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The Apprentice

by Sahypo

Chapter 12

Isaac came back to the kitchen just as Peter asked Timmy "So you were born this way?" and gathered that Peter had asked Timmy his questions.

"Yes, Peter" Timmy confirmed.

"Sounds like you two are getting to know each other!" Isaac said

"Timmy has been giving me quite an education" Peter said.

"I know what you mean" Isaac said, as they both smiled at the young boy.

Soon after breakfast, Peter said he had to go, and he and Isaac kissed by the door to the garage before they stepped into the garage and watched Peter start the yellow Datsun and back into the street. After he drove away, Timmy said "I hope Peter comes back a lot… do you like him, Isaac?"

"Very much," Isaac said, putting a hand on Timmy's shoulder. Timmy smiled and they turned to go back in the house to get dressed. They were both still in underwear. Peter had been the only one to put his clothes back on after breakfast.

"Timmy, I have to go run an errand… will you be okay here for a while? When I get back, I'll take you hunting."

Timmy was wondering what Isaac meant about going hunting; he had never heard Isaac talk about that, let alone Pat and Lizabeth. He didn't even know if Isaac had guns…"Err, can I go with you?"

"Timmy, that phone call was from hospice… it's the place they took Jack to die… I have to go make arrangements for when it happens. I'm not sure you want to hear that stuff, little buddy."

"It's okay and I do want to tell him something… if he can hear me." Timmy said, making Isaac melt in his resolve to shield Timmy.

"If you're really sure you want to do this…" Timmy nodded and Isaac said, "Okay… let's dress and go."

Timmy went inside and put shorts and a shirt on, and slipped into his shoes. He remembered his date with Angie and asked Isaac how long they would be hunting, and that he was meeting her at two. "You got plenty of time, Romeo. I'll make sure you're not late, okay?" This satisfied Timmy, and they took off for the hospice home.

When they arrived, Timmy and Isaac went to the reception desk and introduced themselves. Isaac had his package of paperwork that Jack had given him, and a woman came out to meet Isaac and introduced herself as the director of the facility. She showed him into an office and Timmy sat next to Isaac. They briefly discussed Jack's final wishes and she told them that they contracted with a local funeral home to pick up the deceased when the family had no arrangements made, or there was no family. Isaac told the director that Jack had requested cremation, and no services. She made some notes and filled out a form, then asked Jack for his Power of Attorney form. She reviewed it, and handed it back to Isaac, along with the paperwork she had been filling out, and asked Isaac to sign it for her. "This is a release and authorization for this facility to carry out your instructions when the time comes, Mister Daniels."

"Yes, ma'am" Isaac replied, signed the form and handed it back to her. The woman swung around in her chair and put the papers in a personal copier and made a copy for Isaac's files.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" She asked.

"Could we see him?" Timmy asked.

"Yes, you can, honey… he may not be awake, but he should be able to hear you, okay?" she said, and Timmy nodded.

They went down the halls a short way and came to a door that was cracked a bit. The director said "Wait here, just a second." and went into the room. She came out seconds later, and whispered "Remember he can hear you." as she let them in.

Jack was dozing or unconscious, they couldn't tell, but he wasn't in any pain, and there were no beeping monitors or machines hooked up to him now. He had an oxygen cannula under his nose, a catheter in his bladder, and an EKG lead to monitor his heartbeat but that was the extent of medical intervention for him now.

Isaac went to the bedside and put his hand on Jack's, and said "It's Isaac and Timmy, Jack". Timmy approached the bed on the other side, and took Jack's other hand. They could feel Jack squeeze their hands slightly, and the boys took this as a sign that Jack knew they were here. They stood and held Jack's hands for several minutes in silence, then Timmy began to speak

"I know that you did what you thought was best for me, and it … was " Timmy said, breaking up. "… I'm happy, now with people who love me…" sobbing now. "I'm just not strong enough to hate anyone… Jack… and I forgive you … for every" as his chest heaved "… every… damned thing!" he said, paraphrasing Jack's words to him in the hospital. Jack gave Timmy's hand a strong squeeze, and Timmy looked up at Isaac, whose eyes were full of tears too. "I think he heard me" Timmy said, as Jack squeezed his hand again, and a tear rolled down from Jack's closed eyes. They spent a few more minutes there, said their goodbyes and got themselves back together and left the hospice.

