Joseph asked.

"That's it! With these tickets we get to stand in a different queue and get the next available chance on the ride. I think we have been on at least eight rides." Artie said.

"Oh, we didn't realise you got to jump the queue completely. We just thought you could go any rides and also go on them more than once." Artie's dad said. "That makes the extra charge worth it a lot more."

"Let's go into dinner and we can talk a bit more while we eat." Artie's mum suggested and led the way to the restaurant.

We were allowed to choose whatever we wanted and when I said I wanted a beer to drink was told "except that." By Mr. Joseph but with a smile as he knew me well enough to know that I was just teasing. Our conversation continued over the meal with Artie's parent's telling us they had gone to a local museum for most of the afternoon which they had found very interesting. We went into more detail about some of the rides we had enjoyed and added we were glad we had not eaten or drunk anything just before some of them as some of the people on them were being sick as the ride was going or straight after it.

At the end of the meal Artie's dad said, "Well boys the park opens at eight in the morning. You guys can get in as many rides as you can before lunch. Just bring your bags to our room before you go to the rides and leave your room keys with us too. We will check you out and then give you a call when we want you to join us for lunch and we will go off home after that. I advise that you get an early night to be good to go in the morning and we will give you a call when we're ready to go for breakfast.

So it was that we had most of the evening and the rest of the night to be alone together without fear of being interrupted. We said goodnight to Artie's parents at our door and they went on to their room.

As we heard the door click closed we began to strip off. Neither of us needed to suggest it to the other because we knew exactly what we wanted. I ruffled the bedding on the divan and then pulled back the covers on the double bed while a naked Artie went to dig in his bag. Turning around to face he me he held up a couple of square foil packages. "Tarrum; look what I've got." He proudly announced.

"Where? How?" I asked.

"Dad asked me to go and get something out of the bathroom cabinet in their bathroom and I saw that they have this humongous pack of these and reckoned that a few missing would not be noticed. I also counted what was left so I could see how often they use them and can then work out how many more I can get without it becoming obvious." Artie told me with a wily grin on his face. "Oh, and I also got a bit of olive oil from the kitchen. I know we are supposed to use proper lube but I thought dad might notice if I took his tube of KY."

At least I knew what we were in for that night. Artie had more than hinted at wanting to try it out and we had agreed to look for an opportunity. That night was too good a chance to miss it. Also it was Artie's birthday and this is one present I could give him that he didn't need to open.

"It's your birthday so you get to choose. Do you want to try fucking or being fucked first?" I offered.

"I want to try being fucked first. I know it is a bit selfish but I know that being fucked will turn me on and then I can get my release with a fuck after it. Sorry that means you get your release and then probably get turned on again."

"The chances are we will turn the tables another time unless we really don't like it so I don't mind. In fact I want to do this for you. You're my best friend. And my special friend. We have something that a lot of other friends don't have and I'm glad to be able to do this for you on your birthday."

"Okay, do you want to do me doggy style or missionary style?" Artie asked.

"Or you could ride me like Jane did. But I want you to choose. It is your birthday remember."

"Actually we could try all three if we only do it for a little bit each time and then I can decide which way I like best and we do it that way to the end. Then we can try all three when it's your turn too."

"But before we get there we need to do that stretching we have read about in so many of those stories we've read." I reminded him. "So why don't you lie on the bed and let me get going with the oil and my finger and we see how get on from there?"

We had had opportunities for a little finger fucking before but this now was going to be moving on from a few seconds of one finger to much longer with that one finger and slowly building to three fingers and then a cock. Both of us were already hard and leaking and we hadn't actually touched each other yet.

I got off the bed and Artie got into the middle of the bed lying on his back. He pulled his legs up and held them with his hands and I moved back onto the bed and positioned myself where I could watch his face and also see where my finger was going. I carefully dribbled some oil onto his perineum and guided it as it ran down into his crack with my finger smearing it over his pucker. I saw his rose bud tighten up and then relax a bit to show slightly more pink than it had before. I dribbled a bit more oil and this time let it follow the path laid down by the first lot of oil and caught it with my finger at his hole. As I swirled my finger around over his pucker Artie groaned softly and said, "that feels really good."

