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Christmas Eve 1975

by Rob Warr

Part 4

You might think that after that weekend Will and I got together every minute and did, well, what boyfriends do, but the truth was our lives didn't change much. After all, except for school we didn't see each other the next week, and we sure couldn't go around holding hands and kissing there. I'm not saying we didn't maybe press our legs together or accidentally touch each other under the lunch table, but in a way that was more frustrating than not touching at all.

Gym class was really murder when I had to look at Will in just his royal blue gym shorts and often no shirt if we were playing skins and shirts. Then there were the showers we took after gym, and it was all I could do not to pop a boner right then and there. I wanted him so bad it hurt, and I was pretty sure he felt the same.

The worst part was, we really didn't even have the time or privacy enough to discuss our new found love, or what we'd like to do to one another. And so by Thursday we were scheming how to be together that weekend. Unfortunately that was not to be.

That night when Will got home he found his mother at the dining room table crying, and she informed him that the two of them were going to go visit his grandma that weekend. This was the other grandma, his mom's mom, and there was no grandpa there, because he had died a few years back. All of this Will told me the next day, looking forlorn as we sat eating our lunch. Sammy was there too, but these days he was more interested in his girlfriend than us and he seldom joined in our conversations.

"Why do you think she wants the two of you to go to your grandma's this weekend?" I asked with alarm.

"She says it's because she needs to get away and just forget everything for a while."

"You don't think...I mean, that she's planning on you two living there or anything do you?"

"I hope not," Will said looking as worried as I felt, "Maybe she just needs her mom, you know, just like we need our mom sometimes," he reasoned.

I nodded, I sure needed mine sometimes, that was for sure. Especially after dad died. Maybe Will was right, maybe it was just a short visit. After all he had to be back for school on Monday, right?

"Darn it," I said suddenly feeling very sorry for myself, "I was hoping you could come over this weekend."

"I know, I wanted to, but I don't got a choice Bobby. I'm sorry," he said looking as if he was ready to cry.

"It ain't your fault I said patting him gently, and suddenly I was overwhelmed with the need to touch him, to kiss him, and to tell him how much I loved him, but of course I couldn't do any of that.

"Next weekend for sure," he said, but we both knew there were no promises when adults were running things.

"So are you leaving as soon as school is out?"

"Yeah, mom had me pack last night. It's only about an hour drive so we'll be there before dark."

I sighed, "Wish I was goin' with ya'."

"Me too," he sighed back, then suddenly he looked at me sort of funny, looked around to see if anyone was watching or listening, and seeing that they weren't, he said, "I gotta go pee, you need to go too?"

"Yeah," I said catching on quickly, my half eaten lunch forgotten.

During lunch the bathrooms were usually empty, that was until kids finished their food and went to either pee or wash up, and we were lucky that day. Will chose the least used bathroom, the one near the gym, and as we pushed open the door the scent of urinal cakes, paper towels, and years of adolescent boys bodily functions greeted us. In a way it was an aphrodisiac at the moment however, and I was hard as soon as the door closed behind us.

"Back there," Will said, taking charge as he led me to the back stall.

Back then school bathroom stalls still had doors on them, and in this particular bathroom the doors and the sides of the stalls came within 6" of the floor giving occupants maximum privacy. I wondered how many young boys had taken advantage of that privacy and released their seed here as we were about to do, and that only added to my excitement.

Neither of us spoke. Well, maybe cause we were too busy tongue wrestling and fumbling with each others fly, but soon the sound of low moaning filled the air as we found our pre-teen missiles and stroked them to lift off. I think we may have set a new record for fastest orgasm, but it was no less intense than the ones we'd had taking our time back in my bedroom that last weekend.

Gasping for air, our hearts beating nearly out of our chests, we hugged each other as if clinging to a lifeline, our foreheads pressed together as we stared into each others eyes.

"I love you so much," he said, his voice thick with emotion.

"Me too," I whispered, "I mean, I love you too," I giggled.

"Goof," he laughed.

"Booger head," I said laughing with him.

Then taking a deep breath we kissed one last time, pulled up our pants, and headed out to wash up.

I waited with Will for his mom to pick him up after the last bell, and was glad for once that my bus was late. As we stood there, not quite touching, but wishing we could, we talked softly about what we felt for one another and how unfair it was that we weren't able to be together all the time. Stuff like that, but we both knew nothing had really changed in that respect. It was just that now we had a reason to be together all the time, a reason that hadn't been there when we were just best friends. Now we had that physical longing for one another, and as with most new lovers, we couldn't get enough of each other.

"I'll call you," Will promised, "if grandma and mom will let me."

"Okay," I said, latching onto that little promise and hoping for the best.

There were no cell phones in 1975, and every kid wasn't connected to every other kid like today, but we did have land lines and our folks allowed us to make calls within reason.

"There's mom," he said sounding disappointed that she was on time, or had shown up at all.

"I'll walk you to the car. I want to say hi to your mom, I sort of miss her," I confessed.

He nodded and led the way, and when he swung open the door his mom gave us a smile.

"Hello Bobby, sorry to be taking your buddy away for the weekend, but maybe he can come visit you next weekend."

"I hope so," I said cheering up some. That sounded like a promise to me, "I've missed coming to your house and all your yummy snacks," I said, then blushed, "I mean...and seeing you."

"That's so sweet Bobby, well maybe next weekend you can come visit us then."

"I'd like that," I said sincerely. At Wills there were no chores to do, but we wouldn't have the tractor to drive or the hayloft to play in. Either was a win/win situation though, as long as Will and I were together.

"All right then, you ask your momma, and Monday you can let Will know for sure."

"Yes ma'am," I said beaming now, "thanks," then turning to Will I said, "See you dweeb."

"Not if I see you first," Will shot back, then grabbing me in a head hold, he tried to noogie me, but I slipped away and pounded him on the arm.

His mom was laughing at our antics, but suddenly she reminded him that they needed to go, and our goodbyes were cut short.

"Have fun without me," I said as he closed the door and rolled down the window.

"I will, you too. Don't forget me," he said tragically.

"Who were you again?" I giggled.

"Goodbye Bobby," his mom said rolling her eyes, and letting us know it was time to go.

"Goodbye Will, and Will's mom," I laughed, "See you later alligator."

"After while crocodile." and then he rolled up his window and they drove away.

My heart sank then, but I knew I had nothing to really be sad about. We'd see each other Monday, and there was the promise of next weekend together. Yeah, we'd be fine. What was that saying? Oh yeah, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I had plenty of stuff to keep me busy this weekend, and Monday we'd see each other again and make our plans for the weekend. Yeah, this was great. So then why did I feel like part of me was missing? Was this what love was like? Did it make you happy, then sad, make you soar like a bird, then crash to the ground? If this was love, could we survive till we were old enough to make our own decisions, and to be together always? Or was that really a possibility? Would we grow tired of each other, the new wear off, and the love tarnish and fade? Was it just a physical attraction, hormones maybe, or did we really love each other? So many questions, and no answers. It was gonna be a long weekend.

"Bobby, Bobby, wait up," it was Sammy and he was running at full tilt, and just in time, our bus was just arriving.

"Hey Sammy, what's the matter?"

"Nuttin', you and Will doin' stuff this weekend?"

"Nope, he's out of town at his granny's."

"Oh, well...I don't guess you'd wanna hang out with me then?"

This was a surprise, Sammy hadn't really been around much since the Thanksgiving sleepover and now that he had a girlfriend, we figured he was done with us.

"Where's Becky?" I smirked.

"We broke up," he said sighing.

We didn't speak again till we were seated in the back, out of ear shot of Becky who had chosen to sit up front today.

"What happened?"

"I tried to touch her...her panties, and she got mad," he said looking up to make sure no one could hear us.

I couldn't help it, I started laughing, "Wait, her panties, or what was in those panties?"

"Both, he said grinning, his green eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Man, you got to take it slow with girls," I said, as if I were an expert.

"Well, she shouldn't have worn that short dress if she didn't want me to see them."

I laughed again, "Oh Sammy, you are so messed up," I cackled, the sound of my laughter earning me a withering look from Becky.

"I don't like her anyway, she was mean, and she ain't that purdy either."

"Well, there will be other girls for you," I said, sobering at last.

"Girls are crazy, I think I'll stick to boys for a while," Sammy said shaking his head.

What did he mean? Was he talking about friendship or messing around?

"Welcome back to boyhood," I said grinning.

"So, you wanna hang out?"

"Okay, but why don't you come home with me? You can call your folks from there."

"Okay," he said brightly, "Pa'll be workin' anyways, since he got that new job he's been putin' in a lot of overtime and making lots of money."

Shortly after Thanksgiving one of the deacons of the Church who owns a construction company had given Sammy's dad a job, and he seemed to be doing very well there. Everyone was happy, especially Sammy, who didn't have to worry about pencils or lunch anymore.

Mr. Daniels gave Sammy a funny look when he realized he hadn't gotten off at his usual stop, but it only took him a minute to figure it out when we got off together.

"Goin' to visit your buddy, Sammy?"

"Yes Sir," Sammy said grinning, "Have a good weekend Mr. Daniels."

"You boys do the same, see ya' Monday," he reminded us.

"I'm home," I said, making sure not to slam the screen door as we entered, "and I brought someone with me."

"Oh, let me guess," my mom said as she met us in the hall, then seeing Sammy she did a double take and shook her head, "Well, I would have guessed it was your twin Will, but it's nice to see you too Sammy."

"You too ma'am. Is it all right if I hang out with Bobby for a while?"

"Well of course, do you need to call your momma?"

"Yes ma'am," he said politely.

"Can he see if he can spend the night momma?" I asked giving her my puppy dog eyes.

"I don't see why not. If his folks don't care, I reckon we can stand him," she teased.

Sammy's face lit up in a big grin as I led him to the kitchen where the phone hung on the wall. Granny was nowhere in sight, and mom said she and gramps had gone to the doctor in town, and were gonna stop by the grocery store on the way home.

Sammy made quick work of his phone call, and of course he got permission to stay till, in his momma's words, we ran him off.

Mom cut us a piece of fresh baked cornbread, slathered it with butter, and we took it to my room to eat. Mom's cornbread was so sweet it was almost like cake, and washed down with a glass of cold milk it really hit the spot.

"So, how's things goin' at Will's house? His momma and daddy still fightin'?"

"They're not exactly fighting," I said, then proceeded to fill him in on the latest.

