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Christmas Eve 1975

by Rob Warr

Part 5

Monday I couldn't wait to see Will, to tell him all about my weekend, and discuss our plans for the next one. It was overcast and gloomy looking that day so I was sure his mom would drive him, so after climbing off the bus I waited in front of the school for him.

I sprinted toward his mom's car when I saw it pull into the drop off zone and a few minutes later we were reunited.

It was all I could do not to grab him, and hug him, and plant one on his lips, and he seemed as eager to do that as I was. In fact he kept bumping against me, causing all sorts of tingling feelings in me as we walked toward the school.

"How was your weekend?" I asked excitedly.

"Great, but I missed you," he said, looking around to make sure no one could overhear him, "I got something new to show you when we're alone," he said grinning.

"Neat, me too," I said mysteriously.

"Oh yeah, what?"

"Can't tell ya', gotta show ya',"

"Now I'm gonna go crazy all day trying to figure it out," he sighed.

"Oh, wait...about next weekend. Can you come over Friday night, and me over there on Saturday night? Gramps is gonna go dig up our tree Friday and we can decorate it Friday night," I rattled off quickly, in one breath.

"Yeah, I guess. I don't think mom will care. Sounds fun."

"Great," I said happily, then I told him about me and Sammy putting up the Christmas lights and playing Monopoly with my mom and gran, but not about the sex stuff, that could wait till we were really alone.

"So, what happened with Sammy and Becky?"

"You won't believe it," I laughed, "he tried to touch her panties."

"Her panties? Way to go Sammy," he chuckled.

"Well, anyway she didn't go for it, and I guess they're not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore."

"Oh well, he'll find someone else."

"He said he's sticking to boys for now," I said, wondering if that sounded as weird to Will as it had to me.

"At least we'll let him touch our panties," Will laughed, and I couldn't help but crack up at that.

We'd reached our lockers by then and we dug out our books and split up to go to class. I couldn't wait till lunch so Will and I could spend more time together, but meanwhile we had classes to attend. I had second period with Sammy and we sat together near the back of the room, but we didn't get to talk. Despite my longing to be with Will again, the morning passed quickly and Will met up with us at our lockers and we headed off to the cafeteria.

As usual I'd brought my lunch, a ham and cheese sandwich on gran's homemade bread, and a thermos of her delicious vegetable soup. The soup was still hot and smelled wonderful. I dug in my lunch box to see what was for dessert and found two pieces of cake wrapped in wax paper.

As usual Will went through the lunch line and today's special was hot dogs and tater tots, which was one of the better lunches they served. For dessert he'd picked chocolate pudding and a cookie. Sammy had brought his lunch too, some kind of sandwich and a bag of Freetos, and there was a banana and some Oreos for dessert.

"Man that soup smells good," Will said sniffing the air.

"Want a bite," I said, scooting the thermos his way.

"Okay," he said using the plastic spoon he'd brought to eat his pudding with. Then taking a bite, his eyes went wide and he moaned, "Mmmmm, that is so good."

"You can have the rest if you want it," I said easily. Heck, Will could have anything I had for that matter.

"Naw, just one more bite," he said helping himself, "Want some tots?'

"Naw, I'm not really that hungry," I said taking a bite of my sandwich.

"I told my ma and pa about the Christmas tree your grandpa offered to dig up for us, and they said that was real nice of you all," Sammy said suddenly.

I explained to Will what the deal was and he nodded. He knew that we always had a live tree each year and he'd even helped us plant the one we had last year. We'd planted it in the front yard and it had grown a foot or so since then.

"I'm not even sure we'll have a tree," Will said looking at his last hot dog and sighing.

"Why not?" I asked gently. I couldn't imagine Will not having a tree. The last two years they'd had huge trees that their dad bought at a Christmas tree lot, and they'd decorated it to the hilt.

"Dad always bought the tree and stuff. Mom said she just doesn't have the spirit this year."

"I bet gramps could find you a tree too," I offered.

"We'll see," Will shrugged.

"Your dad still gone?" this from Sammy who'd been listening to us as he gulped down his lunch.

"Yeah, mom got a letter from him, but she didn't let me read it," he said looking sad.

"Maybe he wants to come home," I offered.

"I hope so, but I don't think so."

I shared the cake with both of them, and eventually we finished our lunches and split up again. Will and I went to the boys room to pee and wash up, but it was occupied by two other boys and we didn't get a chance to fool around.

The afternoon passed quickly, and by last period PE I was eager to see Will again, especially watching him change for gym class. Our lockers were side by side and Sammy's was across from ours, but I noticed he was looking our way a lot that day. Maybe he was as horny as we were, or maybe he just felt left out way over there.

When Will stripped off his shirt I tried not to stare, but oh man, his body was just so hot looking. Fortunately he put his shirt on before I popped a boner, and pretty soon we were all three dressed out and ready for whatever coach had for us today.

Since it had started raining, the football team was working out inside, but they had a little area off to the side where they congregated with the football coach. I couldn't help but look their way occasionally and admire their chiseled muscular teenage bodies, and I noticed Will giving them a look now and then too. Of course not all of them were perfect specimens. Some of the guys were big, and actually sort of sloppy looking, but I guess that paid off when you were plowing into the opposing team players. One of the bigger boys was a kid named Jerry McDaniel and I knew him from church, the few times we went. His dad was big in the church, and I think poor Jerry got dragged there every Sunday and Wednesday, plus any other day the preacher wanted his flock there.

I'd never seen him with a girl, and in fact most of the time he seemed to be alone. He didn't even hang out that much with the other jocks, and I wondered if it was because of his religious upbringing or if he was just shy. I liked him, he was a good guy, but other than a few times at church I'd never really talked to him.

That day as we were getting ready for our showers I noticed Jerry hanging around with some of the other football players, and I wondered if we were going to have to share the showers with them today, or if they were going to use the showers in the other end of the building.

Soon everyone but Jerry was gone, and as Will and I stripped down and wrapped our towels around us I noticed Jerry trying hard to look like he wasn't watching us, but I knew he was. I knew because I did that same kind of sideways looking when I was around the other boys.

Maybe he was just curious, or maybe he liked what he saw, but I supposed being so religious he probably wasn't interested in that kind of stuff.

Will and I always waited till most of the other boys were showered and dressed before we took our turn, and that day we headed to the last two shower heads passing Sammy, who was in a hurry for some reason that day. We'd just soaped up when suddenly Jerry came in, a towel wrapped around his waist and a nervous smile on his face.

That towel didn't do much to conceal the bulge there, and I tapped Will who was shampooing his hair, and he turned just as Jerry dropped his towel and took a place at the next shower head.

"Hi guys," he said nervously, "hope it's okay if I shower over here. I brought my gym bag and didn't want to have to walk all the way to the other end of the building."

"It's fine," Will laughed, "not like we don't have the same equipment."

"Yeah, but his is bigger," I muttered to myself, but I guess Will heard me cause he laughed harder.

"How's the team doing this year?" Will asked, making conversation. It only took me a minute to figure out what he was doing, by keeping up a conversation he had a reason to keep looking Jerry's way and checking out his huge pecker.

"Good, we've won all but one game. That's pretty good considering we have so many new players this year."

They continued to talk and I followed the conversation, using that as an excuse to do some looking of my own, and occasionally jumping in the conversation in areas I felt comfortable.

Jerry wasn't exactly fat, I decided once I saw him naked. The extra weight seemed to be mostly muscle, though he did have a bit of a stomach on him, it actually looked good to me. But of course what most interested me and Will was what was swinging between his legs.

I would find out later that Jerry's pecker was actually about average for a 15 year old, but to our eyes it was huge. His pecker was tightly cut with a huge mushroom head, and at the moment it was semi-erect and jutted out at about a 45 degree angle. He had a lot of dark hair just above it, and dangling between his legs were two of the biggest balls I'd ever seen.

Unlike a lot of bigger guys, he didn't have breasts, but his nipples were large, and at the moment seemed to be erect, perhaps because of the water cascading onto his chest, or maybe because of us. Jerry seemed to be checking us out as thoroughly as we were checking him out, and didn't seem to be shy about it now that we'd warmed up to him.

We finally finished showering, and since we were the last boys there, Jerry sat down near us to get dressed. His gym bag held a pair of faded Levi 501's and a woolly looking pullover that made him look even bigger than when he was naked.

He wore boxers beneath his jeans and he seemed to be having a hard time arranging things in there before he finally sat down to skin on his socks. Then he stood to pull on his jeans and button them up quickly before he sat back down to slip on a pair of short boots.

"Well, nice seein' you boys," he said throwing his dirty clothes in his gym bag, "see ya' at church sometime," he said to me, "come sit with me next time, okay?"

"Sure, I'll be there Christmas Eve, maybe I can even talk Will into coming," I said grinning.

"Sure, I'll probably be at your house anyway," Will said easily.

