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Boys Do It Better

by Rob Warr

Chapter 9

Kinda out

Despite being anxious to see Tommy again, I was still reluctant to get out of bed that Monday morning after the sleepover. Once I was up and showered though, I remembered why I'd been so excited last night as I lay down to sleep, and the spring in my step returned.

I hurried downstairs and ate a quick breakfast, brushed my teeth, grabbed my backpack, and I was off to Tommy's house at least 15 minutes earlier than usual. My mom thought I was, but she had a big smile on her face as I kissed her on the cheek on my way out. I guess she just figured I was glad to have my best bud back, but boy would she be surprised if she knew the real reason I was practically dancing this morning.

Tommy was still in his boxers when I got to his house, his folks were already at work, just like always, and Tommy was at the kitchen table eating instant oatmeal. I let myself in as usual and hurried over to where he sat, and put my arms around his neck from behind and nuzzled his neck.

Morning boyfriend, I said softly, causing him to shiver a little.

Hey, he said, Want some oatmeal?

Nah, I ate already. You look all sexy in those boxers, I said sitting down next to him.

Wish we had time know? He said grinning.

Well, I could start coming earlier from now on. What time do your folks leave for work?

About 7:30, I'm usually in bed when they leave, but if someone came in and got in bed with me, that would be cool, he said grinning.

Tomorrow for sure, I said rubbing his arm lovingly, but today we can have some time alone after school, right?

Yeah, they don't get home till around 6 usually, so we'll have lots of time, he said, finishing off his oatmeal and downing his glass of chocolate milk. That boy loves chocolate milk more than anyone I know. I think he even pours it on his

Come on, he says then, we can talk while I get dressed. I showered last night before bed.

I waited while he put his dishes in the sink and ran water in them, then followed him upstairs to his room, ogling his cute butt the whole way. God, he has such a cute butt...well, a cute everything, but a butt like that is sexy.

Once we were in his room, we just like automatically came together in a hug and started kissing. I could taste his oatmeal and chocolate milk and he tasted sooo good. Only problem was, we both had raging boners once we pulled apart.

Ahhhggg, I said pushing at my boner, Now I need to jack off or something.

Tommy laughed, Sorry, but I just had to have a kiss. Maybe tomorrow we can do more than kiss, and you won't have that problem when we leave for school.

He dropped his boxers then to change into boxer briefs, and once his naked body came into view it was all I could do to not jump on him and gobble that weenie But I was a good boy, and I just stared, and maybe drooled a little, but I didn't want to make us late for school.

As it was, we arrived about five minutes early and we ran into Ronnie almost as soon as we got in the door. It was almost like he was waiting for us. He looked happy, but I didn't see Scott around, so it must've been carried over from the weekend.

Hey you guys, he said cheerfully, how's it goin'?

Great! We both agreed, Where's lover boy? I chuckled.

He's in the office. He had some papers to sign or something. We walked to school together though, he said grinning. To think we coulda been doing that all year.

Well, you both were just a little too shy I guess, but now you got something to look forward to every morning.

Yeah, and after school, he said, looking like the cat who ate the canary.

Oh yeah, I forgot...alone time every afternoon after school. OMG, you guys will never get any homework done...he he.

It'll keep till I get home, he said as he walked along with us on the way to our lockers. He kept looking back, and suddenly he almost squealed as he said, There he is...I'll see ya guys later, okay? then he practically ran to meet Scott. If that boy wasn't careful, by the time the last bell rang today, the whole student body would know him and Scott were a thing.

Tommy and I split up at my homeroom, and since we couldn't kiss, we bumped fists, but even the contact of his knuckles got me It was going to be a long morning, and I couldn't wait till lunch period to roll around.

Ronnie came in after a few minutes, or should I say, floated in, but we didn't really have time to talk. Soon we were off to first period, and I told Ronnie I'd see him and Scott at lunch. We'd already agreed to sit together at lunch from now on, well unless we wanted to go out and have some alone time with our BFs, and I was looking forward to seeing how Scott was handling things.

I usually bring my lunch, but in my hurry to get to Tommy's this morning I forgot it. I have a lunch account just in case I decide to eat the school lunches, and fortunately that day was pizza day, and for school food, it's not bad. Tommy hadn't brought his lunch either, and as we hopped into line to get our food, A couple of the guys from the Mall Saturday night lined up behind us. We exchanged heys, and I was sweating the whole time wondering if they were going to mention the incident at all.

Then suddenly this one boy, Kent, says...You guys okay?

What did that mean? I wondered, but before I could answer, Tommy says, Yeah,, thanks for standing up for us at the Mall Saturday.

Damn, why did he have to mention that?

Hey, no problem, Kent said, giving us what I thought was a sly grin, Everybody's got a right to be who they are without some asswipe threatening them and making their life miserable, right Phil? He said to the other boy from Saturday.

Yeah, we're cool with you guys, Phil said grinning, Gotta take care of family.

Now what did that mean? I wondered, Family? OMG, is he saying?...No way, Kent is like a major jock. Is it possible that Kent and Phillip

I was too surprised to speak, but Tommy seemed to have diarrhea of the mouth today, and he says, Oh, so you guys are like...together?