"Oh, well...I hope things get better. What you want to do now Bobby?"

"I gotta change outa' my school clothes then we can go play outside if you wanna'."

"Oh, okay...I don't gotta change, cause all my clothes are the same," he said shrugging, "anyways, I don't got no clothes here anyway."

Suddenly I remembered the underwear I'd loaned Sammy when he slept over Thanksgiving, and his promise to return them. I'd told him to just keep them, and meant it, and I guess he must've decided to do that, because he had never returned them.

He watched me with interest as I shucked my good clothes and hung them up, and as I stood in my underwear he absent-mindedly touched himself through his faded jeans. Was he hard? Was he as horny as I was? Only I was horny for Will. Would messing with Sammy be cheating? Oh boy, I hadn't thought of that when I invited Sammy to spend the night. Was I letting myself in for a whole lot of sorrow and trouble?

I dressed quickly and suggested we go outside where it was cooler, hoping to maybe take our minds off what hung between our legs.

"Gramps has been letting me and Will drive the tractor," I said proudly, "and last time he didn't go with us, just told us not to run over anything."

"Oh wow, think he'd let me drive it?"

"Probably, not today though, maybe tomorrow."

"Okay, yeah...that would be cool."

"Want to walk down to the pond?"

"Yeah, maybe there's some snakes today."

Snakes? Snakes made me think of peckers, and peckers made me think about how horny I was, horny for Will, but then here was Sammy right here in front of me, and boner didn't know the difference I guess.

"Remember what we did at Thanksgiving?" Sammy suddenly said as we stopped to peer into the pond.

"Uh, yeah..." I stammered.

"We had some fun, didn't we?"

"Yeah, but..."

"Playing baseball and eatin' all that good food, man that was the best time," he said as I relaxed some. Maybe he wasn't thinking about the other stuff after all. "Then when we jacked each other off, that was more fun than I ever had. Do you guys do that stuff a lot?"

"Uh, well...not a lot," I said blushing. Just every chance we get now.

"Lucky ducks," he said kicking at a rock, then he turned to me and I knew what he was gonna say before the words ever left his mouth, "Hey, think we could jack off right here? No one could see us, and I'm awfully horny after thinking bout Becky's panties."

"Here?" I squeaked. Well, why not? I reasoned. It would relieve the tension, and the odds of getting caught were zero with gramps still in town. We'd hear the old Chrysler pull up if they came back and we'd have plenty of time to put our peckers away. But the way I felt at the moment I didn't think it would take more than a few strokes to launch my sperm missiles.

"Sure," he said, not bothering to hear my answer as he fiddled with his fly, "You don't gotta do it if you don't want to, but I sure need to," he said finally pulling out his stiff 4" pecker.

I tried not to look, but I was horny and curious, and I remembered from before just how nice it looked. He wasn't uncut like me and Will, and the tube of hard shiny flesh fascinated me.

"Come on, I wanna see your skin," he coaxed as he waved his stiffy at me like a red flag in front of a bull, and I took the bait.

"Okay, but we gotta hurry," I said fumbling for my dick, which had become painful all cramped up in my pants as it grew harder and harder.

"Oh man, Bobby...I really like how yours looks. My brother's is like that, only he ain't as big as you. Can I play with it? Please," he begged.

"Why don't we just do our own this time," I said, but my dick was screaming for me to say yes.

"Aww..." he whined as he moved closer, but at least he didn't try to grab my dick.

Soon the wet slapping sounds of two boys spanking the monkey filled the air, and I imagined I could smell Sammy's boy smells as well as my own. They were pleasant, spicy and earthy, and that drove me on with a frenzy. I guess maybe that's why when Sammy's small hand reached over and took the place of my own I didn't resist, but instead moved my hand to his pecker.

We moved into a more natural position so we could get the angle just right, and soon we had a rhythm going. It didn't take long for me to feel that tingling in my balls that said I was going to blow, and I could sense that Sammy was close too.

I actually came first, and I don't think I had ever shot as hard or as much as at that moment. Sammy didn't seem to mind that some of my sperm shot onto his upper thigh. His hand was coated with my sperm too, and suddenly he dropped my pecker like a hot rock, pushed my hand away from his own pecker and began jacking like crazy using my sperm as lubricant.

I was spent, but I began to become aroused again at such a sight, and I think at that moment, I would have been ready to go again, and to try anything Sammy suggested. Fortunately I was saved that by two things, first: Sammy shot his load, coating his hand even more and then dribbling onto the ground, and second: we heard the old Chrysler wheezing into the barnyard as it crunched the gravel beneath it's tires.

I wiped my hand on the grass and a tree trunk, then what little was left on my pants, then stowed my pecker and turned to Sammy who had done likewise. We didn't say anything as we headed back to the house, each of us thinking our own thoughts, but I knew we would have to discuss this at some point, and I was dreading that moment.

"Hi gran, hi gramps," I said grabbing the groceries out of the back seat without being asked.

Sammy helped too, and soon we had the bags inside as my mom joined us and asked about my grandparents doctor visit.

"Fit as a fiddle, healthy as a horse," Gramps assured us, "that young doctor said he wished he was as healthy," he added chuckling.

"Oh, Tom quit exaggeratin'," she scolded, "but I reckon we got a few more years to put up with him," she added patting him affectionately.

"Woman I ain't going till you do. In fact we'll just go together," he said hugging granny in a rare moment of affection.

"Well, till then we've got younguns' to feed and care for, so let's hope it's a long time," she said smiling and hugging him back. Then the moment passed and gramps suddenly seemed to realize it was Sammy there and not Will.

"Well, where's the other one?" he asked looking around almost comically.

"At his grandma's," I said shrugging, "so Sammy is spending the night, gramps."

"Well, that's fine. Maybe tomorrow you can show Sammy what you've learned about driving a tractor."

"Oh dear," my mom said, "I worry about him driving that big old tractor, but as long as you're with him daddy, I guess it will be okay."

I winked at gramps and he smiled and said, "Now what's for supper. I'm starved woman."

"I knew you two would be late, so I mixed up a meatloaf. Just gotta' shove it in the oven. Dinner will be in about an hour daddy. Just go relax till then. We'll take care of everything in here," she said giving gramps a hug.

I watched as my grandpa hugged my mom back, and I suddenly realized that my mom needed her dad just like I had needed mine. I guess you never got too old for that, only now I had no dad, but at least I had gramps, which was just as good, no better, in some ways. My dad would never have taken the time to teach me to drive, or show me how to do things on the farm. He was way too busy for his only son, and I couldn't ever remember us doing any son/dad type things. Mostly he was busy with work, and though we did occasionally do things as a family, my dad and I weren't all that close.

"Anything we can do to help?" I asked, just trying to be polite, but I was pretty sure I knew the answer.

"No, you boys run off and play and we'll holler at you when supper's ready. Just don't go far," mom said as she busied herself in the kitchen once more.

In my room I threw my stack of comics on the bed and Sammy rifled through them till he found a Casper The Friendly Ghost and began to look through it. I chose a Green Lantern, one I'd read a dozen times, but it was still as interesting and exciting to me as the first time I'd read it.

"That was fun. Down by the pond," Sammy said, not looking up.

"Uh huh," I agreed, pretending to be engrossed in the comic book.

"Wish Will'd been there though. It's more fun with three."

"Uh, yeah, I guess."

"Somethin' wrong Bobby?" he said, finally looking up.

"Naw, why?"

"Dunno', you seem worried or somethin'. Is it about Will?"

"Sort of," I said laying down my comic book. I was just about to explain why we couldn't do anymore sex stuff when my mom suddenly rapped on my bedroom door scaring the bejeezers out of me.

"Bobby, Will's on the phone," she hollered, "hurry, I'm sure his momma don't want him talkin' all night."

"Yes ma'am," I said hopping up and merrily making my way to the kitchen.

"Hi, you there already?"

"Been here for fifteen minutes or more. Whatcha' doin'?"

"Me and Sammy was readin' comics. He, uh...he's spending the night."

"That's good," Will said surprising me, and the tone of his voice said he really meant it, "I wish I was there, but I'm glad you ain't gonna be alone. I...uh, my cousin Ronnie is here so I won't be alone either," he said, and this time the tone of his voice did imply something other than the norm.

"Ronnie? Is that the cousin who...?" I started, then realized my mom was just a few feet away.

"Uh huh, is that okay?"

"Well, got Ronnie, I got Sammy, right?" I said, implying that if he was going to mess with Ronnie, then I was going to mess with Sammy.

"Yeah, that sounds fine, don't ya' think?"

"I guess," I said, not really sure how I felt about the whole thing. I mean we hadn't promised not to mess around with anyone else, and after all, his cousin was the one who taught Will the stuff we'd tried, so maybe he'd teach him some new stuff.

"You sure you're not mad?"

"If you ain't," I conceded.

"I ain't. I think it's fine. Have fun," he said huskily, and even on the phone I could hear the lust in his voice.

"You too," I said, and I think I meant it, but we'd definitely need to talk about all this when we got back together.

"Okay, I have to go now, but I just wanted to call you and tell you we made it okay. Did you ask about staying over next weekend?"

"No, but I will." I clutched the phone to my chest and told mom that I'd been invited to Will's next weekend and she just nodded and said it was fine. "She says yes, so tell your mom thanks."

"Okay, will do," he giggled, "Roger, over and out."

"Ten Four," I giggled back, we loved that CB talk.

"Back at ya' good buddy, signin' off now," he said happily, then in a whisper, "I know you can't say it back but...I love you."

"Me too," I said, and I knew he knew what I meant.

I was the happiest boy in the world when I finally hung up, and I practically floated back to my room to find Sammy stretched out on his back, his eyes closed, and snoring softly.

I just stood and watched him for a while. It was one of those moments when you realize that even though you been looking at something right in front of your eyes for a long time, you really hadn't seen it till that moment. In that moment, in my eyes anyway, Sammy was beautiful. Sure his skin was white, he had freckles, and booger green eyes, but his beauty radiated from within, and I actually felt a little teary eyed as I gazed upon him.

I lay down as quietly as I could, snuggled up to him, and laid my arm around him, and soon I was asleep too. I awoke sometime later to tapping on the door, then gramps voice calling us to supper, and I shook Sammy to wake him.

His eyes drifted open and he smiled at me then yawned, "I guess I was tired."

"Supper's ready," I said smiling back at him, "me too, I guess we both were, but we'll probly' be up late tonight, so a nap is a good thing," I said winking.

