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Boys Do It Better

by Rob Warr

Chapter 10

The end result

Where have you two been? Everyone shouted at once, then my mom said, We were just about to come looking for you two.

How could you do something like this? my dad said sounding angry, relieved, and disappointed all at once, This isn't like you boys to be so irresponsible, and in light of our discussion yesterday...well, I'd have thought you would be on your best behavior.

It was all my fault, I said stepping forward, I was just kinda upset and I wasn't thinking clearly. I didn't realize how late it was, and and Tommy had some thinking to do, so we rode out to the old railroad Bridge. I didn't want to tell them that The Bridge was a special place for us, but I knew they'd know what we were talking about, cause everyone in town knew about that place. Heck, I'm sure other kids, maybe even adults went there sometimes just to get away from life and their problems.

You rode 5 miles to the old railroad bridge? Tommy's mom said, looking amazed, or scared or...I don't know what.

It wasn't all Josh's fault, I could've said no, but I wanted to go. I guess we just stayed longer than we thought we would. We were just sitting and talking, and then we realized it was later than we thought...

I don't know whether to hug you or punish you, my mom chuckled, but guess which won out? Yeah, my mom, the softie, hugged us both and kissed our sweaty hair...eww...moms, you gotta love em.

Dad looked at mom, and mom looked at dad, and I could see something pass between them, some unspoken thought that only two people who are really close can share, and mom nodded. I'd seen that look before, and it was almost creepy, but you know, sometimes me and Tommy did that exact same thing, so maybe that means me and Tommy are as close as my mom and dad are.

Wait, Tommy's dad said, You said something about your discussion with the boys yesterday? Is there something we should know about?

Well, to be honest, yes, that was the main reason we invited the two of you for dinner tomorrow night. Not that we don't enjoy your company at other times, but we thought things might go better if we had a nice meal together before getting into that, this from my mom.

Oh dear, what have these two been up to now? Tommy's mom said, Was it bad enough that we'd need a little wine to soften the blow? she teased.

Well, wine never hurts, my mom chuckled, but you know? While you two are hear, and our dinner plans have sort of been spoiled by these two, why don't we order some take out and have that talk tonight. Then when you come tomorrow night we can just have a nice visit.

If they're still talking to us, I thought. God, my stomach hurt. No matter what they ordered, I wasn't gonna eat, but I knew Tommy would, that kid could eat during the

So, to make a long story shorter...he he. They ordered Chinese take out, with lots of egg rolls, and even though I was sure I wouldn't be hungry, I managed to eat two egg rolls and some rice and sweet n' sour chicken, oh and some Lomein noodles...he he. And Mr. Piggy, aka Tommy Bear, ate like some of everything, and three egg rolls, but who's counting?

When the food was pretty much all gone, mom suggested we go into the living room and the adults sat down on the couch and chairs, and Tommy and me were left to find a spot. We have this big ottoman thing, like three feet square, so I dragged it over where we could see both sets of rents, and Tommy and me shared it. I figured if we were gonna be sentenced together we might as well bump hips as long as we could.

I was expecting my mom and dad to just come right out and spill the beans, but oh no, they were gonna make us to it...again. Only this time it was Tommy who had to tell his rents, and he was sweating bullets.

So, it sort of happened just like with my folks, Tommy starting, me jumping in, and Tommy finishing, his head so low he could smell his feet...he he, and then the silence. God, the silence. Don't adults know that silence is ten times worse than getting yelled at? At least if your rents are yelling at you, you know what they're thinking. But silence, God the silence, how are we supposed to know whether to duck and run, or jump up and down for joy?

Wow, Tommy's dad said at last. Just wow...didn't see that one coming. But I still couldn't tell exactly how he was feeling about the whole thing. It was encouraging I guess that he wasn't spouting fire out of his mouth and growing long fangs to bite our heads off.

I guess it would be stupid to ask if you're sure? Tommy's mom said, sounding calm and not the least bit upset.

Not stupid ma'am, I said, we've asked ourselves that question a few times too, but the answer is always the same, we're sure.

Yeah, we're sure that we love each other, Tommy said taking my hand and almost making me cry. God he is sooo romantic. I have always loved Josh, I just didn't know how much till I almost lost him. I can't imagine my life without him, and I hope you will understand and not try to keep us apart. Then he turned to me and smiled, and right there in front of our folks and God and everyone, he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Not a wet nasty kiss, a sweet innocent love peck, and I was sooo proud to be his boyfriend.

There was that silence again, but this time it was different. It was four adults trying to keep their emotions under control as they witnessed two boys expressing their love and devotion to one another in a way that said they were wise beyond their years.

Finally, Tommy's dad spoke. Well, it's not what I would have planned for our only son, but then, it's not up to me to choose who you fall in love with. You know your life won't be as easy as if, know? But, this is a good time in history to be gay...I guess. Uh, so...well, I need a little time to digest this, and of course your mom and I will have to do some talking, but I guess we're okay with it. And as far as trying to keep you apart, unless we plan on moving to the other side of the country, I doubt we could. He actually chuckled at that last part.

I knew Tommy's dad was the one he'd feared to tell most about this, but so far his dad had been cool with it. Now, we just had to hear what his mom thought.

Turning to my mom, she said...well, I guess we were right, she chuckled, and my mom nodded. Moms know these things, she added. And that was all she said.

Wait, what? Know what? What was she right about? I'd definitely have to ask my mom what that was all about, later, but for now...I was not gonna rock the boat. It seemed like everything was gonna be okay after all, then...lightning struck.

But, there is still the matter of you boys being out till after dark and scaring the heck out of us, Tommy's mom said, So Tommy, one week grounding. No video games, no internet except for school work, and thirty minutes of texting or phone per evening. Any questions?

Uh, no ma'am. Uh, so no....going to each others house after school. It wasn't a question, but she took it as one.

Not for a week. Now, I think it's time we headed home.

Tommy's folks told my folks it was all right if they didn't want to have them over Friday night after all, but my folks said they'd be disappointed if they didn't come, so Tommy's folks agreed to come again tomorrow night. Tommy and I were sure glad, cause at least we'd have some time together while they were over for dinner.

Oh, and don't tell Tommy, but I got off a lot easier than he did. I only got grounded for a week, and none of my other privileges were taken away. But...let's face it, not getting to see Tommy was the worst punishment of all. Well, Mr. Hand, looks like you're back in my love life

At school Friday, Tommy and I spent every minute together that we could. At lunch we sat with Ronnie and Scott, who were eager to hear all about our coming out to our rents, and I think it was encouraging for them to hear that it had gone so well.

They still weren't talking about their love life, but I was pretty sure they were doing everything two boys could do together, and probably It was actually kind of hot, not knowing and picturing all these things in my head, and it made me want Tommy's hot body even more.

What is it they say? Love will find a way, and Tommy and I found out that was true in PE that day. See, coach said he needed two volunteers to clean out the equipment room and organize it. He got a lot of groans and stuff from the other kids, but I grabbed Tommy's arm and stepped up right away. I figured if nothing else it would give me and Tommy some alone time, and maybe we could even sneak in a kiss or two, but as it turned out, we gotta lot more out of it...he he.

The equipment room is under the bleachers in the gym, and there are two doors leading into it. One door is at the far end of the locker room and the other one is at the end of the bleachers in this narrow hallway that leads to the administration wing of the building, and it's hardly ever used. For some reason though coach led us to that little used door and let us in. As soon as we inside I could see why he'd used this door and not the other closer one, that door was blocked by this huge wooden crate.