WHAT? Why can't Tommy just leave it alone?

Kent laughed, and I thought we were dead, Nah nothing like that, but let's just say...we don't have a problem playing for either team when it comes to fun time, he said nudging Phil, who chuckled and shoved him playfully back.

Oh man, those two hotties bump uglies for fun time. Where was I when all these cute boys were looking for sexy fun? Oh well, I had Tommy now, and as far as I was concerned I had the best boy in the whole school, maybe the city, or the state...maybe the world?

Yeah, I know what you mean, Tommy said, fun is fun, right?

What, what is he saying? Is he still thinking about girls, thinking about Beth and the clumsy hand jobs she gave him, or is he just trying to keep the heat off of our real relationship? Then I decided maybe it was best I just kept quiet and pretend I didn't have a clue what they were talking about. You know, play dumb. Dumb old Joshy, durrr.

Anyway, the conversation changed to the football game next Friday and Kent wanted to know if Tommy and me were going, not if Tommy was going, but if we were going. So I guess they pretty much knew we were a couple now, or maybe it was just because we'd always been close friends and did stuff together. Well, that was up until Bethzilla came into our

Tommy looked at me and I could see the wheels turning in his head and then he says, I'm definitely gonna be there, don't know about Josh.

Huh? I was so hurt I almost started bawling right then and there, and then I realized what he was doing and I straightened up quickly. God Bless my little Tommy Bear, he was throwing the two bloodhounds off the trail by acting like we didn't do everything together.

I might go, I said quickly, just to cheer the team on. You guys are having a great year so far.

Cool, hope you make it, Kent said, looking confused.

Good, maybe that will confuse him enough to make him back off. Stop messing around in our business! He should mind his own business, even if he did sort of save our asses at the Mall. Okay, I shouldn't be so judgmental about it. I'm sure him and Phillip are cool with us, but I'd still like to be in control of who we come out to, and when we decide to do it.

Anyway, they went their way, and we went ours, and that uncomfortable little exchange was put behind us pretty quickly. Ronnie and Scott were already seated and eating the lunch they'd brought, and actually sharing food. It was so adorable, but I had to wonder if they weren't being a little too obvious. I mean all you had to do was look at the cutesy way they were looking at each other and giggling to know they were exchanging more than apple slices...he he. Bananas

But who am I to tell them to slow down? If they're cool with things, then so be it. Maybe it would actually be good if they came out as a couple. Then Tommy and I could see how the other kids took that news, and decide if we wanted to follow their lead. Hmm...sounds like a good idea, so if they ask my opinion about coming out, I'm gonna give em a yes vote...LOL.

You guys look happy, Tommy says between bites of his pizza, Did you guys have sex the other night?

OMG, you did not just ask them if they had sex? I thought, as my mouth fell open and my eyes darted to the two red-faced boys across from me.

Tommy! I scolded.

What? I'm not supposed to talk about this stuff? It's not like we have any secrets as far as they go.

Ronnie was the one who finally answered, and I was impressed by his level of maturity as he said, Fuck off Tommy, it's none of your business...he he. He wasn't mad, in fact he was laughing, and that got us laughing too. But you know what? By his telling Tommy to fuck off, that pretty much told us that they had, otherwise he would have just said NO. I was pretty sure Ronnie would come clean when it was just us two, but he wasn't gonna give anything to Tommy after this.

We didn't talk about sex, or boyfriends, or any of that stuff for the rest of our lunch period, but we did make a date for all four of us to go to the big football game on Friday. I wondered what Kent and Phillip would make of the four of us showing up together, but in a way it might be safer than just me and Tommy going as a couple.

By fifth period I was hungry for some more Tommy Bear, and I met him at the door and we stood by his desk and talked till time for class to begin. I'd forgotten that Phillip was in that class too, and he kept looking our way and smiling, but other than a quick hey, we didn't talk to him. I wondered if he was gathering intell for

PE was especially frustrating that day, because we were playing shirts and skins basketball and Tommy, Ronnie, and me were all skins. Which meant I had two hot, half-naked boys (that I'd had sex with) to stare at all period. God, Tommy is so hot when he's all sweaty and running around looking all manly and stuff...sigh. And even though Ronnie isn't what you'd call athletic, he has one of those nice trim bodies that makes a gay boy just want to lick him all over...he he.

It was all I could do not to hump Tommy's leg, but I managed to keep little Joshy under control and concentrate on the game, well most of the time. Shower time was brutal too. Usually, me and Tommy don't shower, and we'd considered skipping it and showering together at his house, but we were so sweaty and hot that we decided a nice cool shower would do us good.

Ronnie took the shower next to us, and we talked a little while we washed up, trying not to check each other's junk out, but at this point, it was pretty much useless to pretend we weren't perving on each other. We still managed not to get too excited...if you know what I mean, anyway we were saving ourselves for later, when me and Tommy had our sexy time at his house. And of course, Ronnie and Scott had plans after school too, to do the nasty or whatever.