He reached over and gave me a little shove and winked back, "You mean...?"

"Yep, if you want to."

"I sure do, but right now I'm so hungry my stomach thinks my throat's been cut," he laughed.

I hopped out of bed and then pulled Sammy up by the hand, and after a stop at the bathroom to drain our lizards, we arrived at the dining table to find the adults already seated.

"One more minute and the dogs would've got your share," gramps teased.

"You got dogs?" Sammy said, taking him seriously.

"None that we claim, there's a couple that hang around though, cats too, but at least the cats earn their keep by catching the mice."

"I'd like to have a dog," I said, just throwing that out there to see what the adults thought.

"Don't see no reason why you can't boy, but this is the first time I heard about it."

I looked at mom who rolled her eyes, "He's asked me a dozen times, but I just wasn't sure he was ready for that responsibility. Maybe now he is. I don't know, whatever you think dad."

"A Collie makes a good farm dog, or a Sheppard. We'll do some thinkin' on it boy, and maybe see what we can find."

"Really?" I said excitedly, "I'd take real good care of him and feed him and everything."

"Or her?" mom said, "Female dogs make good companions too."

I shrugged, I didn't care if it was a boy or a girl as long as he or she was mine, "Yeah, that would be fine too. I ain't picky."

"You all can discuss the dogs later," Granny said looking annoyed, "right now, someone pass me the gravy please."

We feasted on meatloaf, mashed potatoes and brown gravy, green beans, and cornbread, and for dessert we had chocolate cake. I could tell that Sammy wasn't use to this much food, or food this good, but he managed to mind his manners and eat civilly, even if he did go back for seconds.

Granny took it upon her self to keep Sammy's plate full, and I could tell he was loving the attention. Granny loved feeding folks, and Sammy was just what she needed.

After supper we offered to help clean up, but as usual our offer was dismissed with a wave of the hand and a snort.

"Go play, be boys while you can," granny said, "and don't forget to take a bath, you both smell like pups," she added chuckling.

"Yes ma'am," I said grinning, "we'll sneak down to the pond later and take a real good bath."

"Oh you, go on now and let us women folk get our work done," she cackled.

"Wanna' take our baths now, or later?" I asked Sammy once we were in my room.

"Can I take a shower instead? I don't like baths much anymore."

"Sure, I usually take showers, unless I'm tired and wanna soak or something."

"We could just take one together and save time," Sammy said, making it sound sensible and natural.

"Uh, well...I guess we could," I said. After all, we showered together at school, what was the difference? The more I thought about it, the more logical it seemed.

"Okay, but we'll wait till mom and the grands are in bed, okay?'

"Okay," he said grinning as if we were putting something over on the adults, "but what do we do now?"

We played cards, then Sorry, and when we bored with those, Sammy asked if he could borrow some paper and a pencil so he could draw. I had a big chief tablet that I used mostly for scratch paper so I tossed it to Sammy with a number two pencil, then grabbed a comic book and read while he doodled.

Only he wasn't just doodling. Sammy could really draw. At one point I became curious since he was taking so long to complete his drawing, so I moved down beside him and got the surprise of my life. There on the page of that Big Chief tablet was our farm house, the barn, the tractor, and even Gramps old beat up pickup and the Chrysler.

"Sammy, that's really good. I didn't know you could draw like that," I gasped, "Does Mrs. Langston know you're this talented? Mrs. Langston was our Art teacher and she taught both Junior High and High School students.

"Yeah, she says I got real talent and that I could probly' get into art school, but I ain't all that smart when it comes to other stuff, like math and English and stuff."

"Who cares," I said sincerely, "If I could draw this good, I'd be doin' it all the time."

"I got lots of drawings at home. Some of em' is on lunch meat wrappers and brown paper sacks though, cause I couldn't always afford no real paper for em'."

"I'd like to see them sometime," I said sitting down and watching him finish the details of the drawing.

"Okay, you can have this one ifn' you want it."

"Are you sure? Cause I'd love to have it. I might even frame it."

"'s not that good."

"Can I show it to my mom and grandma and grandpa when it's done?"

"I guess," he said blushing, which actually looked good on him since his skin was so pale.

It took him another ten minutes to finish the detail work, like shadowing and stuff, none of which I understood, but when he finally announced it was ready, I was shocked at just how good it was. Holding it up, I stared at the picture, the house I knew so well, the trees, the barn, all of it. Then I began to notice the little details and my amazement was tripled.

"Oh man, come on, I want to show this to the grownups before they go to bed."

Sammy blushed again, but followed me, looking more like a man being led to his execution than a budding young artist about to be praised.

"Everyone," I said finding the adults all seated in the living room watching TV, "I got something to show you," I added, holding the picture up for them to see.

"Land sakes, where did you get that?" Granny said, adjusting her glasses and peering at that magnificent drawing.

"Sammy drew it," I said as proudly as if I'd done the rendering myself.

"Sammy?" My mom said, looking as shocked as I had been, "Oh sweety, this is wonderful. So lifelike and so detailed. You have a rare gift young man, I hope you plan on making art a career."

"Don't know if a fella' can make a living doin' this, but I gotta' admit," Gramps said, taking the drawing from me, "I'd pay money for something like this. How much you want for it son?"

"It's Will's," Sammy said shyly, "I gave it to him. It was his paper and pencil that I drawed it with."

"I'll find a nice frame for it," Mom offered.

"He says he has lots more at his house," I said then, "and that I can see em' next time I visit him. I sure am lookin' forward to it."

"Maybe you can bring some over for us to see sometime," Granny suggested, "I'd sure like to see them, we all would. Do you ever do any in color?"

"I would ifn' I had colors, but all I got is black pencils."

"Well, we need to see that you get what you need to do some color ones then. Does your momma and daddy know about this?"

"Momma and my brother do. I got pictures all over my walls in our room. Daddy is pretty busy, and he don't really understand about this kind of stuff," he said sadly, as if perhaps his dad didn't approve of his drawing.

"Well, surely the teachers must have noticed you are so talented," mom said, "don't they have supplies for you to use at school?"

"Yes ma'am, but I don't get to bring any home."

"Well, there must be a way," my mom said looking thoughtful, and I knew that if there was a way she was gonna find it.

Eventually we returned to my room, but I could tell Sammy was pleased by all the attention, yet I sensed a sadness in him that our praise had provoked. Was it because of his daddy? Did his dad not approve of Sammy's drawing and tried to convince him he wasn't as talented as he obviously was. This was another mystery that would haunt me for a while, but for the time being I put it on hold.

When I heard gramps and granny go to bed a while later I waited for the sound of the bathroom door closing, and I knew mom must be getting ready for bed too. I heard the toilet flush, the sink running, brushing of teeth, spitting, then the door open, and mom's footsteps as she headed to her bedroom. That was our cue.

"Come on, " I said tossing Sammy a pair of clean underpants and grabbing one for myself. At this rate I'd be out of underpants if Sammy stayed over too many more times.

Sammy quietly followed me out the door and across the hall, and once we were inside the bathroom I latched the door and began to undress. Sammy followed my lead, dropping his dirty jeans and shirt on the tiled floor, then standing there in his once white, now grayish, Fruit of the Looms, and waiting for me to remove my last piece of clothing.

Now that Will had practically said it was all right to mess with Sammy, I was eager to get naked and let him get a good look at my body, as well as getting a good look at his. I remembered from Thanksgiving that his body was pleasant to look at, but it had been dark in my bedroom, and now here in the bright light I would finally get to see him up close and personal.

Once I had the water adjusted till it was just right, I turned to Sammy and quickly stepped out of my underwear. I guess I was too nervous to get a boner, but that would soon change as things progressed. Sammy seemed to be staring at my pecker as my underwear dropped, and I had to remind him to remove his own underwear so we could hop in the shower.

I didn't stare at Sammy quite like he had at me, but I did notice he was sporting a semi-boner, and like mine it would soon grow to it's full length.

The water felt good cascading down my body, and when we moved around to swap places our naked flesh touched and that's when the boning began. By the time Sammy was in front of me and under the shower head, my dick had swollen to it's full size, and unlike before, I wasn't shy about it at all.

"I got a hardon," Sammy giggled, swinging around to show his 4" stiffy off, "Oh, so do you," then he proceeded to engage me in a game of wiener sword fight.

That felt so good that I wondered why Will and I had never thought of it. It wasn't exactly dirty, just fun, but I knew it could lead to more if we wanted it to.

"Let me wash your back," Sammy said suddenly, catching me completely off guard.

"Oh, okay. Then I'll do you."

"Yeah, that's good," he said grabbing the Dial soap off the caddy hanging over the shower head.

Lathering up his hands, he used them to soap up my back, and the feel of his warm soft hands sliding across my back, and neck, and...then lower, caused my pecker to throb. When it was my turn I was trembling as I soaped up my hands and began. His skin felt warm and smooth and I could feel him shiver a little as a soft moan escaped his lips.

"That feels good," he said almost in a whisper.

"I know," I said softly, "it did when you washed mine too."

"Wash my butt," he giggled, but instead I slapped it playfully and told him to wash it himself.

The magic spell broken, we finished washing ourselves and then rinsing off. Our boners had wilted by then, but I was sure they would reappear once we were in bed with our bodies touching, as was prone to happen when two boys slept in the same bed.

We dried off and slipped into our underpants, brushed our teeth, then picked up our clothes and carried them to my bedroom. I folded mine neatly so I could wear them again tomorrow, but Sammy just piled his on the floor before climbing into bed.

I started to say something, but decided it might be a good idea to mind my own business in this one case. After all I wasn't his mother, I was just his friend, and who was I to tell him what to do?

I switched off the bedside lamp, climbed in on my side of the bed, and pulled the covers up over both of us. I sighed as I got comfortable, then I was aware of something warm and soft touching my foot. It felt good and I pushed back, letting Sammy know that I liked having his foot against mine.

He giggled and poked me in the ribs, typical boy stuff, and soon we were wrestling around in the bed. I cautioned him not to be too noisy, and we must've been quite a sight as we wrestled around, the only sound our soft breathing and whispered laughter.

Eventually Sammy pinned me beneath him, and I could feel his hard pecker pressing against my leg. I was hard too by then, and I felt all hot and thumpy inside as my heart beat fast in my chest. It wasn't exactly the same feeling I felt with Will, but it was close. What I felt with Sammy was more physical and less emotional I guessed. I didn't want to kiss Sammy, but I wanted to get at that hard piece of flesh pressing into me.