That's some new equipment for the football team, but until they get it out of here, we'll have to work around it, coach said. What I want you boys to do is organize the stuff that's here. Put all like items together and clean up some. There's a broom and dustpan in the corner. If you get done before the period is over you can head out early, as long as it's not too early, he chuckled. And tomorrow I will inspect your work and it better be acceptable.

We asked a few questions to make sure we understood exactly what he wanted us to do, and it looked simple enough. When he was gone, we started sorting and cleaning up, taking our time and doing a good job, but that didn't really take all that long. Tommy swept and I held the dust pan, and soon the place was neat and tidy. I even took pics to show coach, just in case someone came in and messed it up, and we still had over 20 minutes of free time left.

Do you have any idea how much fun two horny boys can have in 20 minutes, even without getting completely naked? We were pretty sure Coach wasn't going to come back and surprise us, but we hid behind this one shelf just in case, figuring we could always make it look like we were just straightening up back there, and that's where we had our fun.

We didn't get naked, but we did drop our gym shorts and undies, and we were glad we'd dressed out before coach had asked for volunteers, fewer clothes that way, and easy access. We kissed a little, but we were desperate to use our mouths for more personal things. I dropped to the freshly swept floor and swallowed Tommy's stiffy in one gulp. We were both so horny and desperate that we didn't last long, and that left time to do some more kissing and rubbing together and then we sucked each other one more time. Two orgasms in 20 minutes, is that a record?...he he.

We headed straight to the showers before anyone could smell us or see our flushed faces and smiles, but Ronnie caught up to us quickly with a grin of his own.

Hey, you guys. Get lots done in the equipment room? He he.

Twice as much as we'd hoped, I said grinning.

Twice? No way, he he. That's as bad as me and Scott, he said before he thought, then he was blushing.

I knew it! You guys are freaky aren't ya? I bet you've even done the big thing, haven't you?

Well...he said blushing even deeper red, I guess Scott won't mind me telling you guys this, but yeah...we make love now, and it's awesome.

Wow, do both of you do it, or does he do you, or what? I asked in a low voice so no one else could hear us.

Well, I tried it once, but I like it best when Scott does it to me...he he. It feels so good to have, on top of me and inside me, he whispered.

I got shivers then, That's what I want sooo bad, I said softly, giving Tommy a sexy look.

Tommy grinned then and said,'s gonna have to least a week, so get yourself ready...he he.

Since we were both grounded from seeing each other after school, I walked Tommy home, then headed to my own lonely house. Sigh. Boy, who knew being apart from my baby could hurt so much? I didn't even have much appetite for my after school snack, so I grabbed a banana, but that only made me think of Tommy. I took that banana and shoved it down my throat and pretended it was my Tommy Bear's dick, and that got me all hot and horny, so I had to go upstairs and rub one out before I could do anything else.

At least we'd see each other tonight, I thought as I cleaned up my massive explosion of, but I doubted our folks would let us have any alone time. They'd probably make us sit with them after dinner and watch TV or talk and stuff, but as long as they let us sit side by side, I guessed that would be okay.

I did manage to finish my homework, so at least that was out of the way, and by the time mom got home, I'd showered and changed, and was ready to help fix dinner. Only there was no need to, cause, mom had everything all taken care of. Dad was stopping by the BBQ place that we liked so much and getting ribs, and brisket and all the fixings, including onion rings and BBQ baked beans...pffffffffft...he he.

No fair, I teased mom, you gonna pretend you cooked all of it yourself?

No, silly. I just didn't want to spend a lot of time cooking when I can spend it visiting with my family and friends. Since you and Tommy are a couple now, I think we need to have more get togethers like this from now on.

Cool with me, I said giving her a hug, and thanks again mom, for not freaking out when we told ya about us.

Sweetie, your dad and I love you very much, and we'll always be your strongest supporters. Both of you are fine young men and we want you to live happy and productive lives. We've never had an issue with the two of you being together so much, and things aren't really changing all that much, now are they?

If only she knew...he he. No ma'am, except well...we kiss now, I said blushing, and hold hands.

And if that was all there was to it, I'd relax some, but I know boys, and boys will be boys. But that being said, there is no need for us to know more than that for now. Some things are best unspoken, she said blushing a little.

Yeah, just like you and dad. Why couldn't I keep my mouth shut, I thought. I know you and dad love each other, but I don't need to know how that works, I said, my face totally blood red now.

She laughed, Point well taken, but...we do have a responsibility to make sure you boys are safe and stay healthy, so if we seem concerned, it's not because we're being nosy, it's because we care about you and Tommy.

Gotcha mom, but so far, so good. God, I can't believe I'm being this bold. Maybe I am growing up.

Well, I suggest you go get your homework done before Tommy and his folks get here...

All done, and I've showered and I'm all ready for company.

Oh, she laughed, shower fresh for Tommy huh?'s not like that, I just wanted to be ready for our company. Oh forget it, I said blushing big time.

Relax honey, if we can tease you about it, then you know we're okay with it, she said giving me a hug.

We were saved any further conversation by dad arriving. As soon as I heard the garage door go up I went running to meet him and see if he needed any help bringing in the food. Good thing I did, there was a ton of stuff and it smelled so yummy. Tommy was gonna love this, that kid could strip the meat off ribs like a piranha chowing down on a water

I helped mom get paper plates and cups and stuff out, and everything arranged on the breakfast far in a sort of buffet style and by the time we were through Tommy and his folks showed up. I ran to meet Tommy and at first I didn't know what to do, but good old Tommy did. He threw his arms around me and hugged me tight, then kissed me right there in front of everyone. But you know what? Our rents just smiled, and that was very encouraging.

I took Tommy's hand then, and led him to the kitchen, and when he saw all the chow he forgot all about little old me, and was sniffing around and peeking in things. Mom laughed and said we'd better grab our plates and fill them before Tommy ate it all.

We let Tommy's folks go first, but my folks held back and let me and Tommy go next, and Tommy needed two plates for all his food. Man, can that boy But I love him just the way he is, and even if he gets fat someday, I'll still love him. More to

Tommy and I took our plates outside and sat on the patio at the little table there. It was cool out, but not so cold that we didn't enjoy our time alone. We ate, and talked, and caught up on things, after all, it had been over three hours since we last saw each other...he he.

We debated whether to try to slip off to my room after we ate, but we finally decided not to push things, and just hang with the rents unless they told us to get That was fine by me, whatever, as long as I could be near my Tommy bear, and maybe hold his hand...sigh.

Mom had defrosted a couple of frozen cheesecakes last night, one with strawberries, and one with cherries, and that's what we had for dessert, served in the living room. Tommy and I sat on the ottoman thing, back to back, pushing our butts together, and I think our moms thought that was cute...he he. Tommy ate a piece of strawberry and one of cherry, but I don't like cherry all that much, so I only ate one piece of strawberry and I was stuffed.

No one offered to turn on the TV, and the adults were carrying on a lively conversation the whole time we were eating. Our dads talked about work, our moms talked about cooking and this and that, but me and Tommy pretty much stayed out of the conversation. Then suddenly we got sucked into it.

So, boys how are things at school? My dad asked suddenly, Anyone giving you boys any trouble?

I almost choked on the sip of soda that I'd just taken, but fortunately Tommy answered for us.