As we walked home that day, the thing at lunch came up and I congratulated Tommy on his quick thinking. He chuckled, then gave me a smile and said, first I was like, screw it, let's just tell them, then I saw the look on your face and I knew you weren't ready for that yet. I was afraid I'd hurt your feelings when I said that stuff about Football...but you're smart, and you figured it out quick...he he.

Yeah, I was ready to start bawling at first, I confessed, but then I had one of those ah ha moments, that you hear about...he he.

Cool, but, I was wondering, would it be so bad if Kent and Phillip and a few of our friends knew about us?

Nah, but the problem's hard to keep something like that a secret. Look at what happened to Ronnie, he didn't even officially come out, and they still gave him a hard time just cause they suspected he was gay. Nah, when we're ready to come out, we gotta do it all the way or it won't work. I'm just not ready, cause for one thing, it's liable to get back to our rents if we come out at school first. I think we owe it to our family to tell them first, dontcha think?

Yeah, you're right. I'm glad you're the logical one...he he. We'll wait, but meanwhile, I'm still gonna spend every minute I can with my boyfriend. Then he surprised me by taking my hand in his, and he held it all the way to his house. sweet.

Afternoon delight

How many times had I stopped by Tommy's house over the years after school, just to have a snack, or play some video games, or just hang out? Well, none of those times even compared to what we shared that Monday after school. Fresh from our showers, with just a little bit of sweat in our pits...he he, we ripped off each others clothes as soon as we were in his bedroom and began kissing like we were starved for each other. Our hard bodies pressed together as we stumbled toward the bed and fell into it, never breaking the kiss.

I finally broke away from his lips and made my way down his body, placing little kisses on his chin, his neck, his chest, then sucking and playfully biting at his hard little nipples. From there I licked and kissed my way down to his belly button where I swirled my tongue inside his cute little innie, tasting his salty boy taste.

His pubes tickled my face as I moved even lower, ignoring his waving erection for the moment, then I moved between his legs and he spread them wide to allow me full access. There is something very special about knowing that someone trusts you so much, offering themselves so freely to you, and I had a little lump in my throat as I thought about just how much I loved him, and how he must love me.

I nuzzled his cute little ball sack, and he shivered as I took it in my mouth and gently sucked on it, using my tongue to stimulate him even further. I let my fingers drift down between his legs to his most secret of places, and he surprised me by raising his hips and sliding upward a bit to allow me full access to that moist pink pucker that intrigued me so much.

Do it, he gasped, put your finger in me.

I moaned as I wet my finger and sought out that wrinkled little starfish, and he returned my moan with an intensity that caused me to shiver as my finger slipped inside him.

Oh, God...that feels good, he said trembling a little.

I worked my finger in as far as I could reach, and at the same time I took his heated length into my mouth and began bobbing up and down on it, using my tongue to stimulate his engorged cock head. He was leaking pre like mad, and he tasted sooo good. What is it about pre-cum that makes it taste so good? God, it's so sweet and delicious, and I couldn't get enough. I was literally drinking it down as fast as he could produce it.

Slick with my spit and his pre, his cock slid in and out of my mouth noisily, and I couldn't help but wonder, what would that feel like sliding in and out of my ass? God that made my own cock throb, and I sort a pressed it into the mattress to scratch the itch there.

My finger was gliding in and out of Tommy's anus now, in time with my oral love making, and he was grunting, and moaning, and thrusting up to meet my mouth, then pushing back into my finger, taking control of his impending orgasm, and suddenly I was just along for the ride.

I could feel his orgasm coming even before I tasted his first blast of delicious Tommy pudding. His warm wet hole began to contract around my finger, and that soft spongy thing inside him grew hard and seemed to be pulsing as his whole body spasmed. Then his cock expanded, and his balls pulled up tight against his body, and the flood gates flew wide open.

The first shot was so powerful that a little came out my nose...he he, but I managed to take the rest and hold it in my mouth until all that was left was a slow ooze. I swallowed a little, but not all, and I moved up and shared the rest with my boyfriend. We kissed deeply, swapping his love offering back and forth till it was gone, then we lay there in each others arms and just rested for a moment.

When Tommy had recovered, he gave me a spectacular beejay, doing me one better and actually licking my taint, and I'm not sure, but I think I even felt his tongue on my wow. When he slicked up his finger and stuck it inside me, I nearly came right then and there. I guess I'm a natural born bottom or something, and I can't wait till my Tommy Bear puts his stiffy in my booty hole...he he. I just think it's gonna be so beautiful and not dirty or nasty at all.

Anyway, we only had time for one orgasm, but it was good, and then we showered the sex smell off of us, got dressed and just cuddled and kissed till it was time for me to head home. We kissed again at the door and then I turned to go. He watched me until I was at the end of the block, then I turned and waved, and he...OMG, he blew me a kiss. My BF is soooo romantic. Sigh.

On my way home, I wondered if Ronnie and Scott were having as much fun as Tommy and I had, and I had this devilish urge to go over there and knock on the door and scare the bejeezers out of But I wasn't that mean. I might cause one of them to sprain something trying to pull apart so quickly...he he.