His face wore a sneer as he rubbed his nose against mine, his booger green eyes peering into mine mischievously. Then he began to grind into me and I thought I was going to come right then and there.

"Wait," I gasped, as I rolled him onto his back, "I want to see..."

He didn't ask me what I wanted to see, he knew, and I knew he wanted me to see, and to see me as well. As one we shucked our underpants and lay side by side as we worked our hard cocks and worked up enough courage to go further. Sammy made the first move, and reaching over almost shyly, he wrapped his warm hand around my pecker and began to work the foreskin up and down causing me to moan lowly.

Returning the favor, I was again amazed at how warm and silky smooth his rod felt, hard as steel, and yet the skin was soft and supple. It was amazing and I loved the way it felt in my hand. It was familiar, yet different, and I loved the effect I was having on Sammy as I worked what little skin he had on it. Unlike some boys who were circumcised, Sammy wasn't cut tight. That meant he still had a little skin which could be worked up and down along the shaft, and that was Sammy's preferred way of jacking off. Somehow I had instinctively discovered this, and Sammy's moans of pleasure told me all I needed to know about whether I was doing it right.

"I'm gonna come," Sammy gasped after a few minutes, for like me, Sammy didn't have much holding power, especially when someone else was working his hard cock.

"Me too, faster," I said, breathing hard now and working his cock faster as well.

"Uh....oh...oh...shiiiiiiittttt," he cried out as his cock erupted onto his belly and then dribbled onto my hand. It seemed like each time we did this he shot harder and produced more spunk, and when seconds later my time came, I found the same was true for me.

"As I shot out my watery load, Sammy worked some of it around the head, coating it thoroughly and continuing to jack me even as he was enjoying his own orgasm.

"Too much," I gasped, "too sensitive," I said pushing his hand away.

"You ever go twice?" he asked as he examined his slimy hand, then sniffing it, he began to lick it clean.

Oh My God, Sammy just licked my spooge from his hand. Well, wouldn't it be rude if I didn't do the same? After all, I'd tasted mine and Will's, and I was sure Sammy's would be just as pleasant.

"Uh, yeah...a couple times. Once I went four times, but I had to rest between times, and my pecker was awfully sore the next day," I said, then taking a deep breath I began cleaning the spunk off my hand with my tongue.

In the darkness I could see Sammy smile as he continued to lick his hand clean, reminding me of a cat licking it's furry paw.

His cum was thin and didn't really have a lot of taste. Mostly salty, but not unpleasant, and I had no trouble swallowing it down.

When our hands were clean, I reached over and grabbed a handful of tissues, handed Sammy some, and we cleaned up our dribbling cocks and wiped the sperm from our stomach and pubes.

"That was a good one Bobby," Sammy said wadding up the tissues and depositing them in the trash can by my bed.

"Yeah, real good," I said handing him my tissues to discard.

He took them gingerly and dropped them in the trash without comment, then sighed.

"Is me and Will the only boys you ever done stuff with?"

"Yep," I said, wondering what was on Sammy's mind.

He was quiet for a minute then he said softly, "Me and Brian have jacked off together," he said looking at me for my reaction, "but we ain't touched each other that way."

"Did you teach him how to do it?" I asked, curious about how it was with brothers. I'd always wished for a brother, but I'd never really thought about this part of being brothers.

"Nope, he already knew how. One night he caught me doin' it and he said he wanted to do it too. I thought he was asleep but he was over there watchin' me. I was scared at first. I was afraid he'd tell ma and pa, but he wasn't mean about it. He just wanted to do it too, and I figured if he was doin' it too, then he sure wasn't gonna tell on me."

"Did you do in it the same bed or what?" I asked rolling onto my side and giving him my full attention.

"Naw, we just laid in our own beds in the dark and did it, but we could see each other cause the room ain't that dark. His pecker is like yours, with skin, and I liked lookin' at it."

"You ever know? That you could touch it?"

He was quiet for a long time and I thought I had messed up, then he said in a soft voice, "Yeah, I'd like to, but he's my brother, and unless he started it, it wouldn't be right."

"I bet he wants you to," I said boldly, "heck I wanted you too, even if I acted like I didn't. It feels so much better when someone else does it for ya'."

"I know," he agreed.

I could feel my dick starting to rise again, and looking over at Sammy I could see he was already hard, or maybe he'd never gone soft.

"So if he asked you too, you'd do it?" I asked, feeling a tingle in my crotch just from thinking about Sammy and his little brother doing stuff.

"Maybe," he offered, "do you think it would be okay?" he almost begged.

"Heck yeah, I wish I had a brother. I bet we'd do that stuff a lot."

"You got Will, he's almost like a brother, ain't he?"

More than a brother, I thought, but I couldn't tell Sammy that.

"Yeah, just like that, only we just started doin' this stuff. When we did it with you, that was only the second time."

"Really? I figured you guys did it all the time like me and my cousin John."

"Oh, well...your cousin is older, right? So he knew all about this stuff. Sort of like Will's cousin. He showed Will that stuff and even got him that nudie book."

"Yeah, so I guess older guys need to show younger guys how to do that stuff. That way they learn it and aren't like all stupid when it comes to that stuff."

"Yeah, so your brother needs to hear it from you, don't ya' think?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Makes sense, thanks," he said looking satisfied.

"Your pecker is hard again, you gonna jack off again?"

"Only if you are?"

"I guess I could," I said twanging my hardon and causing Sammy to giggle.

"How bout if we try somethin' else, somethin' my cousin showed me?"

"Okay," I said feeling a little nervous, but a little excited too. What was it? And would it be something I could show Will and contribute to our sexual knowledge?

"Remember how we was rubbing around on each other to start?"


"Let's do that, only naked, and rub our peckers together till we shoot."

"Oh, okay," I said, not sure if that was what I was expecting or not.

"It'll be fun, you'll see, my cousin and I love to do this."

"Okay, what do I do?" I asked nervously.

"Just lay there and let me be on top to start. If you wanna be on top just roll us over."

It was a lot like wrestling, only instead of resisting we were giving in to each other as we pressed our bodies and dicks together, and before long we were hot and sweaty and panting like two dogs on a summer day. Was this sex? Was this what it was like when a man and woman had sex? I knew there was more to it, like a dick getting in a hole, but this had to be almost as good.

The feeling was incredible as our slick dicks rubbed against each other, occasionally poking that space between our balls, and one time mine even slipped down to his crack causing him to giggle.

"Are you tryin' to butt fuck me?" he said softly.

"No," I said, blushing fiercely, "it just slipped."

"It's okay, it feels good don't it?"

How would he know that unless he'd had some dick slippage of his own sometime, somewhere? Maybe with his cousin. Maybe they'd done even more.

"My turn to be on top," I said eventually, and between the two of us we were able to roll over and swap places.

It somehow felt better on top, being in charge and all, but I had liked being on bottom too, feeling Sammy's weight pressing down on me as I was pressing down on him now. Suddenly Sammy reached down and grabbed our dicks and held them together as he squirmed beneath me, and I took the hint and began to push against his hand and his dick, causing an intense feeling that almost had me coming right then and there.

"Oh, oh..." I stammered, "that feels really good," I added in a whisper.

"Wish we had some lotion or something. It would make it feel better."

"Uh, there's some lotion in the bathroom. I could get it," I offered, hoping to prolong the inevitable by taking a break to get the lotion.

"Okay, but hurry," he whined.

I grabbed my underwear and threw them on in record time, sprinted quietly across the hall, and retrieved the bottle of Jergens lotion and was back in a flash. I tossed it to Sammy as I was stepping out of my underwear and almost tripped trying to free my feet from them.

Back in bed, I watched as Sammy squirted a little lotion on his hands and then greased up his dick. Then motioning for me to come closer he did the same for me, his soft hands lathering up my cock and causing more wonderful sensations.

"Okay, now let's do it some more and this time it will feel better."

How it could feel better I had no idea, but once we got started I understood. Our cocks glided over each other's smooth skin and bumped together occasionally causing new heights of feelings to take over our young inexperienced bodies.

"Oh God," I gasped, "that feels so good."

"Yeah," Sammy said, sounding far away, "Let's try something new."

"Okay," I said easily, after all, he hadn't let me down so far.

I raised up to allow Sammy to climb out from under me and to my surprise he rolled onto his tummy and raised his cute pink butt in the air.

"Climb on and rub your wiener up and down my crack," he said looking back at me, "but don't try to stick it in," he warned.

"Are you sure?" I said, starting to tremble now.

"Yeah, then I'll do it to you. I'll even use some of your sperm to make mine slick."

Wow, I guess Sammy's cousin must've showed him a lot of stuff to do. Oh well, maybe if this was fun then I'd show Will how to do it, and we'd have something else to do when we were alone again.

It was a bit awkward at first, but I soon figured out just the right angle and how to suspend myself with my arms and my legs as my pecker nestled into Sammy's crack. Soon I was moving, sliding up an down the length of his crack, and the feeling was even more incredible than anything we'd done so far.

"You like it?" he asked in a whisper.

"Yesssss...." I hissed as I concentrated on the feeling in my pecker as the foreskin moved up and down, exposing my engorged head with each stroke.

"Go faster if you want," he offered, no doubt anxious for me to finish so he could have his turn.

I did as he asked, and soon I was moving so fast the bed was squeaking a little and I was afraid my mom might hear it so I slowed down some. Reaching down, I positioned my cock again and wiped some of the lotion into Sammy's crack, not giving any thought to the fact that I was not only touching a boy's most private place, but that I was using it for my own pleasure.

Taking a deep breath, I began again, and didn't stop this time till I shot my load down Sammy's crack.

"Agggghhhh," I moaned as I came, nearly blacking out as stars filled my eyes and head.

I raised up and fell to one side, my hard cock still wet with lotion and my sperm, and Sammy rolled onto his side then and gave me a big grin.

"Told ya' it was fun. Now my turn."

Without asking, he reached over and wrapped both his hands around my aching cock and scooped as much of the slippery lotion and sperm off as he could before greasing up his own cock with it.

"Grab some tissues and clean up, and then roll onto your belly," he instructed me, his voice husky and anxious.

I did as he asked, and when I felt him kneel between my splayed legs I panicked for one moment. What if he tried to put that thing in my butt hole? I thought, then I relaxed a little. I was bigger than Sammy, and if he tried that I could easily throw him off me.