No trouble, we have some good friends who have our backs, but so far we haven't had any trouble at all. Not to brag, but me and Josh were pretty popular before, and we sorta had a rep, he said grinning, so kids don't really mess with us.

Ah, so, you were tough guys before and still are? Tommy's dad chuckled, Well, that's good to hear...I think.

If things change, you boys let us know. I know the school has a strict no bullying policy, and zero tolerance for any kind of sexual harassment.

Yes ma'am I said, but the teachers can't be everywhere every minute of the day. That's why, sometimes take care of that stuff on our own. I don't know why I felt the need to tell my mom about the incident in gym with Ronnie, but I did. Maybe it was cause they were treating us like adults, and really listening to us that night, like what we said mattered, and I just, well...I opened up and told them about what I'd done to help Ronnie get past Doug's bullying.

Wow, son that was very brave and resourceful of you. You used humor to draw the attention from your friend, and eased the tension. That's the kind of thinking that separates those who use brute force from those who use their brains. My dad said.

Like me...he he, Tommy said, I would've just slammed him against the locker and told him to shut the beep up.

We all laughed, but those of us who knew Tommy (all of us) knew he was being serious. God love him, he was first to react with his fists, and twice recently I'd been on the end of that fist.

We talked some more about the situation at school, but I think we satisfied the rents that we weren't in any danger, and that we could handle things as they were. We promised them that if anything changed that we'd discuss it with them before we did anything, if possible, and they seemed satisfied.

Then my dad surprised the heck out of me and Tommy by suggesting we go to my room because the adults had some things they wanted to discuss.

Well, that was a double edged sword, as they say...he he. On the one edge we were glad to get some alone time in my room, but on the other, we had to wonder, what the heck are they talking about that we can't be there to hear? But, we sure weren't going to pass up some alone time, and once we got to my room, we forgot about the big pow wow down stairs.

First thing we did was close the door and lock lips. Mmmm...smoooch...yeah, but kissing makes us horny, and even though it was risky, we didn't have a lot of self control when it came to sex, so...Yeah, we went for it.

Nothing too involved though. I pushed Tommy up against my door, dragged his pants and undies down, and gobbled him down and got him off in like record time. Then I stood up, kissed him, and we swapped places. I think we set a new world's record for fastest reciprocated beejay, and once we were dressed again we fell down on my bed and just sort of snuggled and kissed while we waited on the rents to finish their summit

I guess we should've worried that they'd come find us all snuggled up together, but we figured what we were doing was innocent enough. Anyway, they didn't barge in on us or anything, and in fact Tommy's dad just stepped to the bottom of the stairs and yelled up for Tommy when it was time for them to go.

I gave Tommy one last kiss at the door then walked down with him. Our rents were shaking hands, hugging, and saying goodbye at the door and so...well, I gave Tommy's mom and dad a hug too, and they seemed to like that. Then I pulled Tommy into a hug and gave him a peck on the lips and told him I'd see him in the morning, and they left.

I went back to my room and just sat on my bed for a little while, digesting things, and trying to wrap my head around all that had happened in the past couple weeks. Wow, oh wow...I'm out to my rents, and most of the school, and my best friend is now my boyfriend, and...we're having sex...Yay for me...he he. But there was this little part of me, way deep inside that kept eating at me. What was it? Was it that I felt like I was growing up too fast, leaving my childhood behind, and thrusting myself into an adult type relationship at such an early age? Was I ready for all this? Was Tommy? I sure hoped so, cause there was no turning back now.

I finally undressed and climbed into bed, and a few minutes later I got a text from Tommy.

Tommy: Since I didn't use my 30 minutes of text time, I'm using it now. had fun ya

Me: Love ya too, whatchadoin?

Tommy: in my bed


Tommy: boxers, you?

Me: same

Tommy: you wanna?

Me: yeah, if you do

So, me and Tommy jerked off while texting, but we didn't send any pics, we just had to imagine it in our minds. BTW, it's a bitch texting with one

The weekend was the hardest to deal with since Tommy and I usually had a sleepover at my house or his, but somehow we made it through, and Tommy used his thirty minutes of text time just for me each night. By the time Monday rolled around we were like two puppies, bumping together and touching every chance we got, and any doubts about us being too young for this relationship disappeared, at least for me. I couldn't speak for Tommy, and I didn't always know what was on his mind, but I was pretty sure we were on the same page with this great love affair of ours.

Ronnie said Scott had to go some place with his mom Tuesday, and since I couldn't see Tommy either, I asked Ronnie if he wanted to come over after school and talk. He said as long as Tommy was cool with it, but Tommy was right there and he just shrugged.

Just don't wear my boyfriend out, Tommy teased, and me and Ronnie laughed. I had no intention of having sexy time with Ronnie, all I wanted to do was ask him a few questions about the making love stuff him and Scott were doing. I was hoping that by the time me and Tommy got un-grounded that we could find time to try that stuff out.

If all went well, we'd be off grounding by Friday at the latest, and hopefully the sleepovers would be back on. Sleepovers were the perfect time for me and Tommy to do stuff, cause once our rents were asleep we could do just about anything and not worry about getting caught.

So, on Tuesday me and Ronnie walked Tommy home, then we went to my house. Good, no one home. I fixed me and Ronnie a snack, then we went up to my room, and he sat on my bed while I sat at my desk.

So, I began, it messy?

Nah, not now, it was the first time, but I went online and found some sites that show you what you need to do to get ready. It's kind of gross and embarrassing, but it's worth it to get myself all clean and ready for Scott.

Whoa, really? Can you show me the sites. So, he did, and he was right, it was kinda gross and embarrassing, but it made sense. Clean up back there and there's no mess afterwards. Easy peasy, lemon

So, where do you get these enema things? I asked Ronnie.

At the drugstore or Walmart, but I actually found a box of them in my mom and dad's bathroom, and I used one of those the first time. Then after that, I just fill it with warm water and use it again. I wash it really good with soap and stuff and I hide it in the bathroom cabinet, way in the back.

Gawd, that would be embarrassing if your mom found Or your brothers.

My brothers are cool, and pretty naive, I doubt they'd know what it was. Anyway, I don't worry too much about them, they'd never tell on me or anything.

Do you think they suspect that you and Scott know, close?

Well, they like Scott a lot, and he's really nice to them, so I don't think they'd care one way or the other, but they're kind of young to worry about stuff like that.

Hmm...I dunno, when I was ten I was doing some stuff with Tommy, fun sexy stuff, so I wouldn't be surprised if your bros aren't doin' stuff too.

Oh, I know they do, Ronnie said grinning, I taught them how to jerk it, he he.

They caught me one time, and know how it is with little kids? They just had to know what I was doin', so I showed em. They acted like I'd bought them a new toy or something...he he.

Did you um, do stuff with them too?

Not really, I mean they are my bros and all. We've jerked it a few times together, but not lately...not since I met Scott.

Oh, well..they must be wonderin' what happened.

Maybe, they haven't complained though. I mean, they have each other to fool around with.

Gosh, that sounds hot, he he. Your bros are way cute...but kind of young I guess.

Yeah, but they're still horny. So, are you and Tommy gonna make love this weekend? Ronnie said, changing the subject.

I hope so, thing, does it hurt?