"Yeah, well...see you guys around," he said giving us one last lingering look then heading toward the door.

"What was that all about?" Will laughed, "Was he checking us out as much as we were checking him out?"

"Maybe," I said, then explained what I knew about Jerry and his strict upbringing.

"Oh, that makes sense. Probably hasn't been around too many naked boys," he chuckled.

"Yeah, and we're sooooo hot," I laughed.

"To him we might be," he said sounding serious, then he broke out laughing, "with a pecker that big I bet he'd be popular with the girls."

"I've never seen him even talking to a girl," I said, "do you suppose he likes boys?" I added in an almost whisper. Even though there was no one around, some things you didn't go around shouting about.

"Naw, probably not. Come on, we're running late," he said lacing his tennis shoes then grabbing his gym bag.

His mom was already there, but the bus was running late as usual and Sammy was waiting with some kid I didn't know that well. His name was Freddy and he was in 8th grade, and I wondered how Sammy knew him. Turns out they'd known each other since grade school, but just hadn't hung out that much since Freddy moved to Junior High last year. Now that Sammy was in Junior High too, it seemed that they had reconnected.

I walked Will to his car and said hi to his mom and decided to breach the subject of Will staying over while she was there. She agreed easily and said she'd cook something special for us for my sleepover Saturday night. I was soaring once again as I joined Sammy and Freddy, and soon the bus pulled in.

"Is it okay if Freddy sits with us?" Sammy asked shyly.

"Well sure, that's just fine," I said smiling. It would give me a chance to get to know Freddy better and to admire his 13 year old body up close.

Freddy was blond and blue-eyed, and even I could see that he was beautiful. He had a nice body too, what I would come to think of as a swimmer's body as I got older and learned more, but even fully clothed I could see that he was sexy. He was actually only an inch or so taller than me and his feet looked smaller, as did his hands. If I didn't know he was older I would have thought he was our age or younger, but when he opened his mouth it was obvious that he was much more advanced than any of my group.

"I've known Freddy since we was in first grade," Sammy explained, "but when he went off to seventh grade last year and we didn't go to the same school no more we sort of quit hanging out. Now we're both here and we ran into each other today in the boys room," he said blushing, "and now we're friends again."

Wait, did he say they'd ran into each other in the boys room? Did that mean? No, surely not. He must mean they'd been there to pee and just met by accident.

"That's cool. Friends are good to have," I added thinking of Will.

"Yeah, you and that one kid are always hanging around together," Freddy said smiling, "you guys must be best friends."

"You mean Will?" I said quickly, "yeah, we've known each other since I moved here. We just sort of hit it off when we met, and now we're like brothers."

"Yeah," Sammy giggled, and I almost kicked him.

"What?" Freddy said raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing, they're just good friends," Sammy said, but something unspoken seemed to pass between them as they looked into each others eyes.

"So you only knew each other at school?" I asked changing the subject.

"Yes, Sammy and I hung out a lot at school, but we hardly ever saw each other outside of school."

"Yeah, cause Freddy lived in town," Sammy added quickly, "but now he lives out in that new addition by my house.

"I'd like to come visit you sometime," Freddy said sounding sincere, "and you could come to my house, you too Bobby, and you could bring Will. I have a ping pong table in the garage. Do you play?"

"I've played a few times at church, they have a table in the gathering room. It's pretty fun."

We chatted about all sorts of things that day and I came to the conclusion that Freddy was one of those kids who was friends with everyone, and was genuinely a nice guy. I liked him already, and I'd just met him, and I was sure Will would feel the same.

Sammy's stop came first and when he'd gotten off, Freddy scooted a bit closer and looked over at me and smiled. He had a really nice smile, perfect white teeth and soft looking lips, and dimples at the corner of his mouth. I would have bet all the girls were crazy for him, and maybe a few boys.

" and Sammy been friends long?"

"I've known him a long time, but just lately we started hangin' out." I confessed.

"Yeah, I don't remember seeing you two together till recently."

I explained about him coming to our Thanksgiving dinner, but not about his dad losing his job and all. That wasn't my story to tell, and Freddy just nodded.

"His folks are sorta poor and have a hard time," he said looking serious, "but sometimes they're too proud to accept help . My folks tried to help them one Christmas when I was about 10, and they got really upset with us. I still got Sammy a gift that year though, a new stocking cap, and he cried," Freddy said looking away, "I shouldn't have told you that, he'd be very embarrassed if he knew you knew."

"Naw, he wouldn't," I said shaking my head, "he's seen me cry and we understand each other now. We're real pals."

"That's good, I'm glad," he looked away again and seemed to be thinking, then he turned to me again and said in a shy voice, "I hope you and I can be friends, and Will of course."

"Well sure," I said easily, giving him my killer smile, "I'd like that too, and I know Will would like you. He's about the nicest boy I know," I said blushing.

"Thanks, maybe we can all get together sometime."

"Yeah, sure...just tell us when."

His stop was next, and I watched as he walked up the aisle, then he said something to the bus driver which got a chuckle out of him and he was gone. Having been busy with Freddy and Sammy I hadn't noticed that Michael Wheeler and Craig Johnson were sitting about half way down the aisle on the other side. At that moment they weren't looking my way, but as I continued to stare ahead Wheeler's head swiveled and our eyes met.

He squinted his eyes and mouthed something. I couldn't quite make out what it was, but I was sure it wasn't pleasant. Probably more of the "you are so dead" stuff, and my heart started beating faster. Without Will there I wasn't quite as brave as I'd been the last time, and I was sure that if the two followed me today Wheeler might just make good on his threat to kill me, especially after I'd kicked him in the marbles.

My stop finally came and I gathered up my stuff and headed that way, looking straight ahead and trying not to look as nervous as I was. I guess that's why I didn't see Wheeler's big foot dart out into the aisle till I tripped over it and was flying toward the front of the bus.

My books and papers went everywhere, and when I finally crash landed I'd ripped my jeans and skinned my knee as well as landing on my right arm, the pain shooting through it like hot knives.

"Enjoy your trip?" Wheeler laughed, elbowing his buddy who was laughing, but not as hard, "See ya' next trip."

"Fortunately, the driver, Mr. Daniels had been looking back and saw the whole thing, and he headed my way and helped me up, all the time glaring at Wheeler and his buddy.

"Are you all right Bobby? Oh, that knee is bleeding," he said surveying the damage, "anywhere else hurt?"

I couldn't help it, I was crying, and that made Wheeler laugh even harder, "Oh boo hoo, I fell down mommy," he sassed, just not smart enough to leave well enough alone.

"Wheeler, I saw you trip this boy and I am going to report this to the school and to your folks, so you'd be better off just keeping your yap shut for the time being."

"I didn't do nothin'...." he said, his words trailing off..."my dad will kill me," he mouthed almost to himself.

"Owww...." I squealed as I realized my arm hurt like the dickens, "Its my arm, it really hurts," I whined. Boy did I feel stupid, not only had I tripped over Wheeler's big foot, but I was crying like a six year old.

Mr. Daniels was looking daggers at Wheeler now, "If this boy's arm is broken, you can expect to have charges filed against you," he hissed, "and I'm sure there are plenty of witnesses here who will back up what I saw."

I heard a few yeahs, and for sures, and I figured the other kids were as anxious to get wheeler off the bus and out of their lives as I was.

"I need a volunteer to walk up to Bobby's house and tell his folks what happened so they can come see about him. Who wants to do that for me and Bobby?" Mr. Daniels said calmly.

I was a little surprised to see so many hands shoot up. I guessed I was more liked than I thought, but it was an 8th grade girl named Peggy White that made the trip that day. I sat in the first seat behind the driver, nursing my arm and waiting for what seemed like hours, but eventually I heard grandpa's old Chrysler chugging our way, and when it came to a stop my mom and gramps climbed out. Gramps waited by the car while mom climbed the steps, and when she appeared with that worried look on her face that only mom's can make, I felt bad for making her feel that way.

"I'm okay mom," I said trying to reassure her some, "I just tripped and fell on my arm."

She tenderly probed my hurt arm, and when I yelped at the pain she turned to Mr. Daniels and nodded, "I think it may be broken, thank you for sending someone to get me. I'll have his grandfather take us into town to see the doctor, just to make sure."

"I'm very sorry, Mrs. Williams, I should have told you sooner that some older boys have been bothering Bobby, but I thought it was all over with till today. One of them tripped Bobby today and that's why he fell on his arm," he said looking at her anxiously.

"Who, who did this to my son?" my mom demanded, but she was staring at the other kids on the bus as she spoke.

"I didn't mean for him to break his arm," Michael said before someone could rat him out, "It was just a know?" he said looking as if he was ready to crap his pants.

"Michael Wheeler," my mom said, her eyes boring into the kid, "I know your mother, and she will be very disappointed to hear that you are picking on younger children. What were you thinking?" she said sounding less angry and more confused, "I will be talking to your parents, and to the school about this, you can count on it, and if Bobby's arm is broken, we may just have to get the police involved," she added, looking daggers through him.