Just like before, we planned on alternating between our houses, and since we'd gone to Tommy's house on Monday, Tuesday it was my turn to host. My mom and dad got home a little earlier than Tommy's, but we still figured we had plenty of time for some love making if we didn't waste any time.

We were naked, relaxing after an especially draining 69, when I heard the garage door going up, and I jumped up and began scrambling to find our clothes. No, no, no! I said as I threw Tommy's underwear at him, Get up...get up, get dressed. We can't get caught naked.

Relax dude, your mom won't just barge in without knocking, and she's used to me being here. You're just being paranoid or something.

I know, I know. Oh God, does it smell like jizz in here? I said sniffing the air, OMG it does, I said going over and throwing a window open. I managed to get dressed without breaking my neck, but Tommy was still in just his underwear when I heard my mom come up the stairs. Fortunately, she went straight to her room, and a few minutes later I heard the water running in their bathroom. The master bath was just on the other side of my bathroom and I could always hear the pipes rattling and the water running, even in my room, and for once it was a comforting sound.

Tommy finally got dressed, and I drug him downstairs just in case my mom decided to check on us when she was finished showering. I was starved after all that hot sex and I fixed me and Tommy a PBJ and poured us a glass of milk to go with it. Of course Tommy had to put chocolate syrup in his, but mom always kept some around just for him. My mom always went out of her way to make Tommy feel at home like that. No wonder he thought of her as a second mom...aww.

Hi guys, my mom said coming in a while later. Kind of late for a snack isn't it?

She didn't sound like she was suspicious or anything, but I felt the need to cover our tracks anyway.

Well, we had some fruit when we first got here, but it just didn't fill us up, so after we got through playing my new game we came down to see what else we could find. I heard you come in, but you went to your room so I didn't get to say, hi mom, I said grinning.

Tommy looked like he was about ready to bust out laughing, but he managed to say hi to mom, and did me one better and got up and gave her a hug. boyfriend is sooo sweet, even to little old

We've missed you around here, my mom said ruffling Tommy's long hair, You need a haircut, by the way.

Mom! I whined, Tommy doesn't need you to tell him that, besides I kinda like it long, I said, then blushed.

If mom thought that was weird she didn't let on, Well, maybe just a little trim here and there...nothing radical.

Thanks mom, Tommy said grinning, I'll keep that in mind.

Are you staying for supper Tommy?

Nah, tonight is spaghetti night and I promised I'd be home for supper, but thanks anyway.

Any time honey. Josh, how does meatloaf sound?

Great! I said enthusiastically.

Aww man, no fair, Tommy whined, I love your meatloaf.

Well, if there's any left, I'll save it and you guys can have it for an after school snack tomorrow.

Nope, no can do, I said, Tomorrow we go to Tommy's after school.

Oh man, can't we change it just one time? Tommy begged.

I laughed, Nope, it was your silly rule. Then seeing the look of disappointment on his face, I caved, Okay, just this one time...for you fatty.

I'm not fat, I'm just right. Isn't that right mom? he said to my mom, Is my butt too fat?

My mom laughed, I think she was really happy to have Tommy back in our lives, but I wondered if she'd be quite as happy if she knew we'd had each others dicks down our throats an hour or so

Tommy eventually said goodbye, and I walked him to the door, and after I checked to make sure my mom was still in the kitchen, I gave him a quick kiss on the lips. There, that will hold ya till morning, I giggled.

I hope so, be sure to come early tomorrow, okay?

I'll set my alarm for 7:00. I better go to bed early tonight though.

Yeah, and don't beat off more than once...he he.

Okay, deal...but you gotta promise too.

No problem, I promise.

When he was gone, I went in to see if mom needed any help, and wound up on potato peeling duty. I didn't mind though, and we had a nice talk while we worked.

You and Tommy doing all right now? she offered, then not waiting for me to continue she said, I'm really proud of both of you for working things out. I know it can be hard when a girl comes between two good friends. I'm guessing you're over this girl now and okay with her and Tommy being together.

Oh, they're not together anymore, I said calmly. She's dating a Junior now. I was grinning as I said it and ready to burst out laughing, but I managed to keep it in while I waited for her to answer.

Oh, well...she certainly gets around, doesn't she? Which was mom's way of saying, she's a slut I guess...he he.

Yeah, Tommy wasn't all that upset though. I don't think he was into her that much, and I guess it was mutual. I guess she just hasn't found the right boy yet or something.

My mom never, ever says anything bad about people, but I could tell she was dying to make an exception in this case. Fortunately, my dad came in from the garage about then, and she forgot all about Beth for now.

Who left the garage door up? Dad asked, was it you Josh?

Yeah dad, I hope no one stole my Porsche while I was peeling potatoes, I giggled.

Wise guy, he said tickling me and causing me to drop a potato I'd been peeling into the sink.

Oh, it was me, mom admitted, I was in such a hurry to get in and get a shower. I'm sorry dear, but we were right here in the kitchen so we could have heard anyone messing around.

Huh, you didn't hear me drive in though, did you?

Well, we were busy talking... Oh, so shoot me, I forgot this one time.