"Okay, here goes," he said softly as I felt his warm squishy dick slide into my crack, "Oh...that feels good," he gasped.

Sammy didn't take nearly as long as I did to come, but from the feel of it he shot a lot more sperm. In fact some of it went up my back and I could feel it start to run down my side. I reached over and wiped at it, and since I didn't have anything to wipe it on, I just licked it off my finger.

I heard Sammy laugh and then he was kneeling behind me, all contact broken, "I came a lot," he said reaching for the tissue box, then pulling some out, he began to wipe me clean.

"There's too much," he said sounding panicky.

"Grab a sock," I offered and he hopped off the bed and grabbed one of his socks and returned to finish the job.

"Whew, that was a good one," he said falling down on his back at last.

"Where'd you learn that? From your cousin?"

"Yep, but his pecker is a lot biggern' yours and he shoots lots more sperm too."

"Wow, do you do it to him too?"

"Sure, he says it's only fair."

"I need to pee," I said after a few minutes, "and wash up some, you coming?"

"Yeah, but what about our underwear? We'll get em' all messy."

"Hmm...I wondered about that too, then I had a great idea. Hopping up, I ran to the dirty clothes hamper in my closet and fished out two pair of dirty underwear.

I pulled on a pair then started to hand the other to Sammy, but would he be so keen on wearing my dirty underwear? I wondered.

"Well, are those for me?"

"Yeah, if you don't mind wearing dirty ones to the bathroom. Then we can wash up and put our clean ones back on."

"You're a genius," he said beaming as he slipped on my dirty Fruit of the Looms, and I swear the thought of his junk in there where mine had been made me start to get hard again.

Nothing else really happened that night, we peed, cleaned up, and slipped our clean underpants back on, then slid into bed. We were tired after our little workout and soon we were both asleep. I was vaguely aware of Sammy's warm soft body touching me at times during the night, but it was comforting, and I would drift back to sleep immediately.

I awoke to an empty bed and after getting dressed, I stopped at the bathroom to pee, then padded out to the kitchen to find Sammy there with the adults. He was sitting at the table sipping a cup of hot cocoa, and when he saw me he looked up and grinned.

"Sleepy head," he giggled, "I been up for almost an hour."

"I'm sorry," I said looking at gramps, "did I miss doing chores?"

"It's fine son, Sammy here did them for you today. He's a good worker, I might just have to swap you out for him," he chuckled.

"Oh Tom, quit teasin' the boy," Gran chuckled, "they're both fine boys, and it won't hurt Bobby to sleep in once in a while."

"Seems it's becoming a habit," mom said giving me that look that only mom's can, "whenever you have company."

I hoped that didn't mean she'd stop me from having Will over so I had to do something, "I'm really sorry mom. I promise it won't happen again. Please don't stop me from having friends over..."

"Son, I was teasing," mom said smoothing my long hair back, "You need a haircut," she clucked, changing the subject.

"Yes ma'am," I agreed. Now was not the time to protest about a little thing like a haircut.

"Breakfast is just about ready Bobby son," gran said then, "I hope you're hungry."

Suddenly I realized I was not only hungry, but starved, and from the look on Sammy's face he felt the same way. As we sat side by side, gran and mom carried in the platters of food, and soon we all had our plates full and were chowing down.

"I really like comin' here," Sammy said between bites, "thanks for invitin' me and all."

"You're welcome," mom said before I could answer, "you're always welcome here Sammy, and I can't wait to see more of your drawings."

"I'll bring some next time, or I could maybe do one for you while I'm here."

"That would be nice, if it's not too much trouble. Do you do people, or just things?"

"Oh sure ma'am, I can do people just fine. I done some of my brother and my ma. You want me to do one of you?"

"Well, I was thinking maybe you could draw Bobby," she said giving me a loving look, "he's growing up so fast, and it would be nice to have a reminder of what a handsome young man he is right now."

"Awww mom," I said blushing.

"Yeah, good idea Mildred, before he loses his good looks," gramps teased.

"Oh hush old man, Bobby will always be handsome," gran said patting my hand, he takes back after his momma.

I'd never really thought about it, but I guess I did look more like my mom and her side of the family than I did my dad's. I wondered about that some, but it didn't really seem important at the time.

"I could draw Bobby just fine. I can remember just how he looks. I'll do it right after breakfast."

We finished our breakfast, and as always we boys were shooed away, this time so Sammy could do his drawing. Despite saying he could draw me from memory, Sammy had me pose by the barn and he sat on the ground a few feet away and went to work.

I became restless and kept shifting around, but Sammy didn't seem to be bothered by it as he continued to scratch away at the fresh piece of paper my mom had given him. Unlike the paper I'd given him, this paper was white and unlined, and perfect for drawing on.

Thirty minutes passed and I was ready to scream by then, but I knew this was important to both Sammy and my mom, so I kept quiet. Fortunately a few minutes later Bobby got up, and without showing me the drawing first, he walked into the house, leaving me standing there gaping at his retreating figure.

I hurried to catch up and found him in the living room with the adults showing off his newest masterpiece.

"Hey, don't I get to see?" I protested.

"Oh Sammy, this is so good," mom said, ignoring me.

"Son, that's a fine looking drawing," gran added, "a spitting image of our Bobby boy."

"I take back what I said before," gramps said, "a man who can draw this good oughta'' be able to make a living at it."

"Can I see?" I insisted, "after all it's me in the picture."

"Oh sure," Sammy said, taking the drawing and handing it to me as if it was no big deal at all.

I studied the drawing for a moment, then frowned. Was this really what I looked like? Oh sure, I'd seen pictures of myself. Each year at school we had pictures taken, and I had copies of all of those in my album in my room, but the boy in this picture looked like a stranger to me. True, it had been a while since I'd had a picture taken, so maybe I had changed. Maybe what had happened with me and Will had changed my looks or something, or maybe I was just growing up.

Without explaining I took the drawing and headed to the bathroom where there was a full length mirror on the back of the door. Holding the drawing in my hand and looking back and forth between it and the mirror I concluded
that Sammy had captured my looks exactly, but that until that moment I hadn't really known how I looked.

The boy in the mirror and the boy in the drawing were the same, but somehow Sammy's rendering had brought out details that the mirror ignored. In the drawing I was smiling, yet I had a serious look on my face, and though I knew I wasn't ugly by any means, the boy in the drawing seemed way cuter than how I perceived myself.

Returning to the living room I sat down heavily by my mom and handed her the drawing.

"Well, do you like it?" Sammy asked, looking hurt.

I nodded, "I think the drawing looks more like me than the face I see in the mirror every day. I know that don't make no sense, but that's how I feel. It's like you drew moren' just my looks, you drew,"

"Your heart and soul," mom finished for me, "I saw that too. Sammy, you have a rare gift. You can see inside someone and draw that part of them that doesn't show on the outside. Maybe I'm not explaining it right either, but there is something very special about the way you drew Bobby."

"Aww, thanks," Sammy said blushing, "I could draw you too, ifn' you want."

"I think this is enough for today," mom said, "why don't you boys go and enjoy yourself. Sammy, if you'd like to stay for supper we'll drive you home afterwards."

"Yes ma'am, I'd like that," Sammy said happily.

As soon as we were out of earshot I turned to Sammy and said with a grin, "Think you'd wanna stay tonight too?"

"Heck yeah," Sammy said beaming, "think your ma would let me?"

"Leave it to me," I said grinning mischievously.

"Okay, I trust ya'. I guess you know your ma bettern' I do. So, what can we do now?"

Before I could answer I heard the back door slam shut, followed by gramps coming down the porch steps and heading our way. From the look on his face he was on a mission and we soon found out what it was.

"That darn cow tinkerbell somehow managed to get through the fence and she's clear down to the Hadley's place now. Bill Hadley just called and said they had tied her up and we should come and get her before the kids got too attached to her," he added the last with a chuckle.

"Are you gonna drive the truck over?" I said, wondering how he would get Tinkerbell back in the truck.

"No, we'll have to drive the tractor to the south pasture and go through the fence then bring the goshdurned thing back through and fix the fence."

"Uh, can me and Sammy come with ya'?" I asked timidly.

"Yes, I'll need your help, but let's hitch up the hay wagon so there'll be room for the roll of fencing and my tools."

The hay wagon was about 8 feet long and about 4 wide and had a wooden floor and sides. The back end was open though and on the one occasion I'd ridden in it I'd sat in the back with my legs hanging over the end, and that's how Sammy and I rode that day. Behind us was a roll of fence wire, gramps' wooden tool tote with his hammer, fence pliers, and such, and a big box of fence staples and some nails as well as two fence posts, just in case we needed them.

The ride was pleasant in the cool December air, and as we rode along I suddenly wondered what Will was doing at that very moment. I felt a sort of physical ache when I thought about him and when I was apart from him, but having Sammy there helped to keep my feelings at bay.

"Too bad we didn't get to drive the tractor," Sammy said then.

"We might still get too, once we get Tinkerbell back to the barn."

"Tinkerbell," he laughed, as if this was the first time he'd heard her name, "why'd you name her that?"

"It was me that started callin' her that," I said proudly, "when I first got here I noticed she was the only one of the cows that had a bell on. Gramps said the rest kept losing them or scraping them off, all except her, so I started calling her Tinkerbell, cause I think she likes the sound of that bell."

Sammy laughed and shook his head, "But wasn't Tinkerbell some fairy or something?"

"Yeah, in Peter Pan, but I called her that cause of the tinkling sound the bell makes."

"Oh,'re a genius," he said jumping me and pushing me to the floor of the trailer and tickling me.

"Boys, settle down back there. Don't want one of ya' fallin' out, I'd have to keep right on driving to the end of the earth if that happened, cause I could never face your mama's again."

"Okay, gramps," I said giving Sammy a warning look.

He just smiled and shrugged, "Later Tinkerbell," he laughed.

"Grrr..." I said gritting my teeth, "Tinkerbell is a cow dummy."

"I know," he said apologetically, "sorry."

"It's okay," I said, feeling bad for overreacting, "I know you was kidding."

We arrived at the fence line about then, and when the tractor stopped, Sammy and I hopped off the wagon and joined gramps to survey the damage.

"Not as bad as I thought it would be," he said looking the fence over, "this one rail rotted out and she probably rubbed against it and the whole thing crashed down. Lucky she didn't get her hoof caught in the wire. Boys, that cow may be smarter than we figured," he chuckled, "We better be careful or she may steal the tractor and go for a joy ride."