Craig Johnson had scooted as far away from Michael as possible, and his eyes were filled with fear and his lips trembled as if he were ready to burst into tears at any moment.

"Just consider yourself lucky that I need to attend to my son right now, or we'd be having our little talk now. Don't even think of pulling a stunt like you did last year and running away. This is a very serious matter and you need to own up to what you have done and face it like a man for a change."

A hush had fallen over the bus and I was glad Michael Wheeler was the one getting that talk and not me, not that I'd ever be guilty of anything that bad, and I think the rest of the kids on the bus felt the same way.

Without another word, my mom gathered up my books and things and led me down the steps and to the car.

"You okay boy?" gramps asked with concern, "I hope the other kid looks worse," he added chuckling.

"I'm fine gramps," I said, but I didn't feel fine, in fact...suddenly I was deathly ill and puking all over the ground.

Gramps was there in a flash, I think he even beat mom who was busy stowing my junk in the back seat, and he held my head while I finished expelling today's lunch and what looked liked several days worth of food.

"Oh daddy," my mom said sounding distressed, "we need to get him to the doctor as soon as possible. I think his arm may be broken."

"Probably just nervous, Mildred," gramps said patting mom, "that's why he upchucked. He'll be fine once we get him to the doc, but we should go tell your momma what's going on so she won't be worried."

Mom nodded, and after wiping my face and mouth with her hanky she helped me into the car, then climbed in beside me and held me as we drove to the house. Gran was waiting at the door, and she already had her purse in hand, so we guessed she had somehow figured out where we were headed.

"Bobby son," she said swiveling to give me a warm smile," you'll be fine son, where does it hurt?"

"My arm," I said grimacing, "I think it's broken."

"Well Doc Phillips will fix you up just fine, and if they have to cast it you can have all your friends sign it," she said, always able to find the good in any situation.

"Yes ma'am," I said, then I leaned into my mom and I don't remember anything else till we arrived at the clinic.

Doctor Wyatt Phillips was in his 40's, and had been my doctor the whole time I'd been living with my grandparents, but before him there had been a Doctor Grey who was in his 70's and finally retired the year before mom and me moved there. At first gramps and gran had been reluctant to break in a new doctor, but after a couple of visits they had accepted that he knew as much as Doc Grey, and maybe a little more.

"Well hello," Miranda, the receptionist said as we entered the little waiting room, "oh dear, what did you do Bobby?" she added when she noticed me holding my arm.

"I fell," I mumbled, "and hurt my arm."

Mom went on to explain what had happened in detail and I could see my gran and gramps cringe a little. Was that a look of fury that came across gramps face? If so it was probably best that he was just now finding out the details.

"Well, you're in luck, Doctor Phillips is just finishing up with a patient so you shouldn't have to wait more than a few minutes."

We sat down and soon, Linda, one of the doctor's nurses, came out and called my name and I hopped up, mom right on my heels. After listening sympathetically as mom explained everything all over again, the nurse took my vitals. She had just finished when there was soft knock on the door followed by Dr. Phillips popping his head inside.

"Hello Mrs. Williams. Hi Bobby, I heard you had a little fall, let's take a look at that arm and see if we need to get some x-rays."

I cringed at the thought of the doctor working my arm over to see if it was broken, but he was actually very gentle, then again it didn't seem to be hurting quite as much now.

"I don't think it's broken," he said after examining me, "just sprained, but just to be sure we'll take an x-ray. Even though Bobby is almost a teenager," he chuckled, "his bones are probably still a little soft and they tend to break less often than older children's do. Just set tight and I'll send Nancy in to take you to x-ray. I'll have her clean that knee wound and bandage it as well," he said giving my leg a soft pat, "Don't worry Bobby, I'm sure you'll be up and running by the time Santa Clause gets here," he added chuckling.

"Thanks," I said giving the doctor a big smile. Up until Doc Phillips, I had always hated going to the doctor, but he had a way of putting me at ease. Maybe it was because he talked to me first, then my mom. Sort of like it was man to man, and that meant a lot to a boy my age.

The x-ray showed no break, and by the time we were ready to go that day my arm was only slightly sore and not the yowler that it had been before. The scrape on my knee was no big deal, heck I'd had worse just from rough housing around with other boys, but I was a little upset that I'd ripped a pair of my good jeans.

Since it was getting late, gramps decided to take us to the Spot Cafe for supper and save gran and mom from having to cook. We didn't eat out often, and of course the food wasn't as good as home cooking, but it was a nice treat to just let someone else wait on us.

It was dark by the time we left the diner, and gramps took us through downtown Crayton to let us see the lights the city had put up, plus all the shops up and down main street were decorated with lights, and everyone had a tree in the window. That really got me in the Christmas spirit and I was eager to get our own tree and get it decorated.

Back at home I discovered I was exhausted and I was glad I didn't have any homework that night. After a hot soaky bath I piled into my bed and a few minutes later mom came knocking on my door. She sat on the bed beside me and smoothed back my hair and looked into my eyes.

Something about that look brought tears to my eyes, and I realized that it must be tough being an adult and worrying about their kids like mom and gramps and gran worried about me.

"Sorry I caused so much trouble," I said feeling the need to apologize, even though technically I hadn't done anything wrong.

"Oh honey, it's not your fault, but..."

Uh oh, I knew what was coming next and I braced myself for the worst.

"Why didn't you tell us you were being picked on? We could have put a stop to it then and saved you all this pain." Her words were gentle and not accusing at all, but I still felt as if I were being chewed out.

"I just didn't want you to worry mom, and besides I thought we had solved the problem," I said without thinking, and that led to me having to explain about the two boys following me and Will that day, and the kick to the balls I'd given Wheeler.

I could tell that mom was trying to keep from laughing, but she managed somehow and kept a straight face as she replied, "Oh Bobby, that was very dangerous. Don't you know that you probably only made that boy madder and more determined to harm you?"

I shrugged, "Mom, it was the only thing I could think of, that kid is way bigger than me and Will and we couldn't fight him, not fair anyway."

"What I don't understand is, why was he picking on you and Will to begin with? Did you have words or something?"

"Well, actually it started with me and Sammy. He called us..." oh my god, what had I done? I couldn't tell my mom what Wheeler had called us...not knowing that it might be true, well, at least in my case.

"Called you what?" she asked gently.

"Uh, just a bad name, that's all."

I was afraid she would keep on hammering at me until I told her, but instead she turned all motherly again and kissed my forehead.

"I'm sorry this happened to you son, but I'll take care of it, and you won't have to worry about that boy again."

"Thanks mom, I'm awfully tired," I said yawning.

"All right dear, sleep tight," she said kissing my cheek this time, then pulling the covers up around me, she turned off the bedside light and left and soon I was sleeping soundly.

I was reluctant to tell Will what had happened to me on the bus, but I knew it would be all over school by the end of the day anyway. Too many kids had seen what happened, and that was juicy gossip for kids our age.

"I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch," Will said, his face bright red. This was exactly why I didn't want to tell him. I knew he'd react that way, cause that was exactly how I would have reacted if it had been him who was tripped.

"Calm down," I said placing an arm on his, "it's not broken, and Mr. Daniels reported it so Wheeler won't be getting away with it this time."

"I hope they kick him out of school," Will said seething, "or put his fat ass in jail."

"Don't worry, my mom is gonna talk to his folks and to the school about it. I just hope she don't embarrass me too much," I said, admitting my worst fear. No kid wants his classmates to know his momma is taking on his bullies, even if almost every kid's mom would do the same thing.

"At least it wasn't your right arm," Sammy suddenly said, jumping into our conversation, "you can still jerk off."

I don't know why that was so funny to me, but suddenly I was laughing so hard I could barely stand up. I guess it was contagious, cause suddenly Will was laughing just as hard. Sammy was laughing too, but not as hard, after all, it was his joke.

Nothing more was said about the incident till lunch period when kids kept coming up to me and telling me how sorry they were about what happened, and that they hoped we'd seen the last of Michael Wheeler. Will acted upset that everyone kept coming up to the table, so eventually I suggested we go outside to finish our lunch.

It was cool, but sunny that day and we found a nice spot where we were shielded from the wind and sat down side by side and picked up where we'd left off. Sammy had stayed inside talking to some other kids at our table, so for the time being we were alone.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you," Will said, finally addressing the real issue here, his need to feel protective of me.

"You can't be there every minute," I said reassured him, "besides if I'd been more careful I would have seen his big feet and not tripped over them."

Will still wasn't convinced that he shouldn't have been there for me, but eventually I managed to change the subject to one less troublesome.

"Last night gramps took us through town and we got to look at all the lights. I can't wait to get our tree up and stuff."

"Yeah, it will be fun," Will said, seeming to be in better spirits now, "I can't wait till we're alone in your bed again," he said raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, me too," I giggled, "first in my bed, then yours."