I'm all out of ammo, Dad said hugging mom and kissing her on the lips. Aww sweet, but still kind of...yuck. I mean, I think it's cool that my parents are still in love and stuff, but I don't need to see what should go on behind closed

Dad went off to shower and change, and I finished peeling the potatoes and dicing them to boil for mashed potatoes. I love mashed potatoes, so I peeled an extra one just in case. Mom's meatloaf is to die for, but what's meatloaf without mashed potatoes and gravy? Yum.

Mom made up two Tupperware containers of meatloaf and mashed potatoes for me and Tommy to have tomorrow and put them in the fridge for us. All we had to do was nuke them when we got home from school tomorrow, but I was hoping Tommy could hold out till we tasted each other before he chowed

Wednesday we came to my house after school, but guess what? Mom was home. WTF, mom is supposed to be at work, and we even switched houses just for the meatloaf for Tommy, and now this. Well, I was plenty pissed, but Tommy acted like it was no big deal and pigged out on mom's meatloaf, and then we went to my room just like always, only I was afraid to get naked and do the stuff I'd been dying to do all day.

Tommy suggested we go to his house after all, but I was too upset to even consider that. I hate to be a brat, but mom just ruined things by being home. How dare her come to her own house, and be there and all...okay, that sounds stupid...sigh. I guess I'm going to have to learn to deal with these little disappointments better, after all, we have more opportunities to be together than most kids our age do.

Thursday, we went to his house, and I finally got a taste of my boyfriend, twice, cause we had to make up for Wednesday. So that pretty much set the tone for how things went all week, and by the weekend we were eager for even more alone time.

I questioned Ronnie all week anytime we were alone, but he still wasn't spilling his guts, and I wondered if that was because there was nothing to tell, or a lot to tell and he just didn't feel like sharing. Or maybe it was Scott who wanted things kept on the downlow. Maybe I needed to talk to Scott instead of Ronnie.

On Friday, we met up with Ronnie and Scott at the football stadium and we sat together and cheered our team on to victory. We didn't see Kent, except out on the field, and that boy is so hot in his tight football pants...yum. We did see Phil sitting with a few of his friends, girls and boys, and he stopped by to say hi, but we didn't really talk.

I tried to get Ronnie to talk to me about him and Scott, but he's still being a brat about that. I can tell by the smug look on his face, and the way him and Scott act that they are doin' it big time, but I want juicy details damnit.

I'm not gonna bore you with the weekend activities, but...let's just say that things are progressing nicely for me and Tommy. One finger has been replaced by two, at least in my...uh, case...he he, and I'm hoping I can slowly work up to the real thing. I've even started doing, stretching at home, using (blush) a carrot, a candle, and this plastic rocket (no, not all at the same that I've had since I was a kid.

I also discovered that lotion is way better than spit when you insert, um things back there, and I bought my own at the dollar store near my house...he he. I know, I know, adults use some kind of lube, but I'd be way too embarrassed to take that up to the chekouts.

I can just see that now. Cashier: Eh hum, is this all kid? Me: Er, yes ma'am (or sir) Cashier: Okay, then...One large size Astro Lube for your pleasure, any condoms to go with that?

God, I'd die, and no, I'm not gonna steal some just to save myself embarrassment. I may be a sex pervert, but I'm not a thief, my momma taught me bettern' that.

So, for now, it's Cocoa butter lotion from the dollar store, and it smells deee---lish---us. I even used some to, know...grease my pole during self pleasuring. Oh come on Josh, jacking off, it's called jacking off. Every red-blooded boy does it at some point or another, and some...daily...two or three times...

So, I bought an extra bottle to leave at Tommy's, now we have our slickem' wherever we happen to be. Anyway, with the lube and the stretching and stuff, I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna be ready to get my V card punched soon. Is that right, is that what that means? Or is Tommy the one getting his V card punched? I'm not clear on that, maybe both of us are going to lose our virginity, I dunno, but it's gonna be fun, that's for sure...and soon.

I finally got Scott aside to talk to him, and he's a lot more talkative than my boy Ronnie. In fact, though he didn't come right out and say it, I think those two have been doing the big nasty. Yeah, I think Scott's playing hide the weasel in Ronnie's booty hole. I wonder...hmmm...maybe I can get some tips from Ronnie on how to make it easier when I finally lose my butt cherry to my BF, he he.

Not sure why that turned me on so much, but I attacked Tommy the first chance I had that day I got that little tidbit of info out of Scott, and I made him finger me till I shot off without even touching my dick. Wow, oh wow, that was awesome. That makes me think that I can shoot off when Tommy is inside me, thrusting and grunting and...oh man, I'm getting hard just thinking about that.

So, I guess you could say Tommy and I are pretty comfortable with each other and the way things are, but I still worry sometimes that we're being way too obvious at school. I mean, yeah...we hung out a lot before Beth came along, but I mean now, we're like constantly together, and I can't help looking at Tommy with loving eyes, and I see him giving me the same look. And touching. I mean it's not like we're groping each other or anything, but we touch each other like on the arm, or put an arm around each others neck, but come to think of it, we used to touch a lot when we were just besties, so...maybe I'm just blowing things out of proportion. Anyway, Tommy doesn't seem to be worried, so why should I be?