That got me and Sammy to laughing, and we were still laughing by the time we climbed through the hole in the fence and started toward the Hadley's.

Now I'd been to the Hadley's before, but we always drove, and two miles is a lot further when you're walking. I was glad Sammy was with us, because he kept my mind off having to walk so far across pasture land that was barren and rutted this time of year.

We could see the house way before we got there, and apparently the Hadley's could see us too, cause suddenly what looked like a swarm of locusts came toward us, and soon we were surrounded by little Hadleys.

"Hello kids," gramp said smiling, "I hear you got our old cow over here. She been behavin'?"

The oldest boy, Johnny, spoke up then and the others gathered around to listen too.

"She ain't been no trouble at all, Mr. Miller. She's gentle with the little kids, and Becca plumb fell in love with her," he said grinning.

"It's a nice Moo Cow," the little blond hair girl said then with a big smile.

Gramps stooped down to look her in the eye and said, "Well I'm glad you like her sweety pie. She's a sweet old gal herself, gives lots of milk too."

Becca frowned, "She has milk?"

Gramps laughed, "Maybe you better let your mama explain that one," he said blushing, "Now, suppose you kids lead me to the runaway," he added chuckling.

The adult Hadleys met us at the back of the house where Tinkerbell was tied to the clothesline by a short rope, and when she saw us she gave a bellow and started toward us only to be stopped by the rope.

"Hey girl," I said patting her thick rump, "what you doin' running away from home. Don't we feed ya' enough," I joked.

"Cows are just like humans sometimes," Mr. Hadley said, "they want to see what's on the other side of the fence."

"Ain't that the truth," gramps chuckled, "well I hope she wasn't too much trouble."

"No sir, not at all, but I knowed she had to be yours, cause ain't nobody else close by with cows."

"Don't suppose you got a bucket?" gramps said looking at Mr. Hadley and grinning.

"Why sure, what did you have in mind Tom?"

"Becca here doesn't seem to know where milk comes from, so I was thinkin', if it's all right with you, we might just show her, and you all could have some fresh milk tonight."

"Well, I reckon that'd be fine," Mr. Hadley said, picking up his little girl and giving her a hug, "Becca sweety, you wanna see how Mr. Miller can milk this here cow and make milk?"

"Uh huh," she said laughing, "I like milk, but I didn't know it came from moo cows."

Johnny had run off to get the bucket, and soon we were taking turns milking Tinkerbell. It was a good thing that Tinkerbell made so much milk, cause gramps had already milked her early that morning, but she was ready to go again, and there was half a bucket by the time we were done.

"That's funny," Becca said leaning down to get a good look at Tinkerbell's udders, "that's her titties, ain't it?"

We all laughed then, but most of us kids were blushing too. Then our faces got even redder when she added, "Does mama's titties got milk in em' too?"

"Mrs. Hadley turned pale, then scooped Becca up and took her into the house, no doubt to have a little talk about titties, and what to say or not say in front of mixed company.

After thanking Mr. Hadley, we led Tinkerbell away and the younger Hadley's accompanied us most of the way back to our farm. We managed to get Tinkerbell through the fence without any problems and she wandered on back to the barn without even so much as saying thank you.

It only took us about a half hour to fix the fence back up, and while we were out there we swung by the water trough and checked it out too.

"Well, I guess you boys are wantin' to drive now," gramps said as if he could read our minds.

"Yes sir, if it's all right," I said beaming.

"You ever driven a tractor Sammy?"

"No sir, but I reckon I could learn."

"Well, should we give him a try Bobby?" gramps chuckled.

"Yes sir, but I was thinkin', maybe if I went first he could watch what I do, and maybe learn a little that way."

"That's a fine idea son," he chuckled, "I'll just stand back here and watch. Sammy you stand on this side so you can see what Bobby's a doin'."

Even though I'd only driven the tractor a few times, it was like riding a bicycle, you never forgot how to do it. I showed Sammy everything I'd learned as gramps watched and listened, never saying a word. Either I had told Sammy everything right, or gramps just wasn't going to make me look bad in front of my friend, but I figured if I said or did anything that was too wrong, he'd speak up.

We started off along the fence line, and I showed Sammy how to turn the wheel slowly and not make the mistake I had when I'd swerved to avoid the big rock that first time. Sammy seemed to be absorbing everything I was telling him, nodding occasionally, and asking me little questions along the way.

When we got even with the pond, I suggested we switch places and Sammy could drive us back to the barnyard. I knew it was smooth sailing all the way there and pretty much a straight path, and I wanted Sammy's first time to be a good one.

I switched places with Sammy and then gramps moved to the left and I got on the back. Sammy looked at gramps as he started the tractor, his grin filling his whole face, and when he pulled the lever down to engage the gears he licked his lips and said, "Well, here goes. Hang on for dear life."

Then Sammy let up on the clutch and the tractor lurched forward and died. Now some kids might have laughed or tried to make him feel bad, but I wasn't that kind of kid. I remembered how Will had encouraged me and made me want to try again and do better, and how proud he had been when I succeeded, and I wanted to be that kind of friend to Sammy.

"That's okay," I said quickly, "that happens sometimes. Just push the clutch back down and start it again. Now, just ease up on the clutch real slow...yeah, like that..."

Soon Sammy got the hang of it, and he was driving as well as me or Will had. Gramps was content to keep quiet and let me instruct Sammy on how to drive, and later I found out he told mom and gran that I was a natural born leader and that he was very proud of the way I had handled myself that day.

Sammy parked the tractor near the barn and we helped gramps unhitch the wagon and roll it into the barn till we needed it again. By then we were getting a little cold and some hot cocoa sounded good, so we went inside to hit gran up for some.

Gramps and gran had coffee while Sammy and I sipped our delicious hot cocoa with marshmallows, while mom enjoyed a cup of tea. We talked about nothing and everything, about the farm, the weather, and finally about Christmas which was only a few weeks away.

"I got my eye on a tree out by the north fence," gramps said sipping his coffee. He liked it strong with two lumps of sugar, while gran liked her's with cream and one lump. I'd tried coffee once and found it disgusting, but that would change as I got older.

"How big is it gramps?" I asked excitedly. Last year we'd had a 7 foot tree that was so big around we barely had enough lights and tinsel for it.

"Maybe a little tallern' that one last year, but not so fat. It's a pretty thing, full, and even all around. I figure to dig it up next weekend, does that sound about right?"

"Yes," I said before mom or gran could answer, "that's only two weeks before Christmas, right?"

"Too bad you won't be here to help decorate it," mom said giving me a serious look.

"What, why not? OH...oh, I'm supposed to go to Will's house," I said slapping my forehead, "Well, what if I have Will over Friday night and we can decorate the tree on Saturday, then I can spend the night at Will's on Saturday?"

Gramps chuckled, "I tell you the boy can think on his feet, maybe he will be a politician some day, and that would be a first, an honest politician."

"I'll let you and Will work it out," mom said easily.

"Yes ma'am, thank you," I said giving my mom a hug, "I'll talk to Will about it on Monday."

"Boy, sure sounds like fun," Sammy said wistfully.

"Yeah, and we decorate the house too," I said excitedly, "Last year we even put lights up around the front porch. Even though no one else can see em', they're nice to look at when we're up early milking and stuff."

"We don't ever put up no lights, but we do have a Christmas tree. This year ma says we're gonna' go to the Lions Club lot and pick one out instead of chopping down our own."

"We don't chop our tree down," I said in horror, "gramps digs it up and we put it in a big bucket and it stays alive. Then after Christmas we replant it, and that way it can go on growing and we didn't kill a tree."

"That's neat," Sammy said smiling, "I wish we could do that."

"I might be able to help with that," gramps said looking thoughtful, "there's lots of good trees on the farm, maybe your daddy and me could dig one up and I could show you how to keep it livin', then come New Years you can plant it in your yard and have a nice tree all year long."

"Really?" Sammy said excitedly, "I'll ask ma and pa when I get home, but I bet they'll like that idea. Uh, how much would you charge us?" he added looking worried.

"Son, neighbors don't charge neighbors for helpin' out. All I ask is you take good care of the tree and let it go on livin' once Christmas is over."

Sammy brightened back up, "Yes sir, I bet we can do that just fine."

"You know..." I said thinking quickly, "putting up those lights on the porch takes two people and it's really not too early. Maybe me and Sammy could do that today, but of course it'd be late when we were done..."

"So, you think Sammy needs to spend the night again?" mom chuckled. I never could hide anything from her, and that made me wonder if she suspected me and Will were more than just friends.

"Well," I sighed, "that's up to you and his folks..."

"Land sakes sonny boy, why don't you just come out and ask if you was a wantin' Sammy to stay tonight?" gran laughed, "one more ain't gonna make no difference. Do you like stew and cornbread Sammy? Cause that's what we're havin' tonight."

"Yes ma'am, I love stew and cornbread, specially' the way you make it," he said, even though as far as I knew he'd never tasted either.

"Well, I'll call your momma," my mom said surprising me, "I have some things I need to discuss with her anyway."

I wondered what mom had to talk to Mrs. Granger about, but I was too happy about Sammy spending another night to really worry about it.

"Come on Sammy," I said when we'd finished our cocoa, "let's go see if we can find those lights. I think we stored em' in the barn, right gramps?"

"Yes son, in the loft. Should be a couple of apple crates of em' with a tarp thrown over em'."

We rushed off to the loft and found the lights right away, but I could tell Sammy had other things on his mind. He kept looking around, and finally he turned to me with a grin and said, "You think your gramps will come lookin' for us?"

"Naw, he's relaxin' right now. He'll let us do this alone, why?" I asked, not making it easy for him.

"Well, it's private up here and my pecker is hard..."

I laughed, "I think it's always hard. What you wantin' to do, jack off?"

"Yeah, or...somethin' better if you wanna."

"We don't wanna make a mess like last night," I chuckled.

"Naw, but we could jack each other off and let it fly into the hay."

"Okay, I reckon that would be all right, but we need to hurry cause I want to get the lights up before it gets too dark."

"Okay, it won't take long," Sammy said, already unbuttoning his jeans.

We lowered our pants first, and I noticed how full Sammy's borrowed underwear were. It gave me a little tingle to know that Sammy's pecker was resting inside the underwear where my own pecker had rested many times. There was something very exciting and sexy about a boy in just his underwear, and I savored the sight a moment longer as I fondled my pecker through the soft fabric of my own underwear.