Isaac and Timmy needed an emotional unwinder, so Isaac told Timmy they were going hunting. Timmy asked Isaac where the guns were, and Isaac said they were behind the rear seat. After a short trip across town, Isaac pulled into a self service auto salvage, and they got out and Isaac retrieved a red tool box from the hatch.

"Hunting necessities," Isaac said, grinning at Timmy, who was completely lost by now.

They had to pay a dollar each to get in, and Isaac assured the man that Timmy was 13 years old, the minimum to enter the yard.

Once inside, they made their way to the German car section, and Timmy asked "So what kind of hunting is this?"

Isaac replied "Bargain hunting."

"Oh shit…" Timmy said, rolling his eyes at Isaac's corniness, and followed along as Isaac ran the rows like a shopper in the supermarket looking for grapes or toothpaste.

Finally, they wound up next to a Golf that was very similar to Isaac's, and verified that it had the same engine and air conditioning. In this part of the country, you couldn't buy a new car without it. Isaac handed Timmy a wrench and showed him the bolts he wanted him to loosen, as Isaac went to work on the lines attached to the unit. He waited until Timmy had finished loosening the belt, then Isaac loosened the lines and the residual pressure hissed out of the system.

"Don't breathe that stuff, it will put hair on your dick" Isaac teased.

"Too late!" Timmy replied, and they both chuckled at Isaac's silliness.

Isaac needed to check one more thing to make sure the compressor was still usable, by spinning the unit's insides and checking that the pulley bearing still spun freely. After satisfying himself that the compressor was worth hauling home, he removed the bolts that held in on, and freed the unit. Timmy packed the wrenches into the little tool box, and carried it, while Isaac toted the compressor.

At the cashier's window, Isaac and Timmy stood in line and finally it was their turn to pay. Isaac put the unit up on the shelf, and said "One each A/C compressor ".

The cashier looked the unit over and said, "Want the warranty on it?"

"Nah" Isaac responded.

"Sixteen Twenty Eight, with tax, title and license" The cashier said.

"Dang! The one that just blew up only cost me ten bucks!" Isaac exclaimed.

"Mebbe five years ago it did, they been 15 bucks at least that long." the cashier said as Isaac handed him a twenty.

"I should have bought four of them back then, if they were going up that fast! " Isaac said, grinning.

"Yeah, I wish the pay here went up that fast!" The cashier joked, handing Isaac his change.

"All right, later, brother!" Isaac said to the cashier, as they turned to make their way out of the line.

"Do you know him?" Timmy asked.

"I hunt here quite a bit. I see him each time I come." Isaac replied.

Isaac and Timmy got back to the car, and Isaac put the part in the hatch, and Timmy put the tools in. Isaac had a bottle of discount store shampoo and a milk jug filled with water in the car, and a roll of paper towels.

He uncapped the bottle and poured shampoo into Timmy's hand, and took a little for himself, and they wrung their hands to remove the grease. They rinsed with the milk jug, and when they were satisfied their hands were clean, they dried them on the paper towels. Isaac had Timmy spin around so he could see if there was any grease on Timmy's clothes, and did the same so Timmy could inspect him. They were both clean enough to get into the car.

They drove back to the house and Isaac patted Timmy's bare knee and grinned at him. "What was that for?" Timmy wondered.

"Just because" Isaac said.

Timmy patted Isaac's knee and said

"Just because… but remember, the car broke down the last time you did that, and I ain't walking, Isaac!" which cracked Isaac up in laughter.

They got home and Timmy stripped, which made Isaac curious. "I thought you were going over to Angie's house in about an hour or two" Isaac said.

"I am, but we are going to swim in her pool, so I have to change anyway." Timmy explained. "what do we want to do for lunch?"

"I can grill some burgers" Isaac said.

"Can I start the fire?" Timmy asked.

"Sure, but…" Isaac said, looking at Timmy's nude figure.

"No one can see me, Isaac, remember?" Timmy suggested. Isaac's house was the last house on the street. There was an open field on one side, and the house on the other was now vacant, as the tenants had moved out. A for sale sign had gone up the day before yesterday or so, and Isaac had called his father to let him know it was available.