Well, I won't lie, at first it was pretty painful, but Scott took it slow and he was really sweet the whole time. Once he got it all the way in and I relaxed some it didn't hurt as much, and eventually it quit hurting and I just felt...full or something. By the second or third time, it didn't hurt at all, and it goes in real easy.

I told Ronnie about the candles and stuff I used to stretch my hole, and he said he wished he had thought of that, and that he'd bet I'd have an easier time than he did. It was kind of embarrassing to talk about, but I was serious about giving this special thing to Tommy, and I was willing to do whatever I needed to.

We talked a lot about the romantic stuff, and I was glad to hear that Scott was as romantic as Tommy was. Ronnie was super happy with the way things were going, but he was still worried about what their folks would think if they came out. Even at school they weren't officially out, but anyone with any brains could probably figure them out, even though so far no one had out and out accused them of being gay.

I hoped that things would go okay for them, but coming out was a decision they would have to make, when they decided the time was right. One thing I'd discovered was, there is no set time to do it, and in our case we were sort of forced into it. I was glad we had cool rents, but I knew not every kid was lucky enough to have rents like ours. I guess you could say Tommy and I had it made, and I thanked God every day for that.

When Ronnie left, we hugged for a long time, not a sexy hug, but a friendly hug. We'd discovered each other when we needed it the most, and we'd helped each other get what we wanted, and needed. I loved Ronnie in a different way than I loved Tommy, but it was just as powerful and just as important. Ronnie and I were brothers now, and we had each others backs.

I did my homework after Ronnie left, and by the time I finished dinner was ready. I guess I was kinda quiet that night, but my rents were not the type to push things. They accepted that I sometimes had to think things out on my own, but they knew if I couldn't handle things, I would eventually seek them out.

I thought about how Tommy had always been the person I went to first when I had a problem, and now I understood why. Even before we proclaimed our love for one another, it was there. Purring softly beneath our skin, binding us together, and making us who we were. Our souls were entwined long before that first kiss, that first touch as lovers, and only now did I see what was there all along.

Mom, dad, I said, tears filling my eyes. When did you first know you were in love with each other?

I could tell the question was a surprise to both of them, but my mother was first to answer. Well, for me it was that night we went to that party at Patty Dole's house, mom said looking over at dad and smiling. Your father got so drunk that night that I had to drive him home. We had to keep stopping to let him puke, she laughed, but even smelling like a brewery and puke, I knew he was the boy for me.

My dad was speechless at first, Really? That was the moment you fell for me? Man, I never knew. I thought we were done after that night, and when you called me the next day to see how I was doing, I thought it was a mistake. I was afraid you'd only called to dump me...he he, but you were so sweet. Okay, maybe that was when I realized that I loved you too. I mean, what other girl would put up with that?

I felt like I wasn't even there then, like they were just sharing something very special, and I just sat there and watched them till they snapped out of it.

So, to answer your question, I guess it was that silly little incident that caused us to figure things out. But, I don't suggest you try the getting drunk part, Dad said. That was the last time I ever drank that much...he he.

I'm curious son, what prompted such a question? Mom said.

It's just that I was thinking about Tommy and me, and how close we've been all our lives, and I'm trying to figure out when things really changed between us. I mean, I think it was the thing with Beth, but I had some feelings that I couldn't quite explain even before that. You know? Maybe I've loved him for a long time, but just didn't know what it was, or what to do about it.

Well, I guess the important thing right now is to enjoy what you have, and make sure you treasure that love, Mom said smiling. You're both still very young, and young love can be fragile, so treat it gently and maybe your love will last as long as the love your dad and I share.

Thanks mom, I said smiling, I will, and I know Tommy feels the same way. I just wanted to say thanks again for understanding and not treating us like little kids who don't know what they're feeling. We may not know everything, but we do know what love feels like.

I've no doubt what the two of you feel is very real and very powerful, Dad said patting my hand, and we respect that. I'm happy your first love is someone as special as Tommy.

First love? Huh, only love, I said grinning, and we all laughed. I felt much better after that, and my appetite was back. We had a nice dinner then and I felt really good about things.

We didn't get to have a sleepover that first week after the grounding, cause Tommy's dad decided to go visit his grandma and grandpa in Texas. I was kind a upset at first, but they promised that Tommy could sleep over next weekend, both Friday and Saturday night, as long as it was okay with my folks, which it was.

I spent that weekend without Tommy, making my plans for next weekend, and practicing my clean up for the big thing. Ronnie came over Friday after school and he had a surprise for me. With his own money he had gone to the Walgreens near his house and bought a two pack of enemas for me. sweet. Okay, sort of weird and yucky, but hey, I needed that kind of friend to help me out, and I gave him a big hug.

He even went into the bathroom with me and showed me how to use the thing, and let me tell ya, it takes a real friend to stay in there while you poop your guts But he didn't gag or fall down on the floor and pass out. He just held his nose and stayed the whole time. He would refill the bottle with warm water for me, and hand it back, and after four times, nothing but clear water was coming out.

That's how you know you're all done, he says, And Tommy can make love to ya, and the only mess will be his jizz...but that's nothing. You can squirt it out in the toilet...he he he, and wash your butt with a washcloth.

Was I blushing? Yeah...probably, but I felt like Ronnie and I were equals here, almost like two girlfriends discussing our period...ugh...I did not say that. Scratch, leave it in.

So there I was, my butt all clean and no one to use it. Was I tempted to let Ronnie try it out...well, if I'm being honest, a little. But since I was still a virgin back there, and I wanted to save that for Tommy, I wasn't tempted for long.

But, well...I was horny, and Ronnie was horny, and he'd been such a good friend. So, what's a beejay and some fingering between friends? he he. Wow, Ronnie's butt is really loose now and my finger went in easy. He had to use a little spit to get his in me, but since I was squeaky clean I relaxed and let him finger me while he sucked me off.

Ronnie had to go after that, I guess he was meeting Scott later to go to a movie, and though he offered to let me come along, I didn't want to be a third wheel or whatever. I decided to stay home and bond with rents, and maybe watch a movie as a family. Turned out it was kinda fun, but it would have been a whole lot more fun with Tommy Bear there.

Tommy got back late Sunday afternoon, and practically as soon as he got home he grabbed his bike and peddled over to see me. Oh, he'd texted first to make sure I was home and stuff, and I was standing out front waiting for him when he got there.

He dropped his bike and grabbed me and hugged me just as our neighbors, the Millers, came out of their house to get in their car. Now Mr. and Mrs. Miller are like in their 60s or something, and I'm not sure how they feel about gays and sex in general, but they didn't scream or fall down dead at the sight of two teenage boys kissing, so I guess it was okay with them. I did wonder if they'd call my folks though, just to report what they'd seen, just in case they weren't aware that their son was a

I missed you sooo much, Tommy said taking my hand and leading me inside my own house, just like he was the boss or Yeah, he is kinda. I'd follow that boy anywhere...he he.

Mom was the first one to see him, and he ran over and gave her a hug and she hugged him back. Well, I'm glad to see you too second son, she laughed and kissed his sweaty hair like she always did. It's a good thing sweat isn't deadly, cause mom would be a

We had a good time, but I missed you guys, Tommy said, still hanging onto mom, where's dad?

My mom chuckled, He's taking a shower. Maybe you better wait till he's dressed to give him his hug.

Oh yeah, good idea...he he he. What's for supper? he said then. Boy that kid was always hungry.

Fried chicken, are you staying?

If it's okay. Mom and dad are gonna order pizza, but I'd rather have chicken.