But it's when you get complacent and stop being paranoid that the world finally comes crashing down on you. But guess what? It was that skank Beth who caused that to happen. It wasn't enough that that serial boyfriend abuser tried to break me and Tommy up, she actually had the nerve to start spreading rumors about us.

Like: how all I could talk about was Tommy when she was with me, and how all Tommy talked about was me (really, sweet) when they were together, and how I basically broke them up cause I was jealous of her, not him. Which that last part is true, but I didn't break them up, not technically, cause Beth had already moved on to boyfriend number 3, or 4 depending on how far you go back.

Julie was the first one to mention it, you know? she's that girl that sometimes visits Tommy's house with her mom? Anyway, she said she was really mad when Beth (her words) started that shit. She told Tommy that she knew it was all bullshit, and that Beth wasn't as sweet a girl as everyone thought, and she had a bunch of trash on her.

But the damage was done, and by Wednesday of the next week, me and Tommy were the topic of more than our share of gossip. People started looking at us differently and even avoiding us, but there were those that seemed to still be on our side, whether because they didn't believe the rumors, or becuse they just supported us if we were gay, I couldn't say.

At lunch, Ronnie and Scott joined us, but they looked nervous, and I couldn't blame them. Guilt by association, I think that's what it's called. If they hung out with two known fags, then they must be fags too...end of story. Trouble was: both things were true.

What are you guys gonna do? Ronnie asked.

Tommy shrugged, What can we do, go around telling everyone pretty, popular, sweet Beth is a lying bitch? Well, I could, but you know? but the problem is, there is just enough truth in what she said to make it really hard to deny everything. I mean, okay, maybe I did talk about Josh a lot, he said giving me one of those loving looks and melting my heart, but she's blowing it way out of proportion. And why does she care anyway? She'd moved on before I could even dump her sorry ass.

Josh, what do you think? Ronnie said then.

Well, we really haven't talked about it that much, so I can't really say, but maybe if we just ignore it, it will go away and kids will forget about it.

No way, Scott said, by now half the kids in school believe you two are an item, and they're gonna keep spreading the news till everyone gets the word. Even kids that don't know you are gonna jump on a juicy story like this.

Man, I said laying my head on the table and sighing, why do kids have to be so mean?

Hey, a familiar voice said then, and I looked up to see Kent and Phillips standing there looking concerned or something.

Hey, I said trying to put on a happy face, or at least one that didn't say, Josh just swallowed a handgrenade, or was it, he got outed?...same thing.

We know about what Beth's been sayin', and we just wanted to come tell ya, that not everyone is being a total ass about it. You two are respected here, and a bunch of us guys have your backs, so don't get all down and stuff, cause it's not as bad as it seems. Look at Donnie and Rico, no one gave them that much flack. They are both super cool dudes, and lots of kids showed them love when they came out as a couple.

Yeah, that's true, I said, then suddenly I realized that I should be denying the rumors, not admitting they were true, I mean...pffft, it's all bull shit anyway, I scoffed.


Wow, one little word, and it said more than a 500 page novel when spoken in the context of our conversation. Oh, man...why did I even open my mouth?

Josh, Tommy said...they're trying to help, and denying what we have...I mean...we don't need to lie to these guys, they're trying to help and they deserve the truth.

Yeah, I guess, I muttered, but it's not fair, I whined. I didn't want it to happen this way, I wanted it to be on our time...when we were ready. I wanted to have control, I said as tears stung my eyes.

Kent pulled up a chair then, but Phillip just stood behind me and waited, and pretty much stayed out of it.

Josh, Tommy, when we saw you guys at the movie that night holding hands, we already had ya figured out, then when we saw those haters ragging on you, we knew we had to help. saw us at the movie? I stuttered, You never told us that.

Well, you were embarrassed enough as it was, so we just sort of left that little detail out, but we were all cool with it, especially the girls. You know how girls are? They love romance no matter what kind, as long as someone isn't stealing their boy

So, you think we can survive if we just go ahead and come out? Tommy said, looking at me and then at Kent.

Yeah, in fact, I'd say you and Josh are gonna be just as popular as before, especially with the girls, and I wouldn't be surprised if you're an inspiration to other gay boys and girls and flush them out into the light, he chuckled.

Wow, you think so? I said, trying to wrap my head around that. Then I turned to Tommy, Maybe this is it, maybe this is the opportunity we been waiting come out, I mean.

What about our folks? You said we should tell them first, before it gets back to them from someone at school or a parent or something.

Yeah, you're, we need to talk about private, and decide.

Yeah, thanks guys, you've helped a lot, but me and Josh gotta do some thinking and decide what we want to do.

That's fair, Kent said getting up, then pushing his chair in, he said, Just remember, we got your back no matter what, and so do a lot of other kids. You'll will be okay if you decide to come out.

When the two were gone, I turned back to my half eaten lunch, but my appetite was gone, so I stuffed the things that would keep back in my lunch bag and wadded up the rest with my napkins and got it ready to toss on our way out.

Good old Tommy though, never lets food go to waste, and I firmly believe that if he was on death row, he'd eat a hearty meal before going off to be executed. It was just one of the many, many things that I love about that boy, and I wouldn't change a single thing about him.