"Yeah, and I can't wait to show you what I learned."

"Me either," I said grinning, "I just hope it's not the same thing."

"We'll see," Will said grinning back, "meanwhile, I'm not jerking off all week. How about you, can you save it too?"

"Yeah, sure...okay, I can do that," I said, "let's shake on it."

We did our secret handshake to make it official, then went back to our lunches. Soon the bell rang and we swallowed the last bite, threw away our trash, and hurried to our lockers to get our stuff for class.

The rest of the week passed slowly and without further event. By the second or third day I was old news, though there was continuing talk of what punishment Wheeler had gotten. The bad part was that his worst punishment came from his dad, who had beat him up and even broke his arm. Boy, talk about making me feel bad, that was just too much and when I heard what had happened I felt sick enough to puke.

That night I asked my mom if it was true and she sat me down, and for once, she treated me like an adult and told me the whole truth. One reason that the teachers and Mr. Daniels had been so lenient when it came to Wheeler was because they knew his home life wasn't so good. His dad was a big, mean man who drank a lot and occasionally took his frustrations out on his wife and his son.

This wasn't the first time Mr. Wheeler had caused physical harm to his son, but this time he had gone too far, and even his wife turned on him them. She'd rushed her son to the hospital in a nearby town and reported her husband to the police and he was still in custody, since no one was willing to post his bale.

Despite all the trouble his friend had caused him, Craig stuck by Michael's side and was there for him when his mom brought him home sporting a new cast and two black eyes. It was the first time Craig had ever seen Michael cry, and he held him in his arms, and afterwards he called his mom and asked for permission to spend the night.

They didn't mess around that night, but they did cuddle and kiss, and after that night they began to revisit the sex play that had brought them closer in the beginning. They still had a long way to go, but with Michael's monster out of his life his attitude began to change, and given time he might eventually become a decent person.

Wheeler was suspended for three days for his actions against Bobby, but no charges were filed, and even Will was willing to forgive an forget.

On Friday when Michael returned to school he made a special effort to track down Bobby, and he finally cornered him in the lunch room. Craig was at his side, looking nervous, but the smile on his face said that things had changed for the better.

"Uh, um...can I talk to ya'," Wheeler said looking as out of place as a fish out of water.

"What do you want?" this from Will, who was ready to take the kid on single-handedly if necessary.

"It's nothing bad," Wheeler said holding up his one good arm, "I just wanted to umm..say, I'm sorry," he said lowering his head and sniffing back tears.

"It's okay," I said, as embarrassed as the older boy must've been, "I'm sorry about your arm and your dad and all," I added sincerely.

Wheeler shrugged, "He's gone, and mom won't let him come back, so I guess I'm safe now," he said sounding relieved, "but it was wrong of me take it out on you and the other kids. I won't do that stuff no more. I'm really sorry," he said again, "I hope you can...can forgive me."

"I do," I said, wiping at a few tears, "my gramps says it takes a man to admit when he's wrong and to do something about it, so in my book you're okay."

"Thanks," the boy said sniffing once more, "I don't guess you'd wanna...shake my hand."

"Sure, put er' there," I said grinning. It was a bit awkward since Michael Wheeler's dad had broken his right arm, but somehow we managed to make it work. The only blessing was that Michael was left handed so at least he could still write, and jack off.

There was a buzz around the lunch room that day, with many kids not believing that a bully like Wheeler could change so suddenly, but there was hope too. With Craig to watch over him and keep him in line, not to mention love him, Michael Wheeler would eventually lose his reputation as a bully and began to blend in with the other kids.

I was excused from gym class because of my shoulder injury, but coach said it was all right if I sat in the bleachers as long as I didn't try to join in. This suited me just fine since it gave me a chance to watch the other boys workout, especially Will. They played basketball that day, but for a change Will was a shirt, however there were plenty of other half naked guys I enjoyed looking at.

One kid named Rodney really had a great upper body and I wondered if he worked out or if he was just naturally buff. His skin was a little darker than most of the boys, and I think I remember someone saying he had some Spanish blood in him. Whatever the reason, I liked his skin and the stuff that it covered just fine.

Since I didn't work out and get sweaty, there was no need for me to shower, and since Will was coming home with me and could shower at my house, he skipped the showers as well and just got dressed. At the bus Sammy and Freddy joined us and I introduced Will to Freddy.

"Hey, I know you," Will said, his face lighting up, "when Bobby told me he had a new friend named Freddy I didn't realize it was you."

"Hey Will," Freddy said, acting sort of odd. Why hadn't Freddy told me he knew Will?

"This is great," Will said enthusiastically, "so you moved huh?"

"Yes, to Saddleback Estates," Freddy said shrugging. Saddleback was the newest housing addition in town, and though the houses weren't what you'd call mansions, they were very nice. Most of the families who lived there had dads that were in upper management at one of the industrial plants in the area, or who worked in nearby larger towns and had moved to Crayton to escape the city.

"Wow, do you have a pool?" Will asked as we climbed on the bus.

"Naw, dad says they're a waste of money unless you have a big family or lots of friends," he chuckled.

"Well, one way to make friends is to have a pool," Will chuckled, "I'd sure come over if you had one."

"So, you're going home with Bobby?" Freddy swiveling around in the seat in front of us which he shared with Sammy.

"Yeah, we're going to decorate Bobby's tree and stuff, then tomorrow night he's going to come to my house and sleep over."

"That's great. I haven't had a sleepover in a long time," Freddy said sounding sad.

"What about Sammy?" I asked, not liking the interest Freddy was paying my boyfriend.

"We've been talking about Sammy staying over, but so far we haven't actually asked our folks," Freddy said quickly.

"I reckon I can come over most any time," Sammy said sounding excited, "just tell me when."

"I'll talk to my folks about it," Freddy said, then he changed the subject again, and for the rest of the trip he and Will seemed to be engaged in conversation while Sammy and I tossed in an occasional comment.

I sure didn't like the fact that Will and Freddy knew each other before and I was sure gonna have a talk with Will once we were alone.

Sammy's stop was next, and when he was gone Freddy moved back to our seat and scooted in without even asking. I was next to the window and I scooted over as far as I could as Will pressed into me, leaving Freddy on his other side, and they were pressed together just as close as Will and I were. I didn't like this one bit and was learning a new thing about love, it can make you jealous, and I knew jealousy was a really bad thing.

Thankfully Freddy's stop was next, and I was relieved when he said goodbye and headed toward the front. Despite wanting to wait till we were alone to talk I found myself asking the obvious question.

"So you and Freddy knew each other before?"

"Yeah, when he first moved to town he lived on my block and we hung around sometimes. I used to go to his house and play ping pong. That was before we ever met," he added quickly, as if he was finally realizing that I was a little upset with him, "we were just friends, that's all."

"I know," I said trying to sound as if it was no big deal, "I just wondered why Freddy hadn't told me he knew you up front."

Will looked around to make sure no one was in earshot I guess, then he said in a soft low voice, "If you're worried that I like Freddy that way, I don't, but...we did do some stuff. It was a long time ago and no big deal, not like what we do," he added, looking at me and blushing.

"Can we talk about this later, at my house?" I said, not ready to go into this and maybe embarrass myself on a bus half-filled with kids I knew.

"Sure, I'll tell you everything. I ain't got nothing to hide Bobby," he said sounding as if he were pleading.

"I know," I said nodding, "and I ain't got no secrets either. There's some things I need to tell you about me and Sammy though."

"Oh that," I knew you would tell me when we was alone, and I'll tell ya' about me and my cousin," he said grinning.

"Yeah," I said grinning back, "and we can show each other what we learned." I added, forgetting my jealousy and worries about Freddy.

At my place, we headed to the kitchen to find that granny had our snack all ready to go, thick gooey brownies with glasses of fresh milk. Now if a kid ate all the sugar and stuff that we ate today they might get fat, but we were active back then and most of the kids I knew were slim and wiry just like us. There was of course the occasional fat kid, like Jimmy Winston, but my mom said that was caused by his glands, whatever that meant, but other than being fat he seemed healthy enough.

Mom wandered in as we sat down to eat our snack, and we shared our day with the two while we enjoyed the delicious brownies. Freddy's name came up and gran said she knew the family, and they seemed like nice people, but a little uppity at times. I guess that was because they had more money than most folks, but that didn't show in the way Freddy treated us boys.

Eventually we headed upstairs and I changed while Will took a shower. Ordinarily I'd have taken one with him, but he really needed one after gym class and I was still pretty fresh since I hadn't gotten sweaty that day. I changed out of my school clothes while I waited for Will, but when I was down to just my underpants I got a wicked idea and didn't put my play clothes on. Instead I sat on the bed and waited for Will, who returned wearing just his underpants with his towel wrapped around him.

"What are you doing?" he giggled.