Or both, I said rolling my eyes. Two bucks says he eats pizza when he gets home, mom.

Maybe, Tommy said grinning, I'm a growing boy.

Well, you're welcome to stay. Dinner will be in about an hour.

Okay, come on Josh, let's go play some video games and I'll tell ya all about my visit.

I wondered if Tommy had more than video games on his mind, cause I sure did, but once we were in my room and the door was closed, video games never crossed our minds.

God, I missed you. It was awful, I had to hump my pillow just to keep from screaming. I wanted you sooo bad all the time I was there. My cousin Laura was there, and she's such a drama queen, I thought I was gonna go nuts.

Did you kiss her? I teased.

No, what? Are you crazy? She's like 12, and not into boys at all, plus she's my cousin. Oh, you're kidding, right?

A little. Want to hear what I did this weekend?

Yup, but first a kiss, a real one...a deep one with tongue.

So that took like five minutes while we licked each others Then I told him about the enema, and Ronnie helping me out and all, and once Tommy got past the gross part he sounded pretty excited.

So, you're gonna like let it in you next weekend?

Yep, before we go to bed, I'll clean up and stuff and then...bam...we do the nasty, he he he.

Oh man...that sounds so hot. I can't wait. Um, can I, can I see it, your butt I mean? So I can think about it tonight when I beat off.

He he he, okay...make sure no one is coming. Tommy peeked out the door and gave me the all clear, and I dropped my sweat pants and mooned him. I even bent over and then spread my cheeks and showed him my brown

Oh man, he said reaching out to run his hands up and down my bare butt, causing me to shiver and get really hard.

Ummm...feels good just having you touch me back there. I can't wait till you're inside me.

Stop! he warned, Or it may happen right now. He was breathing heavy and his voice sounded drunk or something.

Okay, I said pulling my sweats back up. Back up to the door and lean against it. That way no one can get in unless they knock you down, I said. Then when he did what I asked, I dropped to my knees and began unbuttoning his jeans. Once I had his zipper lowered, I tugged his jeans down to reveal his tented red boxer briefs.

I nuzzled his hardon through the fabric, noticing the wet spot that had formed where the tip of his dick rested, and inhaled the musky scent he gave off. Man, he smelled good. My head was buzzing like I was drunk or something as I jerked his underwear down and attacked his leaking cock. I licked and sucked and finally swallowed his hard dickie, and didn't let up till he'd spilled his tasty seed in my mouth. I swallowed all but a little of it down, then rose up and kissed him open mouthed, sharing his cum with him.

Mmm...he moaned, You do that so good. Now, my turn.

No time, I said, it's almost dinner time. Maybe later if we have time. If not, it's cool. I just love making you feel good.

Awww...that's so sweet, he said pulling up his pants and underwear, but before he could say more, dad hollered for us to come down to dinner.

Tommy had to go right after dinner, but I walked him to the door and gave him a kiss and a hug before he left. I whispered in his ear as we hugged, Next weekend we're gonna do the nasty...he he he.

Well, he texted me later before he went to sleep and said he couldn't wait for the weekend, but till then he was gonna jerk off just thinkin' about my gorgeous ass. His word, gorgeous. So I guess I have a gorgeous ass now.

The week passed slowly, but we walked to school together every morning, hung out in the halls and at lunch, and the two classes we shared, then walked to his house or mine after school. Now I guess we could've done the big thing in the hour or so we had after school, but we wanted it to be special when we did it the first time, and not a rushed, botched up thing, so we waited. Meanwhile, it wasn't like we were deprived, we kissed and sucked each other off, usually in a 69, and still jacked off in our bed at night thinking of each other.

Ronnie and Scott shared our lunch table every day, and a couple of other kids had started sitting with us too. At first I wasn't sure I wanted some random boys sitting with us, but after the first couple of days I began to notice the way they talked and acted and I relaxed. What am I saying? That I think they're gay boys too, that's what.

One of them is named Mickey, yeah, like the mouse, and the other one is Solomon. Solomon is black and very cute, not that Mickey isn't cute too, but Sol, as we call him now, is fricking gorgeous. He has these big brown eyes and this smile that lights up the whole room, and he's got a body to die for. Six pack, washboard tummy, the whole nine yards, and if that bulge in his pants is for real, boy is hung like a pony.

Definitely boyfriend material for some lonely gay boy. Good thing I have my Tommy Bear. Anyway, Ronnie figures them out first, and him and Mickey really seem to hit it off. I'm thinking, why isn't Scott jealous? but then I see Scott is sort of looking at Mickey like he's interested in him as more than a friend, weird huh?

But let me describe Mickey first. Mickey is brown haired with green eyes and thick eyebrows and long dark lashes. I think that's one thing that makes him so cute. He has a small nose too with a few freckles across it, and he reminds me of that kid Opie Taylor on the old show my folks watch on Netflix sometimes about that little town called Mayberry. Anyway his smile is nice too, but his bod is nowhere as hot as Sol's, but hey, I wouldn't kick the kid out of bed for eating crackers. Not really my type, but cute, and I could def see someone getting wet over

Well, since Ronnie and Scott are talking up Mickey, that leave Sol all alone, so I start talking to him, and that's how I find out he likes to be called Sol, and that he's really smart, and athletic, and a really nice guy. Also kind of smells nice...he he. I don't want to make Tommy jealous so I'm careful to get Tommy involved in the convo too, and damn, if Tommy doesn't take to him like they were old pals.

So, we made two new friends, but it was too early to share all our secrets. That would come in time, when and if we became comfortable with each other. Meanwhile Sol sure was nice eye candy...he he.

But that's sort of off topic, this is about me and Tommy mostly at this point. Well, actually it always has been. I mean the others are just...bit players in this little drama about two lovers who are trying to do the

Okay, not just that. It's a love story kinda, even if it didn't start out that way, and I'm gonna try to keep things romantic and not so crude from now on.

Friday seemed like it took forever to get here, but it had been a good week really. Mickey and Sol were like good friends now, and Ronnie and Scott were actually going out with them to the movies on Saturday night. They invited me and Tommy, but we said maybe next time. We wanted this weekend, our first after the big reveal, to be just us two.

Friday after school we went to my house and had our snack, but instead of doing what we usually did, namely kissing and making out, and sucking each other off, we just cuddled and talked about tomorrow night. We wanted it to be special, but you can only do so much with your rents around. I mean, I couldn't like have lit candles all over the room or rose petals on the bed, you know like in the, but we didn't want it to be just another sleepover either.

We finally decided that instead of the usual pizza or takeout with my folks, we'd go out to dinner, just us two, sort of like a date. Of course, since we were only 14 and couldn't drive, we either had to pick someplace close, ride the bus, or ask my rents for a ride. We talked that over for a while, and finally decided to ask my folks for a ride and to help us choose a nice restaurant, one that we could afford.

Of course, we had to be careful not to tell them too much. We didn't want them to know what was going on afterwards in my room, but at the same time we needed them to understand that this was a special occasion. I think we were finally able to convince them that we were serious about this without giving away too much, and mom seemed glad to help after that.

So we picked out a restaurant, and dad gave me 30 bucks just in case we didn't have enough money. So, it was all set for Saturday evening. We were gonna go about 5:30 to avoid the dinner rush, then call mom when we were ready to come home. It was a little lame having to depend on mom for a ride, but at least we'd be able to have a nice romantic dinner alone, and the rest of the evening alone in my room...he he he.