'Oh yeah, well just don't burn any thing important, Sport." Isaac teased.

Timmy laid balls of newspaper in the Weber the way Isaac had done it, and put a layer of easy light charcoal over the paper. He lit it and made sure the paper caught before going back in to wait on the coals.

Isaac was dicing an onion and had pickles and condiments set out. He finished with the onions and made four hamburger patties on a cookie sheet, pressing them flat. The grille was hot enough in another 20 minutes and Isaac put the patties on. Isaac put a skillet on low heat, and melted some butter in the microwave to paint the buns. When the patties came off the Weber, Isaac put the buttered buns in the hot skillet, to toast the open face. With a little thousand island dressing "secret sauce" Isaac's burgers were just as good as any you could stand in line at a chain franchise for. Timmy would argue that they were better, but he was biased, of course.

Timmy stood naked at the sliding door, looking out through the glass eating his hamburger. Isaac was watching him, shaking his head and Timmy caught him looking. "What?" Timmy asked.

Isaac smiled and said "Nothing… where does Angie live?" Timmy gave him basic directions and Isaac said he would drive Timmy over, since he would have to cross a busy six lane boulevard to get there on his bike.

Timmy put his trunks on and brought dry shorts and a towel. He had on an oversize tee shirt and flip flops, and looked like a tourist at SeaWorld. They left the house at ten til two and arrived at Angie's on time. Isaac drove off after telling Timmy to call him when he needed a pick up. Timmy nodded and went to the door. Angie answered the door in a long tee shirt and bikini, and invited Timmy inside. It was a very nice large two story in a more affluent neighborhood than Isaac's, and the house was furnished with much nicer furniture and appointments. "Wow, what do your folks do?" Timmy wondered.

"Dad's a radiologist and my mom is a dentist" Angie explained.

"What's radiologist?" Timmy wondered.

"He takes X-rays and scans of people at the hospital" Angie said.

"Wow, so he's a doctor" Timmy guessed.

"Yeah" Angie agreed. "Want to go swimming now?" she asked.

"Uh, sure" Timmy said. "Where are your folks?' noticing that they were alone in the big house.

'They are all out. Its just us… are you thirsty?" Angie asked.

"Not now" Timmy said.

"Okay, well, I have lemonade and glasses out by the pool if you get thirsty. Come on" she said, leading the boy to the pool.

The back yard was just as spectacular as the house. There was a cabana with a shower and sauna, and changing rooms off the pool deck, and a covered section with lights for night entertainment. The pool was a free-form shape that reminded Timmy of a giant amoeba, with a small waterfall that drained into the pool at the far corner. The whole place was landscaped in low maintenance plants, and there was no grass to mow.

They got into the pool and paddled around a bit, and took turns swimming laps up and down the length of the dumbbell shaped pool, and played in the waterfall stream. After a while, Angie came up close to Timmy face to face, and put her hands on Timmy's shoulders. She drew him into a kiss, and they took their time and advantage of the their privacy.

"What if your family comes home?" Timmy wondered, somewhat apprehensive.

"They won't. We have almost until eight o'clock." Angie said. Angie turned her back to Timmy and said "Would you pull my string, please." Timmy obliged her and to his horror, her top came loose…

"Oh, gee, Angie, I'm sorry…" She turned around and let her top float away, exposing her pubescent breasts. She put a finger on Timmy's lips and said

"That is so much better, thank you, Timmy" she said. Timmy could only stare for a moment. Angie took Timmy's hand and put it on her breast. "Touch me Timmy, feel it all you like." The boy began to caress and explore her breast, and she let him know that she was enjoying it. "Oh, Timmy, do them both…yeah… mmm that feels good Timmy."

Timmy felt her rubbing against his swimwear and his tool rapidly and completely inflated in seconds. Angie slipped her fingers in Timmy's waistband, and found his drawstring. Before she untethered Timmy's manhood, Timmy nervously asked her

"Umm… How many other boys have you seen naked?"

"Including you, just two" she said before sliding his shorts down his thighs. His penis sprang up and she wrapped her hand around it, a surprised look came over her face and she said "Oh god, its so big! It's much bigger than… Dylan's."