The day dragged by, but there seemed to be fewer stares, although I did have a disturbing incident in third period. This boy named Leroy, a black kid, tapped me on the shoulder before class started, and when I turned around he was grinning ear to ear.

So, is it got a boyfriend, for real?

I sighed, How do I answer? Do I lie, or accept my fate and tell the truth? Fortunately, the teacher suddenly demanded our attention, and I was saved having to answer. When class was over, you better believe I shot out of my seat like a rocket and was the first one out the door.

I dreaded PE that day, because I just knew some asshole like Doug was gonna start some shit, but luckily he wasn't even there that day. Some of the guys did kinda look at us funny, but no one acted like we were contagious, and as far as I could tell no one was hiding their goodies so the two gay boys couldn't perv on them.

I guess it was no big deal even if they believed the rumors, after all, they'd suspected Ronnie was gay for a long time, and except for that one day Doug made an ass of himself, no one treated him any differently. Of course, part of that might have been because me and Tommy were looking out for him now, and everyone respected us. I just hope they would continue to respect us if we decided to tell them we were card carrying gay

That night we met at my house after school, and after a snack we just hung around downstairs waiting for my folks. It seemed like it took forever for them to finally get home, but when they did, I wasn't sure I was ready for what came next.

They seemed surprised to see us hanging around downstairs and not in my room, but when I told them we needed to talk to them, I guess it all made sense.

We sat down in the living room, Dad in his recliner and mom in her favorite chair, and Tommy and I on the couch. Mom and dad looked at us expectantly, the king and queen of our castle, waiting for us to begin, but I was so nervous that it took me a minute to get my words out.

Well, um, me and Tommy have something to tell you, and it's kinda embarrassing, or at least...sort of uncomfortable, I said, feeling ready to puke.

What did you guys break now? Dad teased.

I wish it was something like that...he he, I said stalling for time, But this time it's way more serious.

Uh oh, mom said, did you guys get into trouble at school? You weren't fighting again, were you? I thought you guys had all that settled.

Its kinda got something to do with school, but not that, in fact, its not cause we were fighting, it was because...gawd, this is hard to say...

Let me, Tommy said laying a hand on my arm. Well, see Beth, you know Beth...the girl that we both dated. Well she dumped me too, only I was gonna dump her, cause see...well, Tommy ran out of words then, so I picked it up again.

So, she's been spreading these rumors see, that me and Tommy are um..I mean that we' know? Together, and that's why she dumped us, cause we're know? that we um like each other and stuff.

Wait, dad said, This girl is saying you and Tommy are...more than just friends? That you're gay?

Yeah, sort of, I said, only...only...

Only she's right, Tommy said, burying his head in his hands, She's and Josh like each other that way...and we're (sigh) boyfriends now.

I was ready to cry when he muttered those words, but the deadly silence that followed was even more painful. Then I looked over at mom and she was smiling, not frowning, not looking ready to puke, but smiling really big like she was expecting this, or at least okay with it.

You boys are kind of young to decide something like this, dad said after a few minutes, but he didn't look upset either.

We know that dad, but we've always loved each other, ever since we were little kids, but lately I've been having these feelings...about other boys, especially Tommy, and well...when we made up it just sort of happened, and we sort of figured out that we both kinda felt the same way.

I see, dad said, still trying to figure out how to handle the whole situation.

Well, I can't really say I'm surprised or shocked, mom said, you boys have always been very close, and even when you quit speaking because of that girl, I could tell that Josh really missed you, Tommy.

Yes ma'am, and I missed him too. I felt just awful about how things turned out, but we fixed things, and somehow we wound up being closer than ever, he said blushing.

Well, have you boys told your parents yet, Tommy? mom asked.

No ma'am, you're the, adults we've told. I was hoping you, help us do that, cause I don't think my parents are gonna be as cool about it as you are...he he.

Mom smiled, What about at school, have you confirmed the rumors, or are you still denying them?

Well, we're out to a few kids, but not all...not officially.

I still think you guys are kind of young for something like this, but I'm not going to deny that you probably do have some very strong feelings for one another, dad said.

But, what's the diffrence between me dating Tommy, and me dating Beth? You were all for that, I said, hoping dad wouldn't get mad.

Instead he chuckled, You got me there, and from what I hear about her, Beth isn't nearly as nice as Tommy.

No sir, she turned out to be kind of mean actually. In a way though, it's because of her that Tommy and me figured things out, so I can't be too mad at her. Except these rumors she's spreading now are making it tough at school.

Mom sighed, What do you plan to do about that?

Well, we were sort of hoping you and dad could help us figure things out. We wanted to come to you first, cause we were afraid you'd hear about it from someone else.

Yeah, and I still have to tell my folks, Tommy sighed, I am so not looking forward to that.

Well, it's not our place to tell your folks Tommy, but I don't see why we can't be there for moral support when you do. Do you know if they have any plans tomorrow night?

Uh, I doubt it. Why?

I was thinking maybe we could invite them to dinner, then go into the family room and sit down and have a nice discussion about this whole thing.