Friday night we had dinner with my folks, watched a movie with them till they went to bed, then headed up to my room. We took turns showering, then climbed into my bed with the idea of saving ourselves for tomorrow night, but I guess we're not as strong as we thought we were.

Five minutes of snuggling, then boners were popped, and lips were kissing, and hands were touching, and there was no stopping it. We sucked and licked and kissed every inch of each others body to make it last, then flipped into a 69 and finished each other off.

We were pretty much exhausted by then, and we fell asleep all cuddled up and didn't wake till morning.

Saturday we slept late, ate breakfast then walked to the park and hung out till it was time to get ready for our date. I talked to Ronnie on the phone and he said him and Scott were meeting Mickey and Sol at the Mall then going to the movies, and he asked me one more time if we wanted to come.

Then I told him about Tommy and me having dinner together and all that stuff, and he was like, Aww..that's so sweet. So, you're gonna do the big thing tonight?

And I'm like, Yeah, tonight we punch our V cards together...he he he.

At 4:30 Tommy and me took a shower together, washing each others back and butt and stuff...he he, but other than popping a boner, nothing sexy happened. Oh, well...we did kiss, but we always do that. We helped each other dry off and we got dressed up for our date.

I wore tan Dockers and a red and tan plaid button up shirt with a red tee shirt under it. I left the top two buttons open to let the tee show through. Tommy wore black jeans and a black and white striped pullover. Mmm..Tommy looks so good in black.

We brushed our hair and primped until we had everything just right, then headed downstairs to find mom. It was still early but I wanted her to take a few pics of me and Tommy...he he. Almost like we were going to the prom or something. Hey, maybe we could do that in a year or two. Boy, wouldn't that cause some mouths to drop open...he he.

So we left for the restaurant about 5, but it only took like 15 minutes to get there and we were a little early. One good thing about going early, we were able to get a nice quiet booth in the back where we could talk without being overheard.

Our server was a cute Hispanic boy named Jose and he took our drink orders and brought us a basket of chips, some cheese dip, and salsa when he brought the drinks back. Then he said he'd give us time to decide what we wanted and that he'd be back in a few minutes to check on us.

He's cute, I said, I wonder if he's gay.

Nah, not everyone is gay. It's his job to be nice.

Hey, don't go gettin' jealous, he he, I'm just saying...

I know, he said looking through the menu. Hmmm...think I'll get this Sampler thing. It has all the stuff I like.

Ugh, that's too much food for me, I said checking out the listing, I'll just get the enchilada plate.

When Jose came back, we placed our order, and ate some chips and dip, and stared into each others eyes. This was great, like a real date, but as nice as it was, I couldn't wait for what was going to happen later. We were going to do it, the real thing, the big nasty, and I was all shaky inside just thinking about it.

Are you okay? Tommy asked. I guess he could see how nervous and excited I was.

Yeah, great. This is just so awesome, first dinner alone, know? Making love, I said blushing.

He smiled, Yeah, it's gonna be great. I just know? I don't, uh, mess it up or come too quick or something. won't, and even if you do come too fast the first time, you can try it again...he he. We got all night.

Oh, yeah...I guess. I mean I don't want to hurt you," he said looking worried.

You won't, I promise. It will be great. But for now let's just enjoy our date, he he.

The food came and it was a lot, and very good. What I couldn't eat, Tommy did. That boy can sure eat a lot. I just hoped he didn't start farting while he was...uh, that what you say? And then I began to wonder if Mexican food was the best choice for what we were gonna do later. I mean what if I blew Tommy out of me with a big fat fart?...he he he. But I figured if I used the enema I'd be empty, and there wouldn't be anything to make farts. Hey, is this a weight control thing? Too bad I don't need it. I'm skinny enough.

Dessert was Sopapillas with honey, and Tommy ate three, but one was enough for me. We paid the check and I tipped Jose 20% cause he was so nice and so cute. He gave us a big smile, and that was worth the money as far as I was concerned.

I was in such a good mood that I wanted to shout out that me and Tommy were boyfriends or something, but it was Tommy who took the lead. As we got up from the booth, right there in front of all the other people (it had gotten busy while we were eating), he pulled me into a kiss, then took my hand as we strolled past all the surprised people.

Some gave us little smiles, a few kids pointed, but they were grinning too. I only saw one person that I thought looked as if he disapproved, and he was this frumpy old man (is frumpy a word?) who looked like he'd just bit into a

I was proud of my Tommy Bear, and I held my head up high and smiled the whole way to the front. There were a few folks waiting to be seated, and Tommy gave me a peck on the cheek just for their benefit, then we walked past them and to the door.

A young couple was just about to come in, and the guy held the door for us and gave us a thumbs up as our eyes met. I guess the world was a lot more accepting than we'd ever have guessed. There are some benches outside the restaurant and we sat down on one, and I pulled out my cell and called mom.

We sat and held hands, and occasionally kissed as we waited, and not one person ever acted negative toward us the whole time. I wish we could have recorded the whole thing and posted it on YouTube or something, but I'm not sure I'm ready to come out to the whole world yet.

Mom pulled up to the curb, and we continued to hold hands as we walked to the car and even after we were seated and buckled up.

How was your date? mom chuckled.

It was great, wonderful, amazing, I gushed.

And no one tried to throw us out when we held hands, Tommy laughed.

My mom smiled, Well, I think most people will be accepting, but be careful when, and where you display your affection. There are still those narrow minded people who would do you harm if given the opportunity.

So that got us into a discussion about WHY people hated gays...blah blah blah, and we talked all the way home about it. Mom told us about some of the things that had happened over the years to young gay people, about how the murder rate for Trans people was so high, and how vulnerable we were as a minority.

Well, now I was scared shitless, but I guess mom saw my fear and heard it in my voice, cause she said she thought we were safe within our school, and that she and dad totally supported us, just to be careful and keep our guard up at all time.

We were sort of somber when we got home, but dad had to hear how our date went, and we got all excited again as we told him about our night out. We didn't emphasize the hand holding or kissing for dad's benefit, not that he would mind that much, but because we didn't want to get into the safety thing again.

We finally excused ourselves to my room around 9:30 and we decided to shower again. This time I let Tommy go first, cause I needed to do the enema thing before I showered, and I didn't want Tommy around for that part...ewww.

Without going into detail, everything came out fine (see what I did there?), and I was squeaky clean inside and out by the time I joined Tommy in my room. Tommy was sitting in my floor playing a video game, wearing just his boxers, and when I came in he looked up at me and wolf whistled.

Gosh you look sexy, he said grinning.

I blushed, but I was grinning back, So do you stud. Um, ready for bed?

Yeah, we have everything we need.

Yeah, lotion, towels, my butt, your

That broke the ice, and Tommy hopped up and gave me a big hug and a kiss before reaching down to help me out of my boxers. I did the same for him, and as we climbed into bed we were rock hard and ready for action.

We started out as usual, kissing and rubbing around on each other, but we were sooo horny that I knew if we didn't do the big thing soon both of us were gonna pop our cork. So, I pushed Tommy onto his back and just worked on him till he was good and ready, then I assumed the position I'd seen in the videos, on my back, legs pulled up high, and my butt totally open to my boyfriend.

I heard him sort of growl as he got up on his knees and knelt behind me. I had to remind him about the lotion, and his hands were shaking as he squirted some on his fingers, then I felt him back there poking at my hole.