"Waiting for you," I said batting my eyes comically, "come over here and give me a little kiss," I said in a voice two octaves higher than usual, causing us both to crack up.

But we weren't laughing too hard to share a kiss, and it got steamy pretty quick. Will pushed me down on the bed and pinned me as we kissed and rubbed together, and all that pent up sexual energy we'd been storing up came exploding out of us.

We didn't want to soil our underwear, so by unspoken mutual agreement we stripped them off ,and were rubbing around naked and kissing as our first orgasm of the night hit us. It was a good one too, causing us to see stars as we spewed our thin watery seed between us, wetting our stomachs and groins, and bonding us together with sticky love.

"Oh wow, that was..."

"Bitchin'," Will said grinning down at me, "I couldn't wait one more minute to get off, and when I saw you there in just your undies...oh man, that did it for me. I had to jump your bones," he added giggling.

"I'm glad we waited all week," I said sighing, "that was the best feeling I ever had," I added, pulling him down and kissing his soft lips again.

" taste like brownies," he said smiling, "later...I'll show you what I learned from my cousin."

"Yeah, and I'll show you what I learned from Sammy," I said kissing him one last time, "but now we better get dressed before someone comes looking for us," I giggled.

"Think they'd mind if they saw us kissing?" Will asked, and he sounded serious.

"Oh no, not at all," I teased, "I'm sure they'd be happy that we were in love and boyfriends now," I giggled, "NOT!"

"Yeah, I guess it would be hard for them to understand," he said sounding sad, "do you think we'll ever be able to tell anyone how we feel?"

"Maybe, someday...when they can't stop us from loving each other. Maybe if we go away to college or something."

"Yeah, but for now...I guess we'll have to be careful, right?"

"Yeah, but we'll still have lots of time to be together like this, cause my folks like you, and your mom likes me."

"Does it ever bother you that we have to sneak around?" Will asked as we finally started getting dressed.

"Yeah, I don't like keeping secrets, and I'm usually lousy at it. I keep expecting my mom to figure things out and have a talk with me, but so far so good."

"Yeah, worries here. My mom hardly notices me these days," he said sadly.

I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him and buried my face in his neck. Funny how no one teaches you these things, but they just seem natural when you find someone you care about and need to comfort them. He sighed and leaned back into me and we just stood there a moment locked in that hug until he was better.

Breaking away, he grabbed me in a hug and kissed my face, my nose, and then my lips, and I saw the sparkle return to his eyes. After slipping on our shoes we went to find gramps and get the tree dug up.

Gramps already had the wagon hitched up, and Will and I were content to ride in back while gramps drove us to the south pasture where the trees grew thickest. As we rode along with our legs hanging over the back of the wagon we talked about school and what we wanted for Christmas, and Will's sadness seemed to be far away or at least put on hold for the moment.

We helped Gramps dig up the tree, then wrap the roots in a burlap bag before placing it in the bucket in the back of the wagon. Will and I stood up and held the tree while gramps drove very slowly back to the farm house where mom and gran waited for us. As mom held the door open for us, we carried the tree in and placed it in front of the picture window facing the front porch, and after some adjusting we got it just right.

Mom brought some water for the bucket and topped it off, then we placed the tree skirt around the base, and surveyed it one last time before we started to decorate it. First came the lights, six strings of them, and we weren't happy till we had them placed just right and every bulb was burning. We had to replace at least half a dozen, but we had plenty of spares from old sets that had quit working, and in no time flat we had the tree all lit up. Next came the ornaments and garland, and mom warned us to be very careful with the ornaments since they were all glass and some very old, having been passed down from one generation to another.

"I remember this one," mom said holding up a beautiful gold and red ornament with glitter. Some of the glitter had been lost over the years and the colors were a little faded, but it was still a thing of beauty, and would be for many years to come. "I picked this one out at the store, remember momma? It came from Winchester's Five and Dime. They're out of business now, but back then it was the place to go for almost anything you needed."

"Land sakes girl, I'm surprised you remember that. You couldn't have been more than four or five years old," gran said hugging mom gently, "You were the prettiest little thing, still are, but now you're a grown woman," she said looking nostalgic, "it cost 15 cents, I remember that, and you were so proud that you had picked it out. I hope someday you'll pass it on to Bobby and his family," she said giving me a smile, and my heart sagged a little.

It suddenly occurred to me that if I was gay there would be no family, no children to share Christmas memories with, and just how disappointed my mom and grands would be. I think Will must've caught my mood cause he gave me a little wink before he continued hanging ornaments.

We chattered about Christmases past and our hopes for this one as we continued to decorate the tree, and by the time gran announced it was time to start supper we were pretty much done. Next was the other decorations,, and mom and gramps were a big help there since they could reach higher than me and Will. We hung garland here and there, and even put up lights around the doorway leading into the dining room from the living room. There were paper bells, and of course the mistletoe at the front door, but unfortunately Will and I couldn't act on the age old tradition of kissing underneath it.

By supper time, smothered pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans, we were starved. After buttering up one of grans homemake biscuits I proclaimed that this was going to be the best Christmas ever and the smiles around the table said they hoped my prediction came true. Even Will seemed in good spirits, after all, it's hard to be down when you're surrounded by people who love you and who you love back. If I had my way, Will would just move in with us and that way he'd be happy all the time, not to mention I'd be able to ravage his body anytime I wanted. But unfortunately we were just kids, and subject to the whims of the adults running things, and though I had it better than Will in that respect, I still had little control over my life.

We watched a Christmas movie on TV, and Will and I drank hot cocoa while gramps and granny drank coffee, and my mom, tea. Gran said she was going to bake Christmas cookies tomorrow and that us boys could help decorate them, but then I remembered that I was going to be at Will's tomorrow night.

"We can do it early and you can take some to Will's with you," gran suggested, "I'll have them all baked and ready to ice by the time you lazy pups get out of bed," she chuckled.

"Thanks gran, you're the best," I said giving her a hug. She pulled me into her slight warm body, and kissed my cheek and I saw tears in her grey blue eyes. She was old, but she was still beautiful in my eyes, and I knew gramps felt the same way. If I had been straight I'd have wanted to find a woman just like her, but I guessed that was never going to happen since I'd decided I liked boys.

The movie ended, but we'd talked all through it during the slow parts, and I felt better about myself and things in general. As long as I kept my secret, my mom and grands would still love me and I could go on being part of the greatest family on earth. Even if I didn't have a dad, I knew I was lucky to have such wonderful and loving people to take care of me, and I was a little teary eyed myself as Will and I hugged everyone and headed to my room for the night.

As we undressed Will gave me a shy smile, and when we were down to our underwear he took me in his arms and kissed my face.

"You're worried about something, I can tell. Want to tell me about it?"

I shrugged, it was hard to keep anything from Will, and even harder since we'd become so close.

"It's just that...well, I know mom and gramps and gran are going to be disappointed when they find out I'm..." I couldn't even say the word at that moment and instead said, "not going to get married and have kids."

He sighed, "Well, that's their problem, not yours," he said firmly, "You can't live your life to please them. I'm sure not going to live my life like that, especially after what my dad has done. No, we deserve to be happy and to be who we are. It may not be easy, but I've thought about it a lot, and I'm pretty sure I want to live my life with you."

He pulled back and looked into my eyes, trying to gauge my reaction I guessed, and when he saw the tender smile on my face he smiled back.

"Oh gosh, really?" I said excitedly, "cause I sure do feel the same way. I can't imagine not being with you forever. Sometimes I worry that you'll tell me this was all just...messing around or something, and that you don't feel that way anymore," I said near tears again, "but I know how I feel, and I love you and want to be with you forever."

Will was openly crying now, and at first I was afraid he was going to take back what he'd just said, but instead he grabbed me and kissed me and hugged me so tight I could barely breathe.

"Oh Bobby, I feel the same way too and no one is ever gonna tear us apart. I promise you that. I don't care what happens with my folks. Even if they get divorced and my mom takes me away from here, I'll find a way to get back to you even if I have to run away."

"You don't think that will happen, do you?" I asked looking at him anxiously.

"I don't know what's going to happen, but I swear whatever happens, nothing will change between us."

"Let's lay down," I suggested as we pulled apart.

He nodded and we stretched out on my bed facing one another, our hands joined between us as we lay there sharing a moment. Occasionally we'd kiss, but neither of us was in any hurry to get down to business.

Eventually the mood passed, and we began to get aroused just from being so close together. It was good to see that look on Will's face that said he was horny and I'm sure my own face mirrored his look.

"You wanna go first, or do you want me to?" Will asked. At first I didn't know what he meant, then it dawned on me he was talking about the new things we'd learned, me from Sammy, and him from his cousin.

"First, let me tell you all about Sammy's visit..."

Will listened with a lust-filled smile on his face as I recounted my adventures with Sammy, but I omitted the part about the reach around handjob and just referred to it as, the new thing, just to tease him a little.

"So, show me what he taught you," he said when I'd finished, "don't keep me in suspense."