Uh, okay...I guess that would be fine. At least they probably won't kill me with witnesses around, he he.

Oh Tommy sweetie, your folks love you and they're not gonna kill you. They may be a little surprised, even upset at first, but they'll come around eventually. I know they think the world of Josh, so it's not like you're telling them you're in love with some random boy.

I guess, Tommy said, can you call them now?

So, my mom called Tommy's mom, and this Friday night we were all having dinner at our house, and depending on how things went, Tommy might be sleeping over. If...his folks didn't ground him for life, or tell me and Tommy we can't ever see each other again. Gosh, I'm getting sad just thinking about what could happen.

Glad there's only one more day to wait, cause I am gonna go crazy worrying about this stuff. Meanwhile, back to school and all the stares and whispers from the other kids.

Thursday evening we went to Tommy's house after school, but we were too worried and freaked out to even have any fun, well not much anyway. We did kiss some, and snuggle on his bed, but even though his folks didn't even know about us yet, we were still nervous they might catch us.

We agreed that if his rents took the news badly and tried to keep us apart, that we would run away together and join the circus or something...or...become actors on some Disney show. Well, we were cute enough, at least Tommy Bear was...he he.

Seriously though, what could we do? We might be teens, but we were still just kids, and our rents had total control over us. We didn't have any money, well not a lot anyway, and we couldn't get a job till we were like 16, and anyway if we did, where would we live? It sucked being a kid sometimes, but sometimes it was pretty cool. I mean, up until now we'd pretty much had it easy. Our rents gave us a lot of freedom, we had bikes, video games, we got to go to the movies and stuff, and best of all, Tommy and I got to hang out together almost anytime we wanted.

Tommy and I had a special place we went to when we were younger, though we hadn't been there in a while, but for some reason that day I thought about that place, and all the times we'd gone there just to talk things over.

Tommy, umm...wanna go to the Bridge? I knew Tommy would know what I was talking about cause that's all we ever called it.

The Bridge was actually an old railroad bridge that crossed over this small stream at the edge of town, and about a thirty minute bike ride from our neighborhood. They'd built a new bridge a few miles further down the creek, a long time before me and Tommy were even born, and now the old bridge was grown over with trees and bushes and the tracks all rusted.

It was pretty there though, and peaceful. In the spring there was wild Honeysuckle, and trumpet vines, and all sorts of cool plants and stuff. Sometimes Tommy and I would go there and sit for hours, dropping stones or twigs into the clear stream below, and just talking about any and everything on our minds.

Yeah, was all he said, and just like that we grabbed our jackets, and he grabbed his bike, and we rode double to my house so I could get my bike, and we were off again. It was cool out, but so far it had been a mild fall, and we were actually sweating by the time we pulled up on the gravel bed of the old railroad bridge. It looked a lot different than it had last summer, all the vegetation was brown, and the leaves yellow and orange, but still pretty in their own way. It was the peace and quiet that had always attracted us here, and today it was especially quiet.

Even the stream wasn't making that bubbly noise that it usually did as it ran under the bridge. There were no insect sounds either, just the sound of the wind in the trees, and our breathing. One reason this bridge had been replaced was because this one was built of cement and stone, and not steel, and it was so narrow that there was only about two feet of clearance on either side of the stone walls enclosing the bridge.

The walls of the bridge were only about three feet high, and as we usually did, we climbed onto the wall and hung our feet over the side. That's when this gigantic fresh water shark jumped up out of the water and bit Tommy's legs off. Just kidding, just wanted to see if you were really paying But, sigh...back to the serious stuff.

Josh, I'm scared, Tommy said after a few minutes. What if my folks freak and try to keep us apart?

I took his hand in mind, and I don't know why, but I just lifted it to my lips and kissed it like he was royalty or something. Then I said, They will never keep us apart, I promise. No matter what, I will find a way to be with you. Even if it's just at school and any minute we can find to steal a kiss, we'll make it work somehow.

He sighed, I guess, but I don't want things to change. I kinda wish we didn't get outed and stuff. We had it made before...before Beth said all that stuff. We had every day after school, we had the weekends, we had all that freedom and time together. Then turning to me with tears in his eyes, he said, I'd die if I lost you now.

Aww, that caused me to tear up too, and I just pulled him into a hug and held him as he cried, and I cried, and we just sat there like that sharing our fears and misery for a long, long time. Suddenly we became aware that the sun was starting to set, and we freaked when we realized we'd been out there way longer than we'd planned, and there was no way we were gonna get home before dark.

We jumped up and wiped at our eyes, and got on our bikes and took off, but no matter how hard we rode we were gonna be sooo late getting home, and this was not going to go over well with either set of rents. In fact, this might actually hurt our chances of them letting us be together. If we were so irresponsible that we couldn't even be on time for dinner, how were they gonna trust us to have a relationship? Man, I really messed up, I whined to myself. It was my dumb idea to go to The Bridge, and now I'd ruined everything.

We stopped at my house first, since it was closest, and Tommy was gonna call his folks from there, but it turned out he didn't need to, cause they were there already, and when we came through the door, the fun began...

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