His finger slid in easily and he went deep, rubbing across that thing inside me and my dick was sooo hard. I told him to try two fingers next, and that was easy, then three, which was a little hard at first, but eventually he got all three inside me and I knew we were ready for the real thing.

I told him it was time, and he took his fingers out, and greased up his dick, then lined it up with my butt as he scooted up closer. I could feel him trembling as he grabbed my leg with one hand to steady himself as he pushed against me.

At first his dick just sort of glanced off my hole and hit my balls, but the next try he held his dick tight in his hand and guided it to the hole and pushed. At first nothing, then suddenly my hole opened up some, and about an inch of his cock head pushed inside me.

Let me tell you, a real dick is bigger than a finger, even three fingers, and I had to tell him to stop for a minute while I caught my breath. I remembered Ronnie said to push back like I was taking a dump, and when I told Tommy to try again, I did that, and you know what? It worked. Suddenly all the head was in, and it hurt like a MF for just a minute.

I was about to tell Tommy to stop, but I couldn't catch my breath fast enough. Fortunately, by the time I could speak, the sharp pain had become a dull ache and I kept my mouth shut. Tommy seemed to sense my pain so he was just sort of frozen there for a minute.

You okay? he asked, looking all glassy eyed, I can't believe how good this feels. You're so hot and tight.

I'm fine, just go slow. I said grabbing my legs and pulling them up to my chest so he could go deeper.

He took it slow, inch by inch, giving me loving looks as he buried himself in me, and it was just, amazing. I felt like he was melting into me, that we were becoming one person, and I felt tears sting my eyes.

Still okay? he cooed as he pushed the last inch into me. I could feel his balls pressing against my bare butt, and it felt so good to have him inside me.

It feels great, I said dreamily, I want you to make love to me and breed me (I read that in a story...he he), make me your baby for real.

O...okay, Tommy stuttered, I love you so much, he said then, and the tears started down my cheeks.

I love you too, more than ever. Now, do it, he he he.

Tommy was gentle, pulling out slowly and pushing back in, leaning down to kiss me occasionally and whispering how much he loved me, but toward the end he kind of lost control and began fucking like a bunny. By that time I was fully broken in, and I didn't mind the rough treatment at all. In fact, it felt good having him hammer away at that prostate thing inside me, and suddenly I cried out and began to spew without ever touching my hard dick.

Oh man, he said...what the?...he said in awe, but that didn't slow him down as he continued to pound my poor butt like he was mad at A minute or so later he stiffened up, shoved in deep, and grunted as his whole body shook and he began to unload in my tight booty hole.

I can't say I really felt his cum squirting out inside me, but I could feel his dick spasming and that was wicked good. God, it felt so good to have him inside me, and even when his balls were empty, I begged him to stay there.

He leaned down and kissed me tenderly and I saw tears in his eyes and I smiled. He was as moved as I was, and as happy. We'd done it, we'd done the big thing and sealed our love forever. We'd punched our V cards and moved up to a new level in our relationship. Ronnie had been right, making love was wonderful, and I felt like me and Tommy were even closer now.

Eventually my legs started cramping and I let Tommy slip out, and I checked my butt to see how big a mess he'd made. I was glad I'd put the towel down under me, cause there was a little leakage back there, but let's face it at 14 Tommy and I didn't produce massive amounts of spunk.

Now, your turn, Tommy said once we were laying side by side all cuddled up.

Are you sure? I said, I thought we decided I was gonna be the one on bottom? I had to admit I was a little curious about what that would feel like. Tommy seemed to really enjoy it, so maybe I should give it a try. But there was the cleaning up thing, and I hadn't really gone into detail about that stuff with him.

Mmmm..maybe some other time, I finally decided, but tonight I just want you to do it to me. Is that okay?

Sure, that's fine. If you're sure. Man, that was wicked when you spewed while I was inside you...he he. What's that all about?

I guess it has something to do with that prostate thing inside me. When your dick rubbed it, it caused me to come. When you started doing it really fast, that was what triggered it...he he.

Wow, can make you come just, fucking you?

Not fucking, making love, I corrected him.

Oh yeah, he said grinning, fucking is for strangers...he he.

You better not be fucking anyone...or I'll cut your dick off, I teased.

Ouch, not that. I promise, I will only make love to you, no fucking.

Cool, when we rest some, want to do it again?

Heck yeah, that was the bomb. It's better than anything I've ever felt, even better than your beejays, and they're awesome.

Next time let's do it in a different position, okay.

Yeah, like how? he asked, sounding really excited.

I was thinking, doggy style...woof woof. I said grinning.

Oh, okay...that sounds hot. I like looking at your cute butt. Um...I was wondering. I see in some of those videos that guys, know? lick the guy's butthole before they do it. Is that dirty or safe?

As long as it's clean, I said excitedly. Was Tommy considering doing that to me?

Okay, well...want me to? he said nervously.

O..okay, if you're sure. I'll go, umm...take care of that right now.

K, need help?

Noo, I said in horror, I don't need my bf washing my butt, I thought. I got this, I said.

So, long story short. I pooped out Tommy's cum, and thoroughly washed my butt with soap and water, rinsed it good, and dried it till it was squeaky clean. I was gonna sprinkle some talc on, but decided Tommy might not like the taste of

When I returned, Tommy pulled me down on him and kissed me deeply. I felt his hands on my ass, and he was sort of growling into my mouth. He was definitely horny and hungry for my So, I was sure gonna let him have it.

I decided to get things started, so I rolled off of him and got up on my knees and buried my head in my pillow, then wiggled my little butt for him. He was up in a heartbeat and rubbing my butt and talking really sexy to me.

Your butt is sooo cute, he said, so smooth and so hot, he hissed as his fingers pried my cheeks apart and probed at my hole. Then I felt his warm breath on my butt, and suddenly I felt something warm and wet touch my hole. OMG it's his tongue, I thought shivering.

Mmm...Tommy was moaning now and licking my butt like it was OMG, it felt so good that I thought I was gonna come again right then and there. Then he upped his game, and suddenly his tongue was pressing into my hole, like he was trying to fuck my, no scratch that, make love to my butthole with his tongue.

Man, it felt good. So warm, so wet, and he was really getting it in there now...deep. OMG I was leaking like mad onto the towel below me, and that's when I practically cried out for him to make love to! I heard him chuckle, then the sound of the lotion as he squeezed it onto his hand, but my butthole didn't need much, and once he had his dick slicked up he slipped the meat to me...he he he, Then he was making love like mad.

Yeah, well...sometimes I want to say fucking, cause it just sounds so naughty in my head. It sounds so animal, and so nasty, causing shivers to go all through me....and I might have accidentally, Fuck me hard Tommy, once or

I think that dirty talk just got us both hotter, and Tommy was pounding away at my little booty like a crazed jack rabbit as he gripped my hips and held on for dear life. Sometimes he would bend down and kiss my back or rest his head there, but mostly he had his head thrown back like he was ready to howl.

This time he lasted a long, long time, but I didn't care. As far as I was concerned, he could fu..uh, make love to me all night long. I was feeling that intense tingly feeling inside me again, and I could feel my balls pulling up like they were ready to fire off again.