"Okay, turn around and face the other way," I giggled.

"What are you gonna do?" he chuckled, as he rolled over.

"You'll see," I said scooting up to his warm soft butt, "umm...this feels nice."

"So is that what you learned?"

"Nope, it was this," I said reaching around in front of him and pushing down his underwear to let his pecker spring free. Then taking it in my hand I began to jack it.

"Oh, that?" he said sounding far away, "that's good...but don't make me come, cause I want to show you what I learned before we get off."

"Okay, there was one more thing I learned," I said pushing Will onto his stomach and ripping his underwear the rest of the way off. I worked them down his nearly hairless legs, then over his soft warm feet and tossed them on the floor.

"Are you gonna...?" he asked sounding excited.

"Not that, but this," I said removing my own underwear and positioning myself between his legs. Then slowly I lowered myself till my dick was in the crack of his ass, "if you use lotion you can slide up and down and it feels really good. It's not quite butt fucking, but it's close, and it feels great."

"Yeah, that sounds good too. We'll do that later, but right now I just gotta show you my new thing to do."

"Okay," I said flopping down on my back, "I'm all yours," I giggled.

He rolled onto his side and twanged my hard cock and laughed, "Looks good enough to eat," he said with a devilish grin, and before I knew what was happening he had my pecker in his warm wet mouth.

"OHHHHHHHH," I shuddered as he swallowed me to the hilt and his nose pressed against my pubic hair, "that's so good..." I gasped.

He came up a little and just worked on the head, then he let my dick pop out of his mouth and held it as he licked it from head to base, then going lower and licking my nuts too. That almost made me come unglued and I cringed a little at first. After all, a boy's nuts are his most vulnerable spot, Michael Wheeler can attest to that fact, but that day I learned that they can also be a center of pleasure with the right person paying attention to them.

Words tried to escape my lips, but I was too caught up in the good feelings Will was bringing me to make my brain work, and all that came out was a low moan, almost a humming sound, that caused Will to laugh around my balls, making them feel even better.

Eventually he went back to my dick and began sucking and licking and stroking it till I was sure I'd blast any minute. He seemed to know I was close, and after planting a wet kiss on the end of my dick he raised up and gave me a big smile.

"Well, how did you like it?" he chuckled. He knew full well how I liked it, he just needed to have me praise him.

"It was okay," I said, pretending indifference.

"Just okay?" he said, his smile wilting, "did I not do it right?"

"Get up here you goof," I laughed, "it was amazing, fantastic, the best ever. Now I wanna do it to you."

"Okay," he said enthusiastically, his smile returning, "I'll let ya' practice then I'll show you something else."

"There's more?" I said wondering what more there could possibly be.

I'd actually thought about sucking Will's pecker a few times ever since we'd officially became boyfriends, but I was still a bit nervous as I moved into position. What if I gagged, or it tasted bad? What if I couldn't do this one thing for him that he had so willingly and expertly done for me? Would that mess up what we had? In the end, I decided that even if it was awful I would learn to do this for my boyfriend, because after all, the most important thing was pleasing him.

However, as it turned out, cock sucking just came natural to this boy. From the moment my lips met Will's wet cock and I tasted his delicious flavor and inhaled his heady aroma, I was hooked. I think he was a bit surprised at how enthusiastic I was once I got started, and soon I had him moaning and wiggling around. Finally he reached down and pushed my head away, saying that he was gonna come any minute and that he didn't want that to happen yet, no matter how good it felt.

"Did I do okay?" I asked, wondering if he had enjoyed it as much as I had.

"OH man, you just don't know how good it was. Even my cousin wasn't that good, and he's had lots of practice. It was, like you loved it or something."

"I did," I said simply, "does that make me weird?"

"No, no way. It makes you the best boyfriend in the whole wide world," he said pulling me in and kissing me despite where my mouth had just been. In fact he seemed to be trying to find his flavor as his tongue darted around in my mouth.

"So what was the other thing?" I said when he finally pulled back.

"Oh man, you are gonna love this. There's this thing called a 69 and we can...well, just let me show ya'," he said all excited now.

He directed me to lay on my side, then he swung around so his feet were at my head and mine at his. At first I was confused, then it became clear as the light of day. I guess being a natural born cocksucker I realized right away what was being presented to me at eye level, namely my boyfriend's delicious cock.

It took a little more maneuvering around, but we finally got it just right, and we began sucking and licking and exploring each other with our tongues, lips, and mouths, our hands were free to roam to other forbidden places and all too soon we were ready to explode.

I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted Will to spunk in my mouth. After all I'd tasted his juices and liked them, and being a natural born cocksucker, I just knew that swallowing was the ultimate end to this sort of lovemaking. Yes, it was lovemaking. Not sex, not just getting off. We were expressing our love for one another in a most adult way, even though we weren't even teenagers yet. Yeah, I know...that's crazy, but that's how it was, and from that moment on our maturity level just continued to go up as we discovered new things.

I guess Will felt the same way about taking my seed in his mouth cause there was no hesitation on his part as he sensed that I was close. In fact I think he actually sped up as if he were eager to taste my offering. As for me, I just couldn't wait to taste Will's salty-sweet come and have it inside my tummy.

Mutual orgasms between lovers is rare, or so I'm told, but that day, that first time sharing the intimacy of oral sex, Will and I came within seconds of one another. I'm not sure which feeling was more intense, having my own cock erupt into Will's warm wet mouth, or the first squirt of Will's delicious boy honey on my tongue. I do remember feeling almost as if I were flying as every part of my body joined in that wonderful feeling Will had given me, and when it was over, when my breathing had returned to normal, my heart had slowed down, and the feeling in my dick was just a tingle, I felt such love for the boy who had given me this wonderful gift that I was ready to cry.

I think Will felt the same way too, and as soon as his body had calmed down he flipped around and began to kiss me passionately as we shared our combined tastes. The mixture was even better than just one flavor alone, and despite the fact that a few weeks ago we both would have gagged at the thought of eating each other's combined sperm, we celebrated it that night.

Spent and exhausted, we eventually cuddled up together and drifted off to sleep with our tummies full of each others love.

I awoke sometime later with a stiff prick and the need to pee something awful. Will was cuddled up next to me, his soft snoring the only sound in the room as I untangled myself from him. He snorted, then his eyes popped open and he looked at me and blinked as his eyes tried to focus.

"What?" he mumbled.

"Have to go pee, sorry I woke you up."

"S'okay," he yawned, "gotta pee too," he said sitting up.

We padded across the cold wooden floor to the bathroom and peed side by side at the toilet, then washed our hands and headed back to bed. By then we were pretty much wide awake, and both of us must've had the same thoughts in mind as we laid back down because it wasn't long before we were kissing and pressing against one another. Our dicks had never really gone completely soft, even after we'd peed, and now they were at full mast, dripping wet at the end and eager for action.

"Let's do that rubbing on butts thing," Will said, lust dripping off every word.

"Okay," I said reaching for the lotion, which I realized I had never returned to the bathroom. If my mom wondered what happened to it, she never said anything to me.

I handed the bottle to Will and explained that he needed to grease up his dick and my crack before he started, then laid down on my stomach and raised my butt in to the air. I could hear Will pop open the bottle and then the wet squishy sound of him greasing up his dick. I knew what was coming next and tensed a little when I felt something cold and wet hit my crack. I shivered as Will's finger made it's way down my crack, spreading the lotion and in the process touching my virgin pucker, which caused me to emit a low moan. I would find out much later that not only was I a natural born cocksucker, I was also very much a bottom boy.

"Ready?" Will said in a voice that quivered with excitement.

"Yessss..." I hissed, and I didn't even give him the same warning Sammy had given me about not putting it inside. Was I hoping he would, or did I just trust him to know better?

I felt his warm feet against mine and is warm smooth legs pressing against me as he mounted me. He suspended his weight on his sturdy arms and in the process they brushed against my sides, causing little sparks of electricity to shoot through my body. I sighed contentedly, thinking that nothing had ever felt so good as having Will on top of me, and I was sure nothing could ever feel any better, then his cock slipped into my crack and I was in Heaven.

With each thrust his cock glided up and down my crack and grazed my virgin pucker and the stimulation was so intense that I felt like my own cock might explode at any minute. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you looked at it, Will didn't last long. I guess the stimulation of almost sex was just too much for him, and after only about five minutes, with one final stroke, he cried out and began to paint my crack with his boy juices. He continued to move, even as his cock expelled his last bit of essence, and then he fell down on me, pressing me into the bed, his cock nestled into my crack, touching my b-hole, and sending more ripples of pleasure through me.

His warm skin against mine felt so good that I was sure I could have laid there all night without either of us moving, but I guess he had other things in mind as he finally raised up onto his knees and surveyed the damage he'd done to me.