I put on a bit of pressure and the tip of my finger began to open his hole up. I held it there while I added a couple more drops of oil and then twisting it side to side I slide my finger in a bit more with Artie first tensing slightly and then relaxing and letting me get a tiny bit further into his bum. We had turned the television on to help cover some of our noises and I know that the program that was on when we started had ended before I got as far as pushing the second knuckle of my index finger past his opening. After that I lost track of any sense of timing as I was concentrating solely on the job in hand and keeping my best and special friend happy. I had been finger fucking Artie for a while with a single digit when he suggested I could try adding a second finger. I pulled that finger right out of his bum and then added some more oil to two fingers smearing it over them with my other hand which I wiped clean by fondling his balls with that hand while I worked at getting two fingers into his hole at the same time. It was relatively easy to get the first part of the fingers in, but when it got to the first knuckle he was tight and clearly feeling a bit of discomfort. But he urged me to carry on. I then got the bright idea of pushing one finger forward a little bit so that the two knuckles were not lined side by side but, rather, one behind the other. Once I got the first knuckle through I pushed the other finger forward forcing the second knuckle through. Holding it like that for a bit I began to push in further and then pulled back a bit and kept that movement up with my stroke being governed by my first knuckles staying the opposite side of his sphincter to where my second knuckles were. Unfortunately I couldn't alter the position of the second knuckles and had to just force them through together which got an expression of pain clearly visible on Artie's face. I held still for a while until I saw his face relax and felt the grip around my fingers ease off at the same time.

Getting the third finger in required a bit more force but Artie seemed more able to take the stretching now and his face did not reflect as much pain as it had for the second finger. He also seemed to get used to it faster than he had for the second one and it felt like I had only been pumping three fingers in and out for a very short time when he said it was time for me to put my cock where my fingers were.

"I haven't got the condom on yet." I said.

"I'll do that. You keep your fingers in me while it I get you ready." Artie said.

He opened the foil package and pulled the sheath out. He asked me to move so that he could reach me without having to put his legs down. This was actually easier said than done as I struggled to move my body while keeping my fingers firmly seated in his seat. The antics did cause us to giggle a little bit but then he was wiping my pre-cum off and licking his fingers before he squeezed the nipple of the condom and rolled the body of it down my cock. This felt so different from when Jane had put one on me just a few months earlier. Then it felt more mechanical; this time it felt more emotional. This time I loved it more than just getting excited by it. When it came time for me to move back to be able to push my cock into his butt I had to take my fingers out. But it was only for a few seconds and then those same fingers were holding my cock and guiding it into his hole. Sure there was some resistance but my cock was not that thick and my fingers had done a good job of stretching him which meant that he hardly winced as my head passed his ring of muscle and returned to its normal shape inside that glove of latex. The one thing wearing a condom did do was to reduce the feelings and so enable me to last a little bit longer. But again this was my first time doing anal and only the second time that I was getting a fuck of any description so although the sensation was slightly dulled I still did not win any prizes for making it last. Neither did I last long enough for my cock's rubbing against Artie's prostate to cause a hand's free cum for him. We also didn't get to try any other positions as I came too quickly for us to change over.

I pulled out of Artie and lay down beside him. "I'm sorry, we didn't try any other ways."

"That just gives us an excuse to try it another time." The wily Artie responded and I could almost feel that smile on his face.

We lay side by side, staring up at the ceiling for a few minutes and then Artie turned onto his side and announced, "I need to start getting you ready or we'll not get any sleep tonight. Do you want to take the condom off first and have a bit of clean up there?"

I looked down at my cock and saw that with it wilting to soft it had allowed some of my cum to leak out onto my pubes and the outside of the condom had shared the layer of oil and mucus it had collected with where it had touched my body. Yes I did want to get cleaned up first and left the bed for the bathroom. Moments later Artie joined me and as I washed at the sink he used some paper to wipe away the traces we had left on the outside of his butt. At least the paper helped my used condom to flush away.

Back on the bed Artie began to get me ready in much the same way as I had got him ready. Dribbling and spreading oil and then applying a little bit of pressure to move the oil deeper into the pucker before actually pushing the tip of his finger into the clamping muscle.

"Did it hurt a lot?" I asked as I felt some mild pain with the pressure he was applying.

"Not really and it quickly goes away too. You did me just right with your fingers and I'm going to leave it for you to tell me when you are ready for the next one. I think that's why it worked so well with me." Artie replied and got his finger past the first knuckle which elicited a grunt more than a groan from me.

I would like to say that it was relatively painless but there were times, especially when he got up to pushing three fingers in that I considered calling a halt to it. But then it was his birthday and I wanted to do this for him. One thing he did which was different to what I had done was with three fingers wedged in my butt, he twisted them around as well as pumped them in and out. I got to the point where the pain was just a dull ache and the feelings had got strong enough to force my cock to swell and harden without being touched at all.