It was gonna happen again, two orgasms in one night, and I never even touched my dick. Probably just as well, cause it felt way too sensitive to even think about touching it. I heard Tommy swear then, and I could hear his legs and balls slapping against my butt, and I knew he was getting close. Then just before he got there, my own dick erupted, causing my butthole to tighten up around Tommy's dick, and that pushed him over the edge.

Uh, uh, uh...oh shit, oh damn...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he moaned as he filled me up again with his babies.

God it felt sooo good, just to have him inside me even as my own dick continued to ooze my spunk out, but I was exhausted by the time we finally settled down.

Tommy's legs were wobbly and he pulled out slowly and fell down beside me panting like he'd run a mile.

Oh man, that one was even better than the first one, he said from beside me.

I rolled onto him and threw my leg over him and buried my head in his neck, That was amazing what you did back there. I couldn't believe how good your tongue felt. Man, I'll have to do that to you sometime.

Okay, he said kissing the top of my head. Man, I can't believe how tired I am right now. Think we could sleep some now?

Sure, but first, gotta go clean up a bit, be right back. When I got back to bed, Tommy took a turn and peed and brushed his teeth, maybe to get my butt taste off his tongue, lol. Once we were settled in again, we snuggled up and kissed and petted each other for a while, and before I know it we were asleep.

It was silent and really dark the next time I woke up, and Tommy was sleeping beside me, and he is so cute when he's asleep, a little sleeping angel...aww. I kissed his sweet little face and slowly his eyes drifted open.

Didn't mean to wake you, I whispered.

S'okay, he said softly, then stretching his body like a cat, he smiled and pulled me in for a real kiss, I can't believe we did it, we made love.

Twice...he he, and it was sooo amazing. You're like the best lover a boy could have.

Aww...that's sweet, so are you. I need to go pee, want to come too? he said then.

Yeah, and while we're awake...

Oh, man...really? You want to. I was thinkin' it, but I don't want to wear it out...he he.

No way, I wanna do it as much as we can. By the time we go back to school Monday, we'll be experts...he he.

So we peed, I dragged a washcloth up my butt, Tommy rimmed me (yeah, I looked it up), and then made love to me again. Only this time we did it laying on our sides while he spooned up to me. It was nice, cause we could both relax some, and he managed to get in pretty deep that way.

He took his time, and toward the end, instead of going at it like mad, he pushed in deep and just sort of wiggled his hips and gyrated them till he came. Then he stayed buried deep inside me for a long time. In fact...he he, he fell asleep inside me, and I kind of dozed off for a little while too. I just felt so relaxed, and I loved having him inside me and spooned up to me.

I didn't get off this time, but you know what? I didn't care. I loved making Tommy feel good, and that was enough. I finally managed to pull away and clean up some on the towel, and this time I spooned Tommy and put my dick in his crack, lol, and it felt really good there. He has a nice butt too, and maybe I'll take him up on his offer to make love to it soon.

We slept really, really good. Maybe too good, cause my dad had to come wake us up around 10, so that meant no morning sex. We probably couldn't have done the butt stuff anyway, cause that's way too noisy and involved, but a nice beejay to start the day would've been fun. Oh well, maybe later in the treehouse or something...he he.

Was it my imagination or did mom and dad look at us differently that first morning after me and Tommy had done the big thing, consummated our relationship, punched our V cards? Maybe. I know I was feeling smug and all grown up so maybe it showed in our faces. I hope it wasn't cause they could smell it on Whatever, they didn't say anything, but they sure looked like they wanted to.

So, mom pulled out all the stops and made pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon and little sausage links, but she said it was because her and dad slept in too, so we were having a big brunch. Tommy ate like a little pig as usual, and I even ate more than I usually do. I think all that sex burned off a few calories, even if I was the one getting pounded and not doing the pounding.

Me and Tommy helped clean up, and afterwards we went up and showered the night's sex off of us...he he, then got dressed and went outside for awhile. Ronnie texted me about 1 o'clock and said that he had slept over at Scott's, and he was wondering how last night went.

Just to be mean, I didn't tell him everything. I just told him it went great, and we were looking forward to more, and left it at that for now. Of course I would eventually tell him all of it, but not in a text. Maybe at school tomorrow if we could find time.

Horniness finally got the better of us and we climbed up into my treehouse and did a 69 while the wind gently rocked the tree and we rocked each When we were finished, we kissed and cuddled for a while, then went back inside and hung out with my rents.

Unfortunately, Tommy had to be home for dinner, so about 5 o'clock I walked him home. We kissed and hugged before he went inside and then I went home, alone and missing my bf terribly. Now that we'd made love, it was almost painful to be apart from him.

I stopped in the park and sat and thought about things for a while, but I really had no reason to be upset or sad. I had it all, a sexy loving boyfriend, great rents who accepted our love as the real thing, and friends I could share my feelings with.

By the time I got home I was in a great mood and I spent the rest of the evening just enjoying my mom and dad for a change.

Six months later.

A lot has happened in the last six months, Tommy and I turned 15 and we're totally out at school. As to be expected, most kids accepted our relationship, but there were a few assholes that had to give us a hard time. Fortunately, we had some good friends that stood up for us, and since the school has a zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind, we had most of the teachers on our side too.

Ronnie and Scott finally came out to their folks about two months ago, and though it didn't go quite like they'd hoped, things have gotten better with time. It was Ronnie's dad who took it the hardest, but Ronnie's bros stepped up and defended and supported Ronnie, and his dad finally loosened up some.

For a while Ronnie and Scott had it kind of rough, they weren't allowed to see each other as often as they had before, but they made it work till things got better. Now, they are pretty much back to monkey business as

Oh, and they're out at school too, and so are Mickey and Sol. Yeah, those two hooked up right after that date with Ronnie and Scott at the movies, the night Tommy deflowered I think they already liked each other, they just needed to see how good it could be, and Ronnie and Scott sure showed em that.

What else? and dad finally got the nerve up to ask me and Tommy if we did they put it? having anal intercourse, and about two red faced boys. But you know what? We faced up to the music, even if they did drag us to the doctor to get tested for all kinds of STDs and stuff. But of course we passed with flying colors and now, :( we have to use condoms. Well, at least we do most of the time, but what the rents don't know won't hurt them...he he. And since Tommy and I are monogamous, (whew big word) we don't have to worry about spreading any germies. We already have each others germs anyway. We swallow each others jizz all the time, so what difference does it make if it goes up our butts?

Oh yeah, and I did finally "make love" to Tommy, and wow...oh wow, it was awesome. So I guess you could say we were versatile now, which means we do each other. But, I still like it best when my Tommy Bear is inside me, especially when he gives me those spontaneous orgasms...he he.

One last thing, about Beth. I guess we should be a little mad at her for what she did to us and about the rumors and stuff, but really when you think about it, she was the reason me and Tommy got together. I mean we were sort of fighting over her, and that's when we realized that we didn't need her, or any girl, we already had what we needed, in each other.

So, yeah, it's been a weird story, but it all worked out all right. BTW, Beth has a new boyfriend, again, and I wish her the best. Maybe someday she'll find a boy as awesome as my Tommy Bear. We've come a long way, Tommy and me. From little kids playing in the dirt with our Hot Wheels cars, to lovers doing the nasty (with condoms, sometimes) and looking forward to what comes next.

I hear High school is tougher than middle school, but as long as I have Tommy and my friends, I say, Bring it on! Maybe some time I'll write some more and let ya know how things turned out, but for now...Laterzzz dudes.

The End

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