"Dylan?" Timmy asked.

"Dylan's my 14 year old brother. We swim nude sometimes and I've seen him… uh… excited a few times"

"Oh" Timmy said.

Angie continued groping and stroking Timmy's erection, and her other hand was moving up and down Timmy's smooth inner thighs. Timmy spread his legs to let her in, and she touched and fondled his scrotum, but had enough sense not to squeeze on his testicle. She was doing a very credible job of pleasuring Timmy, and kissing him while their hands worked each other. She could feel that Timmy had one testicle, and broke the kiss to ask him "Is this okay to ask about?" as she did a little gentle finger dance on his scrotum.

"Born with just one… I had an ultrasound the other day to see where the other one is, if there is one" Timmy explained.

"Maybe that's the whole problem" Angie said "Maybe you got the wrong people trying to find it… can I look?" she said, as she continued to caress Timmy's scrotum, perineum and fingered his anus, flirting with her finger tips.

"You can have all day if you like" Timmy said, relieved that her reaction wasn't negative, and she giggled.

Her other hand was exploring his penis and fingering the foreskin flap, which she had just discovered. She ran a finger along Timmy's piss slit under his glans, and Timmy groaned. "Good?" she asked. Timmy nodded with his eyes closed. .

"Dylan doesn't have this, I don't think" Angie said, fingering Timmy's foreskin hood.

"He's circumcised?" Timmy asked

"I'm sure of it, yes" Angie said "His looks really tight when its hard" Angie took Timmy's hand and placed it on her crotch, and reached down to slip her bottom off. Now they were both naked in the pool, and she took Timmy's middle finger and placed it on her slit, and pressed it in between her vulva and guided Timmy to her clitoris. She showed him the motion she was looking for and took her hand off of his and let him explore her extremely wet vagina and engorged clitoris. She turned her back to him and moved in front of Timmy. She raised his penis and backed into him, his sensitive opening now rubbing against her soft smooth back, and his hand at a much more natural angle to stimulate her sex, and his other hand free to work her left breast. He humped against her back, stimulating his penis, and she moaned and panted and sighed as his hands gently rubbed her clitoris, and sensitive breasts. They continued this for quite a few minutes, as Timmy felt her clitoris firm up considerably as he slowly and gently rubbed it with his finger, as she had showed him. "Press a little harder, Timmy… yeah, oh, that's it…" This continued for ten minutes or so, as she became more and more aroused, and needed a change of venue.

"Timmy,…" she breathed

"Yeah?" he responded

"Let's go to my bed" Angie suggested. Maintaining their contact and positions, they made their way up the steps and out of the pool. They each took a big drink of lemonade, and grabbed a towel and patted themselves dry, then went in the house and up the stairs to Angie's room. They lay on the bed and Timmy resumed his activity inside Angie's labia. Angie continued her avid exploration of Timmy's man parts, and now that she could clearly see them, was studying Timmy's genitals closely. She was fascinated by male anatomy, and as much of a horn dog as she is, this was the first time she had an opportunity to do more than observe her brother from across the pool. She couldn't very well touch Dylan without crossing all kinds of lines, but she had a very cooperative subject in her own bed now, a fantasy come true.

Timmy found the female body confusing and alien, but was enjoying the chance to satisfy his curiosities with a willing partner, who didn't mind his shortcomings. Angie hadn't run from the pool screaming in horror when she discovered his missing testicle, and instead, worked it into her seduction of him. He would let her teach him as much as she could.

"Tell me what you want me to do, Angie" Timmy suggested

"Can you suck on my nipples?" she asked.

Timmy got up on an elbow and leaned over and covered her areola with his mouth and began sucking lightly and teasing her nipple with his tongue, as he continued to stimulate her clitoris with his other hand. Her vaginal canal was so wet there was hardly any friction at all. He wondered how that would feel on his penis… her hand was stroking Timmy's penis, keeping it hard. A few minutes of this went by, then Angie asked

"Do you want to do it, Timmy?" She whispered, looking into his eyes.

He nodded and asked "Is it okay, what about pertection?"

"PRO tection, and mother put me on the pill a few months ago." she assured him.