When Sammy finally lowered those white briefs the spell was broken and I followed his lead releasing my hard pecker which popped up like it was on a spring. Sammy giggled at the sight, then moved closer and without speaking at all he reached over and grabbed my pecker and pulled the skin back. My pecker was wet on the end and I wondered about that, not knowing about pre-cum yet, but when Sammy smeared the drop of liquid around my dick head I almost fainted from the good feeling.

I fumbled for Sammy's dick but he pushed my hand away surprising me, "Let me do yours first, then you can do mine. I want to do something different this time."

I was too far gone by then to care what he did, but I had wanted to feel his dick like before. I guessed I'd have to wait and see what he had in mind before I got to do that though.

"Let me get behind you," he said, his voice sounding deeper and husky.

"Oh, okay," I said, wondering what he was up to.

He had to shuffle around to get into position since his pants and underwear were around his feet, then I heard him fumbling around with his clothes, and then he was pressing against me. I could feel the soft cotton of his borrowed underwear rubbing against my butt and the hardness inside them, and that really got me horny.

When he reached around me and grabbed my dick I finally figured out what he was going to do. Of course I had no idea what a "reach around handjob" was back then, but that was what Sammy had in mind. I don't know where he'd learned that or if it was just something he'd thought up, but as soon as he began I knew this was something I would want to show Will at the first opportunity.

"That good?" Sammy whispered in my ear. I could feel his ragged breath on my neck and it smelled of cocoa and marshmallows. To this day those two aromas can still get me aroused.

"Yeah," I hissed as he pressed harder into me and sped up his hand action.

"OH, oh..." I moaned and only a few minutes after he'd started I was shooting my thin watery cum onto the hay strewn floor.

Sammy milked the last few drops out then ran his hand along my shaft as before, wiping up as much of my sperm as possible before finally releasing me.

"Okay, my turn," he said lustily, "You can leave your underwear down if you want. I just didn't want to scare you and make you think I was tryn' to butt fuck you," he giggled.

"I better pull em' up," I said, and my pants.

"Aww...okay," Sammy said sounding disappointed.

"Well, I guess I could just pull up my underwear."

Sammy spun around presenting his now naked butt to me, and I looked at it as if for the first time. It was pale like the rest of him, but not nearly as skinny as I'd thought. He had a fair amount of fat there that made his twin globes stick out a little, and I was tempted to reach out and give them a squeeze. Instead I scooted up to them and almost immediately my dick began to get hard again just from the feel of his warm soft butt through my underwear.

I reached around to find Sammy's dick was wet with my cum and some spit he had placed there, and I began to jack him off as he had me. I could feel him push back against me as I jacked him and I was aware of a tingling sensation in my dick as his butt massaged it. I swear I felt like I could come again, but before that happened Sammy let out a low moan and began to shoot his cum out like a cannon. Well, it was more like a squirt gun, but it was impressive to my 12 year old eyes.

"Oh man, that felt good," Sammy said reaching down and grabbing my hand and bringing it to his mouth. Then before I could react he was licking his own jizz from my hand.

For some reason that was almost as erotic as pressing against his butt and I was once again in danger of coming for a second time. However, Sammy made quick work of the mess on my hand then turned his attention to his dick and began to wipe it off, slinging some of the gooey liquid onto the floor and licking the rest off his hand.

Eventually we pulled our clothes back into place, and just like that, the sex was forgotten and we were back on track to get the Christmas lights hung. There was a rope in the loft for lowering heavy items down rather than carrying them down the ladder, and we used it to gently lower the boxes of lights down then climbed down and carried them to the porch.

Only then did gramps join us, but that was mostly to inform us of where the electrical outlet was and to remind me to get the step ladder out of the barn. He watched us for a while then went back inside, satisfied to let us do the job alone this year.

Sammy was so excited that he kept rattling on non-stop about the lights, the tree gramps had promised him, and the hope that this Christmas would be better than last year since his dad was making much more money this year. I kept up my end of the conversation, but I couldn't help but think about what had just gone on with Sammy and me in the barn and what it all meant. Was I a fag? Did it matter? Was my love for Will more than just about sex, or was it real? I knew I liked Sammy and I enjoyed the sex part, but I didn't have the same kind of feelings for him that I had for Will. My feelings for Will were exciting, but confusing. I had always enjoyed his company and we had been close practically from the first time we met. Now I found myself thinking about him almost all the time, and though I was enjoying Sammy's company, I really missed Will and couldn't wait to see him again.

"Well, how does that look?" Sammy asked, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"What? Oh, that one end is sagging a little, pull the string a little tighter."

By five we had the lights up, and since it was a cloudy day and it got darker earlier that time of year, we got a chance to see the lights lit up. There were a few burned out bulbs, but we had extras and we soon had them replaced and everything looking fine.

I guess the grownups had been watching us from inside, because pretty soon they wandered out to admire our work and complimented us on what a good job we'd done. Sammy was all smiles by the time we finally carried the empty boxes back to the barn and stowed them in the corner till we needed them to pack up the lights after New Years.

The temperature had been dropping all day and by the time we finally went in for supper the wind was blowing out of the North and we were shivering from the cold. Mom told us that Sammy's mom had okayed his staying over, and that they would pick him up some time tomorrow afternoon.

The stew was hot and full of meat and the cornbread was so sweet it was almost like cake. We washed it down with tall glasses of milk and still had room for dessert, granny's bread pudding. This was one more dish that had caused me to appreciate raisins. Granny's bread pudding was chock full of them, and so delicious it was hard to stop at just one helping. She always topped it with warm vanilla sauce and gramps said it was what made us all so sweet natured.

After supper, Sammy and I went to my room, but not before we were warned to take a shower before we went to bed. We decided to do what we'd done the night before and put our showers off till later. We played cards for a while, then I suggested Sammy do another drawing, and he gave me a mischievous look. I had no idea what he was up to till I saw the final result of his drawing that day, but I still get hard just thinking about it.

I read comics while Sammy drew and when I asked to see what he was drawing he refused to let me, and told me to just wait till he was through. I suspected he might be doing another drawing of me from the way he kept looking my way, but I just kept quiet and waited.

A half hour passed then he stood and looked at what he'd drawn and a wicked smile broke out on his face, "Here, you can give this to your girlfriend, if you ever get one."

I accepted the piece of paper but my eyes were locked on his, trying to figure out what he meant, then my eyes drifted down to the paper in my hand and I almost dropped it in shock. The figure was definitely me, but I was naked and sporting a hardon. Not only was I naked and my dick hard in the picture, but he had added length to my dick and made my balls bigger too, then crowned them with a patch of dark, wiry pubes. The figure was me all right, but my dick and balls were that of someone much older and more developed.

"That's not me," I said in shock, "I'm not that big..."

"You will be someday," he giggled, "I just speeded things up."

"What am I going to do with this?" I said worriedly, "what if my mom or gran saw it? I'd die."

"Yeah, well...we can burn it or something," he suggested, "or you can give it to Will to keep," he giggled, "I bet he'd like it."

"What? Why do you think that?" I sputtered.

"OH, well...cause he likes you a lot, I can tell, and you like him too."

"Well, sure. We're best pals," I said defensively.

"Okay, yeah...I know," he said dismissively, but I could tell he wanted to say more.

I held the drawing up again and looked at it, and suddenly I was aware of a fullness in my pants that hadn't been there earlier. Was I boning up over my own damn naked body? Well, it wasn't like I hadn't looked at myself in the mirror and done that before, but this was different, somehow almost creepy.

"You gotta boner," Sammy giggled, "let me see it again," he said moving up beside me and placing his hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah, that's a nice dick you got there," he giggled, "I'd like to jack that off. That's about the size of my cousin's."

"Really?" I said, curious now about him and his cousin.

"Yeah, that's why I ain't never gonna let him butt fuck me. It'd split me open like a watermelon," he joked.

"That's nasty anyway," I said making a face.

"Naw, it's fun," he said, then blushed, "I mean...I guess it'd be."

"Wait, you've done it, haven't you?" I said, knowing full well I was right.

"Well..." he said looking down at his feet, "my cousin wanted me to, and well I thought I'd just try it, but I told him he couldn't do it to me on acount of he was too big, and he said that was okay and so I did it to him."

"Wow, how did it feel. Was it messy, did you get shit on you?"

"It felt great and we used vaseline and there weren't no shit cause he was clean back there."

"Oh wow, but he wants to do it to you, don't he?"

"Yeah, but I told him not till my pooper was bigger," he giggled.

"Wow, that's something," I said, not sure how I felt about it, but my traitorous dick was throbbing in my pants anyway.

"You could probably do it to me," he said suddenly, throwing me completely off guard.

I'd never really thought of anything like that before, but I was pretty sure that if I ever did anything that serious I'd want it to be with Will.

"No thanks," I said making a face.

"Oh, okay...sorry," he said blushing.

"No, it's okay. I just like what we do, that's all, and I don't wanna do anything that serious."

"Yeah, that's fine. So, what are you gonna do with the drawing?"

"Dunno, frame it and put it up on my wall," I teased, "maybe no one will notice."

He was laughing hysterically by then and I couldn't help joining in. When the laughter died down I was confronted with the problem of what to do with the drawing for real, and I had no answer. As much as I wanted to tear it into a million pieces or burn it, I wanted to keep it just as much, and to show it to Will. Could I keep it hidden long enough to show Will, then destroy it later? In the end I decided there was really nothing I could do about it that night. I couldn't just go downstairs and throw it into the fireplace, and tearing it up was unthinkable. What if one little piece wound up being discovered? No, I'd have to think this thing through. Meanwhile I knew the perfect place to hide it.

Grabbing one of the extra folders I had from my desk I placed the drawing inside it and grabbed my desk chair and carried it to my closet. Sammy followed me with a curious look but didn't ask what I was doing till I pushed the chair into my closet and climbed into it.

"What's up there?"

"It's a door into the attic. There's nothing up there but dust and trash, it's too small for storing anything, but sometimes I hide stuff up here." then pushing up the wooden door which was about 30" square and rested on the lip of the 2x4's that framed out the hole. Once the door was up I fished around till I found the shoe box I kept up there and brought it down.

"What's in there?"

"Not much right now, but this picture will fit in here and no one will find it here." I hopped down and opened the lid of the shoebox and we both peered inside, "oh that's where I put that," I laughed as I fished out the pocket knife my dad had given me when I was about 8. Mom had thrown a fit, and I pretended that I lost it, but I'd kept it hidden and when we moved to the farm and I'd discovered I had my own private hidey hole I'd moved it to the shoebox.