"I think it's time for you to let me put your condom on." I said.

With roles reversed Artie moved to where I could reach him and I rolled the rubber tube over his already hard and leaking manhood. I added some oil to the latex and smeared it around to make sure it was all covered and slipping his fingers out my bum Artie quickly moved into the position and watching my face he pushed his cock into me. He had stretched me as much as I had stretched him but his cock was a bit thicker than mine and he had to push quite hard to get that head past the ring guard my butt put up. I did my best to push out like they say in the stories but I'm not altogether sure that helped much. Yes it was sore. In fact it hurt a lot but I put up with it and clenched my jaw to stop myself from asking Artie to stop. And I'm glad I did. Once the pain eased and Artie got into a good rhythm it became something magical. Do girls feel the same sort of thing? I guess we will never really know but what I did know was that I was glad to give up my cherry to my best and special friend. And I felt honoured to have been the one allowed to pick his cherry too. Somehow Artie managed to last a bit longer than I had but again we only tried out the one position which was the same for both of us. Like him, I also did not get stimulated enough to experience a hands free cum, but that was not the aim anyway.

We followed the same pattern and lay side by side for a while before heading back to the bathroom to clean up. Only this time we got in the shower together and took turns swapping around to get under the spray and to help each other get clean. When we got onto the bed again we lay close but not touching. I used the remote and turned the TV off. Artie turned onto his side facing me and blew into my ear. I turned to face him so that he could not access my ear and he had a shit eating grin on his face.

"Thank you for making this my best ever birthday. I'm glad I did it with you first." Artie said.

"And I'm glad to have done it with you first too. I also think this is far better than doing it with a girl. What do you think?"

"I think it was special because we're best friends and that made it so much better. With the girls it was just trying something out to see what it was like. With you it was giving pleasure and receiving pleasure."

"Yeah, I wonder if that means we're gay?" I said.

"I don't think we can tell from just this one time. But I also don't care what it means. What I know is that I want to do it some more with you."

"That is a definite. But I don't think I can do it again tonight."

"Yep, I think we need to try going to sleep now and hope to get some more chances soon. Besides I only got us two condoms and they are both somewhere in a sewer." Artie said.

I rolled to my side away from Artie and turned off the lights. Rolling back again I found I had somehow got a lot closer and as my cock flopped over it hit against his.

"I thought you said you couldn't do it again tonight." He teased.

"Sorry, didn't realise I got closer to you. Goodnight and happy birthday."

"Thanks and good night too." Artie said and blew onto my face.

"Eweeh, I'm not so sure I like to breathe someone else's second hand breath." I said.

"Yeah, you just gave me yours. Or maybe it was mine being returned. Let's get a bit further apart." Artie said.

We both shuffled back a bit and then lay quietly. I stared into the darkness knowing that Artie's face was within touching distance but I couldn't see it. And then I realised that I was sharing a bed with someone for the first time and was actually happy to be doing it. I gave a sigh of contentment and Artie reached out his hand and put it on my arm. Nothing was said, but neither of us made any move to change this little intimacy.

We had had a full day on the rides and then the dinner and finally this evening in bed and I guess that helped for sleep to overcome the thoughts and emotions that were whirling around inside our heads. I know that when I woke up in the morning I couldn't remember lying there for very long before consciousness left me to sleep.

When I woke up I realised that we hadn't pulled the covers up over us and this gave me the opportunity to look at Artie. He was lying on his back. A little smile on his lips, his arms at his side and feet slightly parted. His cock was hard and pointing towards his navel with a slight curve to the left. His foreskin only just covering the head. His pubes a soft bush around his cock and a bit down the sides towards his balls which looked to be hairless. I leant over and kissed the tip of his cock and then used my tongue to hook underneath his cock and lift it enough to get my mouth over it. Then I started to suck on him; wrapping my lips around my teeth I used them to clamp down a bit on his cock and push his foreskin back so that my tongue could get at his more sensitive head and especially the hot spot just below the head on the underside of his cock.

I felt Artie's hand on my head and he stroked my hair, "Good morning Jimmy. I think that is the nicest way I have ever been woken up."

My reply was to get my hand under his leg and begin to fondle his balls hanging low in their sack. That led to me tickling his perineum and moving a finger on round to his butt hole.

"That's nice but I can feel that it is still a bit tender there. I hope it doesn't hurt too much to take a shit today." Artie said. I flexed my bum and recognised that I too was a bit on the tender side.