"What do I do?" Timmy asked.

"Here, lay out flat on the bed" she instructed. When Timmy was in position, she straddled him, and rubbed her labia against the top of Timmy's wide cock, coating it with her juices. She reached between her legs and brushed the tip of his penis against her moist place, and positioned it for entry as she backed and lowered herself onto Timmy's girthy firmness.

"Oh my God, that is …ahhh …sensational!" she gushed, as Timmy's wide glans made its entrance. "Oh God, I've never been filled like this ever!" she said, as she started rocking on Timmy, rubbing her clitoris in his ginger pubes. Timmy was almost out of the land of the here and now, this new sensation had him in orbit… the warmth, the smooth slick wet tightness surrounding his cock made it feel like it was a foot deep in Angie's vagina, but his urge was to get it in deeper, and pump faster.

"Oh, shit, Angie, this is crazy good… God this feels great… How… many times… have you… done … this?" he wondered.

"Including this time… once" she said as she leaned down and kissed him passionately. When they broke the kiss, he leaned forward and licked a nipple, and Angie folded a pillow and placed it behind Timmy's head so he didn't have to crane his neck to get her breast in his mouth. He began to suck lightly and gently, and she said "Its okay, you can be a little rougher with it, Timmy" He put a bit more into the nipple stimulation, biting it with his lips and pulling the protruding tip when it began to erect. She moaned the whole time, as Timmy divided his time between her nipples, and the pair kept up the rhythm driving Timmy's penis in and out of her vagina.


"Uh huh"

"Do you want to get on top?" Angie asked

"Sure, if you want me to" Timmy replied.

'Okay" Angie said as she disengaged and got off Timmy, and lay down beside him on her back. She put her knees up, and Timmy kneeled before her, She put her legs on Timmy's shoulders and rotated her hips up to meet Timmy's penis. He entered her again, and they both moaned as he began to stroke in and out of her vagina. "Faster, Timmy!" she urged and he sped up the tempo.

"Harder Timmy… harder… oh God this is so good… yeah. Fuck me, Timmy oh, Fuck me, yeah" Angie's dirty talk was like a shot of adrenalin for Timmy. He was going as hard as he could and the only sound that could be heard was Timmy's chest slapping against Angie's thighs and ass, as he went as deep as his five and half inch penis could go. He kept up the rhythm for a good ten minutes it seemed to him, although it was more likely three or four.

"Oh Timmy, I'm… gonna… I'm … cu-… cumming!" Angie began to pant and moan, and yell "Oh!, Oh! Oh!" in time to his thrusts, and her legs tensed up on his shoulders and she pulled her heels into his back to urge him in deeper. Timmy's own orgasm was building, and he stroked even faster for the last few thrusts, which caused Angie's cries of pleasure to go higher in pitch and louder. Suddenly, Timmy's orgasm completely took over and he felt like rivers of cum were issuing from his penis, and he kept stroking until his coordination was totally lost and he was completely spent. He and Angie slowly lowered her legs and Timmy laid down against her and they rolled over to lay facing each other, his penis still engaged in Angie's vagina. The rested that way until the got their breath back, and Timmy's penis became soft enough to fall out of her on its own. They cuddled and rested for around twenty minutes, not saying anything.

Eventually, Angie got up and asked Timmy to take a shower with her. The got into the warm water and rinsed the essence of their lovemaking off, and once dry, walked back downstairs naked and back out to the pool deck to sit and drink lemonade and talk

"So, was I totally hopeless?" Timmy asked quietly.

"Hopeless? Are you nu… insane? That was the most incredible sexual experience of my life, Timmy… I saw stars and angels and shit. You were totally awesome… how could you even think that?" Angie almost said "nuts" but checked herself…it probably would have been a poor choice of words at the moment.

"I guess I never figured this would happen… that a girl would want to do it with me." he admitted.

"Timmy, you're cute as hell… Why would I not want to do it with you?

"Well, you saw how I'm not like normal guys, since you've seen Dylan's" Timmy said.

"Timmy,… maybe the fact that you're different is why I want you. Maybe because at the movie, you didn't go apeshit trying to impress me like the other boys. Maybe it's that you act like somebody I want to be with… Maybe I don't want a normal boy like Dylan or the others. Maybe I want you, Timmy."