Turning the knife over in my hand I was suddenly overcome with sadness. My dad had loved me, that I never doubted, but he never seemed to have time for me. Like most boys I'd loved my dad and looked up to him, and I struggled to be the kind of son he wanted so I could earn his love and some of his time, but I guess I felt like I'd failed. Then he'd died, and I knew I'd never get a chance to ever make that happen. I'd never really grieved like I should have, and I guess part of that was because I was angry at my dad. Angry because he never had time for me, and angry cause he'd left us all alone and I'd never get to be the son he wanted.

I was dripping tears as I sat down heavily in the chair and buried my head in my hands.

" okay? I'm sorry bout the picture, don't cry. I'll get rid of it."

"It's not that," I sobbed, "It, it's my dad..." I said breaking down completely, "he gave me this..." I said holding up the rusted little pocket knife with it's pearl handle.

"Oh, that's a nice one," he said stooping down and leaning on my knees, "you miss im' doncha'?"

I nodded, "But it wasn't like he even knew I was alive," I sniffed, my anger returning.

"Aww...that's not true. He gave you that nice knife didn't he?"

"Yeah, and mom hated it, and I had to keep it hidden. They fought over that, and so I pretended I lost it and that made my dad mad at me. He said I couldn't be trusted to have things like that and that really hurt me. I hid it to protect him and he was mad at me." I wiped at my eyes and realized I had snot coming out of my nose.

Sammy noticed too and hopped up and grabbed some tissues and handed them to me. I blew my nose and I felt some better, but I was a little embarrassed that I'd carried on like that in front of Sammy.

"Sorry," I said sniffing back some snot. Then standing, I placed the folder with the naked drawing in it but kept the knife out. I wasn't sure exactly why I needed that little knife, but I was sure I was doing the right thing.

"Think your mom and grands are asleep?" Sammy said once I'd put the trap door back in place and returned the chair to my desk.

"Yeah, I'll grab us some clean underwear."

"These are just fine," Sammy protested, "I don't want to use up all your clean ones."

"It's fine Sammy, I got plenty," I assured him.

We showered as we had the night before, even washed each others backs, but there didn't seem to be any sexual tension like there had been the first time. Maybe it was because we'd messed around earlier, but I suspected it was because of my emotional breakdown. I still felt a little shaky, and I hated being exposed that way in front of my friends, especially one as new as Sammy, but I was still a kid and I didn't have a lot of control when it came to my feelings.

We dried off and dressed in our undies and padded back across the hall to my room and piled into my bed. It was only about 9 by then, but I was suddenly very tired. It had been a busy day, and my little sob fest had drained me completely. I was a little disappointed that Sammy and I might not get to fool around some more, but sleep overtook me before I could worry too much about it.

I awoke sometime later to the feel of something warm and soft pressed against my backside. It was still dark outside and the room was cold, and I was glad for the warm quilt and even gladder for the warmth of Sammy's body against mine.

I sighed and took stock of what I was feeling. Not only was Sammy pressed against my backside, his hard dick was pressed into the crack of my ass and his arm was draped over me and resting in my lap. Further examination found that I was hard as well, and that Sammy was slowly rubbing the lump in my underwear.

"You awake now?" Sammy whispered.

"Yeah," I whispered back.

"Good, want know?"

"Yeah, if you do."

"Yeah, I do. I'm awful horny," he giggled.

"What you wanna do?"

"Can we do that one thing where we rub on each others butt?"

"Okay, but under the covers, cause it's cold."

"Yeah, that's fine. Hey, is the lotion still in here?"

"Yes," I said, wondering if my mom had missed it yet.

"Okay, who goes first?"

"You can," I said feeling generous.

"Okay," he said scooting away to allow me to roll onto my tummy.

It took some maneuvering to get into position and the covers pulled up over us so we were cozy, but when we had it all worked out Sammy went to work. This time he seemed less desperate and I noticed that occasionally the tip of his pecker would rub across my b-hole causing a pleasant tingling feeling. Was this what it felt like to be butt fucked? I wondered, Or was that a whole different thing? I couldn't imagine anything as big as a pecker going in there, but I guessed it was possible. Maybe it just took some work and getting used to.

"Oh Bobby, that feels good," he hissed, "do you like it?"

"Yes," I said quickly, in a voice so low and filled with lust that it caused me to shiver.

"Good," he said nuzzling my ear as he laid down on top of me. Now he was moving faster and pressing harder, and his dick was grazing my pucker with every stroke. I was aware of my own hard dick pressing into the mattress, and with each of Sammy's thrusts it rubbed against the warm sheet sending pleasant feelings throughout my body.

"I'm gonna come," Sammy gasped as he pressed hard against me.

I felt the wet warmth of his release as he rubbed out his orgasm, then he went limp, his entire weight pressing down on me. As light as Sammy was, it was no big deal to support his weight, and I actually liked the feel of his naked body against mine.

Eventually he rolled off and grabbed a sock from beside the bed and cleaned both of us up before rolling onto his stomach and arching his back.

"Sure you don't want know, put it in me?" Sammy said as I moved into position.

Why was he so desperate for someone to butt fuck him? I wondered, Was he hoping to get stretched out enough for his cousin?

"I don't think so, this is fine," I said as I slipped my slick dick into his crack.

"Okay, but if it slips in, well, that's all right," he giggled.

It didn't slip in that night, but I did get quite a sensation as my dick rubbed against his puckery hole. I think I took even less time than Sammy to come, but I didn't make quite as big a mess. After cleaning us up, we snuggled back down under the covers and were soon fast asleep, still naked.

Morning came and the sound of rain hitting the window told me it was going to be an inside day. If it kept this up we might even get some snow or sleet, but so far we'd been lucky this year and the weather had been unseasonably warm.

"Uh..." Sammy moaned, "do we have to get up now?"

"Naw," I said snuggling back into him and feeling his soft warm skin against mine, "it's still early. Gramps gets up early and milks the cows, but he always lets me sleep in, especially if I have company over."

"Okay," Sammy said yawning. He was quiet for a few minutes then he moaned again, "Damn, I need to go pee now that I'm awake."

"Me too," I laughed, "but then we can go back to bed."

We found our underwear and tip toed to the bathroom and peed side by side, then headed back to my room. The house was cooler than usual and my room was freezing, so the warm covers felt good as we snuggled back into bed. Sammy laid on his side and I spooned up to him, but I didn't feel aroused at all, just content and cozy, and soon we were both asleep again.

The second time we awoke was to the crash of thunder that shook the whole house. My eyes flew open and I could hear the rain coming down even harder now.

"Wow, it must really be stormin'," Sammy said sitting up and looking toward the window.

Glancing over at my alarm clock I could see that it was almost 10 o'clock and I moaned, hoping mom wasn't going to give me grief over sleeping late again. I reluctantly climbed out of bed and got dressed and pretty soon Sammy followed my lead.

We peed again and washed our hands and faces and headed downstairs to the smell of coffee (which I liked even if I didn't drink it) and something else that caused my mouth to water.

"Well, they're still alive," gramps teased, "good mornin' to stay in bed. It's a real gully washer out there boys. Even the cows are stayin' inside today. Glad it's Sunday and I ain't got no more chores till evening. Maybe it'll let up some by then."

"I'll do the evening chores," I promised, "it's only fair," I said slipping into my seat across from gramps.

The heavenly aroma I'd smelled was blueberry muffins, and when we'd appeared gran started cooking scrambled eggs for me and Sammy. The adults had already eaten, but there was left over sausage and fried potatoes which gran had kept warm on the back of the stove.

Soon Sammy and I were chowing down on her delicious muffins and shoveling eggs into our mouths. Sammy seemed more at ease today and kept up a running conversation with gramps when he wasn't complimenting my mom or gran on the food. I could tell that my family liked Sammy a lot, but that's the way they were. They accepted folks as they were and they always made them feel at home. Will was practically one of the family by now, and that was a good thing considering that I was planning on having him around a lot more now that we were boyfriends.

After breakfast, I insisted that Sammy and I do clean up, and for once the women folk let us. Mom and gran retired to the living room and gramps said he was going to take a little nap. Mom was right, gramps was a good role model for me and sometimes I worried that he worked too hard for someone his age. I felt a little guilty that I didn't do more to help around the farm, but with school and my friends, it was hard to devote more than an hour or so a day.

When we had the dishes washed, dried, and put away, and the table wiped down, we decided to see what was on TV. Well, let me tell you, in 1975 there was no cable, and Sunday TV sucked until about 6 in the evening. There were no cartoons, no adventure programs, not even sports that early in the morning. In fact most of the programs were either news programs or religious programs, neither of which interested us in the least.

After giving up on TV, we hauled out the board games and to my surprise gran and mom asked if they could play a game of Monopoly with us.

"Yeah, that would be great," I said excitedly, "Monopoly is a lot more fun with four than two."

"I'm not that good at it," Sammy warned us, "but I like to play anyway."

I chose the race car as my token, Sammy chose the dog, and gran got the hat, and mom took the thimble and we were ready to go. I don't remember who won that day, but I know it wasn't me. All I know is, we had more fun than I ever dreamed I could have with two adults joining in our game. Mom was ruthless and had Boardwalk and Park Place early and made a lot of money off it. She was probably the winner, but gran had some good properties too, though she wasn't as ruthless as mom was.

Sammy hadn't been lying, he stunk at Monopoly, but I think he had as much fun as I did, and by the time the game wound down we were all laughing and joking around. We'd worked up an appetite by then, and gran fixed us boys cocoa, and her and mom had iced tea as we snacked on some cookies from the big old jar gran always kept full.

The ladies wandered off eventually and Sammy and I were left to entertain ourselves, but we were still trying to decide what to do when we heard a car pull into the barnyard. Racing to the door, we were disappointed to see it was Sammy's folks and little brother.

Mom invited them in and offered them a drink, but Mr. Granger said they were on their way into town to eat at then diner and Sammy seemed excited by that fact. I wondered if this was a first for the Grangers, since they'd been sort of hand to mouth, as gramps said, for so long, but I was sure Sammy would fill me in on Monday.

It had stopped raining, but it was cold, and so I said my goodbye to Sammy at the door and then watched as they drove away. It had been a good weekend and I had learned some new things about sex, and about myself. For once I wasn't even upset or worried about being alone. I had some thinking to do and was actually looking forward to some alone time.

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