"Man, I came a lot," he chuckled, "I better clean us up before you do me," he said grabbing the towel he'd hung on the back of my desk chair earlier after his shower. I wondered if he'd left it there on purpose and applauded his good planning.

He wiped himself off, then gently cleaned the lotion and sperm off my back and crack and then fell down on his stomach presenting his butt for my use. I slapped it playfully and then leaned down and kissed each cheek wetly.

"Wow, you really are a kiss ass," he joked.

"Only yours," I said giving his right cheek a long vacuum filled kiss that would probably leave a mark, "and I like giving hickies too," I said when I finished.

"Man, good thing no one sees my butt but you."

"What about in the showers at school?" I reminded him.

"Oh shit,. Well, I'll just tell em' it's a bruise," he chuckled.

"Yeah, good idea," I said finally taking the lotion and preparing for my fake fuck.

As much as I enjoyed having Will do this to me, I found that I enjoyed doing it to him almost as much. Almost, but as time went on I would find that I was happiest on the bottom when Will and I made love.

I took a bit longer than Will to come and I didn't shoot quite as much, but the feeling was very intense, and when we'd cleaned up I was wiped out once again. We fell back down in a tangle of arms and legs and fell asleep once more and didn't wake till morning.

The sound of footsteps outside my door woke me and I glanced at the alarm clock on my bedside table and noted that it was 9 a.m. I looked over at Will who was still sleeping soundly, and for the next few minutes I just lay there gazing at my boyfriend as I wiped sleep from my eyes. Or was it tears? Will was beautiful in my eyes no matter what, but while sleeping he was an absolute angel in the flesh. I couldn't resist slipping an arm around him and pulling him close as I planted a kiss on his cheek and suddenly his eyes fluttered open and I was rewarded with a huge smile.

"Morning," he said softly, "if is time to get up?"

"Yeah, we have cookies to ice," I giggled.

"I got some icing right here," he said grabbing his pee boner and giving it a squeeze.

We were both naked but I found our underwear quickly and coaxed him into his as I slipped mine on.

"We'll have time for that at your house, right now we need to pee, wash up and have breakfast. Then we'll decorate the cookies."

"Okay, okay," he grumbled, "just like a wife," he added giggling.

"Oh, so I'm the wife," I said acting mad, when in fact that was exactly how I saw myself in our relationship.

"I'm kidding, we're equal," he said quickly.

"I know, so was I. I don't know how to explain it, but I sort of feel like...well, that you're more manly than me or something. I mean, I don't feel like I'm a girl or anything, and I don't want to wear panties or dresses," I laughed, "but I want you to protect me and strong and stuff. Is that weird?"

"No, but it's probably something we should talk about more, you know? Figure things out."

"Okay, but first I gotta pee like a race horse."

Gran had kept pancakes and sausages warm for us, and we wolfed them down as we chattered about how much fun yesterday had been and what fun we'd have today. After clearing away the dishes we helped gran color the butter cream frosting she'd made, making all the basic colors for our cookie decorating.

Over the years gran had accumulated enough tips for the icing bags so we had one for each of the colors. I'd helped decorate cookies the last two years and I knew the drill, so I instructed Will on the best way to do it.

"Choose a color and decorate all the cookies that need that color first, then go on to the next color. I'll start with red, here, you take green."

While Will decorated the tree-shaped cookies I worked on the bells, then used the red to make some red ornaments on his finished trees. Pretty soon we had an assembly line going with gran using yet another color, and it only took us about an hour to ice all three dozen cookies. Of course along the way we did some sampling of the sweet icing, and when we were done gran let us pick out a cookie to eat. I chose one that Will had mostly decorated, and of course he chose one that I had put my hand to.

As we ate our cookies we admired our work and pretty soon gramps wandered in and took one look at the cookies and laughed.

"Well, I never seen a yellow Christmas tree before, but I reckon this one will taste just as good as the green ones."

"I got tired of green," Will said grinning.

Mom had stayed out of the decorating part, but was helping gran clean up the mess, and I didn't envy either of them. However the two of them made it look easy, and they quickly had everything clean and all the dishes put away.

"I'm gonna miss having you boys around for supper," gran said, "I was gonna make some beef stew and cornbread. I'll make enough so you boys can take some in your lunch Monday."

"Thanks gran," I said giving her a hug and getting rewarded by a big smile, "I love everything you cook, except liver," I added making a face, and everyone laughed. Gramps liked liver and onions, but the one time I'd tried it I practically puked when I found out what liver was, not to mention the taste.

Even after eating the cookie we were hungry and gran fixed us sandwiches and we had store bought chips with them while we waited for time to go to Will's house. His mom had agreed to pick us up sometime that afternoon, but hadn't narrowed it down to what time exactly. I wondered what she was doing that kept her so busy on a Saturday, but truthfully I wasn't in that big a hurry to get to Will's anyway.

After lunch we went outside and goofed around, but we were still pretty spent from the night before and didn't feel like messing around I guess. We didn't even go in the barn, but after making sure it was okay with gramps, we did take the tractor for a drive out to the south pasture where we'd dug up our tree the day before.

"That one there is nice," Will said pointing to a tree that was slightly smaller than ours, but in good shape.

"Yeah, that would be a good one for Sammy and his folks. Sammy's dad is supposed to come over tomorrow and talk to gramps about the tree. I bet Sammy comes too, it's a shame we won't be here."

"Would you rather stay here and not go to my house," Will asked sounding disappointed.

"No, I want to go to your house," I said touching his arm gently, "I like going to your house, and your mom is almost as good a cook as gran," I said grinning.

"Yeah, well...lately she hasn't done much cooking. It's been mostly sandwiches and TV dinners," he sighed, "but she promised she would cook something special since you were coming over. I bet that's what she's doing right now."

"Anyway, I think Sammy and Freddy are going to be good friends now," I offered, "he may not have as much time for us."

"Yeah," Will said looking away, then changing the subject, "Let's drive over to the north pasture and check the water trough for your gramps then he won't have to do it."

"Good idea," I said easily.

By the time we got back to the farm we found gramps puttering around in the barn and when we told him where we'd been he gave us a smile.

"Well, that was mighty nice of you boys. It'll save me a trip later."

"We found a good tree for Sammy's folks too," Will offered.

"That right? Well...we'll see if that's the one they pick out," he chuckled.

We were interrupted then by the sound of gravel crunching, and a few minutes later Will's mom's car came creeping into the barnyard. We met the car as it pulled to a stop in the barnyard and by the time Will's mom climbed out mom and gran had joined us. Of course the women had to talk over a cup of coffee, and Will's mom complimented us on our cookie decorating. Gran had packed up a dozen cookies for us to take with us, and I planned on leaving what we didn't eat for Will and his mom to finish off.

Finally it was time to go and Will and I climbed in the back seat with our container of cookies and chattered away as Will's mom drove us into town and to his house. The first thing I noticed as we entered the house was how quiet it was. At our house it seemed like there was always something going on, clattering of dishes, or the sound of the TV, but Will's house was almost deathly quiet at the moment.

We parked the cookies in the kitchen and I grabbed my gym bag and we headed up to Will's room to stash it. It was still early and we didn't want to stay inside so we asked Will's mom if we could walk down to the park near their house.

She was busy doing something in the kitchen and warned us not to stay too long, and that dinner would be at six, and she was fixing something special.

On the way to the park Will seemed in a good mood, and was laughing and joking around, and of course that got me to doing the same. It was nice being with Will no matter where we were, but I liked being away from my house for a change and exploring new places.

The park was small but had all the usual stuff, swings, a slide, a merry-go-round, and a full court basketball court as well as a backstop where kids played sandlot baseball. There was no bathroom but there was an adjacent lot grown up with trees and bushes, and if a person really needed to go pee there was plenty of cover there.

We climbed to the top of the slide and Will went down first, followed closely by me, and when we got to the bottom I fell on top of him and we wrestled around for a while before doing it all over again. Next we tried out the merry-go-round, taking turns pushing it, then jumping on and sitting down on opposite sides to balance it out.

From the merry-go-round we headed to the swings where we sat side by side and just talked as we swung lazily back and forth in a short arc.

"Mom seemed better," Will said softly, "I think she was glad you were coming over. I think she's missed you too."

"Aww," I said blushing, "your mom is nice. I really like her. It sucks about your dad, but at least you got a great mom."

"I know, but I know? That my dad was still home."

"Yeah, I know. Well, maybe they'll work things out," I said trying to sound positive, even if I had no idea what was really going on with his folks.

"Come on, I need to pee," he said jumping out of his swing.

I followed him to the treeline and down a little trail that looked fairly well used. Dozens of neighborhood kids over the years had no doubt blazed the trail and kept the grass worn down, and as it wound around through the trees I could see other little trails branching off on either side.

"Wow, there's a lot of trails in here."

"Yeah, kids are always exploring and stuff. Some of em' come in here to pee, and I bet some of em' even jack off here. I heard that this one kid brought a girl in here and fucked her, but I don't know if it's true," he said sounding excited. Then suddenly he blurted out, "Me and Freddy met here."