Angie looked over at Timmy, and put her finger in her mouth. She had Timmy's complete attention as she ran the finger in and out, insinuating something much more intimate. She reached over and ran the wet finger over Timmy's hidden peehole again, since that had such an effect on him in the pool earlier. Timmy's penis responded rapidly and climbed to its full altitude of just over five and a half inches, and Angie took her time and enjoyed what she was doing to Timmy.

" All these parts that have you so scared and worried work just fine, the lady is here to tell you…" she said, as her hands roamed over the boy's thick, curved penis. "You got some crazy skills with this big love monster." Her last crack was enough to make Timmy laugh, and Angie smiled at his improved mood. She put a rolled towel down on the concrete deck at Timmy's feet, and kneeled on it. Resuming her grip on Timmy's manhood, she leaned in and ran her tongue around and under Timmy's glans, and opened her mouth to take it in. After a few seconds, she stopped and said " I guess this has to wait until these braces come off… Sorry, Timmy"

"Don't be sorry, Angie… It's okay, and …" Timmy hesitated. "Don't get me wrong, I'm glad what happened did happen… it's just that I never planned… You are so nice to me and didn't think I was stupid… … I never did it before… aw, shit!" He gave up talking and just kissed her… It was a lot simpler. The two naked kids kissed like that for a few minutes, one kneeling, the other in the chair. Finally, Angie broke the kiss and told Timmy

"It was my first time with someone, too. But I did plan it… I knew I wanted it to be with you."

"Angie, I don't kn…" Again, her finger pressed against his lips, and she shook her head. "Let it go" she mouthed silently. Then she kissed him some more.

"Let's skinny dip some more" Angie suggested. "Our clothes are still in the pool"

They spent more time in the pool locked in an embrace kissing, and didn't do any swimming at all. They threw the clothing on the deck, and Timmy resumed clitoral stimulation on Angie, using the techniques he had so recently been taught. After she had enough time to become thoroughly aroused, she turned to face Timmy, and put her arms around Timmy's neck and lifted her feet off the pool bottom. Timmy put his hands on her thighs to support her and they moved into neck deep water to take advantage of buoyancy. Angie guided Timmy's hard penis into her vault, and this time there was more friction needed to enter her, as the pool water wasn't a great lubricant. They patiently worked until his penis was fully inside, and began moving together. Each time her clitoris rubbed against Timmy's pubes Angie felt bolts of pleasure run through her body, and the curvature of Timmy's member ensured that the sensitive opening under the head of his penis was receiving constant stimulation.

Angie was blessed with the ability to orgasm relatively easily, and she could do it from the stimulation of intercourse alone. Some females require direct and focused clitoral stimulation, but for Angie, that was icing on the cake. She was in heaven at the moment, being pleasured by a smoking hot cute boy who was also humble and sweet, in addition to being equipped with the most satisfying object that had ever filled her horny young vault.

As much as they both wanted this to go on forever, all good things must come to an end, and Timmy sped up, bucking into Angie's crotch faster and harder… about a minute of the increased tempo took Angie over the edge, followed by Timmy a few seconds later, when Angie used her Kegel muscles to intensify her spasms and tease Timmy as he orgasmed.

"God that was wild, where'd you learn that?" Timmy gasped.

"From Mommy, of course!" Angie giggled.

"Remind me to thank her!" Timmy cracked, which sent Angie into giggles, driving Timmy insane as her giggling caused her tunnel to contract on his organ which was still partially erect inside her. "Oh, God… that's almost too much!" he said as he withdrew, and the cool pool water now felt icy on his exposed penis.

"I'm sure she would appreciate knowing her efforts to educate her daughter are paying off!… I'll kill you if you do that" Angie said with an evil grin. "I'd be grounded until I was thirty."

"Guess I better not tell then, I wouldn't want to die at the hand of an angry lover" Timmy said, before kissing her again. They got out of the pool and dried off, and Angie asked "Are you getting hungry?"

"Maybe a little"

"How does pizza sound?" she asked

"Good… what kind do you have?" Timmy answered. She led him into the kitchen, and they both stood in front of the freezer naked, looking at several varieties of pizza.