I continued to suck him until he fed his cum to me and then I moved back up the bed to lie down next to him. "I liked sharing a bed with you and waking up to see you happy and hard and ready for a sucking."

"Yeah, it was nice. I know we basically slept through it but I think we were probably aware of each other being so close to us. Thank you for my morning call too. That was really nice. Want me to do you?" Artie asked.

"Actually I need to piss first or it will be more than cum you get in your mouth." I told him.

We went through to the bathroom and I tried to bend my cock down that seemed to stop the piss from even trying to flow whereas Artie was busy pushing it out as my sucking him had allowed him to get soft. I stepped over into the tub and making sure my cock was pointing away from me, but still upward I began to piss and let it land in the tub. When I had finished I turned on the shower to let it wash away and as I did so my cock got soft and I decided to just have a shower seeing as I was already getting wet.

Artie went out to the room to wait for me but only moments later stuck his head in the doorway and told me to get a move on as it was nearly eight o'clock and his parents were wondering how much longer we would be. I hadn't even heard his mobile ringing. We got dressed and quickly threw everything we had brought with us into our bags and after a cursory check we left our room and took our bags to his parent's room.

"Sorry I was having a shower." I apologised.

"It's okay; just you guys will miss out on ride time. So let's get some breakfast and we will phone you later when we want you to return to us." Artie's dad said.

Artie's mum suggested we just have something light and plan on having a bigger lunch or else we might leave our breakfast behind on one of the rides. Having seen something like that the day before we knew exactly what she was talking about and took her up on her suggesting settling just for a couple of slices of toast and a glass of juice to wash it down.

We had a wonderful time and were actually ready for our lunch and to go home when we were called. We had managed to keep our toast down even though a couple of times it came pretty close. Unsurprisingly we both nodded off in the car on the ride home and Artie's parents took this as a good sign that we had had a good time. Little did they know just how good a time it was.

As the weeks moved on we discovered that it was far easier to find opportunities to either jerk off or sixty-nine than it was to get in a fuck, but we did manage on a few occasions. It was about four months after his birthday that we got the chance for a good lazy fuck session during the school holidays. We had already decided that as we were not having sex with anyone else we could go bare-back. This was mainly because Artie was not able to sneak enough condoms out of his dad's supply to meet our needs and there was no way we were going to try to reuse them. This time Artie had fucked me in the doggy position and I then did him back in the missionary position because I much preferred to be able to see his face as I was fucking him and see the looks that he got which told me that he was enjoying it as much as I was. I could feel his cum leaking out my bum and running down my leg as I pumped into him but there was no way I was going to stop and clean up. We were lying on an old sheet which he had got sorted out following a similar incident once before and he had had to sleep in the soiled sheet for a few days more before it became time to change them. Of course he couldn't change it ahead of time without his mother wanting to know why; and he didn't have a suitable excuse that he felt he could live with too.

After I shot my load into him, I leant forward over his body and as our faces came closer together we both moved at the same time to kiss each other. While the kiss was not a snog, it also was not just a peck. I lifted my head following that and looked into his eyes. There was no embarrassment or shame, no guilt just a glistening of a tear.

"I think I love you Arthur Joseph," I said and smiled.

Artie smiled back and nodded his head. "I think you do and I love you too." He replied.

I lowered my mouth to meet his again and this time our kiss was a lingering one with tongues swapping our spit. While we were engaged in this our first of many kissing sessions to come, I felt my cock pushed out of his bum by natural forces. I guess he then began to leak onto the sheet but there was nothing I was going to do to stop the kiss.

Eventually the kiss had to end and I rolled off to lie beside him. Artie felt for and finding my hand entwined his fingers in mine. "I guess this means we are gay because this is so right for me." He said.

"Yeah. I like to see my sister and other girls naked but doing what we do together is so much better. So much nicer. So much more loving. Artie, you're my best friend. A very special friend. Will you be my boyfriend too, please?"

He squeezed my hand and replied, "forever."

A feeling came over me as I lay there next to my boyfriend that I cannot describe. I was happy beyond words. The most content I had ever been and the confusion that had been plaguing my head for several months had all but gone. I knew who I was and what I was and I was happy with that.

"Do you remember that first time the girls blackmailed us with the photo of us all made up?" I asked.

"Yeah that was a dark day." Artie replied.

"Well I think one thing that it did for us was to bring us to this point. I'm not sure we would have been open enough with each other if being compromised like we were had not been forced on us." I said.

"Maybe you're right in that." Artie replied.

"There were dark clouds then but at least we've proved that clouds do have a silver lining."

The end


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