"Oh," I said trying to sound casual, but I was dying to hear details.

"Yeah, he lived in town back then, but on the other side of town. He was out exploring that day and he wound up here. I was just coming out of the woods after taking a piss and almost ran into him. We got to talking, and one thing led to another and we became sort of friends."

"Did you, you know? Fool around that day?"

"Naw, I wasn't even thinkin' bout stuff like that back then. It was later, at his house that we first did anything."

"Oh, so how old were you then?"

"Ummm...ten I guess, it was before you moved here. Freddy was a year older, but not that much biggern' me. In fact we looked the same size back then."

"What did you, that day?"

"What? Oh, the messing around? Well, that first time we just showed each other our dicks. We didn't even touch each other or anything. I hadn't discovered jacking off yet or anything, so it was just sort of innocent fun."

"Yeah, so you didn't do anything else?" I asked hopefully. Why did it matter anyway? That was way before we met. It meant nothing to me, so why did I need to know?

"Not that day, later," he said as he led me further into the woods, "in fact it was right here that we first messed around," he said coming to a stop near a big tree surrounded by thick bushes.

"Here, right here?" I said looking around. I had to admit it was private here, and if I wasn't so preoccupied with Will's confession I might have seen this as a good opportunity to do some fooling around with Will myself.

"Yeah, he said he had something he wanted to show me, and that's when I learned about jacking off."

"I thought your cousin taught you that."

"Well, he did, only I already sort of knew how to do it. My cousin showed me the right way, but Freddy is the one who got me to try it first."

"Did you do each other?"

"No, not that time. We were just learning, and were still kind of shy. It was a few weeks till we finally got up the nerve to touch each other down there, but we didn't like come or anything. I can only remember coming once with Freddy and that was at a sleepover at his house. I was so horny that night and so was he. We jerked each other off, but of course we didn't make sperm or anything back then."

"How come only once?"

"Cause after that Freddy started hanging around with Sammy at school and I guess they became good friends. I don't know if they were doing stuff or not, but right after that I met you and I sort of forgot about Freddy."

"So, what I don't get is why he didn't tell me he knew you when I first met him."

"Dunno, I guess maybe he was nervous cause of what we did back then. Not every boy is as cool with that stuff as we are, especially when they get older."

"Hmm...did Sammy know you two knew each other?"

"I'm not sure. I don't know if Freddy ever mentioned me to Sammy, and the three of us never got together or anything, so it's possible he didn't know."

"Okay," I sighed, "thanks for telling me this. I feel better now."

" were jealous, weren't you?" he said grinning and pulling me into a hug.

"No," I protested feebly, but I think Will saw through me.

Will didn't press it, but he did press his body against mine, and then his lips were on mine and I was lost. I didn't care about Freddy or anything or anyone at that point, all I wanted was Will. The kiss turned steamy, and soon Will dropped to his knees and was fumbling with my top button. As the zipper slid down I drew in a sharp breath and stared up at the canopy of trees.

It was exciting and scary to be doing something like this outside and almost in public, and as Will's warm wet mouth engulfed my hard pecker I let out a soft moan that echoed through the trees. Needless to say I didn't last long, and my knees seemed to turn to rubber as I shot my load into Will's eager mouth. If not for Will's strong grip on me I might have fallen down, but I soon recovered.

I pulled up my pants and underwear as Will stood, and soon we were kissing again. Tasting my own spunk on his lips made me hungry for Will's taste, and I was on my knees in a flash, returning the favor as I savored his tasty cock. He lasted a few minutes longer than me, then came hard and filled my mouth with his delicious boy batter. I swallowed most of it, but kept a little in my mouth to share with him as we kissed once more.

Will pulled up his clothes and we walked back to the park hand in hand, only breaking the handhold when we were in sight of the smooth manicured lawn. There was no one else around that day, but we knew we had to be careful and we weren't taking any chances.

We walked back to Will's house and entered it to find a heavenly aroma filled the air.

"Mmm...lasagna," Will said identifying the aroma coming from the kitchen.

Around six we dined on homemade lasagna, garlic bread, and salad with home made crutons, then chocolate pudding with whipped cream for dessert. We offered to help clean up, but Will's mom shooed us into the living room and we watched TV on Will's 25" color TV, which was a real treat for me, considering all we had at home was a black and white TV.

Will's mom joined us after a few minutes and we talked during the commercials, and Will's mom and I became reacquainted. It was easy to like Will's mom because she didn't treat me like a kid or a nuisance like some adults did. I noticed she treated Will the same way and that made me feel good, sort of like I had a second mom.

Eventually we grew tired of TV, and Will suggested we play Clue, his favorite board game. Even Will's mom seemed enthusiastic about playing, and we had a lot of fun, laughing and making jokes as we played the game.

"Mrs. White with a wet noodle," Will joked.

"Mr. Mustard with a ketchup bottle," I countered, and that send Will into a fit of giggles, which of course were contagious.

I don't remember who won the game, but I do know we had a really good time, and by the time Will's mom announced that she was heading off to bed we were disappointed that the game was over. However, we had plenty of other things to keep us busy and we were eager to get to his room and get started.

Since Will had his own private bath we didn't think twice about showering together, but even though we got hard we didn't fool around since we wanted to save that for bed. It was still early by the time we finished our shower, and dressed in only briefs we sat on Will's bed holding hands and talking about things that had been on our mind.

Eventually we laid down, still holding hands, and continued to talk, sometimes pausing to lean in and kiss one another.

"This is nice," I said sighing, "sort of like being married or something," I giggled.

"Yeah, so what did you mean about feeling like you wanted me to be the one to protect you and stuff?"

"Well, it's really hard to explain, but I guess what I really mean is...well, one of us has to be the one to be in charge when it comes to some stuff. I mean you're the one who showed me how much fun we could have together and I sort of like that. Does that make any sense?"

"A little, but I want us to be equal in most stuff. I like what we've done so far, both ways and I want that to stay the way."

"That's fine, I just mean...well...I like that you're stronger than me and more...manly, I guess and I like having you tell me what to do and stuff," I said blushing, describing my need to be subjective, even though I had no idea what all that meant at the time.

"Okay, well...we'll see how that goes. I like being in charge sometimes, but not always. As long as we both like what we're doing and agree on stuff, then we'll be okay."

"Yeah, you don't think that's weird, that I feel that you ?"

"Naw, I think it's just fine," he said rolling into me and hugging me. That led to wrestling around, and that led to some kissing, and pretty soon we were naked and making out like two teenagers, only we were only 12 years old. Soon we were head to toe and engaged in a heated 69, then we rested and talked some more before we did the butt rubbing stuff. After that we cleaned up and fell asleep, but when we woke up the next morning, after peeing first, we did the reach around thing on each other.

Will's mom fixed blueberry muffins and omelets for us the next morning and I had to admit the omelets were a real treat. The only way gran ever fixed eggs was scrambled or over easy, and I wondered if she'd ever heard of omelets before.

The day was cool and cloudy and though we ventured outside once, we decided it was too cool for any real fun. Instead we watched TV, played a Clue and ate cookies. There were only four cookies left by the time Will's mom drove me home that day, and we were so full of sugar we were bouncing off the wall.

Will's mom stayed for about a half hour, visiting with my mom and gran, so Will and I went to my room and just sat on my bed and held hands, occasionally leaning in and kissing. I was sad that Will would soon be going home and I'd be alone, but it had been a great weekend and I'd see him at school on Monday. The only problem was, the more I saw of Will, the more of him I wanted.

Eventually Will's mom called for him and I walked them to the car, thanking both of them for having me over and his mom for the delicious food. She seemed happy and gave me a big hug before climbing behind the wheel. As Will and I stood outside the car I had the most powerful urge to hug him and kiss him, but instead I just popped him gently on the arm.

"Bye, see ya. Thanks for this weekend, it was fun," I said grinning.

"Welcome, thanks for havin' me," he giggled, sensing the double meaning of that.

"Yeah, thanks for having me, it was nice to be had," I giggled back.

A soft tap of the horn brought our attention to his mom who was waving Will to come on. I opened the door for him and he slid in grazing my hand purposely as he did.

"See ya tomorrow," he said giving me one last lingering look.

"Yeah, bye, thanks again Mrs. Morgan."

"You're welcome sweety, well we better get on home. Feel free to come over anytime."

"Thanks, I will," I said grinning, "is now too soon?" I teased.

"Only if you can outrun the car," she joked.

"I could drive the tractor over there," I said, trying to look serious.

"And your grandpa would skin you alive," she laughed.

"Yikes," I said laughing.

Eventually she managed to coax Will into closing his door, and I watched as they drove off, leaving me with an empty feeling in my tummy. I shivered in the cold as I walked back to the house, but it was warm inside, and there were people who loved me, and who I loved back, and soon I forgot my loneliness.

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