"I'm partial to meat lovers" Angie said, as she took Timmy's penis in her hand and rubbed her thumb over the foreskin, moving it back and forth over the wide glans, as her finger slid over his sensitive pee slit.

"Mmmm… … I like that kind, too" Timmy said, reaching for the box. Angie let his member go, and turned to the oven, and set it to bake, and dialed in the temperature that the box told them the pizza liked best.

The oven was an older wall mounted double unit, and Timmy could tell that it must have been an expensive unit when it was new. It looked like something in a restaurant, not an old cheap range from Sears like he was used to.

Timmy tore the box open, and pulled the pizza out, but left it in the plastic wrap awaiting the oven warm-up. The Vulcan oven was plumbed into the natural gas line, and the temperature indicator was perceptibly creeping upward. Timmy went out to the pool deck and retrieved their pitcher of lemonade and the glasses, as Angie sliced the wrapper off with a 6 inch chef's knife. Soon their pizza was in the oven and the couple went to the living room to watch a movie on Angie's parents big screen TV, which amazed Timmy. He thought Isaac had a nice unit, which was 31 inches, but the one he sat in front of now was over 50" and came with a girl, too. Angie cuddled next to Timmy, and the two sat close to each other in their birthday suits, until the pizza was done. Angie got up and removed the pizza onto a cutting board and sliced it into eight pieces as Timmy turned the oven and light and timer off, and closed the door. They took the food out on the pool deck to eat it under the umbrella in the late afternoon sun. Angie sat in her chair with her feet up under her butt, exposing her closely trimmed pubes and feminine assets to Timmy, and she could see that he noticed.

"Show me what it looks like inside…" Timmy said, and Angie spread her labia with two fingers, exposing her clitoris and vaginal opening to view. Timmy leaned into get a closer look, and said "I could feel that part getting hard" lightly touching her most erotically sensitive organ.

"It gets erect just like you do" she said, enjoying his touch on her moist tissues.

" Gee, Angie, you know so much about everything… I'm learning all sorts of stuff!" he giggled. Every time he did that, he sounded like a little boy, and it melted her heart. She was surprised that things had gone so far so quickly, but she had no regrets, and she knew that she had begun falling for him the afternoon they sat together in the movie.

She closed her legs and put her feet down and leaned toward him to kiss him on the cheek.

"Shut up and help me eat this pizza, boy!" she said, giggling too. After they ate and carried their dishes back into the kitchen, they decided to dress. Timmy put on his other shorts without under wear, and put his damp trunks in his towel and rolled it up for the trip home. Angie made herself presentable by slipping the night shirt back over her nude body, and hung her bikini to dry in the laundry. They kissed for a while, and Timmy made his call to Isaac.

"I wish you didn't have to go, Timmy" she said.

"I wish I didn't either, but if your folks showed up, and didn't know I was here alone with you…" Timmy trailed off in his thoughts.

"I guess you're right… They would definitely freak if they found out…"

"I got enough freak as it is" Timmy said, provoking an angry poke in the chest from Angie.

"Don't say that! I really mean it, Timmy! Remember, stars and angels and shit like that, right?" She said, putting her arms around Timmy's neck and pulling him close to kiss him.

"I'm kidding… I heard what you said, and if it doesn't bother you, it doesn't bother me." Timmy said.



Two seconds later, there was a doorbell announcing Isaac's arrival. Angie opened the door for him, and he smiled and greeted her. "I don't know which one of you is cuter!" she giggled, making Isaac blush and reply,

"Timmy, do you know your lady friend is trying to make time with me?" which made them all laugh, as Timmy grabbed his towel and went through the front door.

"Do you want to come in for a drink, Isaac?" Angie asked.

"Oh, no, I'm good, but thanks for asking" Isaac said. "I did need to come and get Timmy anyway, we have a job to do tomorrow and some things to go over first."

"Hmmm sounds serious! Timmy, why don't cha call me later?

"I will, sure" he kissed Angie on the doorstep, which surprised Isaac "Talk to you in a bit" Timmy said, as he moved to join Isaac and head for the car.

"Bye, Timmy!" she said, and went back into the house.

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